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moar ded zoms
A: Functional interface uses uncheck or unsafe operations

Pimgd if (x >= 0) { return true; } return false; if (x <= 0) { return true; } return false; if (matcher.find()) { return true; } return false; Are constructs I'd express as return x >= 0; and return x <= 0; and return matcher.find...

and the remaining 0 answers not closed questions are...
design, unknown library, something I should answer, design, design, design, design, asked 2 days ago and asked 2 days ago
so 2 zombies left
the rest is trash or recent
@Pimgd It may be.... let me look in to it.
Specifically, all of these are design:
Q: Good IO library design

nablexA while ago I designed an IO library that tries to bridge the gap between sync & async I/O. The initial impetus was that I wanted to design some utilities that could work both with async and sync I/O and any type of content (bytes, chars,...). However the nio design of Buffer/Channel falls a bit...

Q: Logging using function as decorator in Guava

KoziołekI needed to add a logger into my flow based on FluentIterable from the Guava library. I have a lot of functions and in some cases I would like to add logging when in other cases (for the same function) I would not. Of course the natural solution for this problem is to use the decorator pattern,...

Q: Class template specialization for empty template parameter

TimI'm implementing classes for simulating and generating different kind of automata. I'd prefer to use the same State and Transition classes for all the automata: NFA, DFA, PDA, etc. For a PDA a transition from one state to another work require some sort of an extension, because the transition req...

Q: Extending unparametrized class vs. unchecked casting

WorldSEnderI have the following API code (unchangeable): interface IMessage {}; interface IMessageHandler<REQ extends IMessage, ANS extends IMessage> { public ANS onMessage(REQ message, MessageContext ctx); }; public class Registry { public static <REQ extends IMessage, ANS extends IMessage> regi...

Q: Transformation of abstract models

Thomas EizingerIn one of my recent projects I faced the problem of transforming an abstract class into another abstract class. The classes were structured like this and are part of an api for questionnaires: abstract class AnswerConstraint { /* shared implementation for all entities */ } class LengthConstrain...

@JeroenVannevel Each rule has to be figured out inside this same method, and they do it in order, so for each rule there is accessing a different part of an XML file to see if certain information exists, so when one of these goes to set a rule to true, I just return instead. eventually I will turn each one into a method that is called from this method. like I said it's ugly spaghetti
@Mat'sMug ▲▲▲
1:38 PM
Aaand that's 3 for today
A: Validate XML using XSD, a Catalog Resolver, and JAXP DOM for XSLT

Pimgd /** * Retrieves the XML schema definition using an XSD. * * @param node The document (or child node) to traverse seeking processing * instruction nodes. * @return null if no XSD is present in the XML document. * @throws IOException Never thrown (uses StringReader). */ pri...

Q: how to get json value instead of json string

Aditya VyasI am using json parsing for my login page but i get full String same as printed in Json file and not able to get the exact value when user enter valid Username and Password.

@CaptainObvious Off topic
8 zombies left
1 of which already has an answer
A: Swing application: Working with GridBagLayout and Mediator pattern

PimgdJava 7 comes with multi-catch: You can catch multiple exceptions with the same code block. By using it, you can change /** * The main method. * * @param args the arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() { /* (non-Javadoc) ...

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Don't slow down now....
sorry man
7 unanswered questions
4x design, 1x unknown library, 2 recent
if you place a bounty, does your daily rep cap go up?
Depending on how you look at it, it actually goes down.
if you offer a 150 bounty, your cap is 50.
@rolfl and @janos does my Answer produce correct results on the unique triplets question?
but what to do about the design questions I linked?
2:00 PM
@Malachi No idea, does it?
@Pimgd migrations to programmers are .... messy
these 4 are basically unanswerable in my opinion
idk. let me see if I can recreate in C#, might be able to copy paste...
I will have to do it later though
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about seeking opinions on the design and concept, not the code doing the implementation: In conclusion the question is: is this library a good idea?rolfl ♦ 13 secs ago
2:05 PM
Q: Reviewing "design"

Simon André ForsbergIt has been said in various comments that on Code Review we review code and not design. I find this statement not very clear though. Obviously, if someone has an UML and not any written code, that's off-topic on Code Review. However, if there is a question with a finished implementation, such a...

