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2:09 AM
Q: How to connect to my database server from ubuntu >

Muhammad I want to connect to my database server on freehostia from ubuntu ?

Q: Why EC2 image for 14.04.5 addressing CVE-2016-6304 has not been released yet?

PirataCVE-2016-6304 is a High Vulnerability It has been released on 12.04 (1.0.1-4ubuntu5.37), 14.04 (1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.20) and 16.06 (1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.4) according to https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-6304.html But only the EC2 image for 16.04 have been released on 2016092...

both need 1 more goat
2:23 AM
both done
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6:05 AM
in WolfBot Testing Room, 1 hour ago, by WolfBot
[WolfBot] Found filtered post, matches word mint: How to access files on USB with grub2
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in WolfBot Testing Room, 41 secs ago, by WolfBot
[WolfBot] Found filtered post, matches word mint: Peppermint Linux 7 rename default workspace names
there's no point putting it in both rooms imo, you may as well just do it where all the people are? I am there as well!
@Zanna eh, some mods have expressed a distaste for mint posts in AUGR
what do you mean? what do they object to?
it didn't stop you putting the messages there in any case ;) but here I think there is no point
@Zanna Flags spam the main chat
And provided the FP rate is sorta high right now...
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10:16 AM
I am here.
dramatic entrance music
I only skimmed through Zach's meta post in the morning and was scribbling angry responses whenever I can think of any. Turns out he was not talking about what we are doing here at all.
pilot6 did, in a comment
yes, I hope I have not fat fingeredly tried to CV as EOL
10:22 AM
And I also dont think he is talking about you. There is actually one other person who is flagging posts as EOL and I just ID'ed them from the reviews linked by Zach.
Or maybe he is. He is talking about VTC on all old questions..
I wish I can just quote him back to him.
My feeling is that, while the original post is not about us, we are potentially getting splashed by the mud that is being slung...
I had some points in my mind that I wanted to expand upon but since I agree with the question here, posting them would not be the right thing to do.
But however, if and when Pilot667877 posts about his apparent annoyance with people who are doing the dirty work that he is unwilling to do it himself and not encouraging either, then I shall post it rightaway.
I was not bothered by the post, but a little by Oli's answer
I brushed it aside because he doesn't actually know what we are doing.
I am pretty confident we have upvoted more answers than we have VTC'd questions or otherwise roomba'd them.
we definitely upvoted more
that's alright then, as long as you are brushing :)
10:32 AM
I have always been on the other side of his opinion when it comes to unanswered questions and how we deal with it.
Q: Should we consider unanswered questions a problem yet?

jokerdinoIn the fashion of the discussion on meta.SO about unanswered questions on Stack Overflow Currently, out of 120,000 odd questions, only about 70% of them are considered answered. But it wasn't this bad some time ago. Last year, after our cleanup event, our answered rate went as high as 86%. And t...

I downvoted his answer there :P
Also I think the spend-your-time-better thing will not stick to Anwar & me anyway...
yes, that was also a little point I scribbled down somewhere.
When people are doing these things in addition to (and not instead of) taking care of latest questions, then we should not really have any problems with it.
thanks for the post. i should read through it...
exactly, and moreover everyone is not the same, and if I like doing one positive thing, why shouldn't I do that instead of another positive thing?
eh, maybe I should just list down everything I wrote so I don't have to say I wrote it in my mind already.
10:42 AM
yes :)
Also, one thing I wanted to emphasis was, getting rid of old questions will ensure the questions we have on the site are still relevant and if the question is still relevant to people, then asking it new should be the best and ideal thing to do -- as it gives impetus (maybe better word should be used instead) to the question as it is new and relevant, etc.
Hmm, it sounded better in my head.
you might want to preemptively say the main motivation isn't the poor unanswered rate
just in case some people think you are super concerned about a single statistic
Well, I might have said some terrible things there but it is WIP and needs tidy up
yeah right on
to me it's nihilistic to say only the new stuff matters... pick the cherries and let everything else rot
hey, nice.
