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8:01 AM
ok, I should have just left it how it was...
Going to make an Esolangs page soon
@DerpfacePython is that a question or a statement?
Statement and question at the same time
Statement for my lang
And question for your lang
Intentional vagueness for the win!
@DerpfacePython logicode?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SefaConstructible n-gonscode-golf Background A constructible n-gone is a regular polygon with n side that you cand construct with only a compass and an unmarked ruler.Relevant Wikipedia link As stated by Gauss, the only n for which a n-gon is constructible is a multiple of any distinct Fermat prim...

8:03 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon Ya
@DerpfacePython also, it wasn't vague; I couldn't tell if it was an accident or not
shit, I made a mistake in my code;_;
you know, if you look at some of the code in a certain way... it looks like a badly made bridge
@DestructibleWatermelon Yeah, you're right, it was an accident.
I was making a statement
But are you going to post your lang on Esolangs once you finish?
corrected code is 413 bytes
ok, I think I will write the interpreter soon, and finish up the spec
@DestructibleWatermelon more like a mountain
how I know my code will be TC is by emulating minsky machine
increment and decrement are easy
oh wait, the second counter may be slightly irritating to increment...
wait, it should be fairly algorithmic:
push 1, dupe, dupe, minus, minus, minus, a to b, push 0, minus, a to b
a incrementing should be simple
push 1, dupe dupe minus minus, a to b, minus
perhaps not the most efficient, i don't know
actually push 1, a to b, push 0, minus, takes the same number of commands, but i think it's less efficient in space
that's the easy part
the jumps can easily be handled too
the conditional jumps, though
can be handled with multiplication
and the bool operation
anyway, on to finishing up the spec
I kind of want to remove one command...
I really need to stop being so noisy...
8:20 AM
ok, I don't know about the name for my language. Any suggestions?
Sideways Mountain
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Honestly, this isn't what most programs will look like
single river programs never halt, and are not TC
turing complete
8:27 AM
Oh k
(what I mean is, for most problems, you will need more than one river)
So, there will be multiple rivers
River PL?
also, if you count halting rivers as not rivers, I'm still fairly certain that it's not TC
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei not sure about getting muddled with homespring
I think there might be questions where the sums of the other answers bytes is less than this languages
how about "confusingly"
all the best names are adverbs
also I think the immensely high bytecounts on simple challenges will be enough to confuse
also, I was wondering, I wanted an alias quine:
explanation: an alias that sets it's own alias to something else, that sets it back to the original alias
A: The Final Number

Steven H.Pyth, 18 Bytes ?-+vzJEyQ/^E2J-yEJ Accepts input as a newline-separated list of values. Try it online! Explanation: ? If - the following are not equal: +vzJE the sum of first and third values (and call the third value J...

I think a program in this language on that challenge could easily be >1000 bytes
@DestructibleWatermelon CMC
8:43 AM
YouTube should have an option to block suggestions of videos that have titles with more than 20% CAPITAL LETTERS.
how to change the keyboard layout in a tty
@TùxCräftîñg Which prompt?
GNU bash
Then idk -._(._.)_.-
Depends on your distro. Probably loadkeys
8:46 AM
i am on ubuntu
E.g. loadkeys de to load a german layout.
Ofc, if you want it to be permanent, you need to change your vconsole config (if you are using systemd).
why do the little chat boxes lie about the latest message?
or is it something else?
Blame caching
8:51 AM
i get a 404 with apt-get install
@DestructibleWatermelon It's /api/recent-chat.
ok, I'm going to open a strawpoll about a language feature...
@DestructibleWatermelon They also lie about the people
8:56 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon Caching.
@DestructibleWatermelon That poll ID...
@zyabin101 that's the worst I ever saw someone get ninja'd
@DestructibleWatermelon What, I've been ninja'd?! I only now saw your original message.
ninja'd by SIX MINUTES...
>_< i have a old computer with some data i want to retrieve, but the internet connection fail every 10s so i cant ssh
8:59 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon i have been ninja'd by 1 year
not the mouth eyes
@TùxCräftîñg must see...
somewhere in the transcript
Aug 10 at 22:22, by flawr
Please include the title of the poll when posting a link.
omgyes openssh is downloading
9:18 AM
Found this video in the chat Sandbox: Mommy gets to try out Salix OS 14.0.1.
is it osfirsttimer or whatever is it?
idk shrug
Ah crap
I forgot what a game was called
@DerpfacePython Tell me other criteria for the game.
Like, genre, style, et cetera.
@Adnan Thanks!
@flawr I may be posting it today
9:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenThe Path to the Result code-golfarithmeticstring (is this last tag correct?) Input: A grid of varying size only containing numbers in the range 00-99, the following four characters: ^; >; v; <, and spaces to fill. Output: The result of the sum when you follow the path. How does this work? ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NeilTower of Hanoi Hamiltonian Cycle Every tower of Hanoi has a unique Hamiltonian cycle of length 3ⁿ. The cycle for n=1 is simply 1| | , |1| , | |1 while for n=2 it is as follows: 12 move disc 1 from rod 1 to rod 2 2 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 ...

