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12:07 AM
So, I was thinking that I needed to change the commands in my programming language, to make them shorter...
not everything is not about golfing
if you're making a language, focus on making it good, not just making it short.
Well, quite obviously it's not about golfing
the commands are long
but they are WAY too long right now is my point
if the longest command manages to be this long, I'll be fine:
||| ||
||| ||
||| ||
||| ||
||| ||
but at the moment, the longest is like twice the length of that.
Why would you use ASCII-art to demonstrate how long your commands are?
because that is how the commands work...
Oh. What's the language?
12:17 AM
technically, I could cut off the |s, but I need characters when it's actually being used
it's going to be called typological or eloquently or something
typological is just to spite someone who corrected me when i said typological, and told me it was typographical
It's going to be more verbose than java, brainfuck and some other language combined!
I was thinking of using deadfishesque arithmetic...
Ahh, I have an idea...
wait, no i don't
Not sure why I'm doing this, but I'm too lazy to write something myself, so CMC: Think of a more dramatic but short way of saying "You dehydrate and die"
"You discover water is vital"
Right, forgot I'm asking a room full of programmers with addictions to dry humor
No pun intended
@quartata teehee
for a more verbose one
12:27 AM
It should be less than 80 characters. (Not to put a damper on your creativity just that it needs to fit in one You() line)
nah, never mind
> Your parched body collapses in the dust.
Lemme go through the macros really quick to see what the body part thingy for "body" was again
Yay, did I win the CMC?
12:30 AM
@quartata What does that mean? I don't get it
A: Print every printable ASCII character without using it

Destructible WatermelonDeadfish, 43 bytes, 85 DNP o #0 io #1 iio #2 iiio #3 iiso #4 iisio #5 iisiio #6 iiisddo #7 iiisdo #8 iiiso #9 Doesn't fit the definition of programming language, but this IS constant output...

I think the thing that's impressed me the most about Nethack's source so far is that it has this incredibly complicated internal body part system just so that sentences like Your hand feels funny can be Your claw feels funny or Your paw feels funny depending on what you're polymorphed into
nobody likes my deadfish answer ;_;
french question: I am looking at an -er verb, ending in y, but it's conjugated as a boot verb with the y replaced with i. Is this consistent with all -yer verbs?
12:31 AM
@Downgoat Is this a homework question? :P
Because there's 85 DNP @DestructibleWatermelon ._.
@DJMcMayhem nope. just studying for test
^^ Yeah, that's pretty boring.
@Downgoat Yes. There's a few other verb types whose stems change like that
@StevenH. but someone told me stupid answers got heaps of points...
12:32 AM
Your book probably covers them
Someone lied
@quartata ok thanks
It's only for je, tu, il, elle, ils, elles forms
If they're a) Hilarious b) FGITW or c) Technically valid but completely against the spirit of the challenge (and novel!)
A: Paint Starry Night, objectively, in 1kB of code

LegionMammal978Mathematica, score 14125.71 "a.png"~Export~ConstantImage[{75,91,110}/256,{386,320}] Simply saves this image: to a.png.

1040 points for blue canvas...
12:33 AM
That is simultaneously A, B, and C
@DestructibleWatermelon Actually he's gotten 1232 rep from it
that's a matter of opinion
That's 11% of his rep.
@quartata oh right, i forgot to check the split
@quartata Not after the repcap he hasn't
12:35 AM
@Doorknob Ooh, right.
One second lemme SEDE
Also, I tried to go downvote that but then I realized I already have.
Q: Scan dactylic hexameter in a unique puzzle

Wheat WizardAs a terrible Latin student for several years I have learned to hate many things about Latin. However there is one thing I love. Latin scansion. Latin scansion has many of rules. For this problem we will be using simplified subset of those rules (real Latin does not have a neat spec). Before...

