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I am not downloading unstable :)
Keeping my debian clean. But if you can post the transcript.. I will read it
Look up minitube
I don't want to install anything on my debian, I can switch to Ubuntu
but I am still only going to look at transcript
I know what you mean that people deny things (like how immunizations cause autism, SIDS)
or that there are pseudoscientists
go to google scholarly (only shows peer reviewed data from reputable/scholarly sources) search iron supplement absorption rate
it is 5-8%
What I mean in South Africa aid medication was banned over a group of scientist pick by their president at the time... One of them might of won a Nobel prize if he...
calcium and other water soluble vitamins can be absorbed easier
In South Africa, HIV/AIDS denialism had a significant, and entirely negative, impact during the presidency of Thabo Mbeki from 1999 to 2008. Mbeki criticized the scientific consensus that HIV does cause AIDS beginning shortly after his election to the presidency. In 2000, he organized a Presidential Advisory Panel regarding HIV/AIDS including several scientists who denied that HIV caused AIDS. In the following eight years of his presidency, Mbeki continued to express sympathy for HIV/AIDS denialism, and instituted policies denying antiretroviral drugs to AIDS patients. Instead of providing these...
There is no shortage of pseudoscientists, or people who are wrong now, but don't find out later. Even Einstein was wrong about his theories (which he stuck to) later in life
wiki != reliable :P
but I believe that article
But for your Laptop :D
12:09 AM
They were wrong and at the time they knew what cuses Hiv/AIDS but they did denial it.
I am just asking is it a good one for the price
If you want a gaming laptop (no matter that desktop better for gaming) check iBuyPower
they are built for gaming, laptops really are bad for gaming only because they have to spend more money making things smaller
I know that 'Gaming Laptops' is like a oxymoron
No there are some, but they are just like 1.5-2x more expensive
or more I have seen one for 10k
It never go higher than high 70 while gaming people says
If I would of get a gaming rig it would be a desktop
Why don't they make water cool laptops?
It wouldn't be feasible really
I saw your conversation before
and I had a liquid cooled desktop before
you need tubes with enough water/liquid to disipate the heat and something else like fan will cool the water off
12:14 AM
Because people will drop them like idots and make it....
just have a tube that is shape like a rouned rectangle.
think of the processor how big it is, like 1"X1" for laptop (if that) now you need a piece to go over/be the heatsink
then you need tubes in and out for the flow
Yea but that laptop have two fans over the CUP and the GPU
the amount of liquid needed isn't small
you could run it externally but then why have a laptop
the tubes I had were like an inch in diameter, and about 4"-6" inches plus the large fan to cool the liquid
and the regular fans to cool 2 GPUS
12:17 AM
Yea... Do you game?
not any more really
I built that one and only really played a couple games
Well... I am not a gammer either but I want a fast computer that can compile code fast and do 3d...
get a desktop :) with 2 GPU's use one to process code
You know the Titan Z is a joke
or use both to process the code, and use built in GPU
at lowest res
12:19 AM
I have a intel HD 3000
then use both for 3d, or alternate
And it is junk... Since I am using a laptop I can only upgrade to HD4000 still junk
You can build a killer desktop for 1500, or get a still good desktop for 1000 and get a reg laptop and then remote in
You know laptop what Apple call "Retina display" I would never like to have a Retina display on a laptop due to the power... It takes more power for a higher PPI... You can do it by lowering the res of the monitor but...
you could make the desktop headless too
12:21 AM
I know
use GPUS just for code then just remote in from lappy :) fun
ask @Rinzwind
heh I gotta go though been fun.. need to get wife Chipotle
okay @Rinzwind is that true?
okay when will you be back?
idk i just have to go I was passing off to other person in room not sure I need to spend some time with her though
see you
12:40 AM
1:15 AM
That's really awesome.
I'm surprised the botanist didn't expect them to grow though. If stored in proper conditions, seeds can last for an extremely long time. iirc, they planted some found in a pharaohs tomb, and they grew.
1:31 AM
This is pretty neat, for all you xscreensaver fans.
I just shut off my screen :)
I am having a discussion in UL talking about Raid. People not really talking
It's quiet in there sometimes.
Earlier it was quite lively.. I still need a question answered about touchpad config in my Debian partition
works fine on Ubuntu, don't know where the configs are though to copy between the 2
wanna see what I mean?
Well, even if people are there, they aren't going to be talkative if they don't know the answer to your question.
Oh no I asked the ? like 4 hours ago
people were being helpful and chatty then
now when talking about RAID not so much
1 hour later…
2:46 AM
@Braiam I'm not sure what you mean by personalize, but libnotify on java supports everything notify-send does..
2 hours later…
4:28 AM
> Create the sieve configuration directory.
> It needs to world writable.
> mkdir /etc/sieve
> chmod 777 /etc/sieve
whats up?
I wish I had better understanding, are you saying the whole "its in etc" or its 777?
Making a folder in /etc world-writable is not what I call "smart."
ok so both :) I did understand
hooray for me
I'm learning
4:35 AM
I didn't even have to google
Do you know about device configs for lappys?
like the touchpad
I don't have etc/X11/xorg.conf (or xorg.conf.d)and want to migrate settings from ubuntu to my debian (on same machine)
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
Q: When is a bug a bug?

