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2:22 AM
So this is what it was like to take a course with Gauss
2:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Mostly non-Latin body: And no money is spent by the dead by jacezoo on english.stackexchange.com
3:36 AM
Q: Why do you want to be a doctor?

Adrianna9When I was 14 years old, I was admitted to the hospital due to a dengue fever. There I had an opportunity to see the hospital environment and a doctor’s profession. I came to know being a holistic doctor really impressed me. I noticed that the communication skill is needed when consulting with th...

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5:31 AM
@tchrist Frieze!
6:11 AM
anyone home
2 hours later…
7:45 AM
@Saladin Hi Saladin.
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
These "yo dawg"s are amusing.
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
@Lawrence Oh right, thanks.
hello @tchrist
you home?
Not very alert.
I want to know what the correct phrase
journey to pit bottomless pic
should to be into
Those mean two different things.
12:49 PM
If you are going up to the edge, it is to. If you are descending its depths, it's into.
thanks a lot @tchrist
"We used to attend the same school so he knew I was into sailoring." Any idea how to put it more poetically? ;)
1:24 PM
We used the same school to attend, I knew he so was into sailoring.
Yeah it's the object who knew that the subject was into sailoring.
So why "I knew" instead of "HE"?
No no, I was just messing.
2:12 PM
Into sailoring? Is that some kind of kink?
as kinky as the hair on the mop to swab the deck.
If you get my drift
I do. I do get your drift.
it's mostly leeward
I'm mostly sunward.
You would
2:14 PM
But we should both be in a ward.
I'm mostly sunburned
That sounded better aloud.
it didn't look so bad
a loud, a lot
It's only mid Monday morning and I have so much to not talk about.
There's... well I can't say
and then...I really shouldn't go into it.
I'm trying to decide if I should confess that I'm not working right now.
is a bear catholic?
2:16 PM
Our system is down and I've exhausted my offline tasks.
Did the Pope make bears Catholic?
For Easter?
There's always something you can do that is at least marginally work related.
@KitZ.Fox That's news.
One can do project planning.
Draw hand sketches of system organization
disaster recovery...wait, you're having a disaster right now.
how about planning for 'Codes'?
You know, 'code blue' for emergency life saving team, 'code pink' for stolen baby
'code rainbow' for a fabulous pride parade
'code black' for blindfolds at sixteen paces
'code transparent' for whistleblowers
'code code' for an emergency meeting about developing codes for emergency meetings.
> "The Fire"

