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12:00 AM
Did someone once gather data on the average program length here on PPCG? I feel like I remember something like that but I may be wrong
Doesn't sound familiar to me.
Sounds like you could do some fanciness with the SE API and either literally parse the code blocks or assume people always use the standard header and take their word for the byte counts.
12:17 AM
Q: Dogeify an input

Hurricane996Your job is to take an input and dogeify it. In tiher words, take the input and output a list of phrases whose first word is randomly picked from the list many, much, so, such, very. The second word is a word from the input. There must be the same amount of each word in the input as in the outpu...

This looks good.
I hope you're kidding.
Maybe if it had formatting or an example
Hello world !
Hi Aaron.
12:21 AM
A few days ago I stumbled on an article where css is cleverly used to solve a picture differences : franklinta.com/2014/11/30/image-diffing-using-css
I thought it could be a nice idea for a challenge, but I've got no idea whether it's feasible in most languages, nor how to present the challenge. Any idea?
(I know of the challenge sandbox but was under the impression the challenge idea had to be already more carved out)
its image processing right?
yeah I guess so, I checked an we already have a lot of "check input for differences", but none about pictures
I thought I could do a popularity challenge along the lines of "highlight differences in the pictures"
I'd say its feasible based on other image processing challenges
> yeah I guess so, I checked an we already have a lot of "check input for differences"
do we? damn
i've had a half-formed idea for a challenge based around this in my head for months
you'd likely need several image examples for people to try
12:29 AM
yes, that should be easy to find
Do you agree with the popularity contest? I guess code-golf is more popular, but I don't think I'd be able to define a formal output format, so I don't think code golf is relevant
based on how silly SE's revision history can often be, showing huge blocks of text crossed out and then mostly the same text in green but with a small difference at the beginning or end, or "sentence that is from ~~sentence that is from~~ the ~~old revision~~ new revision"
is that not the strikeout format
anyway you know what i mean
yeah I'm not too sure, but was discouraged when searching for "differences" returned 45 pages ;)
@flawr I like all of the words you fit in the rectangle.
so the challenge would have some kind of rule like "try to find the most in common" and then create a revision history based on two blocks of text following that rule
@PhiNotPi I heard that Perl will no longer be supported on any computer in 2016.
12:35 AM
actually now that i think about it, people have been saying for a while that "a good is one with a scoring system that is easy to judge for humans but hard to compute" and i wonder if having a challenge like "make an SE-revision-history-style diff program that most naturally decides what to highlight and what to cross out" where answerers point out tricky situations that theirs handles better than SE or other answers do would be good for that
maybe not, i'm just spitballing
I have an idea about some text generator that'd be a popularity contest
but the code must look like a block of text
python already looks like pseudocode
I'll have to flesh it out and maybe get some input after that
"generate poetry ; your code must rhyme" - huu, what does > rhymes with?
12:39 AM
it must rhyme with with
do you think i'm the only person on this site to ever answer the same question with 60 different programs in the same language
better than answering 60 different questions with the same language
@AaronGOUZIT I disagree because I'm fairly certain I've done that.
i was going to say "i don't even know if i've answered 60 questions"
and now that i'm looking i don't think i have
I have 229 answers
12:41 AM
I'm guilty btw, ><> has been a lot of fun but I should start trying my hands on some others
I have 140 Ruby answers...
because i have 62 answers but i've answered the same question more than once in different languages before
(or at least answers containing the word "Ruby")
oh and my last like 7 have all been pb what am i talking about, obviously i don't have 60 python answers. never mind
@Doorknob /me edits "Ruby" into each of your answers
12:41 AM
<!-- Ruby -->
Well if it's the language for the task, you have to do what needs to be done ;)
The thing is, with code golf, the languages used are rarely appropriate for the task.
In a usability sense
i literally don't think pb is appropriate for any reasonable task haha
In a shortness sense, Pyth is always appropriate for the task
@undergroundmonorail Like Bubblegum!
like, i can think of cases where i would use brainfuck in real life for reasonable things
not many
12:43 AM
@AlexA. checked 3 random recent answers of yours and they were in 3 different languages. Good enough !
Let me guess. Julia, R, and APL?
but like, if i need to have a file with a specific, unprintable byte in it for some reason, and i don't feel like going into the charmap or anything, brainfuck is honestly an easy language to do it in
bam, null byte
APL was the fourth, Matlab/Octave for the 3rd :)
Oh wow, you selected quite a nonrepresentative sample
Say hello to the first program in ShadyAsFuck: PPPPzPPzPgPgPgLLuggmRapG=UmMtPPP:PyRicQPyMMMHMMMcRygy
12:45 AM
I think I've done maybe 2 Matlab/Octave answers
it's top answers actually, not recent
Ohhhhhh top answers. So R and LOLCODE?
I might try Karma next, I want to try a deque and those conditionals seem fun. Anyone tried it?
Nono, it was Julia, R, Matlab/Octave and APL, but I avoided the "showcase your favorite language" answers and picked at random in the remaining
esolangs.org/wiki/Karma link for the lazy
That's not hello.
That's good evening.
12:51 AM
@AlexA. Salut!
I mean, I don't know this guy. Bonsoir is the right word to use.
You can't say bonjour to strangers?
12:52 AM
You can say bonjour too.
Depends on the timezone ; as a French I should be saying "Bonne nuit" right now
But it isn't morning where I am.
Bonjour/Bonsoir = Formal Salut = Informal
Big sticklers over that
Bongiorno! :)
Wrong language.
Not everyone knows French. Have some sympathy for the Frenchless.
12:53 AM
much sympathy, goto++ can't be as fun
Q: Dogeify an input

