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3:00 AM
Wait. The dead man is Superman!! The rock is Kryptonite!!
That must be it.
@Robusto yes.
Superman dresses queerly. Q.E.D.
Took a while...
What, really??
3:00 AM
Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates as "which was to be demonstrated".
He doesn't wear boxers.
How do you know?
Not sexual relations again?
@SonicTheHedgehog — Thank you, but I always know what I am saying.
Interesting factoid about Superman...
@Robusto Others don't.
3:01 AM
A woman has incontrovertible proof in court that her husband was murdered by her sister. The judge declares, "This is the strangest case I've ever seen. Though it's a cut-and-dried case, this murderess cannot be punished." Why?
We do.
@Robusto But you don't always know what you are not saying.
@Robusto I know that one!
@Kitḫ — No. I don't always not know what I am not saying. But you knew that, and I think you knew I knew you knew.
@Robusto The murderess is her own sister, somehow?
Could be.
Everything depends on the "somehow" ...
3:02 AM
So yes.
OK, then. It's me for bed.
Let's see.
Good night!
Your answer is insufficient.
Aww OK, night!
3:03 AM
Bon soir.
@Robusto It was not an answer: just a first question.
@Kit night.
How can she be her own sister?
Something incestuous?
Hurry up and get smarter. I'm tired.
The murderess isn't already dead?
3:05 AM
Also, yes-or-no questions only, please.
The open questions are just thinking out loud.
But I see two yes-no questions there.
Not incestuous.
So is the murderess dead?
But the "woman" and her sister refer to the same biological creature?
3:07 AM
@Cerberus — What do you mean?
You seemed to refer to two women in your riddle: a "woman" and a "sister/murderess".
Same person?
They are not the same person.
@Robusto not in normal way.
I think I figured it out.
Then what about this:
7 mins ago, by Cerberus
@Robusto The murderess is her own sister, somehow?
You half-confirmed this.
3:10 AM
They are Siamese twins.
Kill one, you kill the other.
Now good night!
I would never have thought of that.
Q: -ness suffix etymology

Rita BarkerWhat is the etymology of the suffix '-ness'? I have come across it in OE texts but always assumed it was a later borrowing.

Please vote to reopen this!
Needs only two more votes.
2 hours later…
5:29 AM
Hmm, it would seem that I'm alone.
3 hours later…
8:51 AM
@Mahnax You're never alone. I am with you always, even to the end of the world.
@JasperLoy Interesting.
I could probably spend hours in the review queue, I'll have Copy Editor in no time.
@Mahnax Do you know that is also a bible verse?
@JasperLoy Yes, more or less.
I must be off to sleep soon.
It is 2:02 here.
Oh, you left. Good night!
10:01 AM
@Cerberus — Now just one more.
10:33 AM
@Robusto I cast the last vote. And seriously, I dreamt the reporters were interviewing you just now about how you topped EL&U.
@Cerberus Reopened now!
@Mahnax Good night!
@SonicTheHedgehog How's your studying?
12:46 PM
Happy New Year @kiam!
@JasperLoy Dank'you. Happy new year to you too.
@kiamlaluno Now we have German-English? Danke and thank you?
I was checking this bug about reputation on chat. It seems to work, now.
I mean, the chat seems to work again.
@kiamlaluno There are better things to worry about than chat rep.
@JasperLoy Oh yes, the next moderator elections!
12:49 PM
@kiamlaluno I keep dreaming about people from EL&U, first Mahnax, then Robusto. Maybe I'll dream of you tonight.
@kiamlaluno When will that be?
@JasperLoy Should I get worried?
@JasperLoy I have been said the next week.
You should rather ask me which elections. :-)
@kiamlaluno No need to worry. I have weird dreams all the time. One that always happens is me flying in the air without wings.
@kiamlaluno Will you be running this time then?
@JasperLoy If I happen to be in one of a dreams, by definition that dream is weird.
Which should not be confused with wired.
@JasperLoy Yes, I will.
12:51 PM
@kiamlaluno Well, I think most dreams don't mean much, just random mind associations.
@kiamlaluno Good, I will not.
By the way, I was speaking of Drupal Answers elections.
@kiamlaluno Oh I thought EL&U.
@JasperLoy That is different from weird.
@JasperLoy Those will not be, if not one year after the previous elections.
@kiamlaluno If I dream of you tonight, you must wake me up from within my dream then.
12:54 PM
@JasperLoy That is easy: If you see my face, you will have just nightmares. I think that is enough to wake you up.
@kiamlaluno Perhaps all these years I am in a dream, and when I wake up I will realise that.
By the way, in which timezone you are?
Q: Looking for a grammar book

JohnSIs there any English grammar book which describe how to talk/write English instead of understand English? For example instead of detailing all situation where "would/will" is used, describing all different way to talk about past (or now, future, etc.) I mean a book which I can refer to to find ...

