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5:00 AM
IIRC a List<T> is internally an array; a Dictionary<T> is internally a HashSet<T> ..right?
wait, no
hey I had 4 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours
gimme a break
@Mat'sMug goto sleep;
I can't, Bar doesn't resolve
you can hit the Bar later
i think i've gone down a rabbit hole where my servicelocator needs a servicelocator of its own. something is seriously broken with this design
but... ....why ?
because i don't know any better, probably :(
it would be great if i could pick your brain about this problem, some other time
5:10 AM
thanks :)
ah, found it
    private readonly Stack<Declaration> _withQualifiers = new Stack<Declaration>();
^^ I have Class1 declaration right here.. and I'm not using it
@Mat'sMug i think if you turn on Warnings as Errors, unused fields will cause the build to fail
well I Push and I Pop it, so it is used.
ah ok
5:19 AM
                var parentMemberName = memberProcedureCallContext.Stop.Text;
                var matchingParents = _declarations.Items.Where(d => d.IdentifierName == parentMemberName);

                Declaration parentType = null;
                if (_withQualifiers.Any())
                    parentType = _withQualifiers.Peek();
                    parentType = matches.SingleOrDefault(m => matchingParents.Any(p => m.ComponentName == p.AsTypeName));
I wasn't Peeking at it though ;)
see that's a good place to use a ternary
lol.. was going to say (resists urge to turn if-else into ternary)
but yeah
var parentType = _withQualifiers.Any()
    ? _withQualifiers.Peek()
    : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => matchingParents.Any(p => m.ComponentName == p.AsTypeName));
is matchingParents used elsewhere?
oops, I borked it
@mjolka nope
            var memberProcedureCallContext = context.Parent as VBAParser.ICS_B_MemberProcedureCallContext;
            if (memberProcedureCallContext != null)
                var parentMemberName = memberProcedureCallContext.Stop.Text;
                var matchingParents = _declarations.Items.Where(d => d.IdentifierName == parentMemberName);

                var parentType = _withQualifiers.Any()
                    ? _withQualifiers.Peek()
                    : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => matchingParents.Any(p => m.ComponentName == p.AsTypeName));
well I'm missing d.DeclarationType == DeclarationType.Class there for sure
@Mat'sMug this Controls that you mentions seems to be a WinForm thing. do you happen to know the wpf equivalent of it mat?
5:26 AM
@Mehrad indeed. You don't need any of that in WPF. Just use databindings to your ViewModel
this is a shitty little project and I wanted to do the easiest possible
yes, easy in WPF means databindings and viewmodels.
otherwise you get into very complicated shitz
make a class that implements INotifyPropertyChanged and raise the PropertyChanged event whenever a property setter is called
have a public bool property bound to each checkbox and you're done
5:29 AM
you're thinking in WinForms
life in WPF gets very complicated very fast if you think in WinForms
Friday afternoon + shitty little project = laziness :)
@Mat'sMug looks like multiple enumerations of matchingParents -- might want to consider something like this
    var parentMemberName = memberProcedureCallContext.Stop.Text;
    var matchingParents = _declarations.Items
        .Where(d => d.IdentifierName == parentMemberName)
        .Select(p => p.AsTypeName)

    var parentType = _withQualifiers.Any()
        ? _withQualifiers.Peek()
        : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => matchingParents.Contains(m.ComponentName));
I have never Winformed so I wouldn't know
@Mat'sMug thanks
(i made up ToHashSet. why isn't that a thing?)
@Mehrad whenever you think you need to deal with controls anywhere other than in the view's code-behind (i.e. almost never), you're thinking in WinForms ;)
if you really want to write your logic in the view's code-behind, you can. but that's not something WPF makes easy. you're going to end up with named controls, and very WinFormsy code.
5:34 AM
Q: Highly repeditive code when using multiple dispatch to walk tree

OxinaboxBecause (in Julia 0.3 at least) every tuple has its type encoded, a tuple containing either further tuples or leaf node types, is a reasonable way to represent a tree. Then walking the tree can be done with multiple dispatch of methods. However this does seem the result in a lot of replicated co...

