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1:14 AM
Has anybody else noticed that Biblatex is incompatible with several classes and packages? I started with titling but Guido pointed out in a comment that it affected a class so I started grepping tex/latex and discovered likely problems with several classes and packages including Memoir, ltugboat, several thesis classes and a bunch of older and/or less common packages e.g. uspatent, seminar, droit-fr, ametsoc and abntex2. I only checked the top level and only quickly.
1:41 AM
Definitely incompatibility with Memoir ...
4 hours later…
5:59 AM
LaTeX puzzle: Each \section command is followed by \setcounter{equation}{0}. What preamble code makes this necessary?
@egreg ^^ :)
6:14 AM
And also: reinventing the wheel:
2 hours later…
8:10 AM
@yo' \counterwithout{equation}{section}?
@egreg \def\theequation{\thesection.\arabic{equation}}
8:34 AM
@yo' Wonderful!
9:13 AM
@DavidCarlisle Nice feature of \mathstyle in LuaTeX. Guess the output of \count255=\mathstyle 3 \number\count255.
9:24 AM
@JosephWright \mathstyle in LuaTeX can be used as a number, as well as \displaystyle, \textstyle` and so on. However, these two lines give different output, because \mathstyle doesn't stop the search for numbers (contrary to the “style” tokens)
$\scriptstyle\count255=\mathstyle 3 \the\count255$\par
$\scriptstyle\count255=\scriptstyle 3 \the\count255$\bye
The first line outputs 43, the second one outputs 34 (as expected)
@JosephWright Could you please ask on the LuaTeX list? ^^^^^^^
@egreg I guess so
@JosephWright In all the examples I've seen there's always \ifnum\mathstyle=, so the issue doesn't show up.
@JosephWright Reference: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/303299
9:43 AM
@egreg Not clear from the manual: I'll ask
@egreg Also fails with \showthe
@JosephWright The failure of \the and\showthe is not a big problem, but it would be better if it worked with them, of course.
@egreg Yes, but likely reflects the same internal issue
@egreg Reported
@JosephWright Yes, \showthe\textstyle works.
@JosephWright Thanks!
@egreg No problem: @DavidCarlisle and I form Hans' testing team :-)
@JosephWright :)
1 hour later…
11:19 AM
I had German food yesterday!
@PauloCereda Got a good shake too?
@PauloCereda Wurst mit Senf?
@egreg a good shake. :)
@egreg Oh there were Eisbein, Sauerkraut, three types of wurst thingies, a potato thingy, another meat thingy and the Knödel thingy too! I could barely read the menu, why they write German food names in German? :)
At least they had photos of the dishes! :D
@PauloCereda They could spare on vowels by writing it in Czech.
@egreg LOL
@egreg: my advisor and I had fun yesterday thinking about how huge my thesis title would be in German. And with only one word!
11:48 AM
@PauloCereda Nihilistendynamittheaterkaestchenssprengungsattentaetsversuchungen
12:18 PM
@PauloCereda -- maybe only one word, but could it be hyphenated?
@barbarabeeton I have no idea! I always thought German hyphenation was NP-hard. :)
@egreg More like adaptivlexikalischsyntaktischmakroerweiterungverarbeitung, :)
Nihilistendynamittheaterkästchenssprengungsattentatsversuchungen ;-)
12:36 PM
@ChristianHupfer ooh :)
@ChristianHupfer: ^^ how to you like my (working) thesis title in German? :)
@PauloCereda Eisbein, Sauerkraut etc. Those are the worst examples of German food
@ChristianHupfer When I visit you, I will not eat for two days, so I will have enough space for the real food. :)
@ChristianHupfer: does that include liver? (@Johannes) :)
@PauloCereda: Just give me a note when you plan to visit me. I will serve you delicious German food, not those fat stuff like Eisbein
@PauloCereda Liver is also a bad example
1:04 PM
@ChristianHupfer ooh :)
1 hour later…
2:11 PM
I had to use ####1!
@egreg Oh my!
@egreg hardly worth commenting on such a simple construct.
A: How can we draw a Christmas tree with decorations, using TikZ?

David Carlisle{\let~\catcode~`A0 AgdefAs.#1.{Acsname#1Aendcsname}AdefAq#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9{%####################### AdefAy##1###1##3##4##5###3###2##8##9{AdefAw####1#####1####3####4####5#####3#####2####8####9{%####### AdefAz########1#########1########3########4########5#########3#########2########8########9{Aegr...

