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Q: What's the correct way to say printed?

Alfredo OWhat's the correct way to say printed? imprimido or impreso? For example: Tengo imprimido el email que me enviaste. Tengo impreso el email que me enviaste.

Is "Tengo <past participle>" correct? I don't think I've ever seen/heard that form.
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2:17 AM
¡Hola a todos!
3:04 AM
@dusan Buenas noches. :D
Ah, ahora tengo un lugar en cual que puedo practicar mi escribiendo. :D
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
Este es mi primero SE beta. ¡Creo que va a ser muy interesante!
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8:28 AM
¡Buenos días!
¿Porqé tenemos dos chat rooms? El otro, sin tráfico, esta aquí: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/1792/spanish-language-and-usage
In fact it looked like the other one is the "official" one, automatically created by Stack Exchange and with an English name. This one I suppose somebody made. It has a mixed Spanish/English name but I expected all chat in this room to be in Spanish and the other in English
5 hours later…
1:05 PM
@hippietrail This is a great point. I made this room not realizing that SE auto-created a chat room. I'll migrate all these posts over there and destroy this room, making that the official
27 messages moved from Español Chat
oh so this is the right room now?
@hippietrail Yeah, that was my mistake.
i was going to bring it up on meta but i'm still going through all the questions i missed
no hay problema
Would you all prefer the name "Español Chat"? ;)
It'd probably be better if I left it alone, actually... Since I'm not a moderator for this site, messing with the chat name could be construed as abusing my power.
on travel.se we had a vote to choose a name from many suggestions after we'd been around a few months
we can start now though. I like platicamos
well i used up all my votes today! (-:
1:24 PM
We can change it whenever we like and to whatever we like--once we get some moderators.
(Or we can ask really nicely and one of the other 195 moderators will change it.)
there's no hurry
1:40 PM
True, it's not exactly critical to the site or anything. ;)
2:36 PM
It would be nice though ^^ (And hi btw)
@Joze Hi, Joze!
sorry @Richard i'm bad at tracking names. i put more comments on your question and your answer but maybe we should've just nutted it out here. i am doing a lot of things at once though (-:
hi @Joze
Greetings! Fellow humans! :D @Richard @hipp
How are we today? Finally Spanish is open! I have been waiting for this eagerly :)
me too. it's my second language but not so very active right now
where are you guys and your spanishes from?
I'm from Australia but my Spanish is from Mexico
I'm native speaker from Colombia. :-) But I live in Germany...
2:47 PM
Estados Unidos y escuela secundaria
But study in France so I'm leaving Germany soon...
So, my spanish is poor to mediocre.
You are quite active in the site though!
sometimes people tell me i'm fluent but i'm definitely not. i can chat about most things but when there's more native speakers than foreign learners in a conversation they get too far ahead and i can't keep up
also i try to read novels in spanish but always get lost and have to read passages in the english version to figure out what's going on
I think that without complete immersion in a speaking country they will always get ahead.... It happens to me in german but it doesn't happen anymore in french for example... It is quite normal. While reading in spanish try to figure things out from context... I think it will help you more in understanding.
Do you know Japanese? I just checked your wiktionary profile :-)
2:53 PM
it happens to me much worse in german. i can only have conversations in german with non native speakers
in spanish i get stuck with rare words (my favourite spanish language author is marquez) but also with grammar and syntax where sentences can seem so tangled compared to their english equivalents that i can't tell what's going on
i only know survival japanese. it's worse than my german and french but better than my korean and georgian
if people post in spanish here i'll be able to handle it most of the time, but i can't handle posts in japanese on JL&U
Haha I see. Still it's very impressive!! Georgian?! How come you know Georgian? :9
i'm just starting to learn georgian now. i've been living in georgia for two weeks but will stay a few months at least
@Joze There's only one way to learn!
let me take this opportunity to plug my Georgian Language & Usage proposal (-:
Georgian Language & Usage

Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers, and linguists looking to discuss the finer points of the Georgian language.

