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Q: Quick Sort - implementation

Software DevCan anything be improved in this code? #include <iostream> using namespace std; void print(int *a, int n) { int i=0; while(i<n){ cout<<a[i]<<","; i++; } } void swap(int i,int j, int *a){ int temp = a[i]; a[i] = a[j]; a[j] = temp; } void quicksort(int *...

@JeroenVannevel This is driving me crazy, can you please help?
Qué estas el problemo?
How can I bind to the second VM?
I have my DataContext set to the first, so I tried specifying the path directly, like this:
12:21 AM
one page has one viewmodel
only one viewmodel for each page!
But you said to bind the FontSize in MainPage.xaml to the Settings singleton!
Like this:
        private static SettingsVM _settings = new SettingsVM();
        public static SettingsVM Settings
            get { return _settings; }

        private SettingsVM() {}
So then, I tried doing this:
hold on sailor
<ListBox Name="Items" Grid.Column="0" Grid.RowSpan="2" ItemsSource="{Binding ItemList}" DisplayMemberPath="Title" SelectionChanged="OnSelectionChanged"
         Tapped="Items_Tapped" Margin="-2,-2,0,-2" Style="{Binding SettingsVM.Settings.Theme, Converter={StaticResource LBStylePick}}"
         ItemContainerStyle="{Binding SettingsVM.Settings.Theme, Converter={StaticResource LBIStylePick}}" Padding="0,10" SelectedItem="{Binding CurrentItem, Mode=TwoWay}" />
You're creating your Viewmodel as a singleton
that's not what I was talking about
Alright, let me give a graphical overview
|------- Session.cs
|------- MainPage.xaml
|------- SettingsPage.xaml
|------- MainViewmodel.cs
|------- SettingsViewmodel.cs
Session is the singleton
MainPage.xaml has MainViewmodel as DataContext
SettingsPage.xaml has SettingsViewmodel as DataContext
So I have that.
12:25 AM
No, right now your viewmodel is your singleton
OK, so I get it, anyway.
Now, is Theme, for example, in SettingsVM.cs, or Session.cs, or both?
That is what sets all the colors.
Eh, Theme is a tricky one because if you follow the dark and light native themes on windows phone, you should use a special Xaml resource bundle for that
but let's assume you have a generic property "mypropery"
that is a setting you can set on your settingspage
OK, I'm talking Windows Store right now.
What you do first of all is create a place to store your settings. I assume you don't want to use LocalSettings, the built-in way to save settings?
Or do you?
Actually, I am using Roaming Settings, and getting them from that.
I'm an idiot!
I can just use that to sync it!
12:29 AM
No need for me to pass values around!
Just put them in there from the settingspage and read them from there from the mainpage
Thanks, rubberducky.
Yeah, hardly need to change anything, then.
What I had been doing is binding everything together, and using those only for storage.
But wait, how does it get signaled that something was changed?
So, won't my users have to close/reopen the app to get changes to load?
Or, does RoamingSettings handle that automatically?
Probably doesn't handle it automatically, no
Drat, so now I'm back where I had been.
12:33 AM
I'm not sure, really
I'll right up a mock up.
Supper's going on now.
12:48 AM
1:09 AM
@JeroenVannevel Still here?
It doesn't update :(
So, this is my Windows Store app.
I have one Page, and one SettingsPane.
1:29 AM
I think I'll ask a question SO.
Hello @Shortstuff81000
Hello. I am new here. Can I ask questions about code here?
Thanks! :-D I am working on a cheat page for an app called Doodle Creatures. To save myself from repeatedly typing a bunch of image locations, I made a couple "directory tables - Animals, Genes, and Groups. The Groups table isn't needed for the following query:
I created a Creature Combos table that takes info from the Animals and Genes tables using foreign keys, but I don't know how to do multiple joins in a stored procedure. Here is my code.
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[SelectCreatureCombos]
SELECT * FROM [CreatureCombos], [Animals], [Genes]
INNER JOIN [CreatureCombos] ON [CreatureCombos].[NewCreatureID] = [Animals].[AnimalId]
INNER JOIN [CreatureCombos] ON [CreatureCombos].[ComboAnimalID] = [Animals].[AnimalId]
INNER JOIN [CreatureCombos] ON [CreatureCombos].[ComboGeneID] = [Genes].[GeneId]
I am using Microsoft SQL Server, by the way. :-)
I don't know SQL, and I can't guarantee anyone will answer, but you aren't breaking any rules.
If no one answers, you might want to ask a normal question on CR or SO, according to what your question is.
1:39 AM
@Shortstuff81000 I know SQL pretty well. What do you mean by doing multiple joins in a procedure (in your context)?
In other words, what problem are you experiencing?
"NewCreatureID" and "ComboAnimalID" both point to the same column in the Animals table - "AnimalID". I am getting this warning: "SQL71502: Procedure: [dbo].[SelectCreatureCombos] contains an unresolved reference to an object. Either the object does not exist or the reference is ambiguous because it could refer to any of the following objects: [dbo].[CreatureCombos].[Animals]::[AnimalId] or [dbo].[Genes].[Animals]::[AnimalId]."
With the above posted code right?
Your join syntax looks really odd
May be related
Let me rewrite it real quick
Thanks! :-D
1:46 AM
