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8:14 PM
I can see the Home Improvement site
maybe they have Shirlock Homes on
Somebody should link this in the streaming site's chatroom; it won't load for me
me either
even at full volume Joel isn't that loud
8:18 PM
shame I don't have "bingo" materials
Too many moderators...
This will certainly be the largest SE chat room I've been in yet.
@Chacha102 we're watching you
Afternoon @Jin, @RebeccaChernoff!
"Type your questions into ustream"? How dare you, Joel
8:18 PM
My audio was muted, wtfoo?
@CRoss Soon I shall retreat to the only place moderators dare not to go!!! The Dark Depths of the Tavern! Muhuhahahaha
allo y'all (:
Ugh. Why is a VERY LOUD AD playing over the top of Jeff talking VERY SOFTLY?
@Shog9 Because UStream loves you.
8:20 PM
@Shog9 I didn't even realize the podcast audio was playing during the ad, I couldn't hear it at all
room topic changed to SE Podcast Live Chat:
@Shog9 I turned the volume down in response to the ad, then realized that the faint whisper in the background was Joel talking.
oh that ad! Horrid!
@Shog9 ha!
it's like a moderator flashmob
@Kev Go figure the people obsessed enough to listen to the podcast are also obsessed enough to mod SE sites
8:21 PM
room 512? How interesting
is there a way to get a link to this chat in the UStream chat?
@jcolebrand quite appropriate, too
@KyleCronin Does the UStream chat even load for you?
yeah, it's on the right of the ustream
WTF was that ustream? O_o
8:22 PM
@KyleCronin I see it; it's been "loading" for 5 minutes. If you can get to it I would think you can post a link
Does it keep fading in and out? I've had it twice now
Is anyone else getting odd blurts in the stream?
I just saw random footage of some..animal
ok, I think we all are
@TimStone yeah, like an ad starting or something?
I just saw an ad
Damn it, badp found us. Time to switch to a new room
8:23 PM
Holy crap that @lert was loud.
Yeah, something like that.
the thing won't let me sign up for a user account
@#$#$ If only this still worked :(
...I've got nothing
And suddenly, a dog.
8:24 PM
the audio seems to keep fading out ...
the audio just went dead
and back again…
yeah, the dog
8:24 PM
Who's talking?
Ah, an ad. I'm not actually looking at the window, so that was very confusing
i see the Ads blocks the video 'n audio for a few seconds..?
taco killed the audio?
It's not an ad, it's a live feed of puppies :P
@Jin more than a few
8:24 PM
@balpha You should write a podcast streaming thing for SO
Sounds like the price of using a free stream
i could have sworn he was going to say "residual self-image"
Kyle Cronin has added Jeff Atwood to the list of this room's owners.
@random I doubt USTREAM is the one that added the dog
Are they watching the room?
8:25 PM
Kyle Cronin has added Joel Spolsky to the list of this room's owners.
Nobody on SO has ever commented on my shoes. I'm a little hurt now
Wait, that's Joel speaking.
joel sounds better once I switched to my headset
@Moshe neither Jeff nor Joel are capable of multitasking.
8:25 PM
@balpha Ah, ok.
@balpha I thought they were going to take questions?
They broke the 15 listener mark
@CRoss We're like 10 minutes in :)
@MichaelMrozek > Live broadcast started 18 minutes ago
"People don't like meanness"? He really needs to spend more time on chat
8:26 PM
quick someone link that meta post
mutes pings
Q: The problem with extrinsic motivation

Jon EricsonAs a preface, I've stopped using Stack Overflow after participating in the beta and using the system for a while. I'm not trying to stir up controversy or ruffle feathers, though that seems likely to happen. Rather this is a postmortem of one user's experience with Stack Overflow. I've always ...

