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12:16 AM
First day at Rackspace. Twas good.
@mossy Yay!
How many people got trampled just to see your dashing handsomeness up close?
Reply from bytes=32 time=1022ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=1023ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=921ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=946ms TTL=53
I too like dialup
...and I have cable!
@mossy Lots of meet and greet I guess? How's your desk? Did you get a pic of your desk?
@NathanC I was getting that while tethered to my phone during a Cox outage.
I can't even tether to my phone...
Hotspot not showing up
12:27 AM
You might say that I got...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Cox blocked.
...get out.
And when I try using USB tethering, it just hangs the network and sharing center indefinitely...
I did get a new laptop. Which is good. I didn't have anything at home that could run VMs
without catching fire.
@mossy: I've run VMs on some pretty shitty hardware....
(ok, core 2 duo laptop with a gig of ram was probably my worst. I do currently have stuff running on a little passively cooled celeron nuc-a-like - but that's 4gb of ram, and a pretty nice microarch)
12:34 AM
k...i give up for the night. Hotspot shows up, but it doesn't connect...sigh.
Every time a customer says "I can confirm that I am / am not" you can immediately assume with confidence that reality is the exact opposite of what they assert.
hey all
@MattBear Slam it in a drawer, noodle slapper!
@Wesley did that earlier :(
kinda stung
need help with subnetting
I need -
specifically excluding
you can't do that in a single subnet.
12:47 AM
yeah... that's what I was dreading...
my azure cloud network is
with subnets 10.0.1-3.0/24
one of our remote offices is (don't ask me why)
trying to figure out how I can establish a VPN tunnel to azure
renumber the remote office. Do some really ugly NAT in the VPN.
Will Microsoft let you re-number the Azure network?
@Zoredache no, I can create a new network, and then delete and recreate the servers
and then I have to go into php and MySQL on all the servers and update them
im working on integrating my Linux boxes with AD for SSO
and so that I can control the devs user accounts better
I wonder.... could I add a DC into the azure network and establish a remote connection to it?
1:33 AM
@Iain @freiheit @ward youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_IQS3VKjA
Huh. Didn't know HP was splitting.
Thats pretty new news
@JourneymanGeek How new is it?
last few days
Hm. Not that new then.
2:20 AM
TIL Semen is a real name.
Had a good giggle at someone's name in the queue today.
1 hour later…
3:21 AM
@Wesley Cool, but Hans Rey wouldn't have had to walk/climb up any of those sections that guy did.
Hell, Hans Rey probably could've ridden where that guy had to row a boat.
Hans Jörg Rey, aka Hans "No Way" Rey (born 4 June 1966 in Switzerland). Rey is a pioneer in mountain bike trials and extreme mountain biking. Rey began riding in the late 70s. Since 1987, he has ridden exclusively on GT bikes. In 1999 he was inducted to the Mountain bike hall of fame. Over the years he has won a large number of bike trials riding championships, but since 1997 has retired from competitive sports to explore the world on his mountain bike. He is the only permanent member of the "Hans Rey Adventure Team", a quest to explore the world using his mountain bike talent. These trips were...
So the DC we're moving to has a vending machine in the staging area that is filled with twinax cables and transceivers
Is that something other DCs have?
4:12 AM
Call me when the datacenter installs a vending machine that dispenses beer.
@MarkHenderson never seen it before but it's not a bad idea
@FalconMomot I tried to take a photo of it but it came out super blurry. I am not a good photographer. If @ewwhite had been there it would have been perfectly framed with a beautiful depth of field and an appropriate f-stop. I was walking past and hit snapshot on my phone
The SFP transceivers were well priced, around $40 to $80 but the SFP+ twinax 1m cables were $315
4:29 AM
@MarkHenderson I've heard of this, pretty brilliant idea, actually
I hope there is a receipt in the package.
@FalconMomot I hope that they've tested it so that it doesn't unwind and then the thing gets caught on the way down
I once bought a packet of chips and got about 6 packets because all the previous ones had got jammed and my packet was the last straw to disloge them all
Or if you see one that's stuck halfway down you buy a heavy thing that's directly above it in the hope that it hits the packet with enough force and it all comes down
@MarkHenderson yup, have seen it in a few dc's
xs4all dc has one even better: a spare parts dump where you can dump cables and other things you no longer use so there's always a stack of spares for people who need them
@DennisKaarsemaker That's a nice touch
I bet there are thousands of IEC power cords in there
and network cables
fiber is somewhat rarer
but I've seen pdus and older procurves in there too
4:45 AM
5:05 AM
We always need more network cables. Got a giant box full of power and VGA/DVI cables, though. And that's after throwing a bunch out.
@Bob Ugh me too
But I never have a HDMI cable when I need it
@MarkHenderson Don't worry, they're only $60 ea!
...and do exactly the same thing as a $2 cable off some Chinese eBay seller
5:26 AM
Obligatory insanely overpriced HDMI cable.
@JourneymanGeek Ah, yes. Because we all know that diamond has a massive effect on conductivity/rf interference/audio mojo
@Bob well, the piezoelectric effect is a thing, but I don't think it would very likely help
That doesn't seem to have diamonds in it though - just woo-woo and ignorance of forward error correction.
5:59 AM
hmm, either there is a new theme, or I'm getting the mobile version of the site on the front page.
6:27 AM
Oh god this is slow
probably should've installed the parent guest on a SSD
Whoops, battery's dying.
I'll have to see if suspending this even works :P
6:42 AM
Night my loves.
Q: Magento not Sending emails Help configure nginx squirrelmail

