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4:00 PM
@PeterGrace How big is a desktop model ?
It IS the desktop.
We finally got rid of an AS/400.
@#% thing took 20 minutes to boot.
something like that size.
I just recently threw away my last greenscreen dumb tube
I asked a guy from IBM what a cheap one would cost to learn on, I think he said around 40k for a simple one :/
4:01 PM
I have a box that protocol-converts twinax to RS-232
@PeterGrace Guessing that's not quiet...or cheap.
I'm currently authoring a m.so question about why the hell we cant have more than 4 migration paths
Wish me luck
@tombull89 None of the above, for sure.
what migration paths are you referring to?
@PeterGrace Probably weighs a ton too.
4:03 PM
@MDMarra <mom voice> BECAUSE I SAID SO </mom voice>
@BartSilverstrim Question migration
mmmm would twintax to RS 232 to usb
@BartSilverstrim Question -> Close -> Off Topic -> Has 4 target options currently
Like, why the hell can't unix.se, dba, webmasters, and apple all be in our migration path
Because options make things confusing.
People don't like options.
4:04 PM
@MDMarra Way too many options for casual users. I'd support a tiered model though, users over 5k get more options.... like those 3 you listed.
@ChrisS Casual users don't hit 3k easily
Quick! Make your Meta post so I can poo all over it!
I'd be OK with a tiered system
Plus you get people people who disagree on where a Q should go. Someone having a bash problem on OSX; where should that go?
Straight To Hell.
4:07 PM
anyone want to get together and help me firebomb the NYS Department of Transportation and Nassau County Police buildings?
< uses bash on OSX.
Q: Smoothwall express Green and Purple interface issues

TimbermarI just took over as the sole IT person for a small company, we have multiple sites all over the US, most of which connect back to our CoLo via VPN. Every site I've visited has used the same Smoothwall UTM-100 with the exception of one, which is running SmoothWall Express 3.0. I've gotten a hand...

if they cant maintain these stupid red light cameras without shutting down 2 lanes of a 2 lane road maybe they shouldn't have installed them.
@voretaq7 "Report-To-Authorities" clicked! :P
4:09 PM
@voretaq7 Flagged in 3...2...1. Modspam in 10...9...8...
@PeterGrace oh like I'm not already on their watchlists anyway!
@voretaq7 point.
@tombull89 I'm going to flag the stupid cameras as offensive :)
Do we have a "I've just been forced into a sysadmin role, what do I do" canoical question, and do we need one?
4:10 PM
(alternate response: I already had a 35 minute time-out because of the traffic)
@voretaq7 after reading that, I typed "camera" instead of "canoical" above...
@tombull89 there are a bunch of them, not sure any are really canonical...
@voretaq7 [Insert MTU-related fat joke]
Yeah, but with the NDAA Voretaq7 may just disappear indefinitely now...
@tombull89 oh that's an easier question - observe the cameras and learn their blind spots, then slink around the building dressed in dark clothes, hugging the walls and muttering to yourself.
@BartSilverstrim If I go down I'm taking the department of transportation with me!
@SmallClanger [insert joke about a hairball clogging my intertubes]
4:14 PM
Check out my new iphone! Yes, I just found this site. (www.retronaut.co)
@MikeyB Phwoar
@voretaq7 Houston, TX just started putting those cameras in. People down there uses to take the light changing red to mean "if you're in a column of cars you don't actually have to stop". So the cameras of course were the solution.... Well now rear-ending accidents are up over 1000%. Sounds like a great solution.
@MikeyB hipster gonna hip.
@ChrisS Sounds like crap driving to me
4:15 PM
@ChrisS wait until they start breaking down / getting vandalized -- I hope the maintenance companies are smarter in Houston
Q: Should some communities have more than 4 migration targets?

MDMarraAre the number of migration paths one-size-fits-all? Server Fault is in a somewhat unique situation as far as sub-communities go (Super User may be in the same boat, but I rarely spend time there any more). Area51 has fractured our community into many smaller, but more highly specialized communi...

