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8:00 PM
OpenSTV version 1.7 (http://www.OpenSTV.org/)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50. Please go to
http://www.OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available. Please go to
http://www.openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file res.blt.
Ballot file contains 6 candidates and 809 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 809 non-empty ballots.

Counting votes for Arqade Moderator Election 2016 using Meek STV.
that was the most disappointing STV voting round
8:00 PM
In one round
dammit voters, what have you done?
Nice, followed my vote
Turtle avatar or GTFO
Wow. No elimination rounds at all?
8:00 PM
I'll do that rightr now
Also yay, I get to be able to change my profile image
@Wipqozn Use the swoosh one!
3rd place: @Unionhawk
but seriously thanks for voting for me guys, I won't disappoint you
8:01 PM
@robotnik beat @Wipqozn by a single vote
@Ronan Just for you, I will
Once I find it
@Wipqozn You already have >:(
@Wipqozn Yay!
@Wipqozn wait
8:01 PM
Congrats to the winners!
@Wipqozn and @Robotnik: Soon, you'll get a mod menu. First thing you need to do is accept the mod agreement. Once you do that, mod wonderland unlocks.
@ardaozkal i wouldn't take avatar advice from someone who has changed their avatar 400 times in the last 3 days
@fredley Excellent.
Now I need to fidn that he man gif
I'll never refresh chat so that @Wipqozn never turns blue
@GodEmperorDune hey I had a good reason
8:02 PM
@ardaozkal the first set of changes, yes
the pony ones, no
@Sterno he will never turn blue for me. he will turn orange instead
@Sterno I'm pretty sure I could just mod abuse you (aka kick you from the room)
You could, but will you? WILL YOU?
There, changed. Just need to wait for cache to kick in.
8:04 PM
@Sterno Probably not
@wip banned from mod day 1, record setting incompetence
@StrixVaria what about FEI?
@StrixVaria At least I'd go out with abang
Actually no he's cool.
C'mon, cache
@AshleyNunn Ooh, what kind?
8:05 PM
So am I reading that right and the top 2 were 1 vote apart?
Also, I finished up my delicious Mexican gummies the other day and I am sad now
@Sterno Yes.
@Sterno yes, you are reading correctly.
@Ronan :)
8:05 PM
@Wipqozn YOU LIED TO ME!
@SaintWacko Lots of green stuff. Lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, green onions, bok choy, some other stuff I've not identified yet
@Ronan If you can find the image for me I will switch to it
I used to do almost nothing, and now it will do literally nothing
@-moz-document domain("chat.stackexchange.com") {
.monologue.user-12152 .username a{
color:#ffffff !important;
8:06 PM
@Wipqozn what the fuck is this
@Wipqozn Shit it's on my old laptop probably.
user image
@Wipqozn this is unacceptable
Okay time to kill some flags
I did find these though:
8:09 PM
@Wipqozn This offends me. I'm a 90's kid and you're appropriating my culture
@Wipqozn oh no
the horror is already begun
election winner these days
back in my days I had to wait 8 hours to get my diamond
@badp Ha, called it
@badp Up hill. Both ways.
8:10 PM
In the snow.
@Robotnik get over here and celebrate
@Unionhawk mighty close too
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file res.blt.
Ballot file contains 6 candidates and 809 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 809 non-empty ballots.

Counting votes for Arqade Moderator Election 2016 using Meek STV.
that said with a 20% greater margin than @Robotnik's
@ardaozkal He's asleep, seeing as he's in Australia.
@StrixVaria he was online on steam last hour
@badp who got more votes? John or Dragonrage?
8:13 PM
@ardaozkal john
i got 43, john 51, fluttersy 50, uni 62, wipqozn 301, robotnik 302
Wow at the number of first votes for @Robotnik and @Wipqozn

Proposed Q&A site for people who are creating, or is interested in robots. You can share hacks (e.g. creating robots with old electronic, toys, etc.) ,or view and try hacks

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for discussing books, especially thematic discussions with personal critiques and/or analyses of specific elements of books. Focusing on novels.

Currently in definition.

@Unionhawk tough luck @Unionhawk, maybe on next elections
@Dragonrage that's first choices only
if you rerun the STV mutlple times, withdrawing the winners you get @Robotnik, @Wipqozn, @Unionhawk, @Fluttershy, @john, @Dragonrage
basically candidate score order
I mean, 2 candidates only had to run one round
8:17 PM
that's not how it works I think
what I usually do is increase the number of winners instead
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Robotniks?
@badp hmm let me see if that makes a differences
@GodEmperorDune not in this case I think
nope, no difference in the order
@badp good to know for next time
I don't think it matters in this case only because it only had to run one round
8:19 PM
there is a slight difference because votes for winners get fractioned differently than just "okay let's now pretend they didn't run at all"
@badp i stand corrected
I see
that said it's probably unlikely to matter
Q: 2016 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonArqade's fifth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 2 new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! For details on how the ...