nfs__have followed this youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0daTIbsi-M I think I just need to configure nginx for squirrelmail. squirrelmail installed in the default location but Nginx dont seem to find it. When Im going to my domain I get this message. ERROR: Config file "config/config...

this is full of fail. Wow.
this is really getting annoying; I had to threaten to resign twice today to get something actioned.
on the bright side it doesn't look like anyone is OK with me resigning
on an even brighter side, I can actually resign since I have two offers lined up
@FalconMomot I guess you don't want to leave $currentemployer either
6:54 AM
@FalconMomot That sounds good
@Iain not really. I want to work at the current employer with a specific problem corrected, or at another employer.
No Java ?
to make a long story short, two people are harassing me and I need them to stop. the java is a thing too but it's secondary.
pretty much
7:14 AM
You do realiase that, at the moment, this question looks very much like "Hi, I'm a developer, please teach me to sysadmin" - which makes it off topic on several grounds at the same time, not least "too broad" and "professional server admin". If you have a business need to run this server, hire a consultant. If you don't, go and get your learning experiences before posting here. — MadHatter 7 mins ago
wow that's harsh from the MadHatter
@FalconMomot In my experience, having clear boundaries tends to lead to raises.
@Skyhawk at the very least it leads to not having those boundaries softly pressed far beyond their original location.
@FalconMomot I once got a 25% raise by promising never to work an hour over 40 again. I was the new network administrator at a scrappy little financial company and had been required to work approximately 80 hrs/week for 2 weeks in a row. The next week I was out with a terrible case of the flu, bad enough that it included some time spent hooked up to an IV.
@Iain he does kind of have a point, but meh, op's in the funny place where he's not sure what he needs to know
@Skyhawk damn! that isn't bad.
the competing offer is for a partnership in a SIEM firm some of my fraternal brothers have in Calgary
7:21 AM
@JourneymanGeek I agree entirely with what he's saying, he's not normally that gloves off about it though
@FalconMomot The trigger was that when I came back, they said they would dock my pay for 3 of the days I'd missed because I was too new an employee to have accumulated much sick leave.
@Skyhawk !
@FalconMomot I explained that if I was classified as exempt and wasn't eligible for overtime and they were just going to ignore my extraordinary generosity with my time, that they certainly weren't entitled to it.
@FalconMomot So they paid me for the days I was out sick and gave me a raise. I think they were really scared that I was going to leave.
yeah, that can happen
When I was about 19, I was working in a startup shipping agency. For the first month or two, there wasn't very much to do, and they'd send me home and only pay me for the hours I'd worked. Then there was a rush and I worked 9-10 hours a day for a week... and they were very surprised when I asked why I wasn't paid for the full time I worked.
That, btw, was the job I eventually quit because the boss kept trying to make me go with him on "business trips"
Oh, and his wife worked at the same place. And was incompetent. And could not follow written instructions.
I am surprised I got out of there without a prison sentence.
7:38 AM
sounds like you were well out of it for sure
Indeed. I've a friend who's worked as a forwarding agent for the past ~4 years. Apparently that sector is still a wretched hive of sexism and harassment...
qoute CoC: The real-life test: You shouldn't talk to anyone here in a way that you wouldn't talk to someone in person, including a boss or new colleague.

