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8:01 AM
@Rathony Sup yo.
Not much. Long time. Been busy?
What's that link for?
Been entertaining guests lately.
Cool. How do you entertain guests?
@Rathony Check my last @ at you.
Oh, I was about to ask what it was about. Protecting a question?
8:03 AM
More ranting about VTC and lack of research.
I don't get it.
2 hours ago, by Mazura
SE needs a script that returns a Google search of your title and asks you if you still want to post your question.
Sry. That.
Wrong rant.
I see.
How many will decide to give up posting a question? I doubt many will do...
A little tweaking and it could do that.
It does it for SE results.
No punctuation, no proper English words,
It is real crap.
8:07 AM
It's homework.
I am really tired of commenting to an answer to a homework question.
Don't feed the bear!!!
I've seen you getting a little rough around the edges lately, take it easy ;)
I will. Thanks.
Q: Let's be nice to each other

agent86As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. At least once a day, I see a comment chain that looks like: User1: (unconstructive critici...

Not that you were wrong, just be nice.
I just came across that. It's good stuff.
I feel like I could have wrote it but to live it is another story.
8:14 AM
Also, one more thing ;p
@Mitch Hi, Mitch
Go easy on the bold comments unless you really need to drive it home for a specific user or circumstance. It's really 'grabby' and can steal the show from the questions, as questions seem to follow the formatting of each other sometimes.
I know i used\still do but it's like shouting at each other.
Just saying ;p
I use far less bold comments than before. I got it.
Oh my God...
The OP deleted the answer.
The 64 time edited answer.
8:20 AM
I was just reading that.
I just wanted to ask him to stop editing.
Was that the one with the 3 page answer?
It is more than 3 pages
The OP should have stopped it when Mitch asked.
8:21 AM
I was starting to wonder how SE... um. Deals with that sort of... thing.
I thought it was not so bad when I posted my answer on Meta. But it is a problem.
Their profile makes me wonder if they've ever asked any of those rhetorical (?) questions to an adult.
Who is going to read that long answer anyway?
I thought for sure it was one of the oldies. I've never caught one like that before, a new one.
Is it downvoted?
As far as I understand, there were 2 upvotes (one mine) and I reversed my upvote and downvoted it when it was edited for 58th time or something.
When I last saw it, it was 0.
8:25 AM
Need to show 'em the How to get rep fast on SE thing.
I don't think anybody downvoted it before it was closed.
Edit. But don't edit too much.
I left a comment
Can you please stop editing your answer? It is too long and it will make it more difficult for current and future readers to read it fully.
I think it triggered it.
Woah, dude!
8:27 AM
That was in the comments.
@mitch's I think.
Yeap, but it was made after 57 or 58th edit.
This is his 64th edit. Apparently the OP ignored Mitch's comment.
When young players come to Manchester United and then come to us, there’s a very strong message they get that they are representing themselves and the club, and that they should be a good role model. (...). It would be wrong for me to say that there is never any inappropriate behaviour, because boys will be boys, but that behaviour is challenged.

This is the last edit.
What additional value does this edit provide to the answer?
It was his 62nd edit. Congruent means "in accordance with, in harmony with".
Who cares about what Congruent means?
There's got to be a meta... How to tell someone they're a chatter box. Where in the faq does it broach that at all, after asking for long answers? Don't be chatty is in there somewhere I think. Don't be chatty but we're looking for long answers.
That's too much.
The key word was tangential.
That needed to be in bold.
I think we should differentiate long and extremely too long.
8:31 AM
and capitalized.
Editing what a word means doesn't seem to be a good idea. It is not on-topic.
There's the longest-answer-ever around here somewhere, IIRC it's got some serious upvotes.
But this question is about will and shall.
Key component is probably relevance.
It is apparently general reference.
8:33 AM
Shall we dance?
If we had closed this question, it would never have happened.
Uh, I have a tough time that, that's GR.
You don't think that's GR?
ELL maybe but not GR.
But I haven't googled the title yet...
Oops. I meant no context.
and too broad.
8:35 AM
It gets a pass on too broad.
Because it's an please explain this to me question.
When should we use law and regulation?
The answer could be 10 pages.
That's too broad a question, I think.
It only needs two examples of opposite ways to use both or either.
To some yes, but some like the OP, a pretty big answer could be generated.
But not off topic here, at least that I feel qualified to say so.
It is debatable.
8:39 AM
Spacecase was a special case.
There could be millions of questions like that if we allow it.
It's better than questions I can answer with a one liner.
That's why I'm not touching it.
I'm not willing to make all those dual examples to explain it.
for example, we can easily find the difference on Google.
And I'd have to re-learn all the stuff myself before I post it ;)
Yea but not the why.
why is that? type of question is not very easy to be answered objectively.
8:42 AM
That's SE greatest achievement I think. To seek the Why, not the reddit comment.
I agree. But that applies to questions on nuance and expression, idioms.
But I do love me some one liners.
One liners are not okay
It discourages other people who spend more time.
It encourages other one-liners.
This gave me pause though:
Imagine you google for a question, and the first search result that comes up is a StackOverflow post for exactly the question you need. So you click on it, read the answer... and what does it say? “Just google for it!”
Q: How should we deal with Google questions?

