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Disambiguation is word-sense disambiguation, the process of identifying which meaning of a word is used in context. Disambiguation may also refer to: Sentence boundary disambiguation, the problem in natural language processing of deciding where sentences begin and end Memory disambiguation, a set of microprocessor execution techniques == Music == Ø (Disambiguation), a 2010 album by Underoath Disambiguation (Pandelis Karayorgis album), a 2002 album by Pandelis Karayorgis and Mat Maneri == See also == Ambiguity, an attribute of any concept, idea, statement or claim whose meaning, intentio...
12:37 AM
I'm trying to work out if something is an SR or SU question ._.
I'm trying to work out a way to switch within a subset of my audio devices with a hot key
@Boris_yo better to use alcohol indeed. a q-tip (cotton ear swab) might clean that stuff without anything else.
@JourneymanGeek There's already an SU Q on that.
iirc AHK answer
uhm. ok, that was my AHK answer
tbh I don't particularly like it
but the other answers are good :P
I generally don't kill spiders unless they're particularly intrusive.
12:53 AM
will take a look
If I could be bothered I might be able to use the macro keys + synapse + nircmd to do it
I think there is a little bit more to that article they left out :-)
spiders are cute!
Dont feed the ones in the house, screens and not leaving doors open, putting outdoor lighting on motion sencors.
we have the famed black widows here, less is bette.r
i don't actively feed them
i assume them help themselves to flies and other bugs that i don't want to eat
To me, spiders serve a very valuable function.
(sorry, phone is low on RAM and SoC is heavily throttled)
1:08 AM
Don't store stuff on the roof of your domicile? Where the heck is that?
@Bob ah hah. Created a few batch files calling nircmd and toggled those with synapse.
Its ugly and unmaintainable, but shrug Its one machine, and I will probably wonder how I did this in a few months
@Psycogeek looks like south america
"How one can procedurally get in direct contact with a supervisor to ask for an investigation and perceived danger is suspected" do I need to worry because a user feels a perceived danger?
a danger about what?
I have no idea.
But I don't want some random person getting my information because the sue me in some third-world country.
1:18 AM
ask them to log a ticket and you'll get to them ASAP ;)
because they feel a perceived danger.
@JourneymanGeek knows about the meta question
if I need to move this to another room I can
or I can in a little while on my phone currently
@Ramhound TBH, it really feels like OP just wants attention
oh! this is a SU issue
Don't worry about it
i thought you were talking about something irl
1:20 AM
The best thing you can do now is ignore the OP
i once had a ticket "there are some empty boxes in the main office, can you move them?"
is it ok if i just go ahead and nuke the konica tag?
or is there a proceedure i need to go through?
ask a question on meta
but if its used once or twice, meh
A: Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

BurgiWhile going through the google questions I came across one with a konica. Konica are a manufacturer of printers, scanners, etc. (I think they have a heavy industry division as well). There are only a few (about 6) questions using this so I will run through them quickly and remove it.

1:23 AM
Oh I am ignoring it. But when I read perceived danager, that worries me, like I said don't want this made up issue (I am not following this user around, nor stalking him, nor doing anything specifically to that user). I wasn't worried with the original title now I am, sounds like I should contact a CM, and keep a paper trail ;$
I was actually hoping a CM would get to me on this
But yeah
since this person seems intent on escalating this, contacting a CM would be a good idea
is there any point to the "laser" tag?
However I advice against engaging this person directly in comments or otherwise
1:41 AM
w00t! my first wiki tag!
do you really get +4 rep for wiki tags?
nooo idea
s/wiki tag/tag wiki/
Q: Pew Pew the Laser Tag

BurgiWhile working my way through the manufacturer tag clean up list I came across the tag laser. It has no description and the questions listed all appear to refer to laser-printer. Am I ok to remove this tag or would a tag synonym be more appropriate?

2:18 AM
Why do we have a chinese tag?
kinda feels in between "needs a tag wiki" and "is crap"
"chinese is a language spoken in China[citation needed]"
I'd definately suggest metaing "Take away the chinese tag" ;p
lol ok i will in a sec
i have a couple of google ones left
Always-on BLE for continuous photo transfer to your phone. That's new.
Never expected anyone to use BLE for continuous streaming of large amounts of data, but BLE is bloody efficient, requiring mere milliwatts.
I've honestly never seen anyone do OBEX over BLE.
2:39 AM
Q: Take away the chinese tag

BurgiWhile working on Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again I have come across the tag chinese. There are quite a few questions on there of varying quality. What is it for, why do we have tags specifically for human languages? Similarly I have found the following language tags: spanish germa...