@kiamlaluno GMT+8.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Yes. So?
12:55 PM
Are we no longer closing book requests?
I think we do.
Plus, it's difficult to tell what is being asked there.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Hmm OK I don't follow meta developments anymore. Done.
Well, at least that happens in my dream; I don't know what happens in one of @JasperLoy's dreams.
The only one who is clearly a dream here is Robusto.
12:57 PM
@JasperLoy If I am in your dream, I want to know one of your nightmares. :-)
@RegDwightѬſ道 I almost changed my avatar to the character ren for tolerate, but stopped in time.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Really I was referring to @JasperLoy's dreams; I didn't say he was a dream.
@kiamlaluno Well, if you know me, you will know that I have dreams when asleep and nightmares when awake.
Hey it's not a nightmare, it's just an owl.
@JasperLoy Therefore, you are awake.
12:59 PM
@kiamlaluno And if you know me, you will know that many of my jokes here are the truth as well.
That is a nightowl.
Don't you see it is wearing pajamas?
Something may or may not be a joke and may or may not be true. So you have to figure out which of the four combinations it is.
@kiamlaluno The owl looks naked to me.
At least to my naked eye.
It has a nice pajamas with black spots.
1:02 PM
@kiamlaluno Pajamas is one of the weird AmE spellings. I use pyjamas.
Bananas in pyjamas. Did you watch the show?
@JasperLoy Do you think that chatting with somebody who is American, I should learn BrE spelling?
@kiamlaluno You should spell whichever way you want!
I am too young for that. I don't see bananas in pajamas.
@kiamlaluno I have a feeling you are referring to your fiancee.
1:06 PM
@JasperLoy Uhmmm… The feeling is not right, as per this time of the year.
If you said that 4 months ago, it would be exact.
Well, now I wonder if that has ever been true.
@kiamlaluno I am sorry to hear that.
@JasperLoy C'est la vie, but thank you.
Q: Why I can't say "You are left"?

Senad MeškinWhen arguing with someone and he gives me a facts and I have to admit that "He is right." , but when he is wrong why I can't say "You are left." Why right is used in sentences when you want to say that something is correct, or someone. But left can't be used. Is there rule or "Right" as a side, ...

Very funny question.
Also gen ref.
1:13 PM
Q: Does the word "Edition" go with the word "Summit"?

Solar Plexusis it correct to say "the Health Summit in its 9th Edition"?

@kiamlaluno Perhaps something better will come along this year?
Yeah! back in chat
@MattЭллен What?
big kisses for @Matt Hooray!
1:19 PM
Yay! thanks @Kit :)
Matt is in my internets leaving funny comments.
@MattЭллен You got suspended for something?
@JasperLoy no, one sec, I get the question
Q: Chat indicates that I don't have enough reputation to participate, even though I clearly do

Matt EllenI was about to chat but the chat system told me I needed at least 20 reps to do so. My account seems to have been zeroed I have over 2000 at programmers and over 5000 at EL&U, so I should be able to chat. Apparently I'm not the only user affected, as the picture below should show, although ...