I don't often share my drafts because they are bad, repeat the same thing in 5 different ways and most likely be trashed within next 24 hours.
10:56 AM
some of the answers I've upvoted were actually really good
thanks for trusting <3
But it didn't feel right to keep saying 'Hey, I also thought of the same thing' whenever you keep bringing up some thoughts I also thought of.
Well thank you for sharing... it's awesome to know you are thinking a more enlightened & cogent version of what I'm thinking
What? No. I just wanted to feel happy realizing I was not the only one!
well, me too
what have I said wrong? hahaa
I didn't agree my version was somehow more enlightened and that other adjective you used.
11:03 AM
oh well that's a normal disagreement, probably we will just have to live with it
You are just being modest. My heart knows the truth.
We are probably under the bottom of the barrel atm.
haha we are under the barrel, drunk in charge
AE is worse
3 sites and Stack Apps are below us in the ranking.
Android, Cross Validated and Software rec.
Well, I am not going to answer the meta post by Zach. I don't think it's the best place to do so.
I agree with that...
11:13 AM
My rambling was more in address to Oli's answer and Pilot's comment.
yeah that was what set me off too...
I wanted to say more things but I can't get them out
Do you need some tongs?
somewhere I am supposed to be adding f.close() (this isn't some obscure metaphor at all, I mean I should fix some post I made!) and I am too preoccupied now hahaha
I have tweezers but I think probably I just need some time... but you already said the things
@Zanna yeah the pythonic way is to use a context manager for file IO
i see heemayl also said that
should have RTFM...
11:21 AM
here is the relevant part of the M: docs.python.org/3/tutorial/…
11:45 AM
like this?
sorry I was cooking
python3 -c 'with open("myfile", "w") as f: print(("hello world "*5+"\n")*20,file=f)'
@Zanna i will only tell you if you offer me some of that food
it's only vegan macaroni cheese with spinach and smoked almonds but you're welcome to it
lol it werks but maybe it is not The Way
python3 -c 'with open("myfile", "w") as f: f.write(("hello world "*5 + "\n")*20)'
i personally prefer write()
thanks <3
I should study :(
12:02 PM
@Zanna if you are not a fan of typing 20,000,000 and counting the zeros, you could use int(2e7)
ooooh very nice
maybe the day will come when I actually learn to do useful things with python...
or 2*10**7
2*10**7 may be better i guess, avoids the int casting
oh that's really nice, maybe it will even fit nicely on the line like before now...
I can't test it with that many though, my toaster protests....
1:06 PM
Anyway thanks a lot for fixing, I got one more +1 since I edited :)
Hmm better answer for this? askubuntu.com/questions/370626/…
I should know, I did set up an ibus thing once, possibly in Unity, possibly in Xfce... I need to check, it's one of my questions about IPA...
that's beyond me
my toaster is monolingual
1:47 PM
I found the answer, but it didn't help really, I'm still not sure what DE it was in
Just upvoted it anyway haha
2 hours later…
3:58 PM
I propose we archive this card, as OP is still waiting... what should we do with the ones we know we can't fix? Or can we answer it? askubuntu.com/questions/296243/…
archive it
Bbl xx
I could make my own list to sed out of the query results before rechecking
4:51 PM
What are we checking and rechecking?
@Zanna did you mean 'do this' here? askubuntu.com/questions/369458/…
I must have lost concentration mid sentence, I meant to write something like "for example by doing this"
Whew, I thought I didn't know enough of the language.
Lol I'm sorry, I should really proofread better, it's not like I don't know I make loads of mistakes...
Rechecking, I think we had a conversation about this some days ago, but I will have to read the transcript when not on mobile
5:12 PM
Oh, my memory is not sharp.
I think we might have been talking about filtering out the cards we put on the unsure list?
That could be what I mean yes... you suggested a blacklist I recall very vaguely
That may need some punctuation...
punchys are not my strong suit. I do run on lines more often.