as requested!
Hindsight is 20/20, but continuously streaming photos in the background from camera to phone without interrupting shooting is really, really useful.
lol @ "blah"
@bwDraco I've been through 4-5 iterations of DIY stands
Oh, okay.
2:44 AM
@bwDraco I bought a headset, so I have 2 pairs of daily driver headphones. My current setup lets me hang one, but having both of them handy would be nice
My Pistons have seen quite a bit of abuse without any issues except the ear tips constantly falling out.
I bought two pairs but never had to open the second package :\
ok i have found one legitimate use of the laser tag...
Q: Coreldraw importing from autocad incorrectly

birdman3131Ok I have an odd issue. We use coreldraw to print to our laser cutter. (X3 usually but this happens in X5 as well). You can see the issue in the photos below. In autocad the squares are equidistant from the outer perimiter however after importing into corel the ones on the top are closer than the...

That's too specialized. Remove the tag anyway.
Oh, this is for the gaming headset and for the proper headphones
Not an online gamer so I don't really need a gaming headset (my first choice would probably be Sennheiser if I had to choose).
I just plug the Pistons into my laptop.
2:56 AM
Back to the "camera to phone/tablet" transfer discussion: My compact camera lets me use NFC to quickly connect the two over Wi-Fi and transfer data using the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app. It's rather unwieldy, though.
My DSLR has no built-in wireless functionality. Any wireless capabilities are relegated to a memory card in slot two, either a purpose-made FluCard (which was supplied with my camera as a promo) or an Eye-Fi card. Neither of these cards deliver the sort of performance needed for heavy continuous shooting.
In practice, I'm more likely to use my old Kingston MobileLite Wireless mobile media reader (the original MLW221), which is painfully slow.
@JourneymanGeek ricoh-pentax.com.sg/camera/dslrs/… (link tailored to your country)
@dave you might need to update your answer recommending iffy sites: superuser.com/a/470850/393570
Post a comment to the answer. Dave doesn't frequent RA and can't be pinged this way.
he was here earlier wasn't he?
I'm really tempted to get DOOM but 1) the rather short single-player campaign is hard to justify at $60 and 2) my laptop is barely able to run it.
it was 50% off last week because quakecon was on
3:11 AM
Oh well.
thats when i bought it
Minimum requirements declare a GTX 670 (1344 CUDA cores in 7 of 8 SMXs on Kepler GK104 @ 915-980 MHz; 2 GB GDDR5 @ 6 Gbps on 256-bit bus).
My laptop has a GTX 780M (1536 CUDA cores in 8 of 8 SMXs on Kepler GK104 @ 771-849 MHz; 4 GB GDDR5 @ 5 Gbps on 256-bit bus). That falls just short of the desktop GTX 670 but can be made to match with a modest overclock (but throttling is likely to be unavoidable due to overheating).
The game will run but very marginally. Since DOOM is designed to be played at constant high frame rates, settings may have to be turned down to minimums for playability at 1080p. 40-50 fps will not cut it.
This is putting more pressure on me than ever before to upgrade again. As if less than three years is acceptable service life for a gaming laptop...
no such thing as a gaming laptop :(
I expected contemporary premium games to remain playable (stable 40+ fps) at 1080p medium settings three years down the line and this is clearly not going to be the case
3:26 AM
what were those boxes you used to attach parallel printers to the network called?
My old laptop was replaced after it had trouble running games at medium settings at 1366x768 due to the extremely old and underpowered GPU (overclocking helped but did not make a huge difference).
@Burgi JetDirect?
thats it
Productive day
headphone hanger MK II built. Got a thing set up to switch between audio sources (and announce which source is in use before switching...)
Mobility Radeon HD 5650: 400 stream cores in 5 of 5 SIMD engines on TeraScale 2 RV830 @ 500 MHz; 1 GB DDR3 (!) @ 1.6 Gbps (800 MHz) on 128-bit bus.
That's how old that laptop is.
my eyes are bleeding
3:37 AM
That GPU was constantly starved of memory bandwidth and had very little memory overclocking headroom.
flag it as "unclear"
ok a bit of NMS before sleep
At least throttling was never an issue due to the chip's low TDP, even when overclocked.
My current laptop is far worse under load.
Oy vey.
Now we have laptops that can truly match high-end desktops thanks to a combination of dramatically improved performance and greatly reduced power consumption.
Well, buying this laptop near the end of the Kepler era did not help.
@bwDraco that's one reason I don't game on laptops
I thoroughly underestimated the improvements Maxwell brought:
never mind: GTX 900 series was not yet out. Maxwell was limited to the GM107 (640 CUDA cores in 5 SMMs) and mobile Kepler cards only got a small boost.
I guess I didn't quite buy at the very end of the Kepler generation, but I had thoroughly underestimated the advances NVIDIA was making.
!! s/500 MHz/550 MHz/
3:54 AM
@bwDraco Mobility Radeon HD 5650: 400 stream cores in 5 of 5 SIMD engines on TeraScale 2 RV830 @ 550 MHz; 1 GB DDR3 (!) @ 1.6 Gbps (800 MHz) on 128-bit bus. (source)
Jul 27 '13 at 18:14, by DragonLord
Mobility Radeon HD 5650, stock 550 MHz shader 800 MHz memory
4:07 AM
4:22 AM
arf ternoon
@JourneymanGeek Ah, eyebrow-guy! :P
@Bob he dosen't shock himself in this one!
@JourneymanGeek No boom? :(
No boom today, Boom tommorrow. Always boom tommorrow.
he he
5:34 AM
@bwDraco Burgioalready set it. There is not gaminglaptop (yet). You can have a semi portable gaming desktop. But a laptop (like a device you can actually put on your laptop where it will be comformtably cool) and gaming do not match yet.
Eloquent javascript in the joy of coding bundle on humble.
The title alone makes me want to buy it.
5:50 AM
@burgi: I ran into quite a few lasers lately. GLad they are gone. :)
6:12 AM
oh yea, that's right, delete the one question I was (capable of) answering this week, but only after writing half a page.
@Psycogeek The issue is that tip is already at the size of recess and cotton makes it bigger even. Do I have to take it off and split the wood in half and then wrap with cotton again?
If i wanted to be shot down before finishing, I would have a girlfriend. :-)
@Boris_yo yea probably to big for that, but the idea is, the cotten would squish down on in there.
I think thier idea of a brush of some kind is good.
@Psycogeek Not toothbrush though?
I think thier idea of water, is not so smart, knowing stuff will capilary into places where it shouldnt be.
@Boris_yo a brush is a brush. I will show you some day how you can clean your teeth with a toilet brush :-) They just vary in size and strength of bristles.
@Psycogeek The earphones are for swimming anyway. That's why they mention water.
6:20 AM
@Psycogeek This link does not display images inside in Chrome. Same with Opera but whern I set "Opera Turbo" they display.
Seems DNS issue on my end?
I still use Opera 11.64 because users said last time it's better than newer versions.
the picture is not housed on the same site as the text of the web page. could be some browser is being very secure. Not allowing content to just come from anyfreaking where. cause that is how people can get crap.
in IE, there is some switches in the advanced stuff, of that type, for prompting or dissallowing such activity.
Todays web pages are bloody messes with crap everywhere, comming from everywhere. Sooo, so much for any security , and still having function and feature.
@Boris_yo But back to the problem, the earphones no longer connect and charge? How old are they, it is likely that the battery in there (tiny little thing) needs a replace, and that is the problem your actually having. Had the same problem with a Jawbone that uses much the same style of connection. it was connected, but the battery is so old and dead, it will not charge again without fixing something.
6:51 AM
Frequent disconnections. LED lights on and lights off and I hear Windows' Safety Hardware Removal sound goes on and off. LED stays off for a while and then suddenly turns on. That's where I see chcarge update from 50% to 77% or 99% if it happens to complete charging.