2:39 PM
@DavidCarlisle Exaggerations as usual!
3:20 PM
@egreg Did you see the reply on the LuaTeX list?
@JosephWright Yes, it's silly because \displaystyle has the same behavior
@JosephWright However, at least we know what to do with it. Pity it's not specified in the manual.
@JosephWright “It's like \romannumeral” is not an explanation to me. ;-)
@egreg No
@egreg I'll adjust the code using it, but I'm not that keen on the details given thus-far
4:29 PM
@PauloCereda knedlík, really? wow!
my first spring bicycle trip. It ouchs.
@yo' Distance?
@DavidCarlisle: shellesc invented the word "ensabled":
Package shellesc Info: Restricted shell escape ensabled on input line 67
4:53 PM
@UlrikeFischer hmm I wonder who's typing that is:-)
@UlrikeFischer In Italian we have the verb “insabbiare”, used when some investigation or legislative action is buried; literally it is “to bury in the sand”). Maybe David wanted to show off his knowledge of French (sand=sable).
@JosephWright not much, 30km, but half of it in an annoying rain, feeling like very little hail
5:08 PM
@UlrikeFischer I had German food yesterday and could not read half of the menu. The other half I didn't even try. :)
@PauloCereda When we were in Italy last year we got a menu card in german and couldn't read half of the menu either -- they had invented some very interesting dish names (or perhaps they asked google translate).
@UlrikeFischer ooh I know the feeling! I only know three or four names. :)
@UlrikeFischer I've seen such "English menus" in Prague and in Paris many times :)
5:25 PM
@JosephWright Just FYI vvvvvvvv
@egreg I'll add some more defensive code
A duck would have been better!
A: Walking man along hypotenuse

Herbert\documentclass[pstricks,border=12pt]{standalone} \usepackage{pst-fun} \usepackage{auto-pst-pdf} \begin{document} \multido{\n=.0+.1}{10}{% \begin{pspicture}[dimen=m](-1,0)(8,9) \pspolygon(0,3.5)(0,0)(3,0) \pcline[linestyle=none,offset=0](0,3.5)(3,0) \naput[labelsep=2,npos=\...

5:48 PM
I like such clear questions
Q: error while exporting format pdf (pdflatex)

Jeje ZzzI have this problem but in some document not all when I try to view it said [error while exporting format pdf (pdflatex)] I do not know what is the problem

