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5:00 PM
@BenBrocka Do you ever take Parker outside?
@OrigamiRobot That's kinda cool.
@MBraedley Every time I get an MCU, a new, cooler one comes out.
@OrigamiRobot The only solution seems to be to never buy another MCU
Then you're only ever one generation behind
5:05 PM
"Subjective questions do not a good proposal make" what?
@Lazers @fredley He's running Java 7, and the latest update of that. I don't think moving to Java 8 is going to solve his problem. I'm thinking his world is corrupt.
@MBraedley Oh
Just got back from parent teacher interviews + book fair. My one kid bought an Adventure Time book with BMO on the cover. (cc @OrigamiRobot)
@JasonBerkan I miss book fairs. Not that I read (or read, ah the English language) a lot of fiction
5:16 PM
@JasonBerkan BMO is best MO
I say, what weirdness be going down at this point?
other than Java 7 book fairs powered by Bitcoin
Oh, please don't. | -|
teh horrors! I think your caps-lock is stuck
5:29 PM
Naah, he's autocadding and to lazy to turn it off
@OrigamiRobot No he's an indoor cat
5:33 PM
@FEichinger so many freehand circles...
@FEichinger I think the red circles are typos in the mockup
@BenBrocka Even then, the badge counts contradict in all three instances.
Sum up the bronze badges. They don't match with the top either.
@OrigamiRobot Technically leashes are required here, never used one. I'd be prepared for it not working. Might wear gloves the first time you try putting it on too
Parker struggles enough getting his claws trimmed I wouldn't want to try putting a leash on
5:40 PM
@FEichinger Perhaps, but you summed up all the problems, and color coded. It is awesome.
My sister uses one for her cat, and she recommends you get one with a full body harness, because they can't escape it as easily.
Who's a happy kitty
@BenBrocka not that kitty
5:48 PM
cats are liquid, they can escape anything!
Yeah our cats would get out of flea collars like nothing, a harness is probably required to keep it on
@BenBrocka Yeah, something like that. Hers isn't so thick, it's like a series of straps, but a similar sort of thing around both the chest and belly
Q: Chat context menu no longer shows up

ヴァイシャリI used to get a chat context menu on the right side of the page. It said The Bridge (X people chatting). Underneath Minecraft or some such room (Y people chatting). All I see now is the Network Hot Questions list instead. Is this normal? I'd rather see our chat link. Maybe below our chat link t...

@OrigamiRobot Fair enough. :)
6:01 PM
@OrigamiRobot Im sorry I was confusing
the looks of crushing defeat on these cats
Cat taking a dog home by leash
Spring is here! And so is a free download of #WiiSportsClub! Play the fun #WiiU game for free until 3/23. http://spr.ly/6013gRcT
same for EU
6:22 PM
Duke pls
> G4's TV show Web Soup partnered up with eBaum's World for its popular segment "This Week in FAIL" for its 3rd season run.
Wow, really?
that would have been prime entertainment in 2005 or so
It's pretty shitty no matter when it happened.
@OrigamiRobot I'm not sure what you'd expect for a show whose focus was viral videos. <_<
I'm honestly amazed TV somehow has stuff like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards etc. For several years it seemed it'd be 100% reality shows and garbage by now
I mean, it's still 98% garbage but...
6:25 PM
@BenBrocka Technically, House of Cards isn't on TV. :P
@BenBrocka Depends on what you call "garbage", really.
A lot of it was sitcoms of all variety.
And crime of all variety.
But I agree, epic storytelling came back to TV and it's great.
> On January 31, 2009, Bauman reported that ZVUE fired him and the rest of the staff and replaced them with a new team. Furthermore, Bauman claimed ZVUE are falsely using his name in connection with new material, making it look as if Bauman is still employed.
Q: TDS: What to do with the imperial flag icon?

Frozen_OlafToday I got an red icon with a white impial flag in the bottom left corner. I thought it was a deco droid so I clicked on it. The up/down lever appeared. I stopped in each of my levels but nothing happened. What now? I can't access the other icons such as the yellow finished one or the rebel spie...

Poetic justice.
@FEichinger Seems kinda like Netflix/dvd/blu ray releases have killed part of the necessity for shows to have no major changes between episodes
6:32 PM
Q: How does pub player-matching work in dota 2?

ChrisLet me preface by saying that I know people say playing pubs is a good way to collect losses. That being said I typically play by myself because I don't know a lot of people that play DoTA2 and the times that I play vary. Can anyone explain to me how the matching system works in DoTA2, because I...

Q: How do I unlock the secret room in Dungeon Defenders

user72363I beat all of the levels in Dungeon Defenders on mixed difficulties and the room isn't open, what do I need to do to open it?

Q: Windows 8.1 cannot locate DVD-ROM

ZantroidI've just installed LOTRBFME2 on my laptop which is running windows 8.1. I have changed the compatibility settings, before which the program became none-responsive right after you tried to start it up, but now it gives me the error message 'Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, press ok and restart ...

7:05 PM
@BenBrocka I'd want to see that confirmed by more than just the person stating it.
@GraceNote same but I don't have my game to test
Q: What is 'one turn' in Bravely Default?

ReafexusI know the how Brave and Default work. But something I have not quite paid attention to is what spells like Free Lunch that 'Make MP cost 0 for "two turns"' ACTUALLY mean. If I Brave 3 times (so when I am up, I do 4 attacks) is that "four turns" so my fourth attack will cost normal MP? Turn 1: ...