TakkatInspired by this question Would creating a Q&A question to cover specific 14.04 sound issues be okay here? we may want to better define which bug reports merit being a close reason for a question as off topic. We should not close questions as bug report only because a similar report exists on...

Q: privacy across cloud on ubuntu owncloud

user80171we have build own cloud to provide privacy and write encryption and decryption code on JAVA on system(window7) but the issue is how to implement this coding on own cloud??

7:04 AM
Q: How to pass string (not file) to openssl?

NitishI want to encrypt a bunch of strings using openssl. How do I pass plaintext in console to openssl (instead of specifying input file which has plaintext). openssl man page has only these two options related to input/output: -in <file> input file -out <file> output file Here is what I ha...

7:21 AM
@hbdgaf this seems like something you could figure out askubuntu.com/questions/488838/…
7:46 AM
Any mods around? We have a substantial wave of spam happening. It's the "Indian Team" "make us mods" spammer-troll (or a copycat).
ah crap
yeah I saw it just now
I'm in
@oli can you directly delete them? I keep loading questions that are allready done _O-
ah that's better
It looks like it's all spam answers on pre-existing legit questions, so far. The answers are easily identifiable as the "hacker team" spam. Should we post links in here to any questions that the spam answers have been posted on?
(It's on several questions unfortunately.)
and its gone again :=)
lol I saw those two go from 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 in real time
@jokerdino has entered the arena
8:00 AM
yeah and with his large paws he is going to trample them all into the ground
at least it is not as boring today as it was yesterday _o- _O-
Oli too fast. :(
Now the spam account names are generic-looking and don't have "Indian Team" in them, perhaps to make it slightly harder for us to immediately know what posts on the front page have been spammed. :)
8:03 AM
Where's that webpage from Nathan to see all the new accounts created?
@EliahKagan Yeah it's a nice thought but we could just sit on the /users/ page
@terdon I disagree. The KILLINGSPREE V3 is very nice for gaming. @andrew
@Oli great!
@Oli I'm glad that if that is their tactic, that it shall not be successful. :)
I just deleted one before it spammed.
8:04 AM
Oli is being pro-active
LOL yeah I saw. account is gone
And some actual spam too (data recovery). Today is a special day.
8:08 AM
a couple more in here (user accounts named after mods now, like last time): askubuntu.com/q/492122/22949
seems they caved?! :-)
well, thanks for bumping old questions!
Oli+jorkerdino versus Indian hacker crew: 1 - 0
I dare someone to star that >:-D
tsk already gone :=)
8:11 AM
Rinz, they got your number.
Let them come!
they want us to know they're looking at this chat log in real time :) askubuntu.com/q/508431/22949
Let them try and mess with the Wizard from Ankh-Morpork.
lol, someone fix that ububtu
8:13 AM
I'll fix it (and make other edits too).
hi and bye :-P
So the 1st hour flew by. 7 more till weekend.
Thanks Indian hacker team.
OK, he's out for lunch.
8:29 AM
time for some cookies
The y we no can haz mod crew seems to have passed for now... Should probably hook this: askubuntu.com/search?q=%22MAKE+US+MODS%22 up to a script that plays a klaxon sound or something if it gets results...
Mom and dad of the Indian hacker crew told them to go to bed?
yeah, he said he'll be back with greater attack force.
In other news: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Released with Linux Kernel from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS now also has an upgrade path to 12.04.5
is that for servers?
8:40 AM
the 10.4? yes
So they didn't manage to get it back down to CD size (703MB).
dunno :D 1 sec
You can buy extended CDs that it'll fit on but they're not the normal.
758 Mb
Come to think of it, I thought 680MB was the "normal" back in the day.
8:43 AM
700Mb was the extended ;-)
As spin speeds increased and burn ring density increased, so did maximum size.
I can find 900MB CDs for sale. That's pretty cool!
yeah I just spotted those too _O-
