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4:09 PM
Alright, 7 days later: thoughts for our guests Actually, I'll just save it until after 3....
4:55 PM
room topic changed to SE Podcast Live Chat: livestream.com/stackexchange / Next Episode: Tuesday 10/4 @ 4:00pm EDT w/ guest David Fullerton (no tags)
@JeffFerland no more guessing necessary!
@AlexMiller Oh, I wasn't guessing... I already know the speaker from last week and have the corresponding questions :)
@JeffFerland crafty one aren't you ;-)
3 hours later…
7:43 PM
It's time for this thing again
Any chance of the audio not breaking up this week?
not really
we're still on livestream for one more week
7:53 PM
@AlexMiller Oh joy
who's covering this MJ song?
testing tick tick is this thingon?
I am having trouble with these headphones
Headphone? There is only one ear
What's @JoelSpolsky signing? Swag pack letters?
7:58 PM
Hej hej
@ChrisF yep!
we should be live
Sweet, more chaos!
Oh :(
8:02 PM
Totally bought it :(
@BrettWhite Question: How do you address changes that need to be done to PROD just AFTER a release (or has that issue never occured)?
Hello, chatroom
Oi Brett.
8:02 PM
Address questions to @BrettWhite this week
I've gotten a lot of negative feedback from non-Careers 2.0 people when I link them to my profile (which is in a state of chaos right now, but that aside)... have you taken a look at how people react to that outside of those who post jobs on careers.se?
Careers? Really?
What kind of negative feedback?
I've been meaning to finish filling out my Careers profile...
8:04 PM
Lots of complaining about formatting, wondering about the top 10% tags, etc.
I've decided to go back to word formatting
Has Fullerton ever met Fullarton?
Also, didn't realize it when I put my gravatar up, but there's now a picture of a cat on my resume
Can Punyon wave. Which one is he?
I don't like where this conversation is going; this is how we ended up with Programmers.SE
Is he talking about the old closed SE sites?
8:05 PM
"We just want them to go away"
Like this?
@GnomeSlice He's talking about needing something like SE 1.0 to funnel people away from SE that they don't want to make sites for
Is it SO what you do, Jeff.
am I glad to hear this stuff about clones not being a problem <3
A: How do I launch my new, free service leveraging WebApps without running afoul of the current community?

Jeff AtwoodThe general policy here is that you can recommend us as a venue for getting answers but only alongside a list of OTHER resources too. e.g. "for trello support, try the following public places: place a, place b, stack exchange, place c" Per http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/3966/is-it...

8:08 PM
..."kind of off-topic"? "not perfect"? It's wildly off-topic
We got this a lot when we linked Ubuntu software to Ask Ubuntu. Bug reports and account issues started rolling in
@MarcoCeppi Sure, and it doesn't make it ok just because Ubuntu developers happen to read AU
Right, we burn with fire when applicable
@BrettWhite What's going on with the gaming grant fiasco?
Oh yeah, I hope they talk about that
8:11 PM
Gaming.SE isn't.
@Abby is away this week, address questions to @BrettWhite
That's why SEI waited till now to strike; they had to get Abby out of the building first
@KateyΨ Someone should probably clear that pin.
Hey, I liked the plant
btw, I was able to catch a glimps of THE DEW in real life last week:
8:12 PM
@balpha It must've been a magical experience
it certainly was
@BrettWhiteΨ I noticed that Proposals on Area 51 are not merged even if they have significant overlap. What is the idea on dealing with proposals that overlap or are subsets of other proposals?
What are those specific reasons?
Oh man you guys I still don't know what plant they were talking about
The one on the desk.
8:15 PM
@Fabian Well, Biblical Hermeneutics just went into private beta even though they were all for merging with Christianity, so who knows
There's a plant?
@MarcoCeppi Trust no one.
In front of whatsisname.
@MarcoCeppi Sure - someone in this chat room...
@MichaelMrozek That's one of the reasons I'm wondering what the idea is on how to deal with that.
8:15 PM
That is the only plant that appears to be in Joel's sightline.
Great stuff happening in this week's chat
David mentioned the community team and @RobertCartaino appeared like 4 seconds later
... so now we have the drummers in with the musicians. :p
Proposals are rarely-to-never actually physically merged. We (The Community Team) usually contact the users of one proposal and direct them to support another before closing it.