9:57 AM
@Downgoat What is a Cheddarfile?
A file that includes cheddar code?
10:11 AM
...and it took a whole 4 hours after my post for it to stop: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/32066230#32066230
7 hours ago, by Jonathan Allan
ok trolololol
Q: Mirror, Mirror, in the Code

Martin EnderTwo-dimensional programming languages often have mirror commands like / and \ to redirect the instruction pointer on the grid: >>>>\ v v <<<</ In this challenge, you're given an incoming direction and a mirror and you need to determine the outgoing direction. Rules The incoming direc...

10:44 AM
@MartinEnder that actually can work!
   H ; e ;
  P ; 2 Q /
 d ; l ; r /
l ; $ @ ; o ]
 ; o ; W ; 0
  3 & ; . .
   . . . .
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei xD
I'm confused with size decreasing. can anyone tell me what happens if i try to store a 2 byte thing into al register ? which byte is stored ? does it matter if my machine is big or little endian ?
i don't know what to search in google and SO
you cant
mov al take 1 byte as operand
mov al, 0xCAFE will throw a error in any assembler
hmmm ...
what about storing <whatever>X into sth like <whatever>L
compilation error
you cant store a 16 bit thing in a 8 bit register
x86 is not stupid
10:50 AM
but this guy is doing it rightnow
"Of course, if the number can not be represented correctly in the smaller
size, decreasing the size does not work. For example, if AX were 0134h (or
308 in decimal) then the above code would still set CL to 34h"
brb nasming mov dl, ax
stupid.asm:1: error: invalid combination of opcode and operands
OK -.-
i cant assign a 16-bit register to a 8-bit one but assiging a immediate value only throq a warning
so it's possible
I wonder if this is just a version incompatibality . the book is from 2006
and in case of immediate value the lower byte is stored
»  echo 'mov dl, 0xCAFE' > /d/stupid.asm
Elie@elie-asus — /d
»  nasm stupid.asm -f bin -o stupid.bin
stupid.asm:1: warning: byte value exceeds bounds
Elie@elie-asus — /d
»  ndisasm stupid.bin
00000000  B2FE              mov dl,0xfe
10:58 AM
x86 is much different than MCS40 which i learned machine basics with it
♪It aint easy,being jelly!♪ ♪It aint easy being java!♪ ♪So much pressure to not get outgolfed♪ ♪I've got simple programs, over two hundred byyytes♪
I was thinking about whether to post that, then i accidentally hit enter. A sign from above?
@TùxCräftîñg xD
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Dx
DD==decimal 221
11:01 AM
upgrading packages on a linux machine not booted since 1 year take time
D×D == 169
@MitchSchwartz haha, I didn't even consider that ! is a rep digit :D
The best thing since brainfuck
CMC: Find the longest C# answer in this site
@DestructibleWatermelon Where is that song from, by the way?
Also, hello all
11:11 AM
@Sherlock9 the original song is from Arrested Development
A: Domino Circuits

VisualMelonC# - Massive, Slow, and inefficient solution Confession: wrote this solution some time ago when the question was still in the sandbox, but it's not very good: you can do better! Edit: replaced the boring solving with a less boring, more flexible, and generally better method You run the program...