Hurricane996Your job is to take an input and dogeify it. In other words, take the input and output a list of phrases whose first word is randomly picked from the list [many, much, so, such, very]. For each phrase, drop the first word. The second word is a word from the input. There must be the same numbe...

Such unclear, very put on hold.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE So what's this program do?
Q: CUDDLE calculation

DennisAccording to the Wikipedia page on the number 69, it is of note that 692 = 4,761 and 693 = 328,509 together use all decimal digits. The number 69 is in fact the lowest number that satisfies this property. For a similar reason, 32,043 is remarkable: 32,0432 = 1,026,753,849 uses all decimal digits...

^This video is not available
12:57 AM
What have I clicked on
@quartata A path to greatness
The sound of progress, my friend.
@undergroundmonorail Questions about not being able to connect to YouTube are off topic. You may be able to get help from someone who gives a shit. Thanks!
@AlexA. put on hold It is unclear what you are asking
Put on hold as monorail is underground
1:00 AM
Preparing to launch Team Fortress 2 Estimated time remaining: 3.78*10^8 years
[ ] Launch game as soon as it is ready
View updates
Play game
Preparing to launch Half Life 3. Estimated time remaining: ∞
here's a weird question
1:06 AM
that'll lock your computer right up
let's say you're typing a sentence and you realize that somewhere that you were supposed to type "and an" you only typed "an"
do you go before that word and type "and ", or do you go after that word and type "d an"?
I type "and "
see, i thought i was an "and" guy myself
but without thinking, i just proved myself to fall squarely in the "d an" camp
I'd end up backspacing the whole thing and typing it out again
1:07 AM
i don't know why i saw "an" and an incomplete "and" before i saw it as a complete "an". weird
@quartata Sorry, I didn't see this until just now. The code is a very simple "Hello, World!" program. See esolang's page on it.
oh how nice, my bother sent me a letter in the mail
Your bother?
So you completed this language in a day?
That is impressive.
Honestly wasn't that hard. XD
1:10 AM
...which only contains a coupon to a movie theather
i don't mean any offense by this, as it is impressive, but i could probably do a brainfuck sub in a day
that doesn't exist in this state
We literally use some Brainfuck in the source.
...and it expired over a year ago
@undergroundmonorail None taken, because I totally understand. XD
1:10 AM
Damn. I'm impressed anyways.
Can't wait to see someone golf in this.
You should probably add that program to the Hello World catalog.
"There are in fact choices that were made for user friendliness" yes, on my language's esolangs page i also pretend that there are legitimate advantages to using it :P
To be fair, it halves Brainfuck...
makes me think, to increase coding density even more, wouldn't it be possible to use the position of the character to change it's function?
You know.
This would probably not be a terrible language for my RTTTL Obfuscation challenge.
> The folders "src" and "information" are a part of Brainfuck - they are simply part of how the ShadyAsFuck Interpreter works.
1:12 AM