I remember hating it as a kid because some Sierra game needed a 2x optical drive. I had the game, but only a single spin CD drive.
see if this works:
Capacities of Compact Disc types (90 and 99 minute discs are not standard)
Type Sectors Data max. size Audio max. size Time (MB) Approx. (MiB) (MB) (min)
8 cm 94,500 193.536 184.570 222.264 21
283,500 580.608 553.711 666.792 63
650 MB 333,000 681.984 650.391 783.216 74
700 MB 360,000 737.280 703.125 846.720 80
800 MB 405,000 829.440 791.016 952.560 90
900 MB 445,500 912.384 870.117 1,047.816 99
Note: megabyte (MB) and minute (min) values are exact; MiB values are approximate.
8:48 AM
just use a liveusb
@jokerdino that could work... but do we really need a bot to fight the bots?
Isn't Sierra coming back?
@AmithKK hmm suspicious!! they go away and amithkk shows up >:-D
9:03 AM
@Rinzwind It just so happens that it's lunchtime :P
Space Quest! :=()
They had a couple of models that worked. They'ld have to write all new engines though. Like they used really similar engines for all the king's uest and space uest games.
@hbdgaf haha
does any of you remember the copy protection scheme for space quest back then? :D
@Rinzwind Manual word lookups?
9:05 AM
copy protection? the most effective one i remember from back in the day was having to look up word 6 in paragraph four of the 300 page manual... because you couldn't multitask back then
i remember this from xcom, but it might have been in sierra games
@Oli no you got a match, dynamite and had to walk towards a dead end. Then light the dynamite, Run back. SAVE your game and let yourself die. Then after you reloaded the game the dead end became a cave you could walk through _O-
I remember the Leisure Suit Larry one. It would ask you topical questions only an American adult would reasonably know... Pretty tough break for a 13 year old British kid.
it was explained in the manual but when you got a copy you never got a manual with it _O-
@Oli that one was hard for a dutch boy too
hah... good cheeky fun from the space quest team
Ha, yeah
9:12 AM
autocad had a fun one too... 25 fdd's. you had to insert #2 1st and then go #1 through #25. Otherwise it would fail the copy protection test _O-
"Ubuntu has been spotted aboard the International Space Station and it seems that it was used to control a rover back on Earth." WE RULE!
Oh Autodesk has always been ridiculous with DRM. I did some work for a company responsible for localising their apps and they had dongles and smartcards. I get that it's expensive software but "professional" crackers will always get through it eventually and then you're just making things harder on your paying customers.
@Oli hah... my uncle introduced me to LSL when I was young. I don't remember having problems getting it to install. I didn't understand the game humor much, it was more of a puzzle solving thing for me.
ah yes. dongles :D :D we used to have servers with dongles. no dongle=no booting
speaking of dongle fail: hackaday.com/2014/08/05/…
Even more off-topic: I also know that when Blizzard want you to work on their code they do background checks on all your employees, supply the hardware, demand they only connect via their networking hardware to their VPN. And these employees are under NDA so they can't discuss anything they're doing with un-NDA'd coworkers and they have to work physically apart from them for the duration of the project.
If it wasn't for all the money Blizzard also sends, I'm sure somebody in the company would have pointed out that It's just a bloody game!!.
9:18 AM
the starcraft key i guessed back in the day that worked was 123456 123456 654321 or similar... but you see the pattern that worked.
@Rinzwind You'll notice that they've moved their window buttons back to the correct side.
@Oli or you could take the i3 approach. "Window buttons? We don't need no stinkin' window buttons"
Thinking about a cheap-ish REALLY BIG monitor... tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/…-Retro--WEBBP2064-_-tigerem‌​ail2064&utm_source=EML&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=WEBBP2064
nm, they ran out while i was thinking.
