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12:02 AM
Don't refer this person to SO
haha yeah
I honestly don't remember the last time a question title straight up said "I need code."
> This site is for programming contests and challenges. Please get your question closed on Stack Overflow instead.
@Dennis xD
12:10 AM
Just came here to star that. Peace.
lol that user was nuked
Q: Quine With Accessing Source Code Allowed

nedla2004Make a Quine except that you MUST read your own source code. You may not just hard code the program into its self, like a normal Quine. The shortest answer in bytes wins.

2 for 2... :/
@NewMainPosts I think that's :e z in V
12:21 AM
Depends on what you mean by easy :P
CMC: print this string exactly: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939
I have a 21 byte solution
@Qwerp-Derp Pulled.
@mınxomaτ Sort-o-matic
@Dennis hey could you pull reticular as well?
@ConorO'Brien 44žs
My first 05AB1E answer of all time!
12:25 AM
is z<zalgo>s a builtin for pi?
Yeah, to n digits.
That's 5 UTF-8 bytes!
goto 44
it's sole purpose
is printing digits of pi
this may be the best language ever invented :P
12:26 AM
Oooof, my temptation to overoptimize and try to implement Hashlife for this is somewhat diminished by the fact that Hashlife is not ez to implement
@quartata for VoL?
Especially in C. I mean, I can totally do it, but do I really want to waste an entire day of development is the question
@ConorO'Brien No, for QNH
Questionably Necrotic Holes?
there's GoL in qNH?
12:28 AM
A: Is it an Odd Word?

DJMcMayhemBrain-Flak, 524, 446, 422 bytes {(<((((()()()()){}){}){}<>)>)<>{({}[()])<>(({}[({})]())){{}(<({}({}))>)}{}<>}{}<>([(((({}<{}<>>))))]()){(<{}>)<>({}[()])<>}<>({}())<>{}([{}]()()()()()){(<{}>)<>({}[()])<>}<>({}())<>{}(((()()())){}{}[{}]){(<{}>)<>({}[()])<>}<>({}())<>{}(((()()()()())){}{}[{}]){(<{}>)<

> "more readable version"
@ConorO'Brien No, I need it for some worldgen
@DJMcMayhem +1 for that. Maybe that can be our new, wholesome meme
I don't think VoL could use Hashlife anyways because of the mixed rules
"the readable version"
12:29 AM
@quartata that's probably correct
euoi is a cry of impassioned rapture in ancient Bacchic revels, so you can use the dictionary and get the vowels as “¡ẎṢɱ». — Dennis ♦ 3 hours ago
How convenient too since it's close to the beginning of the dictionary
I think I'll have to catch back up on my python
12:51 AM
/* Warning to anyone with more NetHack source experience (i.e dev team): this code will probably make your eyes bleed and I'm sure most of the things I do here could be done with any number of functions buried in the hell hole that is mklev. Maybe if you had more comments and less gotos I wouldn't roll everything myself. Sorry. */
It felt good to write this comment
A little harsh I'll admit
But I just kind of needed to get that out
TL;DR. Comments this long are almost always rants, so I ignore them.
You presumed correctly
Lol, I read you comment. I mean I expect this reaction from other devs.
I'm hoping that one of the things the dev team doesn't think of is that
Needed to be said. Some parts of Nethack are fine. This one is one of those not fine ones.
@mınxomaτ he should split it on multiple lines--that'll trip 'em up
12:59 AM
Most of those code was written in 1985 so I can excuse them a bit
@ConorO'Brien I actually did, just not for the message
Because multi-line messages are annoying
+1 for comment. Was tempted to downvote for odd spelling of hellhole, but decided if I noticed it, so would other people you're ranting to, and they deserve to have that special part of their brain tingle for a moment, too.
So I grabbed the Sarcasm Corpus and threw Marky at it, and it's really confusing me.
I haven't tried running it locally to see what's going on yet, but:
global step 6750 learning rate 0.4522 step-time 1.56 perplexity 2.26
  eval: bucket 0 perplexity 135730.31
  eval: bucket 1 perplexity 25024.99
  eval: bucket 2 perplexity 17727.38
  eval: bucket 3 perplexity 14109.65
That just doesn't make sense to me
1:14 AM
@DJMcMayhem you just got outgolfed in brain flack
So here's that thing I was talking about: brain.turbo.run (cur. undocumented). Examples: brain.turbo.run/?q=human , brain.turbo.run/?q=white%20wine. It supports tons of languages. E.g.: brain.turbo.run/…
@ConorO'Brien I have been outgolfed (by the same user) I'm literally every brain-flak post I have ever posted. :P
It's not a relevant conversation topic among humans (yet). So it doesn't show.