@mjolka ooh good catch! R# seems to skip those in anonymous methods...
all over again
ah, the bug is that I'm matching parentMemberName, which is Foo - but since I'm in a With block it's the type of Foo I need to match.
back to if-else ;)
wait, no.. that's what Peek does - gets me Class1
@Mat'sMug what do you think of ToHashSet?
I think there's gotta be a reason why it's not implemented ;)
5:41 AM
A: How to convert linq results to HashSet or HashedSet

Jon SkeetI don't think there's anything built in which does this... but it's really easy to write an extension method: public static class Extensions { public static HashSet<T> ToHashSet<T>(this IEnumerable<T> source) { return new HashSet<T>(source); } } Note that you really do want...

oh wow.. I have 4 matches for Foo: 3 procedures and 1 variable. Only one of them is in the _currentScope. I guess I've found my bug :)
return parentType == null ? null : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => m.ParentScope == parentType.ParentScope);
return parentType == null ? null : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => m.ParentScope == _currentScope);
...wait.. then why do I need the parentType for?
@Mat'sMug I agree. as I am familiar with wpf i have started this project in it but I should've done it in Winforms. It's okay. I am almost done. it was a single day job :)
6:11 AM
the @Mug here at this hour? seems unusual
he's having parent issues
lol, I can see that
oooooh the stupid bug
scoping issues actually
return parentType == null ? null : matches.SingleOrDefault(m => m.ParentScope == parentType.Scope);
parentType.Scope, not parentType.ParentScope
that works beautifully!
refactor/rename works!
thanks @mjolka!
@Mat'sMug not sure what i did but you're welcome!
been my rubberduck ;)
6:17 AM
it's rubberducks all the way down
no. TTCTC!!
time to check in the code?
off for a smoke, night mug
commit these changes
oh I have other tests to do... gotta see if functions work, property get/let/set too
and then member calls as well
"checkin the code" also works :)
in VBA, 3 mins ago, by Duga
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed commit fbc73958 to refactorings: With blocks now correctly resolve procedure calls
6:45 AM
hey @skiwi
hey @janos
What's up for today?
time to get breakfast
That means you're still at home? I'm jealous then
May 1, public holiday here
6:51 AM
Q: My first complete haskell program -- A websocket channel server, intended for webRTC signalling

Gavin WahlI've written a server to use as a webRTC signalling channel. It's totally generic though, any websocket client can use it. I feel like the first half of the code (non-IO) is decent, but the second half (IO) is pretty bad, with long functions and very dense code. Here is the code, including an exa...

7:01 AM
Monking all
monking @Mast
This question would be better asked on codereview.stackexchange.com. — David Arno 7 secs ago
7:48 AM
Cees doesn't like my hesitation with GOTO, anyone with a better argument?
@Mast Where's your cleaner alternative? quora.com/…Cees Timmerman 4 mins ago
@CeesTimmerman The general rule is that if you find yourself in need of GOTO in c++, the design is flawed. Beginners should avoid it at all cost, only use when you're most certain it's the way to go. — Mast 1 min ago
2 hours later…
9:19 AM
Q: Java - find the most efficient combination that equals target number in arraylist

ewarti want to implement the following function Given a target sum, return the Combination that equals target sum and is the most efficiënt combination in the array of an ArrayList. For example: an arraylist with the values 9,3,4,6,4,2,1 then it will return the best possible combination you ...

> - If you are late in submitting your solution, we will hunt you down and That's perfectly OK. We really can't prevent anyone from submitting code to any solution. Just because it's not the "active weekly challenge" doesn't make it off-topic, as long as you write a question that fits what the site is about.
Q: CR Weekend Challenge

Mat's MugThose of you that weren't following what's going on in the chat room might have been taken by surprise by a recent avalanche of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock posts. This is how it started: OK, weekend challenge.... we all solve the Rock Paper Scissors Lizzard Spock problem with our 'favou...