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[SelectCreatureCombos]
	SELECT * FROM [CreatureCombos]
	INNER JOIN [Animals] ON [CreatureCombos].[NewCreatureID] = [Animals].[AnimalId]
	INNER JOIN [Animals] ON [CreatureCombos].[ComboAnimalID] = [Animals].[AnimalId]
	INNER JOIN [Genes] ON [CreatureCombos].[ComboGeneID] = [Genes].[GeneId]
@Shortstuff81000 See if this works any better.
Probably could combine the first two JOINs too, maybe.
It works! I don't have any errors or warnings! Thanks so much for your help, Phrancis!
My pleasure, glad I could help
This cheat page will be on the next version of my website; keep an eye on www.graphics-geek.com for it.
@Shortstuff81000 Welcome to Code Review, BTW. You're welcome to post your whole SQL procedure for review, if you would like to :)
I'm out. See you.
1:54 AM
@Hosch250 SEEYA
Have a great day!
@Shortstuff81000 I don't know if you made this or not, but there appears to be a bit of an issue with the left nav bar text flowing over into the page content
Yeah. I need to break a line or two in my sitemap file. I also have a few database issues I need to fix on that site and www.peoplefirstrapidcity.org
Ok. Feel welcome to ping me on database stuff if you would like some help, that's kind of my thing. I do a little web dev but not that good at it yet.
Thanks! I love working with ASP.NET, but if my .NET skills are an 8, my database skills are a 5 or a 6. If you check out the events page for either the Eagles (www.rapidcityeagles3555.com) or People First sites, you'll notice that their events are written twice on the calendar. :-P
2:07 AM
Well, my .NET skills are right around 0, but I'm pretty good with databases/SQL
Also, if you want to link something here: [this is the name of my link](www.mylinkurl.com)
@Shortstuff81000 Have you looked into Bootstrap for web design?
Not much. I am trying to learn some responsive design, though; my three-column sites have a huge right margin when I browse them on my phone. :-)
Do yourself a favor and look into Bootstrap CSS. I've made this site without much effort (mostly just adding content) with Bootstrap.
That's cool! I will have to look into Bootstrap. :-)
@Shortstuff81000 That's pretty broken...
Bootstrap has a carousel that looks great (though lacking the fancy spinning animation) here
2:24 AM
I found another slideshow code called Cycle2 last month. It uses jquery and looks a lot better
That does look good, too!
I had to use Bootstrap in college, I did not like it.
Probably better fit to a picture gallery, as opposed to "featuring" slides/pictures
@Hosch250 SACRILEGE.
I would have gladly taken some of the principles and done it myself, but I did not like the unfreedom of using someone else's design.
The end site looked alright though.
I will definitely be using my own designs, but I'll more than likely use Bootstrap for responsive CSS layout.
2:31 AM
Maybe you're more concerned than I am about design. Bootstrap has saved me so much time, and made my site look & work great.
Might tweak it later, but hey, works for me right now!
That is why I write all my code from scratch.
Once I have the framework in, it is actually much faster this way too.
Cool. Nothing against that, just not my preference :)
I've added Bootstrap to my solution. I'm used to rolling my own, but I'm sure I can use their CSS with my page colors. I'll definitely be checking into it soon. :-)
@Shortstuff81000 You're welcome to get stuff from this website repo I've been working on that uses Bootstrap, if you like.
It's pretty easy to tweak using CSS, to use different colors and such
@all - If I found a Github repo I would like to use for my own project(s)... What's best? Just clone/download, or fork?
2:46 AM
Thanks. :-) Goodbye for now. I'm going to keep working on my page. Have a nice day, both of you. :-)
Well, one of the ways any changes you submit will go right back to the original.
@Shortstuff81000 Likewise, come again!
This is either clone or fork, forget which.
I had this mistake in Rubberduck.
Why don't you just download it, then upload it to your account?
Was wondering about that... I guess fork is when you want to contribute to a repo, as opposed to copying it...?
I think I did that.
3:21 AM
@Phrancis it depends, but forking is a good way to go. It makes it easier to submit changes back to the original repo if you want to.
@RubberDuck If I don't wish to make changes to their original repo, but only to take their code and apply it to my own repo, I'm guessing forking then is not the best choice...?
(as opposed to copying it)
3:42 AM
Forking is still a good option. Then it becomes your branch.
But I would still recommend making an actual branch in your fork. That way you can pull any fixes from the origin into your fork without necessarily applying them to your customized version.
4:05 AM
With java, How can I use for each in a generic method? Doesn't seem like just E works, am I supposed to use Object?
4:49 AM
List<String> lst = .....
for (String value : lst) {
5:07 AM
@JeroenVannevel I found what I need :)
I need to call this, then use this to signal to update the values.
Just one problem, the binding signal isn't working in my test app, even though the values change.
Putting it in the real thing to see what happens.
5:41 AM
Q: PHP - Checkboxes multiple selections