Greetings, Programs.
Q: Reviewing usefulness of code

Simon André ForsbergI was wondering if, as part of asking for a review here, can I ask about how useful my code is? That is, getting feedback about what possible use-cases the code I have written has and if people would use it if it were a library. I would not intend on asking only about the usefulness but of cours...

and also @rolfl, you might want to give this one an answer:
Q: Reviewing code while alluding to a design question

h.j.k.Wells, for the nth time... Good IO library design Copying my comment in verbatim, with extra emphasis: Wells this is the really really grey area hmms? I took a quick glance at the GitHub project, quite interesting... Obviously the whole project will be too big to be reviewed here (and beside...

@Donald.McLean Greetings, User
I can accept the closing of the question, @rolfl, as it seems it was only focused on the usability aspect.
@MartinR awesome answer!
A: Fetch plist file

Martin RThe first thing you can do is to store the intermediate objects in variables, in order to get rid of the repeated and deeply nested objectForKey: chains like NSArray *keys4 = [[[[plistDictionary objectForKey:key] objectForKey:key2] objectForKey:key3] allKeys]; Then it would look like this: NS...

2:10 PM
i would not have thought of recursion but it really cleans up the code tremendously
so we went from like 18 unanswered java questions to 6 today
A: Logging using function as decorator in Guava

rolflThe concept seems fine to me. The problem is that you will still need to decide whether to decorate, or not decorate the function, and that is done outside the function. That makes it a once-per-create decision, which is OK, but you may still end up with a lot of conditions in your code: Functio...

... It's still striking to me that questions can be answered with "It's okay."
I keep looking for things that are wrong
@Pimgd I found an HTML question once where someone said there was nothing wrong, I VTD'd his answer and answered the question, I don't remember what question it was though
2:19 PM
Yeah okay the real answer is "nothing is wrong because"
5 unanswered javas
A: Game Engine :: Entity Component Design - Handling Input

YannNot having seen a given pattern usually means that you didn't use exactly the right search string, or you've modified a pattern that already exists enough so it looks different, so I wouldn't worry about finding solutions that you haven't seen before. Having a class handling input is the way tha...

Does that come under the heading of review my code or review my design?
@Pimgd the only answer when I found this question was the deleted one.
Q: First Time HTML5/CSS Site

NegglyI am working on my first HTML5/CSS web site and, like all of my first-time projects, they end up cumbersome, crude, and hard to work with when changes need to be made later in the life cycle. I am attaching some code with a small amount of HTML and CSS. I have read up on CSS and HTML and, after q...

and I didn't VTD it either
I've answered the question, but I realised after that It wasn't so much the code that I was reviewing, and I can't tell if that's me doing a bad review or OP asking an off topic question.
@Pimgd many times I see answers of the form "This is quite good, I like that you have yadayada... but..."
My answers read like a teacher going through assignment
it's a red pen stripe
"This could be optimized to this instead *scribble scribble*"
2:27 PM
@Yann which question?
A: Game Engine :: Entity Component Design - Handling Input

YannNot having seen a given pattern usually means that you didn't use exactly the right search string, or you've modified a pattern that already exists enough so it looks different, so I wouldn't worry about finding solutions that you haven't seen before. Having a class handling input is the way tha...

