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8:00 PM
But I like to only use my stars when I mean it :P
any screenshot of how does your options look like?
not really a lot - schedule events (whatever that's for), setup RSS feeds, control talk access, and move messages (whatever that does)
And I've never used any of those 4 options
^manshu's^ there's my latent question again, "how does this look to you?"
interesting - can move posts to a different room. That's odd.
Is it raining?
8:03 PM
@Khale_Kitha Usually for Trash room.
Is it snowing?
(It's weird that I have starred that room)
Is a hurricane a blowing?


A place for trash messages from other chatrooms. If you're a r...
huh, odd
I bet that room would be odd to read, out of context.
8:04 PM
(thanks for the screenshot, manshu)
you can find many gifs there
rebus guy added another hint, another rebus...
hit 0, Jack
hit the road jack?
run home, jack?
8:06 PM
hit the road splat
Don't hit nothing Jack.
"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." - Jack Nicholson
Poor peanut
I'd say maybe he's trying to say "the opposite of hit"
Notices people aren't understanding his rebus. adds another rebus almost exactly the same as a hint
8:07 PM
think Peanut knows that most of the abuse is probably leftovers from A Grid of Characters?
but...uh...what's the opposite of 14? Hmm
@humn Chemobot is malfunctioning
Let's have fun there
It's nowhere near just that one, humn
Still really curious about this 14 one, though
what a way to make a splash on the scene though
[checking out chemobot]
8:09 PM
Yeah that new rebus isn't helping
There's a new answer, btw
But it implies that the 14 is meaningless
Which I find hard to believe
hmm, I wonder..
Here's something worth considering.
This is a calculator rebus. Normally 14, upside down, on a calculator is hi
I hear that, in the voice of Richard Dean Anderson.
But why the strike out
@question_asker There is still only one reopen tag on the math question. YAY
the new rebus couldn't reasonably be any well known jack idiom
"Argh ! I definitely got it, but can't post an answer because the question is protected :(" okay Quentin
The strikeout for inverse or inverted, or upsidedown
Also, that comment is BS
Protected only prevents people with less than 10 rep from answering.
If it's stopping people who have 101 because of the free 100 from other sites, that seems like a bug, to me. The entire point of the 100 points is to prevent things like that.
8:19 PM
it means you don't know jack shit, so therefore the overall answer is you don't know sfourteen
Still trying to figure out something with a calculation error. It seems like this will be more straightforward once we know it.
A non "not" interpretation of the 14 could be "used to be 14"
or was
@humn Hi again.
@manshu i'm everywhere you are me, even mars
@Khale_Kitha agreed about the bug
Yeah, was just able to look it up, more to see it's intended
Q: Stack Exchange doesn't allow me to answer protected questions because I gave away earned rep in bounties

nicaelI noticed that I can't answer protected questions. I don't want to actually, but it says: It was FAQ for Stack Exchange sites, but I also didn't have an ability to answer other protected questions. I earned 270 reputation points + 100 reputation point bonus. Then I offered 350 reputation ...