Fixed the chinese link.
1:22 AM
Skeevy, but it's hard to say skeeviest at this point. I don't bother trying to sort them by skeeviness any more.
I mean, it would be one thing if like 90% of the Trump foundation's money came from Trump himself, but "The foundation’s tax records show no donations from Trump since 2009."
@Geobits some of
c.f. that one of xkcd comic
1:26 AM
cross reference
My mind went with "coming from" and it made sense that way :P
So cool when a program starts with Ḣị
make sure to say hi back
hmm, the one I just wrote ends with рY
I think Jelly is trying to talk to you
1:31 AM
I'm downloading the latest version of danger noodle
let's hope it works
Halp I forgot how to check for overflow in g++
@DJMcMayhem 3.5.x or something
Oh OK.
Most likely 3.5.2 iirc
1:39 AM
that's right
this danger noodle is long
._. why is installing the test suite on my comp
What are you going to use it for?
Also, I thought you hate snek
@DJMcMayhem I do hate this particular snek
Everyone haet snek
1:41 AM
Not I
@ConorO'Brien So why are you doing a project in snek?
Everyone hates coffee more though
You guys are talking about Cobra snek, no?
@DJMcMayhem confiture uses a predefined basis on which I can make my exquisite jam
@ASCII-only if you want to sound fancy, yeah, that's what I'm doing
@ConorO'Brien That's... a very weird jam
@ASCII-only Only when the barista brings a script attached because they're actually a "screenwriter".
1:42 AM
@ASCII-only See now I'm conflicted, cause I do hate the coffee you're talking about, but I really really like coffee
I'm even drinking it right now
@DJMcMayhem D: You're not supposed drink programming languages
where is python installed to
@ConorO'Brien /usr/bin :P
I think
@ConorO'Brien wherever you choose
I'm on windows
1:44 AM
How to learn languages if you don't drink them?
@ConorO'Brien C:\PythonXY for Python X.Y, by default.
and it didn't let me chose
@El'endiaStarman I thought 3 goes to program files
danger noodle didn't install it in Python35
1:44 AM
@ConorO'Brien why?
@ASCII-only no.
get out
snek is amazing
@DJMcMayhem Uh, it didn't for me for any of 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ read down
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ cause he's making peanut butter
1:45 AM
@ConorO'Brien that was fast
@ConorO'Brien It's nowhere in C:\? Try looking in Program Files like DJ suggested.
@ConorO'Brien rename confiture to peanut butter
@El'endiaStarman did all three
@DJMcMayhem no
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WallyWestNumber Triangles Credit My thanks to Rand Al'Thor's letter-based question for the inspiration for this code-golf challenge. Background The nature of this challenge is based off the algorithm mentioned by Rand in his "A Triangle Formed of Three Letters": Start with a sequence of 10 lett...

1:45 AM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ eh?
@ConorO'Brien You have the weirdest bad luck at stuff like this. Try doing a search for Python35.
you told me about that like 4 hours ago
C:\Users\Conor O'Brien\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35
that was a fast creation
1:46 AM
That's right, I forgot about that idiocy
why danger noodle why
I'd just reinstall
Yeah, that's a pretty weird place for it.
I'm just copy-pasting the directory into program files
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Not, really, note how the interpreter is called jelly.py
1:47 AM
no wonder everything I have is broken
@El'endiaStarman the same thing happened to me
@ASCII-only oh true
> NetHack ( Video game )
Veritas NetBackup (earlier Symantec NetBackup) is an enterprise level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite.
seems legit
Wait, looks like you installed Python locally (only for yourself)
> Girl scouts is a brand-name cookie company that just gets away with child labor
--My friend
I have successfully installed danger noodle on my computer
@Geobits I see it has it's priorities straight.
1:50 AM
@ConorO'Brien :D
now I just need to install numpy etc
@mınxomaτ Monty at number one was a pleasant surprise :)
Almost as good as the language not showing up at all.
