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12:29 AM
Q: Can mobs use levers?

johncSpecifically, is it safe to put a lever to open an iron door 'outside'?

12:41 AM
Q: What is a ladder reset?

Juan ManuelWhat is it? Why is it needed? (What is it purpose?) At what time intervals is it performed?

12:58 AM
@Feeds Man, that answer took me almost an hour
Hello again Chat.
1:27 AM
Cookie Monster would be the best SNL host EVER.
Q: Why does the final kill cam only show up sometimes in objective games?

RapidaIt seems like the final kill cam in Black Ops only shows up reliably in death match type games. What determines if the final kill cam is displayed or not in objective games (Domination, CtF, etc)? If it matters I'm mainly talking about xbox live's multiplayer.

2:27 AM
Q: Technically speaking: What makes Google so different ? Closed. Why ?

ivo sHi, I have posted a question on stackoverflow in which I'm asking users "What are the specific implementation paradigms (such as specific programming algorithms implementation details, design patterns & overall solution architecture) which make Google search service so fast?". It got closed a...

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3:54 AM
Q: How come there is no Course Rank for Spiral in Pac-Man CE DX?

AprecheI have Pac-Man CE DX for the XBox 360. On the course selection screen it displays an overall course rank for each course. However, the Spiral course does not have anything displayed in that area. Is it a bug? Is the Spiral course special for some reason?

4:25 AM
Q: What comes on the World of Warcraft Cataclysm DVD?

Brian OjedaDoes the Cataclysm Expansion Pack DVD will contain all the content from the Original, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King. If it does, is there any requirements to download anything before the 4.0.1 patch. Understandably, there will be required patches for any version later than 4.0.1. T...

5:01 AM
Guest Week: Bill Amend (FoxTrot)
@Feeds Starred because it's BILL FUCKING AMEND
5:41 AM
@Feeds +1
I'm afraid I don't really understand the many reincarnations of Advice Dog
Hipster cat
damn youngsters with their memes
This is the greatest thing you will see on Youtube Today.
killing me won't bring back your god damn honey!
that man does a lot of freaking out
6:26 AM
Q: Does World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector's Edition have a separate key for the exclusive in-game pet?

Brian OjedaThe title says it all. However, I will explain. Are there two keys in the Cataclysm Collector's Edition box? One key to upgrade the account to play Cataclysm content. Another key that is used to retrieve the exclusive in-game pet only available with the purchase of the Collector's Edition?

2 hours later…
8:15 AM
Q: Does going to bed with a weapon increase my chance of survival?

ManaCurrently I'm at the point in Die2Nite where my town is basically about to be destroyed(170 defense vs. 255 zombies in the best case scenario). However, I'm determined to be the last man standing. While I already have my house filled with defensive items, I'm wondering if I should load up a batte...

8:51 AM
Q: What are the requirements for suggesting a new tag?

Brian OjedaWhat are the requirements for suggesting a new tag for Gaming SE via Gaming-Meta versus reputation requirements? As you can see I do not have enough reputation points to create a new tag.

1 hour later…
9:57 AM
Q: What is Steam gaming platform?

nanda What is Steam? Why should I buy the game on Steam instead from normal retailer? Can a game bought via Steam played independently?

10:39 AM
Q: Can Mario Kart Wii allow having more than 32 Ghost run data?

動靜能量Recently my Ghost data is full... and I need to delete some Ghost data before I can watch some top world record Ghost run... On that list, it seems that I had 32 Ghost data, and it is full... so 32 means I cannot have 1 Rival Ghost + 1 Top World record Ghost for each race track (because there ar...

11:10 AM
1 hour later…
12:34 PM
Q: How Can I Move My Steam Saves from One HD to Another?

JFWI'm planning to upgrade my computer's hard drive and I'm not using an imaging program because I'm clean installing - How can I move my Steam game files and game saves from the old harddrive to the new hard drive with Windows 7?

12:51 PM
childbirth in the Sims. If only it was this easy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6FpD_QdtNw
Q: Committing suicide

ManaI've decided that enough is enough. My townmates are being resilient and stubborn; our organization, a complete mess. It's time for me to bite the bullet and get out of this town so I can go Die2Nite elsewhere. How do I kill myself?

1:16 PM
Can someone fill out the die2nite tag wiki? I'm curious what it is
@ArdaXi Why did you put FAQ questions in the df tag wiki?
there's a faq tab for well, faq
2:10 PM
Q: Civilization V versions

SheldonI want to purchase a Hard copy of Civilization V. I would like this to contain the Manual and the flowchart that shows technological advances. When you try and look into this those items are rarely mentioned. They are not even mentioned in the Contents for the Collectors Edition. I know they exis...