I meant me, not you
But maybe that wasn't in doubt :)
heh, I would rather doubt myself than others.
Sep 23 at 16:53, by jokerdino
Maybe we can maintain a blacklist so we can remove it when processing newer data.
Looks like I did indeed say something like a blacklist. Your memory is sharp!
I was known for this in some circles in my youth, but I'm definitely running out of inodes in my old age...
Anyway earlier when I said something about making my own list I was trying to refer to what you just found :)
5:25 PM
Ah, won't it be too much of an effort?
I think not at all, I was thinking of just writing the numbers down in a file...
It would save efforts later no?
But do you mean effort for everyone? You mean making a blacklist or something else?
Duplicating the cards will waste people's time.
In order to prevent duplicate, we should maintain a list of cards that we have already processed but couldn't be able to act on it. I think that's where the idea of blacklist came about.
Making a blacklist might be quite an effort. That's what I was saying.
Ok thank you, that is very clear
I am the kind of person who insists on a circular walk...
5:35 PM
I am going to convert Trello into CSV.
I would rather put in the effort to make the list than do things again after looking at them and deciding there's nothing to do...
Right now? What are you thinking of doing?
Playing around with some text is pure fun to me also...
I only found the JSON.
My thought is that we can make the list in the process of doing what we are doing already or when reviewing the pending ones
I thought I can just grab the description of all the cards in unsure list and call it the blacklist.
Silly thought?
5:46 PM
I think it's possible :\
Ah ok, we could do that, if you want, but I think others could have fixed some that I skipped
Fair point.
I would note the numbers and archive the cards
How about using the last question we imported as the pointer and blacklisting anything above it?
We could do that, but I thought one reason to blacklist was to prevent some slipping through the cracks when we cut the query at some point
5:51 PM
eh, since the query is sorted by QIDs, I dont know how these can slip through?
We'd use the updated query at the end of our process, strip the blacklisted entries, and recheck the rest
maybe I need to think more.
This was your idea I thought... I'm just repeating the earlier conversation afaik!
I think I am just stupid
No it's surely me being stupid, going by past record
5:53 PM
I was trying to figure out how we make the blacklist.
This is why I wanted to review pending ones as we go
My idea was anything that is above our cut off point will be removed when we are importing newer cards.
Since the QIDs are sorted by numbers, they wont be duplicated.
Yes that's right
Now, I will try to understand what you are saying.
I was concerned about the edge cases, like when we flag but the answer didn't get deleted...
5:56 PM
Ah, now I understand it.
me is so dense.
Now I'm thinking that doesn't happen often enough to worry much
But when we discussed it, you said we could make a blacklist and do a final recheck of the updated query,when we are done
We decided we will sweep through the remainings after a full review of the query?
This would also be a way we could look at the pending ones again, to see if we can fix them
@Zanna ah yes, I must have said that.
Or that's what I thought
5:58 PM
Yes, I remember saying something like that.
I believe you said it, and I definitely agreed with it
So, what do you suggest? By the looks of it, only you go through the query. :/
However, everything is changing always, and if you change your mind I can change mine too
My mind is not something anyone should trust upon.
@Zanna what you said above was right and I am convinced by it.
I am going with what you said above because it's most reasonable.
Well I think I just said my idea, I could start making a blacklist, from which I archive the cards and note the numbers, apart from that, everything is the same and we carry on as before. Anyone can just put the numbers in here for me to collect
6:02 PM
Ah, you dont have to do it manually.
At the end of the first pass through the entire query, we get the updated query, strip out the blacklist, and go through the rest again
Yep, sounds about right.
What will be in the blacklist, btw?
Is it the question that we are unsure about or those that has no viable actions? Like the one you linked to re: printers.
@jokerdino you can make a list on the board if you like...? But I am not sure it would be easier
@jokerdino the ones we definitely cannot fix
Oh ok, got the point.
6:07 PM
The confusion was with what we considered were blacklisted items.
In my mind, the unsure items were going to blacklist.