MikeHI there straight to the point hopefully it's a easy question My PHP code "mailhandler.php" seems to be giving all my checkboxes on my HTML site to my email showing checked. I want the user to only select the ones they want and I see that that in my email. HTML CODE FOR CHECKBOX < input type="...

Either Spotify is the slowest app I've ever used, or my computer needs a reboot.
Not an either-or option? Could be both!
TTGTB. Night
2 hours later…
7:50 AM
Q: Merge sort optimization and improvement

MarciHow to optimize this merge sort code to make it run faster? And how to call merge_sort function without user input by declaring necessary array in the code? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int a[50]; void merge(int,int,int); void merge_sort(int low,int high) { int mid; if(low<high) {...

8:25 AM
Monking, code review!
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Q: scheme/racket graphical editor with geometric intersection

krc#lang racket (require srfi/1) (require racket/gui/base pict) (require racket/draw) (require 2htdp/batch-io) (require mrlib/path-dialog) ;; definitions (define supported-types '("LWPOLYLINE" "ARC" "POINT" "CIRCLE" "LINE")) ;(define supported-types '("LWPOLYLINE")) (define entity-types '("3DFACE"...

11:28 AM
Q: C code Please help! Tictactoe

JunaidI am trying to learn C. I wanted to make a game of tictactoe. The problem is that when I want the user to press the number where they would want to mark 'X', it marks X where I want but takes also the next space to it. NOTE: The code is not complete. Please help me I need help here is my code ...

@CaptainObvious Go awaaaay
I should make a special button (client-side) that says BUUURN!!! is all red and calls the CV broken code once clicked
11:50 AM
Q: How can I reduce this code javascript code so it's not as repetitve?

WillacyMeI have a function which goes through every name in an object. This object has an array parameter materials which holds other objects. Those objects have the same array parameter which hold more objects and so on. My code lines 3-5 just repeat while adding .material and another variable. Also the...

Q: CANDY on spoj in C++

Himagra ChawlaHow can i improve it and its running time efficiency ? //candy.cpp #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; int main() { string n; int avg,t,k; while(true) { scanf("%d",&t); int sum = 0; int cnt = 0; if(t == -1) break; else ...