Actually, Nethack just in general has way too much code dedicated to grammar and tense
makeplural, otense, ...
It's kinda strange and scary
I dare you to import Nethack in a solution @quartata
That would be pretty easy actually
#include"hack.h" gives me everything
Clearly they had that in mind
12:38 AM
It's not too many bytes either, which is nice
better to use ascii io (like bf), decimal io (like brainflak did), or both (like brainflak does)?
keep in mind, I'm trying to keep command length down
12:44 AM
How many commands do you have so far
@DestructibleWatermelon That is correct (although decimal is default)
question: what goes under .PHONY in a makefile?
fake data?
My favourite part about home spring is, that they obfuscated programming into rivers, then obfuscated rivers into poetry
Yo @NinjaBearMonkey!
@DestructibleWatermelon o/
1:01 AM
Kinda trying to figure out the best way to generate values...
^ overview of formal grammar and automata theory infographic I made :3
> Donald Knuth was
@Downgoat also, epic
@ConorO'Brien shit whoops
idc engugh to fix
@ConorO'Brien :D
:/ I wanna post a challenge but I'm tired and I don't have any ideas...
@DJMcMayhem challenge idea: in shortest byte possible fix wordpress so it doesn't bork
1:07 AM
@Downgoat just get out paint and cover it up
:O :D I fixed my blog!
@DJMcMayhem you should post an alphabet challenge ;)
@Downgoat English, 18 bytes: use something else
@Downgoat English, 2 bytes: no
I thought about making one for kenny, but I didn't get around to it in time...
1:11 AM
@Dennis Jekyll requires me to rebuild everytime I want to make blogpost tho
and idk if it has KaTeX and all
@ConorO'Brien wat
@ConorO'Brien 10/10, made me laugh. 0/10 N++
goto line in npp
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ @Doorknob Thirst is almost done. I'm also starting work on one of several new special level types -- this one is called a "snowflake" and it'll be fairly common
@DJMcMayhem ಠ_ಠ what do you use. Vim? hah
1:12 AM
CMC: Is it possible to interpret something without parsing it first?
How can one invite a user to a chat room? I don't to use any question or answer comments.
real programmers use n++ :P
@seshoumara If you click on their name there should be a button
@ConorO'Brien Do you have to ask? The editor I use is like 80% of all topics I talk about in here. Hahaha.... ._.
@ConorO'Brien ಠ_ಠ and vim do not belong to together in a non-negative sentence
@Downgoat they aren't in the same sentence... >_>
I like to program, not to program programs
1:14 AM
@ConorO'Brien isn't programming programs what programming is...
@ConorO'Brien Which is totally fine. I can't imagine ever using something else, but to each his own.
@DJMcMayhem 10/10. :D
@DestructibleWatermelon no. writing programs is what programming is
@DJMcMayhem I don't see any button. Are talkin about the name written here in the chat, but the point is that the user isn't.
@ConorO'Brien wat
you make no sense
@seshoumara Oh, I meant in chat. Not sure how to do that on main.
1:16 AM
@StevenH. it is possible, you can parse while running...
@StevenH. sure. I can put german into google translate without parsing it :P
in fact, a lot of programming languages can't be parsed
So from the site to invite to chat. If he doesn't appear in TNB then except comments there's no way to do an invite?
CMC: given an array, sum the cumulative sum. 1 2 3 => 10, 5 2 3 => 22, etc.
1:17 AM
wait no
@ConorO'Brien what
what even is the question...
Cumulative sum is 1 2 3 -> 1 3 6
oh, i get it now
@ConorO'Brien MATL, 3 bytes: Yss
Not Xs, that was wrong.
Pyth, 8 bytes, naive interpretation: s.u+NYQ0
Less naive: s*V_Sl
1:21 AM
@ConorO'Brien "Programming text" is a great analogy for vim, but once you feel comfortable in vim it kinda just... flows. It's almost impossible to convey how awesome it feels when you just move the text around without having to think about it.
Maybe that's true about mastering any workflow
(Although I certainly would not say I have mastered vim yet)
$ cat fixwordpress
#!/usr/bin/env sh
sudo systemctl restart mariadb.service
x=lambda y:sum(y)+x(y[:-1])if y else 0
I think that works.'
turning things on and off fixes it more times tha not
lemme test
wait, it doesn't like it
fixed i think
it works!
@DJMcMayhem I'm having enough trouble with french
I think I am responsible for the first stack-based functional programming language
1:26 AM
Pyth, 4 bytes: ss._
like, legit functional
@ConorO'Brien which one?
@DJMcMayhem tbh i have to think a lot when using vim on what combination of characters to use when doing stuff
not released yet. I called it n#
but once it works you feel good because you feel like string magician :)
1:27 AM
Do you have public documentation yet? even if it's not an interpreter
@ConorO'Brien Jelly 3 bytes: +\S
@StevenH. actually, I don't even have local documentation
