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12:21 AM
@Manuel Here

  \lowercase{\endgroup\def~}{\breakingcomma\penalty3000 }%


In this paragraph we have lists $\ml{a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z}$
and other lists $F(\ml{a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z})$.

@Manuel I can't see how not marking the places where breaking commas are allowed is better, apart from supporting laziness.
@Manuel For instance, you certainly don't want to allow breaks in three item lists.
12:48 AM
@egreg Apart from laziness, (just because I thought this one right now) I did want to break the one that overhung from the line, but after enabling \breakatcommas I saw that TeX preferred to break at another one, completely reshaping the paragraph. It's okey, I already wrote my own \ml so I probably was going to use it from now on.
@egreg In any case, why now \penalty3000? I decided that, since there wasn't a clear answer on that, \discretionary{}{}{} was okey (to get the same penalty as hyphenation, if I'm not mistaken). But still I would like to hear reasons to use \penalty10, \penalty\numexpr\tolerance-1\relax, \penalty9999 or \discretionary{}{}{}.
@Manuel \tolerance-1 looks very odd, I don't see why you'd link to tolerance. it means penalty 199 normally, but in \sloppy where you might expect more relaxed rules about breaking you generate tolerance of 9998, so making line break much less likely
9 hours later…
9:37 AM
@egreg Hi. looks like I missed the surname discussion yesterday.
Is there anything important in that comment?
@Manuel "Will it even be okey to define \def\par{\endgroup\par}?" No exactly. If you set `\looseness, \hangindent, \baselineskip, \hyphenpenalty etc. for that paragraph then this setting disappears when \endgroup\par is used, but the setting is applied when \endgraf\egroup is used.
@PauloCereda Nice, another question deleted so i cannot check on the progress.
Seems i need to get some rep quickly. Not seeing deleted stuff is annoying.
10:17 AM
@Johannes_B try drawing something in paint, or copying a picture from wikipedia, they gain lots of rep. No one votes for answers with tex in them, they are all dull
@DavidCarlisle The real sad thing is, that this is almost completely true.
@Johannes_B look at my highest voted answers:-)
@JosephWright running build ctan (again:-)
10:32 AM
@ArnoMittelbach Hi! Are you already starting work on LaTeX4? ;-)
@ArnoMittelbach Hi, hello, aloha, hallo, willkommen! :)
@egreg ooh :)
10:58 AM
Do we have a question at hand for I want to have hyperlinks With the short answer Load hyperref?
@ArnoMittelbach ¡Hola!
Q: How to make clickable links and cross-references in pdfs produced by LaTeX?

vandenHow can I make things link url references, my index, table of contents, and cross references clickable links in documents produced by LaTeX? I generally use pdflatex to produce my documents.

