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8:00 PM
@GlenH7 talking with coworkers at lunch, they were very much in the wet BBQ camp. To the point of marinated even. Juicy was a common adjective used.
Mmm. Juicy. Saucy. drools a little
To each their own
And I'll admit drowning a sandwich or two in BBQ sauce
But I also really enjoy the meal when the meat is so tender it's falling off of the bone. No sauce required.
I am literally no fooling drolling at my desk. Must. Stop. Imagining it.
8:03 PM
If there weren't so much snow on the ground I would get my smoker out and make some ribs right about now
> I like big brisket and I cannot lie.
but you're right, the sauce was for dipping when the meat was that good.
Could we get another reopen vote on this? The question is fixed now and I actually have an answer
Q: How can a software code be made modifiable without being visible to the end user?

arttp2I wish to supply a software product with GUI, etc. for operating it. And the software utility is research so the users will want to tweak it to some extent and implement their own preferred algorithms instead of the ones we're shipping. Therefore, we want to make the code partly modifiable but no...

@Snowman Needs two votes as it's currently at 3 reopen votes
@Snowman Done. Better have at it before the close cabal shuts it down again. :-P
8:14 PM
I'm glad I had lunch before popping in here, because the bbq talk would have made me hungry
Has anyone here had experience working Agile with remote teams?
I'm trying to get some ideas of how to manage sprint planning with remote workers.
@KitZ.Fox just play a game of telephone, you tell one of them what you think the plan is, tell that person to tell one other person and pass it on from there. Then once the chain is complete, you ask the last person what the plan is, and recirculate it back to the first person you started with. Just keep circling it through everyone in a daisy chain on a daily basis and see what comes out at the end. It'll handily be just as productive as anything else you'll do regarding scrum with remote folk.
Feb 11 at 21:40, by MichaelT
@JimmyHoffa πŸ‘† Helping
sighs heavily
you're likely to end up with the plan being make delicious cakes and treats, and really that's the best you could hope for given scrum with remote teams
@JimmyHoffa hmmm. I've got another finger emoticon.
8:19 PM
@MichaelT hey now, vulgarity is unnecessary
It must be possible.
@JimmyHoffa sed s/un//
I will think on it.
πŸ‘‡ might be helpful
@KitZ.Fox I would hope your team already has excellent communication channels in place
8:20 PM
See! I was right
@JimmyHoffa what were you thinking?
@Snowman BTW, there's already one close vote on there
close all the things
am I missing things to close vote?
I was on round 1. As was @Ixrec
8:23 PM
I'm not convinced it isn't still too broad, but I'm willing to give frosty a run with it.
@MichaelT thinking? You expect much sir. I daresay, that's a bridge too far.
@JimmyHoffa tell that to the kid you made cry!
@Ampt there's no crying in baseball!
it's a very meh question but since it already got closed and reopened and hasn't attracted a ton of terrible answers (just one that got quickly downvoted) I don't feel a need to reclose it
Anyone want to term-check me? "Life Cycle Model" are things like Waterfall, Evolutionary Prototyping, Staged Delivery, Evolutionary Delivery that get you from requirements to release. "Methodology" is something that tells you steps - how you manage a project (like Scrum does) or how do to design/implementation (like XP), where some are more frameworks and others are more prescriptive.
8:30 PM
@ThomasOwens "Life Cycle Model" are made up term. You am maker-upper.
for what little it's worth, that sounds plausible to me
@JimmyHoffa That's not what Steve McConnell said. He used the term life cycle model.
Scrum and Disciplined Agile Delivery is a methodology. You could theoretically use it for Waterfall, but it's more suited to Staged or Evolutionary Delivery (iterative and incremental things).
@ThomasOwens that just means you're both maker-uppers
But what would you call other things? Kanban, for example. It's a practice.
Is it just that? A "Practice"?
I have no idea what Kanban is aside from the Jira setting by that name
8:32 PM
Kanban is a lean pinciple
It's a mod power
@Ixrec It's a Japanese word that means...signpost, I think.
got an annoying user? Kanban.
@GlenH7 blarg. The question is not a bad one, and certainly not too broad. I was able to answer it in a reasonable amount of space.
It's a graphical indication of work in progress and work status. A Kanban Board shows you your work items and where they are, usually in columns. You'll have a backlog column, one or more work in progress columns, and a done column. The things in your work in progress columns are limited in size.
8:33 PM
@ThomasOwens oh, ηœ‹ζΏ? technically it's more like signboard or billboard or the big sign you'd put on the front of a shop, but yeah basically
but I have no idea what the agiles mean by it
translate: ηœ‹ζΏ
(from zh-CHS) Kanban
Yes, that.
@Ixrec you know Japanese?
@Ixrec They mean what I just described. It's not an agile thing. It's a Lean thing.
@ThomasOwens life style model be Tony Robbins. Him model style life. Waterfell, Revolutionary Protocopter, Staged Moon Landing, them is go: Make up steppers for makker uppers to made up. "Methology" are same like mading ups nunsense. SCRUM was implementrix from life model trial thing made up.
8:34 PM
Wikipedia calls it かんばん
@enderland yep
translate: かんばん
(from Japanese) Kanban board
Make sure you have the happy face board too.
kana would make more sense for that usage
@Ixrec I don't know what that word means or implies.
8:35 PM
@MichaelT apparently it's a calendar
SCRUM is a thing in rugby.
I always assumed that's where the term came from
Rugby is a crazy sport.
If I develop my own process methodology, I will incorporate a Haka into it. Those videos of the New Zealanders doing the Haka strike fear into me. Therefore, it should strike fear into the hearts of those around the project, motivating them to contribute.
Daily stand up meeting? NONSENSE. Daily haka.
@ThomasOwens nothing important, I just meant it makes sense that the practice is called かんばん (kanban, without kanji) instead of ηœ‹ζΏ (kanban, with the kanji meaning signboard) since that's not a meaning any of the existing kanji for it would normally imply
8:38 PM
@ThomasOwens Process. βˆ€ m ∈ {makkerUps}. βˆ€ p ∈ {usedProcess}. PM: m → p
I'm not that familiar with the Japanese scripts.
But guys. A daily haka.
that sounds vaguely similar to hwacha, which would be awesome
@Ixrec More awesome.
The Haka (plural is the same as singular: haka) is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. War haka were originally performed by warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition, but haka are also performed for various reasons: for welcoming distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements, occasions or funerals, and kapa haka performance groups are...
8:42 PM
on my front page:
Q: Where did the notion of "one return only" come from?

