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12:06 AM
@Sathya: got a thinklight. too lazy to use it ;p
A: All my browsers suddenly don't support Javascript files anymore?

Tom WijsmanWhen troubleshooting an issue like this you need to check everything from end-to-end: Make a back-up if you haven't done already, you might lose personal data otherwise... Get troubleshooting tools that show you what happen under the hood: Fiddler2, a web debugging proxy, allowing you to see ...

I feel like I forgot to mention something. >_<
12:41 AM
Q: Can the Super User Blog be rebooted?

Tom WijsmanAll it says now is that it's having an Error establishing a database connection. What happened to the Super User Blog? Can someone go and reboot the machine? Or, just fix it?

in Super User Blog Editor Room, 6 hours ago, by random
Looks like the H1 of the post was left in the body content for the latest about the bash prompt
Perhaps it got borken when I tried to fix that. >.<
1:04 AM
* had a magic smoke incident*
silly rabbit. PATA drives are NOT hotpluggable.
1:30 AM
2:27 AM
Anyone know anything about Windows drivers?
An acquaintance of mine has a san digital TR4M-BP external RAID array with drivers that keep rolling back to incompatible ones on startup.
How would I stop Windows 7 from doing that?
Generally, I'd uninstall the old, reboot, possibly twice, and then reinstall with the old drivers. You may need to delete the old driver files too.
64 bit?
Hang on, lemme ask
@JourneymanGeek Yes
wonders if the new drivers aren't signed, and so its using default ones
Its a guess, i don't run win7 64 yet
@JourneymanGeek How would you override that?
2:39 AM
Thanks. He's rebooting now, so when he gets back on I'll direct him.
I need a USB wireless card in my toolkit
That sounds like a good idea.
yeah, i need to move a system over to another room for activation
and pray nothing else goes wrong
lets see, the front card reader apparently caused dban to kernel panic... a hard drive i KNEW was connected.. wasn't... and... blew up cause of stupidity...
3:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ouch.
4:24 AM
How can I pull an window that exceeds my resolution to center in my screen?
4:36 AM
@studiohack I'm waiting till I get my new cell number
2 hours later…
6:25 AM
horrible english aside... superuser.com/questions/338485/… this seems somewhat.. dodgy
6:47 AM
7:03 AM
apparently the issue with one of the 'dead' monitors in the office boneyard is a faulty power supply (and naturally its internal...)
if i could just work out how to open it up without doing... too much damage...
wonders where that would go...
mornin' all
7:18 AM
Since when was 2gb of ram rediculous?
obviously some context needed :)
for a modern OS it's fine, and games etc
if a web browser wanted 2GB of RAM I'd say that's hefty
Q: Windows 8 memory requirements

Alexei AverchenkoAccording to Wikipedia, 64 bit version of Windows 8 will require 2 GB of RAM. What should I make out of this number? Why is it so ridiculously high, what will the OS's memory footprint most likely be in practice?

whole system requirements
why would they expect it to need less than 2GB?
it's not like it's a step up from W7 anyway
7:39 AM
apparently cause linux needs less
but nearly every modern system comes with more than that, so its a bit of a moot point
more like "why won't my toaster run windows 8?"
"why can't my dog run Windows 8?"
Hello guys, long time no speak
@Boris_yo 'allo
7:51 AM
Guys several days ago i performed Windows 7 password reset to somebody my friend knows. After 50 minutes (first time with resetting) he asked how much and appeared he did not have money to pay for my time. Ran home then back and told me he can't get money now. The my friend spoke to him and he said he will bring money tomorrow (day after reset) and after several days still no work from him.

I took all risk on me and left woth nothing. Can you give any tips on how to reduce risk and not to lose money?
@Borisyo: go cash in front.
Personally i don't actually charge people(other than costs) - they pay me what they feel what i do is worth, but if someone didn't pay me, i'm less likely to help again
@JourneymanGeek Well this guy played on trust. My friend did not tell me he is only aquainted with that person. I feel like a hich now. I did not only do resetting. Here is what i did:

1. Resetting
2. Antivirus download and install
3. Gave microfiber cloth to clean his laptop (funny)
@tombull89 Tom what do you think?
And let me tell you guys. I have OVERDELIVERED because i did not only wanted to charge 20% of what computer repair shops charge but also did extra.
Personally, I wouldn't do anyw work for someone I don't know, or a friend know them really well.
8:09 AM
@tombull89 Why not if you can charge them upfront?
You see, i never know how much time it takes me to do things i am not familiar with.
@Boris_yo I only tend to do laptop/desktop harware repairs, or stuff I've done before. I woudln't expect them to pay for me to sit in front of them and fumble my way throught it.
In other words if you spent 1 hour and did not succeed, you won't charge for your time?
8:22 AM
8:36 AM
I've never charged for any tech support to anyone. Ever. If I did...
@Sathya Then you don't value your time.
@Boris_yo I don't see how that's true.
if I did value my time, I wouldn't do tech support at all.
What would you do?
@Boris_yo No, I don't. I work on "No Fix, No fee".
@tombull89 If you took computer, worked on it 3 days, you wouldn't charge if you failed in the end?
8:47 AM
@Sathya Most of the time I've been happy to do the work free (except for where a part was needed) but the person I've done it for has always wanted to give me something for my time.
@Boris_yo Nope. Because I would have failed and it's not fair for them to pay for my failure.
Saying that, I've never been unable to repair something, yet.
@tombull89 Do you charge for a visit?
$40 is what technicians charge in Israel just for a visit.
I don't charge, no.
$50 for installs.
We've got places like PC world and WeFixit and they come out to you, but it's stupidly expensive.
They'll charge £40 to install a program.
Just to interject slightly, are you each talking about tech support as in "helping out someone you know" or "because it's my job / a freelancer"?
8:50 AM
As in, insert disk, type in serial, next, next, next, finish.
@DMA57361 "Someone I know".
No way in hell would I do that for a job :P
I was just wondering if you were all talking about the same thing :)
$50 by the way handyman charges for door handle replacement including part.
I am talking about someone my friend is aquainted with. Not somebody i personally know (friend).
@DMA57361 I was talking as the former.
I would only do work for someone I personally know or a friend knows very well (i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, etc).
@tombull89 ...and would not charge upfront or for failure. But not people who you don't personally know or your friends personally know?
9:00 AM
@Borisyo: refunding is always an option
I tend to work on the "pay what you think its worth" way of doing things, and mostly get paid more than what i expected. I tend to insist anything complicated is done at my own pace, (especially recoveries) and i tend to underpromise. Least one person prolly won't get anything fixed by me cause she didn't pay me anything tho ;p
also, i ALWAYS try to cover my costs
@DMA57361: If i was doing it as a job, i better get paid ;)
oh god, epic spam
@Boris_yo No, I wouldn't. It becomes too much of a hassle.
@JourneymanGeek ?
@JourneymanGeek Get more than expected? You mean you initially set a price and then you raise it up if you find it appropriate?
@Borisyo: minimum price is parts cost + transport. about 20 bucks above that is what i expect to get. its closer to 60 in practice
for someone i don't know personally it would be parts cost + transport + hourly cost or a previously quoted price.
@JourneymanGeek May i see this post?
@JourneymanGeek No i meant deleted post.
lol "I am not a laptop"
I also like you've got a /wtf folder.
@JourneymanGeek Okay i want to navigate to that deleted post.
...it's deleted. So you can't see it.
It was on this question: superuser.com/questions/338489/…
9:21 AM
Yeah funny. Total ungeeky gibberish.
ooo, they've finally made it so you can track unaccepted answers
looks like markov chains to me
Guys in your opinion is it worth upgrading from 4GB to 8GB for $80?
.. on laptop with Windows 7 64-bit.
cute. almost coherent. almost makes me wonder of you ran SU datadumps to train a bot, if it would be able to trouble shoot systems
9:23 AM
I was thinking about 6GB but then 2GB+4GB won't give double channel.
@Borisyo: cost depends. do you need more ram?
of course, it never hurts
@JourneymanGeek Yes my hard drive gets burdened often and computer less responsive.
It is just that what will i do with 2x2GB sticks?
I would, but make sure your OS is 64 bit (which is it) and make sure your motherboard supports 8GB.
@tombull89 Checkmarked
sell it? upgrade an older system?
would recommend against using ram to make earrings however
9:28 AM
RAM to earrings? No sense.
@JourneymanGeek RAM...Earrings?!
no. definately do not do that.
hey @tombull89 you know a thing or two about windows domains right?
or @JourneymanGeek, if you know
sadly, no. never get to play with windows servers
@Sathya Yes, I work with one :P
9:35 AM
@tombull89 so, I got a transfer from one city to another city in my office. We're on the same domain. yet, my account on the earlier office had admin privs, but this account doesn't. Is this expected? I thought domains were handled from a big-ass central server...