@ChristianHupfer "I do not know what is the problem" -- Neither do we.
@yo' That's why I made some naughty comments there ;-)
1 hour later…
6:58 PM
@egreg Update to mathstyle sent to Will (for checking)
7:25 PM
@yo' -- what was falling on you was probably sleet (itty-bitty ice pellets, not big enough to be hail, and mixed with rain.) or if it was colder, maybe "graupel" (new word for me a few weeks ago, when that's what it was called in the weather report), which is an additional thin coating of ice on snowflakes, so it's softer than hail. nonetheless, unpleasant while riding a bicycle or motorbike.
8:00 PM
@barbarabeeton well, could any of it really happen at about 7C?
@yo' -- in the summer, it's often well above freezing, and hail still forms, since it's created high in the atmosphere where it's always much colder than at ground level. sleet is more common in winter. when a band of warm air passes over a band of very cold air, and drops its load of rain through the cold air where it freezes. so, yes. 7C isn't warm enough to melt a determined ice pellet moving at terminal velocity.
8:16 PM
@barbarabeeton well, hail falls down because it gets huge in the clouds. However, these things, FWIW, are small, and would melt just from the imposed friction
@yo' -- sleet isn't crystalline like snow, so it's got less surface. a few days ago, i came out of the office and it was relatively warm (i think about 5C) and looked like it was raining, so i pulled up my hood. when i got out from under the marquee, i heard rattling on my hood, and when i got into the car, i could see the little ice pellets bouncing off the windshield. they melted very soon on contact, but definitely reached the ground as ice.
@barbarabeeton ok thanks, that's interesting. The only thing I'm afraid of I think is that it could maybe scratch my glasses
8:34 PM
@yo' -- unless the ice has formed around sand or sharp dust, i don't think your glasses are in danger, unless you wipe them with a very rough cloth, or one contaminated with foreign matter. most glasses (in the u.s. anyway) now come with scratch-resistant coatings. mine are subjected to very little kind attention, and scratching hasn't been a problem unless i've actually dropped them on the ground and kicked them.
what any rain/snow/sleet will do with glasses though is get them all smeary so you can't see clearly. that's a different kind of problem.
Hi, can someone remind me what this syntax does, please?
\input{"| hg log -v -l 1 \jobname.tex --template '{node}  {date|isodate}'"}
The hg log -v -l 1 \jobname.tex --template '{node} {date|isodate}' is just a version control command, but it doesn't work when I replace it with ls, for example.
No, never mind, it does. My mistake.
8:50 PM
@barbarabeeton scratch resistant is fine, but my previous glasses survived 9 years and are still usable, and I hope for a similar span for these, too
@yo' -- you're pretty unusual that you haven't needed a new prescription for that long. i've had periods like that too, but gordon has rarely gone more than two years without needing a tuneup. if you really want to take good care of them, get a cleaning kit for binoculars. the ones we have consist of a pocket-like container with a belt-loop attachment, and a really soft cloth that is attached to the container in such a way that it can be pulled free for use, but can't get lost.
@barbarabeeton well, I got my own and pretty efficient method for having my glasses stretch-less for ages. I don't use the cloths, they seem not to do their job well. I simply wash the glasses with hot (really hot) water, then apply reasonably good kitchen detergent, and then wash again in really hot water. Makes wonders.
@ChristianHupfer @PauloCereda Eisbein and Sauerkraut is very delicious.
@yo' -- yeah, that's what my eye-doctor recommends. but it's not really convenient when you're tramping around in a marsh ... (that's where we'll be a week from now. but with very comfortable accommodations. and a gorgeous view of the marsh at daybreak out the door to the deck. just hoping the mosquito population is not as ravaging as usual.)
9:06 PM
@barbarabeeton have a good trip then!
@yo' -- thanks! (there's a wi-fi connection, so i can check in. no tv though.)
@barbarabeeton well, then there's hot water, right? :) Also, WiFi is much more important than TV...
@PauloCereda You had enough Pringles, I guess
@yo' -- yes to both! (but the water will most likely be too cold to swim, in either the ocean or the unheated pool. plenty of birds to watch, and alligators, armadillos, and occasional lizards, frogs and snakes.)
@barbarabeeton stop or I'm already jealous :)
9:15 PM
@yo' -- maybe we can send pictures.
@Johannes_B Too German for me
@ChristianHupfer Five days in a row being in the garden including "rostern". Lots of work done in the past days.
I just edited this old question to simplify, in case someone wants to take a look.
Q: Embedding version control information returns error when file is not under version control

Faheem MithaConsider the following MWE. Note that this uses Mercurial for illustrative purposes, but the question is not specific to Mercurial \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fouriernc} \begin{document} \parbox{\linewidth}{\centering \input{"| hg log -v -l 1 \jobname.tex --template '{node} {date|iso...

I don't think the is really suitable, since the question does not really involve mercurial. But I'm not sure what a better choice of tag would be.
9:42 PM
@Johannes_B Was ist "rostern"?
an English question: factorization is to multiplication as X is to addition. What is X?
@yo' X is 42, of course ;-)
@yo' Do you have a word in Czech for this? What mathematical meaning should it have?
9:58 PM
@egreg well, we do have a use for this now in our research, and the notion we use is decomposition, which I don't quite like
@yo' What should be the mathematic concept? There is no unique way to decompose a sum.
@UlrikeFischer indeed. But there's also no unique way to decompose a product, yet you can call any of the decompositions a factorization...
I'm actually looking for all decompositions of certain sums just now...
I'll probably simply stick to decompositions :)
@ChristianHupfer Grillen.
10:13 PM
@yo' Factorizing a number or polynomial is interesting, decomposing it into summands is simply boring. ;-)
@egreg not if you give conditions on the summands, like the problem of 4 squares :)
looks as if in german sometimes partition is used de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partitionsfunktion, but there is no english version of the article ...
10:31 PM
@UlrikeFischer @yo' “Partition” seems good.
@UlrikeFischer oh thanks, that sounds good really!
now I'm off, bye bye

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