That took a long time to type
I'm glad in MI you can't get a ticket by camera. An officer has to witness the infraction and issue the ticket. We have cameras around for assigning blame after the fact and such, but you can't get a ticket.
I bet it gets closed in record time
@MDMarra Nice. I'll downvote it to start you off.
haha thanks
4:16 PM
@Dan Yep, but cameras haven't helped that....
we have that same law here.
They get around it by recording low-light video & having an officer sitting on their fat(tening) ass at the precinct review it all and issue the citations.
(this was because we had a judge sue the county over a camera ticket, and win because no officer was involved in issuing the citation)
serverfault.com/questions/348908/… Did I answer this in a valid way ?
We have a single toll highway here in ON, CA that uses cameras for automated billing. I've discovered a blind spot - if you do a Perfectly Legal Lane Change right as you're going underneath the cameras such that you're straddling the line as you go under, they don't see you :)
@Dan @ChrisS Join me in petitioning $_GOVERNMENT for biennial driving tests!
@LucasKauffman You should give a short little summary and then point to the article for further information. Links alone are discouraged.
4:18 PM
Ill expand the answer
@voretaq7 signs
@MikeyB Solution: Paint solid lines for 1000' around the toll plaza.
@LucasKauffman yeah best to summarise the answer.
lane change no longer legal. Add additional cameras to catch the offender and issue them a summons.
@voretaq7 That doesn't count here... The officer can't use technology to witness an infraction. They can use tech to measure the infraction (radar guns, breathalizers, etc), but watching on camera live or after the fact doesn't cut it.
4:19 PM
Also, the OP to that question? Name: acidburn2k. Age: 92 (?!) Website: Google.com
@voretaq7 Ah, this is a problem that doesn't need a solution :)
@ChrisS This is new york. we do everything wrong.
@voretaq7 ITYM lawbreaker.silence()
I made a comment on the posting.
Now I just wait until someone tells me why I'm an idiot. Voretaq?
4:21 PM
Right, I've made it throught he day alive. Home time - see you kids tomorrow!
@tombull89 HEY I'M not the one impeding the safe flow of traffic to stare at the guts of a camera!
@voretaq7 well you wanted to blow the place up...
...because you expect the users to read, understand and obey the documentation?
Wait no, that's insanity not idiocy...
@tombull89 just their offices. They can even be empty, though I'd take it as a personal favor if the people responsible for these traffic-causing cameras were left inside for the explosion.
Film it, put it on YouTube, place ads on it, use ads to pay bail money, ???, profit. Or something like that?
@voretaq7 Oh hell don't get me started...
4:23 PM
and what question is this we're commenting on?
Q: Should some communities have more than 4 migration targets?

MDMarraAre the number of migration paths one-size-fits-all? Server Fault is in a somewhat unique situation as far as sub-communities go (Super User may be in the same boat, but I rarely spend time there any more). Area51 has fractured our community into many smaller, but more highly specialized communi...

btw I spent some time on a network that seemingly had dissabled ssh on their corporate network, would it be possible to circumvent the DPI if you encapsulate by doing DNS tunneling or tunneling it over ssl ?
Picking on MDMama.
@LucasKauffman Yep. Had to do that myself a couple times.
Q: RTSP to RTMP streaming

TimothyI am trying to set up a server for converting a video stream, live. The input stream is in RTSP format, and the output should be RTMP (to use in a Flash application). I've had a look at crtmp, which seems like a good solution; however, I can't figure out the right configuration by myself (the .l...

^Migrate? To where?
4:28 PM
Stackoverflow ?
or superuser
I'd go with the latter one
serverfault.com/questions/348907/… ---> How do you say in a nice why they should read logs ?
@LucasKauffman "You should read the logs"
Pretty much what @mdmarra said.
ok ^^, time to flash my touchpad to android 3.5
@ChrisS Hopefully I've answered him anyway, don't know what the fuck he's doing dicking about with crtmp
Wooo, got Pro Tem mod spot at Movies.SE
4:42 PM
didn't know it existed
Hi @Chopper3!
@TylerShads Mmmmm, BBQ
Almost lunch time here, I'm starving.
4:46 PM
Me too, I didn't eat dinner.
I added an idea to @mdmarra's meta post! Yay, me!
5:15 PM
@ChrisS I'd let it stay only because I have no idea where to put it :P
Ideas ARE dangerous. Hence the oft-repeated, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" and "WHAT GAVE YOU THAT IDEA?!" that parents have seared into their vocabulary.
5:53 PM
Well, my idea was voted down, but still there's no reason given why.
Bloody hate that.
6:05 PM
@BartSilverstrim Which idea where?
There's days it's rather fun being the in-office equivalent of SF. Especially when I know the answer.
You british people.. how much does BA charge extra for seats in the world traveller plus section? I want power for my laptop across the sea :P
Im surprised at how well my m.so post was received
@MDMarra that the migration target exception post?
I think someone should try to come up with a proposal to make migrating to other sites a 10k+ privilege.
6:13 PM
@voretaq7 I really like your Alt Option for @MDMarra 's Question. Maybe the list of "All" sites should be trimmed to "everything that's even remotely related", but it's the best idea on there right now.
@AdrianK ya
@Zoredache That's essentially what I proposed, I think.
@MDMarra Makes sense to me.
If I understand you correctly
@AdrianK It's just that anyone that's asked for it in the past has been spit on
So the 10k users would see a dialog that shows any sites that had already been voted for as a target, and then the box to select an arbitrary site. A 3k user would see a box that shows the default 2-3 choices, and any sites that had been suggested by 10k+ users.
I think since I made my post so long, they think I'm smart
6:15 PM
Add in some pictures showing mockups of the new dialog boxes.
@MDMarra Because devs and PMs don't like change any more than users do? =)
@MDMarra you put that 10k rep suggestion out there just to make me look bad
@pauska Your sock does that job quite well without mention of your disgustingly low reputation.
@pauska win the mod election and you wont have a problem haha
@Zoredache I'm no good at design
6:17 PM
I hope I don't win
@MDMarra What post are we talking about? I've searched metas with no avail.
there are so many better candidates
Q: Should some communities have more than 4 migration targets?