In addition to above, sometimes I get Hardware Not Recognized until suddenly it is recognized and battery completes charging.
@Boris_yo ok well that sounds most like a poor connection indeed.
7:19 AM
@Hennes that said the macbooks are pretty decent
@Burgi er. Not really
Just that they're focused on hipsters specific sorts of users. They make no illusions of being gaming laptops
Hardware wise mac is not bad. Not sure if an equally prices Dell is better or worse.
(or any other non-mac brand)
@JourneymanGeek i think they can certainly hold their own, especially over time
@Burgi I have a mildly upgraded, thinkpad from 07 still in active use ;p
so, thinkpads for longivity.
agreed but not gaming
7:34 AM
I don't see macs as a (mainstream) gaming platform
both steam and gog are available on OSX and macOS...
7:58 AM
@BenN you mentioned something about data.SE for finding obsolete tags in the first post queue. Can you elaborate?
@Burgi We're talking hardware tho
My current gaming system can be upgraded gradually.
A mac can't
8:14 AM
8:24 AM
Why is it that when you copy a string from pgAdmin, it is wrapped in ", but when you have a string in a SQL query, it has to be wrapped in '?
It's a rhetorical question :P
The answer is "Fuck you, that's why!"
8:39 AM
A: How to get assigned IPs by hostednetwork?

