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Q: Boxes And Lines

TheBitByte The above image is an ASCII art. Notice how the space inside the "box" shape increases by one space each time, from left to right. Your task is to, given an input of two numbers (which is the number of spaces inside the box shape & the number of dashes in the tall line), produce the correspon...

@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Rollback war approaching
@NewMainPosts lol ninja'd
@Downgoat don't close vote too fast next time until you understand the situation.
@TheBitByte I understood the situation fine. Your challenge is unclear so I closed it as so
12:05 AM
@Downgoat Comment before close voting. Not after it.
@TheBitByte How does it matter? I can comment and CV in any order I want
You haven't edits your question either so it's not like my CV would of been invalid if I commented before
If you fix some of the flaws it can be reopened
@Downgoat How can I edit it in 1 sec?
@Adnan Any more thoughts? :C
> put on hold as unclear what you're asking by xnor, Easterly Irk, Downgoat, Releasing Helium Nuclei, daHugLenny 14 mins ago
> 14 mins ago
1 sec =\= 14 minutes ._.
@TheBitByte The close can be revoked - just fix it, lad.
It's not like it's forever. :P
12:08 AM
@Syxer Maybe messing with ASCII values?
In other news, i have a different palindromic rep now. 818.
@Adnan Tried a lot with that. :C
Q: Missing Integer Sequence Detection -- Filesystem

A.DanischewskiBash, 71, 70, 68, 66 Bytes Input is by env variables, starting int s and ending int e, to process 0 to 20: s=0,e=20 for((a=$s;a<=$e;a++)){ [ -d $a ]&&v=$a||{(($a==$v+1))&&echo $a;};} Bash, 57 Bytes Input is by env variable s: s=$(seq 1 20) for a in $s;{ [ -d $a ]&&v=$a||{(($a==$v+1))&&echo $a...

Someone who can edit posts plz ^
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Is it sad that I'm tempted to downvote so we don't continue this chain of "palindrome!"
12:11 AM
(I'm just kidding. :P)
Done, I'm really sick of the crappy people who are moderating this site. — A.Danischewski 5 mins ago
@Adnan :C rude
The question is, why?
oh geez new comment is worst
do not post
I repeat
What was the comment?
12:14 AM
Q: Addition using subtraction

PeanutIn this code-golf, you must subtract using addition. Here's how it works: You take two inputs, a and b. We'll add them using subtraction. Let's take 2 + 2 as your first test case. Make that -2 - 2 = -4, and convert -4 into 4. Simple! Test cases If a test case isn't on the list, add the two ...

Very sweary
Many rude
@Adnan clearly asking to flag post and not edit post is very offensive remark. How dare I make such a rude statement
@Downgoat Fixed the question. Is it better now?
Q: Addition using subtraction

PeanutIn this code-golf, you must subtract using addition. Here's how it works: You take two inputs, a and b. We'll add them using subtraction. Let's take 2 + 2 as your first test case. Make that -2 - 2 = -4, and convert -4 into 4. Simple! Test cases If a test case isn't on the list, add the two ...

@TheBitByte it's better but it's still very simple. It's basically n->"fluff"+" ".repeat(n)+"fluff" I'll undownvote but others might not because its simplicity
12:16 AM
@NewMainPosts ninja'd again lelel
hm actually you say "the number of dashes in the tall line"
do you mean |s?
also does dashes mean the total amount of dashes in the leftmost column or just the top part?
@Downgoat Just the top part.
The part with |
ok, can you clarify that in the challenge
can we please just insist that BitByte move this to the Sandbox and we can offer suggestions there?
i understand we're trying to be helpful, but I think at this point helping fix the challenge after it was posted like this will encourage them to not use the Sandbox in the future
12:19 AM
@xnor Stop being implacable.
It could be a fun challenge actually
@TheBitByte Use the tools already provided to improve your challenges before posting, getting downvotes which actually affect your rep, possibly getting closed/deleted, etc.
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei Yes. Hopefully I've fixed everything there is to do with the question. Now I just need 5 reopen votes. Anybody?
Sandbox is nice because you don't actually lose anything (rep/deletion/closevote-wise).
Plus, if a challenge comes out of the sandbox, it's really ready, not just the understanding of the writer.
@TheBitByte One thing is still unclear to me. Is the second parameter the width or the area? How do we know how tall the box should be?
12:24 AM
@DJMcMayhem Width.
That still doesn't answer the second question.
I don't understand the second question.
How tall should the box (not the tall column) be?
@TheBitByte I think he's reffering to the box with the spaces. what should the height of that be
Yes, that
12:27 AM
The height is as the question shows it to be. Don't change it. The question itself also says this:

