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5:00 AM
@AlexA. Well, Ruby's approach to truthiness is still better than JavaScript's.
> if("")'"" is truthy'
< undefined
> if([])'[] is truthy'
< "[] is truthy"
That is adorable.
That's upsettingly inconsistent /:
It's contradictory to most other languages, where booleans can be cast to integers by simply multiplying by 1. True becomes 1 and false becomes 0, which makes sense in a cosmic sort of way.
Yet truthy 0s aren't?!
@ZachGates JavaScript usually is.
5:01 AM
@AlexA. Of course, in the best language, C, everything is either floating point or an integer anyway.
@BrainSteel Everything?
Well, either an integer, floating point, or made up of integers and floating points. It's just the integers come in lots of sizes :P
@BrainSteel Do you think it would be relatively easy to get 3 sig figs by superimposing a grid on the circle and checking whether each point in the main circle is in any other circle? It'd probably even be easy to decide what resolution the grid should be based on the size of the circle.
Ah yeah, because char is an unsigned integer, right?
@AlexA. The standard does not define whether char is signed by default, I believe. Better use unsigned char to be safe :D
5:03 AM
@AlexA. No, you can have negative A.
@BrainSteel ...seriously?
@quintopia I believe this covers that: "Your solution should not rely on sampling points within the circles to determine an area."
@FlagAsSpam ... seriously?!
@AlexA. ...no.
5:04 AM
@AlexA. With every C compiler I have used, char was signed 8-bit integer.
@AlexA. Yes, actually, I don't believe it's explicit. In XCode, there's even a little checkbox next to 'characters are signed'
@Dennis I believe XCode's default is unsigned.
Just never count on them being (un)signed if you don't label it explicitly.
I have no idea what that is.
Eww, Apple!
@Dennis Apple's IDE
5:05 AM
What XCode is?
Oh, yeah, what Dr. Brian Steele said.
Dr. Brian Steele*
That's what I said <_<
mod abuse eleven
@AlexA. I was wrong, it's signed by default. It's under Project -> Build Settings (All) ->Apple LLVM 7.0 Language -> 'char' Type is Unsigned
I've read that XCode used to be a pretty decent all-purpose IDE but Apple removed the functionality for just about everything but Apple device app development, e.g. Objective-C and Swift. (You can still do C and C++ though.)
5:10 AM
I had to play with it a bit to get it to do what I wanted. I use it mostly as a debugger.
@BrainSteel Missed that one. Guess it'll have to rely on sampling some other shape then.
@BrainSteel What do you use when you actually write your code then?
@AlexA. XCode sometimes, because lazy, and I jump around from nano to vim to emacs regularly in an effort to like one of them.
+1 for nano
I got into the habit of using XCode's text editor and then compiling/running from the command line. I do not know why.
5:13 AM
That's... hm.
I like make, I guess.
I've been back and forth between NeoVim and Atom.
I've never heard of either.
hums Super Mario bg music in his head
5:14 AM
shrinks into corner
My problem is that I really like Atom overall but I really dislike its handling of Julia.
I don't know how much I want a GUI. I keep thinking I really don't want one, and then I keep going back to it because I never get around to learning them darn hotkeys.
Don't want a GUI? Try NeoVim.
How am I supposed to yell at kids to get off my lawn in 30 years if I'm using a GUI?!
5:17 AM
Atom does look really nice, though. I'll try it.
@BrainSteel Ah, I know. Sampling radii. For each angle, find how far in that direction you can go before hitting a circle by solving the linear-quadratic equation for each circle and taking the min. Find the area of a sector with that radius. Add up the sectors for all the angles.
I'm still trying to get used to Super Marioing all over my keyboard in an attempt to use Vim commands, but so far it's not bad.
@BrainSteel It has some nice plugins that may be useful for C development
@quintopia Ugh, are you going to make me ban more things? :P That's almost more complicated than the way I'm using anyway.
@AlexA. What do you mean by Super Marioing?
@BrainSteel Or you could just allow it. (If you really want to ban any non-analytic solution, just require the output be an exact expression for the answer in terms of elementary functions.)