C TaylorGiovanni Mounir I was wondering who the pathetic piece of bs hacked my network to copy "INFO" as you put it and glad to finally call you out. Not cool

This fits every flag reason (except spam). I went for rude/abusive in the end.
@DavidPostill That seems most fitting.
@DavidPostill damnit. I don't know what mod message to send.
@JourneymanGeek Just nuke the account :)
I did the usual troll (tm) check
9:12 AM
Ah. Good idea.
9:54 AM
Right that's properly overengineered
Turns out you can rename devices in sound manager so I've given my 3 usual devices distinctive names. Then I've created a batch file that 1. Announces the device I've set as default on the main speakers 2. Sets it as default 3. Instahides the window (all from nircmd)
It does steal focus if I do it in a fill screen game but I can live with that
10:14 AM
Cross site spammer. This user superuser.com/users/631226/graphic-treasury is spamming the same identical answer across multiple sites.
10:33 AM
Q: How to change default sound playback device programatically?

AshishHow to change the default default audio device for playback and recording in vista programatically ? Is there any registry setting for it like sound manager in window XP? Which API does it?

@JourneymanGeek ^
@Bob I already have nircmd installed ;p
I can't remember why
@JourneymanGeek At the very least, you can read the current name without stealing focus, via documented APIs.
Writing, on the other hand... undocumented.
@Bob the stealing focus is not that important
and I'm a nitwit
actually no, I'm not
synapse dosen't let you launch a program without actually directly pointing at it.
oh, if it's just cause cmd then it's trivial to get around
having to use a batch file is manky
10:44 AM
then don't :P
C#, System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
rewrite my batch files in C# ....
eh, easy enough :P
heck, if you really wanted you could have .NET launch a cmd window without stealing focus
@JourneymanGeek if you want something more specific, you're gonna have to provide what you currently have...
and Bob will fill it for ya
11:01 AM
Currently using this nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html
each 'macro' that synapse fires off is a batch file
@JourneymanGeek ...I meant the specific contents
nircmd.exe win hide ititle "cmd.exe"
nircmd speak text "Audio Set to Speakers"
nircmd setdefaultsounddevice "Speakers" 1
First line 'hides' the remaining bits. Second line reads out what's there. Third one changes the device. You can substitute "speakers" with "Fastrack" and "Man O War" for the other two batch files.
actually, gotta nip off for an hour
no rush. I'm not even sure this is a major annoyance
11:39 AM
gluten free, low sodium, bio degradable, non-GMO, 100% fat free high fructose corn syrup...
(blam, semi random thing I got offers after mentioning that I was going AFk to drink some gluten free water)
"high fructose corn syrup" - You monster... ;p
11:54 AM
@Hennes What exactly is "gluten free water"? AFAIK there is no gluten in tap or bottled water ...
@DavidPostill that's the joke
@JourneymanGeek Hmm. I suppose this is a joke :)
You can buy gluten free water ...
or DHMO free water...
11:59 AM
The Shocking Truth Behind Clara Gluten-Free Water - a nice rant from "The Angry Chef" (Exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food.) ;p
@DavidPostill joke turned into a product , such more, so love, much stupid
I still have to question my sanity, because either the world is insane or I am, it IS one of us.
"Even more annoying is the tendency of manufacturers make disingenuous claims about the gluten-free nature of products that have no reason to contain gluten anyway.

They are insinuating non-existent health benefits, looking to add value to a product by simply confusing the consumer.

Clara Gluten-Free Water, is the ultimate expression of this exploitative trend. It is the exact sort of vile pseudoscientific bullshit that I created Angry Chef to rail against. All water is gluten-free. Tap water is gluten-free. This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to exploit consumer fear and misconce
Hahaha. And of course it turns out to be a hoax ...
Weird AF.
If I don't have a drive with the letter I:, all my drives after the letter I: disappear from Explorer
If I rename Y: to I:, then everything shows up fine
12:29 PM
poor thing, if a drive was corrupt or microsoft was horribly confused it will sit there waiting for things to get better. In other words it was not designed to quickly time out.
what if it has nothing to do with your rename, just that the disk is acting better now.
12:50 PM
There wasn't any timeout, it showed immediately. No delays, just disappearing disks (Heck, most of them were network drives)
1:12 PM
@DavidPostill It is the enhenced version of diet water.
We are from a professional elevator company, but usually these displays are outsourced and they come with windows xp embedded software's where thes suppliers are usually from China. The support from them is not possible, and haven't been receiving any support at all. — Sanju Rk 54 mins ago
the elevator company doesn't know how to fix their elevators....
@Burgi tempted to ask what elevator company and building
So I can stay the hell away
or take the stairs
BSOD in your lift...
My name looks so stupid in comments on SU
Woof. You should use dd, not some silly CD authoring tool. Or R-Studio, the free demo version will clone disks just fine. — Dog 45 secs ago
For the record, code:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace RunCommands
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var exePath = Process.GetCurrentProcess().MainModule.FileName;
            var cmdsPath = exePath + ".cmds";