@ConorO'Brien use pip, don't do it manually
@DJMcMayhem pip install <x>?
1:52 AM
@mınxomaτ that's beautiful
@ConorO'Brien You need to install pip first
@ConorO'Brien Also yes
okay, installign pip
@ConorO'Brien I dunno. Javascript doesn't really have more than one meaning, so that's no surprise.
1:53 AM
@ConorO'Brien Haha, that Rhino definition.
@Geobits I was going with what ^ picked up :P
And V8, too.
It has a nice description of a V8 engine too
@ASCII-only pip comes with python
1:54 AM
@DJMcMayhem Wait really? When I was on Windows I had to install it manually
The category (in parentheses) is the actual goal (what the engine does). The definition comes straight from Wikipedia's API.
Maybe that was an older version?
I'm almost positive it's bundled
First three for jelly are android :/
Seeing a blank page with coming soon in the top left corner always makes me so sad :(
This makes some sense at least: brain.turbo.run/?q=code%20golf
@Geobits That's supposed to be a force directed graph of all known categories in the future.
Yeah, I was hoping for a nicely visualized map. Got my hopes all up and everything, then dashed them when I clicked it :P
1:59 AM
Dunno if there is some magic JS lib that can deal with that on it's own.
it's what El'endia used for the message a day, VoL, etc
@mınxomaτ This? You'll need to modify your JSON a lottle though
@ASCII-only I don't think that massive amount of data is appropriate. I need something where you can click through the hierarchy.
Maybe a tree view would be better.
Then probably use D3
this may help
Another framework intended for constraint-based display, it has a tree-type thing as an example
Halp anyone good at C++?
Halp how do I predict a number's length when converted to a certain base quickly (i.e. without using log or repeated division)
2:28 AM
Well, without "log" appearing in the code or actually without div/log at all (in the actually executed binary)?
I didn't say anything at all >_>
without log at all
You can't guarantee that with C/++ compilers unless using ASM routines.
I suppose I could precalculate a table of length multipliers
@mınxomaτ guarantee?
Would it be faster just generating as some kind of vector and adding to a stringstream in reverse?
@ASCII-only Just because your code has no "log" doesn't mean the compiler wont create a log. It will most definitively create a div. There are way to do this w/o, but you have to write the assembly yourself and not use a compiler.
This is why I asked if the code or the physical reality is scored here.
2:31 AM
Fair enough
I'm just wondering how I can get maximum performance
Cool page of java applets: falstad.com/mathphysics.html
Keep the algorithm terse and complexity low. There is almost no way to out-smart compilers these days. If you really want, you will have to use inlined assembly. Read these books (they are free): agner.org/optimize
The first two are probably sufficient.
@mınxomaτ your KnoledgeEngine is giving... odd results for goat ;_;
That's wikipedia's fault.
My engine only does the idea ( category ) part.
But it's a bit funny that WP regards goatse as the second-most important definition for goat. :D
Totally unrelated, but the neural structure of the cerebellum bears an uncanny resemblance to a literal grid of memory, like magnetic core memory:
@El'endiaStarman I feel like you might be a person interested in this neuroscience stuff ^
2:59 AM
CMC: Replace every decimal digit in a string with the superscript of that number. e.g. 123 --> ¹²³
@DJMcMayhem Pip, 20 chars: aR`\d`"⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹"@_
(Ugh, chat markdown...)
ik, it's the worst...
@DJMcMayhem Cheddar: @.sub(/\d/g,n->'⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹'[Number::n])
stupid number casting
@Downgoat That's cool. I like it.
3:04 AM
@ConorO'Brien Pulled.
Whoever designed the superscripts in the mono font here needs to be shot. There's simply no excuse for how bad that looks.
@Downgoat is @.sub basically a lambda?
@.sub is kindal like ruby's &: so pretty much. @.whatever is basically the same as $0->$0.whatever
I barely know ruby >_>
3:06 AM
you should learn it. it is cool lang
Yeah, the little bit of cheddar I know reminds me of the little bit of ruby I know, haha
I'm pretty sure like 50% of cheddar's property names/methods are pretty much directory stolen from ruby
example: .upper, .sub, .each, and a whole ton more
That's the way to do it. ;^)
A lot of Pip is a mashup of Python and PHP with golfier syntax.