@MattЭллен Empty display when I click on the link. Someone bugged me maybe.
Is that the real @JasperLoy? you've no recognisable avatar!
1:24 PM
Wait! It's a hash of his email! Hang on while I crack it....
@RegDwightѬſ道 I'm just a confused soul with a need to answer all the questions
@MattЭллен The above-mentioned bug is gone. I am changing everyday. We all are. There is no fixed permanent self.
@JasperLoy Indeed it is, hence how I am back :)
@JasperLoy every day.
1:25 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 Thank you Alex.
At last, I took revenge on Jasper!
@JasperLoy Reg.
At last, I took two revenges on Jasper!
@Kitḫ Good good.
Alex Trebek is Reg Dwight?
The other way round.
I'm so bad at propositional logic
1:27 PM
Can we talk about pies again? That was fun.
Ah, so that is what you are bad at...
@Kitḫ Pie pie pie. Pie. Also, pie. Madness??? THIS. IS. PAAAAAAYYYYYE
I love you guys.
@Kitḫ what pies were you talking about? Apple pie?
1:28 PM
mmmmm. I do love me some Apple Pie
Hey pick a number.
I told Reg that if I still knew him next fall, I would see if I could send him a pie made from the apples on the trees in my orchard.
If that works, I might consider sending you one too, @Matt. Maybe.
@RegDwightѬſ道 19.457
@Kitḫ gosh! That would be delightful :)
I pick 1. Winnorz! Ka-ching!
1:30 PM
@MattЭллен Don't get too excited. That's almost a year away. We might not know each other then.
I've only been having puddings over the holidays. I had steak pie on Monday though
@Kitḫ true, true
@MattЭллен Reduplication is becoming very popular after Matt 2 started it.
maybe maybe
@MattЭллен Steak pie? Is that like chicken pot pie only with steak instead of chicken pots?
Hey programming peoples, I need some advice. Should I do my aggregates server-side in SQL, or client-side using dataviews?
@Kitḫ I believe so. Like an apple pie, but with steak instead of apple. Or like a cow pie, but without the poop and with pastry and a steak.
1:34 PM
I am no expert on dataview. Or SQL, for that matter. Or anything, really. Except eating pies perhaps.
My favourite pie is chicken pie.
Damn. I don't know much about dataviews, but I want to be able to re-calculate based on filters, and it seems like it would be inefficient to do that server-side.
It has chicken, carrots, beans and potatoes inside.
@Kitḫ I'm in favour of making SQL do more work.
@Kitḫ oh. In that case client side is the batter choice
mmmm batter
Mmm. Batter.
I'll have to stare at it some more until I can see how to make it work.
It's annoying, to say the least.
1:38 PM
@JasperLoy you'd probably like a (chicken) Cornish pasty then
Oh, is that what Cornish pasty is? I bet I'd like that too.
it's meal wrapped in pastry
Mmm. Pastry-wrapped meat.
I may need to go home and self-flagellate.
mmmm. Sausage rolls
drools a little
1:42 PM
@JasperLoy Do you mean something better than the word "Summit"?
passes a serviette
Oh, wait. Thanks.
No probs :)
it's unused!
Serviette is a word I associate strongly with menstrual pads.
I know it actually means "napkin."
A: Is "uncollaborative" a word?

SimonUncollaborative is not a word.

1:45 PM
I can never resist commenting on people saying that.
Even dsafsqagwegkljhg is a word.
Surely not?
@Kitḫ oh. well that's news to me :D is that an American definition, like douche?
Not the way Reg spells it
Well as long as it has a meaning and can be decomposed into morphemes, it is a word.
Gripe: One of the reasons I hate the trend of turning -ight into -ite is that out of the corner of my eye, I keep thinking my highlighter (Hi-Liter) says "Hitler" on it.
1:47 PM
Sqagwe, for starters, is a very common morpheme where I come from.
@MattЭллен Not exactly. I live near French Canada, so we have a lot of bilingual signage. "Serviettes" are short for "sanitary napkins" in French, apparently. I see that word almost exclusively in public restrooms.
What do you call douches in the UK?
tampons, I think
let me check
1:49 PM
Probably not. Tampons are really very different than douches.
Syringebag. Yep, works.
@Kitḫ oh, wikipedia's very useful
Syringebag? "Hey, you effin' syringebag, get outta my parking space!" That doesn't sound nearly as insulting.
um, I don't know - it's not something that I have ever talked about
@Kitḫ Move to England.
1:50 PM
Har har har.
@MattЭллен You should really know these things.
And it's not effin. It's bloody. Bloody syringebag. That's BE for ya.
@Kitḫ Well, I've not heard anyone mention having such a device
@RegDwightѬſ道 Oh right.
Is anyone familiar with Mr Tourette comics?
1:52 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 I don't know. Are you?
well, the cartoons
I'm not.
Hm. No inlining love?
1:53 PM
I didn't know you could use that word as a gerund.
@RegDwightѬſ道 it does not for links that don't end in a recognised picture extension
they do these as birthday cards here :D
@MattЭллен Wait, really? How cunting cool is that.
1:56 PM
And other Modern Toss comics
Is @Cerb awake?
this is what I sent my brother and his girlfriend for xmas:
1:58 PM

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