(cheating, I admit)
@Sherlock9 lla olleh ,oslA
11:12 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon vulkan
@Sherlock9 Also, hello part of all
Is it allowed to post very platform specific questions (e.g. one computer with specific software) about a very specific topic ?
>>> ...
Unicode ellipsis
what is the utility of this?
11:15 AM
@TùxCräftîñg Google Keyboard on Android ._.
@TùxCräftîñg …
i mean the ellipsis in python
A: Look-and-say sequence: roman numerals edition

Ton HospelPerl, 49 bytes Includes +1 for -p Run with the 0-based index on STDIN, e.g. ecce.pl <<< 14 ecce.pl: #!/usr/bin/perl -p s,(.)\1*,$&/$1%182 .$1,eg for($_=/$/)x$`;y;19;IV Magic formulas are so magic. Normally I would use ($_=//)x$' to make the loop control one byte shorter, but scoring on t...

This is genius
@GLASSIC Allowed yes, but almost certainly unpopular unless you have a very good reason why your challenge does not make sense on other platforms.
@TùxCräftîñg numpy, for example
11:18 AM
It's a syntax only really used by third party libraries
@Lynn Ohhh, I should try that one in Retina (and probably before reading Ton's solution)
Oh, Retina absolutely can’t do it Ton’s way :)
Something to do with multidimensional arrays, can't remember of the top of my head
I really love regex answers
11:18 AM
(It can probably outgolf him though)
@Lynn I just saw a regex substitution and figured I shouldn't read it for now.
@Lynn doing something N times is a bit of a pain still
first attempt is 75 :/
11:36 AM
ok- so i sandboxed my "very platform specific" question to see if it's good question
"CodeGolf is not a code writing service" :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GLASSICWarn me when charger is unplugged! So, I've a Compaq Presario V6000 laptop. Two years ago, battery died because of overcharging; So I had to plug charger in order to work with. Without the charger plugged, it runs out of power after ~4 seconds. Unfortunately, today I found out that charger port ...

@GLASSIC $ ls /sys/devices -R plz
11:47 AM
This reminded me to unplug my charger
if you have li-ion battery you shouldnt have a problem
@GLASSIC what type of battery is that
I need to figure out what my language name should be
you said something ends with ly
that was cool
what was that
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei confusingly?
11:50 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon example: Confusingly, 813 bytes
@DestructibleWatermelon Congrats, you're gonna take that name from a new version of Seriously!
@zyabin101 Is that actually the next name?
Cologne and Köln are the same thing :O
11:53 AM
@mınxomaτ Nope, I've got an AMD
now, to begin the interpreter...
ubuntu asked me if i want to upgrade ubuntu but my touchpad clicked on no
because shitty touchpad
Just realised I have undefined behaviour in the spec...
@TùxCräftîñg just use the command line
what should this program do?:
||| |||
||| |||
12:00 PM
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei what command?
halt, or run the 2 river, by wrapping around the lines
@TùxCräftîñg sudo do-release-upgrade?
how to change the keyboard layout in ubuntu?
@TùxCräftîñg at setitngs?
i have set it to en us but it still use azerty
12:06 PM
official error message for confusingly: confuse :(
what's the function property called that says if a(A,B) is true and a(B,C) is true, then a(A,C) must be true?
then if I have a Set<T> and a transitive function bool isConnected(T, T), what's a good algorithm that finds the "groups" of T?
thanks :)
the term you're looking for are equivalence classes if you consider isConnected to be an equivalence relationship (which it is, if it's reflexive, symmetric and transitive)
a(a,b){return -a/b;} A=1, B=-1, C=1, a(A,B)==true, a(B,C)==true, a(A,C)== false lel
12:11 PM
alternatively, you're looking for connected components in an undirected graph
oh, I didn't think about graph theory
duh, that's totally what this problem is about
In graph theory, a connected component (or just component) of an undirected graph is a subgraph in which any two vertices are connected to each other by paths, and which is connected to no additional vertices in the supergraph. For example, the graph shown in the illustration on the right has three connected components. A vertex with no incident edges is itself a connected component. A graph that is itself connected has exactly one connected component, consisting of the whole graph. == An equivalence relation == An alternative way to define connected components involves the equivalence classes...
you just do a BFS or DFS, basically
oooh, that would work
I'm removing a node from graph. So all I need to do is iterate through each neighbor, and build a Set<Node> using a BFS
also, before the BFS, check to make sure they aren't already in one of the sets
thanks :)
if anyone ever releases a challenge to print "confuse :(", confusingly will win.
(somebody please make this challenege later)
CMC: Print confuse :(
@DestructibleWatermelon Done.
12:19 PM
Confusingly, one byte: a
or just a space...
@DestructibleWatermelon wait, it doesn't throw an error with empty input?
come on :P
I guess not
my interpreter doesn't...
empty input shouldn't error unless it has good reason to
@NathanMerrill any time :)
12:25 PM
> There is something wrong with this!! Please write down (and discuss) what things are wrong with this, on the Talk page!!
@Lynn - very cool
A: Mirror, Mirror, in the Code