@GnomeSlice It's actually working for me this week; I'm astounded
@AnonJr ooooooh....:(
That's harsh, man.
8:18 PM
@RobertCartaino I was actually thinking of "closed" when they said "merged"; I didn't realized proposals actually got merged ever
@Fabian Area 51 is entirely a community process. We like to see the community handle these things themselves. If there's a better proposal to follow, then that needs to be raised in the discussion area so the community can handle it.
I see how it is. They don't want to talk about the Gaming thing. Or maybe they just don't like me.
@Mana I do some work on the side for a band - I've heard cracks all around. :)
My internet is throwing a fit.
8:20 PM
(knows how to actually spell it)
I suspect the people that are looking for that site know how to spell it.
@RebeccaChernoff Well, the one thing you can do we can't is send notifications to the followers/commiters of another proposal. I often see similar proposals linked on proposals, but likely the people that are not regular users might miss those other proposals.
@GnomeSlice I don't really see how that belongs on the podcast. There are meta.gaming questions that are discussing the process, that's the appropriate venue.
@RebeccaChernoff That hasn't gone anywhere.
Hermeneutics, I think?
8:21 PM
@Mana Correct.
forget if the second e is an a or an e
@Fabian and we have done that in the past.
Just joined healthcare IT, actually
...LEGO has an SE site?
8:22 PM
While Healthcare IT is a very specialized field, I'm not sure it deserves its own site...
I'm really excited for whenever that launches.
Woah, is Game of Go going private?!
@GnomeSlice LEGO has an SE proposal, not a site
@Mana Last I checked it was still missing 20%
8:22 PM
@Mana It's 83% commitment
@MichaelMrozek aaaaaghhhh
I know I'm repeating myself, but since they're talking about good sites vs bad sites, why haven't they mentioned gaming yet?
@GnomeSlice it's been a day-ish, and there's been posts in that time. We can't change the world in a day, dude!
@MarcoCeppi How many questions can you even ask about that?
8:23 PM
@GnomeSlice A lot
They're talking about how Healthcare IT is a subset of SF, but they're all for sites dedicated to legos and Go?
@MarcoCeppi I'll take your word for it. :P
There is some of that in healthcare IT, but not as much as you would think. And most of the really specialized equipment/software has vendor support
@MichaelMrozek And they overlap with?
@MichaelMrozek Dyargh, I hate it when people say it like that. 'Legos'.
8:24 PM
@GnomeSlice shrug. We'll see how it goes.
@Dori Go is clearly a subset of BCG. I don't even know what questions you'd ask about legos (is it lego? Is that what @GnomeSlice is objecting to?)
@MichaelMrozek Yes. It's LEGO. Not 'legos'.
Happens on AU as well
I miss playing with legos
8:25 PM
@MichaelMrozek LEGO. There is no plural
Thats the stats for DBA
@GnomeSlice do you feel that this is being constructive to the conversation? |:
LEGO isn't really that complicated. You put blocks together.
Well... I am listening at work. :)
I'll concede "lego" -- I'm not calling it "LEGO"
8:26 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I heard someone in the podcast say Gaming. I was excited.
@MichaelMrozek Go players—like Chess, Poker, MtG, and others—have said they would not participate on BCG :-(
@Dori I know -- screw them. Do Java programmers get to band together and say "we won't participate on SO"?
Particularly if you make a facebook.SO-style frontend for Go like they were talking about a minute ago
Well, Ubuntu said they needed their own site, and that's working pretty well for them.
@Dori Yes, to the detriment of UL. Just because a site can make it separately doesn't mean it should be separate (or that it needs to be separate)
Bill Barnes' library cartoon site
8:28 PM
@MichaelMrozek With that and integration of software for board positions you could probably get some people on board. Though I think that the big competitive games like Chess & Go could work better on seperate sites than on a combined site.
Is the audio really choppy for anyone else?
@AlexMiller is far too busy trying to figure out a box to write something down. (:
If they're going to launch Poker as well they should just close BCG; they've carved it up
Why isn't Poker a subset of BCG?
@GnomeSlice Yes
8:29 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes
@GnomeSlice occasionally
I think @JoelSpolsky could beat most of us up just using "the cower"
Ping ping ping.
@MichaelMrozek Should be a subset of Philosophy.SE.
