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12:03 AM
Check out the new Killzone 3 trailer from #CES: http://youtu.be/8i283NlvQgQ
sometimes I wonder about you
Isn't that gaming related?
I didn't actually watch it, I just assumed.
@Mana I don't understand.
I was referring to the [new playlist] thing
Well it doesn't say new playist.
It's more of a [+]
12:21 AM
and then there's that File thing at the top-left
when you click on it, it brings down a menu thingadongdong
and then you click on New Playlist
that works too
Whatever, I never really bothered to look.
super advanced 1337 hackers do ctrl+N
Alas, dinner time.
I could go for a meat loaf...
I love a quick eat.
@Mana > I've been listening to The Best Pessimist all day.
12:38 AM
I've been reading Math and listening to The Best Pessimist all day
what conflicting emotions :x
I don't recall Math to be an emotion.
Nor Reading, for that matter.
I don't recall listening to The Best Pessimist to be an emotion either
so clearly what you should have derived was that I was talking about the conflicting emotions that resulted from both actions
tsk tsk
It's an emotional experience.
Reading Math is not.
Well, I can't speak for you, I guess...
As long as my answer remains the highest rated, I will be happy.
I'm not a Facebook gamer at all, but I'm willing to give the Civilization game a shot. Anyone want to form an alpha test team? facebook.com/#!/…
@bwarner Oh god, no.
12:52 AM
@bwarner let's do this bro.
It's going to be horrible but I CAN PUT THIS ON MY RESUME
@bwarner Why? Why do you post these things that drain my time?
Yah, I played Mafia Wars for a little bit, and that made me hesitate to play anything else. I can proudly say that I've never played Farmville or its kin. But it can't be impossible to make a decent Facebook game, right?
@bwarner Also, I propose a team: me, you, Fabian, Oak, Raven Dreamer. :)
And if someone can do it, Sid Meier should have a decent shot. It's not like its Will Wright.
12:57 AM
: (
@Willful Love it. Now we need a team name and a captain. @Mana, you're in too, we're not going to be exclusive
Have to have Stack Exchange in the name somehow. But I'm sure someone can come up with something better than "Team Stack Exchange".
naw, actually, I have a really important Calc test a few days after the closed alpha starts
like really important. It determines whether or not I keep my 85% average in that course!!!
...so important.
I figure Palisades is going to be done in about 5 days, and I might take a break from Die2Nite, so this would be a good alternative.
I'm open to whoever being captain and whatever name... "Heart Gaming" "Gaming SE" "No Grace" :P
geddit because you're the gameSE-ers but we're gamers so we're stupid/too lazy for caps/punctuation
1:09 AM
I thought it was just a cool name in a vacuum...
Heh, I think its funny
@Oak @Fabian @Raven Dreamer Want to help test the new Facebook Civilzation game? bwarner and I are building a Gaming.SE team. facebook.com/#!/…
does that multi-ping work?
@bwarner @mana like this?
yay! I wish it did for comments. Oak is always popping in after my comments and pinging the second person for me.
1:55 AM
I have been summoned.
However, I refuse to do anything with facebook other than maintain an account with no pictures, nothing on my profile, and nothing in my feeds. To hell with Facebook.
And now, I return to the fiery bowels from whence I came!
@RavenDreamer Can't disagree with that. Sorry to not have you.
We were just trying to organize a little Civ fun, but I can'
can't say I'm a big fan of it being on facebook either.
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6:06 AM
Q: Old 1st person point-&-click adventure game

user6105OK i have asked every one i know and no one remembers the name i played it around 1996-1998 but i only played the demo and was HOOKED it started out by be thrown in to a bedroom with a broken TV that keeps shutting off a nasty kitchen/bathroom and what you would expect to see in a room posters, t...

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7:12 AM
Q: Wondering what is the name of an old rpg.

TeishokueI cant remember which system I played it on. But you were a human being and had this robot thing where you could fight other (NPCS). You were able to find parts while in roleplay or defeat and get a part or buy it. The parts/items were found in a pill like capsule. I dont remember the battle syst...

7:49 AM
Q: How to trigger the bird's special abilities using Apple Magic Trackpad

Pat LudwigTrying out Angry Birds from the new iMac app store. I'm unable to activate the blue bird's power (to split into 3 birds) using my Magic trackpad. I've tried most every gesture I could imagine with no luck. Their help documentation doesn't appear to have been updated for this version. How can ...