@ardaozkal I can't be mad, we elected two fantastic new mods. That's all that really matters.
8:20 PM
considered that 3rd-4th were pretty close
and yet the order was correct
And I just got a famous question badge as a consolation prize
@Unionhawk not really, no. We got wipqozn elected.
My votes, by the way, were in exactly same order as STV results
Incidentally, I predicted correctly that the results would go in reverse order of my ballot, so that's pretty cool
@ardaozkal so the expected winners won, are you going back to a non-pony avatar?
8:21 PM
@GodEmperorDune yes
Spike isn't a pony
@murgatroid99 pls
@Unionhawk you were my number 2 if that's any consolation
@ardaozkal Do I get a prize for the same 1st and 2nd?
@GodEmperorDune That's a rude thing to call him
8:23 PM
@Waterseas yes
@fredley what can i say, i'm a rude person
@Waterseas Do you have steam open?
Open the activation dialog
anyway, i am claiming to be the swing vote that made @Robotnik win over @Wipqozn
I do not o.o
Also helps I don't know what the activation dialog is XD
8:25 PM
@GodEmperorDune Nah, someone who's a mod on another site got enough rep by edit-scumming and cast that particular vote
That also seems likely
I mean what
Who said that
@fredley my headcanon remains intact and will not be disturbed by diamond meat
@GodEmperorDune I mean, you're also not wrong
at least I'm not a pony anymore
8:29 PM
Congrats to @Wipqozn and @Robotnik!
@ardaozkal Ohhhhh, that's what you mean
@GraceNote THanks!
Can a mod do the refresh thing again?
@Ronan Going with shades. The robot brings up too many memories.
@GraceNote has there ever been an election where all mods are chosen in the first round?
@Wipqozn RIP @orgyrambo
8:31 PM
I also found this.
@GodEmperorDune I was just asking internally about it. We've had multiple instances with at least one candidate well past threshold on the first round, but none where I can think that every seat was filled with more than one seat to check.
@Wipqozn I could draw you a new one maybe.
@GodEmperorDune ofc @GnomeSlice started it
@Ronan do you still have my campaign poster?
@Dragonrage I was just your avatar with the word DELICIOUS underneath, but yes.
8:32 PM
@Ronan I just messaged you on steam about that haha. If you wanted to make me some kind of mod turtle I'd use it.
i assume the word came from my profile description?
Also I've never recieved so many pings in such a short time when I'm not sleeping
@Wipqozn turtle with a diamond back
i'll need to save the poster for next time i run
@GodEmperorDune This
8:33 PM
@Wipqozn I'm not sure what I'd draw and I've really rusty with digital art right now.
@Wipqozn Definitely needs more
@Wipqozn needs a diamond turtle
Hey @Wipqozn can you modabuse me the thing fredley or ashley did so that my picture updates?
@Dragonrage Based on yes.
also I guess it's time for an ownership cleanup. for a while we'll run low with them italics considered that we now technically have 24h mod coverage
8:33 PM
@ardaozkal No
@SaintWacko cc @Ronan
badp has removed Sterno from the list of this room's owners.
badp has removed Ronan from the list of this room's owners.
badp has removed Yuuki from the list of this room's owners.
@StackExchange wat?
8:34 PM
Can you not?
wtb room owner
can you read
1 min ago, by GodEmperorDune
@Wipqozn turtle with a diamond back
I guess @Unionhawk gets to stay since he came 3rd
@GodEmperorDune That's all colouring and shading though and I'm really not that skilled.
8:34 PM
@yuuki has owner specifically to pin movie night stuff
new mods are in office for half an hour and already the sparks are flying
@StrixVaria that'll be in a while
@ardaozkal To my no? Because sorry, but I'm not comfortable doing something like that right out of the gate.
@Ronan i was thinking make it blue and sparkly
@badp @StrixVaria can you do the thing ashley or fredley did before to refresh my profile picture?
For some reason switching sites doesn't work
8:35 PM
Ok whatever, I'm unaffected and that's what matters
@GodEmperorDune Art isn't that simple. Unless you're @badp.
@Wipqozn no, I meant RO removal
@ardaozkal no.
I'm on mobile atm though
thanks anyways
@Ronan you're right, we need to leave this to the experts
8:36 PM
ART is not simple
@badp Getting you back for de-ownering me.
@ardaozkal I would do it but I don't know what it is that I would do
@Ronan Mod abuse is a ART
@badp I'll just have to suggest you remove that pin saying the election is about to finish then.
I'll do you one more and remove a second pin
8:41 PM
@Ronan or at least change it to a friday link
for the price of one
that's a 100% extra value
everything aside, how is my art?
I'll change the part in middle, the logos and counts will pretty much stay
were winners announced?
@GnomeSlice wip and rob
Called it
8:46 PM
can you help with my terrible art above?
Change the color of the M
Provably not
First M
@ardaozkal lgtm
8:47 PM
@Waterseas not my choice
that is logo of MM
@Waterseas that's what the actual logo is -- mariomarathon.com
It hurts
So should I post it?
8:49 PM
user image
@ardaozkal I'd change some of those fonts.
@SaintWacko make it all diamond
@SaintWacko Make it fit in a square
@Ronan I'm terrible at font picking
@SaintWacko make it seven red lines, all perpendicular, some drawn in blue ink, some in transparent ink
8:50 PM
damn i used up all my stars today
@badp that was a great video
@GodEmperorDune same
on both here and on second monitor
And with that, @Wipqozn was taken away to the secret mod chamber, never to be seen or heard of again
@fredley There
@SaintWacko poifect
8:53 PM
@fredley *became a script
@fredley RIP @Wipqozn, replaced with another sock puppet of @AshleyNunn
@SaintWacko @Wipqozn do eeeeeeeeeeeeet
@fredley There's just so many messages. So much to do.
@Wipqozn Such as changing your avatar!
@SaintWacko Doing it up
8:53 PM
@Wipqozn Remember, this was your choice :P
Q: Is there a way to(using commands) make an item that has extra armor or armor toughness?