12:23 PM
Q: C# Simulated Annealing

Vahid AzamiHow do I consider a previous answer in SA as new my neighbor for creating a next answer? I mean how I create a neighborhood generator with this ability that each neighbor for a next answer be in a neighborhood of a previous answer? Please help Thank You

12:39 PM
@Unihedro hey. You found your way here!
@RubberDuck - unfortunatly, this time, because of the timing of things, the edit invalidates the answer we have already. This is a good example of why it is better to get your code right first. The revised code looks substantially better, and this is a great opportunity to ask a new question. See What you may and may not do after receiving answersrolfl ♦ 1 min ago
Sorry @rolfl. I didn't even think about it. Good call. My bad.
all your fault, seriously ;-)
But still, now OP knows that edits bump the question in to the review queue.
LOL. I know! I should have had more coffee before reviewing this AM
Monking though, and enjoy the coffee... ;-)
That question irked me at the time because the code did not even compile.
I believe I was right to close it.... even with the answer there.
We don't get that happening too often,.
Monking to the ducks and Quacking to the monkeys!
12:57 PM
Quack (Simon says!)
@SimonAndréForsberg Thanks!
Monkey sounds are too hard to type.
Just a bunch of o's
Monking @SimonAndréForsberg (and @rolfl, where are my manners today?)
> ooo ooooo oooo o ooooooo oooo oooo oo oo o oooo oo o o
@RubberDuck Gone like water from a duck's back?
1:00 PM
Something like that.
@Simon - what triggered the CC-BY-SA comment?
Ahh, I see. Noted.
1:19 PM
Q: What's wrong with W3Schools?

LWChrisIn the comments of this question about HTML and JavaScript, I read sentences like Also, let me suggest the site developers.whatwg.org for your use as reference, instead of W3Schools. (link) and I don't refer to W3Schools. Never did. And never will. (link) What kind of problem do peopl...

@Unihedro I heard some rumors (from @Vogel612) that you were planning some GPL license on the JChatExchange project. Is this true?
If I would use JCE for my project, I would then be forced to also license my code under GPL I believe. I have nothing against having my project open source, but I would like more options than GPL.
@SimonAndréForsberg I suppose so; Originally I wasn't going to license it at all since I was too lazy (:|), but then upon stumbling on the need of a license for the library to be reusable and useful, I was chatting with Sam (The author of CE.net), whch indirectly have me decided to use GPL 2.0, because ChatExchange and ChatExchange.Net also uses GPL 2.0.
I have no issue with dual-licensing it with both GPL 2.0 and ASL, though, which is likely what I'd be ended up doing.
additionally, @skiwi is the one who started the Github-SE-bot-project, so I don't think I could just change the license on it like that...
@Unihedro oh, dual-licensing, that sounds like a good option :)
Does GPL allow code be dual-licensed?
@SimonAndréForsberg There are a list of compatible licenses.
ok, good
I will assume that you know what you are doing, then :)
1:32 PM
I read through a bit on the JavaBot code and well... there is one or two a hundred things I'd like to change :)
are you really 16 btw, @Unihedro?
Hey hey ...
@SimonAndréForsberg Considering that I coded it within a few weeks high on coffee, its state is so wonderfully NOT robust I kind of want to throw it all out and start over.
@Vogel612 Monking!
@SimonAndréForsberg Affirmative.
@Unihedro I can understand that. I think the code is salvagable though. I am tempted in helping you out on that.
@Unihedro I wish I was doing Java and used Stack Exchange when I was 16. Instead, I was doing PHP (¤@¤=!#*) and Stack Exchange didn't exist.
@SimonAndréForsberg Mmm, PHP.
1:36 PM
Soo... I guess you are all clear then? @Simon
Luckily, I was doing some Delphi as well.
@Vogel612 indeed looks like it.
I need a coffee now and finish some stuff, so I'll peace out here
Now the question is: When are you guys (@Unihedro and @Vogel612) going to fix JCE so that it's easier to include as a library? :)
Um JCE is Uni solo
I am just in for Javabot and it's offline testing site
@Vogel612 So far, yeah... But it's only because the design is too hard to define as someone-else-understandable-specs :o after the first build you'll be able to work on it as well :D (assuming interest; use not really instead)
1:41 PM
10 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
Does GPL allow code be dual-licensed?
dualk licensing is orthoganal to GPL, not affected by it at all.
Actually, on that topic I believe the copyright owner of object X is allowed to license it under as many ways as they prefer.
oh, alright.
ah, I confused it with sublicensing.
1:57 PM
New user killed a zombie.
A: Genetic algorithm for "Hello World"