@Captain That question needed some serious work, edit is in review. Title still needs work though.
@SimonAndréForsberg Are those weekend challenges still around? I'm only aware of a month challenge.
9:38 AM
If your code works and you're worried about how nice it is, may I suggest [codereview.stackexchange.com](Code Review)? — Pimgd 30 secs ago
What has Link done to you this time?
Q: Sum of squares of each interval

overexchange Q. Write three similar functions, each of which takes as an argument a sequence of intervals and returns the sum of the square of each interval that does not contain 0. Using a for statement containing an if statement. Using map and filter and reduce. Using generator expression and...

Monking @all
10:01 AM
also I meant that he was showing an example, sure
but it was for his full code
so I'd really like him to post his full code to CR
CR needs moar actionscript
@Mast same concept, different time frame.
@Pimgd I used to do ActionScript, and a lot of it... but Flash & ActionScript seem kinda.... deprecated now.
not for prototyping
10:18 AM
This is probably better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comStuart Grassie 35 secs ago
@Mat'sMug - I found this gem linked to the discussion you linked me to earlier:
Nov 29 '13 at 19:30, by retailcoder
@SimonAndréForsberg can you double-check the regex for java syntax?
Nov 29 '13 at 19:47, by rolfl
It does not match with standard Java regex.... but it's not a Java question, so who cares?
Nov 29 '13 at 19:48, by retailcoder
@rolfl it's , I guess it's different, but I have no clue - no I really meant to ask whether answering a JS question with C# stuff was literally asking for downvotes!
@rolfl couldn't have said it better myself! :D
Oh dear, those were days....
Nov 29 '13 at 19:22, by Simon André Forsberg
I estimate that @rolfl will achieve 2k within a couple of hours, and that I will reach 2k tomorrow or on Sunday.
Yeah.... the first week-end challenge.... Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock....
2K in the first month.... it's been.... 18 months since I joined.
Averaged 3.4K per month since.
Q: Counting occurrences of duplicate items in an array

rubikI have to make a simple program that read N integers from the user and counts the occurrences of duplicate items. I know that the chosen sorting algorithm has poor performance, but I chose it for its simplicity. I'm looking for suggestions for the last part, in which I count the duplicates. Here...

10:31 AM
Code Review is kind of a decent place to post short working code samples that you can then link to from Stack Overflow when people say "Can you point me in the right direction?"
@nhgrif stargreed. (and no you haven't missed the star-fest, yet...)
Achievement Unlocked: Earn Populist badge over a @jonskeet answer http://stackoverflow.com/help/badges/62/populist?userid=2792531
So, what's the next month-challenge going to be?
10:46 AM
Post a meta post, and find out .... ;-)
Bookmarking this--existing answers are terrible for a beginner. If I think of it, I might write up an answer this afternoon if a good one doesn't show up. If someone feels like it, ping me 6 hours from this comment if the answer still are no good. — nhgrif 1 min ago
Hangman where you're allowed to spend a guess for a true or false for a regex.matches
although maybe that's far too OP
The horror
Allright, I'll post the question if you guys provide the answers.
anything goes, but it has to be in LOLCODE.
we haven't gone deep enough down that hole yet
I want a LOLCODE tag badge
10:54 AM
I could live with that, it's kind of easy to review
are you sure?
Greetings, Programs.
LOLCODE is easy if it's well written but it quickly becomes nasty
I'm still not sure if it's best to have lolnames or proper names in LOLCODE
Q: May 2015 Community Challenge

MastLast month's community-challenge spawned a lot of Calculators. April is history and the success of last month definitely asks for a new challenge. What should we do this time? Feel free to resubmit non-winning ideas from previous rounds, although new ideas are usually more successful. Post an ...