Nils PipenbrinckI've seen a lot of questions that can be answered with a simple Google search. For these questions, an answer can be found by just cut'n'pasting the question directly into the Google search field and scanning the first few hits. Every new user wants to try out the feature and ask a question jus...

@Rathony Not answers, commenting like a boss ;)
Comment badges are the only ones I've ever wanted.
Check my latest CW and the comments.
That was my thinking, even though I hadn't read that meta, at least not in a while if I have.
Sorry, I can't find it.
That's too long.
8:49 AM
Oh not in there. Here.
A: How many words are there in English if we don’t count duplicates?

Mazura 1,025,109.8 The number of words in the English language is: 1,025,109.8. This is the estimate by the Global Language Monitor on January 1, 2014. The English Language passed the Million Word threshold on June 10, 2009 at 10:22 a.m. (GMT). The Millionth Word was the controversial 'Web 2.0′....

A bit lost
Ah, I remember the answer. One out of two is mine.
BTW, how do you answer using community wiki? What is its benefit?
or advantage?
That people with lower rep can edit it.
It says to the community: Go ahead. Edit me like this is a wiki article.
lower right corner of an answer box is a check box: Make this post a Community Wiki.
I see.
I didn't know that.
But can I ask you a question?
By all means.
You are the second close-voter and why bother to answer it?
8:53 AM
This discussion, and read the comments.
It's why I brought it up.
But the question will be deleted by delete voting.
I'm not entirely clear about auto delete, I've read the faqs and the metas though.
No, we vote to delete.
When you have more than 10K reps.
I cast 503 delete votes and almost all of them have been deleted.
I am not sure how much % was deleted by voting and auto delete, but
Oh, well then. Until then, it took me thirty seconds to LMGTFY for anyone who comes across it in the meantime.
That means you know the question will be closed and possibly deleted.
But you don't like any question without any answer.
That's why you posted an answer?
8:58 AM
Anyone who thinks it's not useful is delusional. The downvotes were to punish me, and perhaps rightfully so.
I understand community wiki answer doesn't affect your reputation, right?
Exactly. and correct.
Let me use it when I expect a heavy downvote.
But it would show in my profile with it's votes in my top w\e.
Let me use it when I expect heavy downvotes.
I see.
9:00 AM
That, or when I past a quote and add noting, I feel it's appropriate.
It got 2 ups 4 downs. so meh.
My nuke CW is my fav LMGTFY.
A: Word for destructive light from a nuclear explosion?

Mazura Nuclear weapons emit large amounts of thermal radiation as visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light, to which the atmosphere is largely transparent. This is known as "Flash". –Wikipedia