Also, what's the general consensus on semi-answering zombies? So where you don't know enough to write a full answer, but enough to suggest some improvements.
@Yann I would say do it, and post the Killcam
@Yann Just curious, how familiar are you with the ECS approach?
@Yann this looks like it is on-topic to me. but I haven't read through it, I only skimmed it
@SimonAndréForsberg Not as familiar as I should be. I keep reading through it, but it's just not clicking in my head.
2:32 PM
@Yann that's standard procedure for answering zombies
Whelp, if anyone can provide a good answer to this question, be my guest.
A: STL and Dijkstra's algorithm optimization

YannIn your hash function, you're doing x.size() in a loop, which will slow the function down quite a lot for a long string. Instead, store the size in a variable and compare to that int hash(const string &x) { int y=0; int xLength = x.size(); for (int i = 0; i < xLength; ++i){ y...

A: General Batched Job Runner

PimgdI can't find anything wrong with this. Just ... nitpicks. You name your variables in for each loops t. for (T t : supplier.tasks()) { taskQueue.add(t); } I think if you gave them a better name like task it would improve readability. Your test code seems to be on ...

> Bad rolfl
So, can anyone explain to me why in Microsoft WebApi they bothered tinkering with ModelBinding? In what way is a MediaTypeFormatter better than a ModelBinder?
2:47 PM
How can I get this converted to a comment:
@konijn 404
but why do you want it to be a comment
3 unanswered java qu-
4. They're posting new ones =O
How dare they
That is all the unanswered Java questions???
@bazola I have extended the answer, what do you think of it?
Q: Android - How can I simplify my WebViews' code?

CapeMokaGood afternoon, I started to code on Android, but I think my code is very heavy and may slow down the performance of my app. For example, when I run my app and I try to drag the page in one of my webviews, it's pretty laggy. Here is the code (without the imports ^^) : package com...

2:57 PM
@Pimgd That short an answer should be a comment generally
@Phrancis yeah, we went from 18 to 3 to 4 today
Also I repcapped for some reason
I think those circumstances could be related
that is really awesome @MartinR!
How many of you see stuff in the low-quality review queue at the moment: codereview.stackexchange.com/review/low-quality-posts
I semi-see it
it says 0, but I can go to my history and access the one I skipped because I was not sure
3:04 PM
@Pimgd 5. You're missing out.
That's weird
There's one question at -1 that doesn't show up in some views
Q: Extending unparametrized class vs. unchecked casting

WorldSEnderI have the following API code (unchangeable): interface IMessage {}; interface IMessageHandler<REQ extends IMessage, ANS extends IMessage> { public ANS onMessage(REQ message, MessageContext ctx); }; public class Registry { public static <REQ extends IMessage, ANS extends IMessage> regi...

If you do Unanswered->Java tag (through favourite tags) it doesn't show
I have recently downvoted a series of posts because they're unanswerable
But if you to Questions->Unanswered->Java it does
Is that intended?
3:12 PM
@Yann I'd close this as broken
LIST is undefined
I should stop going on formation for cool stuff... I'm now just wondering why I'm working with those old legacy code base.... :(
if you want, formation is the french word
like a week long trip to some place where you learn some language / library
Well more like a 2h on a specific subject (in this case Java 8) (I may not use the right word)
3:24 PM
@Marc-Andre sooo what did you learn? ;)
@Vogel612 Mostly how to use the new features, with some real examples. I learned that I will not work with Java 8 since we are still developing in Java 6.
ohh the pain ;)
no multi catch, no nice and sweet diamond operator
... I know , there is new stuff that use Java 7 but those are "reserved" for more "experience" dev.
oh yeah.. try-with-resources was also java 7, right?
and ugly docs
3:29 PM
java 6:
java 7:
though ... java 8 docs are silly
much less fits on the screen
I still used mostly Java 7 doc, since for most part it does not change from Java 6 -> Java 7 except for new stuff (since they're new) and some changes in the implementation (but normally I'm good at spotting them)
"This is how your language could look. IF YOUR BUSINESS USED SENSIBLE PRACTICES"
3:33 PM
Q: Reduce duplication of code in classes which are identical except for decorator arguments

Rick TeacheyI have two classes, Node2D and Node3D: class Node3D(object): @property def coords(self): return self.__dict__ @coords.setter def coords(self,Coords): self.set_coords(**Coords) @Validator(ValidateKeys, 'x','y','z') def set_coords(self,**Coords): pa...