Isn't the live feed supposed to show what they're checking out on the SE sites?
yeah, I've got no video
8:27 PM
I only see the SE logo.
I don't think there's supposed to be video
sometimes there are puppies
Did he just claim rep is monotonically increasing? I dispute that
there was at the start
I saw a DIY window.
8:28 PM
I saw a skype window
@balpha The lack of unicorns is disappointing.
scott hanselman was online
Are they playing Evony in the background?
curses, I want more Dennys!
@CRoss It'll be good when we find out just how many features were supposed to be in this podcast that were completely broken
8:28 PM
@CRoss for the bacon?
@MichaelMrozek To the bug reports!
I'm a 18-24 male and I get more rage than satisfaction from competitive play
what about competitive + cooperative play (TF2, LoL, D&D, etc)
that's what I love
I get immense satisfaction from competitive play so long as I'm winning.
Zynga is evil. Um, right?
8:29 PM
I'm getting progressively hungrier for a grand slam the more he talks about not getting any dennies
I win cooperative play too, I just let the other players win with me. Slightly less, of course
UrbanTerror anyone?
@AnnaLear I don't because usually it's the remainder of the team dragging me along :P
@Moshe I actually do play that, but my boss would probably frown on it right now
so I "rage" when I lose and when I win... eh.
8:31 PM
@MichaelMrozek - I haven't played in a while, but we should play sometime
@badp Yeah, I don't play much competitive stuff anymore....... >.>
It's kinda enjoyable but the net sum is negative.
Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert.
There are not nearly enough blue people in here.
(Hey, it's everyone from the Meta Tavern and then some!)
8:31 PM
@badp And to think that they gave you lasers...
@MichaelMyers You could easily make me blue. :-)
That said I poured 100+ hours on TF2 since February :P
@TimStone Lazers? In TF2?
opens an IDE while listening
People who consider themselves experts routinely become infuriated by Stack Overflow. That's the problem with considering yourself an expert.
@Moshe False
8:32 PM
I just assumed your rage carried over to the game of life :P
I think science is already becoming "consensus driven"
@Shog9 expertise is srs biz
all you ever hear about is the scientific consensus on "x,y,z"
@CRoss I agree, so you're correct.
8:32 PM
@Shog9 I was trying to be nice
Sounds exhausting
@balpha hah.
Speaking of science, I feel relieved that WHO finally concluded on the whole cellular causes cancer debate.
Still reading out URLs instead of just pasting them into the chat
@Shog9 can we get them to admit this on the podcast? :)
8:33 PM
Oh, snap! I averaged my Q/A ratio!
@random That's what we have @balpha for
@jcolebrand Tweet it or something.
@Moshe oh snap, that's offkilter! Make it 2:1
@Shog9 apparently. however I don't think either of them follow me, much less care what I say in real time ;)
14% of people that both ask and answer is ideal? That seems crazy low
@MichaelMrozek Really?
8:34 PM
@jcolebrand Well, I'm excited, I was at <100 answers and >200 question at one point
I'm now at 325Q and 333A
@Moshe I recall
@MichaelMrozek agreed, I thought it'd be higher, in the 30%ish range for some reason
@MichaelMrozek - Good call.
(scuse the pun)
Producer Alex needs to turn skype audible notifications off :P.
8:35 PM
@Moshe apparently not!
They're going for a live necromancer badge!
What's up with that (OpenID)?
"raise our guest" LIVE SEANCE
@JimmySawczuk I guess it depends what they count as "both"; I have 6 SO questions and 500+ answers, so I don't know if that counts as "both"
Posted by Jeff Atwood on May 27th, 2011

If you’ve logged in to a Stack Exchange site recently you may have noticed a new button on the login page:

That’s right — Stack Exchange is now officially an OpenID provider as well as an OpenID (and OAuth 2.0) consumer!

As a provider, we can now offer a totally seamless signup experience for new users. That is, you can create a new account entirely on our site without ever once being redirected to another website in the process.

Those users who were uncomfortable with Google, Facebook, MyOpenID, AOL, or any other form of OpenID credentials can now create “local” accounts. …