8:43 AM
Q: Why is it that Mathoverflow.net is not a part of SE 2.0?

Ngu Soon HuiI find it weird that mathoverflow.net is not a part of SE 2.0 sites. Any reason why? The software behind mathoverflow.net is a bit old, and it can use some updating. Don't you agree?

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9:51 AM
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10:13 AM
Q: Can I talk to friend logged in WoW without being logged in ?

BelunIs there any software that allows me to use the WoW chat without being logged in ? Can I talk a friend that is playing WoW, without playing myself (suppose I do have an account but I just don't want to log in) ?

10:28 AM
Q: Why does my AP get refilled in AC: Project Legacy?

RawlingI've just started playing Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy and something has me mystified. I've figured out that the following gain me AP: Having the game open for 2 minutes (+1) Increasing maximum AP by 1 (+1) Increasing Security Level (refill) However, sometimes when I log on I find my AP h...

@ArdaXi wake up, you're in a town, it's day 2 already
10:50 AM
Q: /review/low-quality-posts answers' display broken

badpThis is what I see, even with the Pixelation mod disabled, for the low quality posts review page. This problem has been introduced recently -- the page used to be fine yesterday.

1 hour later…
11:52 AM
@WillfulWizard thanks, but I'm afraid I'm not very active on Facebook either.
With no special desire to change it :)
12:23 PM
Q: CoD Black Ops: Thunder Gun

HarpalIs there any ammo for the thunder gun apart from the 12 shots when you unlock it?

Q: Call of Duty Black Ops Perks

BrianHello, I'm playing the wii version of call of duty black ops. What type of perks do you guys normally have setup? Which ones do you find the most useful? Thanks.

12:42 PM
@badp Well yes, I just noticed it while looking at the query I linked.
I actually like the idea about the Flattr QR code @badp
they could make it with NFC too and let you swipe to pay
Real Life #flattr - Weil's geht. http://twitpic.com/3ns0bo
Q: Can I talk to friend logged in WoW without being logged in ?

BelunIs there any software that allows me to use the WoW chat without being logged in ? Can I talk a friend that is playing WoW, without playing myself (suppose I do have an account but I just don't want to log in) ?

needs some dupe votes
1:05 PM
Q: Why some skins cannot be bought in League of Legends' shop?

DrakeI saw that there are many skins that cannot be found and bought in League Of Legends' shop. Why?

1:20 PM
Q: Civilization 4: Vista installation has "install for all users" greyed out

ungamerI'm trying to install Civ4 on Windows Vista 32-bit. The version on the DVD is 1.00.00. When I run setup.exe and follow the prompts, the dialog with "Install for All Users" is greyed out. How do I install for all users? This worked fine when the same machine was an XP machine.

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1:57 PM
Q: Will my old PS2 4Gamers steering wheel work on the PS3?

KevI have an old 4Gamers PS2 steering wheel (model: SPC2135). It has the flat wide 9 pin connector. With a suitable PS2 to PS3 adapter will this work with newer games such as Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Grand Turismo 5?

