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5:00 AM
Well, I make a point to vote (usually up) on questions I answer, and every answer to my questions get a vote.
So, if you get 10 answers, to 5 questions, and you answer 20 questions, then I would expect you to have voted 30 times, and accepted 5 answers.
That makes 35 expected times you should have given feedback.
And what would be my feedback ratio, then?
If your actual sum of votes, and accepts, is 35, then your feedback ratio is 1.0.
Oh. I'm at 7.5.
How does that work?
That means you have voted on 7.5 times as many posts than you are expected to.
5:01 AM
Does that mean I've voted 7.5 times more than my activity would "require"?
I see.
Well, I'm vote-capping every day, lately.
Yeah, so you are giving feedback on many more things than the base expectations.
(which is good, very good).
I still think I make too many mistakes to be a moderator.
And I'm on the third page.
Anyone with a feedback ratio of > 1.0 is voting more than whay I personally consider to be a minimum
I won't run until I get at least 20k, and probably not then.
Meh, things will change before elections arrive....
5:03 AM
and, if you are interested, you could get there in..... 6 months.
I'm trying!
Thanks. I voted off-topic, but he said it worked.
So I retracted my vote.
I understand, they were wrong, and you were right, but the system is unforgiving.
5:13 AM
What is that for?
That is the reputation graph of the top-18 users on Code Review, over time.
Oh, I see.
Note that, between november and april (6 months), I went from 0 to 20,000
I see.
I have to do school, but I guess you had to do work.
Note also, that janos, in green, has flown up the charts, from 5K to 35K in about 8 months.
5:31 AM
shamelessly shilling the answer I just gave to a question because I think it's sort of nice :p
I agree, it's nice ^^^^
Now, why just the one? ;-)
Me too.
Working to catch up to you in voting percentage, @Mat'sMug
@AlexisKing In your section on the warnings.... when I compiled the code, I got a few more.....:
panabox:~/xxx/crev> gcc -o carr -Wall --ansi carr.c
carr.c: In function ‘initArr’:
carr.c:8:5: warning: format ‘%d’ expects argument of type ‘int’, but argument 2 has type ‘long unsigned int’ [-Wformat]
carr.c: In function ‘printArr’:
carr.c:24:5: warning: return from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
@rofl The others dropped out once I made the other changes, I think.
OK, just saying.
5:34 AM
Anyway, I've mostly been spending my time on SO, but I hit rep cap and ran out of votes and close votes yesterday, so I'm thinking about spending a little more time over here. :)
We're big on being welcoming and friendly, so feel welcome to join in, and bring your friends.... ;-)
But you knew that already... member for years ;-)
Mhmm, never really did anything, though
abused the early days when I could ask silly questions that were wholly off-topic and get answers >:D
then more or less left
I asked a question on Racket a few weeks ago, and after I got no answers, I put a 50 rep bounty on it
It expired and I didn't get anything. :<
I guess niche tags are a little too small on CR
Monking @all
Thanks for the edit @rolfl
Hi, @Heslacher
hey @Hosch250
5:45 AM
So, I wrote a comment to you on your answer.
In essence, I have to open the menu to get the correct menu items loaded for the second selection if I try to go back to a menu item in a menu that is not open.
I am using the switch for that, but I don't like it.
@Hosch250, About your question. Why don't you fill the ItemList at the start of the application so you will have all MenuItems in the list ?
Well, they are drop-down menus, and I can't use a TreeView because I don't have access to TreeViews in Windows Store apps.
The ItemList is what is currently being displayed.
Like this screenshot:
Ah, now I understand. But what is doing this

CurrentItem = ItemList[ItemList.IndexOf(Back[0])];
That is what selects the menu item after the menu is opened.
Q: Dividing a set of numbers in to two sets such that sum of elements in each set must be equal

Alok Mishrai have made a java program for following problem statement - "Dividing a set of numbers in to two sets such that sum of elements in each set must be equal " input: array of integers output: "Yes"-if set can be divided in to two equal sum, "No" -if can not be divided in to two eq...