Currently in definition.

@Richard haha true that! :) I see. Why do you want to learn Georgian? Not many people speak it.
3:00 PM
why do people drink beer? not everything has a practical use (-;
i love languages and georgian has a reputation for being the hardest plus it's a fun country
WHAT? Beer has a practical use! :P
Lol I totally agree with Richard. Beer has 1001++ uses. There may even be books about it!
AHHAHAHAHAHHA Exactly Richard gets it!
I almost posted a slightly more controversial version of that (be careful on the click--no nudity, but no clothes, either)
hahaha I like the other one more :D
it's practical use is helping ugly people get laid so for those girls it's redundant d-;
the other one makes me want to come back as beer in my next life
3:14 PM
@hippietrail Their beer helps me get laid!
I couldn't get them otherwise...
I love beer.
well by these standards of practicality there is a practical reason for learning any language which has attractive female speakers (-:
(err speakers of your preferred gender or however is best to word that generally for everyone)
i like beer and georgian... and georgian beer (-:
hahah well yeah in those terms it would be practical... but I still think there are better options :D
oh by the way i assume most of us here have not yet noticed this proposed site on area 51
Latin American Culture

Proposed Q&A site for this site is for people who are interested in the history, culture, traditions, etc. of the people of the Latin Americas, including Mexico and Central and South America

Currently in definition.

you obviously haven't met any georgian girls before d-;
3:29 PM
haha I have actually met 2. but That's not enough to get a good impression :D
Okay misters
Have to go now... before dusk eats me and going in bike becomes dangerous
Nice to meet you two btw
Enjoy the site
nos vemos
muy bien encontrarte
3:44 PM
I ran out of votes but there's so many things to vote up!
1 hour later…
5:06 PM
Hola, todos. :)
@Richard No sabia que Ud. sabe espanol. Que maravilla! :D
hola desde Tbilisi Aarthi!
sabes si es mejor decir "hola de (lugar)" o "hola desde (lugar)?"
Me parece que desde is mejor. Hmm. Trata de buscar en Youtube por videos de "awards show ceremonies" con escenas para referencia?
@AarthiDevanathan hehe ;)
"Je je" FTFY. Ahora lo funciona. :D
I understand Spanish enough to read, but not really well enough to write. :\
5:13 PM
Ay, que triste. :(
(And my spelling would be atrocious if I tried.)
Y yo puedo mejor? Mentirroso.
Buenos días a todos.
Buenos dias!
Buenas dias, Flimzy!
5:15 PM
(Soy perezosa; no voy a usar los acentos.)
Pues, como Uds. pueden entender espanol?
O, mas claro, por que hablan Uds. espanol?
Hay hispanohablantes?
En escuela secundaria, estudie espanol por dos anos. It was the only language available.
Entiendo. Yo, tambien, tuvu que tomar un idioma. Fue requisito.
Pero tomé clases por....
7 anos, incluyendo clases durante universidad.
Wow! That's a lot of studying.
I studied Spanish 5 days in high school, and dropped the class at the first chance.
Demasiado, me parece. No tome clases por dos anos, porque a mi me parecio que yo entendi basta.
5:21 PM
Then later visited Mexico, and decided Spanish was cool
@Flimzy Mexico tiene este efecto ;)
So I took a couple semesters in college... then decided it was too hard
It wasn't until I met a Bolivian woman who did tutoring that I really started to take it seriously
so I met with her weekly for about 2 years
and then decided I wanted to visit a Spanish-speaking country again
Heh. Women have that effect. ;)
Yeah, well, she wasn't "my type"...
She was 63 or 64 years old
still a good friend though ;)
Fair enough.
5:23 PM
When my work situation changed about 2 years ago, to allow me to work from home, I took the opportunity to move to Mexico to learn more.
And that's where I am now.
Que bueno. :D
Ok, tengo que almorzar. Regresare! :D
Where did you learn Spanish, @AarthiDevanathan?
woah! humans!
everyone goes silent
en mis viaje fui una vez a mexico durante seis meses y despues, seis veces mas!
que chido flimzy. estas en guadalajara no?
desculpe por mi ingles en aquel momento
no fue mi intencion espantar los usuarios
5:30 PM
Q: Are there vulgarities in Spanish that are universal throughout the language?