but I like the idea nonetheless!
what, flinging spam around?
kicking me maybe? :P
the QRcode for flattr
@IvoFlipse it's a cute quirk, maybe, but the barrier to entry is high.
5 messages moved from The Relaxation Vault.
@Ivo you need a flattr account with funds, a smartphone with a QR app and you need to know about how to do both :)
until Google actually puts some work into making it usable
@IvoFlipse Huh? Google?
yes Google should step their game up and do certain things themselves
Wasn't this about Flattr?
yes, and @badp claims it doesn't work because there's a too high barrier of entry. Therefore Google has to implement something like this into Android itself if they would want this to take off
2:57 PM
@IvoFlipse Why would Google want Flattr to take off, anyway?
not necessarily flattr, but mobile payments like that
through QR codes or NFC
3:28 PM
"If you're not embarrassed by your v1 product, you waited too long to ship." -Reid Hoffman #preachon
If nobody buys your v1 product, it probably sucks
vote #stackexchange for your favorite online Q&A tool! http://goo.gl/BNlAA
is this the right place to chat about video games?
3:34 PM
@TheX Sure!
And welcome to Gaming chat. :)
cool, are you guys nice tolerable people. or will you just yell at me?
depends what you're about to say @TheX ;P
3:35 PM
@TheX I usually yell at people. I'll try to be nice though.
I'm addicted to posting tweets in chat.
:( I think I may have a problem.
'ello @Grace.
Welcome to Gaming Chat, @TheX. Please enjoy your time here. And for the most part, we'll be nice. Heated topics may result in some of us being ornery, but nothing to worry about outside of that. ♪
Grace ninja 's prowess is slightly creepy....
:O @TheX is the one with the power to summon the Grace!
3:40 PM
I wish I had a nickname that cool.
Wanted to italicize it, but it didn't want to play nicely.
@GnomeSlice And now you can! For just $19,99 we can change your username to anything you want! Call now and get a free avatar change!
Speaking of avatar change.... I haven't decided on anything yet. :(
New SE Proposal! Avatar Recommendations!
Sorry this mule is better at parallel parking than you. http://t.co/lbwzoJX
Ha, that vid made me laugh.
3:47 PM
of course now that I am back, everyone else is gone........
The names that aren't grayed out are the people who are recently active in the room.
I'm still here. =)
no we're not :P
I see about 8, but everyone isn't going to be like wb when you sign on :p this isn't msn.
So, are you new to the site @TheX?
3:49 PM
you were about to say something that would cause us to yell at you
Hey, Dragon Age 2 DLC announced..
I am new yes, I use askubuntu.com a lot.
Here's our latest Flash game, "House of Dead Ninjas"; a retro action-platformer which is fast, frenetic, and difficult! http://bit.ly/fp4efL
Megadev made one of my favourite flash games of all time, I'll have to give the new one a look.
I just want to say that I am not a fan boy, I appreciate all games/systems for what they are... good, crappy whatever...
@GnomeSlice Game is fun
4:01 PM
@TheX scribbles disappointed on a notepad
@TheX That's exactly what people say before making a fanboy-like comment!
Now, listen, if I were to ask you what would be a fun game to play over the next few weeks, what would you say?
Eeeek, timeout. The correct answer was: «A GAME RECOMMENDATION QUESTION? DIE
@badp Son, I am disappoint.
@GnomeSlice I do not enjoy the purple ninja though...
Also, chat seems very busy lately. Are we all shirking our work duties, or is it just me?
4:17 PM
Order is restored, at the expense of The SE Tavern
1 dissident moved to The Relaxation Vault.
@Noctrine I will not make a fanboy like comment
all thought I love my mac....
j.k don't even own one...
4:40 PM
@TheX I <3 my mac. Just wish it had more games. Or honestly, for the games that are cross platform, I wish they had better sync.
That sounds like some nice middleware to make.
@Noctrine Steam? I don't think it does savegame syncing though
oh man
oh man oh man oh man oh maaaaaaaan
I've gotten nothing done over my holidays except drum practice and they end in two days :<
Steam supports save game syincing
at least it does in windows
@YiJiang @Noctrine Some steam games have cloud based saves that do sync very well between PC and mac.
i have never used steam cloud so I am not sure how it works...
4:46 PM
@TheX Most games either a) Autosave to the cloud so there is very little have you to do (recent example, Deathspank) or b) Allow you to manually select the steam cloud (recent example, Civ-5)
I don't have deathspank, never heard of it, and Civ-5 I have never had the need...
If you don't use multiple PC's or PC's and macs, the steam cloud game saves really aren't that helpful unless your computer crashes.
It is very nice though for people like myself who use quite a few different computers, because I can always get to my saves regardless of which computer I choose to play on.
Q: How do I build a windmill in Dwarf Fortress?

SLCI understand you need to put an axle under the middle square, but does it have to be a vertical one? I would have thought you'd want it to be: ground level: XXX XOX XXX one level down: RRR AAR RRR Where R is Rock, and A is your Axle (one is vertical, one is horizontal) but can you build a wi...