fredoverflowI often talk to Java programmers who say "Don't put multiple return statements in the same method." When I ask them to tell me the reasons why, all I get is "The coding standard says so." or "It's confusing." When they show me solutions with a single return statement, the code looks uglier to me...

@ThomasOwens Agile ∈ {makkerUps}. Revelationary Release ∈ {makkerUps}. Staged Shakespear ∈ {makkerUps}. SCRUMptious ∈ {usedProcess}. Sixth Signal Sigma Ninja Belt ∈ {usedProcess}. KanBanRanALanDillyDingDong ∈ {usedProcess}. ITILUANDUTILME ∈ {usedProcess}.
or at least closinate?
Q: What is the meaning of "static" in pseudo-code

AhmadThis is a pseudo-code from "Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach" function Table-Driven-Agent(percept) returns action static: percepts, a sequence, initially empty table, a table, indexed by the percept sequences, initially fully specified append percept to the end of perce...

I wonder about the OP being a college instructor.
8:45 PM
@Ampt probably worth keeping that one around as reference. It has some good info in it.
@Snowman ok, not burninate, I agree, but at least closinate
8:56 PM
A: Find the missing number in an undelimited string

ZgarbHaskell, 115 bytes a#b=last$0:[c|c<-a,b==filter(/=c)a] maximum.map((\s->[s!!0..last s]#s).map read.words.concat).mapM(\c->[[c],c:" "]) The first line is a helper function definition, the second is the main anonymous function. Verify test cases (I had to run shorter tests because of time restri...

There is a checkbox when asking a question to answer your own question. I figured out the issue before posting, and wanted to help other programmers not waste time finding the answer the hard way. That is what this site is for. — Carl Fried Rice Gauss just now
@MichaelT this is decidable when the missing number crosses a power of 10? like 979899101102 ?
@JimmyHoffa I don't see why not.
Consider my answer on the p.se question.
hmm I guess that would work.. it seems like given certain patterns it wouldn't but I fail to identify them
9:11 PM
@JimmyHoffa I've failed to fail too.
ok, so that works. That's rather cool.
I do have a 10 boundary problem on there. 911 and the Haskell solution found it correctly
@MichaelT example? like 99101102?
Q: Regarding the "one return only" question

SnowmanRegarding this question: Where did the notion of β€œone return only” come from? What should be done with it? Nothing Close Delete Wiki lock Something else