jgrntGeneral Remarks Give your constants all uppercase names see Style in reference manual. If you make the pool size a parameter in the run_genetic function, you should match it with an unbound variable. If you always match it only with the constant, you could omit this parameter and only use the c...

This is turning more and more to a "anti-wiki-style-sites" discussion and Code Review or Code Review Meta is not the place for this discussion. — Simon André Forsberg 13 secs ago
I'd recommend @rolfl and other moderators to keep an eye on that meta question ^^
Grumble grumble....
@Simon - answers and votes to close.... then passes the buck on the mess... hmmm ;-)
@rolfl yeah, I realized afterwards that I probably shouldn't have answered. I have considered deleting my answer entirely.
Nahh, it's all good.
Arghh.... @Jamal... I want to answer that question on meta.
@RubberDuck and @Simon are wrong.
and now he's accepted a broken answer.... ;-)
But, I think he was a troll of sorts anyway.
I really dislike the 'accept' feature on meta.
2:12 PM
What would your answer be, @rolfl?
It's not a great question for the site anyway, and I rather it not attract unwanted drama.
I was considering suggesting him to ask his question on another SE site, but not sure which one. Would this have been on-topic on Sceptics?
No.... it's a crappy question for anywhere.
that is true.
@Jamal yup I was just about to...
2:14 PM
It's already here, so that's that. Maybe it can still be referenced if someone else ever asks about the site.
@janos Good. :-) My answer would've been puny anyway (and I've just woken up).
well good morning ;-)
The answer to his question is: When supporting a statement by providing a link, the link should be as authoritative as possible. W3Schools is not a reference site, it is a beginner's tutorial site. Links to W3Schools are not a reference source. This is completely independent of whether W3Schools is a good learning site or not.
@Jamal we might also consider refering to a question on MSO:
Q: Why not w3schools.com?

God is goodI have linked to http://www.w3schools.com many times in the past when answering an OP's question. Almost every time, someone eventually tells me that that was not a good idea. Why is referencing or linking to http://www.w3schools.com a bad idea? I learned most of my coding skills there, and I ...

@rolfl can I edit that into my answer?
A: Why not w3schools.com?

Tim PostThey've gotten ... somewhat better in the last year or so, but they used to be notorious for serving outdated, or outright bad information. Folks got pretty fed up with them because people would go there, get bad information, then end up on Stack Overflow wondering what went wrong. Hence, even as...

^^^ tim says about the same thing.
> There's no issue with linking to information you believe (or, better, know) to be accurate, but as others have noted, consider linking to official documentation instead.
> Happy ASP.NET MVC developper with a life!
^^^ implies that most do not have a life.... the pp in developer is forgiven for being from the Netherlands.
2:22 PM
I agree with that sentiment and will probably end up posting a meta about why this meta was closed. MetaMetaMeta..... — RubberDuck 2 mins ago
I was about to say
"Don't pay attention, they're Dutch"
@RubberDuck Do you see "Code Review" mentioned anywhere in the meta question?
@SimonAndréForsberg OP was questioning comments left on Code Review answers and wanted to know why someone would leave such comments.
The meta question seems to be about "is W3Schools a good or bad site?", not directly related to posting answers or comments on Code Review.
@RubberDuck the best way to find that out is to reply to the answer/comment and ask.
> "Meta invites the community to discuss, debate and propose changes to the way the community itself behaves"
Agreed, but that doesn't make the question off topic. Per that quote ^
If that question was off topic, so was the one discussing the use of var in C#.
2:25 PM
Letr's be clear on this, though. Discussing whether or not W3Schools is a 'good site' is not something that should happen here on Code Review or the meta site. I will happily close (and delete) questions that go in that direction. — rolfl ♦ 12 secs ago
With the way the comments on the question progressed, it was not about Code Review, it was about W3Schools.
Q: Memory searcher function test

EdeniaPart of the project I started just now.. It is a function that returns the offset address of a first occurrence of a string match into a given range of memory blocks. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> typedef struct { unsigned long offset; unsigned long terminal...