FlimzyThe vulgar words I'm familiar with all seem to be local slang. Does Spanish have any words that are universally accepted as vulgar or profane?

How is this question fundamentally different than the miriad qeustions we have on regional differences?
Like this one:
Q: Are there regions or dialects which use both "tú" and "vos"?

hippietrailIn my experience most places use either "tú" or "vos" for the second person singular intimate/informal pronoun. But I haven't been to every Spanish speaking country and area. Are there places which use both? And if so how does the usage differ?

Si, estoy en Guadalajara
i think both are good questions though i'm not totally impartial when it comes to the second one
on the japanese l and u site people reacted strongly to any question about "rude words" too
probably time for a meta question
wow i'm surprised that got closed. last time i saw it had only a single close vote!
well i voted to reopen. i'll look for precedents on the other l and u sites
I personally think that the way it's worded should be re-opened.
The problem with close votes is that they tend to gather more close votes--especially in private beta.
I'm not sure if the same is true with re-open votes.
i made a new chat room to post relevant links to questions in other SE sites but i seem to have associated the room with SO instead of ES )-:
feel free to reference any of the links i'm posting in that room in any arguments, rebuttals, comments, meta questions, etc
5:48 PM
Q: How are we going to deal with spanish regional variations?

Juan AntonioIt seems to me that a problem we'll have to deal with, specially with answers, is about spanish regional variations. Native speakers answering questions will naturally tend to provide answers within the particular regional variant that they know, but they might have no way to estimate whether th...

@hippietrail If you go to the info page for that room you might be able to change the parent site.
this meta post seems quite relevant... as it basically calls into question all the other questions
i went there and couldn't see a setting \-:
The only other L&U site I have experience with is English.SE, and there we basically deal with two "regions"... American English, and British English... and the latter covers all of the world outside of the U.S./Canada
sorry @Flimzy which meta post?
5:51 PM
Although there have been many posts about more local dialects/phrases, but they aren't called "regional differences" (I don't think that tag even exists there)
i also use english.SE and we definitely deal with other englishes such as australian, canadian, indian, etc
Spanish seems to be more splintered--or at least discussed as if it were.
it is useful to lump all the others together as being different to american but they are also different to each other
But to my knowledge, there aren't many questions along the lines of "What are all of the regional variations of X?"
yes regional differences are of much more concern in spanish than in english i think
5:52 PM
They're more like "What does X mean in Australian English?", right?
The latter is probably far more constructive... even in Spanish
i don't think we have questions of that nature on any L&U site, in fact since it asks for a list it wouldn't be welcome on any of them
That means this one should be closed, right?
Q: 'vos' vs 'tu' usage by country

Eric Di BariI lived for a while in Bolivia, and I noticed some people used 'vos' instead of 'tu' as the familiar singular pronoun. Which countries use 'vos' instead of 'tu', and are there any that use it nearly exclusively?

i would say there are questions like that about australian english but that those are not the only kind of question about australian english. on EL&U each region has a tag so it's trivial to look at a list of questions
i always discourage closing in betas. far better is to communicate and help each other to fix broken questions
personally i also distinguish between small finite lists and big open ended lists
A list of all spanish-speaking countries is finite, but not short :)
but i think we should nip in the bud any tendency to ask "how does each country say X?"
yes and also likely to set a bad precedent
but that question can be reworded
5:59 PM
OK... After asking in the Moderator community, it sounds like list questions should be closed.
A: List questions: Community Wiki?