I'm going to release this tomorrow
Tsk, tsk
@ConorO'Brien plz update document oration
@Maltysen I think it is updated
1:29 AM
@Downgoat That's fine. I still do at times, although less and less so. iirc you haven't been using vim as long as I have.
Right? How long have you been using vim?
Is it a golfing language or a standard esolang? Or is it a "real" programming language
@StevenH. it's golfy, but still a standard esolang
@DJMcMayhem I've been using it only knowing how to insert mode for like 6 months. I've been using vim like not a complete idiot for around two-three months I'd say
snowflake being rooms extending out from the center @quartata?
1:30 AM
@Downgoat OK. I've been using it for... uh 1.5-2.0 years? I don't remember exactly how long.
Sample code pl0x
@DJMcMayhem >_> that's longer than I've been programming
Haha. I've been programming for about 4 years.
I'm approaching around ~1.5 years IIRC >_>
1:32 AM
Maybe a little less than that. since I kinda started slowly it's hard to know exactly when I "started programming".
(unless you call HTML programming then it's a bit longer)
@StevenH. for n#?
I think I overestimated. I've probably only been coding for 3 years
It's hard to keep track of.
okay, btw starting on cheddarfiles. Should I make my own syntax or do you have a config file type you really like?
(I'm not using YAML or JSON)
@Downgoat key=value separated by newlines
1:37 AM
yeah. It'll be something like that
probably will need to be more complex tho
then do json
ew no
json is bulky and uck :P
it doesn't even allow traliling commas
@ConorO'Brien all keys need to have ""
@DestructibleWatermelon -1 byte: x=lambda y:y and sum(y)+x(y[:-1])or 0
1:40 AM
it's also unreadable without indentation which is difficult to do on command-line
which doesn't make it a good application for a config file
ok, trailing commas is a valid complaint
I'm also working on porting cheddar to C++ and JSON doesn't make sense with that
but indentation is necessary for any complex structure
@Downgoat and there's a format that "naturally" fits with C++?
JSON is like for JS though
1:41 AM
chirp chirp chirp
it's in Python and Ruby....
pretty quiet right now
JSON is, by far, the most widely accepted format
then XML, but I think I remember you saying that json is bulky
I thought you were using INIs?
1:43 AM
YAML is nice because its easy to read, but you were already complaining about making it easy to read
also, bonus for JSON: you'll have a library for converting to/from JSON. Every good language needs one of those
yep, Python has pickle, but json is still in the stdlib
My current project at work is gonna mix python and JSON, and I'm a little bit worried about how well that'll go... :/
oooh, JSON without braces, and uses indentation instead
that could work
@NathanMerrill that's what python did and now snek is disliked by goats around the globe :/
I asked the goat in my curry the other day about Python and he seemed OK with it
1:58 AM
@quartata ಠ_ಠ
@quartata :O you give your goat so much curry for food he was in it???
No, no.
Hey guys!
I wanna ask, is there an "ideal" amount of time a challenge stays in the sandbox for?
72 hours
2:08 AM
until it gets feedback :)
@quartata Well, I'm currently at around more than a day or so.
if its been a while (at least 24 hours), feel free to post it here
Another thing I've been working on: A complete in-browser VM with hardware passthrough for x64, i386, ARM and SuperH-4 using Google Chrome's PNaCl. Here's a short demo running TinyCore Linux.
@TheBitByte until it gets 1-3 upvotes at least. Though usually leave it for around 3 days and if it doesn't have a negative score or none addressed comments, then it's prboably good to go
(function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { "use strict";Object.defineProperty(exports,"__esModule",{value:true});var _typeof=typeof Symbol==="function"&&typeof Symbol.iterator==="symbol"?function(obj){return typeof obj}:function(obj){return obj&&typeof Symbol==="function"&&obj.constructor===Symbol?"symbol":typeof obj};var _createClass=function(){function defineProperties(target,props){for(var i=0;i<props.length;i++){var descriptor=props[i];descriptor.enumerable=descriptor.enumerable||false;descriptor.configurable=true
@Downgoat I had 2 upvotes, now I'm back at 0 because of some angry folks. (xnor I'm looking at you :D)
2:10 AM
this looks fun to debug...
Meta consensus is 3 days
Well, I hate waiting, but I hate writing bad challenges too.
There's this feeling always that your challenge is incomplete, you did something wrong there, even though to the naked eye it looks almost perfect.
@ConorO'Brien in node .readFile. It has too callback args, err and data. if there is an err, is data null?
oh, it returned undefiend
that works iguess
2:17 AM
A: The longest period iterating quine