I'm quite sure the best thing to do is to not write LOLCODE at all.
10:58 AM
Hell hath no fury, get on with it
I'm quite sure you're right @SimonAndréForsberg
@SimonAndréForsberg but where's the LOL in that?
@Mast generally, the month-challenges aren't exactly month-challenges. They're challenges for as long as there's interest in it. The weekly challenges died out because the interest in them faded away. New challenges happened too quickly. After a while, we started with monthly challenges: Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe was one and a simple Trading Card Game was another. Then the interest also died for a while, until we did Simon Says.
What I'm trying to say is: I don't think it needs to be one challenge per month. "One challenge every now and then" is good though.
> Friday, May 5th
I see.
@SimonAndréForsberg I hope to maintain interest in such challenges by posting the new one now.
@Pimgd You're serious? ****
well I guess we have a few years then
11:02 AM
We'll see how the May thing goes, but I imagine that things will slow down during June-August.
@Pimgd Fixed it
ah, only until 2017.
@SimonAndréForsberg You're probably right, with the summer and all.
But not posting a challenge because there might not be interest in it while the last one went well, that's premature optimization.
eh... more like lazyness
We could do some solving things
11:05 AM
I expect there to still be some Calculator submissions in the coming months as well.
@SimonAndréForsberg There's nothing wrong with that.
It's not like anyone is forced to enter a new challenge.
Or to be here at all, for that matter.
It's for those interested.
I think.
okay here's a better idea
text adventure
Good luck making a room based adventure game OOP
feature creep hates you
@Pimgd already had that one
A: Weekend Challenge #5

apieceoffruitHow about: A simple text adventure? Something along the lines of zork? Basically a short prewritten story with a few actions to manoeuvre around it, along the lines of: You enter the elevator there are three floors which floored you pick? Basement First Floor Penthouse go to Pentho...

11:09 AM
I blame time travellers
feel free to still make a submission for it though
did any implementations pop up
ah dang lunch
Q: May 2015 Community Challenge

MastLast month's community-challenge spawned a lot of Calculators. April is history and the success of last month definitely asks for a new challenge. What should we do this time? Feel free to resubmit non-winning ideas from previous rounds, although new ideas are usually more successful. Post an ...

Q: How should I interpret upvotes when I get no other responses?

d33tahIn this question, I posted a complete script. I got four upvotes, but no reviews, even partial ones. I wouldn't assume that my code is perfect (especially since I pointed out some things I don't like about it myself), so I think that the root cause is a bit different. What could lack of answers m...

Q: Simple Text Adventure: Cleaning up after the party

Mat's MugThis week's Code Review Weekend Challenge is about implementing a simple console game. Here's my game loop: class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { var player = new Player(); var intro = new IntroScreen(player); var nextScreen = intro.Run(); wh...

Q: Weekend Challenge - Belle's Christmas

konijnMy entry for Weekend Challenge #5. In scope : Old Skool green on black text adventure Keyboard handling A story with 2 mini-quests 2 endings Virtues ( Hi Ultima ) save the day Out of scope : Mouse handling, save games, high scores Biggest concern : Because both controller and view ha...

11:14 AM
If this is working code that you want improved this is a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com than here. — Etan Reisner 42 secs ago
Oh well, we always need more Text Adventure
In this era of high-FPS, HD-3D games, we should not forget our roots.
A: How should I interpret upvotes when I get no other responses?

nhgrifAll of the reasons you point out could be legitimate. I am personally not familiar with Python, therefore I tend not to pay too much attention to that tag. I'm not certain how much attention that tag gets (though I am certain we have Python reviewers). Also, long review requests can sometimes ...

11:30 AM
Let's download Ubuntu and try to get VS Code going on there
@SimonAndréForsberg you should emphasize yet.
@JeroenVannevel Keep us posted, especially if it works better than expected.
> code is not interesting enough to get a review yet
We don't have a lot of server reviews on CR, do we...
Q: Improving a menu

user71667I wrote a menu in bash to access for network equipments but now there are a lot of them for showing in one screen to permit selecting one without scroll up or down. I need improving it, attached my actual menu. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33222611/menu.txt) The option that I´ve been thi...