@Pimgd is that how you judge language versions, by how the style of the documentation looks?
@SimonAndréForsberg Yes.
It's part of it, at least
Works for COBOL, no so much for linux man pages though.
"I can't read this! so this must be shit!"
One day someone will add color to man pages.... eugh.
3:42 PM
@rolfl You can judge the crap out of the linux man pages
More like "The documentation is vague / non existing / 404s" (HUH, ADOBE?)
@rolfl Stockholm syndrome does not excuse a poor UI
Unsafe code is less secure than safe alternatives.
@rolfl I'm struggling to read that. That is saying "An insecure thing is insecure", right?
Maybe it's saying you can get hacked if you have fire hazards
mixing up security and safety
Evil pointer hacking code is not safe.
It can lead to buffer overflows.
This is a security leak.
Safe alternatives are more secure than unsafe code.
It kinda makes sense like that.
3:55 PM
Q: (Yet Another) Conway's Game of Life in Haskell (Naive)

Jeff ManerI code Haskell as a hobbyist. I'm interested in feedback on my naive implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Specifically, as stated in the Quick Tour of the website, I am interested in: Best practices and design pattern usage Correctness in unanticipated cases Admitting the naivete of the i...

Q: Precision Destruction by a Cosmic Being

MourdosWe have a lot of weird questions come up in chat and fun comments about how we destroy worlds over a lunch break. Here is one that though I might share. You are a power that can affect cosmic bodies and phenomena. You have been offended mightily by some questions on SE and wish to blow up their s...

> How would you take out the SE Servers while causing minimal casualties and disruption to humanity?
Dammit, WorldBuilding.SE
@Yann Look at the name of the tweeter..... if you go by the documentation, would you use Microsoft tools>?
@rolfl Yeah, I saw. They may say dumb things, but it's (mostly) nicely presented at least
Since I started using linux, I found this, and it's beautiful explainshell.com
I'm reading up about ASP.NET but I have a problem because VisualStudio is not available on Mac OS X and I don't have easy access to a Windows computer... Has anyone used MonoDevelop as an IDE?
4:10 PM
@Phrancis Briefly, to develop with Unity.
@Yann That's neat
@Phrancis Xamarin
sorry it's called Xamarin on Windows 8 at least but it's MonoDevelop on Mac and Linux
Is it pretty decent?
I played around with it a little bit, it's not as polished as Visual Studios and some things are called differently and stuff
I've never used VisualStudio so ... :)
4:20 PM
I only used it for Console stuff, I think I wrote my RPSLS on Xamarin
or MonoDevelop I mean
Ok. You're the one who told me about ASP.NET right @Malachi? I think Tuesday if I'm not mistaken; or was it yesterday. I lose track of days lol.
@Phrancis I lose track of the days as well
I don't know how Mono is for Web Development, I never got into it that deep, I still have Xamarin on my machine at home but I am impatient so I downloaded VS2013 Express
Q: Python syntax error

MatteoI'm trying to run a python script I've downloaded from the internet. It's meant to be a demo visualizing some properties of an image dataset and get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "pycocotools_demo.py", line 8, in ? from pycocotools.coco import COCO File "coco.py", l...

I use a little IDE-like program designed for web dev called Brackets which can do PHP, JS, CSS and all that in one place, I don't think it does ASP.NET though
I need to start developing a website for a personal project and I'm just trying to see what options are out there. It needs to connect to a RDBMS so PHP was my first thought (lol?)
Can we get the statement "syntax error" blacklisted in titles?
4:29 PM
@Phrancis Java ! :D :P
Q: Blacklist "syntax error" in title

PimgdSo that we get less off-topic questions. I recommend pointing them to StackOverflow.

and now I have to go
Right, Oim orf. Speak to y'all tomorrow
Bye @Pimgd @Yann
Q: Blacklist "syntax error" in title

PimgdSo that we get less off-topic questions. I recommend pointing them to StackOverflow.