Q: Query results with many to many and some parameters using Entity Framework in a more efficiënt way

annemartijnI've created a working query in Entity Framework and I'm curious if there's a better way to do this. Since there's a lot of field on my models, I will only publish the relevant ones here. My Models are like this: public class Category { public int Id { get; set; } private ICollection<P...

I disagree with that. It's pertinent to whether or not w3schools is a good reference.
@RubberDuck I unfortunately did not pay much attention to that one.
10 mins ago, by rolfl
The answer to his question is: When supporting a statement by providing a link, the link should be as authoritative as possible. W3Schools is not a reference site, it is a beginner's tutorial site. Links to W3Schools are not a reference source. This is completely independent of whether W3Schools is a good learning site or not.
Regardless, discussing the behavior of people on Code Review is on topic for meta, no?
2:27 PM
@RubberDuck that wasn't what was discussed though.
But it was. I explained why someone would leave those comments.
Idk. We'll agree to disagree?
This comment especially IMO seemed like the question turned in the wrong direction:
Okay, I couldn't now know that. "The site has drastically changed" doesn't tell me in what matter. But actually, I still refuse to accept this as justification. How many errors are there in the Wikipedia, SO and other SE sites, which all are result #1 quite often, too? I know that in many cases the #1 result is bad, see lyrics or names. If you search for lyrics or names, you get results of sites having no other content than "Sorry, we don't have anything about searchterm". But W3Schools has actually useful content... — LWChris 30 mins ago
Yeah. I didn't like that comment either.
Additionally, your question is: "What's wrong with W3Schools?" when in reality, the question should have been: "What's wrong with linking to W3Schools?". The difference is significant. — rolfl ♦ 28 secs ago
^^ exactly
2:29 PM
I'll buy that.
Here's the var question for reference though.
Q: Overuse of var-keyword

MarkI see a lot of C#-questions recently that make use of the var keyword. For those not familiar with C#/var (I don't know if other languages have similar features): You declare something var and the compiler (and IDE usually already as well) guesses the type you want and watches over that, so the...