5:49 AM
The switch is not always run, but that is.
@Heslacher That question, and your answer to it, are being considered as a replcement in the 'tour': codereview.stackexchange.com/tour
:19762085 So, what is this doing

ItemList[ItemList.IndexOf(MenuItem.CreateMenuItem(resourceFile.GetString("MainMenu"), typeof(WindowsData.MainMenu), Menus.WSMainMenu))];
Nothing certain yet, but the tour question needs to fit within some strict requirements, and that question is one of very few questions, that meet those requirements.
In the switch? That is opening the Main Menu.
@rolfl I feel excited ...
5:50 AM
Because I new everything, I have to use IndexOf to find the right item in the ItemList.
I overrode .Equals.
It's something the SE folk asked us moderators to help with, we're shortlisting things. That's all.
So, pretend I am in the Text Menu, and I try to go back to the Main Menu.
(so, if you can think of small improvements your answer needs, now may be a good time, but the answers have to be less than 800 chars... ;-)
The switch will open the Main Menu, then below the switch, the correct item will be selected.
If I am already in the Main Menu when I try to select a value, the switch is never run to reopen it.
@Hosch250 As I read it, it is accessing the MenuItem which is in the ItemList.
5:53 AM
question with broken code
Well, it actually selects it.
In front of that, it has CurrentItem = .
Ahh ObservableCollection, changing an item will trigger some action we can't see.
CurrentItem is bound to the selected value in the ListBox, which will update and programatically call NewSelection.
Then, NewSelection finishes, and my menu is opened.
Sorry I didn't include that before.
But yes, it starts calling things all over that I didn't realize were that related.
When I wrote the question, that is.
So this switch has sideeffects one wouldn't expect. Maybe you should post a follow up where the relevant code is also in the question.
Yes, should I delete that question as it is unanswerable, maybe?
6:00 AM
@Hosch250 @rolfl what is the best option here ??
I have to get ready for bed PRESTO, but I'll be back in the morning.
Please ping me with what you think I should do.
@Hosch250 it is morning ;-) at least in my timezone
My feeling is that an accept on the answer is the right thing, then a rework of the code and a follow-on question if needed.
Changing the code on the quesiton is not an option.
Adding context code to the question would be possible as a last resort.
Malachi also has an answer which will be impacted.
My preference would still be to incorportate the changes/suggestions that have value, then ask a follow on.
Everyone gets another opportunity for more rep that way too.
@Hosch250 ^^^^ this
Thanks @rolfl
6:05 AM
Q: Javascript OOP structuring data class

TimI am trying to create a class for serial port using Node.js, But I want to know is there a better way to write my data class code? In my sample code below, in the "getPortName" prototype in the forEach loop, I declare a port object to store the serial port information before push into an array,...

Q: Searching for Values

Hosch250This question pulls content and ideas from a good many of my other questions and their answers, and pulls a lot of things together. I am quite satisfied with my approach here, but seeing as I'm refactoring my app, I might as well ask about my practices and get suggestions for improvements. This...

@CaptainObvious ORLY?
For 20+ years I have worked with commit&dash... now we have submit&dash
@rofl I did another thing :D codereview.stackexchange.com/a/78847/12229
I'm not a one-trick pony! xP
I see that, have you encountered the zombies of Code Review? : codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
Votes or answers will remove items from that list.... ;-)
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Simon André ForsbergMeme: Zombies Originator: retailcoder (lol.upvote or Mat'sMug) Cultural Height: During The Mission Background: In a (successful) attempt to motivate the community in reducing the number of unanswered questions, a Call of Duty was made in which every unanswered question is to be regarded as a Z...

6:16 AM
I have a zombie :x
Q: WebSocket-based API library in Racket

Alexis KingI've developed a library in (typed) Racket that wraps a WebSocket-based API. The API itself is very simple—it operates via a series of three-letter commands optionally followed by a JSON-encoded payload. The simple library itself provides a series of small abstractions over interfacing with the ...

I saw that when I scanned your profile...
yeah, you are part of the problem, and the solution... ;-)
Right, there's some hay that needs hitting.
'Night then
@Jamal ... oops.... time for a new wave of zzombie killers.... @Mat's ready to start a meta post?
Night @AlexisKing
The night was to me, @Heslacher ;-)
I'm just slow to go...
6:21 AM
So then night @rolfl
@rolfl For C# we have 60 unanswered question.
Javascript folk are the problem at the moment: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/172449/…
Now, quit pinging me ;-)
Ouch, look at Java, I take a month off, and it goes uphill!
I'll try and take a look at the JS questions, I guess
HJave a look at the 100-week chart: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/172449/…
That big dip coincides with @konijn's activity peaks:
He answered many, many zombies.
6:27 AM
@rolfl And I've noticed it increasing almost every day. So many new questions and not enough answerers.
Q: Making a Diamond Class in C++

DavidI'm making a Diamond class and am in the process of doing the nested for loops to actually create the diamond. Im getting the following errors: 1 'int':forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning) 2 '=' left operand must be l-value 3 expression must be a modifiable lvalue The...