The polypoids were burning in the wood
A stone caught fire
The castle caught fire
The forest caught fire
The men caught fire
The women caught fire
The birds caught fire
The fish caught fire
The water caught fire
The sky caught fire
The ashes caught fire
The smoke caught fire
The fire caught fire
Everything caught fire
Caught fire, caught fire.
That sent chills up my spine.
Poor fire. Everyone hates it even though it's made by everyone.
2:32 PM
And yet there's a certain warmth in those lines.
pure gold
Woohoo! Monday morning Ionesco reference success!!!
I alone can solve! Sad!
applauds in bewilderment
Every line a classic. Like Oscar Wilde.
>Algernon. Did you hear what I was playing, Lane?
Lane. I didn’t think it polite to listen, sir.
2:47 PM
Which sounds better, "provide a guarantee" or "promise a guarantee"?
Augh, I'll be quoting all day. Just read this
Augh, I'll be eating snacks al day. puts away snacks
@RahulBasu provide a guarantee' (that's the usual collocation)
@Mitch okay, thanks... not a native speaker :)
'promise a guarantee' sounds a little pleonastic, because a guarantee seems like a kind of promise.
@RahulBasu It takes years!
2:50 PM
I'm fourteen :D
holds back from getting snacks back
@RahulBasu Oh, then you have time. You already sound smooth (in writing)
What kind of snacks?
realizes snack avoidance is just a proxy for real work avoidance
2:52 PM
@RahulBasu Just 'guarantee'. It implies the promise part.
@DeltaEscher corn nuts.
@Mitch Sounds weird
@Mitch Yeah... I do boast about my (comparatively) exceptional english skills sometimes... :D
I wish I had more bagel bites. I've already eaten too many.
What's it like?
2:52 PM
found the place in the grocery store that sells big bags of it (not in the snack aisle as one would naturally infer)
@KitZ.Fox I like bagel chips.
@Mitch so, I cannot guarantee anything instead of I cannot provide any guaruntees...
I cheerily once asked someone who was selling bagel chips if they just use old stale bagels to make them. That's pretty ASD. if you can call tactlessness that
@DeltaEscher Yeah it's a weird name, it's basically roasted corn kernels. with salt. heavenly salt.
@Mitch Pistachios are my equivalent
@RahulBasu haha modesty is for people with no talent
2:55 PM
said by only vain people ever
Pistachios have so much salt one bag equals one TSU.
Twitch Streamer Unit
@Mitch :P
@DeltaEscher crunchy and salty. they kinda look like old molars found in a dental surgeons biowaste bin. dark brown and shaped like a tooth. and sometimes they can be cooked to the point they are hardened but not enough so they are easily crunchable. so it feels like you are trying to crush your own teeth.
@Mitch That's almost offensive, isn't it?
2:58 PM
I say that so you won't want to have any of my corn nuts.
@DeltaEscher Salt doesn't cause diabetes.
@KitZ.Fox Cholesterol poisoning
same principle behind buying cream soda. I don't like it, but nobody else does so they won't steal it from the fridge.
Sorry, mixed up my food powder caused diseases
@DeltaEscher Salt doesn't contain cholesterol either.
2:59 PM
@KitZ.Fox Naturally upsets your cholesterol though
No, it doesn't.
I used to be scolded for eating so much salt because I'd 'get cholesterol poisoning'.
the more you know
@KitZ.Fox what? calling ASD tactless? or pointing out the efficacy of using stale bagels for toasting into chips because they're already halfway to crunchy?
@Mitch both
@KitZ.Fox You and your facts and chemistry and knowledge. Pfft
3:01 PM
@DeltaEscher That's a weird--I've never heard of such a thing. Not that you should consume large quantities of salt. It's not good for you.
@DeltaEscher I'm pretty sure of two things.
I've never heard of poisoning by cholesterol notes new detective thriller screenplay plot point
Nothing is good of too much of havings
dang it, already forgot the other.
There are two types of people
Oh, I'm sure if a 5 ton pallet of bags of cholesterol fell on you, it would totally hurt.
3:02 PM
Those who are bad at making lists
@Mitch I'm offended by that a cholesterol killed my dad
@KitZ.Fox since ASD is a spectrum, we're all on it. Just like depression, and paranoia, and OCD.
@Mitch get out of my head
I know!
Like claustrophobia. Depends on how small the space is before you get anxious.
You can't be in my ASD club
I worked hard to be born with a defect
MRI machines. They don't give me the willies, but I think rationally 'hey, this should really bother me a lot'. then I fall asleep and forget about it.
3:07 PM
It bothers me if the surface in front of me is close enough that I can feel my breath on it, and especially if I can't move my arms.
@DeltaEscher I'm a self-diagnosed hypochondriac
@Mitch I'm a self-diagnosed corpse.
huh. I thought that would have been much more common on twitter, but I only see one.
@KitZ.Fox exactly. It's a very rational concern. and we all just have different boundaries.
There's some tribe in New Guinea where everybody exhibits...
(there's a tribe in New Guinea for pretty much everything. War-like, peace-loving, non-committal, all communication through mother-in-law jokes)
anyway in this tribe, any individual is, by any rational reckoning from outsiders, bat-shit paranoid.
But within the culture, that's a pretty adaptive trait, because all the people you know, because they are so paranoid, really are out to get you.
@KitZ.Fox just saw...what was the name of that movie... with Zoe Kravitz (she's in everything), and Dev Patel, where these three people are at a psych treatment center for OCD and anorexia and tourette's and they go awol. funneh. have to open the car door three times before getting in. yells out exactly the worst thing at the worst moment can't stop it and feels bad about it.
3:20 PM
omg she's 27!?
"The Road Within" - that's a reasonably tepid name for which it is reasonable that I could not remember...it.
I still think of her as a little girl. She's beautiful like her parents.
@KitZ.Fox Zoe? The last bday party I went to was... and she was.. wow, time goes by so fast.
She's very tiny.
>Algernon. Good heavens! Is marriage so demoralising as that?
Lane. I believe it is a very pleasant state, sir. I have had very little experience of it myself up to the present. I have only been married once. That was in consequence of a misunderstanding between myself and a young person.
3:35 PM
4:14 PM
4:39 PM
I'm getting a "something bad happened" when I follow this link: english.stackexchange.com/questions/316257/…
Or maybe when I follow any link.
I'm surprised there is no discussion of the problem here. Possibly nobody can see me.
So maybe the world is fine and I am broken.
Q: Can't access questions of many (most) sites

MarkWhen I goto http://meta.engineering.stackexchange.com/ and click on any of the links for a question, I get the oops page. So, per the page's request, I'm reporting it here. It's not just that question. It's every question on that site, and also on many other sites.

4:56 PM
And ... we're back.
5:31 PM
@MετάEd When everyone is broken then no one is broken. Wait...no, they'll still be all broken.
5:58 PM
Source, please? It sounds a new hypothesis. — Kris Mar 25 at 5:36
Kris has officially jumped the shark.
Downvoted me, even. For quoting the definition.
5 years too late
I hadn't seen any random comments from him for a while.
6:56 PM
Most of his comments are random.
body I guess, the body of real numbers? I think I knew the English term, but my memory is bad
Field , damn
7:25 PM
Field looks plausible

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