The first question is off-topic on CR, the second is potentially on-topic for meta.
I would appreciate your thoughts the meta-on topicness of that @rolfl.
15 mins ago, by rolfl
The answer to his question is: When supporting a statement by providing a link, the link should be as authoritative as possible. W3Schools is not a reference site, it is a beginner's tutorial site. Links to W3Schools are not a reference source. This is completely independent of whether W3Schools is a good learning site or not.
I would answer the same for anyone making a link in any language to a tutorial site when they are trying to support something that should come from the reference, specification, or documentation.
@Rubberduck, which reference is better for SQL-Server select syntax, this or this?
I'm not debating that @rolfl. I'm solely concerned with why it was an off-topic meta. You already know my answer to that question.
> At this point in history it is probably safe to link to and learn from w3schools, but the official documentation should always be the canonical reference.
You have changed the question.... I considered changing the question then rejected that.
2:36 PM
My edit, or our discussion?
You added the 'linking to'
Mind if I ask why? You said your self that the question should be "What's wrong with linking to?"
All I'm trying to understand is why discussing the behavior of our users is off topic on meta.
The two issues are orthogonal..... the behaviour, and the edit.
I agree that adding "linking to" can make it sound more on-topic. Though, it appears that you've forgotten to revise the title as well.
I decided not to edit the question for two reasons - 1, it seems clear that the question is asking about why people are disparaging about the site, not why linking to it is bad.
you have fundamentally changed that question.
the 2nd reason I did not edit it is because the answers focus on answering the question about w3Schools quality, rather than the linking.,
You have essentially invalidated the answers.
and now the question is not what the OP wanted to know/rant about
2:41 PM
OP is asking about comments people left telling people not to link to w3schools. I don't feel like I've invalidated anything, but feel free to roll back my edits.
To be clear, if it is useful in an answer to provide a good example of how something can be done, and w3Schools has one already, then linking to it is just fine by me, but, if the intention is to say 'this is the documentation/specification/reference site', then a w3schools link is not OK.
(For the record, not upset at all. I know that can be hard to "come through" the interwebs)
So, may I ask you to take a look at the var question and evalutate its on-topicness for me? I'm curious of your thoughts on that one.
I have rolled back the edits that change the question from "what's wrong with w3schools?" to be "what's wrong with linking to w3schools?" Changing the nature of this question is not appropriate. If you want an answer to the issues with linking to another site, and which site should be linked to, then ask in a different question. — rolfl ♦ 9 secs ago
Yeah. We'll agree to disagree there. It really didn't change the nature of the question in my opinion. It got to the heart of what was relevant here on CR's Meta.
I thought editing to make questions on topic was encouraged?
Time for an analogy......
2:50 PM
...and a banana.
it's the difference between...... "what's wrong with texting", and "what's wrong with texting while driving"
Okay. Let's run with that.
There's nothing inherently wrong with texting.
Nope. Just while driving.
So, OP sees some people texting while driving. Shows up and asks "What's wrong with texting?"
texting while driving is an activity that's not appropriate for the conditions at the time.
15 secs ago, by RubberDuck
So, OP sees some people texting while driving. Shows up and asks "What's wrong with texting?"
^^^ exactly
That question is off-topic here.
2:53 PM
But that's not what OP really meant to, or should have been, asking.
Hence, an edit.
Agreed..... but, the answers mostly answered that.
Also, there's a difference between editing a question to bring it on topic, and asking a completely new question.
But it's not a completely new question. It's the question that was really being asked.
Evidenced by the reference to the comments.
At least, that's how I see it and we may never agree on that point.
> What kind of problem do people have with W3Schools, what's wrong with the site?
But I definitely see where you're coming from.
Twice, in that question, there was the direct question: What's wrong with W3Schools?
that's no accident.
and it's also not something to be discussed on CR.
2:56 PM
Which I really feel what was really meant was "Why are these users saying not to link to W3Schools?"
I can understand why you thought that, because in part, that's what you answered.
And that question is something to be discussed on CR's meta.
I mean, at least I feel like I understand why the question as posted was off topic.
But, my interpretation is that it is clear the user is not interested in why linking is bad, he's interested in why people think W3Schools is bad.
It's a matter of interpretation, but, the actual words support my interpretation more than yours.
So, bigger question. What's wrong with making the question on topic, as any new question asked would just re-iterate the answers on that question?
and the suggested changes you made, change that question fundamentally, more than I think can be supported by a 'bringing it back on topic' comment.
It is no longer the question the OP wanted to ask.
I remember someone having a freak-out about a question asked on christianity.se that morphed beyond the OP intentions....
don't want that to happen here too.
2:59 PM
Neither of us can know that one way or the other, but....
@rolfl Okay. Fair enough. Point made.
Note what I said in my comments, if you want to discuss the problems with linking to W3Schools (and other tutorial sites) instead of the reference material itself, then feel free to ask as a different question.
About the 'var' question.... the question there is in part a rant about the var keyword, but the actual buried question is here: My suggestion: The community should enforce that the var keyword should only (if at all) be used in questions and answers if the resulting type is obvious.
That's an OK question to ask on CR meta, and it got the answers I gave based on that: meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/a/2343/31503
Basically, no, there should not be a community 'mandate' about the var, but that if it bugs you when reading a question, make it part of your answer.
Other answers were similar to mine, but yours is different:
A: Overuse of var-keyword

RubberDuckThe problem with var is there's conflicting information in the official documentation. Implicitly Typed Local Varibles states: However, the use of var does have at least the potential to make your code more difficult to understand for other developers. For that reason, the C# documentation g...