> "With the exception of the number of spaces (i.e width) in the box shape & the number of `|` in the top tall line , you must keep everything else in the ASCII art as it is."
3:30 am, i need some sleep, cya l8r
Read the question itself:

> "With the exception of the number of spaces (i.e width) in the box shape & the number of `|` in the top tall line ,*you must keep everything else in the ASCII art as it is.*"
@TheBitByte that should probably be explicitly stated, not inferred
@DJMcMayhem It is explicitly stated.
12:31 AM
no it isn't
Read the question first:

> With the exception of {...}, you must keep everything else in the ASCII art as it is.
Is that not explicit enough?
Why do you refuse to use the Sandbox anyways?
@quartata I never said I did. Plus, my question is fine now, anything else is just people being implacable.
@TheBitByte take his advice. He knows what he's talking about. @DJMcMayhem is pretty much Helka Homba jr in terms of challenge writing
@Downgoat sobs tears of joy
12:34 AM
But it's not fine. And your behavior suggests otherwise on the sandbox usage note
> anything else is just people being implacable
Why are you getting so sensitive about critisism
@ConorO'Brien Say 50 by default, but make it adjustable
We don't hate you or anything, we are just trying to A) help you become a better challenge writer B) make your challenge better and clearer so you get more answers and upvotes
12:35 AM
@TheBitByte that is still inferred from your (very few) examples. At any rate, I don't feel like arguing with you anymore, since many users have given you very helpful advice, not just on this challenge, but on challenge writing in general (use the sandbox!) and you only respond with antagonizing.
@Downgoat In its current state, the question looks fine to me. If you have constructive criticism that isn't nitpicking, then go ahead.
We wouldn't have to be beating you over the head with these problems if we could work with you in the sandbox and not have to deal with this on main
^^^ I agree. We're pretty much telling you what exactly to do and you don't want to do that. If you refuse our advice there's not much we can help you with
Hey does anyone know the meta question dealing with undescriptive question names? I can't find it.
@quartata "these problems" have been resolved. What more should I fix? I don't see anything.
12:38 AM
@EamonOlive I don't think there's been one that I've seen.
Except for on other metas
@DJMcMayhem I did see one but it might have been something else similar
@EamonOlive I believe this was brought up by someone on Aviation.SE. We have no requirements for challenge names. Just don't make them something super vauge like "Code-Golf Challenge"
@TheBitByte I haven't read any of the previous conversation, but based on me just reading the spec right now I've got two comments: 1) I can't tell whether I'm only meant to output 1 box + tall line (b-shape) or multiple depending on some input, and 2) I can't tell whether the height of the box is meant to be exactly 7 characters or whether they're affected by any of the inputs (as in, whether the "number of | in the top tall line" refers to only the part above the box or not)
@TheBitByte I shouldn't have to look at the examples to understand the challenge
Q: What are the rules regarding question titles?

PyrrhaOne of my recent questions, titled ☁ A Little Cloud ☁, was renamed in an edit to Little Chandler is sad. Draw him a cloud to cheer him up. I don't mind the title change, but I am curious as to the reasons why it was changed. Was it because of the Unicode characters? Or something else? I was hopef...

12:40 AM
@Downgoat Ok thanks I must be mistaken then
Q: Click here to find out what this question is about

AnkoCode Golf question titles are frequently opaque. The front page (and Hot Network Questions) hence partially degrades to a list of clickable rectangles. When clicking, I more often think "WTF does that mean" than "This sounds like an interesting puzzle". Recent beauties, explained: If a progra...

