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Sorry, even more as you only learn 5 blatt a week. That means that it's going to take more that 35 years to finish Shas. Think it this way. A guy just gets out of Yeshiva at 22/23 and learns every day an hour of Gemara (without breaks, such as Yom Kippur, Shabbos, Erev Pesach, etc.) will finish Shas when he's close to 60. I'm not saying that it's wrong (and who said one has to finish Shas anyways :) ), but it's a long term project and you have to take that into account.
Also, stopping for a month or two can totally throw off your schedule and possibly could require that you restart from scratch
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2:37 AM
@Daniel It does seem very much like Heshy's style. He has not been blogging much, but I can just see him twisting this photo's caption for comic effect. Good catch, with the misspelling, it when over my head until you pointed it out.
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3:42 AM
@ShmuelBrin have you tried it? It doesn't seem like it is scale-able. What do you do when you've learned enough that you can't review it all in one sitting? Is it two days of review to one day of learning something new? Do you stop reviewing the old stuff and move on to the new stuff?
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5:15 AM
@Menachem You never stop reviewing. You just speed it up and break it up (so you can go through Shas once a year with only a few hours a day of learning
5:44 AM
@unforgettableid Oops I wasn't thinking before when I approved your edits, but they should have been rejected as Purim Torah is on hold until next Adar. You are welcome to edit them then. In the future thought leave the PTIJ questions alone when not in season.
Sorry @all
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@ShmuelBrin How does that work out? If you do an amud per day, doesn't that come out to 15 years?
Also what's wrong with that? You can finish Shas in 7 years and then when you're done you don't even remember what you learned 3 days ago, let alone 7 years ago
I've become a big fan of the daf-a-week program
So it takes 50 years to finish Shas... who cares? At least you're actually learning something instead of skimming the page and immediately forgetting
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2:27 PM
A: Next publication project?

Isaac MosesI suggest a High Holidays book, perhaps billed as a "machzor companion," featuring: Q&As related to particular parts of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur machzors. Q&As related to Halacha and How-tos of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Q&As related to ideas about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in genera...

^ More than 9 people agree.
@ShmuelBrin Following Hilchos Talmud Torah, you should learn through it once in your life and review only as much as you can retain. Chasing through Shas remembering only what you learned in the last X months isn't what is described there. (CC @Menachem)
@Scimonster ... and it's been a full week, right? I think we do have a pretty clear consensus. @MonicaCellio
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@IsaacMoses Yep. Veiter!
@Scimonster Kadima!
@Menachem You're getting this from me third-hand, but for what it's worth, I heard from @Alex that he heard that the two kids from Crown Heights who did well this this year's Chidon Hatanach used it for study and review.
3:19 PM
@Yishai Just noticed you hit 20k yesterday! Congratulations!
Dec 18 '14 at 19:35, by Double AA
@YeZ Mazel Tov on passing 20k! Now you can brag about it to your friends do more more effective janitorial work:
Dec 18 '14 at 19:35, by Double AA
2 days ago, by Double AA
@ShmuelBrin Shkoyach! Remember you have a delete vote now for really poor answer.
3:35 PM
@Scimonster Yes, I edited a tag to celebrate :)
@Yishai congrats on 20k!
@IsaacMoses yes, I agree. A couple new answers were just added yesterday, but it doesn't look like they're gathering support for this round. Of course, all proposals that we don't do now are candidates for future books.
Rosh Hashana this year is on Sep 14. If we wanted to do a print run (depending on funding) we'd need copies in people's hands by, at latest, a few days before that. Media mail takes a couple weeks, I think. So we're looking at production and shipping by mid-August at the latest. To allow a little more cushion, is it reasonable to aim for a completed (digital) copy by the end of July?
If it turns out that we aren't doing the big centralized-printing thing and that gives us more time to refine then all well and good, but we shouldn't be rushing the editing to make a print target at the last minute.
@MonicaCellio Sounds good to me.
3:51 PM
@MonicaCellio s/days/hours/?
I mean, really, how long does it take to put them out?
@Scimonster I was thinking that some people might prefer to do this earlier, instead of at the same time as they're trying to get themselves and their families to services on RH. Anyway, I'd rather give the people doing this work a bit of flexibility.
@MonicaCellio Yeah, some people are more organized than me. :)
@Scimonster Also, with R"H on a Monday, people might be traveling for it and the weekend together, leaving toward the end of the previous week
@IsaacMoses Good point; i didn't check a calendar.
Personally, I'll be aiming to have a stack of them at my synagogue before Shabbat so I can promote it at my Shabbat morning minyan. We're in an eiruv so people would take copies home with them on Shabbat, but might be less likely to remember to get one in the crush of people on RH itself. Granted that Shabbat Shuva is another opportunity for the minyan. Anyway, this minyan has some of the most committed members of my congregation, so I want to get their attention in particular.
@IsaacMoses ok, so we should: formalize the choice (I accept that answer); start a link-collector post; start a project-plan post (schedule, volunteers, etc). Note: distribution is new and should be covered there (identifying distribution points). I have a query outstanding about funding, so depending on what answer I get there we may need something about funding but it can wait a bit.
4:07 PM
@MonicaCellio I think that soliciting non-binding intents to distribute N copies would be a worthwhile independent post. It should include an email address that people can contact if they want to express intent privately, which could also ultimately serve as the contact method for people to provide their USPS addresses if/when the time comes to send them media mail.
@IsaacMoses that sounds like a good idea.
@MonicaCellio Link-collector post should ask contributors to identify machzor sections as happened here, to make ultimate sorting easier.
@MonicaCellio We took ~10 weeks to do Chanuka, and this will likely be a bigger book. Of course, we did Pesach (also big) in ~2 weeks. It might be worth sacrificing some of that cushion in exchange for QC time, especially if we're trying to do a print run.
Here's a tag cloud to mine with 399 questions in it.
0) Create a project chat room:

 Days of Awe - Mi Yodeya

For planning/discussion/execution of a MY publication for the ...
@MonicaCellio @Scimonster: Another reason to get it in peoples' hands with time to spare: If they need their rabbi or other congregation official to review it before giving permission to post. (Though that could be accomplished with electronic copy.)
4:51 PM
I just got a weird notification about some spam/offensive flags asking if they are valid
is that what mods see?
and if so, why did I get that notification?
@Daniel All 10k users
10k across all of SE, not just on any one site.
@Scimonster I'm 14.6k across SE but I've never seen that before
@Daniel I've seen it every so often.
5:32 PM
@IsaacMoses posted. (I assume Meta-Man will be along soon.) I'll leave building out the list of sections to others. (It's CW, so please anybody feel free.)
@IsaacMoses possibly, yes. Let's get started and see how it goes. And also investigate printing and shipping times, which I definitely hand-waved there.
The haggadah definitely unfolded in "Internet time"; going from idea to completed product in about two weeks was amazing. For Chanukah I think we spent more time in part because of the constrained format -- only one double-sided page per day so usually two questions, and making it fit nicely, and so on. We had some of that with the haggadah but not as much. Purim was in the middle -- book was flexible, small version was heavily constrained.
Q: High holy days book: collect links here

Monica CellioThis proposal for a high-holy-days book, possibly billed as a machzor companion, suggests the following types of content: Q&As related to particular parts of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur machzors. Q&As related to Halacha and How-tos of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Q&As related to ideas about...

5:48 PM
@Daniel chat flags tend to come and go pretty quickly. I've seen the indicator pop up and by the time I click on it there's nothing to see. I know a lot go by that I never even notice.
@MonicaCellio It seems odds that I wouldn't have noticed them for my last ~5k rep though and then noticed them a few times today
@Daniel hmm, maybe some particular room (or user) is exploding? Dunno; I haven't noticed them.
6:16 PM
@Meta-Man @MonicaCellio "High Holy Days" or "High Holidays"?
Well, Ngrams slightly prefers "High Holy Days", so OK.
@Scimonster No reason we can't decide on a title through a meta post.
I suggest that further discussion of the nitty-gritty of this project continue at its dedicated chat room
6:36 PM
Q: Proposed rough project plan for High Holidays publication

Isaac MosesThe following is a proposal. Please edit as you see fit or post critiques or alternative schedules as answers. This schedule assumes, tentatively, that a print run and distribution will take place. Due Wednesday, July 1: Post solicitation for non-binding intents to distribute printed copies. D...

7:29 PM
Sorry, all -- I didn't realize that making the links question Community Wiki didn't automatically apply that to the answer too. Fixed now.
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9:25 PM
Q: Title for the high holidays publication

Isaac MosesWhat should the title for the High Holidays publication be? For reference, the titles of our previous publications are: ?הגדה – מי יודע Hagada - Mi Yodeya? Real questions and answers that spring from the Passover Seder פורים - מי יודע?‏ Purim - Mi Yodeya? Real questions and answers to share an...

@Meta-Man Thanks!
10:09 PM
Should we create a Chofetz-Chaim tag for questions dealing with the life and works of R' Yisrael Meir haKohen of Raduń? We already have a Mishnah-Berurah tag, but it doesn't seem to work as a general tag.
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11:39 PM
@NoachmiFrankfurt We don't have a tag for any other specific rabbis
I think the tag is sufficient

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