But still silly
8:25 PM
I am pretty done trying to figure out this rebus...
@humn You are right on my seat, I guess.
Mind you, the association bonus does give you 11 privileges, off the bat (more on a beta site), but still...that seems silly.
We trust you enough to comment, but not answer
Scott's answer seems reasonable.
makes sense though since the whole point of protecting is to prevent bad answers to new users of this specific stack exchange site
8:28 PM
And matches fffred's comments
I agree with that
To an extent
@humn I want to create a chain with chemobot and fox
manshu, i'll "join"you on that
so what is the hint then?
you can be the head and i'll be the assshole
I'll find the way
8:29 PM
i think it's a perfect puzzle for chat room
@humn Yeah
Finding the bugs is always fun
I don't think it could be one for the road
beats me, Gordon
I think one for the road seems reasonable
one four zeroed ignores the 0 or ignores the strikethrough
8:30 PM
oh yeah
it's Hit the Road Jack
Not really
Hit Zeroed Jack
f this
oh so the idea is that hit becomes 0
Something being zeroed (out) means it's being replaced with a zero
8:31 PM
Yeah, so he zeroed out the 14 on his calculator and it became zero
Or even...
Take 14 and add it's inverse and you've zeroed it out
I still think that counts as "pronouncing" the strikeout
I can see where it doesn't, though
@manshu, care to start a new room for the bot puzzle so it doesn't mess up this one? i'll let you name that room
eh not really
That was a tough puzzle, @fffred
8:33 PM
Because you're not saying "one for zero"
@humn Come at sandbox instead.
Well you're looking at 14 0 and determining that the 14 was zeroed out
So technically you aren't pronouncing the strikeout in any way - I can see that
The action of striking it out is what makes it a verb
see after all the frustration I can't tell if I hate it or like it
I don't hate it
8:34 PM
hi guys
you seem to have had a long discussion here !
I'm annoyed that "not number one for nothing" wasn't accepted
But I don't hate the puzzle
Yeah, 14 0 is a tough call on it being "zeroed." I can see that it's the answer, fffred, but it's definitely a bit obscure, even with the title.
I think it was a decent rebus, though, personally.
Well @question_asker, I understand your point, but are we supposed to accept an answer if it happens to match ?
8:36 PM
0 was clearly an O which means Object and small talk is a well known Object Oriented Language so my answer was really correct the whole time /s
@Khale_Kitha, the title was indeed not a lead
If not, then 14 0 is very obscure
@fffred nah, like I say, it's fine, just a little ambiguous
though I find myself wondering..
if ±14 would be any less obscure (which is the only thing I can think of, to replace it)
I think that'd be far harder to justify, honestly
The current puzzle is the only way I can think of, offhand
8:38 PM
I thought of writing the rebus "14-14=0" but it is even less specific
Actually that was the way that I demonstrated to Gordon, earlier, what you meant
I think it would have been clearer
what about 14 → 0
14 "becomes" 0
makes sense
Yes I guess it would be good like that
But it's hard to imagine what ideas people come up with
I appreciate you being willing to consider our opinions on it, though
8:40 PM
Today I learned a valuable lesson: Rebuses are the key to HNQ
Perhaps, Gordon, but a title is what keeps it there
Actually, to be honest
Your answer would have been the reason it's on HNQ
None of the other answers have enough upvotes
That, or just short puzzles that seem like they should be easy
8:41 PM
Kk, it was on hnq before any answer had more than 3 votes
Probably in part because I kept clicking on it
Q: Is this sequence that hard?

Edgar G.I published a sequence that seems difficult to the general public, so I've thought of posting it here. It has a very simple logic (language independent). Can you figure out the next number?