I think the better way to present the challenge would be to give a few examples of input pairs and their corresponding outputs
those are the two questions i could find relevent
@Downgoat Ah yes that was the one thanks
@Sp3000 Okay then.
12:44 AM
@Downgoat clickbait
Just played and beat a pretty fun game called Window Frame. It's one where you use the edges of a window to solve puzzles and kill vampires. Download link.
why am i awake goodnight everyone
But as an aside: why no site decorations yet?
I can't wait for code golf bits and baubles
> .exe
;_; i use mac
You know whats an odd feature
Say you ignore user X
And you are in another chat room
@RohanJhunjhunwala in the like last message it shows in the room switcher it still shows their message?
12:53 AM
If user X speaks his message will still show in the other rooms your in preview
@Downgoat yes
:D ninja'd
Go meta that
okay bai
I can't screenie it for proofs
@Downgoat please temproarily ingore me and go to the cheddar room
@RohanJhunjhunwala ok. can you post a message right after this?
12:55 AM
Foo Bar Baz Quux good people of Meta.se wwhat is this microsoft feature (tm)
got it :D
Thanks time for my first Meta.se post!
Yea that's been around a long time.
@Downgoat please unignore me
@RohanJhunjhunwala i already have
12:57 AM
I think there is a post somewhere
wait nvm it isn't
rip its already a post
Q: Ignored users still appear in the 'other rooms you're in' message preview

rlemonWell it might not be a huge issue to some (I suppose it depends on how you use the chat system) but when I "Ignore this user everywhere", their messages still appear on the sidebar for the 'other rooms you're in' if they say something. Albeit I can ignore this feature and the text within it, I ju...

Almost got downvoted into oblivion
I now have the dubious honour of having the top three Unanswered questions on PPCG, lol
top 3 of 3 are all mine
and the Tetris problem is close to getting 100 votes without having been answered
which would be astonishing if it actually happens tbh
1:01 AM
Haha, on a site with so many smart people, that's a pretty impressive honor
thanks :P
@El'endiaStarman SQL query for most chatty user
and user online most of the time
I just recently noticed I've passed you in all time challenge votes. :P
No need for the former. It's Martin followed by Alex
followed by me
Maybe that will drive you to make another good couple
@quartata really? I would have thought Alex was first.
1:04 AM
Check the info tab
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Chattiest in total, chattiest by most messages per day (over the last year), and that same query has the people who have posted messages on the most days in the last year.
Oh, is that all time? That doesn't seem useful to me. It should be in the last month
@DJMcMayhem s/smart people/smart people and Downgoat/ ;_;
@Downgoat "smart people and Downgoat" is redundant.
1:07 AM
@El'endiaStarman oh, I thought we needed two Downgoats
@El'endiaStarman this time you delivered!
@Downgoat Oh come on, that could be so much golfier! s/smart people/& and downgoat/
@El'endiaStarman but counting "i"'s and "pls" frequency?
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC There are ready-made queries for counting specific message contents. Example.
1:11 AM
Does anyone know how to get the absolute value of the current cell in brainfuck?
You'll need to use a regex to make sure it is one word
trap : 2
cat $1 ->a
SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy dosbox -c "MOUNT A ." -c "A:" -c "A.COM<A>B" -c "EXIT">&-
cat B
rm B a
Word-fetching can be done with this query.
@El'endiaStarman Challenge: Write a query that shows which users are replied to most often
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Already done.
1:14 AM
@El'endiaStarman Not like @El'endiaStarman blah but like :32041607 blah
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ I've also done that one but it wasn't particularly interesting.
@El'endiaStarman You still have the link?
By the way, the query I posted includes direct replies too because the ping is in the raw HTML.
@El'endiaStarman does this handle name changes?
1:16 AM
@Downgoat Hmm, I'm not sure.
Actually, I think it does, but lumps the counts under the most recent name.
@El'endiaStarman it shows conor as CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ though even though he's changed it to ascii :/
Ah. I dunno then. :P
Uh oh, I got a "We’re currently looking into this" email from Spotify
that means something is borked and they're never gonna get back to me most probably ;_;
ah jeez. I think I can use a XSS attack on my friends site.
@MitchSchwartz I approve, although I don't really do much anagol anymore. It seems strange to me that an 'official' interpreter would use ints without bothering to at least simulate 8-bit over/under-flow. About negative addresses, wrapping to the end of a 32k-64k tape is probably the most efficient way to do it, and generally won't be very exploitable.
1:20 AM
What to do what to do....
@AshwinGupta does he have a login system existing anywhere on the domain?
if so grab the cookies and run :P
@AshwinGupta Demonstrate a non-harmful attack.
@Downgoat thankfully no
That's what Sp3000 did to me last night. :P
@El'endiaStarman Lol probably a good plan
maybe I'll just have it do popups or something.
I just realized something.
I wrote some of this a while ago...
1:24 AM
> Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ 987
such carrot, very agree
Haha, yup.
@LeakyNun I'm sad to see you go, but I'm happy that you enjoy(ed?) Seriously and Actually. However, you seem to drastically overestimate my release timings.
@AshwinGupta Subscribe them to Cat Facts
user image
oh my god cheddar was once about to be called Scryb/Scry
1:28 AM
2/9 of 100k :)
@primo yeah BFI is a bit strange but i've had some fun with the exploits and peculiarities anyway. for negative addresses, i was thinking about just starting in the middle of a fixed size tape, without attempting to allocate as much memory as the system allows (and i hadn't thought about wrapping around to the other side of the tape, it seems like it could get in the way of optimisations like collapsing loops)
@primo Only if there's infinitely many 2s following the decimal point :P
stil. congrats on 222222 reo
2 many 2s >_>
1:30 AM
@El'endiaStarman feature request for the chat data explorer: be able to give queries titles/descriptions
@El'endiaStarman another feature-request >_>: ability for inputs like SEDE :3
The flair for SO user 123456:
‮lol ltr
How do you change your username again? :P
1:32 AM
char tape[TAPE_SIZE];
char* t = tape + TAPE_SIZE/2;
something like that?
You can't put it in your username (rtl)
1:32 AM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ ;_; y u keep spamming chat with random flairs
question: should lazy expression blocks be algebraic blocks too?
e.g. Number::$3x = 3$ == 1
@primo yeah pretty much
@Downgoat I'm not sure what you mean by that
Weird, there's a user 235710 and a user 235713 but nothing in between
No 235711? ;_;
1:35 AM
1 and 2 might have been bots/spammers, yeah
@Mego I'm planning to have "lazy expression blocks". You'll be able to write up a value as usual, perform operations and all, but it wouldn't be evaluated until it really needs too. This will be helpful so, for example, reciprocal(1 / 3) would output 3 rather than 2.9999997
@Downgoat And what do you mean by algebraic blocks?
(PS I like the idea of lazy blocks)
i specify an algebric equation: e.g. reciprocal($x=1/3$). lazy blocks seem like a good fit for algebra so I could easily implement algebra stuff in them. Downside is they'd then be considered algebraic blocks rather than lazy blocks because then syntax would be different from regular expressoins
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TheBitByteThe Letter E with E code-golf ascii-art Your task is to display the below letter "E" shaped ASCII art, given five inputs. Examples: Input: 7,2,+,|,- (Note: You don't have to follow this exact input format, and if you don't use it, then you must explain how your own input format works) Explana...