But your idea is better.
are you sure? maybe it's too much effort, we will get to the end and think "to hell with looking at all that again!"
but if we make a list then we have a choice...
Yes, agreed.
It's not fun to open the same question over and over and over again.
that's how I feel
6:23 PM
How should we do to prevent that from happening?
Going through the pending list in small chunks?
That was my first thought, and the Iranians say "first thought, best thought"
but while that might be true with them, it rarely is with me...
now I'm thinking that making a blacklist & rechecking is the alternative - we don't go through pending at all until the end. We look once, blacklist the ones we never ever want to see again, and 5000 cards later, that stuff is not going to look remotely familiar...?
but which way feels right to you?
I doubt myself...
If I find one I can't solve, I very very rarely think that it just cannot be solved
it's nice when people are here and we can ask each other if unsure etc
I am stumped.
How did you get into our sekrit room @AndroidDev?
6:38 PM
@AndroidDev I'm in the other room too, you can admire my speed in posting vacuous comments in front of a bigger audience
@jokerdino Errrm... it would appear that I accidentally clicked the wrong room.
@Zanna what I feel should not be considered because I am not the one opening all the cards and spending precious time reading and thinking about them all.
@jokerdino it appears to me that you are in fact doing that...
yeah, I just moved his message to the other room.
no no sorry, I missed haha
I meant you are actually reading all the cards
6:43 PM
I spend only a fraction of time you do.
Tell me what you exactly want and that shall be done.
@jokerdino - Since I found your room, here's a Mint question for closure: askubuntu.com/questions/830108/noise-cancellation
@AndroidDev don't do that please
we can all do that if you post in the other room
lots of people with >3k
@Zanna This room's description says to report questions for closure here. If not for that, what is this room for?
yes but no
6:48 PM
If that mint tag is removed, is it off topic?
I don't want to close that question, looks good
@jokerdino I guess it wouldn't be.
All right.
@Zanna OK, I'll come back tomorrow and you tell me how to make this better and we will do that.
@jokerdino goodnight xoxoxo
6:54 PM
@AndroidDev historically, this room was indeed used for that. But since most people are in the other room, I also request people to post it there because it allows me to weigh what others think about it before I act.
@Zanna never saw you use xoxo before. I thought only I use that.
I shouldn't have said don't do it, that was just me reacting, I keep telling people not to do it, I'm sorry @AndroidDev it's an emotional thing maybe, people kept coming in here and oneboxing all the stuff to close and it feels like they are shouting because here it's quiet... hehe I'm just silly!
Yeah, I am saying stupid things again.
@jokerdino what thing? now I screwed up...
No, I was saying about that xoxo thing. Totally irrelevant.
Oh no no, irrelevant to what, I was going to joke and say ok I'm sorry I stole your thing, have a flower instead <--@
7:05 PM
Can I have both?
you can have all the ASCII love...
@Zanna :')
@Zanna <3
I will make do with ASCII love.
python3 -c 'with open("ascii-love", "w") as f: f.write(("<3 "*100+"\n")*10**7)'
@jokerdino me too x
I totally should go to bed now. Cya
I feel like sleeping too even though it's only 2000! night :)
7:54 PM
Hmm I started making a list here docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/…
(I called it noFixList because I don't like black to be a negative word. I love black. The list is not negative either, hopefully it will be a helpful thing, but still, sometimes those questions are the ones that make you feel annoyed)
because I only need it to cut entries from the other list, I only included the numbers. Actually I don't know how to do this yet, but I'm sure I've seen a question about it somewhere ^_^
cards check
/ to do / to check / pending
/ 377 / 42 / 142 /
total not yet archived = 561
I added this one chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/32541953#32541953 because we don't want to "fix" that...
8:12 PM
@Zanna you could call it wontfix as is usual in bug trackers :p
hehe yeah my machine has a wontfix bug - the nvram file has to be copied from efivarfs to /lib/firmware for some kind of stupid political reason - so I don't like that word either, because to me it expresses unwillingness
What I'm thinking... if I skipped something, it's because I don't know how to fix it, but I feel like someone else will know...
