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5:00 AM
Macs have got to have an equivalent of MS Paint or better built-in...
GIMP has a portable distribution
@El'endiaStarman nope, nothing
My options were PowerPoint and LaTeX, and I'm too tired to learn Beamer
So you can use it even if you don't have install rights
GIMP portable has saved my ass on multiple occasions. Stupid corporate privileges crap.
5:02 AM
Sigh, the problem with LaTeX is that I can't make it look like Eclipse. Oh well, it's either LaTeX or that, and it appears PowerPoint is shunned... for some reason
@Dennis: how would you write ruhig so an English speaker would say it right? It kinda sounds like ruu-ish.
Sherlock Holmes and Silent Bob: 5/5 would watch again
The Romeo and Butthead option actually got two thumbs up from Siskel and Oates.
Geobits, our avatars are really similar.
Calvin and the King = Helka Homba and Dennis confirmed
5:05 AM
@DJMcGoathem No, mine is what a proper vote looks like :P
@Eridan Please, Martin is the true king.
@Geobits ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯
I need to turn off updates of the userscript and make my own icons
Neither the boats nor the star fit the sit
5:07 AM
Why the huge gaps in the code?
@Downgoat Oh, that looks a lot better. Except for the aggravating uncenteredness of all the text.
@El'endiaStarman yeah, I'll fix that but I wanted to know if it looks good at all
Stop using the same damn background for everything :P
I think you may need a touch more contrast between fore/back text, or at least a size difference to set it apart.
@Mego I don't have any other background :/
5:08 AM
@Downgoat Make another one?
Like maybe use FizzBuzz for a change
@Geobits the text is actually part of the background just bolded and brightened in color. If you look at the background carefully it should form valid programs
Ooooh.... well that's odd.
@El'endiaStarman I'm not sure how to write the last part...
It's an interesting idea, but it doesn't look good
5:10 AM
@Mego yeah, came out worse than I expected
I do think it would look somewhat better with the whole background filled, instead of long gaps of nothingness.
@Geobits that is a fault of adobe illustrator but I'll try to fix that
Then again... I'm not sure a screen filled with code conveys "golfed" to me at a glance ;)
Of course, I'd love to see an ad that focuses more on the non-golf stuff, but I'm not sure how to do that (and I don't really like the wreath).
We're not graduated with a design yet so if I use the beta logo and then we get our graduation design it'll look out of place
We have graduated.
We just don't have all of the perks set up yet.
5:13 AM
Oh, I totally agree with the "don't use the beta logo" thing.
@AlexA. see edit ;)
@Downgoat ಠ_ಠ
@AlexA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Somebody should make a community ads meta
There is one, isn't there?
5:14 AM
not an updated one, no
Or is there not a new one yet?
Phi made one last week or so
Dumbest idea I've come up with yet for my memory golf tag idea: I'm going to try to modify gnulibc to use a custom malloc that will log memory allocation
That's not a community ads post
that's a PPCG ad campaign post
community ads are the ads that are hosted on your site
5:15 AM
Oh, you meaning choosing which ads we get?
It's easy. Anything but CR :P
> What are Community Promotion Ads?
Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right sidebar. The purpose of this question is the vetting process. Images of the advertisements are provided, and community voting will enable the advertisements to be shown.