@kazzamalla I only game on one computer....
Darn, stupid steam. Having all my ideas before me.
@Mana Make the most of these two days? I'm behind on like 3 projects so I'm going to get very close to large amounts of caffeine.
4:51 PM
yeah I guess I will have to.
what are those projects?
@TheX an iPhone game, a cross platform virtual pet game, and a website.
There are also some other things that I wanted to do, they were apart of my 'be as efficient as possible over break' fantasy.
I see
speaking of iphones...
I work for a school...
and we ordered some ipads right before Christmas break...
so they try to deliver them while on break....
of course no one was here...
so they sent them back to apple....
So I have come to the conclusion that the people that work at FedEx are a bunch of morons....
or at least the fedex in the area....
@TheX Why? For not leaving packages of high value, that were probably marked as such unattended?
@TheX Or for not holding them at the distribution center long enough for you?
oh no, they where supposed to call the next time they tried to deliver, so someone could met them, they never called
5:12 PM
Delivery is an ego-centric business. Thou shalt be there when I shalt ring at thou bell, not one second leth, not one second more, lest thou shalt be screweth.
if you had to recommend a laptop from best buy or wal-mart with the price range of say 750$ what would it be?
without knowing what you want to do with it, that is a really general question.
rolls die
8. Sorry, try again tomorrow.
@kazzamalla I guess they just want a computer that they can just take back and forth from work and do their work on it and stuff, probably browsing with interwebs, word processing stuff like that
well, as long as "their work" doesn't include photo or video processing, gaming, scientific discovery, scientific theory, etc., you probably don't even need to spend $750 to get all they'd need.
5:22 PM
I know that, but that is what they told me their budget was...
well then you can just beef it up a bit, specifically more RAM, a faster hard drive (you probably won't get a SSD on that budget), step up the processor a bit.
I guess my point is, for a computer with those needs, you could walk into an electronics store, and buy the one that is on sale for the amount you are looking to spend and do just fine.
you'll more than likely find better deals though if you do your research online.
what do you think of this guy?
do they really want a 17 in form factor? that isn't exactly portable.
well i asked them, and they asked me what the weight difference would be...
I told them, they said that was acceptable
@badp Just like cable installation
For anyone who isn't able to do their own computer purchase research, I recommend a mac.
5:30 PM
I wish at times flags were undoable.
friends don't let friends use macs....
@TheX Not a fanboy eh :p
@Noctrine doesn't mean you're not a hater :P
that was a joke :P
I am the one waiting on ipads... remember?
a mac would clearly be out of their budget
Oh, I thought the cheapest macbook was lower.
5:33 PM
I will look
It's not, I just checked it's 999.
They start at 999
But yeah, that brings me to my second thing. I consider the mobile and laptop/desktop offerings of apple very differently.
For mobile, they are generally best-in-class. For everything else they are very overpriced for relatively little added value outside of simplicity
Well, added apparent value.
But the reason for that being my usual suggestion is, if they come to you for PC advice that means everytime anything goes wrong for any reason (including but not limited to viruses that they get from doing things they shouldn't) they will come to you for PC help.
By getting them a mac, I generally minimize the amount of irritation that they will cause as many of the problems they would get otherwise they just won't.
I could just install linux... that would eliminate the virus problem...
they may not ever use it...
that would eliminate a lot of other problems too then...
@TheX Except for the most part there are some inherent usability problems with Linux. But yeah, that's usually my second go to. You've utterly destroyed your windows installation? Congrats you get linux! Don't worry it's a better OS, you won't get viruses or anything.
Omitting that they won't be able to run much of anything.
5:40 PM
well they can run whatever they want.... just not necessarily on said computer...
be back in a bit
But as you are experienced with Linux you probably wouldn't have that much trouble setting them up for all of the defaults that they need.
@Noctrine eh, so long as they don't do videogames and video processing and presentations they should be alright.
LibreOffice Write and Calc are, er, okay I guess, but Impress... shivers
@badp I've still yet to use Impress but my presentations are usually barebones anyway. Custom animations irritate me.
@Noctrine It's not animations. It's stuff like, you know, I copy an object from a slide to the other, and they don't end up aligned.
I click on the button with the diamond picture and what I get is a square.
The nudging/snapping of shapes is all wrong too: good luck placing three squares one next to the other with the arrow keys.
5:46 PM
What remains, well, can be done with Google Docs.
@badp I've been slowly transitioning to google docs for all my document needs (hoping they send me a cr-48 :p) Only thing I still really use Word for is a few school assignments when I know I'll need some fancy formating that's a pita on Google, or when I want to act like I can write books
But I've heard that hardcore writers use like notepad and wordpad so may switch :p
Serendipitous avatar change!
...okay, it's a caching problem.
@badp I was wondering if it would catch everywhere. Seemed to update instantly for me but I was mashing ctrl+r hoping that it would regain some of its clarity
5:49 PM
lol, weird.
merely hitting F5 worked :)
What I'd miss on a CR48 is LyX, and maybe Dropbox.
While however I can see Dropbox not being a problem (support prolly already done or in the works), LyX... not so much
I'm wondering about the Unity Web Player with it, hoping they use that native client stuff in it.
anyone have an iOS device?
5:56 PM
ugh... I don't want to make another account...
@TheX what's the problem? I have 25.
Most are used just to upvote stuff on other sites.
the joy of SE 2.0 sites is that you just have to click like twice
I was just wondering how well google docs works on the ipad
6:25 PM
Q: How to reach 100% destruction with the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds?