ye right, if i talk here like i sometimes talk in real live i get banned instant..
avoid criticism of the author..
how the fuck are we supposed to tell them they should hire a professional now?
@DennisNolte Advising somebody that their skillset isn't up to he job in hand is constructive
@Iain ye but we should avoid criticism, not only non-constructive. Maybe i am reading too much into it.
7:51 AM
Honestly, I think its somewhat badly written
@JourneymanGeek the CoC ?
It also feels the wrong side of PC, occationally repeats itself, and sounds like it got written by a lawyer trying to cover everything.
@JourneymanGeek It was written by some group of people trying to be
@Iain: Pretty much
and I'm a big fan of keeping it simple, and letting the community handle things.
8:19 AM
Huggy-feely stuff always tends to be overwrought and overdone. We really should be able to say "Treat others at least as well as you would like to be treated. Plus no bigotry, though hopefully none of you would want to be treated that way anyway. If you don't behave you will get your ass bounced out the door. Discussion over thanks for coming"
Overly-complex statements are open season for rules-lawyering assholes
I will find some other webhost that supports latest rails with cpanel support. I will not waste time on a web host without cpanel well...okay then...
8:35 AM
I'm going nutty over this..
coldforged.no/php.php <- "Display Errors" is Off, right?
then try this one.. coldforged.no/phpraider
been trying to fix it for days.. I'm about to just give up
@pauska errors !
@pauska is there an ini_set .. which switches it back on in the code anywhere ?
8:51 AM
@DennisNolte I think we should criticize what they do, not who or how they are. There's a difference between "you're an idiot" and "your actions are idiotic" - the latter isn't criticizing the person (though the person will probably disagree with me...)
@JennyD so it seems business as usual :)
@Iain not that I can find.. refresh the second link, I even merged in phpinfo into the problematic file and it shows display_error to off
I've set error_reporting to 0, and that didn't help either
9:06 AM
@pauska @MichaelHampton is good with php
Morning all
@pauska What are you trying to achieve?
@pauska I have literally nothing to do this morning if you want a second pair of eyes
@Dan look at the second link I posted
scroll down past the phpinfo stuff
all those warnings should not be displayed
You might need to look at error_reporting
Have you checked that display_errors isn't being set dynamically?
Let me do my toast and quickly re-learn PHP :D
yes, I've checked those.. look at the phpinfo that I injected to the same page
display_errors is off, error_reporting is set to 0..
9:21 AM
Yeah, that's not going to tell the true story though
Remember PHP is a scripting languages and is executed sequentially
Add this to the bottom of the page
<?php echo ini_get("error_reporting"); ?>
@pauska have you looked in the smarty files/config - it may have it's own error reporting stuff ?
Sorry, I meant <?php echo ini_get("display_errors"); ?> at the end of the page, or both
9:57 AM
just got bid sniped
10:10 AM
No, put it at the bottom mate
Because then it'll reflect any changes made dynamically
I'll try.. this is a maze of includes and templates and what not
Yeah, that's the problem - I'm confident that somewhere in there will be an ini_set statement
You should be able to chuck at the bottom of index.php, @pauska
This is the week where my garden goes from too hard to work to too wet to work
@Iain this is the week where insect season turns to mud season
Thanks for the information everyone(Jenny D, Iain, Journeyman Geek , MadHatter). Now I understand that it requires steep learning curve. I will find some other webhost that supports latest rails with cpanel support. I will not waste time on a web host without cpanel. I did not know this. I don't mind the downvotes. This information is valuable to me. Thanks again. @JourneymanGeek - Sorry for asking how to learn ruby on SO — New 2 hours ago
wow, a dev comes to SF and is polite!
/me checks temperature of reputedly hot place to see whether it's frozen over
10:23 AM
hillarious bit? I didn't actually say he did ._.
@pauska Daamn, still off!
@Dan yeah I managed to trick the variables into some template file
this system recompiles templates on the fly
Error reporting is different though
@JourneymanGeek You said it was "roughly the equivalent". Anyhow, he was nice about it which is rare enough to be notable
@pauska Could you pastebin menu.php?
10:32 AM
This is fun to read
Q: Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

LauraWe don't spend too much time talking about our code of conduct; the rules are few and fairly straightforward, and most people abide by them, most of the time. But some of these guidelines, while obvious to our core community, are often unknown to or misinterpreted by newcomers. One of the oldes...

a morass of pink and fluffyness to you all from the SE employees
Fuck off.,
@Dan :)
It's broadly fair, to be honest - I can see what they're trying to achieve
I don't have a problem with it as long as it doesn't stop me from being honest
Yep, and all rules are open to interpretation
Especially the "Don't say things you wouldn't say to [x]"
10:38 AM
@Dan but you are your own boss so you can be as vicious as you like...
@tombull89 That is true
@iain for the little it will matter, I threw my opinion on that code of conduct thing
A: Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

RobMI remember some internet Celebrity developer, Joel something or other, the name escapes me right now, pointing out that people don't read. If they're not reading the shorter guidelines we have now, why are we expecting them to read longer ones? Statements like this always tends to be overwrough...