Robert CartainoThere's nothing inherently wrong with your "I need a comprehensive list" question; It's just that we specifically forgo asking these types of questions because they are not a good fit for this type of Q&A site. Stack Exchange is well-suited to asking very specific questions that represent r...

note that the answer there specifically refers to "comprehensive lists". if you hunt around the various SE sites you will find examples of list questions deemed to be exceptions to the rule
but generally the advice is "reword the question so it doesn't ask for a list"
I think the majority of our questions need some work.
could be but it's early days so a good time to cooperate and assist and support and generally help each other out
He regresado! :D
Como yo entiendo espanol....
Pues, es obvio: tome clases desde la edad de doce. Tambien, soy de Tejas. Mi acento (y mi vocabulario) es mexicana. Yo tengo los costumbres de hablar mexicana, tambien! :D Tome clases en espanol porque me gusto (y todavia me gusta) el idioma.
6:15 PM
qué interesante que deletreas Tejas y no Texas. En Mexico se usan Texas como Mexico y no Mejico
@AarthiDevanathan: I also found it interesting to see you use the word 'almorzar'... I also learned that word while taking Spanish classes in the U.S., but never heard it used in Mexico, until I was speaking to someone from Costa Rica :)
i never heard it in mexico either but i may have used it since i learned it in books
Huh, interesante.
Pues, en Indiana (donde mi universidad se ubico) se usan espanol mas como el de Espana.
Si... creo que es común en los estados unidos
(Yo he tomado un clase de espanol para el mundo comercial, entonces yo se verbos como "ubicarse")
6:22 PM
my classes taught mostly spanish spanish as well
And my tutor for 2 years was Bolivian, so she tried to teach me various regional differences... but Mexican spanish wasn't her strong suit either
yo conozco verbos como "ubicarse" pero nunca los uso
Her main exposure to Mexican spanish was speaking to Mexicans living in the U.S.... and they have their own dialect anyway
Someone (a Mexican) used the verb ubicar with me the other day... and it confused me at first...
I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've heard that used as a verb
i only ever did self study but a lot of people learn spanish so you often pick things up from other learners rather than direct from native speakers. most native speaker friends i had while i was learning were probably from DF
Q: What are some terms of endearment for a girlfriend/wife?

MLFWhat are some spanish terms of enderment you could use for a girlfriend or a wife? In english I'm thinking things like sweetheart, sweetie, darling, cutie, babe, etc.. Any others that are unique to spanish?

This one sounds like a definite list question... is there any way to edit it to save it?
i think i know "ubicar" from reading and context
@Flimzy i think you might be trying to interpret the list thing too literally too early
i'm not sure if that's a good question or not but i think it might be
6:31 PM
Ubicar yo aprendi en un contexto comercial, para una empresa.
the same question could be asked "What is a good term of endearment for a girlfriend/wife?" and elicit the same answers
in the case of that question i might look for similar ones on the french, german, and japanese sites
That doesn't sound like a good question to me, either, unless it's more specific...
"good" is too subjective
if it's bad it's probably bad on grounds of subjectivity rather than listiness
but i don't think grepping for blacklisted words like "list" or "good" is the best way to sort out good questions from bad. you have to look at the intent of the question. what problem is the OP trying to solve and is it trivial or tricky?
(i haven't looked at that question yet)
something we might be able to do when in doubt is flag doubtful ones for moderator attention to get some guidance from them
@AarthiDevanathan: In your recent question, I think 'películas' needs an article... "¿Te gustan las películas?"
Mejora, mejora. No me importa.
6:40 PM
@hippietrail: At this stage, the moderators I think try to keep as much of a hands-off approach for doubtful things, until the community decides what is in-scope
En serio: yo tengo problemas con mi gramática. Es una problema cronica. :(
Something is wrong with my rep calculation today
I need to find the re-calc button again...
it's /reputation
anyone like to find errors in this answer of mine or add a spanish translation?
A: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre «también» y «tampoco»?

hippietrail"También" expresses accord with a positive meaning like English "too", "also", "as well". You like movies? I like movies too. ¿A ti te gustan las películas? A mi también. "Tampoco" expresses accord with a negative meaning like English "not ... either" or "neither". You don't like m...