Why do we have Community Promotion Ads?
This is a method for the community to control what gets promoted to visitors on the site. For example, you might promote the following things:
@Mego I'll just put all the memory on the stack then :P
our site has chatbots, can we make community ads for that? :P
5:16 AM
@feersum Stack size is easy to count :P Just look at the executable
So you guys might put up a link to a Vim site, or each to their own language on GitHub
The GitHub idea for esolangs sounds neat
@Mego Why use memory when there's a perfectly good hard drive just sitting there doing nothing?
Which means I need to some up with a good ad for Seriously
@Quill Looks like it's a job for Grace Note, not for us.
5:17 AM
@Geobits I/O operations outside of the challenge requirements will be forbidden
Possibly. Grace Note usually just does the Twitter one, though, so I don't know exactly.
@Mego You sure know how to take the fun out of things :P
Next time they're around, ask
@Geobits s/take the fun out of things/close obvious loopholes/
Yea, that's what I said >_>
5:18 AM
Besides, using disk I/O would be even easier to count
Only if you're looking at it.
I mean, if you store all your data on the disk rather than in memory, you can easily see the size
user image
Community ad for chatgoat if we can advertise bots
@Downgoat oh god my sides
I really hope that once we get our new site design, there will be a random goat somewhere.
@DJMcGoathem That would be baaaad
> Come _UNK with the Funky Bunch. Visit Marky today!
It doesn't appear there are many restrictions on what we can advertise, but I wouldn't expect the chatbots to do well in voting :(
5:24 AM
We should definitely have one for Data, though, considering his usefulness
The one that we need is Sandbox. Maybe loopholes.
Personally, I would downvote any bot posted to a community ads thread
Somebody do up a cool sandbox ad
@Downgoat Neither, it's probably crap
5:25 AM
apparently a lot of people have that dilemma ad choose PPCG
> Prorgamming
@Quill Porpoising Puzzles & Code Golf
@Downgoat As long as that link goes directly to SO :D
Prorgramming Poozles and Crode glof.
Prorated Puzzlers and Crude Gulf
5:26 AM
Dumb Goats and Avocado Juice
Programming Puzzles & Stack Overflow
@Quill ಠ_ಠ
Programming Code and Golf Review
Programming Puzzles Various Stuff & Code Golf
ಠ_ಠ and ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ಠ_ಠ and ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ
5:27 AM
should I make the background for the community green or white?
_UNK and _UNK
Something non-green would be nice for a change ;)
> We've already thought of that (links to loopholes)
I really wish Duolingo didn't have mid-gray text on white...
5:30 AM
Have you tried Memrise? I didn't go far with it, but it seemed nice.
I see I've visited that website before. Huh.
Is that the inverse of memset?
Ack why did the text do that
The texture is a bit much imo
Odd top/bottom margins, too
5:32 AM
@Geobits I might go through the German course there after finishing the one on Duolingo.
@feersum Depends on altitude, but in general yes.
any ideas on what I should do for the text?
Two sentences capitalized, the other not. Nice.
@Geobits I'm sorry, I suck at grammar :/
I like the thought of a giant sand castle built in the box, with a bulldozer named Peter coming to knock it down.
5:34 AM
@Geobits ._.
@Geobits 6/10 very phallic
Something like "Have an idea? See if it can withstand this"
also, what's everyones' favorite font?
5:36 AM
just remove data's background
Gack that gradient didn't come out well
@Quill Errr... Not that kind of Peter. The Taylor kind >_>
@Downgoat Comic Sans
Comic Sans
@Downgoat Segoe Print
5:36 AM
@Quill I don't have Comic Sans, sorry
@Downgoat Times New Roman, if only to tick off @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ.
@Downgoat Comic Sans is a system font o_O
5:36 AM
Calibri looks good.
How about some terrible "Olde English" style?
@Quill I uninstalled it
That seems uncalled for.
I'll use Lato...
5:37 AM
well you're a killjoy aren't you
Droid Sans
But seriously, I love that Doge font
@Quill ಠ_ಠ
what's it called again
2 mins ago, by Quill
just remove data's background
magic wand tool
how's that?
ignore the line on the left
5:39 AM
Hmm. The last line goes with the first, but if I just like sandboxes, what is the "it" I'm posting?
@Geobits Should I remove the "Just like sandboxes" then?
You should probably clarify a little more what the Sandbox is for, and how new users should be using the Sandbox before posting
Just like sand?
Join us in the sandbox!
@Downgoat Nah, I think it needs something there.
> Like throwing sand in people's eyes?
Join us in the sandbox!
5:40 AM
@Quill Right. Sand castle about to be knocked over. What's unclear about that? :P
I keep reading the first "sandbox" as "sandwich"
> Have a challenge idea?
Not ---Calvin's Hobbies--- Helka Homba?

Join us in the Sandbox!
@Geobits It's an aggressive image, the opposite of what you'd want to present to new users
I honestly don't know if I'll ever think of him as anything other than Calvin's Hobbies.
5:41 AM
@Quill The first image they see of me is a downvote icon, for the record.
The first image they see of me is an upside-down goat with negative rep.
@Downgoat My son is a big fan of your avatar, just to let you know.
the first image they see of me is one ugly mug
@Geobits :D
He recently found Goat Simulator.
5:43 AM
@Geobits that's a great game
I had a feeling you'd say that.
He's also quite sad that the Calvin & Hobbes avatar went away. Luckily, he's also a Minecraft fan.
(my screen stays on chat too much I think)
Q: How to solve simultaneous congruences equations in r

Aarthika3x ≡ 7(mod2) 2x ≡ 5(mod3) 5x ≡ 4(mod7) I solved this congruences in R, like given below > modlin(3,7,2) [1] 1 > modlin(2,5,3) [1] 1 > modlin(5,4,7) [1] 5 > a<-c(1,1,5) > m<-c(2,3,7) > chinese(a,m) [1] 19 > prod(2,3,7) [1] 42 So, I got the correct answer x=19(mod 42) In this case, GCD(2,3,7)...