I've never seen that page from Joel before - very good points
@RobM It's very much a write only initiative that will make someone at SE feel warm inside for a job well done
10:55 AM
I'm always surprised what enterprises pay for DNS. Reverse zone of a /24? 25 EUR/month!
@iain you're quite right but its got to be worth trying
11:15 AM
Yeah because its really fucking helpful to just come through and downvote... if I wanted to catch shit simply for posting, I'd have gone to 4chan... get lost — Ortund 1 min ago
@tombull89 I hope so
There's a .suckmydick?
I don't think the new code of conduct is gonna work for, to be honest
> Scientists have long known that your DNA influences how much java you consume. Now a huge study has identified some genes that may play a role.
11:19 AM
I forgot how difficult I find being nice to dicks is
From reddit
... I read that totally wrong the first time
@Nick I read it wrong until you posted that, then I had to read it another 3 times to figure out how you can possibly read it any other way :D
He's on a right one that guy!
Coming in an hour early to work was a great idea.
that bloke really is a wankhandle
That made me lol @RobM
11:34 AM
I want a .suckmydick domain now :(
I don't want that
You can flag comments on deleted posts as rude/offensive
11:53 AM
Like I said yesterday, I think it's marginally worse than nothing. Another thing thrown at the regular members who volunteer their time and expertise, with nothing to address the hordes of window-lickers who shit all over everything.

And, of course, like you point out, it won't do any good anyway, because no one who isn't doing this already is going to follow the new, longer ruleset either.