@CaptainObvious ...but at least a good amount of it is crap that gets closed shut.
I apparently have 202 unanswered questions in my tags.
I think one of the problems I've run into a few times is the issue of code that's pretty solid. How does one review it? "It's good. Keep it up."
There's a meta post for that, and the answer is pretty much: It's good, keep it up.
@rolfl Aren't you supposed to be asleep? >:3
6:35 AM
Q: What to do with good code?

konijnThere are 'Unanswered Questions' that contain good code and do not get closed, because saying 'looks good' is really a comment, not an answer. Example: how-can-this-simple-handler-in-nodejs-be-improved * There should be a mechanism to mark the question as answered.

(and thanks for that)
Brushing teeth ....
@rolfl: I've just remembered something. My OS professor ran an infinite monkeys program for us today, both in serial and in parallel. :D He was demonstrating CPU usage.
See, Pee, You .... yeah, infinite monkeys.
okay, imma try to start by answering this
Q: Simple Linked Hash Map in JS (node/browser)

ssturI needed a simple data structure to cache the most recent few directory contents for this project I was working on. I thought a Linked Hash Map would be the right approach since we will cache only one item per path (the key) and keep only X recent items. We will store the timestamp and directory ...

6:42 AM
monking @janos
monking @Heslacher
7:03 AM
thanks for the edit @janos
you're welcome
TTGH... have fun guys
I'll be learning Python today ...
7:22 AM
bye @Mehrad
7:44 AM
Q: Better Tree Structure Python

ajkumar25I am learning Tree Data Structures and came up with this code for implementing basic Tree Node using class and performing various Tree based operations like Traversals and others. The code works perfectly but the structure is bothering me a lot like this line of code here print(tree.size(tree)) ...

Python's good @Mehrad, enjoy!
How to favorite a room on Chatsey
I can't upload photos either
Where is my PC
8:30 AM
Q: Identify the problems with this PHP code

Kamran AhmedI was recently given the following code by an employer and asked me to point out what's wrong with it. Below is the code and the answer that I gave. Could you please point out what I missed? function output() { // Check authorization if(is_authorized()) { $authorized = true; ...

8:59 AM
Q: Actionscript Graph data structure implementation

Mr. PolywhirlSo, I am not sure if I should have Vertex extend Point, because the equals() and compareTo() functions are already parameterized with Point. I guess I don't really need compare to... Does this structure look good? I used a Map instead of a TreeMap because as3commons and the default flex packages...

@rolfl I have trouble downvoting disputed answers on my own questions. If someone tells me they'd ...
A: Simon-says in AS3 - Prototyping functionality

glampertDisclaimer: I'm not an Actionscript programmer, however, I think there are a few universal things/improvements that apply to your program: Aligning large blocks of variable initialization might benefit readability. Making similar things look similar is a good idea. The first block on class Main...

Like to see all my variables aligned, I want to hit them with a downvote hammer
Especially as something suggested to do when you're still working on the code (because that way you reap all the negatives)
However, the other points are pretty good.
Thus I cannot upvote nor downvote
Q: Makefile for C++ OpenGL with GLFW and glad

InvisiblePandaThis is a makefile I wrote to compile a simple OpenGL test project which is going to use the libraries GLFW and the C library glad.c. CC = gcc CXX = g++ COMPILE_FLAGS = -Wall -ggdb -O3 LINK_FLAGS = -lglfw3 -lopengl32 -lglu32 -lgdi32 glfw = d:/external/glfw-3.1 glfw_inc = $(glfw)/include glfw_l...

9:51 AM
Is it allowed to use a class from my own question that I put up yesterday and put it into a new question, or should I wait a few days?
yay reply-all company mail chains
in other news, writing "q\n" to ffmpeg doesn't work if you don't flush the input =D
aaand it's somehow priting everything on stderr
10:13 AM
@Jamal is this really better of as a comment? It seems to be an answer that the OP is going with, I think it should be undeleted: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/67449/…
I'm slightly confused...
Q: Parsing log files of HearthStone: The log reading API

skiwiI'm still working on a parser that can parse log entries from a game called HearthStone, the overall idea is that it will read the log file live when the game is running, parses the log file and show interesting and useful data in real time. For the question the focus is on the API I have create...