1:40 AM
@TùxCräftîñg ^
1:51 AM
@MitchSchwartz codepad.org/7szqv2As
not thoroughly tested, but works on mandelbrot at least
oh cool, well i should probably give you more info; i suggested it to shinh over twitter, and the conversation is here (ignore the slight misunderstanding when i made a wrong guess about why tails brought up a compiler instead of an interpreter) twitter.com/canissimia/status/746074736074104832
shinh's implementation does some optimisation, although from a quick look, i think it looks for -1 in loops, so it will optimise [>++<-] but not [>+++<++] for example
i don't know that speed is very important, but i suppose if you can make it faster without introducing bugs or exploits then why not
Urgh. Why is it so hard to convert a code-point into a unicode char in ruby? puts [256].pack("U*").encode("utf-8") just feels wrong
i originally thought of bff since it has most of the same implementation details as BFI but without the exploits, so most of my non-cheat code would work as-is
but after talking about it, 8-bit seems better
@MitchSchwartz What about a bf to x86 compiler? With the right optimizations, it would be ultra crazy fast. If you're feeling adventurous, CUDA and OpenCL too haha.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienA Fragile Quine quine code-golf A fragile quine is a quine that satisfies the property of having each substring made by removing a single character, when evaluated, produces an error. For example. If your program asdf is a quine, then for it to be fragile, the following programs must error: s...