4:47 PM
@StackExchange Should call you James May since you're so slow.
Q: Moderators Deleting a question

MatteoI posted a question on code review (about a syntax error in a python for loop) and it got closed and then deleted in the time span of a minute without me having any sort of feedback on what was wrong with the question. I believe there should be a better way of handling questions that are believe...

@Matteo quick question... did you even read the link provided in the close-reason banner that's hanging direcly above the deletion notice? Did you read the tour, did you read the help center? Your question is (pardon my french) **** for the purposes of codereview. — Vogel612 1 min ago
Trifecta! I can test Web API 2 responses, Web Api 2 routes and the underlying Entity-Framework calls
And it's really expressive once you have all the dependencies setup: gist.github.com/Vannevelj/ad07bbd58946c4d909d9
5:03 PM
@vacuumer ... okay :(
Yup... it was not french ;-)
5:26 PM
WebApi2... pfffttt
Not happy with it ATM
Q: Python - call all methods of a class

confused00I'm wondering if my design is flawed or if I'm thinking this incorrectly: I have a class Lexer that has a number of methods. All methods are regex processing methods that take a string as an argument (sometimes the same string), and all return a list of matches (list could be empty) I need the ...

I'm probably gonna need the whole weekend for my current Java assignment. :-/ I'll make sure I have enough coffee.
@Jamal Make sure you drink Java badum tssh
It mostly involves threads, collections, and logging.
@rolfl I don't like french anyways...
@Jamal that doesn't sound like a weekends worth of work yet..
5:40 PM
I don't know for sure how long it'll take. He just makes it sound as if it'll take some time.
I'm curious what the threads part will be ... not sure what he should show you...
@xDaevax why not?
@Marc-Andre He mentioned using threads for front-end and back-end. A lot of the general stuff wasn't new to me since it was covered in my parallel programming class.
@Jamal That's a good start! What are you're using for the front-end (I hope not Swing, please tell me it's not Swing)
I haven't looked at all of the code yet, but I'm sure it's not Swing. He hasn't even mentioned it to us.
5:48 PM
reads my JavaFX book
@Jamal I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing! But I really hope it's JavaFx or something nice.
6:08 PM
@JeroenVannevel I am having a very hard time figuring out custom ModelBinding vs MediaTypeFilters vs ValueProviders vs ParameterBindings.
The python syntax error question triggered that meta of mine
@xDaevax I've heard about modelbinding and parameterbindings are easy but no experience with the others
what are they for?
@JeroenVannevel Well, I am just having a hard time understanding how / when to use ModelBinding vs a MediaTypeFilter. I am trying to accomplish something that was very useful in MVC, but seems to be difficult to set up in WebApi.
The others are different ways to accomplish similar things between the two technologies.
Heh, the startup I worked for this summer was just featured in the national news. Mom went crazy
6:21 PM
@xDaevax Just looked at the MediaTypeFilter, it looks pretty interesting
@JeroenVannevel Ohh that's cool! And always good to have in a cv !
Yeah.. I was looking for signs of the app I started for them but it didn't pop up anywhere in the background
must be too awesome to release it to the public yet
Yesterday, I tried to imagine a new programming language. But since it wasn't perfect, I gave up.
6:24 PM
hello :p
hello :p
You realize your thought experiment has gone too far when you think "I can't have both homoiconicity, elegance and infix operators".
Also, "automatic collapsing to derived type based on value constraint" seemed like a wicked idea.
Q: Better way to check and update lines in file VB.NET

DaveI am trying to check a bunch of files that should have a leading | delimiter but sometimes don't. If the first line doesn't have the |, the rest of the file won't, if it does have it, then the rest of the file will. So I'm checking the first line which works and enters the update logic, which ad...