;______; I got 88% on first comp-sci test because I did not know how to calculate 2^32-1 in my head (or have it memorized)
3:09 AM
@Downgoat ;__;
luckily I have 100% on everything else so my grades still A :D
@Downgoat And that right there is why I think school is stupid.
Like, I know it's basically 2.4 billion, but I have no idea beyond that. Does that mean I don't know a lot about comp sci?
its actually 4.2 billion :P
In my head, I'm thinking 2^31 because of the sign bit, haha
Which, TBF is actually 2.1
I wonder when the school will learn then Computer Science is not "how to draw rectangle in Java" and more about "algorithms and processes of computation"
@DJMcMayhem >_> oh yeah
haha teacher is wrong this means :D
Java does not have unsigned integers
:O :O :O So i am right!
3:13 AM
Well how was the question phrased?
^^^ Lol
Give a man a Java and he can code for a day. Teach a man to algorithm and he can code for a lifetime.
@DJMcMayhem uh. If they are like 2.34 billion people in country A and 1.3 billion people in country B is a int large enough to store country A's population of them or both of them (or something like that, I don't remember exatc numbers)
What two colors would you most associate with (a) input and output, (b) true and false (or 0 and 1)
@Downgoat Yeah, I definitely agree. I've taken two CS classes before, and one was the first, the other was the second. The first one was very boring and I didn't learn very much. The second one was definitely much harder, but very fun and I learned a lot
3:16 AM
@HelkaHomba true = green, false = red. input = blue, output = red/green (not sure on output color)
a) white and grey b) green and red
@HelkaHomba Agree with Downgoat... I think output maybe just black.
Yeah, it depends on the background color. I was assuming terminal black >_>
Ah. And I was assuming IDLE white.
3:18 AM
Though actually, in IDLE, it's black (mostly) for input and blue for output. :^/
Travel SE in a nutshell
@Geobits The context is scrap mechanic circuitry, like youtu.be/17nKh1xjIDY where I used green = input and red = output
"dark theme" and "dank meme" are basically the same thing
@HelkaHomba Oh, a new series! Fun!
3:19 AM
Oh, green/red work fine in that context I think.
Which works when blue = 1, black = 0 for the logic gates but not when green = 1, red = 0 for switches in that game..
I was about to abbreviate "button assets" in a commit and then I realized...
btn asts? :P
btn asts?
shit ninja
Same abbreviation and everything.
3:20 AM
except goat didn't have :P :P
Apparently I have a worse mind...
Well we all know he was talking about butt ass ;)
Uh, well I assume we all knew that anyway.
Not that I would think that.
Ok this is getting ridiculous:
global step 11300 learning rate 0.3662 step-time 1.99 perplexity 1.14
  eval: bucket 0 perplexity 17603243.80
  eval: bucket 1 perplexity 1499413.92
  eval: bucket 2 perplexity 428395.47
  eval: bucket 3 perplexity 616022.32
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MoogieTweetable Video code-challenge printable-ascii compression image-processing This challenge is inspired by the Encode Images into Tweets challenge, extending the idea to now attempt to compress video into a series of "tweet" sized messages where the number of tweets == number frames of the video...

3:23 AM
I don't understand why this is happening.
that's pretty perplexing if you ask me
It's steadily rising, while the overall is steadily falling. So weird.
@Geobits i have no idea what this means :| explanation pls?
He's probably frying fixing Marky's brain
3:26 AM
Looking at perplexities. The top line shows the overall perplexity, while the lower lines show bucket perplexity. Buckets are groupings of phrases based on word length (0 is shortest sentences). Perplexity is basically (and I'm taking a few liberties here) how well it can make sentences from sentences, with lower being better.
Uh, what Helka said.
But without the strikethrough.
I assume all issues Geobits has in life involve Marky.
You haven't made the final logical leap then. Good...
@HelkaHomba I'm going through the highest-voted questions to find testcases for ASCII-art language design, and thanks to you I now have "Do you want to build a snowman?" stuck in my head. :D
Anyway, I think it's time to give up on this training set. Might as well keep going with star trek until I find another interesting one.
@Downgoat never. the answer is never
3:35 AM
To be fair, at least in introductory classes, it's probably a good idea to make sure people know how to use at least one programming language before having them write out algorithms for data structures. Sure there are problems with the implementation of this, but the theory makes sense.