LynnPython 2, 40 bytes lambda c,m,k="NWES":k[k.find(c)^(m>k)+1] Sp3000 saved one byte (.index → .find). Explanation We want to map the directions like so: \ N ⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄ E ⇅ ⇅ ⇅ ⇅ / ⇅ ⇅ / ⇅ ⇅ ⇅ ⇅ W ⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄⇄ S \ We can assign t...

...shame my brute force hack equals it
@JonathanAllan it's an amazing coincidence that that works, actually. it would be 14 bytes in CJam (beating both Sp3000's 16-byte attempt using XOR and my 17-byte attempt using permutations)
go for it
nah, I don't like winning my own challenges, especially with a solution I didn't come up with myself :P
the code is l1b" NESSWNW"= and here is a test suite. explanation would be that l reads input, 1b treats the characters as base-1 digits (adding their code points) and the rest is just cyclic array indexing.
since you found it, I'd be happy for you to post the port yourself
@MartinEnder think I can do less in Jelly...
I shall post it with credit though...
12:39 PM
hi from my ubuntu computer
@JonathanAllan And make it CW.
@zyabin101 - yup I did :)
Lost Cookie Clicker game.
@zyabin101 How does that even work?
@flawr What, Cookie Clicker or community wiki?
12:49 PM
@JonathanAllan two byte savings with &7
@MitchSchwartz - you'd have to explain, I've done 0 CJam
no, in python. with operator precedence, you can remove the parentheses
@MitchSchwartz Ahh thanks!
@zyabin101 How can you lose a CC game?
@zyabin101 this is not what CW is for (cc @JonathanAllan)
12:54 PM
@flawr I lost the save of the game.
@MartinEnder Ah.
@zyabin101 Create your own again=)
@MartinEnder - shrug I want to waive rep on it though...
It's just base 64 encoded
@flawr I did =)
12:56 PM
I started anew.
Running at 5 6 cps...
Stopped. Will return to it later.
@JonathanAllan for Jelly, can't you just append a space to the string and omit the 8%?
@MartinEnder ahh good catch
And you can take a single string argument, so you don't need the ;: jelly.tryitonline.net/…
@MartinEnder I instinctively knew Jelly could do less
of course it can :D
1:19 PM
i have installed i3 on my ubuntu computer
and idk how to open a window
and there is a lot of weird text at the bottom
and it say 'no battery' but i am on a laptop
Read the weird text and the i3 help centre, carefully.
the weird text show the wifi connection, the ip, the date etc
it's a keyboard-based wm
@zyabin101 something very ool
a native cheddar module?
@Downgoat Unclear.
@TùxCräftîñg Yes!
1:23 PM
but the keys of the keyboard of my laptop are really small
To open a term, $mod+Enter, where $mod is Alt by default.
i3 do not show my battery level
;_; JavaScripts father just dissed it:
@nzgb I'm pretty sure it was James's code. Probably a rush job, lol -- like JS!
I like how the beat panel is really effective here: irregularwebcomic.net/1446.html :P
1:41 PM
@TimmyD happened to me before too
@JonathanAllan I had worked this out yesterday late when Martin posted it into the sandbox, but instead of posting it right away, I dithered around on another challenge, chit-chatted with my coworkers, etc. I could've beat you to the punch by maybe a minute or two if I had posted right when I first logged on. :D
How do I build i3? ;/
@Downgoat Yeah, well, JS was written in a week
Talking about the sandbox - my first suggestion is sitting with 0 votes either way and 0 comments:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Jonathan AllanWhen is their birthday? Donald Knuth was born in 1938, on the 20th day of Capricorn. The first day of Capricorn is the 22nd December. Donald Knuth was born on the 10th of January. The challenge Write a program or function which takes three inputs about a person (any other specified order is ...