MDMarraAre the number of migration paths one-size-fits-all? Server Fault is in a somewhat unique situation as far as sub-communities go (Super User may be in the same boat, but I rarely spend time there any more). Area51 has fractured our community into many smaller, but more highly specialized communi...

personally I'm totally for Ian and voretaq
@pauska I tossed my candidacy out there as a red herring. If I get elected as a mod, it proves the degeneracy of the site and that it should probably be burninated.
6:19 PM
and I want Chopper back as diamond
With Iain and Chris in as candidates, I seriously believe it's a race for third.
We should start a betting pool for the mod election. Who wants $20 for the trifecta?
Honestly, after the mess I created with my post I didn't see any other choice but to nominate myself. Bitching about inactive mods and then not running for election would be kind of hypocritical.
What timezone is Chris in?
-6 i think
@pauska EST - he's in Philly?
No, Mark is in Philly
I'm in philly
I'm -5
6:22 PM
I'm -7 half the year and -8 the other half
Currently -7
Fucking Arizona.
@WesleyDavid mdmarra's meta on number of migration targets.
When I see ServerFaulters in a post on Meta.SO, this is what I do:
@WesleyDavid I didn't think Arizona did DST?
Or is that Nevada
@MDMarra We don't, everyone else revolves around us. So when the rest of the nation changes, we stay put.
@WesleyDavid Philly?! Where did that come from?
6:23 PM
mmm this is weird, on one of my servers the ntptime is 2 minutes off
@ChrisS He thinks we're the same person :D
@ChrisS I have no idea. False memories... that one concussion... the time I was trapped underwater for six minutes...
@WesleyDavid I thought AZ didn't do daylight saving time?
@Ward We don't... I didn't think I gave the impression that we did...
@Ward It doesn't. Drives me batshit when I have to call Arizona vendor reps.
6:24 PM
@MDMarra Ah, you're in Philly. Thought you were somewhere else in PA... Not too far from Bart... Maybe that was someone else.
2 mins ago, by WesleyDavid
I'm -7 half the year and -8 the other half
Do you move?
@WesleyDavid I'm pretty sure you're just -7 all the time, since UMT doesn't move.
@AdrianK Right, we're -7Arizona/UMT - but to make it easy, I always tell people half the year that "Just think of me as Denver time." and the other half "Think of me as LA time."
So yeah, different perspective.
I have to stop myself from calling it Zulu still. My social workery co-workers get all sorts of offended.
@AdrianK I think "offended" is the default temperament for social workers.
6:26 PM
@WesleyDavid Yep. I lived 6 miles from the Indiana state line as a child. Was a major PITA.
@AdrianK I'd be happier if they just got rid of daylight saving.
@WesleyDavid Yes, when not drunk and being offensive their own selves.
@ChrisS I think I'm as far away from Bart as can be and still live in the same state
@Ward Yes please! And keep EST in -4
I'm in the south east, he's north west, I think
6:27 PM
Oh cool, you live in Grand Rapids, I could have hired you to pull a hit on a friend's abusive boyfriend late last year! What are your prices?
@MDMarra Yeah, I realize that now. Must be someone else.
@ChrisS: You forgot to answer what your timezone is.. :P
@MDMarra More North central.....
@pauska Michigan is -5
@pauska I'm in EST -5 currently.
6:28 PM
@Ward I'd be happier if they just left DST in place year-round. I vastly prefer later evenings. I wake up and go to work in the dark in the winter in Seattle anyway.
we need a west coast mod
or south east asia
@pauska We had one, then he moved to the East coast. =]
or east russia, but I bet the tundra isnt very welcomming to IP packets
To me, anything east of Denver is "The East Coast"
Salt Lake to Denver is a weird No Man's Land.
West of Salt Lake is Beulah Land *harps*
6:29 PM
@AdrianK I think we need give up on this whole variable time thing and just all use UTC. Or some other absolute time.
@pauska Maybe in 2013. =D I got enough work being my church's treasurer for the next year.
@pauska I thought about nominating, but I am not sure I want to run against Iain.
@Zoredache I prefer Arthur C Clarke's idea of "equal time under the sun" and convert to sidereal time.
@Zoredache there are 2 mod spots
I think you'd be a brilliant mod. Go for it? IF you join the candidates, I think the odds for betting on the trifecta would be 1:1
6:30 PM
@Zoredache Normal people wouldn't like that at all, but all my logs and such are in UTC.
@AdrianK Actually, sensitive types would probably find several words of the phonetic alphabet offensive
@ChrisS normal people would get used to it after a few decades.
We had this question:
Q: Managing multi-timezone servers