8:35 PM
@VxJasonxV Producer Alex.
@Shog9 "Turn undead"?
I know not what you're pointing out, Rebecca. :>
What's up with the new OpenID? I thought it was bad for the internet to have another login on the interwebs?
(wow... I can't type!)
I like my Google OpenID.
SE is not bigger than Google.
8:36 PM
@Moshe then there's no need for you to switch.
No need for another one, am I terribly wrong?
@Moshe No need for another one.
@RebeccaChernoff I distinctly recall one of the Founding Fathers of SE say that there was no reason to make a new SE OpenID.
Are Jeff and Joel in the same room? The difference in their audio is interesting.
I have neither a facebook nor a gmail account
8:37 PM
@Moshe - replacing MyOpenID as a dependency, at least IMO.
@balpha Therefore you don't exist
@random who are you talking to?
@VxJasonxV Joel's in NY (I think) and Jeff on the West Coast
@KevinMontrose It was an optional dependency though; it's not like they were the only OpenID provider
its been... lack luster recently, and was our "sign up" link before.
8:38 PM
@balpha We already know you're weird.
@ChrisF Interesting. I thought most everyone was in New York. Certainly those two. Appreciate it.
Wait, people are actually able to load ustream's chat?
@RebeccaChernoff I cannot
I am.
I am in both chat rooms.
8:39 PM
I think someone needs to get producer alex to get the hosts to open this chatroom.
I couldn't...
oooh it just loaded
Could you see my comment on the social stream?
Hmm, I'm on chat, not social stream. And clearly I know the difference.
Looks like plus addressing is invalid according to Ustream
8:40 PM
@balpha and @MarcGravell should be personally offended that Jeff and Joel are even talking about the ustream chat
(also the livestream chat isn't loading now)
I can't speak for marc
@MichaelMrozek well heck, I am
@badp I cannot either.
@LasseVKarlsen - thank you!
8:41 PM
Live dump sessions are good to watch
oh sweet god, don't mention my name here, I had to turn the sound way up for ustream :P the notification here almost scared the crap out of me :P
@LasseVKarlsen okay
@LasseVKarlsen Got it!
@random see, the dogs weren't ustream's :P
@balpha You just need to work on your English accent.
8:42 PM
I walked right into that, didn't I? :P
@LasseVKarlsen What? I can't hear you.
You can shut them off, there's an audio icon by the "all rooms" button
@LasseVKarlsen you know you can turn it off in the upper right hand corner right?
@LasseVKarlsen You asked for it
The Ustream chat creates ugly emoticon smilies.
8:42 PM
I know that now, yes, thank you
This Chat ? UStream chats
@splattne at least it loads for you
@splattne What, are they backwards like (: ?
@splattne I presume they don't look like this -> (:
8:43 PM
@Damien the ustream chats
What about downvotes costing something unless there are X downvotes/closure?
wait, downvotes are free?
@CRoss Yea
8:43 PM
on questions!
@CRoss On questions.
@CRoss On questions
This chat is better than the uStream one is what I meant to say
still, sweet
@CRoss what they said ^^^
8:43 PM
that'll save me my rep I've been spending
A: Should downvotes on questions be "free"?

wafflesCompleted, all question downvotes now are "free" for the downvoter. We did not perform a global recalc. If you would like your old question downvotes to be free, perform a self-recalc at: We will be monitoring voting patterns over the next few weeks and eva...

I wonder if siracusa is that John Siracusa from Ars Technica
Lets downvote all 4 of Jon Skeet's q's so he loses rep!!! :-)
I'm glad I turned pings off ...
@badp it is
8:44 PM
@Moshe or let's not?
I knew about the SE user
@RebeccaChernoff Jus' sayin' :-)
I can't join the Chat area, where apparently all the cool kids are... ( #stackcast live at
Poor guy
@MichaelMrozek I'm blind now.
You need to sign up or something.
8:45 PM
@MichaelMrozek he can join the ustream chat, or the awesome chat?
@CRoss Well, the cool kids are here, so.
@CRoss Not sure, I just replied
@CRoss ustream
yeah, most of us can't get it to load
we need beer for rep!
ustream chat uses something non-port-80.
got firewalls?
8:46 PM
@Moshe is now famous ;)
"What do you do with a lot of rep? You want to fix the world". Um. No? I want to gloat. Endlessly
I couldn't load the either the chat or the actual stream. So I'm really just here to mock.
@Brant Ah, yes; I'm at work
Q: Please Add Means of Converting Reputation to Actual Beer

Craig StuntzWhen I help someone solve a programming problem, they often express their gratitude for the solution (yay!). Generally, this takes the form of one of the following: "Think you!" Sometimes, people offer to hire me for further work. (Generally, stay away from these folks; they've been hiding thei...

8:46 PM
Oh, this chat room...
if i could convert my rep into cash it'd be a different story, but i'm with @MichaelMrozek, keeping it isn't all that bad
@BilltheLizard Hi
and suddenly more dogs.
@BilltheLizard this is where the cool kids are, see Michael, and Michael ...
Varus, give me back my audio!
8:47 PM
@Michael HI!
oddly enough I only see the logo
It's an audio-only video stream.
Thanks, @jjnguy. Don't know why I didn't check here first.
@CRoss there's occasionally puppies but that's right
8:48 PM
@Brant Nonsense, there's awesome video. Of the SE logo
@Brant better than the other way around
@BilltheLizard np, glad you could make it.
Not enough puppies
Show these instead:
@badp I have yet to see the puppies ...
8:48 PM
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 1H 2011

Geoff DalgasWhat in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is Going On Here? TL;DR -- put images and links in the answers. If they get voted up enough, they will appear on the main site as community promotion ads. But whyyyyyyy? This is a method for the community to control what gets promoted to visitors on the s...