@TorbjørnT. Seems i only see you, when you answer one of my question of this kind. Thanks once again ;-)
@Johannes_B Well, I don't usually say much. Anyways, I added that one to meta.tex.stackexchange.com/a/2648/586 as well.
11:28 AM
@SoundsOfSilence Why are you unhappy with KOMA?
12:00 PM
@egreg. No LaTex4 I'm afraid. I am quite happy currently if I can make LaTeX2 do what I want.
@all Hi, and thanks for the nice welcome.
@ArnoMittelbach :-)
@ArnoMittelbach You could get hired for work on xor
@JosephWright ^^^^
@egreg :-)
@egreg xor?
@ArnoMittelbach Experimental LaTeX3 output routine
12:18 PM
@StefanKottwitz I'll leave that one for you to write :-)
@JosephWright Ah. I had a feeling it has nothing to do with exclusive ors...
@DavidCarlisle -- no, no code yet. doug wanted to make sure that everything is completely airtight before letting it loose, and it's not his full-time job to make it so. but he did get encouragement from dek, so i'm hopeful.
@barbarabeeton why the name? I assumed it was a javascript implementation (there is at least one of those already)
(i would have answered yesterday, but i've lost the ability to participate in the chat except as a "listener" on my laptop. explanation on meta in a question i posted there.)
@barbarabeeton oh will look it up...
12:23 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- the rationale for the name escaped me, but it's a play on "j.s.bach", i think because the kinds of graphics doug wanted to implement "natively" are repetitive in a manner similar to that of a fugue.
@barbarabeeton well in the context of 21st century typesetting I'd guess 99.99% of people who see jsbox will think of javascript and the css box model, and not the composer
I left a comment on your chat question
@DavidCarlisle -- well in the context of some of us, we're still back in some other century, so still familiar with more classical references.
@barbarabeeton with no documentation other than the name it would be a bit of a stretch for anyone to guess that reference. Seriously If you are in contact with him it's a very confusing name and he could consider changing it before releasing
@DavidCarlisle -- yes, saw it, thanks. last night, when i was desperately trying to figure out how to restore interactivity, i did try the mobile approach -- that's how i finally managed to log out. but it didn't solve the main problem. several suggestions to try though, and i shall do so.
does it look like:
@barbarabeeton ^^
12:30 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- i'll make the suggestion. i think it may be an "interim" name anyhow. by the way, it's really blindingly fast, even with graphics generated on the fly.
@barbarabeeton so has he implemented his own font libraries or does it use system font libraries like xetex?
@DavidCarlisle -- yes, almost exactly that, except that before i went into "mobile" mode, it didn't have the bottom bar with "send" and "menu", just the text bars. thanks, by the way -- that saves me from having to learn how (in a rush) to take a screen grab; i'd rather do that at my leisure, when i've got time to think about what i'm doing. (i really don't function well with guis; holes in punched cards i understand.)
@DavidCarlisle -- i'm not sure he was specific about that, but if i had to guess, i'd be pretty certain that it can use system font libraries. however, it does pass the trip test, so at least some of the original font approach has to be built in. one thing you (and the latex team) would really like is the greatly expanded debugging facility. (by itself, if i remember correctly, it can do things like timing profiles, which don had to write in specially for his initial attempts, and then removed.)
@barbarabeeton trouble is "team" resources are seriously stretched supporting latex on three engines, if there are going to be 4 viable ones in the near future, some private pre-testing in advance might be nice....
@DavidCarlisle -- i'll make that suggestion too. shall i suggest that he get in touch with you or joseph?
@barbarabeeton something like that:-)
12:47 PM
Any suggestions what to do with that? There are multiple issues in the question that all mess up the compile. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/140781/…
1:02 PM
email from the powers: TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange — A quarter MILLION rep. That's just... wow.
1:25 PM
@barbarabeeton so when does it change frm slideware to realware?
@DavidCarlisle in quite a short timeframe
@egreg hired by whom?
@FrankMittelbach I can almost remember how latex works now (parts of it at least:-)
@FrankMittelbach You don't even have to pay him! ;-)
@egreg doesn't work this way at his age :-)
@FrankMittelbach did it earlier? (I must have missed a trick)
@DavidCarlisle that bad with Matthew already?
1:35 PM
@DavidCarlisle Amateur: what about 658/1809 of a million?
@FrankMittelbach Not really:-) But I don't think I could make him implement a new output routine without a certain amount of lego bribes being involved
@FrankMittelbach You should have taken care of the problem earlier.
@egreg wait till Darmstadt
@FrankMittelbach Will you announce the final xor?
@egreg not telling
1:38 PM
@FrankMittelbach You do realise I'll try and pin everyone from the team down and get them to agree on a plan!
@FrankMittelbach Oh, will you announce LaTeX3 for 2016? ;-)
@JosephWright radical suggestion
@FrankMittelbach Or tell us that we should switch to ConTeXt?
@FrankMittelbach -- i'll ask, and report.
@egreg what's so difficult to understand about "wait until ..."? :-)
1:48 PM
Hi @MatthewCarlisle!
^^ worth a shot. :)
@PauloCereda If you don't get completion at the @ it won't work in chat (unless you acquire Joseph's special powers)
@DavidCarlisle In this case, I think it requires your power as well. :)
@PauloCereda anyway he uses Word not TeX
@DavidCarlisle :)
@FrankMittelbach ooh do tell please please please pretty please with sugar on top.
Ducks are very curious birds!
@David: will you go to Darmstadt?
@PauloCereda possibly
1:53 PM
@DavidCarlisle oh cool! :) I wanted to go and meet you guys. :(
Mainz vs. Wolfsburg today!
Do you like football, @Frank?
@DavidCarlisle: ^^
@PauloCereda can vim do that?
@PauloCereda a bit but not enough to ever made it into the stadium (it is actually in waking distance these days)
@PauloCereda no way
@DavidCarlisle no yes maybe
@FrankMittelbach :)
@FrankMittelbach oh :(
@PauloCereda keep up the supsense
@FrankMittelbach The L3 Mystery box! :)
2:12 PM
@PauloCereda Also Juventus-Genoa, currently.
@egreg ooh let me check! :)
2:24 PM
@PauloCereda sort of
2:41 PM
Is anybody aware of a sansmathaccents extension for lmodern?
3:14 PM
@PauloCereda looks good for Mainz (at the moment) Wolfsburg is 2nd in the league so being in front is nice
@FrankMittelbach :)
3:55 PM
Q: How to visualise hyperplanes of hypercube in LaTex?