any feedback?
@ASCII-only ik
1:49 PM
@zyabin101 You start with a 300mm wafer of silicon and a lithography machine ...
I think my favourite is worldbuilding because it has the nicest main/meta pair (in most designs meta just seems to be greyscale version of the main design)
2:05 PM
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=16 count=1 2>/dev/null | base64 | sed 's/./\0\n/g' | head -n 8 | python -c 'import sys;print("".join(sys.stdin.read().split()))'
^ random password generator
(need sed and python)
@TimmyD Not that i3, the i3 window manager.
@MartinEnder Tbh meta WB is that too
since i am on windows and sshing on a linux machine, using aptitude print a lot of newlines because of the \r
I like worldbuilding's design as well
2:24 PM
@JonathanAllan I'd encourage you to take the rep, so that we don't create a culture where people feel they need to waive rep.
I'm all in favour of implementing rep sharing though
@trichoplax It just seemed a bit out of line to take rep for a solution I did not write in a language I do not know. Feel free to upvote my Jelly port though :)
@JonathanAllan I understand how you feel. One of my favourite of my own solutions was only possible thanks to huge amounts of help from 4 other people, but they encouraged me to not make it CW and in hindsight I think that was the right decision, as I don't like the idea of there being a peer pressure to sacrifice rep. I know yours is an extreme example, and you're getting plenty of rep from your other solutions, but I'd rather see CW avoided just so it doesn't set the example
Science is neat (worldbuilding link)
@trichoplax noted. I made a cw on puzzling some time ago because it was a partial solution and probably shouldn't have.
2:33 PM
Q: Is this a Smith number?

shooqieChallenge description A Smith number is a composite number whose sum of digits is equal to the sum of sums of digits of its prime factors. Given an integer N, determine if it's a Smith number or not. The first few Smith numbers are 4, 22, 27, 58, 85, 94, 121, 166, 202, 265, 274, 319, 346, 355, ...

Google is doing a strangely good job of auto completing today. The most recent one was "split comma separated string in sql" and the italicized part was all Google.
use DuckDuckGo
@TùxCräftîñg It has autocomplete? No.
2:37 PM
It put CodeProject results before StackOverflow when I did the same query
Google put SO first, so I'll stick with them
I don't want a full report on how to split a string in SQL. I just want teh codez.
SO take half of the screen
Also, DuckDuckGo seems to be geared towards people who want to search for illegal stuff.
Just sayin. The duck is creepy too.
2:42 PM
@JonathanAllan The meta post Martin linked to seems to mention your specific case:
Apparently DuckDuckGo is an actual search engine
> Someone ports my answer to another language and offers to let me post it.

The comment suggests that the poster is OK with you posting the port, so either do it – and, of course, credit him – or politely decline and let him post the answer himself.
For some reason, I thought it was a proxy to anonymously search on Google.
2:42 PM
I wonder how I got that idea.
@trichoplax yeah I saw, but what is done is done. I suppose I could delete the answer and repost.
@JonathanAllan Could I have a link to this answer?
@JonathanAllan Oops, chat scrolled by too quickly for me to make my point. I was going to add that you can flag for mod attention and ask for the CW to be removed
most cool website in the interweb
2:47 PM
@trichoplax OK I flagged it with the comment that if they don't want to set precedence to remove CW with a lnk to the meta.
Great :)
@TùxCräftîñg No, that title belongs to the Icy Hot Stuntaz
@El'endiaStarman I was thinking about trees...I think I actually like both types. If I only do palm trees, and they can move anywhere, then the map fills super fast. Pine trees can grow fast as well, but its rare for them to get started
@Downgoat have you looked at it? :D
@TùxCräftîñg I like the terminal: elgoog.se/terminal
2:58 PM
Is class initialized in Python init?
@Downgoat yes
its created in __new__
but initialised in __init__
So I do like __init__(self):? To initialize a class
with a def at the beginning
How do I take arguments from the initializer?

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