(or they could convert to bits, with each instruction taking up 3 bits, take that in groups of 7, and transform to ASCII with the high bit set to 0, padding with 0's)
outdated README.md?
Maximum compression: store the entire program as a single UTF-8 character.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE Whoa whoa whoa whoa there.
@undergroundmono When was that committed?
are we talking about HQ9+ again?
1:13 AM
guess I now have to send my bother some trash in the mail
I'm not sure PPCG is ready for that much of a drastic meta change.
8 minutes ago
but i couldn't find an "information" folder
Exactly. XD
I'm tired - I wrote "information" instead of "include".
1:15 AM
interesting fact: there are exactly 8 brainfuck programs (that contain at least 1 non-nop command) that are 100% identical in shadyasfuck
I write "golf" instead of "gold" always. And "byte" instead of "bye." What has this site done to me.
@VTCAKAVSMoACE on the esolangs article when you talk about the substitution, you explain how to make ShadyAsFuck from brainfuck right? I think you should do the opposite for better comprehension
Well, technically, all brainfuck programs can be identical in ShadyAsFuck.
oh, i assumed that last column was only valid as the last instruction
@AaronGOUZIT Will do, as soon as I can focus on my screen.
1:16 AM
"The whole source code is split up in pairs" I assumed you were talking about the ShadyAsFuck code and was confused
No, that's valid for anywhere in the code - wouldn't matter anyways, Brainfuck ignores whitespace.
Doing "++" in ShadyAsFuck is "+ + " in Brainfuck.
i guess that makes sense
i assumed that the brainfuck -> shadyasfuck conversion would happen after stripping all non-[<>.,+-] characters
and for omptimal golfing it would but i guess it's not enforced
Yes, that's true.
if it was me, i'd have made you do it ;)
is there a language that only accepts one character?
1:19 AM
As input or as code?
not technically unary, but in spirit
whitespace accepts " ", \t and \n right?
that'd probably be terrible
oh wait, unary might only accept 0
i think there's another language that's identical to unary except every single character is equivalent to 0
1:20 AM
Well, anything small enough can be calculated as a binary character, than the UTF-8 character of that.
1 character, end of.
@undergroundmonorail Lenguage
so yes, @status, this is what you're looking for esolangs.org/wiki/Unary
Provided you can split it back up (not to hard), than it'd be simple.
just one long string of zeros
when you have a cpu (a really simple one, like an arduino or something) with instructions written to it so that they will be executed, where would you say they "are"?
would you say "in memory" or something else
1:23 AM
... now I want to know what its score would be for my recent challenge
if you solve it in brainfuck it's a simple calculation :P
since everyone is naming the their score by its element name
Q: Element names above 118

StatusIUPAC in their insufferable wisdom have created a systematic element name for any newly created element. This is the temporary name of an element until they finally make up their minds about an actual name. It works like so: each digit of an element number is assigned a prefix based on its value....