AlexWhat would be an ideal time and timezone setup for multi-country servers? Especially considering one central IT team managing these servers. Currently we have each server using a local timezone. e.g. servers in the Chinese datacenter are set with CST. Servers in our German datacenter are set to ...

@Ward Charlie for Phonetic C, for starters. They always think I'm calling them a communist. Probably because they are, but whatever.
And Yankee...
6:32 PM
one OBVIOUS meme is missing, but heck
@Ward Huh. Are people aware of the fact that 2008 servers (and later) uses the clients timzeone when using RDP?
And an upvote because it was painful to see Ward at 10 rep short of 5500.
The hell? If you type in a question, the SX engine suggests similar questions that may solve your question. Why can't a similar method be used to divine what stack the question should be migrated to?
Speaking of sex, Sex.SE just opened private beta
glorious.. that douche who started the whole meta debate about it must be proud
@Zoredache So how serious are you about mod candidacy?
6:39 PM
We've granted you special access to a private beta preview, which you van visit at:

@pauska Its because of him that it went through
@pauska Leave it to Senior Sock to have private beta access to Sexuality.SE
@Shads0 wut you're a mod now. congrats. dont ban our chat users you non-sf-mod-piece-of-tard!
@WesleyDavid I'm already halfway into my "How to achieve the highest levels of pleasure with a used sock and some vaseline" post
@pauska Hahah, thanks, and hey maybe me being active in here will make it easier to ban sock lovers...er...lusers
@pauska Okay, I'm switching tabs now. Thanks for encouraging me to suddenly become productive.
6:41 PM
@pauska FUUUUU the fits of laughter have begun!
@WesleyDavid I haven't really decided that. I am slightly interested because I want ALL the privileges, I am just not entirely sure that I want all the responsibilities.
Yeah, responsibility sucks.
@Zoredache But not nearly as much as all the responsibility and none of the authority. cough*working for IBM*cough
Q: Why is dial up is so slow?

KarenOn a Dial up Internet why is the speed is limited to 56K compared to a Broadband Internet which may carry 10 times as much as dial up through that same telephone line? Is it because the dial up is limited to 56K by ISP? Does ISP amplify the speed when you order broadband?

That f'ing stint is what got me stuck working 1660 salaried hours between Thanksgiving and Easter one year.
6:44 PM
I'm so tempted to reply with a meme picture
@Zoredache Listen, if I can presume to handle the responsibility, then certainly you can take it too. =P
Really I just want the power to determine what questions live and what questions die. I see so many from '09 that need to be officially closed so as to discourage future posts in a similar vein. Plus, I'm getting scared of the way @MarkHenderson is glaring at me in the evenings...
@WesleyDavid You mean @Rebeccachernoff ?
@Shads0 Why u summon the adults? We were even behaving too!
6:53 PM
@AdrianK abuses new mod powers for teh lulz
@Shads0 Oh. cool. We gots our own adults in the house, now? Rockin.
If you want to call me an adult, that's your own funeral ;)
It's all relative. And you're probably closer than most of the people that live in Seattle.
Most everybody has the emotional stability of a 13yo around here.
It's not very often that I actually see material suitable for emailing to the Daily WTF software dev blog. But one of our old programmers built a script that was using the output of 'ps' to build a list of processes to kill. Except that she didn't know how to use awk and used 'cut' with the question mark as the delimiter. Her script ASSUMED that no processes would ever be using tty or pty to connect to the database, or else the daily database update (which takes 4 hours) would fail.

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