Title: "the 8 rebuses doctors don't want you to know about!"
The is the other on hnq
No idea, q_a- we were just told, yesterday, that it's the upvotes on a question that does it.
No idea, though - perhaps it's just views, in a certain timeframe.
8:43 PM
If there were a bunch of answers all with 3 votes, and the question was very new, that would explain it. The youth of a question along with the sum of the upvotes of all the answers gets a question onto HNQ.
I want to know how that person got that sequence so fast
views don't matter for HNQ
I just read that answer
@pacoverflow is there any information on this anywhere?
The age part makes sense, otherwise it would just be very old questions
This answer is the most recent I can find: meta.stackexchange.com/a/164712/202205
the formula at the bottom of that answer
8:46 PM
unless the accepted answer guy plugged it into oeis then came up with a logical sounding explanation to fool us all....
*takes back upvote suspiciously
That answer seems outdated, though
As it links to meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/5482/… whose answer implies that it may have been put into place
though, to be fair
Both of the links on the answer were declined
well i'm off, cya guys later
cya, Gordon
@manshu You want a language puzzle? Here's a good one (of course I am biased): puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/6167/…
@pacoverflow I said it for the fortnight challenge.
8:51 PM
ah ok
Oh wow, that one's great @pacoverflow
Yeah...that's nice
It actually comes close to an idea I had for a language puzzle
Though I think my idea is too ambitious
@question_asker really?
What do you is a better time to put that idea into reality?
8:56 PM
That took me a few reads to see what all went on there, but that was an impressive puzzle, pacoverflow - especially how it pretended to imitate the skit, and then went closer to the actual skit in the answer.
Someone tell Baszat to stop answering puzzles and give us more hints! Hehehehe
glad you liked it :)
@manshu I think it's too ambitious
@pacoverflow Why didn't you add language tag or maybe enigma tag?
@question_asker What do you mean by ambitious?
the tag didn't exist until 2015, manshu
I think the language tag would give away too much on that one
8:59 PM
Should I edit it as enigma then?
@pacoverflow Your call
Yeah I was thinking it needs a better tag than 'explanation', but as q_a said 'language' might give it away
sure you can place 'enigmatic-puzzles' on it
the 'enigmatic-puzzles' tag should be changed to just 'enigmatic-puzzle'
True, though that can be said for a number of our tags, such as cryptograms
oh well!! maybe some people will see this question now. ;-)
Looking at the Avatar list again
Now Dan Russell's avatar is saying this is a bad website.
errr.. no
9:03 PM
Does on my screen =D
Hint #1 is no longer Coming Soon...
9:16 PM
@manshu by ambitious I mean I think it's a cooler idea than I could actually pull off
I actually would rather give the idea to someone else
but... there's no private messaging on SE
@question_asker There were some puzzles which I thought I would never post.
(that was another one that I looked into where the people in charge were like "we know lots of people want this but no, because we'll become a social network somehow if we add it (no we won't explain how)")
There is something called private chat
But I am not sure if it is only for mods to users
let me try
it's not
9:23 PM
@humn The question titles are totally made up
so, re: room ownership -
you can pin your own messages and unpin them, but you can't "unstar [your own] message as interesting"
it pops up a thing saying you can't star your own message (even though what you're trying to do is unstar it). obviously unpinning it works just as well
I'm blown away by this
Yeah, I found that annoying, too
it is a bug
You could clear stars on it, or unpin it, but that's about it.
it's not bothering me too much
but it's a weird behavior, even from a UX standpoint
(i.e., "you can't do [opposite of thing you're trying to do]!")
9:31 PM
I'm certainly not the only person who thinks that this edit should be rejected, right?
In reference to an edit making an entire answer a spoiler
Also, though, the answer should be deleted, as it's a comment - but that's another issue.
yeah that's a tough one imo
@humn only two Google searches for: site:stackexchange.com "[title]" return more than one result (my question) and none of those are the titles
I'm kind of fine with keeping that one - we certainly have other puzzles where two answers provide information that others don't (lots of these on math puzzles, actually) - if the first answerer includes that information the post can be deleted; it's additional info otherwise, at the moment
My reason for rejecting it has to do with my agreement with this: meta.puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/1498/spoiler-markup
but the ONLY pertinent information, in that answer, imo, is: "OEIS says 18."
I agree with the "all-spoiler answers are ugly/bad visually/etc."
but I also don't know what to do about that, since most answers can't really be much more than... the answer.
@Khale_Kitha yeah, that's true
9:37 PM
1 message moved from Room for manshu and question_asker
I... didn't see that message
PS, we can see the other room, just not post in it :)
yeah see I don't think there's a way to talk privately
everybody can always see everybody else's chat
You shouldn't be able to see the text in it, if it's private
Otherwise, what is this for..
I don't think there is such a thing
**Explicit Read Access**
Even when this room is private, these users will be able to read the conversations in this room.
9:39 PM
lemme check
That implies that no one can read it if it's private
Also, q_a
No one can see an @ request for a room unless they've been there, once. That's why i never got that very first one you ever sent me.
there's no "private" option - only "gallery" or "public"
that makes sense, actually
keeps people from being able to spam non-participants
I wonder if private is a 3rd option for mods only - hmm
so none of those messages we sent to @use recently went through
Though mods have some kind of private messaging feature, so... heh
9:41 PM
@Khale_Kitha I once used it :p
Yeah, unless it comes up on autocoplete, they won't get it
yeah looking into it, SE devs/whatever-actually-control-over-the-website-people are really against any kind of non-mod private messaging
there's been many feature requests for it, highly voted meta questions/answers, etc., and they're repeatedly like "nahhhh, nope. no."
It's one of those things that shows off the "by-the-people" design philosophy is only somewhat followed here.
(PS I rejected that edit too, and stated what we said in here about it not being an answer)
Yeah, I used my character limit on my reject reason - I hate rejecting edits.
9:43 PM
yeah - one of our people, maybe cudmore, was like "uhhh it seems like your users want this? that's why you keep having to turn it down?"
Has anybody been working on this ?
Q: How do I contact other users?

ArjanHow can I contact another user, if that user has not specified any contact details in their profile? Return to FAQ index

Okay, so mods definitely can make private rooms
@fffred yes people have been "staring at it" :)
there's a real vein of the higher-ups on SE (and to some degree, on individual SE sites) wanting all the benefits of mod/owner/operatorship but none of the responsibilities
I know absolutely nothing about anything to get started on it
So haven't given it much thought
9:44 PM
@Jonathan, :) I know I've been !
(cf. all the times that one of them says "if we do [X], we'll have to [do some kind of basic maintenance], maybe!")
Q: What's the next two numbers in the series?