1:24 AM
if you haven't seen it yet
Ugh, the intermediate results in CUDDLE get pretty big pretty fast. 20 already involves numbers with more than 64 bits...
Question: do you think ShadyAsFuck would be alright to put in my profile? Considering that the profile is SE wide...?
go for it yo
there are people who take their SE profile seriously. there are people who have their SE profile set to a screenshot from an anime and the words "whoever has the other half of these scissors is the one who killed my dad". not that i know anyone like that
it doesn't really matter which end of the spectrum you land on
1:32 AM
gratz dawg
hooray, this incredibly meaningless number has reached an incredibly meaningless milestone :P
@Doorknob Any suggestions?
3 mins ago, by Dennis
Ugh, the intermediate results in CUDDLE get pretty big pretty fast. 20 already involves numbers with more than 64 bits...
1:33 AM
@Doorknob it's a nice number in base 10, and we use base 10 every day. it could be more meaningless. it could be a nice number in base 71.
@Dennis Hmm. It might have worked better as "find the smallest number with this CUDDLE," but I guess it's too late now
No, never mind, even that wouldn't have worked, because you'd still have to calculate them all
@Doorknob I've wondered what that number really means, but in your case it likely is how many people tried open you
@Status Nah, I don't reach for people. People reach for me. :P
"People who have reached" would be more accurate of a name
@Dennis I guess it might not be possible in a language that doesn't have bigints :/
Possible? Yes. Short? Nope.
Well, yeah.
(Sidenote: shouldn't your test cases not include numbers > 255?)
1:38 AM
Now I have to decide between restricting the input range to [0,19] and making things quite difficult for many languages.
(Strictly speaking, they're not test cases, no.)
Okay, how about this. You could say "You only need to support inputs 0 to something, but if you support inputs from 0 to 255, you get X bonus."
@AlexA. I've made some decent progress to my website.
Hold on just a second while I make sure my current changes work.
1:46 AM
Typing "hole" instead of "hold" what has this site done to me?
@Doorknob I'll just leave it as it is. I really have to go. Shouldn't have unsandboxed so early. :/
@Doorknob Congratulations!
@PhiNotPi It's good
@Doorknob It's actually rather impressive how meaningless that number is.
1:49 AM
Lookin' good :)
The controller is pulled from here: github.com/PhiNotPi/servertest
controller.pl is executed whenever it is "running" while webview.pl generates/formats the report.
This means that KOTH authors can customize their own report format.
First silver badge
congrats !
Nice work!
1:55 AM
It was "Outspoken" :P
Next up is "Enthuaist"
Apparently I've visited PPCG every day since I first joined
I've visited 236 consecutive days. >.>
That's double Fanatic and then some
@Doorknob Python or Ruby?
uh ok
@Doorknob Python xor Ruby?
2:00 AM
I'm only at 50 consecutive days.
@Doorknob so I'm guessing Python and Ruby
I'm more of a Python nand Ruby guy myself
I'm Python implies Ruby. Or was it Ruby implies Python? Shoot.
I'm Python ≠ Ruby
2:04 AM
so Python xor Ruby
assuming Python and Ruby are booleans
(which is how we seem to be treating them)
@AlexA. I've surpassed 500 days on Christianity.SE.
in The Upper Room, Feb 3 at 3:07, by El'endia Starman
WHOOHOO 500 consecutive days on the main site! :D
2:05 AM
Nice work!
'course, then I missed a day sometime in the next month or so...
My streak got broken when I had a 3-day-long school trip on which we couldn't use electronics. :(
> My steak got broken
where do you see that?
I must have broken a steak somewhere.
You couldn't use electronics?
2:07 AM
Nope. Which means I couldn't bring my electronic steak-catching device, causing my steak to break when I dropped my food.
Nooo steak break by the lake
hahaha, we were actually right by the lake on our trip
Did you have to use your hand-crank steak-catching device?
(oh, of course you knew that because you were there with me)
I'm always with you in spirit. <3
(Whether you like that or not)
2:09 AM
@AlexA. No, my steak fell to the ground. That's how it broke.
Was it a fake steak?
No, they don't make fake steak by the lake.
You could take fake steak with you to the lake.
I would never partake in such fake stake taking. That would make me ache.
You could bake steak flakes, for god's sake.
2:15 AM
... ok, you win >.>
I'm about to post a really long answer containing my 6 byte solution to an incredibly simple challenge
It's really long because I explained a lot of things about the language that aren't strictly relevant to the solution, but are interesting
and also I stay in character as someone from a fictional universe the whole time
2:17 AM
A: Shortest infinite loop producing no output

undergroundmonorailTIS Node Type T21 Architecture, 6 bytes Tessellated Intelligence System nodes are classified as "processing" or "storage" nodes. Storage nodes simply store and retrieve information, and are irrelevant in this case. Remaining are the processing nodes. Node Type T21, or Basic Execution Node, is ...