@ChrisF It is, but apparently important enough to warrant its own site. Like Go
8:30 PM
@GnomeSlice audio's choppy for me too
No matter how much I glare at @AlexMiller nothing happens
@MichaelMrozek Sorry I couldn't find the rhetorical question mark on my keyboard.
@MichaelMrozek yeah, blame @katey now
im just sitting here at a computer
I'm glaring twice as hard at @Katey
The blame is palpable
8:32 PM
i thought we were going to move to a new video host this week but we hit a speedbump
so we should next week
JK I am paying attention
good job @MichaelMrozek, you've scared Alex off!
but there is nothing we can do about it, hopefully will be resolved with the new host thang.
I was just noticing that. I wasn't sure if he left or just dissolved
No animals start with B? Really?
Why not Barracuda or something.
8:33 PM
@AlexMiller Who? I ask only because Justin.TV is blocked here at work...
Baby Giraffe
8:33 PM
Bison, buffalo
Boa, Bull, Britney Spears
And of course... bunny.
@AnonJr not justin.tv
Brontosaurus, Bobcat, Blue Jay, Beaver
8:34 PM
@AlexMiller Good to know. :)
It's live user interface testing. And it's not going well
Signal-to-Noise ratio.... ouch
Waaagh! Has the stream started yet?
@Brant About half an hour ago?
8:37 PM
@brant Yes. About a half an hour ago.
This is starting to sound naughty
there's a lot of inappropriate touching going on here
Studio Guests are require to be best friends / bros.
Get up on that mic!
There should be one mic for the whole room
oh dear god
8:39 PM
I'm working on it! Trust me.
If I pause this to get a snack, do they have to wait for me to get back before continuing?
@BrettWhite I believe there is a method to pull "linkedIn" content into the careers site, is there a way to push some information from careers back into "linkedIn"?
thats why i just went and got a snack
Where's the mascot? Did I miss the mascot?
8:41 PM
Ah, well, worth a shot.
@GnomeSlice Yes. No pressure or anything, though.
@Brant She's not here.
We'll wait @GnomeSlice we need you to mention gaming again.
@Joel What about Gaming?
@KateyΨ I'm just waiting for Jason to push David out of the way to get to the mic and see David roll out of view.
8:41 PM
@RebeccaChernoff my fingers are crossed
I really need to start working on some more public stuff... the bulk of my work so far has been "behind the firewall" so to speak.
@AnonJr agreed, I can't quite figure out what type of open source "stuff" to work on.
"Why I can do this" - because you have a diamond @JoelSpolsky! You can do anything, anywhere on the SE network.
@AnonJr I have the same problem. My Careers profile is sparse.
can we pull in our SE data into visualize.me
8:43 PM
One of the problems with the Careers CV is that all recruiters (who to a man/woman are useless morons) want it in Word format
@KateyΨ yeah, I'm gonna be bummed if it doesn't happen. We should address all future questions to Punyon to maximize our chances! (:
not pdf?
you'd be surprised, a lot of them INSIST on Word
@BilltheLizard, @Nip - thanks, now I don't feel quite so bad about it. :)
8:44 PM
so they can scan for how many times java is mention in your resume
stupid filtering techniques
+1 for the conference thing
yet refuse to learn how to convert from any format to Word
Probably so they can "punch up" your resume by adding a zero to the number of years of Java experience you listed.
@JoelSpolsky definitely Word in the UK. It's so they can easily take your contact details off it before sending to employers
8:44 PM
@JoelSposky "taking over the recruiting process"?
I'd love to see you guys take what Iv'e done here and incorporate it into careers: tekfolio.me
Don't add speaking engagements—just import from Lanyrd.
Text resume's suck
@ChrisF And so they can add their logo in the header.
What sort of gifts?
8:45 PM
@BilltheLizard I'd forgotten they do that
Matt re-wrote it iirc
> It's a cat, it's not, you know, weird. I just mention it because it's weird.
The ONLY people who get value out of LinkedIN are recruiters who use it like an open relay for spamming
any kind of salesperson
I'm an expertise expert!
8:47 PM
I'm an excerpt expert.
well, the only people who ever
contact me via LinkedIN are recruiters
and there doesn't seem to be any way to make yourself invisible to them
You can write to the profile with the API
I always see that term in this chatroom.
Oh LinkedIn, you annoying emailer you.