3:09 PM
@CRoss browser/flash multiplayer realtime game
so go fill out the tag wiki :-)
Q: Realistic Modern RPGs

LifeH2OI have played Oblivion but it is very old age, many rpgs are fantasy. I have seen fallout it is very post-modern. Is there in RPG with realistic theme? Not post-modern neither fantasy. A realistic current age RPG (like age of tycoon city games)

oh, what's that flash game
stick life?
@CRoss - What exactly are you wondering about the game that you can't find out from the website?
@sjohnston > Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.
3:13 PM
3:31 PM
@CRoss: I did the wiki before I left for class; it's not great but meh no sleep does that to your writing
@Mana Thank you sir!
All genders are assumed, and no one should be offended if I get it wrong
Don't worry, you were correct.
I generally link this when people ask about Die2Nite.
Yeah, that article's pretty good
3:34 PM
The German beta tester revolution story always gets people hyped
Holy shit, D2D's holiday sale is aggressive.
Methinks Steam has them worried.
Ooh, link?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Awesome!
20% of all orders are free.
that's just... insane.
3:44 PM
I haven't edited or paid much attention to tag wikis before. Is it common practice to duplicate the blurb at the top of the full article?
Seems a little redundant.
Oh wow, that's pretty hardcore.
Basically, any game that costs less from GamersGate, Steam, or Gamestop as a digital download on the day you buy it from D2D, you'll get a store credit for the difference.
Store credit? Eh...
Yeah, it's really really aggressive
I didn't think anyone but Steam had that in them.
3:46 PM
That ploy of "you might randomly get your game for free" is really going to drive a lot of sales.
And I don't get the satisfaction of a bloated Steam library full of grayed-out games that I never plan on installing.
(After last year's sale I actually created a group called "Why did I buy this?" to dump things into)
@Brant: bolded repeat sentence was for the sake of dramatic effect
@Mana: Oh, cool. Want me to put it back?
up to you, this was actually my first tag wiki edit
Woo, tag editor badge!
sweet delicious bronze
@Mana: Your suicide question really should have been titled "How do I commit suicide?" for maximum "famous question" viability. :P
That's Google gold.... but kinda morbid.
@StrixVaria Yeah. It's really smart.
@Brant I did it for him.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Excellent. Pleaes give me teh googlejuice reps
3:59 PM
LOL, so this is why Gaming is the #4 site
Only if you fix the wrong part of your answer!
yeah, I see that
only have to get 7X traffic to catch SF, come on!
I'm wondering how good of a strategy it would be to open them right before the portal lock kicks in. I have already been in 2 towns that died due to Open Gate Syndrome
The towns I've been in have always had someone watching the gate
Might be worth trying though. It depends how attentive people are.
4:01 PM
and how badly you want to die and get on with it
4:14 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Edited
slowly and painfully on my phone, because I'm at work
speaking of work, I should get out of the house and get some done. Later all.
first cast a close vote on the latest game rec, if you haven't already
I cast the first close vote on the latest game rec
Alexanderpas has reverted to his proper gravitar! All is right with the world again!
I'm so close to being able to cast close votes again
also I entitled it Committing Suicide because I thought it sounded more dramatic and definite, but I guess I was mistaken
4:24 PM
Anyone care to explain to me the use-case of the "How-To" tag? I feel like this could be applied to half the questions on the site (if not more).
@sjohnston where, where?!?
@CRoss where what?
The latest game rec, but I found it
@CRoss Because the FAQ tab isn't curatable?
Q: Realistic Modern RPGs?

LifeH2OI have played Oblivion but it is very old age, many rpgs are fantasy. I have seen fallout it is very post-modern. Is there in RPG with realistic theme? Not post-modern neither fantasy. A realistic current age RPG (like age of tycoon city games)

@ArdaXi "curatable"?
4:29 PM
Erm... editable, I guess
shrugs ok
Plus I don't think it was really populated back then
Q: Is the "How-To" tag useful?

sjohnstonIs there a reasonable use-case for the "how-to" tag? This tag seems overly ambiguous and broad. I suspect a majority of our site content could fall under it (it could be reasonably applied to at least 10 of the results currently on the front page, for example). It also doesn't seem to create...