@Sp3000 does Python 3.5's set conversion {*s} work on strings?
(basically i'm just refusing to acknowledge that TIS-100 is a game, and not an emulator)
@xnor Yes it does (and nice work btw :P)
i think 3.5 saves a char then
I had 63 with recursing with a set, but strings seems a lot nicer
2:19 AM
"the TIS golfing community", yeah, sure !
there are literally 3 of us
ah, but alex, if you had only written one of those two words by accident and went back to fix it, would you do so by [insert rest of joke i'm too lazy]
2:21 AM
btw I want to make "Given a, n positive integers, find a positive integer b such that a^b starts with n" a challenge
But has that been done before?
anarchy golf had it with a=2
Yeah, I remember - I think it was 1,2,32,4,512
I don't remember seeing it here though, not sure
@Sp3000 "Starts with" in the sense that 10 starts with 1?
ah damn, i made a typo that was literally one character but it actually changed a word i didn't use very much in the post to one that i used like 20 times and made grammatical sense
that's confusing
In the sense that 2^1482 starts with 1337, yeah
2:24 AM
Ah, okay
For the curious ^
2^5224 starts with my userid!
"It is known."
@AlexA. 2^35642 starts with your userid
That number fills my entire terminal
Also how do you find all of these?
(0..100000000000).find{|n| (2**n).to_s =~ /^20469/ }
2:26 AM
Python 3.5 lets you do *l,={*l} to unique-ify an unordered list. It looks so weird.
I know I know I'm a terrible person
couldn't be bothered so I used regex -_-
@Doorknob find n where 2^n starts with Community's userid
@xnor btw xnor did you see the PEP on f-strings?
I wonder if I should start a meta thread about my KOTH website, maybe to gain suggestions or something.
@undergroundmonorail ಠ_ಠ
2:27 AM
@Sp3000 yes, thanks for linking that
it actually looks really good for usability too
:D just one day... one week... some months later...
by the way, I still don't know how you all are getting 36 in this: golf.shinh.org/p.rb?Missing+Digit
You're probably on the right track, but you just need to go one step further (I'm assuming you're using maths)
@Doorknob How well can that find a number such that 2^b starts with 12345678? :P
i want to take the number modulo 9, but that can't tell apart 0 and 9
and silly octals make me do int(_,10)
@Sp3000 uhhh... no comment :P
2:30 AM
@Doorknob n=(i(2πm+π))/log(2) where m∈ℤ
Yeah, that's the part you have to figure out :) Mod 9 only has 9 possible options, so you probably want a way that gives more
Damn, I thought I had a number for 12345678, but precision issues
I've impacted 2k people already, but I've only been here a week
this number really confuses me
It means nothing
2^5194868 there we go :)
well alright then
2:37 AM
Mini challenge: Given a string of 7 arbitrary decimal digits, what's the number you can rearrange them into to get closest to 1000000? e.g. for 9013863 it's 0986331, a difference of 13669 (better than 1033689 which has a difference of 33689)
Seems like it's either 0 then sort descending, or lowest nonzero then sort ascending?
Think so. But how short can you program it ;)
Well if it's golfing, then you ignore all that and brute force: le!{~1e6-z}$0=
Oh man, some of the changes in Julia 0.4 make it much less golfable. :/
String -> Integer went from int(s) to parse(Int,s)
You need to make Jjam
2:44 AM
I am working on a language and its backend is in Julia, but it's unrelated to CJam.
Also I'll probably never finish it
I haven't worked on Phi's Golfo Supreme in a while.
I'm glad you at least acknowledge that that's its official name.
What should I put in a meta "question" about my KOTH server?
(if anything)
It's not really on topic for meta though, is it?
How do we use it
2:48 AM
I guess I'm not going to make a meta post until it's truly available for public use.
1 min ago, by Alex A.
It's not really on topic for meta though, is it?
Why not? A stack snippet koth thingy would be welcome on meta I reckon
I guess it depends on what the actual question is that you'd ask.
I don't really think it's different than all of the other "leaderboard snippets" in meta.
In that it's something for other people to use.
2:52 AM
One use-case would be "User has KOTH controller on GitHub, I add it to the list of KOTHs, it can now be run on the server by anyone."
@AlexA. Is your middle initial also A by chance? (If you don' mind me asking)
Nope. It's R.

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