            if (!File.Exists(cmdsPath))
(yea, it's fancier and more complex than strictly necessary... I was bored :P)
1:27 PM
Urgh, taking over 45 minutes to du on my zfs/home directory. Which I haven't even accessed for a year, and is only 30GB
@JourneymanGeek nircmd is awesome!
1:56 PM
2:17 PM
lol! our client has asked for a database of every single school in the country
the government doesn't even have that data
there is only a list for schools in england
partially for wales
and no data at all for scotland and NI
@Burgi good luck with that ;-)
@Burgi How hard did you look?
School contact details as at September 2015 including school roll, FTE numbers of teachers and denomination.
an excel database for information of all post-primary schools in Northern Ireland
@Burgi I think you should hire @DavidPostill... ;P
@Rahul2001 I think he's actually trying to become more presidential: blog.dilbert.com/post/149034022801/trumps-foreign-policy-speech
Includes Schools, Colleges and Universities both State and Independent.
Approx records – UK 31,900 England 25,600 Wales 1,800 Scotland 3,000 Northern Ireland 1,200
Sold on a one year licence
Supplied in excel format
Data to include establishment type, full address details, telephone and fax number, generic email and web address and the head name of each establishment, school number, boarding, nursery, funding, denomination, diocese, special needs, population, gender and age range.
> That would seem absurd in any other context. But keep in mind that we voters believe we can assess foreign policy ideas by listening to biased liars talk on television. So the entire situation is ridiculous, but we play along.
@Burgi If you put together a list of tags that should go, you can query data.stackexchange.com for pending first post review items where the post has one or more of those tags
Here's a starting point: select * from reviewtasks where reviewtaskstateid = 1 and reviewtasktypeid = 4
@DavidPostill your google fu is better than mine...
that said, we'd have to host the DB
and it is expensive
2:47 PM
@Burgi Hmmph. I don't think UKP 895 is expensive :)
you don't have our client... :-|
@Burgi Typing "database schools in uk" into google doesn't take much fu at all ...
uk school API
is what i went with
@Burgi I see what you mean. That is very low fu.
Hello! I have some questions.
My laptop is not powerful enough to play HEVC 1080p videos. It plays 1080p fine, but not the HEVC.
2:51 PM
@4-K Hello.
@4-K Buy a new laptop :)
But my friend says that if I get a good quality monitor, I can play the 1080p HEVC file completely fine. Is that true?
@DavidPostill If that were the case, I wouldn't be here
@4-K No, you need a faster laptop
I would be surprised if the monitor changed anything
2:53 PM
Monitor has nothing to do with decoding HEVC
I'm pretty sure the problem is that decoding that format is the straw that breaks the camel's back - you need a better CPU/GPU (depending on whether it's hardware accelerated)
You need Kaby Lake
Another question, last one. Are gaming Laptops better than Gaming Desktop(if the specs are same, like 100%)?
And you cannot get the same specs, like 100%
If the specs are exactly the same, then it's all personal preference :)
2:54 PM
thanks @Dog @BenN
@BenN Even if the *specs" are the same the components won't be, plus cooling...
Ah yes, cooling would be a challenge
Ok, that wasn't the last one
@4-K Regardless. It's the correct answer to your question.
2:56 PM
You could conceivably work around it by transcoding such video files before attempting to view them
@DavidPostill Hmm
@BenN Again, CPU not powerful enough to re-encode
My DVD drive's light is always on. It opens randomly. What's the case?
@DavidPostill lol
Not on the fly, but you could wait for the entire process to be completed before viewing it
@Burgi Nice, but if it is not implemented (yet) ...
My DVD drive's light is always on. It opens randomly. What's the case?
2:58 PM
@4-K we saw your message the first time...
@4-K LOL sounds like 1990s trojan horses/malware that were used to just mess with you :p
@Oldskool yeah, it's a mess. Reads DVD sometimes, opens randomly, light always on. Makes weird noises sometimes, whatnot
And it's likely that some software is messing with your drive, or the eject button is stuck...
@Rahul2001 sorry
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