5:22 AM
^ still relevant as ever (why is not a famous meme yet?)
i appear to be the only upvoter still. sad day.
Is something the matter with SE's https?
I keep getting untrusted connection warnings
@Sherlock9 Only on meta IIRC
@quintopia I really don't have a problem with that. I'm more worried about just sampling points.
I've been getting it on Code Golf proper as well
@Dennis That is adorable.
5:23 AM
@Dennis @BrainSteel This is what I was referring to. I love it so much.
@BrainSteel Anyway, integrating over something is like THE standard way to find the areas of things. Why are you so opposed to it?
@Dennis i still don't understand this video
@quintopia Don't get me wrong, I'm not against integration by any means. I quite like your radius-sampling solution, really. I just don't like the point-sampling method because it trivializes the problem beyond recognition.
@undergroundmonorail Doorknob made some animated GIFs for showing people how to use Vim. Dennis has stated multiple times that the odd keyboard commands make him feel like he's playing Super Mario. Hence this.
5:27 AM
Not understanding it is the best part.
@BrainSteel Oh okay. (The radius sample solution is too complicated anyway, as you said :P)
@quintopia I mean, you could do that method for any shape under any kind of intersection at all. It's just boring
meta and beta don't rhyme
that makes me mad
@quintopia It's a pretty good rule of thumb. It's really more like sleep = awake/2 + a little, but it even works for sleeping in the night after a significant loss of sleep. Like, if you lose 6 hours of sleep one night and sleep in the next night, you'll probably sleep an additional 3 hours, not 6.
@undergroundmonorail They do if you pronounce one or both incorrectly
5:35 AM
@AlexA. that feels like cheating
Songwriters do it all the time
Which one is pronounced wrong in English?
> ˈbeɪtə
I see.
Zakk Wylde rhymed "fire" with "messiah" in a Black Label Society song.
That's a feat of English language pronunciation abuse
@BrainSteel Are you using something more like Inclusion-Exclusion with the intersection-of-two-circles formula?
@Dennis "meh-tuh" vs. "bay-tuh"
5:38 AM
@Dennis ...meta, then? I pronounce them the same...
I always say "meta" with a long e...
Like "meat-uh"?
@El'endiaStarman weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird
No, like "may-tuh".
@El'endiaStarman even weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeirder
I have a significant number of mispronunciations because there are a lot of words that I've only ever read or spoken...
Meta being one of them.
5:40 AM
So I usually extrapolate from other words.
Like beta...
yeah, that's not a good rule of thumb for English...
It's worked pretty well for me...
for english: "if it's spelled similarly, that gives you very little info about how it's pronounced" :P
@AlexA. And it's bee-tuh is BE, apparently.
5:41 AM
English is not that inconsistent.
Oh, but it is.
It only seems like it is because it's sourced from several languages.
@El'endiaStarman I first read the word "awry" in books and then tried to pronounce it (very young). I was SO WRONG.
s/only seems like it //
@quintopia That's a relatively rare word. But anyway, did you say it "aw-ree" or "uh-rai"?
the former
5:43 AM
@quintopia s/ only seems like it i/'/
(luckily, my parents corrected me immediately. but i was embarassed.)
I can't remember the last time I heard that word, if ever.
welcome one and all to the ppcg pronunciation hour
@Dennis what what?
5:44 AM
Huh, that's a Middle English word.
@undergroundmonorail s/ppcg/nineteen bytes/ I suppose...
@quintopia I had seen that word a couple of times, but I never checked how it was pronounced. If I had guessed, I would have been very alex...
s/ bytes/th byte/
welcome one and all to the ppcg sed jokes hour
Almost as bad as ghoti.
5:46 AM
That one is correctly pronounced more like "goaty".
@Dennis I am reminded your nationality. Have a ghoughphtheightteeau chip
@undergroundmonorail s/ppcg/nineteenth byte/ I suppose Keepo
linguists don't have anything better to do with their time than ruin jokes i guess ;)
THIS JUST IN: linguists state the obvious
5:48 AM
we oughta bring back the "i" in business. HOW'S YOUR BUSYNESS GOING?