How is that question active Today?
click on the time when it was active
then you get taken to the activity
16:23	revised
Q fixed typo in package name
show revision
So it's today because it's in < 24 hours?
10:17 AM
Ok, I thought it would work per SE-day
A little thinking will show you why that would cause issues
This is also kinda confusing imo
not really?
there we go
last activity today, in your timezone too
10:34 AM
Q: node.js concise http server

Ken OKABEHere's my code fo node.js concise http server. It does work as intended, but I'd like to ask if there's any glitch or to be improved. Thanks. var httpServer = function(dir) { var component = require('http') .createServer(function(req, res) { var fs = requi...

10:56 AM
Q: rails refactofing

stasPls help me to refactor. I have 2 models conversion & statistic. Methods sales_today revenue_today profit_todayin conversion model only gets specific info from db self << class def create_and_update_today(agregateName, value, network) today = find_or_create_by(agregateName: agregateName, ne...

11:24 AM
@Pimgd In reality I basically agree...
The feedback ratio is not an absolute, and it's just an objective measure
There are answers of yours to questions of mine that I have not upvoted.
intentionally ;-) ;-(
(and I am acutely aware of that, by the way....).
Q: How can I do lattice-based indexing?

Nameless OneI have a number of objects that I want to index with sets of strings, and the indexes in use will always form a powerset lattice (see definition of lattice on Wikipedia). I can't think of an efficient way to do this (see below), and would appreciate some suggestions. My current implementation us...

so apparently FFMPEG spams to stderr
it can be told not to.
11:34 AM
=) I mean that I can't abuse this to just ignore stdout and only parse stderr messages
You can do a couple of things - you can disable the coloring (which should nto happen in a pipeline anyway.
also, you should not be using ffmpeg... instead, you should be using avconv
Oh, I am reading up on it some more.
my advice is for ubuntu.... where I believe ffmpeg is avconv
Actually, my advice is to read up on which one you have, and what the differences will mean to you.
did that months ago, was interested to see how informed your opinion was
Regardless, changing the -v warning or -v error is a good place to start with the spamming to stderr,
I use ffmpeg/avconv ocasionally to recode torrents, or .MOV files from an old camera.
(and I have to reference the man page each time I do it...).
11:47 AM
welp I have it doing most of the things already
all that's left is doing funky things with the output
why does ubuntu not have file creation dates
that wouldda been so much easier
Q: Php code not efficient

KevinThis code works but I am assuming it is very inefficient. Basically it does: Add to the variable $a if the scoreavg is over 3 Add to to the variable $c if the scoreavg over 4 Add to the variable $b each time at this is the denominator. This is a sub-query to get the data I want but not sur...

We have a meeting today... We never have meetings.
12:05 PM
Q: Is there a better way to get the column values from datatable

Simsons theData = GetData(); if (theData.Rows.Count > 0) { MyModel = new CustomModel(); dataSetRow = theData.Rows[0]; if (theData.Columns.Contains("Column1")) { if ((!object.ReferenceEq...

12:18 PM
30 mins ago, by Pimgd
why does ubuntu not have file creation dates
It does.
Q: How to get elements of list in a defined order in python?

Shiuli PervinI habe a list like this: list=["Resttorf","T12/14 Frastorf","T16 Frastorf","FBP16 Baggertorf","E Sodentorf","E Frastorf","S8/10 Frastorf"] I have to organise this list accorfing to this: listn=["S8/10 Frastorf","T12/14 Frastorf","T16 Frastorf", "FBP16 Baggertorf", "E Sodentorf","E Frastorf...

Arg, it does not?
It does not, and TIL that.
review light is on
was on =)
12:38 PM
Q: Core Data model for test-taking iOS app

Theodore HadenI'm building an iOS app for test-taking and I want to be sure of my model before proceeding. I found this post very helpful and tried to implement a simplified version for Core Data. Here are some of my assumptions: Each User can take multiple tests Each User has one set of answers per Tes...