The RefferedWhat's the next two numbers and how did you get to the answer? The series: 2, 4, 4, 8, 12, 16, 48, 64, 288, 448 Hint 1 Hint 2

Bah, come on
language fortnight
He gave hint 1 after an hour
where's hint2 :P
@fffred I have been trying to make headway on it, but I'm stuck
9:46 PM
Yeah, I saw a great deal of discussion on it, yesterday, when I was working on a different puzzle
But I barely understood what went across
basically my takeaway was that there wasn't really anything to be translated there, at least not yet
I am really stuck on the language tag. Hopefully we do not need to know all the different languages there.
no, that's the thing
It's fibonacci related, but Im not sure on anything further than that
at least in the text that's given, there's nothing that really is "in" a language
9:48 PM
It seemed similar, at first, Navigatron
it's just characters from various character sets
But dies quickly
I've tried a series of formulae, but haven't gotten the "lucky formula" for this sequence, yet.
(without looking, iirc, it's latin (+extended), cyrillic (+extended maybe?), greek, armenian, georgian, korean, IPA (though this might just be part of the latin extended))
so I feel like those need to be decrypted somehow (and one of the question titles leads me to believe the method or key or whatever may change from one question to the next)
Not sure it should be view as different character sets. They all are in Unicode.
well, they're character sets in the sense that latin isn't cyrillic isn't greek isn't georgian etc.
9:53 PM
Here was one thing that Gordon came up with, yesterday, regarding it, with other conversation scattered, nearby:
yesterday, by Gordon Allocman
The last one becomes this [all][and]ое[and][t][t][n][and][i][and][t][and][m]рe[p][is] maybe that will help
Almost forgot to star that comment by Gordon: "Take your star" lol
How was that translated? I'm going through the chat but cannot seem to find so much
I think that's just a piece-by-piece translation of parts of лйоеиттнияитимрепж
His next comment explains, fffred
in response to the same question
10:02 PM
I see. Just translating the meaning. But you could have different meanings by grouping characters differently ...
Sigh, I wish this site had full latex support like some of the other SE sites.
It would certainly assist in the creation of rebus' without having to use images
Agreed, but how is it limited here? Just a subset of latex commands?
Just a subset of mathjax - almost no latex works
I got trolled?
10:11 PM
Long story, @manshu might understand
Sorry for that.
ooh, I like that sonata in d major answer
that room is public now
10:29 PM
I know I shouldn't have...
but here's my rebus, since there's so many, today
Q: It could be disturbing

Khale_KithaThe following rebus is one that should be very familiar to a great number of people, but may require an unexpected thought process. $(\huge ma$$)\ \epsilon \ 1$ $\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \wedge$ Note: This puzzle may not be solvable if viewed on a mobile device.

And out, for now
(I have a feeling this is going to be solved before I get home)
thanks for the answers to my question regarding answers to the questions in question in your question, @Jonathan, so i'll take the strange correspondence as being nonspecific to the medium of StackExchange
(also, still enjoying staring at Logically Linked Numbers)
@humn nice phrasing :)
guess your parser understood it too
yeah parser working :D
gotta say, when i first saw your Linked Numbers puzzle
it was already 40 minutes old and nobody had posted the prime factors yet
still don't know what to make of them, though
but am most struck by the lack of 2s in ternary, but shiny things fascinate me too
10:45 PM
It was posted at 06:40Z
and i saw it at 7:20Z but didn't have time to do anything about it
except notice a couple of factors
it'll be fun to see how long it takes for Wesley to solve this one too
you referencing The Unfinished Puzzle Section?
yep, a nice long journey of a solution
I thought Dan Russell was going to get there
yeah, though i only saw the last couple of rounds
the earlier rounds were impressive too
10:49 PM
My solution looks less complicated than the edits made by you
but you got the jist
you mean your notes? or did you post a solution as well?
my notes
yours has it all so I didn't post
ah, that was my next question
if it's not obvious i like to see every detail be credited
and still miss some when i try to do so
interlace was meant literally over,under,over,under...
so just two lines
now i want to look again to see just what you mean by that
10:53 PM
one sec...
(guess i didn't really explain a lot, mainly wanted to get the pictures down and hope they speak for themselves)
-> PA, IR, ...
good, those are in the pictures, but not as clearly as possible
and my notes are just
to be super nosy, typed or handwritten?
(duh, typed no doubt since you copied them just now)
10:58 PM
In open office
had any other math fun lately? i've been entranced by the recyclable punch card puzzle
so you get...

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