11:34 AM
I think the answers here cover it pretty well, but I'd take time to remind you of two things. 1) Code Reviews take time. More time than answers on other programming related SEs. Particularly for Qs that contain a lot of code. You only posted the main site question yesterday. Please be patient. 2) We generally have more askers than answerers here, and we particularly lack Python reviewers. This adds to the "time to answer" factor. That said, I really encourage you to browse other questions and see if you yourself don't have an answer to contribute. — RubberDuck 27 secs ago
@JackPearse, he can mark whatever he wants as accepted, but we definitely should help him do so because despite his unilateral power to choose the accepted answer, he is necessarily less informed than all of the answerers. He is an Objective-C beginner, so if no one warns him against answers that will cause him to form bad habits, how can he know any better? He doesn't have the necessary knowledge to make the best decision despite being the only one who gets to make the decision on accepted answer. The power of SO is in peer review. — nhgrif 25 secs ago
Someone mad that I said his answer is bad.
@nhgrif 5 hours left till you write your own
Thank you.
I would do it now, but at work.
Know the feeling.
Btw, I had a discussion about something similar today about GOTO.
I am working a short day today.
11:43 AM
Install 32-bit or install 64-bit after going to the BIOS..
32-bit it is
@Mast hmmmmmmm
Installing a fresh Linux @JeroenVannevel ?
UEFI is a bitch
I haven't installed a linux distro in.. 10 years?
I installed 3 in the past 6 months, 2 still running
Last I remember is installing Ubuntu from one of those free CD's you could order online
11:45 AM
Yea, that's before my time. I started with Linux after the internet had risen.
Far enough to allow you to actually download an entire OS, that is.
@JeroenVannevel Have you considered putting it on a stick?
You should do that.
I don't want to get rid of my host process
Though I suppose I can run it on my laptop
Why not a VM?
I don't like VMs, but sure, why not.
Should work perfect.
I have Ubuntu on an old laptop.
@JeroenVannevel why are you interested in working on Linux all of a sudden?
I want to figure out how the VS Code environment works on non-Windows so I can accurately evangelize it
There are multiple components of it already contained within VS 2015 RC / Windows so my system is tainted
11:52 AM
Great idea.
@nhgrif done
Well, @JeroenVannevel, it was worse than NotePad++ on OSX unless you apparently go install a bunch of extras... Which you just have to do on your own... It doesn't offer to install them for you
And there is no UI for changing any of your settings--you have to modify JSON by hand.
If I understood what I read in various places, you have to install DNX (.NET Execution Environment) and you can create solutions using yeoman
Which sounds like typical Linux behaviour to me
a few commands and you're ready
I would be more impressed if this damn VM would boot instead of pestering me with errors
Maybe--it's not typical OSX behavior to require me to install several extras to get you text editor to work.
If it works post it on codereview — Bhargav Rao 29 secs ago
11:57 AM
And still, no UI for changing settings and preferences?
Who knows, @JeroenVannevel, maybe you will install Unix and then you will start using some other programming tools for Unix and then you'll start using Unix for the rest of your life, and then you will say "I haven't installed a Windows version in.. 10 years?"
Maybe he'll actually realize the concept of correct tools for correct jobs.
I do realize that. Just because I haven't found a need to use Linux yet doesn't mean I'm undivided against it
I don't just mean Linux as a tool. I mean languages outside of .NET
Q: Justify your review!

Gareth ReesThe same problems come up over and over again in code reviews and it can get a bit tiresome wheeling out the same basic items of advice. If it were a code review at work, you'd be quite within your rights to be a bit terse when the same problem appears for the tenth or hundredth time: "don't use ...

12:03 PM
I use the deep before wide approach. I've been focused on C# to get a deep knowledge of it before I expand to other stuff. Just because I love C# doesn't mean I discard other languages (aside from Java, Javascript and PHP) outright
Besides, 2 weeks ago I started with Go.
That's a good movie.
Q: How to implement BFS algorithm in Java

Hoàng Phúc VũHi i want to implement this pseudocode below: Breadth-First-Search(Maze m) Enqueue(m.startNode) While(Queue.notEmpty) c<-Dequeue If c is the goal Exit Else Foreach neighbor n of c If n "Unvisited" Mark n "Visited" ...