So it works both ways.
That was an easy 250 rep. But how many people said, ok w\e it's a CW.
What does "2 revs, 2 users 86%" mean?
I also do it for ones I'm tried of being bothered by +1 every 5 mins.
It can be retroactive.
Since you are happier when you are not bothered than when you receive 10 points?
@Rathony That, I forget. After 4 people edit it, it takes away the avatar.
I don't like it for clunkers.
what does the 86% correspond to?
9:05 AM
86% of the content is the displayed user's work I think.
@crl Hi, crl
Do we know each other?
I don't think I saw your user name before.
There's only so much dopamine I can handle at a time. Asking questions is rough. Comment this. Comment that. Edit this. Edit that. You suck. Be nice. - I'd much rather stir the pot.
oh, sometimes I come, to ask some English questions to the sages here
9:09 AM
I see. Not active on ELU?
not really much, more a programmer:) but both aren't incompatible
@Mazura I should have used wiki for this answer
Can you change it to wiki?
In edit, yes. But why that one?
many downvotes
It's fairly good. The Q sucks.
9:14 AM
The OP is one of the most popular questioner on ELU. Believe it or not.
I declined to vote because I TL:DR all of that.
I remember that answer though.
what answer? mine?
That's when you use the wrong idiom "nip it in the BUTT".
"cut that shit out"
Ha ha ha
cut that shit out
There could be many more.
That's why. too broad.
9:17 AM
Now I understand why some users hate word or idiom request questions.
When I edited this question, I didn't expect it to survive english.stackexchange.com/questions/310780/…
180 upvotes for the answer. Wow
I refused to stop and sound out what they're talking about. I guess it's something to look into?
I meant the question is too broad and the answer is not relevant to the question, actually.
Hey, there's a time limit before you can protect a question? How long?
I am not sure, 24 hours?
I was chided for protecting too many questions.
@ValentinTihomirov Hi, Valentin
I recognize your name.
@Mazura Any reason to ask?
Did @crl have a question?
9:29 AM
Nope. didn't ask any question.
@Rathony I am flattered
Ha ha ha. Nice to see you here @ValentinTihomirov
@Rathony 24hs. That's what Mitch guessed when I asked him to do one and couldn't.
I see.
Maybe it is a different privilege.
between moderators, special members and users like me or Mitch.
What question is that?
@ValentinTihomirov Regarding your Meta question, I think you misunderstood how ELU works.
@Rathony No idea by now. Somewhere just above my first @ at you today?
9:32 AM
I understand quite well. You need to provide meaningless copy-paste from OED if you want your questions to survive.
This consituates the 'research'.
That's what we're here for. To be pedantic about it.
Sounds like OED affiliation.
I hate OED.
Use TFD.
Unless you want to look up stuff in British...
I want to look up for Etymology.
I don't really know how to look those up either. you have a point.
9:36 AM
@ValentinTihomirov You can ask any etymology question on ELU, but you need to show us some research.
Stop trolling. I have demonsrated you what constituates your 'research'. You are bunch of dirty formalists.
When I search etos it's hit or miss and reverse dictionaries don't work for crap.
@Rathony Nope it's way after that. might not be ready anyway.
@ValentinTihomirov I was suspended using those kind of words. Better be careful.
As an average person learning English and a bit of Greek/Latin, I realize suddenly that some words might be related. I go to internet and the best that I can find about their etymology is OED. But, it stops somewhare, without demonstrating me the connection. I resort to other, more informed people at ELU. But, they close my questions because OED does not contain the answer and they need it to let informed people to answer. That is absurd.
@ValentinTihomirov What makes you think ELU can answer better than OED?
I think that's the start of your misunderstanding.
9:42 AM
Nothing. Once you deny informed people to answer at ELU, ELU cannot answer better.
Don't use OED for etymology. There's better sites for that. Somewhere there's a meta with some site links but like I said I don't do those.
Exactly. Then, why do you bother to ask such a question on ELU Meta?
Most of etymology questions are answered by OED or Wikipedia or etymonline.com/… @ValentinTihomirov
That's prob the one.
Some native speakers know Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc. and they can add more value.
Some know French, German, Italian, and so on. They can also help you
But what's the point of criticizing ELU for not being able to help you when we can't?
I would not bother if you put that explicitly at the welcome page of ELU. Just tell that you deny the research going deeper than EOL and Wikipedia and I will be fine. The problem is that I must presume this by trial-and-punish.
Normal person would use english language community exactly to go deeper.
9:46 AM
But you won't get as much quality answer as ELU at Yahoo answer.
ELU Help Center clearly states all the rules and guidelines of ELU.
Have you thoroughly searched for an answer before asking your question? Sharing your research helps everyone. Tell us what you found and why it didn’t meet your needs. This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to try to help yourself, it saves us from reiterating obvious answers, and above all, it helps you get a more specific and relevant answer!
The question has been deleted?
What question? About will and shall?
If I can get the answer at OED, I won't go to the language community. Now, you control the community to ban such and only appropriate etymology questions. That is total absurd.
@Rathony @ValentinTihomirov'S
What question are you talking about?
9:49 AM
Was any of your question deleted? @ValentinTihomirov
what is the point of asking that if you say that site policy is all right?
@ValentinTihomirov I asked about the etymology of virginity like this. english.stackexchange.com/questions/290692/…
It is not a model question, but it was well received with an excellent answer.
That's not protected?
You mean my question?
9:51 AM
pfffft Re: my keyword list
That word'd be on it.
@Mazura I don't get it. sorry
For auto protect.
There is no auto-protection mechanism as far as I understand.
These people can script anything.
It's SE yo.
@ValentinTihomirov You can ask any etymology question and they are welcome.
9:53 AM
@Rathony One of my 3 questions has also received an excellent answer, where informed person supplied the material that I could not find in the OED, but it did not preclude the policy standard closing it afterwards.
But you have to do your own research first.
@ValentinTihomirov Closing the question doesn't necessarily mean the community doesn't like your question.
Closing the question means your question is not up to the guidelines of this community.
Q: Is 'breadth' related to 'broad'?

Valentin TihomirovRecently, I was informed that introverts look for depth of knowledge whereas extorverts are about breadth of knowledge. This positions horizontal breadth or width as orthogonal direction to the vertical depth so that I started to think that broadness and breadth are not only semantically but etym...