splattered bitsI recently purchased the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds for iPhone. To use him, you toss out a can of sardines and the Eagle swoops down to retrieve it, destroying everything in it's path, including all the pigs. If the Eagle destroys everything, you get a feather (you're rated on a percentage sca...

angry birds??? people actually play that game?
Actually it looks really fun and I am jealous because I can not play it...
@TheX angry birds was bought by more than 6 million people on the apple app store alone, and now it is on android, windows desktops, and the mac app store. it's more, "who isn't playing it?"
@kazzamalla well with that logic, sounds like I am the only one not playing it...
6:40 PM
well you should try it, i believe there is a free version for windows now.
The app store version has a free version, so i figured the windows one did too. Apparently that is not the case.
the app store has a free version?
oh i guess it does... hmm
6:57 PM
@TheX "Free" as in advertisement subsidized.
I see that...
so... I am confused...
some apps are for the iphone/ipod touch only
some for the iphone/ipad
and some that are optimized for the ipad
how do you tell which is which?
depending on which device you are viewing them on, they will automatically only show you the correct ones.
(My previous comment was referring to the Android Angry Birds, although it sounds like its true for the iOS app store as well...)
if you are viewing them in the iTunes app store on your PC, there are specific categories for iPad and iPhone
on iPad, there's two lists when you search.
iPad optimized, and not iPad optimized.
7:01 PM
some apps (not Angry birds) have one version you download and it works on both
so when I get my ipad... if it ever comes in the mail...
those have the little "Plus" sign by their name.
and I go to the app store..
it will only bring up the apps compatible with the device...?
Basically, yes. You see two separate lists of apps: iPad and iPhone. You can still run iPhone apps on the iPad. You can even scale them 2x so that they take up most of the screen.
7:02 PM
they're just separated into two lists. its quite obvious the "good" stuff is in the top list, and the bad stuff in the bottom.
okay cool
I am glad I have my new friends to talk me through this... :-D
Does the [game-rec] ban extend to whatever-rec?
@Macha ehh. Technically yes. I'd allow this one though.
Also, logging into chat with mobile Safari is quite complicated.
@Macha oh?
7:20 PM
I needed to log out of se.com, do the destroy credentials thing, relogin, open chat, click another login link, wait while it took forever to load, and THEN I got in
And then it crashed Safari
@Macha that happens everytime you try to log in?
Q: How should I show shared resources during a Shared Resource game in the Galaxy Editor?

Mag RoaderOne of my favorite ways to play the original StarCraft was in a "Team" game. In this game type, multiple players on the same "team" would share control, resources, supply, and even the same starting location. It was like playing as 1 player, only 2 humans were controlling it. It was a lot of f...

7:54 PM
Nov 24 '10 at 23:15, by badp
Trouble logging in? Push the button.
You can access the starred list for mobile chat via menu → this room.
8:09 PM
@badp cool
@grace woo 4,000!
Q: What weapon, vehicle, or explosive does the most damage?

Mark RogersThere are quite a few ways to damage things in Bad Company 2, but I'm wondering what does the most damage in the game? While I guess c4 can be piled up to cause a ton of damage at once, I'm only interested in damage per one attack or usage.

1 hour later…
9:33 PM
Anyone up for a little TF2?
@CRoss Do you have any interest in the upcoming Monday night combat for PC? It seems to have done exceptionally well as sort a TF2/tower defense type thing on XBL.
I've considered pre-ordering it for a couple weeks now since they announced it'd be coming to Steam.
looking it up now
yeah definitely something to check out if you haven't heard of it before, if you're a TF2 fan i think you'd like it.
yeah, I really like teamwork heavy fps/tps
heck, I even like AA, even though I don't play anymore
Q: Angry Birds: how to get the golden egg in level 1-8 on Mac?

gulbrandrIs it actually possible to get the golden egg in level 1-8 in Angry Birds on Mac? My mouse is stuck with the catapult and I can't click the chest.