@zyabin101 i keep forgetting i have this extension and it makes me happy each time
@Dennis ಠ_ಠ
@undergroundmonorail wtf
5:50 AM
Why would
I just
@undergroundmonorail That reminds me of the time I destroyed someone's joke setup because I had the actual answer. :P
i hate twitch chat but also i love twitch chat so i put their emoticons on the whole internet
@El'endiaStarman what was it?
"Why are TIE fighters called that?"
Me: "Twin Ion Engine. TIE."
@undergroundmonorail this plugin seems eminently useful to the visually minded
5:52 AM
Joke answer: "Because they have Thai people in them."
that doesn't seem like a very good joke
...the joke answer is bad
It also makes no sense
Thai and TIE are pronounced the same.
also it is probably vaguely racist
5:53 AM
I know
Well, I think it's a decent joke.
Perhaps some percentage of the TIE fighter pilots are Thai. Idk.
But I wasn't thinking about that, and thought the guy was genuinely wondering.
it would be funnier if it were "they have <x> people in them" where x is some nation that was at that very moment invading thailand.
Fun fact: Southeast Asia has more TIE fighter pilots per capita than anywhere else in the world.
5:55 AM
har har
@Calvin'sHobbies Jar Jar
@AlexA. seems unlikely. there aren't that many fighter planes in Thailand. I suspect the U.S. has more Thai immigrants flying jets than Thailand has fighter planes. :P
This would probably be a better way to put it: "Q: Where do the most TIE fighters come from? A: Southeast Asia." Would be even better to prime the audience with Star Wars beforehand.
@AlexA. Pretty sure they made this joke in family guy star wars
I could get behind that. but the punchline should be "Thailand"
5:57 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies What is Family Guy Star Wars?
@AlexA. A movie parody they made.
oh neat. notepad++ just got improved syntax highlighting for python
I dislike Family Guy and I don't have a whole lot of interest in Star Wars, so that sounds entirely unrelated to my interests. :P
it's weird how the nineteenth byte can simultaneously believe and "tabs < spaces" ducks out before inevitable flame war begins
5:58 AM
@quintopia That's nice but it's still too bad that you're using Notepad++ on Windows.
it's weird how you said that immediately after Alex was being wrong
@quintopia Roughly, yes, that's how I've been doing it. There's a couple weird little steps here and there.
@AlexA. and I use Kate on kubuntu. they really aren't all that bad as editors go.
@quintopia Oh Kate! I miss Kate. I used it on SLED at a job years ago.
I'm not a big fan of Notepad++ but it's fine. It makes the Windows experience slightly less awful.
windows has been getting less awful in general. I'd drop it like a bad habit if linux support in the world would generally increase, but if it continues getting better that opinion could change...
For one, they finally have native support for virtual desktops. No more need for the hacked-together apps that simulated them before.
6:07 AM
Interesting article: Obama and His Geeks.
@AlexA. What?
"Thai" fighters
Ah no wait. I saw Southeast Asia before I read the whole chat
Got it now
@El'endiaStarman <3
@AlexA. Another reason to vote for Bernie: he'd keep these people around.
6:13 AM
As if I needed another reason to vote for Bernie. :D
Same. :P
I worry that he won't win in the Democratic caucuses because he doesn't have the name recognition or momentum of Hillary. (O'Malley doesn't have a flame's chance in hell at this point.)
6:31 AM
I wanted to see how the various candidates were doing and all I had to do was look up the word "polls"
Well, thing is, normal polls and media aren't accurate. One big reason, I think, is that they miss out on the enormous segment of the population that spends more time on the Internet.
And internet polls are also inaccurate because that same segment is overrepresented.
Well, this provides analysis on aggregate public polling numbers across various sources.
Wait, hold on, somebody mentioned politics? On the internet? And nobody threw one tomato?
Yeah, well, we're nice people.
6:36 AM
Internet hugs for everybody!
@AlexA. With your polls combined, I am Captain America?
@Sherlock9 I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
@BrainSteel Received and reciprocated
Offline polls miss the Internet, online polls overrepresent the Internet. Why not combine the two in the statistics?