This question, you need to include your own research.
I asked you to stop trolling.
Then, what is it you don't understand?
You can edit your question and we will vote to reopen it.
Otherwise, you could explain why including some non-informative garbage in my question makes it better.
This will be my last comment to you @ValentinTihomirov
Spend more time on ELU. That's it.
9:58 AM
He's not trolling. He's explaining how ELU works. well actually... it's the good kind.
A: What do you call someone who is addicted to a Q&A website?

MazuraNew and Improved; Made-Up Definitions: Altruistic Vampire -one who subsists on the dopamine released when they help another; for whatever personal motivation: an addict of altruism; someone addicted to answering questions online. -Similar and often found in conjunction, though not to be confu...

mmmm dopamine.
I do not understand why do you call the copy-paste from EOD, which does not answer the question, 'a research'. I could include a piece of some inappropriate article from Wikipedia with the same success. I refuse to add meanengless garbage, to clutter my question to make it formally better.
Take this one for example.
Q: Germination of Hermeneutics

Valentin TihomirovI see that both germination and Hermineutics tell me about the origin. They also sound similar. Can you prove that that this is a coincidence and they are not relative words.

Explaining how the flawed system works and insisting of following the wrong rule is not good.
@ValentinTihomirov If you don't want to follow the rule, why bother to stay here? Go somewhere else where it is not required.
There are hundreds of English sites. Why do you bother?
@ValentinTihomirov You're supposed to have supplied us with the links or quotes to both those words, showing that they don't both originate from Latin (they do right?) so why would they sound the same, otherwise wouldn't they?
10:03 AM
There are thouthands of unkonwn football championships. Why to bother about World Chempion Cup that we own? Go for a community which attracts 1 view per 10 days. This is basically what you say.
Either way I'd have to look them both up so...
@ValentinTihomirov How much do you have to pay to watch UEFA championship games compared with your local football game?
If you want to watch UEFA league game, there is a price you have to pay. Why is it so difficult to include your own research?
@Mazura I do not know. Linguists dislike when some linguistics-illiterate boys, like me, ask to check some two words for relationship. Linguists often say that these words are not related PERIOD. I ask for a proof. How do you know that they are unrelated?
How do you know they are related? Are fuck and buck related?
Do you have any evidence they are related?
Is Saddam Hussein and Barak Hussein Obama related?
What is your question?
@Rathony You must be slow. I explained you why. I told you that I do not want to clutter my question with meaningless garbage. It is very strange 'price', especially when it is supposed to raise the quality.
10:07 AM
Then, go to other sites.
Your question will be closed.
It's simple as that.
When you compare fuck with buck or saying that it is impossible to reduce 'Hussein' to one root, you are trolling again.
OK. As I said, I will stop trolling or whatever. Actually I feel like I am wasting my time. You do whatever you want.
Don't troll the site.
Is fault and default etymologically related? -- You should not ask such questions, it is like asking if fuck is etymologically related to buck. Go to another site.
You will never be able to change the policy or guidelines of this community.
Even if they are absurd or a bunch of garbage to you.
Sure. Rules exist to fullfill them. Mere mortals are not allowed to discuss them.
There are special men to establish the rules.
10:14 AM
They're called manuals of style. I don't use 'em.
Yes, they come from Gods. We, as scientists, must obey them.
Well... that's enough dope for me. Did we all have fun? (and learn something?) - Laters all.
@Mazura Nice talking to you. See you around.
@ValentinTihomirov Nice talking to you, too. Good luck.
10:28 AM
I didn't close-vote it as I didn't have any vote left. Please review this question for close-voting for unclear or lack of research. english.stackexchange.com/questions/311278/…
2 hours later…
12:28 PM
Hi everyone
2 hours later…
2:38 PM
Hi everyone
. . . or not
@Mazura That takes some digging. :/
It must be in one of those proposals I linked to, or in one of the links in the proposals I linked.
3:42 PM
How would you finish this sentence?:
A design that appeals to my...
. . . toes?
sense of style?
Just style.
@IͶΔ not. it's 'not'. I'm not here either.
Or nut
3:50 PM
@Leuchte or "a design that appeals to me'
@IͶΔ nut if you're allergic
Ok thank you :)
It's demonstrably provable that all distinct words in all the words lexica eventually derive, through semantic and phonological drift, through one single utterance 'om', the transcendental breath of universal life. The sun at noon is the sun declining, the creature born is the creature dying. — Mitch 15 hours ago
words -> world's
@ValentinTihomirov Whoa there.
@ValentinTihomirov Yeah sure.
@ValentinTihomirov Yes they are. That's why Stack Overflow is Stack Overflow.
@Rathony If three answers get deleted as VLQ, the bot will protect the question instantly.

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