9:53 PM
Q: Forming a "concave" with your army

kazzamallaSomething that I've read a lot about when discussing attacking and defending is often the discussion of forming a perfect "concave" with your army. What does a concave look like and in what situations is this technique important to execute?

10:17 PM
Q: Increasing the required reputation for submitting answers

thethinmanA question came up with a mass number of answers that are all repeats of earlier answers, and some even spam linking to other game-answer sites: What is the meaning of the Black Ops "Ascension" numbers. Should we be counteracting this low-rep user posts with more than just down-votes and flaggin...

10:36 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have 122, you have 129. Though a better metric is Upvotes:Downvotes. I usually have a ratio of 9-10:1 compared to your 5-6:1
Hey @tzenes
Did I actually catch you with that comment or were you actually in the midst of copying that portion over by the time I even got there?
You did catch me
Ah, neato neato ♪
I normally don't check the site during the day, but I was just finishing lunch and waiting for the check so I took a look
Hah, what nice timing then
With regards to the migration path, @tzenes, we have the equivalent of a giant red sign asking for it right now.
But I imagine that, at the very least, elections may pass before it finally opens up.
10:46 PM
@tzenes Currently however mods can migrate anything to anywhere (or so I heard).
@badp You've linked a migrated question on Gaming, so I'm pretty sure you know this is already true.
It was in the Tavern... yesterday or the day before
@GraceNote the "or so I heard" bit was about the comprehensiveness of "anywhere"
I still don't think Jeff budged on meta migration
Oh. Well, the only place we can't migrate a question to is where it currently is.
say, Meta Gaming → Meta SO
10:49 PM
Give me a moment ♪
Kind of ruins the effect I suppose.
Q: Dismissing a badge notification does not work

Ralph RickenbachEven if I dismiss a badge notification ("You have earned the ... badge for question ...") using the close button at the right of the message it gets redisplayed again and again when I refresh the page until I open a new session. Working with Safari 5.0.3 (6533.19.4) on Mac OS X 10.6.5. Edit: I...

Then again it is kinda disturbing to learn we know more about moderation powers than other actual mods do.
Q: How can I be sure that I know everything about my moderator powers?

Andrew StaceyOver on tex.SX, we were pondering the issue of what to do when a first time user posts something as an answer that would be better as a comment or a question. Today, I stumble upon a question here that reveals that I (as moderator there) now have the power to convert answers to comments. Yippee...

The TeX mods don't come to our lounge. And, apparently, they don't want to use it or Meta.
@GraceNote I am pleased to be proved wrong on this one.
10:51 PM
Honestly, as am I. I could understand it from a design perspective, but it's convenient now.
@badp I thought you were a mod somewhere :o
Didn't even notice lol.
badp should run for mod here.
hahaha that was a good one Grace
@GraceNote I'd never displace one of you three. Maybe next year, maybe.
I'd say you, too, Mana.
10:54 PM
chokes on drink
The only thing stopping me is the newfound discovery of the fact you're a mass murderer.
watches @Mana fight the urge to strangle @GraceNote
But I'm also a pacifist intent on killing absolutely nobody!
@GraceNote How was that new information exactly? :P
I have two runs with completely opposite intentions running concurrently. It's an artform.
@WillfulWizard I keep tabs on a lot of things, but people's murdering habits happen to not be one of them.
Gnome had all of those coming @badp
plays cheesy rock music
But seriously speaking, I would suggest you to try running for mod.
There's actually a lot of users on Gaming I'd hope to see running.
Yeah, I agree @badp. Honestly, you would be a pretty good mod I think.
I was meaning you, too, @Mana. You're in "the list"
10:58 PM
@badp Technically the sites can have up to 4 mods no problem. It's easy to say that with the volume of Gaming its warranted :p
Well, thanks. :)
@Noctrine That's hard to justify in reality though.
Anyway, I've stated already I'll only join the election if somebody I'd rather not see with a diamond does
The only reason it looks like we can pass by with 3 diamonds is because Oak is like an army.
@Mana You certainly are supposed to have more free time than I have.
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