hhhThe 3rd dimensional hypercube should have 12 planes. I am puzzled because I think I can find more planes. Planes are always between vertices so the 012 picture does not have a plane. You can try to replicate the below picture. What is the best way to visualise hyperplanes in LaTex? My analysis...

4:09 PM
Does anybody understand the intention of this question? What is going on there?
@Johannes_B He wants to draw Laue symmetry types, basically
@JosephWright But what about the analysis of hypercubes and allowed planes?
@Johannes_B I do understand the question but think it's a classic 'draw this for me'
@JosephWright An automated solution to draw lattice planes by given miller indices would be nice though. Unfortunately, i don't have enough foo to do the job.
@Johannes_B Like I said, 'do it for me'
4:25 PM
@JosephWright The description doesn't match the figure, doesn't match the tag. Though i have to admit, that i don't know what hypercubes are.
4:52 PM
How do I ask a MikTeX user to test the output of kpsewhich?
@AlanMunn Exactly the same as for TL :-)
@JosephWright So "open a terminal window and type..."?
@AlanMunn 'Open the Command Prompt and type ...'
y:\documents\x-ray\test>kpsewhich siunitx.sty
@JosephWright That was the magic phrase I was looking for.
@AlanMunn You might need to give a link to a page where they explain how to pen a terminal.
4:55 PM
@Johannes_B Win-R -> cmd does it for me
@Johannes_B We'll see. I'm still trying to help the poor guy who is trying to get Spanish babel to work.
@JosephWright Texwelt has a page How to compile on the command line that explains in detail how to open a terminal, change dir and do stuff. Just because 80 percent of the users seem not to know how to do that.
@AlanMunn No issues here with MiKTeX
@AlanMunn Just asked for the log: will have the same info
@DavidCarlisle Life is hard, isn't it? You even have to upvote an answer of mine. ;-)
5:10 PM
@egreg but rewards come to the deserving:
Great. Actually, I'll accept your answer to the other question once again. With this additional code, your answers give the most homogeneous code all in all. :)Svend Tveskæg 5 mins ago
@DavidCarlisle Of course Svend should use a better program for statistics.
@JosephWright I suspect he has an old version of babel or spanish.ldf lurking around.
@AlanMunn Quite possibly
5:31 PM
@DavidCarlisle congrats on 250k.
6:03 PM
@JosephWright This question is more or less unanswerable. Do you think that it would be worth adding an answer showing why? What I had in mind was using texdef to show that for a a few different classes, just looking at the way \section is defined wouldn't be sufficient without really digging into the code.
2 hours later…
8:30 PM
pdf presentation done with beamer crashing most of the pdf viewers.... any idea?
It's a specific slide with several matlab plots exported with export_fig with many data points
any workaround?
@s__C convert the plots to PNG with something like 1200 points in width. (Or less, depending on the width of the figure in the slide. In general, you want ~1600 width for a fullscreen picture and less if the width is smaller.)
what is the best to convert to png/jpeg?
@s__C how do you have the figures?
@AlanMunn Know anything to this end? vvv
Q: Brat for NLP in latex