And I hate (most) schools in general, so it's not like I'm really trying to stick up for them.
@Geobits OTOH, I had a very introductory class at a community college where we never wrote any code at all--it was all algorithms (lots of flowcharts). I already had QBasic and ActionScript under my belt and was interested in learning some C++, but they didn't give me the tools I needed to figure it out. :^(
So I was happy for my C++ 101 class when I got to "real" college.
Oh god I remember Actionscript. I don't have the fond memories of it that I do for QBasic.
@Geobits but this is AP comp sci. like the third programming class they take in high school for most people
@Geobits I liked it pretty well, but then again at that age I'd like just about any language that let me do fun animations :)
Yeah, the AP curriculum seems to vary widely depending on where you are, just like other classes :/
Just be grateful you have comp sci in high school, kids. I never went to a school where it was offered at all.
We just complained about learning the same thing in English every single year after the third grade ;)
3:48 AM
Anyone know a graph tool where I can set up a list of nodes and edges then drag them around to try and make the net as simple as possible?
@HelkaHomba Seen one, yes. Remember where to find it, no. :^/
Wait, I know what to use. Algodoo to the rescue!
You mean like the untangling game, but not a game?
Ugh. Was going to search around, but my whole computer has gone very sluggish. Marky's choking the crap out of my cpu :/
3:55 AM
Algodoo springs work (though they are undirected)
@Mego Hello. I'm not sure why you decided to leave an lcm function out of Actually, but it turns out that coding my own lcm from scratch is a bit expensive. Should I add the lcm to the list of things to put in the eventual math library (say, as a comment on TanMath's issue)?
My poor fans are gonna have to start working overtime.
imagines Geobits fan wanting autograph but being told to get back to work
4:13 AM
What's the use of hordes of adoring fans if you're not going to use them for free labor, eh?
I am extraordinarily peeved this morning. Not only was I late for class, my Actually answer on the Carmichael function needed fixing
I have investigated the history. The comment was posted at 6 am for me (before I was awake; see above "late for class") and the downvote was given before the comment was posted.
@Sherlock9 Life is tough
How is everyone else?
Have a cookie 🍪
Thank you :) noms cookie
@HelkaHomba I skipped a step. My answer needed fixing but I found a comment and a downvote.
I'm not entirely sure the downvote was necessary since they're so gosh darn hard to track down, explain away, and get removed
4:35 AM
Has anyone else noticed how actually.tryitonline.net looks like the middle of an argument? "Look, actually try it online, first"
No, seriously. Try it online
Woefully try it online
Yup, try it online
Present tense:
Julia Tries it online
Brian & Chuck also try it online.
4:38 AM
Insert here: Cy, FerNANDo, Fourier, Pip, Snails, Snowman, Vitsy
Also, possibly: V, Thue, Grime and Jelly (Jellies try it online)
V makes it sound like a legal case: "The People V. TryItOnline.net"
I was just thinking V as a nickname :D
Oh good lord, my brain mashed V, Vim, and V for Vendetta.
Vim for Vendetta, a graphic novel by Gordon Moore :D
TBF the first two are pretty similar
> Vim for Vendetta, a graphic novel by Bram Moolenar, Alan Moore, and DJMcMayhem
Ah, it's originally Alan Moore. I changed to Gordon Moore because he stated Moore's Law
4:43 AM
That's what I said.
Hey betseg
@betseg Heyyo
Why is your avatar the file not found picture?
4:47 AM
That's the avatar :D
I know. Why?
Oh i misunderstood
I like trolling people >:D
@DJMcMayhem TIL DJMcMayhem is a spider.
Whoa he lost 2 eyes?!??1!1?*!1?*
4:54 AM
That reminds me, betseg. Why is your name betseg and why did you decide to stop being radioactive? :P
@Sherlock9 It's something I've actually been meaning to add to the main library. I'll add it soon.
@DJMcMayhem Oh nuts. Isn't it Bram Moolenaar with two a's?
Isn't that what I said?
Oh shoot, apparently not
@Mego Thank you very much
I wonder when we'll get the first zimbu answer to a challenge.
4:58 AM
@DJMcMayhem Hrm. All-caps keywords aren't cool in anything more recent than QBasic. :P

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