Also, i'm on 2 different systems, and on Windows XP if that makes any difference. The prior office had everything created by my domain account, this machine is a hand-down to me
any android developer here ? ?
no, @HackToHell wrong site.
no one else if active right now that's why
@Sathya Domains are typically handled from one central server, yeah, but I've not had any experience with cross-site domains. It's possible that it's a machine restrction as well but I really don't know enough.
Is there an app for Android to detect ghost presence in house?
9:42 AM
@Sathya You might be an admin for site 1 but not site 2, I'm really not sure.
@tombull89 fair enough. Thanks!
Here is my problem ... my andy emulator is too big for my screen , how do I drag it around for I can't see the taskbar
reduce the device resolution. or get a bigger screen
@Sathya Group Policy (profile) settings can go so insanely detailed it's a bit confusing to work out who has what.
@tombull89 hmm. I'd imagine there's no way for you to tell without knowing what's practised here
9:47 AM
@Sathya Not very easily, no.
Were you on as a "domain admin" or "power user" or plain local computer admin?
...if you know, that is.
@tombull89 sorry, I didn't bother checking then
(also, How can I check that?)
@Sathya Best thing is to ask your IT guys, explain you had admin access at your old place and you need/would like it at the new site.
@tombull89 yeah, I think I'll do that.
@Sathya uhh...good point :P
@tombull89 :p
9:58 AM
let me know anyway, I'd be interested in seeing how they do it.
You could see what you are but you'd to to be a admin to find out :P
@tombull89 inception :P
@tombull89 sure I will :)\
10:17 AM
10:34 AM
morning folks
@Sathya Just so I get the idea right, was protecting these three questions justified?
morning @slhck. yeah, that's fine. Community also auto-protects if 3 answers by 3 users w/ rep <10 gets deleted
Oh I see, good to know. Cheers!
Searching for the fishy URLs revealed two possible spam posts:
and this one as well
10:59 AM
@slhck thanks, wiped
Eh, old question, amusingly someone fixed the tags, and not the grammar
@JourneymanGeek it happens all the time
yawn I'm bored
I'm confused
oh dear :/
not exactly fresh news, but that's mildly awesome
11:10 AM
@Sathya by what?
@slhck work..
I have a stored proc which is working fine. I'm calling it from my front end, but there are no traces of it's execution. No errors, nothing
@Sathya that's... rather strange :/
Thanks, ProDesktop, that's...really useful.
btw, you all aware of the free games they're giving out to users on Gaming.SE...?
11:16 AM
@tombull89 >.< well someone clearly needs a slap for being a smartarse
@DMA57361 yeah, but I.. doubt i'm eligible
@Sathya quite, but, they're doing it for 11 games, with a limit of 2 games to a user
if we assume the "top" users (it's sorted by rep) will pile-on the big titles, lower rep guys might be able to sneak in on the less popular titles
ah i didn't know there was a year-cap
@Sathya they keep messing with the format
11:18 AM
Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the RPG collection. WHICH ONE TO PICK!?!?!
@Sathya from the gaming thing? or generally?
@DMA57361 both :D
D3 is a no-brainer. As is Tochlight 2
tbh I'm not so bothered about D3...
never really got in to the series
oh wait.. I can't select a game from that list? it's pre-determined?
11:20 AM
@Sathya for this one it's "Rage", the others will presumably crop up nearer their release dates
@DMA57361 well when D3 comes it'll be 2012 >_>
@DMA57361 sorta an addict.. played & completed it again just a week ago, MP with my friend :(
@Sathya probably, yes, but I think people were being a little... optimistic when making suggestions
got bored and tried out this Trello
It's quite interesting... I think... I just need to find something to really use it for
is this even on-topic? superuser.com/questions/338585/… – or should that be on another site?
MediaWiki is a web app, isn't it?
it's the PHP thing that drives Wikipedia
and I guess a bot is just a PHP extension for it
So maybe Webmasters?
11:31 AM
> If your question generally covers the operation of websites which you control, then you’re in the right place to ask your question!
Web App's have taken it, I'd asked in the mod room
Oh okay
@DMA57361 what's trello anyway? I mean, what does the product do?
@Sathya allows you to organise things, apparently
this is the board they are using for Trello itself, it's probably a good example
11:38 AM
@DMA57361 looks nice
you can make lists, fill em with cards (which can have various info attached), assign things to people and presumably then go and get some work done
@Sathya yeah. Just need to find something to use it for...
11:51 AM
@DMA57361 yeah
12:16 PM
Huh. How can a user with 1 reputation comment there: superuser.com/q/338607/48078
@slhck ... a very good question :/
@slhck huh...*weird*
can't find anything obvious in the various mod things
is it 15 rep to comment?
12:24 PM
@tombull89 50, but free on your own posts
maybe he has rep on the other site?
wait. not migrated
no network profile
@JourneymanGeek that was my first thought too
weird though
I'm gonna ask on meta.SO
seems interesting if you mods can't find anything @DMA57361
Q: How could this user98776 leave a comment with only 1 rep?