9:18 PM
@JimmyHoffa and I forked and ran it. ideone.com/2V4y7Q
is it possible to search for questions which reference that question?
@Ampt is it possible to find a missing question from a string of undelimited questions referencing that question?
I'm not sure how close "linked to" is to "references", but I think that's the relationship that's searchable
@Ixrec awesome, thanks!
9:22 PM
enderland just watched coworkers play darts
@Snowman Good idea, I've added my answer and thoughts to it as well.
@DeliriousSyntax a memory was tickled about languages when I was reminded of esolangs.org/wiki/Fission not sure why.
Btw, @JimmyHoffa added more to the book list.
@MichaelT saw the commit, haven't poked into it yet
9:36 PM
@MichaelT I keep advertising Slack to people here :)
@enderland you read my comment on it?
I has a slack.
> Handing this book to your boss may or may not be a career limiting move. DeMarco is rather critical of bad management. The ideas presented are heretical in some organizations. And yet, it is one of those books that plants seeds of ideas that have the possibility for making a better working environment.
I think everyone here agrees with that book
I haven't read it yet.
9:38 PM
at least that I can tell
Wait...maybe that's not the one that I bought.
@MichaelT I'm not seeing how your algorithm fails on 911? Guess 1 digit means seed is 9 and next will be 10 or 11, test and success on 11 means 10 is missing..
@JimmyHoffa exactly. I failed to fail. It works.
@ThomasOwens Maybe Peopleware?
9:43 PM
@GlenH7 I've had Peopleware. I was talking to a friend who picked up the 3rd edition of Peopleware.
I've owned it for a while, though.
@enderland the book or the communication software?
@Ampt book. hah
@ThomasOwens That was the other DeMarco book that had been discussed in here recently
Gah. Giant one box.
9:45 PM
I thought it was fine :)
Two screens on phone.
@MichaelT so get 2 phones! Duh.
Or iPad with data plan.
10:06 PM
today is one of those days I want to work late because what I am doing is fun. take that @JimmyHoffa!
I even made a PR against our dev team's repo to fix a, ah, quirk that it has
though one of them jokingly told me I got fired. so. :|
Day 12: still not fired (yet).
ok this is ridiculous. I'm sitting 15 feet from someone who is on a conference call with a conference room 15 feet behind me
I can hear her from both directions
@enderland Must have been a variant of planning poker.
@psr way for calculating story points?
@enderland Yes
@user2680392 did this solve your problem? — enderland yesterday
heh that got me a 2+ year old upvote/accept. :D
10:17 PM
@GlenH7 thinking about it - burnt ends is part of the dry BBQ tradition that goes from Kansas (as described in the Wikipedia article) through southern Missouri.
There was a place in the bootheel of MO that relatives lived near. They had brisket - it was slow cooked in a 55 gallon drum (health inspectors don't look) over several hours. And it was wonderfully dry. You had BBQ sauce if you wanted to add moisture to it.
I remember just adding a bit of tobasco sauce to it as a kid - more heat without too much more moisture.
Good question, but most likely off topic for SO. You may get a better response at Programmers.SENikolaiDante 50 secs ago
@whatsisname ....."a word I didn't like"...wtf
sex = genitals, gender = brain, sometimes they match in people sometimes they don't
But I am pretty sure the person is asking about chipmunks, so sex is an appropriate word.
10:45 PM
But penguins!
until we are capable of communicating with chipmunks and learning what bizarre social norms they have imposed on themselves, there's probably no meaningful distinction between sex and gender in that context
but yes sex is the correct term
Roy and Silo (born 1987) are chinstrap penguins who were a same sex male pair in New York City's Central Park Zoo. They were noted by staff at the zoo in 1998 to be performing mating rituals, although no actual sexual acts were witnessed, and in 1999 attempted to hatch a rock as if it were an egg. This inspired zoo keepers to give them an egg from another pair of penguins who could not hatch it, resulting in the couple raising a chick which was named Tango. Tango herself formed a same sex relationship with another female penguin. Like many couples, Roy and Silo drifted apart after several years...
@MichaelT That's personification, if nothing else.
Like yes, samesex stuff happens in animals
10:47 PM
@AshleyNunn I'm just trying to be problematic here. And yes. Sex.
but we can't be like "excuse me tell me about your gender identity mr. penguin"
@Ixrec I'm more irritated by the "word I didn't like "remark than anything :p
and the person wasn't keen enough to edit it in the body of the question either
10:49 PM
Btw, please pose a resolution in Canada to have Mr. Cruz declared a citizen of the north. It would be hilarious to watch that play out.
also, if the goal is just to keep "sex" out of the title, it could be phrased as "tell if it's male of female" without using either word
@Ixrec That would solve it
Chicken sexer is a career already. Maybe I can start a new kind of career as a chipmunk genderer. I would start with one good prospect for a client at least. (Though thinking about it, there might really be a market for a pet genderer - tell people what clothes their dog would prefer, etc.)
I'm building docker images in other docker images. This feels like inception
11:08 PM
@GlenH7 engineering question?
Q: Paracord rope strength

SabreI have recently come into possession of many thousands of feet of paracord, more than any practical use would dictate. So this started me down the addictive path that is weaving and forming it into various more practical or at least decorative uses. One of the extremely easy knitting styles using...

@psr as long as you don't become a chicken sexter.
> Hey there cute hen. Show me some wing.
11:59 PM
@MichaelT exactly. The sauce is for dripping or dipping, but not dousing with that KC brisket. I would love to get my hands on some Gates again..
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