graphtheory92I was wondering if there is any package for text annotation in Latex like Brat. This is the kind of result I would like to obtain in a figure: Is there a way to achieve that by using brat or some other libraries, without drawing it with inkscape and converting it to svg, or with tikz? All so...

pdf from matlab
but lets convert directly from pdf
8:35 PM
@s__C ok. Have you got ImageMagick? If yes, then: convert -density 600 file.pdf -resize 1200 file.png
(there's some direct way how to load the PDF file in the correct width, if the one I gave is too slow for you, you may want to consult the reference manual: imagemagick.org/script/command-line-options.php )
Let's try
the presentation is tomorrow...
I'm using iihm.imag.fr/blanch/software/osx-presentation and it literally freezes on that one slide
@s__C seeing osx in the link target shows I don't need to open it :-)
Aye it works now
maybe I should upload the pdf images in question...
the pdf weights 94ko
the png 490ko
and it works with the png...
thx yo'
@s__C well, the PDF is a vector, so opening it involves a lot of computation. The PNG is on the other hand only de-compressed in memory and displayed.
@yo' Yo!
Do you know anything about Metapost?
8:47 PM
@wipet github.com/tohecz/ctuthesis/archive/master.zip should work for an up-to-date version.
that's the point @yo' more or less only acrobat pro wasn't crashing
@Anthony not really :-)
@s__C yeah. I need to say I like Acrobat (Reader).
@yo' if only it was supporting dual head plus some presentation friendly view...
@s__C ah those people with fancy needs. You don't remember what's on your slides? What a shame :-D
8:49 PM
Well I do know, but just in case
I never use notes
@AlanMunn I'd say the question could either be closed as too broad or answered as 'impossible', as my comment says.
9:24 PM
@yo' you've finished your class?
@DavidCarlisle not really, but it seems usable already, the core functions (and most peripheral features) have been implemented. There're still things TBD though.
9:56 PM
@SeanAllred Right, I think that if the question is interpreted to be 'is there a (general) way', then the answer is that it's impossible, but it would be useful to have a demonstration of why. The question itself isn't at all unreasonable conceptually.
10:14 PM
@AlanMunn I answered "no" in a longer form;-)
@DavidCarlisle :-)
10:29 PM
PLEASE, does anybody has a GOOD website for converting color models? All the ones I've found are crappy.
10:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle Saved me the work. That's exactly the kind of answer I was going to give.
11:05 PM
@yo' Package xcolor? ;-)
@egreg do you have the converter there handy? Because for instance hypersetup accepts only RGB[0,1], so I can't use \definecolor here at all :-)
@yo' it does? I thought your original question meant convert images from rgb to cmyk or whatever but you just mean convert the numeric values?
@DavidCarlisle ah I now see I was very unclear. I mean converting the numbers
@yo' hyperref should allow any syntax allowed by (x)color doesn't it?
@DavidCarlisle \hypersetup{linkbordercolor=0 0.5 1} is the syntax I found... :-/
11:14 PM
@yo' doesn't \hypersetup{linkbordercolor=myblue} work with that colour being defined with \definecolor with whatever model you want?
@DavidCarlisle lemme see
it does :-)
@yo' what do you know, hyperref has a manual that says: Note that all color names must be defined before use, following the normal system of the standard LaTeX color package. ;-)
@DavidCarlisle I don't read manuals (that's why I write one just now)
@yo' nor me, I was just showing off my ability to search a pdf file:-)
@David it actually solves my other problem with spaces in \hypersetup argument in \ExplSyntaxOn context :-)

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