I'm doing two jobs, In one of them I'm suppose to maintain 4000+ line Java classes while in the another one I'm suppose to convert 1000 line Perl code to multiple modules to make it follow conventions. Should I leave one job ? It's started to get to me.
Maybe you should ask there?
6:52 PM
Q: Excel VBA Binary Search Class Module

sgp667I have a long list of SORTED strings in a Workbook, and I have to find a lot of values in it, I was hoping to build a binary search Class Module that will find them for me faster than Excel's builtin search formulas/methods. The code bellow is what I have so far can anyone think of a faster way, ...

@Phrancis May I be curious and ask you for which project you will do a web app ?
Ohh nice!
Will you do it on your own ? Or will the "team" help ?
It will be primarily for gathering and displaying game stats, ranking etc.
stats from "official" server ?
6:56 PM
I'm sure I will get some help, we have another guy (not sure if you've met him, GreyFox he gets on sometimes) that is learning JavaScript & CSS for the front end stuff, and I will be doing the backend mostly
Great that's cool!
Yeah Simon has a PostgreSQL installed on his server (we have not used the DB for the game yet, but I designed the schema)
Eventually the Java guys will setup JDBC so the game server can pass game data to the DB, and also retrieve things like player score and decks from the DB
Nice can't wait to see that coming to life!
It should be pretty cool
Q: A reversed-string Trie data structure

marathonThis is a simple Trie data structure for strings, except it puts the strings into the structure backwards. The insert method simply iterates over chars from the string-to-be-inserted backwards, and starting at the root of the graph, looks for an edge that is labeled with the current char. If ...

7:08 PM
There are so many options for doing server-side stuff though, I was going to go for PHP since it is so common and there are tons and tons of resources. It's just a bit ... ugly.
@Phrancis The abundance of resources does not mean it's good! There are other options that could be fun to do for back end. But back end for you is like REST Api or deliver static page or something with a templating engine ?
I have no idea what that means lol.
I think at first we would deliver static page since it's simpler
REST API will "serve" you data like json, that will be then use in a web app (like a JS app)
Static page is where your back end will send you html pages
ASP.NET is pretty fun. All the cool kids use it
and template engine will add a bit more "dynamic" things in it! (Staitic and template are the "same" thing)
7:15 PM
My thought was basically this:
- User supplies values via HTML form;
- POST values get passed to a DB connector;
- DB executes a function and passes it back to the connector;
- Data is displayed
you're missing step 1.5
HTML doesn't talk to database
@Phrancis It will not exactly be like that
that's where you insert your serverside code
- Frontend: user requests page
- Backend: controller returns page
- Frontend: user inputs data in form and sends it
- Backend: controller receives data
- Backend: controller talks to database
- Backend: controller returns page
Well yeah that's kind of what I meant by DB connector, perhaps the wrong vernacular!
I'm not too sure why that connector is so important in your scenario though - often you'll actually use the database for very little. You'll use an ORM tool like Entity-Framework or Hibernate to translate method calls to db queries
7:20 PM
Well let's just say I don't really know where to start :p
Q: Need help making jQuery Transit transition repeat

JohnHere is my code: http://jsfiddle.net/de74ezo5/14/ So what I was trying to achieve here was to make the pink header collapse and stay fixed at the top of the page after scrolling past the top red header. I am using Transit with jQuery to create the transition (http://ricostacruz.com/jquery.transi...