I really hope Clinton and Trump don't both win their parties' primaries. I don't want Clinton, but I want Trump even less.
I'd take Clinton in a heartbeat over any of the Republican candidates.
6:39 AM
There's so many of them, though!
While that may be true, I haven't found a single one of them I agree with.
Wow stackexchange has a chatroom
I hope Bernie wins the Democratic primary. I'm considering registering for the Democratic Party just to vote for Bernie in the primary.
@dust05 A lot of them, actually!
@dust05 This is one of nearly 34000
There are chat rooms for most of the sites in the Stack Exchange network
6:41 AM
@AlexA. I already have, so...
And you can create a new (public) chatroom whenever you want
@Calvin'sHobbies Provided you have sufficient reputation to do so
The initiation of @dust05 begins...
6:46 AM
@El'endiaStarman I've been hesitant to register with a party because I'm not a fan of the effects the party system has (e.g. fragmenting the country into two polar opposites that are sworn enemies). But I think at this point it's too ingrained to ever change, so I might as well register with the one party I actually agree with. :P
@AlexA. I think the election method is largely to blame for that.
If we had a fair representation system, we'd probably have more, larger parties.
7:06 AM
@AlexA. I suggest the episode of "Adam Ruins Everything" on voting.
I have absolutely no idea what Adam Ruins Everything is.
A show on trutv
Here's a clip from that episode: youtube.com/watch?v=90RajY2nrgk
7:32 AM
user image
8:23 AM
@Doorknob isn't around the apparatus, please leave a message beep Kappa
1 hour later…
9:24 AM
This is not an answer. Not correct, this is also. — FlagAsSpam 26 secs ago
17 hours later...
That's the first time I've ever seen that message in this chat.
2 hours later…
11:04 AM
Q: Sort a concatenated sequence

Stewie GriffinConsider a sequence based on recurrence relations, f(n) = f(n-1)+f(n-2), starting with f(1) = x1, f(2) = x2. For x1 = 3, x2 = 1, the sequence begins like this: 2 1 3 4 7 11 18 29 47 76 123 199 322 521 843 Concatenating this into a string will give: 21347111829477612319932252184...

11:25 AM
Oh geez is it ever quiet.
12:12 PM
@mınxomaτ this is a task that requires considerable talent
12:56 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WallyWestBinary Combinations Converted code-golf Given two integers X and Y, representing the number of zeroes (0) and ones (1) respectively, calculate all the possible decimal equivalents that can be determined from creating binary strings using only the zeroes and ones provided, and display them as a ...

1:18 PM
@Doorknob He looks very dedicated.
2 hours later…
3:07 PM
Basic idea for hexagonal green bg
I need to remove the black lines...
3:35 PM
Looks decent.
We could also do some kind of aperiodic tiling:
with a different color scheme of course
A: Best of PPCG 2015 — Call for Categories

Digital TraumaShowcase of Most Promising New Golfing Language There seem to be quite a few of these new languages that have popped up in the last year.

guess I better fix pl
@AlexA. Truthy in Perl is 1 and falsy in Perl is an empty string
I don't think it gets much stranger, honestly.
@PhiNotPi I like that one. :P
@quartata Honestly, that's pretty normal as far as Perl goes. It wouldn't fit in with the rest of the language if it was intuitive
@quartata see this? A documented example of perl's <s>stupid/s> weirdness.
3:53 PM
Just a tad better:
^ is good
Not quite done yet :)
I still have gray outlines around each box...
@KevinW. I consider it normal but I don't think non-Perl programmers do
I like it as is.
@quartata cough like me cough
@JAtkin You can post these in the design discussion room (not sure if you are aware).

 PPCG Graduation Design Discussion

We are here to discuss the design for PPCG when it graduates. ...
3:57 PM
exactly, Perl requires a different mindset.
much like working with children, you have to expect the unexpected
@quartata Hmmm, your name didn't show up in my reply
@KevinW. Perl is a child. Got it.
@KevinW. That's because it was a multi-line message
@TimmyD Perl needs discipline and harsh training.