LegionMammal978Mathematica, period 9999 ≈ 1010108.567841344 Print[StringJoin[ToString[#0, InputForm], "[", ToString[#1 - 1 /. 0 -> "9^9^9^9"], "]"]] & [9^9^9^9] The iterations replace the final 9^9^9^9 with the literal numbers 9999 - 1, 9999 - 2, 9999 - 3, ..., 3, 2, 1, and back to 9^9^9^9.

> 9999 ≈ 1010108.567841344
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ avocado meme is pretty old now :/
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Randall should do a WhatIf on that one. It would be cool.
@TheBitByte It's from What-If
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Oh. Link?
"How many fireflies would it take to match the brightness of the Sun?", this one, right?
Well, Ninjas aren't like what the movies show.

So being "ninja'd" is, whatever.
clean up on aisle eleven
@quartata I wish it was easier from mobile.
2:31 AM
@Dennis give me RO powers and I can do it ;3
I do wonder how the dreamified version of @ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ's would look like.
@Downgoat Also difficult from mobile. :P
*whistles nonchalantly*
@Downgoat Too late, already taken care of. Starman to the rescue!
(Kinda sounds like a super hero.)
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Uh, so much for my can't tell if you already did it punchline.
2:37 AM
@JonathanAllan does that work with zero values?
ima go to bed, night
CMC: Write a program that calculates the result of the infinite series "(1/1)+(1/2)+(1/3)+(1/4)+(1/5)+(1/6)..."
@DestructibleWatermelon, what do you mean? x([])=0
@TheBitByte why do you need a program?
oh wait, it would work, wouldn't it?
@TheBitByte Mathematica, 4 bytes: ∞&
2:40 AM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ No builtins.
(if it's falsy because zero, it still evaluates to zero i guess)
@TheBitByte Define "builtin"
So I guess it's actually slightly more efficient as well
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ The stuff that Mathematica always has a builtin for.
I just assumed this was one of them too.
@TheBitByte Erm... Mathematica, 27 bytes (ignore errors): Sum[1/x,{x,∞}]~Check~∞&
2:43 AM
So, İ? I'm assuming division by zero doesn't count as a built-in.
@DestructibleWatermelon - still not sure what you're asking
disappears in a puff of
it's slightly more efficient if it ends with multiple zeroes
@DestructibleWatermelon when y ends up as [] it evaluates the or and yields 0
I meant as in values that are zero
sorry for confusing
2:47 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon you mean like x([2,5,3,0,0,0])?
@JonathanAllan yup
> [WARNING: Do NOT use these gates in production quality domino computing. They are highly unstable and easily broken. Also, if you professionally make domino computers, please tell me where you work ]
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ So yeah, I don't have Mathematica installed. What does this print for you?
How can it give a result for the sum of an infinite series which diverges?
Um, that's the point?
@TheBitByte that's why I asked why you'd need a program...
do you mean calculate the sum of the first n terms?
2:53 AM
@JonathanAllan No, I mean the entire series.
@TheBitByte I'm confused.
@JonathanAllan Brush up your maths haha.
@TheBitByte no he knows its inifinity. I'm wondering the same things he is, why you need a program for this
@TheBitByte Well you could just explain it rather than "talking down"
@Maltysen What do you mean by "need a program"?
2:56 AM
The answer is infinity...
@JonathanAllan That's not the point. Where's your code?
hence why my instant reaction was "why do you need a program?"
I don't need any :p
@JonathanAllan You could use that logic on all challenges.
by that logic, you could argue we don't need computers
2:57 AM
@TheBitByte no? if it was like first n terms of harmonic, then you would need a program
@Maltysen By his logic, for example, in the 99 bottles challenge, he could just type it out and say you don't need code.
@TheBitByte but you're just asking for code that outputs nan
@TheBitByte you could. It's a terrible answer, and debatably "not competitive", but still a valid program
@JonathanAllan I'm asking for code that outputs infinity, not NaN.
most languages don't have the concept
2:58 AM
That's kind of the point.
and we're back to square 1
ok trolololol
@TheBitByte that's the normally the thing for questions with constant outputs, but for 99 bottles you have the idea of kolomogrov-complexity. it doesn't really apply here with "print ∞"

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