8:48 PM
(Doesn't know what an API is)
@CodingHorror Thanks for bringing that up.
@GnomeSlice Application Programming Interface
It lets you write code that plugs into other applications without modifying the application itself.
@GnomeSlice It lets you read and possibly write data to a site without going through the main web interface. E.g. he's the help page for the Stack Overflow API: api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/usage
That is my totally wrong definition.
8:50 PM
Ah. I think I understand. As much as a non-programmer can understand, anyway.
People talk to the app through the website/GUI, programs talk to the app through the API.
@JoelSpolsky I paid, mostly so I could get my name in the URL
@GnomeSlice I just let it wash over me.
@KateyΨ Story of my life.
@GnomeSlice sob :( I'm the same way.
8:51 PM
the CV PDF export is nice, great work!
@Mana Except you understand it.
does he mean Jason Calacanis??
The Resumator? Really?
I do
@GnomeSlice No, it's like having a bunch of random words in front of you and trying to fill in the blanks. You can say things that might sound like they make sense but are actually entirely wrong.
8:52 PM
wow. I want to apply to work there!
@Mana Oh, that's why you always sound so smart.
@GnomeSlice bumps GnomeSlice one spot up on the Gaming.SE character tier list
I am going to murder @sambrand
Murderous rage subsiding
@Don I agree. Very nice
I wouldn't get a invite on my GitHib work - as I don't have any :(
8:55 PM
I'm still here.
Luckily I already have an account ;)
@ChrisF I think the only thing on my github account is a fork of StackExchangeScripts
I see 86.
Free Trello shirt?
8:56 PM
thank you :-)
Thanks guys.
David Fullerton, what kind of tree would you be if you were a tree?
I do. =[
@balpha Because people definitely read these logs
@Joel What about the gaming grant fiasco?
I need a job
Ahh, ITConversations. I missed you. "The audio producer for this episode is (AWKWARD PAUSE) JEFF ATWOOD."
:-( I got an Oops at /cv/create
I write enterprise assemblie
8:57 PM
@MichaelMrozek Let them at least pretend they care for SE!
Every week as I bookmark the conversation I think to myself "nobody will ever click this"
@GnomeSlice Too late, bro. And besides, the gaming grant fiasco seems to be more relevant to Atwood, not Joel.
@Mana Yeah, but Jeff isn't in the chatroom.
So a ping wouldn't get him.
8:59 PM
@GnomeSlice They clearly don't have time to talk about it now, they're wrapping up
You should sneak in another 40 or 50 mentions of it before the end though
@MichaelMrozek I figured.
@MichaelMrozek Well they were all "Man, now we have nothing to talk about".
...and like I said earlier, not really podcast material.
Pfft, 40? 50? These are lightweight numbers. Think big. At least 50!
nothing to talk about? ha.
inbox stuff is just new unread things, not all things your inbox, for the record
9:02 PM
you, sir, are incorrec
incorrect* sticky keys...
Nobody listening any more... ಠ_ಠ
the site that loaded Quora!
old notifications predates @replies, not comments (iirc).
Darwin Awards?
@KateyΨ Hah! I was about to say that.
9:05 PM
> Welcome to CostCo...I love you...
A: Has anyone used "hot saucing"? Is it bad parenting?

Jeff AtwoodThis is a form of physical discipline akin to spanking, which is only appropriate after escalating beyond normal, non-physical discipline -- and even then only in strict moderation and only when the child is young. See my answer, with research citations, at Is punishment necessary? As childr...

Jeff has kids?
@GnomeSlice at least one
@GnomeSlice a 3 y/o son
9:06 PM
Oh, right.
@AarthiDevanathanΨ 3 years old already?
chat needs a hot-saucing easter egg
@AnonJr almost
Recommendation: DO NOT RESEARCH MEDIEVAL TORTURE ON WIKIPEDIA if you ever want to sleep again.
9:07 PM
Also, each of the SE sites are like Jeff's children as well, I suppose.
@GnomeSlice he definitely loves some more than others.
any fish also
My son hotsauced himself with BW3 Blazing sauce. He won't do that again.
Fish is gross
9:08 PM
@AarthiDevanathanΨ ...What, is that standard in parenting?
@KateyΨ the salmon is generally OK
have fun, back to trying to work...
10:02 PM

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