Well that bit me in the but.. .I lost 5 rep
6:45 PM
in the early days of japanese and travel they were pretty hands on but on linguistics they were almost AWOL
looks good to me
@hippietrail Gracias por la respuesta, by the way :D
@AarthiDevanathan "es un problema crónico"
aaaaah ----dammit--- mierda!
what did you do to lose 5 rep?
6:46 PM
@AarthiDevanathan: Do you have any official role here at Spanish.SE? :)
@hippietrail: I hit the 'recalculate' button.
problema is like mano. i call it "irregular gender" (-:
It did correct my repuatation today... it gave me +2 today
but gave me -3 yesterday
@Flimzy No. Solo tengo un afan por espanol.
i never heard of the recalculate button
afan - que buena palabra!
ooh somebody is approving some of my edits
@hippietrail: It's useful when your rep gets skewed for various reasons... most often for me, when one of my answers gets migrated, but my 200-rep cap isn't reset for the day so my cap is effectively 200-${rep earned on migrated question}
6:48 PM
kinda tickles
I've been approving the edits I see... but I only see them if I stumble across them
i hit my voting cap but not my rep cap
maybe i should try though - i think i'm technically still in my first day by SE time
@Flimzy are you not just a regular user?
@hippietrail: I passed 500 rep today... so I can now approve edits
or at least I've approved several
I assume it's b/c I have 500 rep
(I don't have to wait for approval for my edits any more now, either)
6:50 PM
ah nice. i mustve missed the first day. usually i'm on here all the time lately but yesterday i had a day off and went for a walk all day
you can click on your privileges link
"Yesterday" was a short day anyway... the beta started with only about 4 hours left on the clock
yeah, seriously.
I wish that I would see the edits waiting for approval somewhere
@Flimzy if that was you that voted to close the terms of endearment question it really is good form to leave a comment why - especially in early beta. and to try to be constructive and nice
but now that i read it i agree its not fit for the site
@hippietrail: I did leave a comment why, but you convinced me to lay off a bit :)
@hippietrail: So I deleted my comment. I could add it back though.
6:52 PM
bah they shouldn't do it by timezone but by when the thing started
add a nice helpful welcoming calming comment (-:
its very easy to scare people off the site in the early days. you can be a bit harsh with people you know are active on other SE sites coz they know the lay of the land
but for newbies and especially utter newbies you can never wear too many kid gloves
Yes... I have a tendency to be too harsh sometimes. So it's good advice.
MLF seems to be an utter newbie now that i click around. not sure why they have 101 then
he has 324 rep on SO
we scared off somebody in i think the jl/u beta so i try to be extra careful now
and 213 on sharepoint
6:55 PM
oh i think i didnt click enough
ah yes of course. so newbie but not utter newbie
since may
There aren't likely to be many utter newbies during private beta anyway... but it can happen
Q: Pretérito of ser and ir

kodkodPretérito of ser: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron Pretérito of ir: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron How did the verbs ser and ir evolve to have the same conjugation in the pretérito (and also in the imperfecto and futuro of subjuntivo)? And why do their forms in p...

This question can't decide which language it wants to be in
We're going to have a lot of that, i think.
I wonder if we should leave it alone, or edit for consistency
my copy-editor tendencies are quite offended by that question
And the simple thing to do is s/Pretérito'/Preterit/
what could Roman mean by "purity of the written language"? If Spanish was pure surely it would be Latin...
(since the rest is in English)
6:59 PM
the area51 page will tell us some stats about utter newbies
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