Just a big waste of time and another thing to resent, yippie.
I rarely participate in the main sites now, to be honest
I should try more
@Dan you'll just end up in here angry and frustrated at the fail
@Iain Very true
I'm proud of some of the answers and even questions I've had here. I've learnt a lot from doing it and that's good, but the most value I get these days is from hanging out here and being able to ask questions and chat nonsense with friends
11:57 AM
There is less to learn these days as there are fewer interesting questions
@Iain True story. Anytime I bother with the main anymore, I find myself wondering why I bothered,
oh i love re-installing sharepoint
@RobM It's one of the few MS products that I absolutely refuse to go near
It's as much fun as the nightmare I had last night about having the gallbladder surgery again but without the benefit of anaesthetic.
@dan you lucky bugger.
the sharepoint wizard appears to be stuck on "Successfully Hold a chicken in the air while shoving a deckchair up the server's nose".
@RobM I do have to say this chat gives me a bit of sanity...
12:02 PM
I spent 15 minutes waiting for one of those the other day, turns out there was a dialogue box behind :(
Has anyone moved Sharepoint from one domain to another?
And for the The Comms Room, that's saying something!
@NathanC sanity from insanity?
@cole They have, but they're now kept in care
@cole Indeed.
12:03 PM
@Dan figured as much - we have a Sharepoint site that needs to get moved from an old domain to our domain.
@dan checked for that already. I think it's just in the pouts ever since our devs tried to add a component to the dev sharepoint farm. Ever since then, everything I try to fix it dissolves into "you are in a maze of .net clr errors all alike".
@cole Heh, I'm not sure if it's the best way but I almost think building on the new domain from the ground up and migrating stuff would work best. :P
@RobM shudder
@cole I think the theory is that you create a new sharepoint farm in the new domain, enable publishing between the two farms and do a migration of the content you want to send over.
@RobM @NathanC that makes sense.
12:04 PM
@RobM .NET errors best errors
there was nothing good about these errors
"Object reference not set to a reference of an object." Which object? Not telling you! nananananana!
I'm hoping we just hire a consultant to do it
that sounds familiar @NathanC
probably for the best @cole
@NathanC Still marginally better than those Event Log errors where it tells you it can't find the text for the error.
12:06 PM
Otherwise, it'll get dumped on me.
@RobM Yeah...our sales portal tosses that error when it feels like it
@HopelessN00b This...is true. Or the "Error text contains the error" and it's blank
Then you search the event ID in hopes that some other unfortunate soul has come across it
Jeez - Solarwinds (monitoring) breaks a lot.
Every time I click on a node:
@cole Have you tried dousing it with gasoline and setting it on fire?
@NathanC I wish - I don't like it for monitoring - too clunky to do things.
I like how when I do the *text* in outlook it bolds it
12:17 PM
@cole No kidding. Yet, for some reason, it's a popular monitoring suite.
@HopelessN00b probably price and it's "easy" to use.
I use Nagios...but probably will be changing it eventually.
Especially for small environments.
Oh yeah, Dell bought Quest. Another reason to like Dell - Quest's got a lot of good shit.
Quest sure does.
12:33 PM
Does anyone here do VDI? (View, specifically?)
@cole I specialise in Citrix VDI, but I've only ever done one POC of View many moons ago
Trying to figure out a good product to monitor performance for VDI.
@cole You have View already?
@Dan yeah we have a sizable View environment
12:35 PM
we don't have Splunk - too $$
Typical case of "we want all this for $5"
That is pretty freakin' sweet though.
Yeah, I've not done huge amounts with it but it's very nice and it's becoming something of a standard in the Citrix world at leas
He's a thoroughly nice guy, too
This, too
I've not used it, but again, they're good folks and their metrics are being used a lot in Citrix blogs
Mm, actually, no, VSI might not really do what you need
Kinda does
Login VSI does not require any special infrastructure and uses standard Windows based hardware. The software is easy to setup and step by step documentation is available to configure your specific tests in your own environment.
Has anyone in here deployed BitLocker? Programmatically?
@cole Have a play is all I could say, really - I went to a presentation by them but that's all I've done with it
@Dan wish I had the time to just play around.
Half the stuff we stand up is only 25%-30% done because they're like "ok this is kinda working - move on to the next!"
12:40 PM
@HopelessN00b our staff laptops are bitlocked on deployment
@tombull89 Yeah, I have the pleasure of pushing out Bitlocker to hundreds of existing laptops... can't seem to see much about turning it on and encrypting a drive automagically, such as through a GPO.
We just script the TPM config and initial encryption. Time that with a notebook re-image and it works Good Enough. We're looking at MBAM, but haven't moved forward with anything there.
Ah, well, looks like that's what we'll be doing. Kinda surprising there's not a better way than a short powershell script deployed to all our laptops, but whatever.
@cole Hey, I don't suppose you'd like to do an experiment for me?
1:15 PM
Hey did anybody ever get to the turtles?
@BigHomie I spent a good half hour scrolling...never got to the turtles.
didn't think so.
I don't get it :)
@HopelessN00b SCCM Task Sequence will get the job done
sadly thank goodness I was canned before I could complete such a task
1:24 PM
Hm, splunk has a "free" version
Ouch...it's quite neutered as a freebie, though...
@Dan depends..
Also I had trying to word this message. We don't allow users to save executables on the fileserver - (FSRM blocks them) but I'm not sure how to word "Hey we don't allow this but if you feel you have an exception - please contact us"
Heh, that's nice...apparently CMP stealthily increased their electric billing. Used to be a flat $9.36 for 100 KWh...now it's $10.65 for 50.
So I'm paying $10/month more than last year for the same amount of power
@cole I'd like to test my piece of software against a VMware View session
Just a client install, nothing funny
1:40 PM
I might be able to do it tomorrow
elbow deep in some other shit right now
33 tickets open and 3 support cases to vendors + my list of projects lol
Your job sounds fun!
I want to punch myself in the dick.
Probably going to have to open an IBM support case for Domino too
@NathanC good thing then that you got a 20$/m raise!
Time to go sit on the phone with Citrix
@NathanC still way less of what i pay 0,28€/KWh
1:49 PM
1. Please note that if the A01 BIOS is currently installed on your system you must
first apply the P02 patch (E6410P02.EXE) before upgrading to this BIOS.
P02 BIOS link: dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/…
2. Please note that if the A08 or before A08 BIOS is currently installed on your system
you must first update to A09 BIOS and then flash to the latest A-rev BIOS.
A09 BIOS link: dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails?driverId=CK5MK
3. Please note that if the A10 or before A10 BIOS is currently installed on your system
how very efficient, Dell...
@pauska at least they link the bios and you do not have to search every version yourself.
@DennisNolte Hey, the links actually work!
@DennisNolte Damn...my bill was $84.70 for 556 KWh. They charge a delivery and actual usage fees
Gas does the same thing, so it makes it pretty confusing...
heh, the website for the power company has a redirect loop...
my login timed out, but I can't get back to the login page
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