Brandon RankinI wanted to make a pair of Elytra wings that you could get on my private server after going to a specific point that unlike all other elytra would actually give you armor points(which show up above your hearts) just like any armor piece. I have seen this done with other armor just not the command...

Q: Can I some of the strange attributes from a strange cosmetic?

RikerWI have a strange haunted Templar's Spirit that I like, but it has pre-existing strange attributes. They are carnival kills, carnival game wins, and carnival underworld game kills. But I can't access them anymore (iirc) because that promotion is over. I want to replace these strange parts with s...

congrats @AshleyNunn on your two new assimilations
@SaintWacko Mind if I vectorise this?
Also happy birthday! No wait... happy mod-day!
@fredley I was actually just about to do that
8:54 PM
@SaintWacko haha
That was just a quick and dirty edit in Paint
Just opened up Inkscape
There. Just need to wait for caching.
@fredley I regret everything
okay I'm done fiddling ownerships for a while I guess
more fiddlings will happen without warning
I mean, it's not like mods need room ownership
8:56 PM
well shenanigans may happen that make mods require room ownerships
So, given that it doesn't matter, we can resume the constant disownering and reownering of @Wipqozn :D
yay new picture
@KevinvanderVelden @badps concern is if mods ever lost their diamonds in chat for some reason. It's happened before, but not for long.
@Wipqozn oh yeah that was a thing wasn't it
I come back and @Wipqozn hasn't burned down the site yet so that's good
8:57 PM
@Wipqozn congrats!
@TimStone ._. maybe I shouldn't have voted for him. /s
@TimStone he hasn't yet figured out the right button, turtles aren't known for being fast
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Thanks!
@TimStone Give me time
I starred for you.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ thanks
8:59 PM
more stars
@Wipqozn new avatar looks good
Aah, I just realized @ardaozkal isn't trolling us all with a broken-image avatar. That would have been the best
hey, Lazer is fast
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ well, you would think so, but it really doesnt move at the speed of light like it should.
I blame @Wipqozn for that.
9:01 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz "I'm a MRSA infection, you can't get rid of jonah ryan"
@Dragonrage That's what you get when you don't use high qualities S's but instead go for the slow Z's
@Wipqozn @Robotnik Congratulations to you both! :D
@KevinvanderVelden yea, those hard corners really slow things down.
Yay, @Wipqozn is a turtle again!
@Fluttershy Thanks!
Also, if I don't respond to your congrats then it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm lazy.
9:03 PM
A likely story
Q: Can I play Minecraft PE with bluetooth?

jonMe and my sibling want to play minecraft together. Is there a way to use bluetooth instead of wifi to get connected? If so how? We have version 15.0