ASP.NET may be fun, but is it better than... say PHP? Also taking into account I'm on a Mac so I can't use Visual Studio
> 701 days, 701 consecutive

Damn it, I missed my milestone
Wait for 1000?
7:24 PM
@Phrancis Well yeah. Obviously. It's PHP
I'll just take 750 as the next one. I'm sure that counts as a jubilee
What about JavaScript, is that any good for back-end?
Yeah, it's been getting popular. But then again: it's JavaScript.
@Phrancis Node.js
I'll save you some time: PHP and JavaScript stink and should be avoided. Java is verbose. C# is heaven.
So, in other words: Use ASP.NET stupid?
7:26 PM
Otherwise I'm totally open minded
@JeroenVannevel Cough
JavaScript can be good in good hand
Also, there's Python.
But you got Ruby on rails too that could be a good option, Scala , etc.
@Phrancis I just adore the Microsoft stack, it's that easy. C# is an exquisite language, Visual Studio is by far the best editor and the combination of SQL Server, Azure, ASP.NET MVC/Web Api, Razor, etc all create an unparallelled ecosystem
but find what works for you, there are alternatives to everything
There are good stack in other language too! ;) Lot of options!
You know he can't see your comment now
yea I just realized..
7:40 PM
;) :P
it's been a long day and the 1hour long java talk about lambda: under the hood hasn't been helping my concentration...
Totally understandable
That code formatting.
So much spaces!
Copy-pasting hell
8:09 PM
CV please
It doesn't compile. Values() As String throws a compiler error. "Statement invalid outside Type block." — RubberDuck 8 mins ago
I've got a slight feeling that something is wrong with displaying that
Q: chained hash table implementation

karimwhile reading a data structure book, i have implemented chained hash table, i want to share the code with you and get you're opinion about it : chained_hash_table.h #ifndef CHAINED_HASH_TABLE_H_INCLUDED #define CHAINED_HASH_TABLE_H_INCLUDED #include <stdlib.h> #include "../linked_list/linked_l...

8:44 PM
Q: Easy bitset IO v2

DanielIn a previous question I posted a method for easy std::bitset IO on a bit-for-bit basis. This question was later followed up in another solution. Both of these solutions had limitations; the interface of my original solution was not pretty, and the second method was limited to 64 bit std::bitsets...

Is 4 lines of relevant code worth a review request? Basically I just want to know whether I am taking the right approach in injecting a header in my web api unit tests
@JeroenVannevel Doesn't that sound more like a programmers question?
Yeah, I suppose that could work to
It's been a while since I've hung out in that dark corner
<sarcasm>now I get to play with XML, XSD, XSLT files...YAY!</sarcasm>
9:03 PM
Oh, you don't do the Java thing.
9:24 PM
Oh, you don't do the Java thing.
Maintenance is an issue for performance, because if you can't read your code efficiently than you have a decrease in developer performance, or worse more bugs because something was read wrong. — Malachi 6 hours ago
++ @Malachi
9:37 PM
Q: Find binary sequences with low peak sidelobe level of autocorrelation function

GlutttonI would like to find all binary sequences from the specified range, which has low peak sidelobe level of its autocorrelation function. Here is solution (this is simplified version of the real code) using GCC Inline Assembly with AT&T syntax. Binary sequences are represented as sequence of bits i...

Q: CSMR: Cosine Similarity with MapReduce

IrishDogI'm working on a project for Large-Scale Text Processing, and the code at the link bellow, is a first implementation of the basic idea of CSMR. CSMR is an algorithm that measures the similarity between documents by calculating their cosine in the vector space in parallel manner, using MapReduce m...

10:02 PM
in C#, instead of int[,] matrix = new int[dim, dim];, I can simply write var matrix = new int[dim, dim]; right?
Every type at the start of the expression can be substituted with var
And sometimes it's required (like when you create an anonymous type)
unless the variable isn't initialized
string poop; is required, var poop; isn't allowed
nice name
10:21 PM
Q: Basic singlepage blog application

user2520781I've started learning Mithril framework, it looks pretty awesome; I've created a basic blog app and have a few questions about code style and structure... please, review this code: var app = {}; app.PostList = function(list) { return m.prop(list || []); }; app.vm = {}; app.Post = function(d...