I'm confused whether that's a database model or a class diagram he's got there
@SimonAndréForsberg anything wrong with editing the typo?
@Pimgd gray-topic
and the comment?
@Pimgd Editing code is something I don't think should be done unless you're really sure what you're doing and have full editing rights. It would have been much better off as a comment (or a separate answer as the editor didn't have the rep, in which case it would have been converted to a comment).
hmmhm, I've made the typo fixes myself
12:48 PM
good, then I assume the editor did in fact know what he was doing
Core data is somewhere in between DB and object...
well I dunno about the code change
@Pimgd skipping the suggested edit might have been a better option, which I might have done if the user had a bit more reputation.
Technically, it's backed by SQLite, but that's inconsequential. And core data will let you autobuild classes out of the data objects you create.
TBH I think it's a Programmers question.
"Here's the code I want to create from my database design, but I think there's something wrong with it. Do I even need to make classes for join tables?"
12:54 PM
It's not strictly a database design though...
Here is my Core Data model:

enter image description here

Overall, what do you think of my database schema?
Really, it's more of a way to make saving your objects easier and more efficient.
It's being treated AS a database design.
That doesn't make it a database design though.
... ?
12:56 PM
CoreData is more like UML.
Well if it was an ERD, it'd still be suitable for programmers
But where UML is just the visualization of the design, CoreData has some meat to it and will auto create your class and manage the saving of these classes for you in a very efficient manner.
Does this matter for the questions posed by the asker?
- What do you think of my database schema?
- Do I need Test_Questions and User_Answers?
the first one is just plain off-topic.
That's not code.
I don't know. I'm just trying to educate you on CoreData. The first one isn't plain off topic.
I regularly comment on people's structure. Missing classes, extra classes.
And when you ask about your CoreData "database scheme" that's what you're asking about.
Q: Reviewing "design"

Simon André ForsbergIt has been said in various comments that on Code Review we review code and not design. I find this statement not very clear though. Obviously, if someone has an UML and not any written code, that's off-topic on Code Review. However, if there is a question with a finished implementation, such a...

1:02 PM
Everything in CoreData is a class in your code base represented by objects.
We may need a meta expressly for CoreData.
I think it's just a fancy UML diagram.
CoreData is written code.
It's not.
You do CoreData through Xcode. You're actually creating classes when you do it.
why are the classes not in the question
If you want to close the question as off topic as a design only question, open a meta, and this evening I will educate CR more completely on CoreData.
Otherwise leave it open or close it for another reason.
I'm finding it strange that a valid answer to the question as posed is "Everything that you have posted; delete it; then alter the other classes you've made to directly point to each other"
1:06 PM
I don't know If the answer is valid or not
Moreover, how can an answer make the question off-topic?
I guess that feeling of mine then makes for a shitty argument
But I am getting the feeling that the spirit of the question is not a code-review one
it's a design-review one
okay meta up
I won't be able to answer until I get home from work, but I will answer today.
now, what was I doing...?
1:27 PM
Q: CoreData or code-backed UML reviews

Pimgd About: Core Data model for test-taking iOS app See also: Are UML diagram reviews on-topic for CodeReview? and Reviewing "design" I feel the linked question is off-topic because it is about a design-review, rather than a code-review. Key point: Here is my Core Data model: image of...

> His main argument, as I understand it, is that CoreData models are code-backed. That is, when you change the CoreData model, you change the code. Like this, a CoreData model represents the code.
Can you post a whole Application to be reviewed on Code Review?
... yes ... ?
What makes you think it could be no?
The comment was directed at skimmers like me.
Oh, I have a GitHub
1:33 PM
@HassanAlthaf you have to include the code in the question.
Can you link it to GitHub because I don't think it would be smart if I copy paste so many files.
Oh, what is the max character limit? its a whole accounting system
(Additionally, you should be aware that by posting all the code, the advice would be divided across all the code, and not be as focused)
Oh, I'm alright with it.
I wanna get all that reviewed.
Like after its done.
Max char limit is 30k
Got a bit more to do
Oh, I dont think it would be enough, lmao
1:34 PM
If you use all 30k for code,
your question will not get answered
nobody wants to read that much
Software Analyst?
They can get experience for that title
Anyway, thanks.
Trying to be a bit serious here
If you post a whole ton of code I'll just perform a mental lint check on it
If you post a single algorithm it'll get a lot more scrutiny
If your entire accounting system is under 30k lines of code, it might be incomplete.
Err, 30k characters even...
@SimonAndréForsberg: That answer seemed more like a link-only answer.
But a question with only code and no plain English description will probably be closed as an unclear what you're asking code dump.
1:44 PM
@Jamal might have seemed like it, but it also seems like it is precisely what the OP wanted. It also contains a few "keywords" which makes it a valid answer IMO.
I'll have the other mods take a look at it.
@Jamal Alternatively, the answer can be edited and improved, or a comment added on it
Also, I don't necessarily disagree that the question should be closed @Pimgd but I think it is important we are more clear on CoreData versus UML and very explicit about why we are closing this (if we are)
I don't think CoreData is a substitute for code
A: CoreData or code-backed UML reviews