Why does all technology I use break down?
Because that's what happens to all technology...
Even is bad with namespaces.
@skiwi PICNIC?
12:09 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg No, we have multiple chairs here
They all fail
A: May 2015 Community Challenge

MastWrite your own web server. Lightweight or all powerful? Easily deployable or extra security versus DDoS attacks? Give it the features you want! What qualifies as a web server? Any script or program which can do the following: Listen on at least one port Handle the basic errors Handle at least...

Would be better in Code Review then.. — Soner Gönül 39 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's belong to codereview.stackexchange.comToto 42 secs ago
Oh dear... this seems.... big. How about writing any kind of server? Be it a chat server, web server, or a Tic Tac Toe Game Server ? — Simon André Forsberg 21 secs ago
@Zwierzak you might want to try codereview.stackexchange.com for help with improving code structure — three_pineapples 14 secs ago
12:19 PM
I don't really know where to begin with writing a server...
@nhgrif Which is why it's a good idea, IMHO
@nhgrif It's all about finding out something complex is actually fairly simple
@nhgrif which is why I think writing a web-server is a bit too much. Writing a chat server is a lot easier. Writing a UTTT server is intermediate.
Implementing servers and network communication is a very important programming skill. You will sooner or later be faced with concurrency issues, compatibility issues (old clients connecting to a new server after a protocol change) and a whole bunch of other things.
maybe I should post my own submission to the meta post? Or should I convince @Mast to edit his?
@SimonAndréForsberg You have suggestions?
13 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
Oh dear... this seems.... big. How about writing any kind of server? Be it a chat server, web server, or a Tic Tac Toe Game Server ? — Simon André Forsberg 21 secs ago
There's nothing wrong with building a TTTGS
12:28 PM
A: Justify your review!

PimgdI really don't feel like typing the same thing over and over. Sometimes I wish I could do away with the explanation, and be more like a teacher grading homework; this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong, this looks great. Instead, I shape my answer to my mood and the asker's level of experien...

It's kind of vague with the intention to keep it open.
but a TTTGS is not a Web Server.
That didn't come out right
@SimonAndréForsberg It is if it communicates over HTTP
If you make every move with PUT or UPDATE, why wouldn't it be a web server?
but that is quite a big restriction. There are a lot of other ways to communicate than with the HTTP protocol.
12:30 PM
the HTTP protocol specifies a lot of other things that are not needed by a UTTT server, or a chat server.
That's why I didn't specify HTTP (although I did mention GET etc.).
You don't need to meet any spec.
Just make sure you can handle the requests.
When you said web server, I assumed you meant HTTP Web Server.
Are you saying that you agree that we make it more open, so that it can be a chat server, a Ultimate TTT server, or a HTTP web server?
@Mast From the Wikipedia article about "Web Server" it says:
> A web server is an information technology that processes requests via HTTP, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web. The term can refer either to the entire computer system, an appliance, or specifically to the software that accepts and supervises the HTTP requests.
Code understanding

Proposed Q&A site for most of the time when it comes to contribute in opensource project or to edit others code, most of the time newcomers [or even sometimes pro coder] failed to understand where to start or edit. This site will help them to take help and understand.

Currently in commitment.