Your answer mostly addresses the nature of the 'var' rather than what the community should do. and then in a 1-liner at the end you say: So, the best thing to do is determine if the use of var is breaking these guidelines or causing confusion in some way and address it in the review.
Again, we interpreted that question differently.
@nhgrif, I don't think the question was one of on or off topic. It was asking if/what the standard for review is. I was adding context and saying that the standard is a bit ambiguous. For the record though, I agree with the rofl. — RubberDuck Aug 22 '14 at 1:01
I felt it was a behavior question. Asking for standard of review.
I agree.
So, those kinds of questions are on topic? I'm questioning that now. (But for different unrelated reasons than I was when I first asked.)
The custom offtopic reason has now changed to "I think this may be offtopic" instead of previously "This question is offtopic". I don't like it.
3:07 PM
I think what's happened with the w3schools question is that you got hung up on your interpretation of it, and (this happens to me too...) you just need to let it settle in that the question is not what you thought it was.
I've gotta go. Thanks for the patience.
Q: I think this may be off-topic problem

TLamaRecently (today maybe) has changed the predefined comment for Other reason when closing a question as Off-Topic from: This question appears to be off-topic because <place for the reason> to I think this may be off-topic because <place for the reason> I'm not a native English speaker, ...

@RubberDuck No problem, have a good day ;-)
@rolfl thanks
looks like I'm picking up my pitchforks
Q: Why shouldn't I use W3Schools as reference?

LWChrisIn the comments of this question about HTML and JavaScript, I read sentences like Also, let me suggest the site developers.whatwg.org for your use as reference, instead of W3Schools. (link) and I don't refer to W3Schools. Never did. And never will. (link) What kind of problem do peopl...

OP edited to make the change you did too ;-) So, now what to do.......
I think and invite to CR Chat is in order anyway ;-)
Q: Too many closures

IsuruThis app I'm developing communicates with a backend API and store its data using Core Data. There's a point in my app where after a successful login, it should call the API, retrieve the data and insert them into the Core Data database(I know core data isn't a database but for now, I'll refer to ...

3:27 PM
Drat, morning @200_success ;-)
> Why shouldn't I use W3Schools as reference?

A reference is *"a source of information (as a book or passage) to which a reader or consulter is referred"*

There is nothing wrong with referring to W3Schools when W3Schools has the best and most authoritative information relevant to the point you are making in your answer.

What's wrong is linking to 2nd-hand, interpreted, or otherwise manipulated information that is not as reliable as other sources. Links and references should be as authoritative as possible.
@rolfl couldn't resist answering that one:
A: I think this may be off-topic problem

Simon André ForsbergIt takes five users to determine if a question is off-topic. The actual close reason(s) are not shown until the question is actually closed. It only takes one to add this type of comment, and this comment might not be correct or appropriate. There has for example been some issues when users have...

I honestly think we should consider making the same change here on CR.
It is a change that's already there.
(except the 'this question' part).
It was a network-wide thing, not a SO specific thing.
and it's not something we as mods can change, I don't think.
then why are they debating it on MSO?
Because it was asked there first, and they're the ones who noticed (more eyes?).
I am not a native English speaker, but wouldn't "This (question) might be off-topic" be more correct? — Simon André Forsberg 7 secs ago
3:36 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg You're from Scotland, then?
@Morwenn no... why do you say that?
Q: May, might confusion

DonotaloWhen should I use each of the following: This may help. This might help. I always get confused about the use of may and might.

Pretty sure I will spend the entire day trying to setup Android Studio instead of actually learning how to do the Android
@SimonAndréForsberg Because people are supposed to speak English over there and I don't understand a when they talk. I suppose they're not native speakers :D
> There are other places that may and might may be used, but these are the ones that might be confusing.
@JeroenVannevel I know how to setup Eclipse and IntelliJ with Android. I used Android Studio once, but I from now on only use IntelliJ with Android. If you use Eclipse or IntelliJ, I may be able to help.
Nah, no dice
3:39 PM
I guess I'll have to use "may" more often and "might" less.
I have to use Android Studio, it's for an exam
oh, then you're on your own.
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