First image they see of me is...well, a hedgehog in front of an exploding impossible triangle.
@NewMainPosts where da mods at
The opposite of your minimalistic avatars. :P
5:45 AM
mods schmods
The resemblance is uncanny.
I'm really bad at graphic design, but hey, I'm trying
5:48 AM
I should probably make the background less ugly
The text fades into the gradient there
black and white gradient with cyan
jesus he wasn't joking about the graphic design thing
FYI, I really am going to downvote any chatbot ads. Just sayin'
@Mego just make it white?
5:49 AM
@Downgoat Gross
@Mego gray?
@Downgoat Not with that text color hopefully
@Geobits :( DataBot is at least somewhat relevant to the site
Oh man, I remember working on my website's color scheme, getting feedback from my fiancée. At one point, I was purposefully choosing worse and worse colors (as in, cyan, then orange, then gold, then yellow) just to watch her reaction. :P
5:50 AM
Except he doesn't even run here, and 90% of PPCG users won't interact with him
How many people use it? I only know a couple people talking about it in chat.
Either way, somebody get this man some color swatches, stat.
@Quill He doesn't run here because the mods have put a blanket ban on bots in this room
I recommend #F2F4F5 for the background and plain back text
1 min ago, by Quill
@Mego http://subtlepatterns.com/
That's better...
5:52 AM
@Downgoat Whats going on here? Are you userscripting me back to Calvin?
@HelkaHomba :|
maybe yes
That's the first compelling reason I've heard to use a script.
@Mego Try Paletton for colors.
@HelkaHomba Some people have real problems with change ;)
@Downgoat :( you haven't incremented the version number
@somebody oh whoops
5:54 AM
@Geobits I had four people ping me when I got a haircut and updated my icon
also, why not userscript lirtosiast, Lynn and AquaTart back as well?
People are weird
@somebody true
While you're at it, userscripts our hats back
@Quill is there an API for that?
5:55 AM
no lol
I can't find a jquery plugin :(
@Downgoat jquery plugin for what?
Is that less bad?
Less bad, yes.
5:56 AM
@Mego need to change the font
also, it looks like he got decapitated
s/more bad/worse
@somebody At the shoulders?
@Mego change the font to Lato
5:57 AM
@Quill the regex is case insensitive?
@Quill It's not worse than cyan fading into white :/
@somebody meh
@Downgoat I don't seem to have that font in GIMP
I think the font is just fine.
5:59 AM
Q: What is this site that shows up as one of the top referrers to SO?

kubidogshowsonice.com is one of the top referrers of traffic for StackOverflow. Any idea what that is? The homepage is just a generic landing page. Google doesn't turn up anything interesting.

> dogshowsonice.com
is suspicious
someone is spam upvoting my stuff
Dunno. Lato is very straight and precise to me.
Lato looks nice
@Mego what about roboto?
6:02 AM
I guess "precise" fits Data, though, if not the site's feel.
Lato is nice
Just don't set Lato to your browser's default font
set comic sans to your default font
Lato looks better the bolder it is imo.
@Quill s/comic sans/wingdings
6:04 AM
Need to make the font bigger...
D: i can see the image border
I think ads are boxed in, so that wouldn't be an issue.
6:05 AM
@Mego Make "DataBot" bold (and or bigger)
A size up instead of bold would also work.
Oh gross I didn't fully get the image border from Data's pic out
Use this one and spoof "the most interesting man in the world":
6:10 AM
@Geobits "I don't always run your code, but when I do, I do it in a minute or less?"
@Mego border still there
Somebody should do a 19th byte ad
The damn thing won't go away :(
@Mego Yea, I was trying to come up with a good punchline, but it's not easy for this one.
@Quill idk what to put in the ad
it has to be recognised as a programming puzzle/code challenge and short
6:12 AM
@Quill And spoil the purity of our beloved chat room with newcomers?
@Geobits purity? half this chatroom's messages contain avocad
it's hard to get worse than that
@Quill That's not true, just ask Marky. He still _UNKs at avocad I think :P
6:12 AM
Just eraser over it.
I deleted it! I added color over it!
There, slapped some border-b-gone on it
Huh. I stand corrected.