Did the DIY guy get a dirt nap?
I dunno, but I'm about ready for a nap.
I think the community ads should be shown instead of the puppies.
@Shog9 @RebeccaChernoff @RobertCartaino @Dori That's you!
"We're going to start hiring a community team". Sucks to be @RobertCartaino / @RebeccaChernoff / @Dori / @Shog9 right now
8:51 PM
Wait, can I get hired on for that!
we're hiring my minions
8:52 PM
@jcolebrand Community Help-team And Organizational Support. I think your RC acronym is dead
I look forward to them teaching us how to expand
@clipperhouse - turns out, its actually KAOS.
we need a design intern... aka someone who can fix my css mess...
Q: How much does it pay?
A: $45,000 plus
8:52 PM
@Jin me?
screw that ...
@Jin really?
@Jin Just lure someone in with bacon.
too much time spent on this name, really.
@MichaelMrozek nonsense. Also, I didn't start that one.
8:52 PM
Is it possible to live in NYC on $45K?
starting Uni in the fall, would love a summer internship
Put in a little more effort and come up with a backronym for CHTULU
And then some
@jcolebrand Well, you're probably the only proponent, so I'm calling it yours
@MichaelMrozek I swear other's use it. Am I really the only one?
8:53 PM
@BilltheLizard Community Help Team composed of Unix and Linux Users
@MichaelMrozek Nice!
@MichaelMrozek (sorry the rest of you that aren't blue, this is a blue only link)
@Dori - for some definition of live.
Because if there's one group that screams user-friendly, it's Unix and Linux users
@MichaelMrozek I heard that ... sounded like a million voices ...
8:54 PM
Why are so many people blue in here? I need a reason! (to help fix the spelling and grammar)
@jjnguy There was a chemical spill. We don't like to talk about it
@jjnguy We're all mods somewhere - no I like @MichaelMrozek's answer better
@ChrisF Not me.
@ChrisF (I know that :P)
@MichaelMrozek Just maintain your distance, and I won't ask.
8:55 PM
@MichaelMrozek ok, that makes the most sense.
this got started out of the mods room ...
@jjnguy You're next in line I think, all the people ahead of you in the election are mods now
@MichaelMrozek I was sooooooo shattered when I found out they stopped right before my position.
@CRoss what's that?
8:56 PM
Silence for the puppies?
so awesome ...
Silence of the puppies
8:56 PM
@jcolebrand this chat ...
Ooh, local coupons.
Well, we have a new meme...
apparently Joel is at a loss for words because of the puppies ...
Haha, so much dead air.
I'm losing interest in this podcast rapidly
8:57 PM
I think they don't realize they have a technical problem
So, we get audio or puppies? Not both?
someone let them know
Phantom foot!
@MichaelMrozek this chat is far more interesting.
Silence of the lambs...
8:57 PM
They're probably done, and we'll be here staring at puppies for the next few hours.
@Dori It's 2011; you really think our computers can handle simultaneous audio and puppies?
@TimStone They're at SEI headquarters laughing it up
room topic changed to SE Podcast Live Chat: Puppies!
audio on podcasts is overrated
For us!
8:58 PM
Uh oh; he gave away the link
any other questions for us?
Question time!
We're in trouble now.
Question: what happened to the puppies?
Thanks for gracing us with your presence, @JeffAtwood!
8:58 PM
@JeffAtwood Of course. Watch us all go blank with questions.
Can we see the puppies again?
@Jeff - What happened to Shirlock?
We really should've thought up questions over the last 40 minutes
You're welcome.
8:58 PM
We can pretend you guys are puppies, with human voices.
@JeffAtwood - Instead of puppies, show community voted ads
@JeffAtwood how will you prioritize who gets CHAOS help?
First ever PUPCast.
Yeah where's Shirlock?
8:59 PM
oh god no
Is Jeff pantless?
What sort of Q's do they want us to ask?
Because most of our good Qs go on meta anyways
@JeffAtwood How do you feel about German.SE? I'm very iffy with one site per human language, especially when you mix content in 2 different languages, deduplication thereof etc.
@JeffAtwood - Why must I start from scratch on each SE site? I should be able to carry over some privileges. No?
8:59 PM
We need Shirlock to find Shirlock. |:
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