@Oli tell that to Gravity... they got their source code stolen and 1000 illegal servers popped up. They had to completely change their game to make any money on it
@JourneymanGeek 40 inch LED display for 249 after rebate... so. was a deal, but... i had to think.
9:27 AM
@Rinzwind That's the risk of selling your game as a service.
@hbdgaf I wouldn't use that as a monitor. Pixel density is way too low
@Oli yeah they had a monthly fee. (one of their admins used 12345 as a password............................................................)
@Rinzwind Oh hodor...
now the game is free but uses in-game transactions :D
Ragnarok Online. I played that for 10 years or so _O-
(its on steam <3 but not yet for Linux :(
@hbdgaf How much was it before it died?
@Oli 1920*1080 for 249.
9:29 AM
that's not bad :P
it was more that i could sit in the bed and use it from across the room than that i could see every pixel up close
@hbdgaf Fair enough. 249 shouldn't be impossible to match, especially if you look at second hand models too. It's not like you need the "smart" features a lot of the current line-up is offering.
@Oli fair enough. it was also interesting due to loads of inputs. i could hook up my lappie, a raspi mediacenter, etc etc. a lot of the large-ish secondhand stuff doesn't have the LED + size + inputs stuff around where i am.
i mean, if i lived in chino-ca there's a police auction sort of thing that puts out huge tvs with really good specs, but you have to go pick it up. it isn't mail-able.
That's what an AV receiver/Amp is for. You don't want a modern TV to play anything through its own speakers. Built-in speakers have never been good but modern TVs are now physically too small to make decent sound.
I'll hush before I spend all your money.
Bored :*(
9:38 AM
@Oli oh i won't spend it. i'll take all day thinking about it. i just won't spend it
10:01 AM
@Oli: I know of someone who picks up old audio gear and fixes them
Decent to great gear, dirt cheap
Yeah I've known people who do the same with TVs. Small electrical problems (usually blown caps) that take maybe 30 minutes to identify and fix.
hopes he has enough for his new speakers next month
No one is on?
@hbdgaf Jorge is more into Megadeath Spice Girls fusion :D
10:06 AM
weird music is often more entertaining than the older classics.
i'm more in to cryptex/glitch etc... but there are times when acdc is appropriate.
10:22 AM
the third one is the best. it's sort of an escalation in the playlist
3 hours later…
1:33 PM
is there any way to find out if the first comment was made before the question was closed? askubuntu.com/questions/507573/…
1:57 PM
Whats is the driver called for the touchpad in Ubuntu 14.04? Every time i use my touchpad, My Ubuntu freezes.
Wanna report a bug
@don.joey Yes, you can. You can go to a post's revision history and replace revisions in the URL with timeline to get a page showing specifically when comments, closures/reopenings, and other events occurred. askubuntu.com/posts/507573/timeline
nice @EliahKagan thanks for helping out
@don.joey No problem. :)
@blade19899 Based on help.ubuntu.com/community/…, I believe the right package is xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.
@blade19899 Assuming, that is, that it's a Synaptics touchpad.
@EliahKagan that Indian Hacker crew front is still sleeping?
@blade19899 synaptics
@Rinzwind I've been afk for most of the time since then, but as far as I know there haven't been more "indian team" spams since. I'm sure it'll happen again at some point
2:14 PM
@EliahKagan tomorrow! since it is weekend mom and dad will let them stay up late.
J-MAN!! you missed all the fun today!
I saw Oli and Jokerdino sweating from all the ban hammering
2:28 PM
@Rinzwind Really? What happened?
the Indian Hacker Crew paid us a visit
Ah, fun.
all evidence has been removed or taken to the backoffice _O-
2:45 PM
Did I miss something..?
just some spam.
I see foss is back. Welcome back @fossfreedom!
can't keep this mouse away for long :)
mouse is old tech. switch to touch!
Danger touch?
2:50 PM
death touch
makes me sound deadly - mice are cute and cuddly
@fossfreedom Oh yeah? Try telling that to Danger Mou... oh, hang on.
mv me /home \o/
3:11 PM
Q: Modify default virt-manager network to allow access to service on host