It is amazing how little work I am getting done today...
4:41 PM
Q: Are there any racing wheels that support both XBOX 360 and PS3?

DarrellI swear I came across one that did a couple years ago (had some kind of weird dongle that would allow it to work on pretty much everything), but I could be thinking of something else. I'd rather not have to buy two different wheels...

@sjohnston I use these days for catching up on learning
we're going to watch a ASP.NET MVC 2 video this afternoon
I am hindered by the combination of being sick the past week and the fact that they just announced the office closing at noon today due to inclement weather
In addition to the usual pull of gaming.se
@sjohnston Inclement Weather? where?
yeah, I just saw the big blue ugly on the weather map
4:50 PM
some sort of freezing drizzle mess is expected to land just in time for everyone to start their Thanksgiving commute
chaos on highways to follow
thank you for reminding me how awesome the South is :-)
Surviving in the tundra only makes us stronger!
As they say, there are only two seasons in Minnesota. Winter and Road Construction.
@CRoss I <3 MVC2.
@Brant I haven't had a chance to dig into it, but what I've seen looks awesome
especially when combined with T4MVC
I wouldn't dream of touching webforms ever again except for the most very very basic CRUD app
And even then you could probably just use dynamic data
I've never looked at T4MVC. Seems interesting though.
I usually just roll my own extension method that takes an enum, but this looks much nicer
5:02 PM
yeah, I prefer compiler errors to "You typo'd your action name", so it's the way to go
now if I can sell my team
ReSharper does some validation on the Html.ActionLink() and Controller.View() methods and reports a problem if you specify a view/route that doesn't exist, but yeah, you're still dealing with strings
and the compiler will let it pass
I guess the nice thing about where I work is that "the team" is... just me
the IT department consists of me, a sysadmin, and someone who mostly does access programming
lol, we have a small team, but they're kind of resistant to new things
and a couple half-IT people who do GIS work and maintain our website
Q: Are the any real like Modern RPGs?

LifeH2OI have played Oblivion but it is very old age, many rpgs are fantasy. I have seen fallout it is very post-modern. Is there in RPG with realistic theme? Not post-modern neither fantasy. A realistic current age RPG (like age of tycoon city games)

on RPG ... I wonder how often that will hapen
5:07 PM
@CRoss - was that posted after the question here was closed, or simultaneously?
I realize that stackexchanges need to have a well-defined scope, but I always hate to see a new user arrive, thinking "here there are experts who can help me!" and then get refused because "we won't help you with that marginally-relevant question."
I agree that it is kind of sad, but the rigorous standards are part of what makes the sites work.
To be fair, we do have other avenues to address his question (chat) and I mentioned this in the comment.
Game-rec will feel less painful if we can get an official stance and some sort of standard blurb to explain it in closed questions
It reminds me far too much of wikipedia and all the self-made bureaucrats who hang out there arguing over a topic's notability.
@sjohnston After it was closed
@Brant I think that's the price you pay for a community-governed site: a constant background noise of minor disputes. I like to think most people argue about these things because they care about the quality of the site, rather than just inflating their self-importance.
5:17 PM
Q: Are custom close-reasons possible?

LessPop_MoreFizzSpecifically, can we get one for Game-Rec? Closing Game-Rec as 'off topic' works on a conceptual level, but in practice, the people most likely to have such questions closed, are the ones least likely to understand why. See for example this question today. It really does send the wrong message...

@sjohnston I agree, though obviously you have the occasional difficult user, who refuses to accept the most basic community conclusion
A: Gaming resources: How can I find new games to play?

Brant I follow the blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They strictly cover PC games, and occasionally post interesting features on new or upcoming games that are off-the-beaten-path, as well as breakout indie games. The staff include several long-time game journalism veterans who (in my opinion) have a decent s...

I wonder if this is too personal/opinion-y for what is meant to be a "resource"
I like it
(but it's not like anyone else is posting anything there)
@CRoss Yes, although I think we've been pleasantly bereft of that type of user around here. For the most part, everyone supports their opinions with some reasoning and we all treat each other civilly.
5:29 PM
I could also have simply posted "I play whatever Kieron Gillen tells me to"
@Brant - Replace Kieron Gillen with Yahtzee and you have my stance...although I think the list of games he approves of can be counted on one hand.
@sjohnston Silent Hill. More Silent Hill.
I agree with 95% of Yahtzee says too, but he's a better resource for "What games should I not play?"
@LessPop_MoreFizz Silent Hill, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Psychonauts
I'd be curious to see a Zero Punctuation of Minecraft
he seems to like sandboxy games
I'm sure he's already being flooded with requests to review it. (along with every other game)
5:41 PM
@sjohnston Saint's Row 2
@EndangeredMassa ah yes
Actually, I'd go so far as to say that every* episode of Zero Punctuation published is like a news update saying "Yup, the games industry is still a creatively-bankrupt pile of garbage this week, carry on"
Unfortunately, that is pretty much an accurate assertion
Q: Changing track direction in minecraft?