I'm thinking there are two ways we could do this...
1. The way I'm currently doing it - make a blacklist (which is going to be small by this method), cut the query with it when we are all done, and basically re-review everything at the end, with more discussion & collaboration
2.Make another two lists(!!) like "skipped by A" and "skipped by Z" the same as the reviewing lists, and if neither of the two people who look can fix, then blacklist it (this will make a big blacklist) and do as above, but this time, hopefully, we will only be rechecking stuff that just fell through the cracks or got
8:42 PM
@Zanna are these lists made in trello?
I'm arguing for 2...
Pros of 2.
- no need to ever look at the same card again, apart from a few that maybe went astray somehow, assuming all goes well
Cons of 2.
- need to make the board more complicated
- possibly worse chance of pending Qs getting fixed
- more effort to make blacklist (I really don't know what to do with that JSON, so unless someone can figure that out, we have to do it in some stupid way by dropping the links here or adding to my google sheet (I don't mind this, but I'm embarrassed I can't think of a better way...))
in WolfBot's Testing Den, 12 mins ago, by WolfBot
[**WolfBot**] Found multiple filtered posts:
[1 second input lag (keyboard, mouse, animations)](http://askubuntu.com/q/830495), matches word `mint`
[1 second input lag (keyboard, mouse, animations)](http://askubuntu.com/q/830495), matches word `elementary`
nuke please!
@KazWolfe shouldn't that be combined into just 1 post with 2 matched words?
@edwinksl there are bugs. this is one of said bugs.
8:52 PM
@KazWolfe I think you should post this stuff in the other room, there are not many folks here and I'm trying to work out a strategy
@Zanna mods move it here or back in other room
they don't want it in main room.
I didn't see any mod move it here... Anyway I'm not going to keep repeating myself. It's not my room in any way. But I don't see any point putting that stuff here
@Seth, what say you?
i would say if you want swift action by >3k people, then clearly the main room is the way to go
there are basically only 3 people here at this point
this ^
8:56 PM
it is surely on-topic here, but action would be slow
a lot of people post stuff to close in main room
that's how we get quick action and save it going into the queue
all I know, @Zanna, is that Nathan moved a bunch of WolfBot posts back to the test room last night.
we don't need more bots posting automated messages in the general room.
8:59 PM
@KazWolfe I saw that, and I don't see how that suggests that you should put them here really! everyone had seen the posts, they got closed, he moved them to de-clutter, I would imagine
Especially for non urgent things like this.
@Zanna Well, as they don't belong in the general room, as per Seth's and Nathan's decision, they only fit in here
@Seth then why is the U&L bot posting in AU chat?
Well, as nobody is in the bot room except for me, the bot, and whoever is playing with it at the time.
that is relevant content but also not urgent
9:01 PM
that was set up before I joined the site
my point is there is not a whole lot of consistency
eh, it makes sense if you think about it.
but I desperately have work to do.
I mean, I was thinking of unifying WolfBot and SmokeDetector, but I haven't found a way yet.
@Seth you seem to say i haven't thought about it. but i have, and i still don't see a great deal of sense. so please do offer your thoughts when you have time.
@edwinksl yeah the lists I'm talking about are Trello board lists, apart from the blacklist, which I think can't be a Trello board list because we can only export JSON from it and it doesn't have the Qid, only the titles, which are damaged and all different and could have almost any chars, which is tricky, and a shortlink to the Trello card, which isn't very useful because it isn't in the csv I need to trim... No doubt there are gurus around us who could fix it
9:11 PM
@Zanna python has a json library :p but i am not sure if that is the fix here...
well yeah... I could maybe even use jq to get the titles, but since they got broken on the commas and colons by my flawed efforts, they won't match the titles in the query exactly
shrug probably I should try to work this problem now... but it's bedtime!
I can't do anything with jq & I feel super stupid :) time to sleep

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