OxwiviI have a MariaDB service running on the hosting Ubuntu, and want my Windows guest to be able to access it over the NATted network that guests created by virt-manager defaults to. I've already ensured that MariaDB is configured allow connections over the network. I'm a little pressed for time, s...

Does anyone game here? (Or used to in the mid-late 90s?)
Just wondering if anyone remembers Dungeon Keeper (by Bullfrog)
Only saying because its cross platform
@NoTime Yeah. Spent hours and hours on that one back in university.
New very true to design one is in beta (they got the same voice from original on kickstarter)
The DK3 version that never came out (that's what this company is trying to recreate) over £200k
So I am excite
3:32 PM
recommendations on a linux laptop?
large screen (a must)
good battery life.
system 76 is good.
I'm not a fan of laptops in general. however for portability it's beginning to make a lot more sense
Buying from a distributor that sells them with Ubuntu pre-installed is a good idea, if you can manage it, because the hardware will be tested with Ubuntu/Linux.
Lenovo because i) great quality (at least it used to be) and ii) thinkwiki.org
Just google it first, because some lenovo's are tricky.
or so I've heard.
3:58 PM
Yeah, it's the thinkpads specifically that have very good *nix support. The newer flashy models might well not.
Hi, Is there a official or recommended fix for ugly font rendering in java swing apps without installing openjdk-fontfix patch in Trusty?
4:38 PM
@terdon every lenovo product i've ever owned was a PoS
desktops, laptops, tablets.
I'm anti-lenovo
however asking the boss his opinions on a build and I think he just offered to pay for it (knowing it is for dev first and foremost)
5:01 PM
lenovo is good
that looks good.
@rlemon I'd love that wallpaper, if the machine comes with it :)
hm, looks like kubuntu needs more testers. Guess I'll focus on that next time I do some testing then.
@Seth think its worth the price?
5:06 PM
@rlemon I do.
Actually, it looks pretty good.
We were discussing it yesterday, and I don't think you can get a laptop with those specs for much cheaper.
aaaand I closed the tab by accident :P
at least you have a screenshot ;p
yesterday I accidentally did a ctrl+shift+w when I was trying to reply to something >.<
@rlemon Looks good
5:22 PM
Just installed r-base package. What i need to do after that?
Why most of the laptops have Ubuntu pre-installed? because of open source?
Most laptops don't have Ubuntu installed.
Most laptops (today) have windows h8te on it
well, it's ordered
system76 has nice customer service
:/ I just realized i'm going to have to re-organize all of my desks now :/
Q: What to do if the good answer is in another question?

Barafu AlbinoProblem More often than not I run into a question that had already been answered here. But the asker could not know it, because he lacks info on what to look for. Recent example: User asks if it is possible to create functional keys on a keyboard without ones. I know the answer. In short, it is ...

Anyone active right now?
I am, but I fear I will not know the answer
5:34 PM
Do you know about PAT (NAT Port overload)?
Even as theoretical idea
Do you know about NAT? :)

 Root Access

For all you Super Users out there. You have backups, right?
I go here for all networking help :P
Isn't Super Users Windos?
I hate that oneboxes ignore additional text behind them
SU is not just for windows
5:36 PM
Ok, I don't know where I read that
@NoTime Super user is not purely for windows but if you got a windows question, that's the only place on SE.
much better than a 'k' :S
6:00 PM
Q: load module via /etc/modules

Andrey RomanchevI want to load my kernel module hello.ko on boot in Ubuntu 12.04. So I placed it to /lib/modules/3.8.0-31-generic/kernel/ubuntu/hello.ko, run 'depmod -a' and added 'hello' to /etc/modules. But after restart there is no 'hello' module in lsmod. And in /var/log/upstart/module-init-tools.log there ...

2 hours later…
7:50 PM
Q: fstab group option?

fire_waterEnvironment Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop 64-bit Problem only members of group_name should be allowed to mount,unmount and read,write,execute drive_name Potential Solution edit /etc/fstab add line: /dev/abc /media/drive_name ext4 group 0 2 create group: sudo groupadd group_name add users to ...

2 hours later…
9:26 PM
better ? : )
2 hours later…
11:03 PM
ahhh, I have motion sickness, and cardboard dust all over my phone.
Is there a way to see PID Memory usage prior to hard boot.. ?

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