Lucas McCoyI want to make an automatic railroad. When I stand on a pressure plate I want a cart to arrive within a few seconds. To do this I have setup a self resetting booster. At the end of the booster I have a pressure plate with redstone wire to change the track direction. However once the redstone chan...

5:58 PM
Well, I'm out. All you American chaps have a lovely Thanksgiving, and all you non-American chaps have a fantastic Normal Remainder of Your Uneventful Week.
See ya
6:29 PM
oh hai
2 hours later…
8:12 PM
Q: How to install Marine Corps patch 33800?

JohnI downloaded the 33800 patch(client version) ran the installer. But when I try to run the game, the intro plays, then the game quits saying: "Some of your PAK files may be corrupted". what do I do? I wasn't sure if this would fit SuperUser better. If it does, please migrate. Thanks.

1 hour later…
9:19 PM
Q: DiRT 2: How do I start as fast as the AI cars?

SealedSunIn practically every racing game I know there is some way that makes your car accelerate faster and/or spin out less when the lights turn green at the start. Be it watching the fingers of a character floating on a cloud (Mario Kart :-P) or having the RPM in the yellow zone etc. Yet somehow, eve...

9:31 PM
you are so ignored
Q: How exactly does the new 100+ button Rock Band 3 guitar work in-game?

StrixVariaI know there is a new guitar being released that has buttons laid out to simulate frets by putting them in 6 rows of however many buttons. I have a few questions about how that guitar actually works in the game. If I were to buy this guitar, could I also use it to play the non-pro versions of ...

9:58 PM
@badp Are you playing die2night?
Sad fish is sad. :(
1 message moved to Die2Nite
Q: What support tool for playing Hattrick online manager should I use instead of Hattrick Organizer?

skapaI'm a big fan of football manager Hattrick www.hattrick.org. I play it since 2004. To reduce time spent managing my team I use tool hattrick organizer (www.hattrickorganizer.net). I use it only for setting a lineup according to a current form of my players and to test formation choice against upc...

accursed bug
I thought it was bad when it was just doubles. This is nuts.
10:19 PM
Q: Looking for a hold 'em poker game with LAN play and bots.

BlorgbeardMy wife and I have been playing the new Poker Night at the Inventory, which is fun and all, but we can't play together. Is there a PC poker game which allows LAN play, and will fill in empty slots with bots? We are not particularly good at poker, so the bots don't have to be either :P

10:42 PM
@badp Aren't you excited, you have something to do now
@CRoss :D
Q: How do I Scavenge?

GnomeSliceSo, in my last town, no one really outlined scavenging all that well to me. How does autosearch work? Do I just leave it going, and come back to find items? What happens if my rucksack is filled and I'm still autosearching? Do new scavenged items simply gt placed on the ground? Or do I stop ...

11:04 PM
2 messages moved to Sandbox
@badp The link in the pinned message about the troubleshooter is broken.
Didn't upvotes use to generate 10 rep, not 5?
Trouble logging in? Push the button.
5 on questions, 10 on answers
@GnomeSlice Question upvotes give you 5.
11:16 PM
It used to be 10 on questions, but there were people who would ask a zillion questions but never answer any who ended up with a ton of passive rep as their 100s of questions slowly accumulated an upvote or two each
@badp I've noticed. I was certain I'd been getting 10.
11:52 PM
Q: Is this StackExchange query possible?

MaximusIs it possible to write a query that fetches just the question and the accepted answer while applying the ... userId of the user who posted the accepted answer... as the filter. To be clearer,the query should find all the questions and just the accepted answer...where in the accepted answer was ...

Q: Why is this workshop so important?

C. RossI just started playing die2night and my group seems to think a workshop is very important. Why is that?

Q: How do I become a Hero in die2nite?

NickFor all the help text and upsell messages in die2nite, I cannot figure out how users are selected for Hero status. At first I thought the game had a "freemium" model where you could pay to be a hero but none of the "become a hero" links take me anywhere. Are successful users from past towns gran...


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