slhckOn this question on Super User … How to Copy Mac files to external NTFS hard drive? … there is a comment: Yes, it is possible. Check out this question: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/447/… – user98776 The interesting thing is that: The user has 1 reputation The user is registered...

12:46 PM
@slhck waitwaitwait...was it posted as an answer than auto-migrated to a comment?
@tombull89 nope
@slhck not this?
A: Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

Kevin MontroseTrivial answers containing a link to another question in the network are automatically converted to comments on the question. Poking some folks about perhaps a wee bit more indication that that happens, looked like a bug to me at first too. About what it'd look like, mildly faked image thoug...

Well I haven't seen that one yet.
feel free to answer with that @tombull89
yup, seems like it. I'll give you the green check :P
@slhck done.
@tombull89 Can't accept for another couple of minutes, but thanks!
12:52 PM
:2000296 looks like we've recently had the 2,000,000th chat message posted.
I no longer have 1212 rep on M.SO :(
haha...I'm working to 1,337 anyway.
12:54 PM
it's easy to fine-tune on meta
...nice hats.
because you can randomly downvote people
not long and I'll have 10x more rep on M.SO than SO itself.
...saying that, it might not be the answer.
2 hours later…
3:01 PM
Is there anyone who knows Mysql (especially the workbench program) on at the moment? need a bit of quick help
What do you need help with?
@BioXhazard I created a new user, and, I have created a new schema, but, I can't work out how to assign permissions of that schema to the user... I am on as root and have clicked the user and the "schema permissions" section, but, nothing is showing up... I remember having the exact same issue about a year ago and it was something so simple... but... i just can't remember what I did and I can't work it out :(
Hmm, have you tried creating the permissions using the schema?
...How! Sorry to sound silly, but, the last time I used MySql was a year or so ago, I really can't remember much and can not work this out at all
GRANT permission [ ,...n ] ON SCHEMA :: schema_name
TO database_principal [ ,...n ]
[ AS granting_principal ]
Something like that.
3:09 PM
I just remember it was something so silly, I clicked somewhere different and it allowed me to assign permissions via the gui... I felt like slapping myself... but... I just can't remember it
ahh ok... well, I will do a script if I have to, but, I am certain there was a gui way of doing it
Yeah it's a pain that the GUI won't allow you...sorry about that.
But I'd just script it myself.
What's the point of this screen then? I am sure I did it here last time
I don't think you have a schema selected
Once you have a schema selected that can add permissions, then you can start adding them.
How do I select a schema!?
there used to be mysql admin or something before workbench - it was SOOO much easier!
What happens when you select that schema you blanked out?
Like try double clicking it
3:23 PM
right, @tombull89 should be getting a good answer badge on meta right about now
@BioXhazard that isn't a schema... that is a username, I tried clicking it
I can't see any schemas to click on
@WilliamHilsum try Toad
or, if you want I can use teamviewer to take a peek @WilliamHilsum (no guarantees though, not a MySQL person) @Wil
@WilliamHilsum I don't think you compiled it then
3:27 PM
@Sathya It is so annoying - I think the issue was with you and that tweetnest program or something - I remember it was so easy and I just can't remember the solution
@Sathya neat. Flukey as hell though, I barely remembered about the "auto convert to comment if answer contains a SE link" MSO thing.
@BioXhazard Where does compile come in to it? :/
I mean
Still, one more upboat on MSO to 1,337 rep.
Was the schema actually created?
3:28 PM
@Sathya Ehh, you can teamviewer in to me, then RDP to my server and then netsupport in to the other machine! (already open!)
@tombull89 half of my highest rated posts on Meta are flukes :P
@WilliamHilsum add me on skype - sathyasays
@BioXhazard I haven't reopened since I created the schema, I will try quickly
3:40 PM
closing and reopening didn't help :(
4:07 PM
I'm lost then
Q: How do I give a single user permissions over a schema in MySql?

William HilsumI have a MySql server installed on a server along with MySql Workbench. About a year ago, I managed to do this and I felt like slapping myself as it was something so simple, but, I just can't remember what it was. So far, I have created a new schema and created a new user. When I click on the ...

I always add Thanks at the end of a question anywhere on this network... then delete it! It is annoying that people don't like it!
6 hours later…
9:45 PM
1. What happened to the "Don't Migrate Crap" rule? and 2. I couldn't resist, sorry...
Q: Lock a USB Device to a Computer

At my workplace we have USB microphones attached to PCs in high traffic areas. We are looking for a lock to put on the USB port that will hold the mic in place. This doesn't even need to be locked, just tamper proof so that it would be a hassle to detach. Has anyone seen a product that would wor...

10:07 PM
@Mokubai +1 from me - it answers the question well!
"well" may be too strong of a word :/

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