rolflThree meta questions? All rolled in to one.... right... Is the question on-topic are design questions on topic should it go to programmers. Underlying that, there's the question of whether it is a well-asked question, or not. To make things more confusing, there's my personal opinion and als...

@Jamal / @SimonAndréForsberg - it's my opinion that there is a review component to the answer. It's a 'Don't reinvent the wheel' review.
With motivations and references for a selection of alternatives.
2:05 PM
ffmpeg is telling me it's on frame 23708 and has duplicated 20320 frames in a period of 11 minutes and 15 seconds
... am I really getting 5 FPS?
From a web-cam, quite possibly
A: Transformation of abstract models

SebastianTo me it looks like you are reinventing the wheel. Several mapping frameworks exist that not only support complex mappings between two similar objects, but also programmatic transformations. For example, you should consider: ModelMapper - see Custom Converters in ModelMapper Dozer. - see Cust...

@Simon ^^^
thanks @rolfl
Fair enough. I'll just downvote, then.
I'm OK with that too.
short answers are a gamble. My feeling is that it really paid off and provided a huge value for the OP.
It was exactly the right feedback he needed.
It is also why Code Review works well, because context is so important.
If this was a fizzbuzz, or a linked-list, etc. the obviosu purpose is to use the code to learn. But, in this case, the purpose is to accomlish a goal beyond just a "because I can", and if someone has already done the work, then it's good to give that feedback.
2:21 PM
If we don't accept this answer we will need to do a large clean up. One of our high rep user was providing that sort of feedback (here for example codereview.stackexchange.com/a/57079)
well, apply link rot.
Basically only the first line is useful.
And, that first line makes it a valid answer.
The rest of it is supporting material.
It makes it not-not an answer
Agreed, the decision between a comment and an answer is that, though.
whether the answer is a good, or bad one, though, requires different 'rules'.
^^ that
2:31 PM
Q: Online store for pies - Part 1: Create your account to buy delicious pies

ChrillewoodzI've got a goal and that goal is to become an Angular expert. So what better way of learning than to create an online store for pies, right? I've just finished the registration part and would like some feedback on it. The registration process happens via Firebase's AngularFire, I decided to use...

@rolfl in regards to that meta answer... When you say "there is code" are you referring to the CoreData or the pasted source code?
@rolfl I;m with you on the day of the week thing. Adding the day of the week would change nothing.
@nhgrif I'm referring to the *.h files.
And if the latter, did you notice that the pasted source code is just .h header files and no .m executable files?
@rolfl yay, reviewing auto-generated header files.
2:33 PM
THe .h files I consider to be interace files.
Hey, it;s code, it;s owned and maintained by the poster.
THis is what @nhgrif argued for very convincingly and emphatically.
I just want to be sure everyone is clear about what they are commenting on when they discuss this meta question.
I do not consider the picture of the UML to be reviewable.
Completely by itself, I might agree.
Maybe. But it's not really a UML purely. There could potentially be CoreData specific issues to how you map your CoreData objects... Because how you design this layout effects things that CoreData does specifically, and the only way to fix it would be to come back to this diagram. There wouldn't be a line of code to change...
@rolfl the german tech-press writes about a massive laydown of IBM....
@nhgrif Code Review you review the code.
that's a picture, I don't care what it represents....
2:43 PM
A regular UML, you still have to implement every ounce of it by hand, and you can change the performance without changing the UML. You can't change CoreData's performance without changing how you set up your CoreData layout.
This would be similar to creating a user interface in a visual designer and asking a question about improving the speed of the auto layout if it runs kind of slow.
I'm not saying that this is what this specific question is...
Would a question about slow UI performance be off topic if all the UI work was done in an IB and not by hand?
Greetings, Programs.
Greetings, User.

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