Bleh, while I'd love to chat and celebrate the diamondification it is 11pm and I have to get my car to the shop at 8am tomorrow
@GodEmperorDune Yes
@KevinvanderVelden Get some sleep :)
You're all going to be so crushed when I switch to something else in a few weeks since I'm a traitor.
9:06 PM
So many notifications! Thanks all. :-) I'll be back in an hour or so currently getting up for work
Eh, I wouldn't be surprised.
In fact, I would be crushed if you didn't switch avatars.
@Yuuki I'm happy that if I don't disappoint everyone you'd be disappointed.
@Yuuki are you surprised by the fact that you are missing some italics?
@Wipqozn meh, that'd only get next elections closer.
Nah, @badp de-owners me like once every two months or something. He's been due.
No mouse, here's best I can do with a trackpad right now
9:09 PM
That's adorable
@murgatroid99 If I had mouse I could do much better colouring on it
@fredley Yeah, that's my problem, I don't have a mouse with me
So, during the course of the election, my candidacy score went up by 6 points.
@Dragonrage yeah
@Dragonrage neat
9:15 PM
@fredley if @Wipqozn doesn't use that, i think i will
meta.ja.SO through Google Translate is fun
What's your "Android version tag of need"?
9:17 PM
> Aliens (little grey men) in a poorly drawn spaceship

Proposed Q&A site for cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts to ask about the creation of props, armors, make-up and other items related costuming.

Currently in definition.

dammit, just found out how I could draw that tub better, but sent already
holy shit lizardmen are bullshit
idk how people can use all their stars.
they must be doing it wrong
9:29 PM
@Dragonrage did you see the what the star thingy I posted earlier?

what the star

5 hours ago, 1 hour 33 minutes total – 18 messages, 6 users, 36 stars

Bookmarked 3 hours ago by ardaozkal

I used all my stars on CodeReview room there (after they were first starred). I'm not sure where I used my stars here but they were used carefully.
I starred most of the things that were starred today and i still have some left
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ skills man.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ yeah that is beautiful
that was a vet game btw
@Dragonrage not mine
I am a veteran too but I suck
9:31 PM
from the drawception thing
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ oh, well it still is impressive
I actually have more upvotes on Drawception than arqade
What is Drawception?
@Waterseas know draw my thing?
9:33 PM
Yep, similar thing?
topics are picked by people
and you sometimes get to caption drawings
Sounds interesting
@ardaozkal I really don't want to draw your thing
@SaintWacko same for you :^)
All parts cut off for next kit.
9:36 PM
It's fine, there's plenty of artists out there who make a living off of drawing people's things
Now...paint? Or play Zestiria?
Unless there's a different Zestiria game I'm not aware of.
Hmmm, depends on if you've gotten bored of it yet
I just started on Friday.
9:45 PM
@Frank Paint.
Zesteria it is!
(Which I totally decided before @Wipqozn made a suggestion, but I can make it look like I'm being ornery)
@Frank But I like seeing your models :(
You do such a good job on them
@Wipqozn I just finished one a couple weeks ago!
Didn't you see it?
it always confuses me when I gain rep while repcapped.
@Frank No sir!
9:48 PM
My friend came over yesterday and we played Overwatch. Now I have playtime in Genji :(
Also his first game on PC he got PoTG as Genji
Man this video is making my want to go back to bayonnata. I barely played that.
@Frank Excellent work
@Wipqozn Thanks. This guy was especially challenging.
He's got magnets everywhere.
@Frank i read that as maggots, and was disturbed for a second.
9:51 PM
@GnomeSlice I got tracer PoTG with 5 kills in my first ever match
@Dragonrage Reading comprehension needs work. Got it.
oh I didn't know Madworld was from Platinum Games
Well I'm off for the night. Doomtown time. Later all.
@Frank I mean, i was yawning so, not my fault.
There. Ordered some red/green LEDs.
9:55 PM
I've never actually watched bayonetta played
Her clothes disappear a lot during combat
@Frank how do you make these
@ardaozkal Not sure I understand the question...?
They're kits.
@GnomeSlice its her hair
Yeah, I knew that
still clothes
@arda check out my last attack :)
9:57 PM
@Frank ah
@Dragonrage will do
Q: I can't find this file please help

terriI'm trying to submit a world (in Minecraft: Pocket Edition) to an app that requires it to be sent via email as a file. I went on a computer to try and turn it into a file but in the file of all the worlds I couldn't find it. It was the only world that didn't show up in it. I had also download...

Q: minecraft pe version 15 won't connect to realms

Fortnerm1960I bought the option to create a realm in Minecraft: Pocket Edition v15. It will not let me join. It says joining realms then it times out.


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