Marky can juic avocad

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Ok, so maybe there's too much avocad in here.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 1 min ago, by Chatgoat
@Geobits A goat...
6:16 AM
I dunno. Blame the goat :)
in Beep Boop Maggot, 14 hours ago, by ETHbot
Alex a. is false.
What's our bot count up to anyway? I've lost count
@Sp3000 I think 4 active ones
6:19 AM
chatgoat, databot, ethbot, marky
kat is up sometimes
Is DataBot a chatroom or what?
user image
^ Crudely hurried prototype
that's a good one
6:25 AM
@Geobits that's really good
"yours" though
Yea, see below image >_>
ah yeah
Great idea.....except I'm not sure we want to tell new users that their challenges will be mercilessly destroyed...
Well, I guess a warning is nice.
why doesn't peter have nipples
or a belly button
6:26 AM
You should probably ask Peter that.
Because he's not human.
the look of glee is spot on I would think
No idea the license on the image. I like it, but will find another if bad :/
Will play with it some tomorrow. Bed time now.
@Geobits that's a confusing message. the castle plainly was built in a sandbox first, but is getting destroyed nonetheless. rebuilding/improving should be the focus
that is true
it is pretty funny but a kid building a castle would be more true to the purpose of the sandbox
6:29 AM
Sure. I was going for fun(ny) first, message second. Not all ads need to be completely serious. Those often don't get clicked at all.
@lirtosiast who does though
@Geobits But no one outside of ppcg (the people the ad is target for) would understand
@HelkaHomba This ad is for within PPCG, IIUC.
If you mean new users, yes.
Oh? they have those
Hmm I really want to make a Calvin challenge, remixing past questions, but writing a might be a bit hard
6:32 AM
Yea, they're the "community" ads.
@Sp3000 only a bit
TIL about a very useful GNU libc extension for : malloc_stats
@Sp3000 input is via , output is . type: .
Source layout is also ASCII art, and answers chain by animating the next frame.
6:44 AM
For some reason the last free on my system doesn't release all 1024 bytes. I'm guessing it's some bookkeeping data by glibc
6:56 AM
What would be good for an initial challenge, without it being too trivial or complex?
My brain is only wanting to come up with trivial ideas
7:09 AM
How about MP3 to PCM conversion? totally not related to earlier conversation >_>
+1 For writing your own language just to win a code golf — Thomas Ahle Jan 16 '13 at 1:39
@Geobits That would be solidly in the category of "too complex"
A: Fibonacci Code Golf

Krakkos18 characters of English.. "Fibonacci Sequence" ok, I fail. :)

And that's why we have the loophole :)
KotH problems: when you think of a neat idea for a KotH but are too lazy to implement the controller
7:21 AM
solution: crowdsource controller development
I tried that with the Draughts KotH. Nobody has picked it up yet
The pedant in me says it doesn't cause any stack to overflow, just throws an exception. That's like saying the quickest way to be attacked by sharks is to stand in the sea and scream "Shark attack!". Despite this, I will up-vote it. :) — Bernard Sep 16 '08 at 3:06
@Mego link?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoKing Me - Draughts King of the Hill Draughts (or checkers, as it is known in the United States) is a well-known international game. I was surprised that we have not had a draughts King of the Hill yet, so here's one! In case you're unfamiliar with the rules (or perhaps you need a refresher), her...

8:22 AM
what do i name the wireless
also, is there a circuit-based esolang?
apart from Funciton
so either a) i can make a golfier one, or b) i need another idea
Or you could just make it anyway and it doesn't have to be golfy :P
there's already one
There's no problem with making your own one if you have your own way of doing things
8:27 AM
it's too similar, not much point
also, i wasn't planning on using it anyway
8:41 AM
oh man, i
haven't been around for a couple days
@Geobits how did you get into grace note's account
How did you not see this, it's pinned to the star board O_O
3 mins ago, by undergroundmonorail
oh man, i
3 mins ago, by undergroundmonorail
haven't been around for a couple days
earlier when i was talking i was on mobile
@somebody Apparently Circuit Diagram is unimplemented. You could either work on an implementation of Circuit Diagram or just write up your language idea and implement it from the beginning
Oh, ELL got shiny new colours
Ooh me gusta
8:55 AM
TIL what linux workspaces are for
@MartinBüttner I hope PPCG is next :)
Probably not
D: someone broke the userscript's chat icon replacement
Haha, yeah, we probably won't get a design for a few months.
Japanese, Music, and Aviation were all ahead of us
8:57 AM
Sites are graduating faster than SE's design team can keep up with.
We're just too awesome
Meanwhile, use the userscript
You know they had only one designer just a few years ago?
I wonder how many they have now...
Nine, apparently.

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