any last suggestions before I post this
2:01 AM
@DJMcMayhem Ruby wasn't really designed for Unicode and it still doesn't have great support for it
Hmm. That's unfortunate.
I'm pretty a much a newb at ruby, though I chose to write a language in it.
@MitchSchwartz update to ignore EOF: codepad.org/hNRKqv0H
@TheBitByte well i don't have motivation to do that level of optimisation personally, but i'm not against it
@ConorO'Brien For some reason, it seems trivial.
@quartata so how are you plannign the thirst system to work?
like vanilla hunger, but with different sources of hydration?
2:04 AM
@TheBitByte Don't say it's trivial unless you've accomplished it. Try it.
@MitchSchwartz If that was on TIO, though, it would be awesome. @Dennis What do you think?
but don't post solution :P
@TheBitByte how about this? codepad.org/B8kKb19Z
oh, you like to ignore on EOF? i would rather overwrite with 0
@ConorO'Brien I could write a random but valid quine that just happens to produce errors when characters are removed, and not on purpose.
2:05 AM
i think ignore is more proper
ignoring seems awkward to me, but maybe i haven't given it a chance, idk
@TheBitByte Re-read the challenge.
It's not even that long >_>
proper in terms of conforming to specifications, or in terms of some rationale?
@ConorO'Brien I read your challenge, but I'm asking you: Imagine I write a valid quine. Now, when I remove a certain character, it gives an error because the code is now wrong, not because I made it give an error on purpose.
2:07 AM
sorry if the reason is obvious and my question is annoying
point 4
@TheBitByte ... "A fragile quine is a quine that satisfies the property of having each substring made by removing a single character, when evaluated, produces an error."
> having each substring made by removing a single character...produce an error
@ConorO'Brien Does that include quines that aren't fragile on purpose? If so, then it's a pretty trivial challenge.
Anyone else have useful feedback that actually read the challenge?
I did read it, but it needs improving to be less easy.
2:09 AM
basically, it's the most flexible, if you need a 0 or -1, just prepend [-] or [-]- to the read
Imagine I have code `print ('foo')`

Removing one character and doing `rint('foo') isn't going to work, however, my error isn't on purpose. I could keep trying to remove each character and test if it gives errors. It might. But then, it gave an error because the code itself was wrong, not that I actually bothered to make it "fragile" on purpose at all.
@TheBitByte it doesn't. If you can't understand the challenge (and which you aren't understanding it apparently, because a couple people disagree with you), don't try to give advice.
@primo Okay.
@TheBitByte how else do you expect to cause errors
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ That's the point. The challenge seems a bit trivial.
2:11 AM
no, it isn't
try to write a fragile quine
What if I use a normal quine that just happens to be fragile too when I test it? Imagine how many quines are like that.
not that many probably
find me 5 that are
Just because I can't find them doesn't mean they aren't there.

However, each of us have different viewpoints and that's normal.
how has phi not been here
did he change his name?
Who did?
2:14 AM
he hasn't been in chat since before you joined
anyway, for anyone who thinks it's interesting:
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Portal?
let me check
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Thirst starts at 500 and every tick it decreases by abs(tan(u.uthirst)), which gives it cycles of more/less water loss. Drinkng any uncursed potion gives 250 hydration, eatng any vegetable gives 50 hydration. Dipping below 100 hydration gives you a status message and dipping below 0 slows you and gives you 25+Constitution turns to live. When you drink a potion of unfiltered water (#dip an empty bottle into any water source) it has 1/7 chance of giving you dysentery (vomiting slowed) but applying a water filter purifies it. Quaffing from a transpiration bag gives you turns since
@quartata Sort of idea what that means, but it's interesting.
@TheBitByte Let me use simple words. When I mean each substring has to error, I mean that every single possible substring made by removing a single character has to error. If you ahd print("foo"), then there is a substring (e.g. print("fo")) that doesn't produce an error. So it is not fragile.
2:18 AM
That's because you don't know the context :P
@ConorO'Brien Okay, now I get it! Your challenge now looks more interesting, to be honest.
great, glad we got that cleared.
was that not clear from the challenge, or did you just miss something in the challenge?
It wasn't clear from the challenge at first.
So what would you suggest I add to make it clearer?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ All clear?
2:23 AM
Add something along the lines of:

"For example, if your program is `print('foo')`, then, you remove a letter from the code, the code must produce an error. This has to work with all possible combinations of removed letters, and you must remove only a single letter. Code that would normally be correct when a character is removed must still produce an error. In the earlier example, removing a letter and doing `print ('fo')` still works, however, under the rules of this challenge, it shouldn't."
@DJMcMayhem I can play for 20-30 minutes, that good for you?
Yeah, that sounds great
@TheBitByte Cool, will do. And will look!
@ConorO'Brien Thanks!
@quartata what about cursed/blessed potions? and are water filters like tin openers?
2:24 AM
@TheBitByte you might want to include examples about inputs that don't have 7,2,
@primo i'd seen that before, but it still seems strange to me, like if c = getchar()were to leave c unchanged on EOF -- is that really in line with what programmers will want to use it for? and i'm not convinced that there's value in the ability to simulate both EOF = 0 and EOF = -1, you can just write code that is designed for one or the other.
-1 makes sense to me for more than 8 bits; you have a value that is not in [0,255], so you can process any binary data. For 8 bits, 0 is as good as -1 so you might as well use 0, unless you want to be able to handle \x00 in input and not \xff for some reason
@DJMcMayhem rebooting steam, it's laggy
^^^ Also, I noticed you forgot to update the example input, so half of them still say 7.
@TheBitByte Other than that, it looks good!
but it's possible that i'm just not thinking clearly
2:25 AM
@ConorO'Brien Done. Check my edit.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Blessed potions give the same amount (except for holy water which gives 500). cursed potions make you lose 50
Do you know if it's possible to sort all my starred message by number of stars?
@quartata and water filters act like tin openers? With charges like that?
@DJMcMayhem ready to play
2:26 AM
Just hopping on now
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ What rep do I need to be able to suggest edits to people's posts?
@quartata do camel packs wear out?
@TheBitByte idk, i think 1k or something
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ That's a bit too much in my case haha.
2:27 AM
Then what is it?
he was replying to my message about camel packs
@TheBitByte looks good!
@TheBitByte you can't edit on meta until you have 1k rep.
@MitchSchwartz say you were a 'serious' brainfuck programmer, if such a thing can be said to exist. your preferred interpreter uses EOF=0, however someone you're collaborating with uses EOF=-1
2:28 AM
it's 2 messages, give me a sec
You can always suggest edits on main, but they wait for a review before posting. No review needed > 1k rep.
the easiest situation for both of you would be to use an interpreter that ignores EOF, and prepend [-] and [-]- before each ,
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Thanks!
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ it'll be 2k in 6-8 weeks
@primo Tag the people in question so they can see this.
@DJMcMayhem oh, okay >_>
2:29 AM
but yeah, for golfing, whenever it does make a difference, EOF=0 will likely be the shortest
@DJMcMayhem Why?
Got a link to meta.SE?
@TheBitByte i tagged him on the first response, which should be sufficient
@primo I don't think so, since you have to scroll up far to see the first response.
it's still on this page...
ok, i see your point. well, "better for golf" appeals to me more than "better for writing cross-implementation code" :)
2:31 AM
@TheBitByte because of graduation
@TheBitByte graduation increases rep privledges limits
( ╯ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
Which esolangs look the least like esolangs? i.e. you could easily confuse a program written in it for a program written in a non-esoteric programming language
@StevenH. codename dragon
@Doorknob How many ioun stones do you think I should let a player wear at a time
2:34 AM
Without comments, so no Whitespace
Is Cheddar close enough to an esolang to be considered esoteric?
it's supposed to be for regular programming >_>
Definitely not
@StevenH. no
@quartata ioun stones?
2:40 AM
Well that settles that
Gems that circle around your head and give powers like rings
night y'all
What game is this @quartata
I'm making a Nethack fork
Looking for a final review to my sandbox puzzle (http://meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/9960/58717)

2:45 AM
@quartata ooh
@quartata oh, from pathfinder?
I golfed some Perl:
A: End the tabs versus space war

LynnPerl, 41 bytes s,␉, ,g;s,^ ( +),/@{[$1=~y| |*|r]}/, Run with the -p flag, like so: perl -pe 's,␉, ,g;s,^ ( +),/@{[$1=~y| |*|r]}/,' # ↑ └───────────────────┬───────────────────┘ # 1 byte 40 bytes Replace ␉ by a tab (in Bash, try typing Control-V Tab.)

I’d love feedback from people who actually know their Perl golfs!
@quartata one of each type up to three?
Oh, I see @primo is here~
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ They're from Dying Earth (great books by the way). They were stolen from it sometime around ADND I think
btw idk who starred that message, not that it's a bad message or anything
2:57 AM
@quartata Can you do me a favor? My challenge (link above), I just wanna check the examples are right and the inputs in the correct order, to not miss anything. I've already done this but I'm worried a bit. Could you help? Thanks!

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