@PhiNotPi I know, no one was there...
I am. :P
All in favor of perl getting redesigned say I.
4:06 PM
Have you ever actually used Perl?
I know Alex talks a lot of shit about it but that doesn't mean you should listen to him
I didn't know alex hates it.
Dec 24 '15 at 22:07, by Alex A.
@quartata He has the bad version. Oh sorry, that's all the versions of Perl.
4:08 PM
I dislike it because I find it unreadable.
That's because you've only read golfed Perl
Sorry to people who like it, I will try to be more tolerant.
Ungolfed Perl is very readable.
Fine, you win. /s
Is ungolfed perl called pearl?
4:33 PM
Onion Knight was based on an idea (mine as it happens) that I rejected last year as too diabolical. Pops actually made it easier to earn (and by extension guess), so I'm quite pleased nobody figured it out. — Jon Ericson ♦ 20 hours ago
5:09 PM
Someone, anyone, tell me I'm not crazy :(
@cat i get 2+2= 5
with python 3.4.3
@KevinW. as expected, thanks
@trichoplax that's a very bad golf! must be a Java guy!
When I saw that "New to programming, just looking for a few pointers", was anyone else immediatly reminded of xkcd.com/138 ?
It was posted in response.
5:20 PM
alias 2= +="printf '5\n'" 2+=+ +2=+ 2+2=+
Run in OS X terminal
Sup @ETHproductions
@RikerW Hardly anything now that I'm on here
Are you chasing everybody away? :P
I don't know, maybe my presence is disturbing? :P
I have hit my artistic limit....
I think that's a bit too busy
Most likely it is the black lines
But it can be toned down...
I installed GreaseMonkey the other day, but haven't yet bothered to restart my browser so I can use it :P
That is really sad ;(
5:28 PM
Use chrome. :P
I haven't closed my browser for months.
lol ^^
Hit shift + f2 and type restart
All you tabs will stay up
I know who created that in fx
Thanks for the tip, but will it keep the data I've entered in textfields?
5:29 PM
Of course it will.
I'll enter those things in Notepad# just in case
@mınxomaτ That's crazy ... I shut down my computer every night.
@TimmyD must be a chrome user
5:30 PM
@TimmyD I shut all of the applications down, but not the computer.
Whats Notepad# ?
@TimmyD I don't remember the last time any of my PCs were shut down.
@mınxomaτ That is sad. :P
Not really
5:30 PM
@JAtkin A copy of the Notepad++ file on my computer, but with admin permissions
@JAtkin Multi-paradigm version of Notepad++
Hmm, why would it need admin permissions?
notepad++ with .NET support?
@TimmyD How does NPP have a paradigm?
@mınxomaτ It was a play off of C++ / C#
5:31 PM
It didn't work...
@TimmyD I know. But it's a bit forced.
No, stupid GitHub, I said "ctrl-a ctrl-c", not "ctrl-a c"!
@mınxomaτ It was a stupid pun in an Internet chat room on a site about explicitly making code unreadable for the sake of brevity. Of course it's forced. :D
@JAtkin fortunately the ctrl-z key on my keyboard is working
...the moment you go to close some tabs and realise you have around 30 open...
5:34 PM
ctrl-z has saved my life many times....
so long, friends
Hey look, firefox survived a restart :)
Personally I have firefox set to open all the tabs I had open last time.
3-4 close and opens per day...
My FF used to open my old tabs too, but now it always opens this one session from early December
No clue why...
The "Restore Previous Session" button works, though
Although it also opens this one tab that was open in early December and hasn't been opened since :/
My FF has the weirdest problems.
Does it update?
I think it just did when I restarted it, or maybe that was just GreaseMonkey.
5:41 PM
Odd, well I got to go. Out!
Woo, got Conor's script working!
5:53 PM
Here's what my custom combination of @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ's and @JAtkin's script looks like:
Me likes it :)
Nice, though I can't say I like it as much as mine ;)
I like yours too, but it still has the current text styles, and I like Cᴏɴᴏʀ's better. ;)
Did he change the font face?

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