moaaar people
I'd make it more general, but I'm lacking requirements for that case @SimonAndréForsberg
12:37 PM
@JeroenVannevel ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu
What would you like to call this PC? "ubuntu"
let's do this
just stick it in any question the computer asks =D
@Mast the only requirement is: It's a server that should be able to communicate with some client(s). Make the server whatever you want (you will probably have to make the clients also, or use a general purpose command such as telnet to communicate with the server)
can't say it isn't accurate!
@SimonAndréForsberg curl
12:39 PM
Fixed one of my errors after 3 hours because I wasn't running my Command Prompt (Windows, fuck Windows) as administrator
Code understanding will never work...
A calculator has some pretty defined functions. It should at least handle + - * and /
And... I am very familiar with client side interaction with servers...
A general server, well, recommendations are fuzzy, many things can be considered a server
I have written FTP, HTTP, SQL, and SCADA clients
12:41 PM
@Mast I think telnet is more flexible than curl, but sure, curl as well. There is a difference between short-lived connections and long-lived connections. A web server normally accepts a connection, handles requests, sends response, closes the connection. Chat servers accepts connections and has the ability to send data to clients at any time after the client connects, until it disconnects.
A server is a running instance of an application (software) capable of accepting requests from the client and giving responses accordingly. Servers can run on any computer including dedicated computers, which individually are also often referred to as "the server". Servers operate within a client-server architecture. Servers are computer programs running to serve the requests of other programs, the clients. Thus, the server performs some tasks on behalf of clients. It facilitates the clients to share data, information or any hardware and software resources. The clients typically connect to the...
Q: My own malloc() function in C

ivan_petrushenkoIs this acceptable? typedef struct heap_block { struct heap_block* next; size_t size; bool isfree; int x; // for alligment }header; void* malloc(size_t sz) { if(sz == 0 || sz > Heap_Capacity || sz > (Heap_Capacity - (size_t)active_size)) { ++fail_count; ...

@SimonAndréForsberg I know what a server is. Now I need requirements for the challenge.
Isn't a server a requirement enough?
The good thing about "make a server" is that people might realize that they can make something that they can have use for. Whether it is a server for their game, or a webserver, or a chat server, or anything else.
Media server for my home network...
I think the only requirement is: Should be able to handle more than one client at a time. Whether or not the clients should be able to talk to one another is up to you.
12:45 PM
True, but I don't want to open the door to code that's technically a server but not doing anything
...and an iOS app that will download media from that server and put it in my iTunes library..
Don't tack requirements on there...
Code Review already has the requirement of "real code". I don't think you have to worry about servers not doing anything.
@nhgrif Keep talking and I'll make cross-platform a must-have functionality :P
@SimonAndréForsberg That's true. Do you feel like writing an answer or should I rewrite mine?
Sure, example projects are on-topic. If it's just a server responding with "Hello World! The time is 2015-05-01 14:48:00" then so be it.
@Mast Do you feel like rewriting yours or should I write an answer?
… a new instance of that animal type is generated if they are the same gender. Otherwise, they fight and the one with larger strength survives. — That's rather interesting biology! — 200_success ♦ 5 hours ago
^^ lol
12:47 PM
I could write an answer if you'd like
@SimonAndréForsberg That's probably for the best. Good luck :)\
Wait, why would the OS of the client even matter?
@Mast okay, I will
The server resides somewhere and processes requests from clients on a well-defined protocol...
@nhgrif It shouldn't matter. Why would it? What client?
12:49 PM
Client OS doesn't matter...
@Mast commented about multiplatform
@nhgrif Couldn't resist.
You'd probably build an iServer with an iClient.
Wouldn't a server that you could run from an iPad be cool though?
And you just connect to it via Bluetooth?
"We must go deeper down this hole" No no no no no no no!!!! — rolfl ♦ 2 mins ago
A: May 2015 Community Challenge

Simon André ForsbergWrite any kind of server. Examples are: Chat Server Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Game Server Web Server Media Server Implementing servers and network communication is a very important programming skill. You are likely to sooner or later be faced with concurrency issues, compatibility issues (old cli...

@nhgrif I'm currently running 3 servers and a client on two laptops. If I had my N900 still in use, I'd run a server on it just for kicks. So, why wouldn't you be able to run a server on an iPad?
@SimonAndréForsberg Looks good.
12:57 PM
@Mast you can... But you can't just install anything on an iPad...
An iPad isn't a laptop
@nhgrif As long as the iPad is open for incoming connections, that should be possible. (I just wonder how many incoming connections iPads allow...)
@nhgrif Who said anything about installing?
My N900 runs Python 2 native
And that's a telephone from 2009
Now take that, iPhone 6

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