@KonradViltersten With the current implementation of Dictionary, I belive that requires removing items from the dictionary. But saying "I don't remove anything, so I should be fine" is relying on undocumented implementation details, and you shouldn't do that. — svick yesterday
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Q: Parser for programming language

KyranstarI'm writing a basic LL(1) parser in java, but my parser class is quickly getting out of hand and becoming huge. PMD even calls it a "God class" and says that it has "Too many methods." Is there a way that I can refactor this class? public class Parser { private static final APValueNum NEGATI...

Q: Django ListView with MySQL query for the queryset

ZAD-Man(Note: Even if you don't know Django, it's probably the query that needs work anyway, so you probably don't need to know Django/Python) I have a ListView that displays all the entries in a mapping table between the pizza table and the topping table. Unfortunately, I can't just use Django's helpf...

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@RubberDuck I prefer @Malachi++ for readability.. unless the pre-increment is required ;)
Always nice to see it laid out exactly what is generated
Although I don't like his async void signature
My teacher does the same; it irks me
Q: Procedure Method for textbox

Bably public static void main(String[] args) { textbox(); } public static void textbox() { String c; int width,height; char character; Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Enter the text to center: "); c=sc.nextLine(); System.out.println("Enter t...

@JeroenVannevel isn't async void meant only for events?
@mjolka yep. But it's not necessarily needed from the top calling method
so some people don't do it
which is grounds for execution, really
tough, but fair
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@SimonAndréForsberg Guess what day it is!
45 minutes to yearling @rolfl?
If your code works and you want to get a review on it, head over to codereview.stackexchange.com where we'll gladly do that for you. Stack Overflow is meant for problems with code. — Jeroen Vannevel 27 mins ago
@JeroenVannevel: Was I wrong about the closure on CR? It just sounds like the OP was asking for some clarification, not a review for improvement.
@Jamal To me it reads as if his code works but that he didn't quite knew whether he used methods correctly
I think it's a good call. Code works, OP wants to learn. Where better than CR?
I was either going to redirect him to a tutorial or to CR
Figured it could be okay here
11:18 PM
Hence why I closed as unclear, not off-topic.
11:34 PM
@Mat'sMug Something like that, yes ;-)
@JeroenVannevel - if you're interested: meta.stackexchange.com/a/122989/241497
@rolfl Well.. I am younger, so logic tells me that one day they'll pass out and I'll be able to overtake.
Can't wait for the day
as far as I know, there are still people on that winning streak... but, it's a bit of a cheat, because they were members before the system was started to count these things.
Although I'll have to find a way to make things work during my Argentina trip next summer
So, they may have broken records from before that.
@rolfl I think my upvote just got him a [badge:guru]
11:45 PM
That's what friends are for ;-)
@Mat'sMug Go on, comment there (if you don't, I will... ;-)
I'm not sure if I can trust them with something as delicate as this
There's always the Dori option you know.
@rolfl go ahead ;)
I believe this makes you a guru.... ;-) Is the streak still happening? — rolfl 1 min ago
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Q: Finding a sum of unique triplet that is close to a given number in an array

chmod766I asked one question on code review yesterday about my code style, logic and readability of code. Hence, today I kept all those suggestions in mind while solving a new problem question. The question is such: Given an array S of n integers, find three integers in S such that the sum is closest to...

in the spirit of Halloween, I'm in a darkened room, running code analysis on a legacy codebase
ugh. I need a better title.. "TestExplorer UI" is just... why am I better for coming with good titles for other people's posts?
Testing the limits?
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Q: TestExplorer UI

Mat's MugFollowing up on Integrating Unit Testing functionality into an old COM-based IDE, I made quite a few changes to the UI, and now the code-behind for my TestExplorerWindow is starting to feel somewhat bloated, at least compared to what it was... I blame the added toolbar and the fancypants progress...

Q: Node js single mongodb connection

user3425765I want my entire node application to use one single mongodb connection, at least that's what I think is better. I wrote this little script and want some feedback on it. Especially if what I'm doing makes sense. This is my mongodb.js file 'use strict'; // Mongodb module. var MongoClient = r...

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meh.. time to brush the kids' teeth and get them into bed.
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