Q: How does one win 2048 - Multiplayer

The Guy with The HatEmil Stolarsky made a multiplayer version of the popular game 2048. I have played it many times, but I still can't figure out how to win. It's not based directly off of highest score, biggest tile, fastest to get to a certain score/tile, etc. Sometimes even both players win. Does anyone know how...

7:24 PM
bleh, was forced to move down 3 times, recovered twice, third was just too much...
Easy to clone and code's on github
I found this one to be the most fun of them all
not the doge
doge was just a 1:1 clone of original 2048 gameplay wise, so it was just slightly more fun than original (although it was more button mashing than actually thinking, because I couldn't be bothered to remember what each image represents)
7:29 PM
Up next, Assassin's Creed: Modern Warfare IV, wherein you join Captain Price and Soap McTavish against the Russians.
@Fluttershy engines for everyone!
7:47 PM
Q: What was the XP needed for 60-70 in the beta?

jeconnerI was wondering if anyone had any information on what the XP table from 60-70 in the beta looked like.

Q: Jesus killed them but I lost anyway?

erbSo, I was approached by the Elves and they asked me to come with them or fight, but that it was "a waste of time" and that I should just come with them. I fought them anyway and summoned Jesus who descended with his M16 and promptly sprayed them to defeat. However, when the battle ended the story...

Go home 90s design you are drunk
@Lazers Still don't think it's a good question, but it's at least valid.
@BenBrocka Maximum Control!!
@BenBrocka (I have the one on the left)
I want to know what game they're playing where all four players are using entirely different controllers
I actually gave the one on th eleft too
I don't think I've even used it, I'm not sure I have anything to use it with. Closest would be Guerrilla warfare (my nes and games are just junk a tenant abandoned )
7:51 PM
I can remember the turbo being useful but I can't actually remember where it was useful.
@BenBrocka The controllers are connected with a cord drawn from crayon so I assume they're just doing acid.
Well yeah it's illegal to have real cords in a magazine ad didn't you know?
@FEichinger I guess you missed the part where I already agreed with you.
@BenBrocka Yet permitted to use extra exclamation marks...for shame.
@Sterno Nah, I was just boiling it down to "This is community consensus, and Frank just refuses to act according to it again."
8:01 PM
@Lazers vague title is the best title...
Q: What is a good teemo build? ap/ad/hybrid

Truewinner2000I need an opinion on the best teemo build. I was playing as teemo and there was a teemo on the other team and he seemed a bit stronger.

Sums up most Kickstarters.
8:19 PM
@FEichinger I'd say rather that he interprets it differently. I've never known @Frank to specifically go against consensus. He just doesn't always think the consensus is the same thing we might.
@Sterno I find it somewhat interesting that everyone's yelling about consensus, but there's no bloody opposing view on the meta.
Every single one says unreleased content = close.
So if there IS consensus, it's for closing it.
@Frank Exactly. The argument is over the interpretation of unreleased content.
Your argument is basically over "this is about the unreleased game, not the beta of what's about to be in the unreleased game"
@Sterno Exactly.
and the other argument is basically "You're making this way more complicated than it has to be"
Which is why I want it closed and deleted before it gets released.
@Sterno There's no complication. It's totally black and white.
Ask about unreleased game = close.
End of story.
8:22 PM
Yeah. Anyway, I think you're proving my point!
Often it's not an argument about what policy is but whether or not it's actually applicable
That's what we have here.
And all I really was trying to do was defend that I don't think you're trying to override anything!
I find it interesting that my opposition is being summed up as, "Against community consensus, so ignore the crazy man."
That's strawmanning my arguments, and does not reflect well on the one doing it.
Having work pay for not only beer, but the time to drink said beer, is awesome
> If a "pre-release" question about a game can be asked and answered without speculation because an alpha/beta/early version exists, regardless of the number of people who are/could be in possession of said game, it should be left open.
You're totally missing @Frank's point.
Don't take that to mean I agree with his point.
@MBraedley That is very excellent
8:25 PM
But you're arguing with him over the wrong thing, I think.
@MBraedley Sounds like a good company to work for.
@Sterno Not really. He's arguing "it's not released enough". Community consensus says that's wrong.
He's arguing that if the question were about the beta, it would be okay, but since it's about "what will be in the game that's not released yet", it's not.
@Sterno And that - as I've said before - is a distinction we never made.
If I were to argue with him, it would be to argue that the distinction is pretty pointless.
8:26 PM
@FEichinger You'll notice I left a slightly dissenting argument in that if it's generally not available (i.e. closed beta, review copies, etc.) it should be closed. IMHO, it needs to be a beta in which anyone could reasonably participate.
But I'm having more fun watching you two argue, so I don't want to.
Plus, I have to go pick up my daughter.
@MBraedley Personally, I agree with LessPop: "Is there an NDA?" is the key question.
I don't think we should be NDA police.
@FEichinger Yes, that does make it cut and dry. I'm still of the opinion that it should be slightly more strict.
I'm going now, really
8:28 PM
The question was obviously asking about the expansion, and got closed accordingly. Now, it's in murky beta/live territory, and is a complete mess. It should just be deleted and the problem is done.
@Frank It should never have been closed as off-topic.
Too broad would've been perfectly fine for the original question. But it's not off-topic because unreleased content.
Because it isn't unreleased content. As per our community consensus it is released enough.
I'm assuming it's the Crusader gear question? I think it's (marginally) salvageable. It would, however, result in a rather crappy question.
I mean, look at the damn title: "What armor and weapons do Crusaders use?"
No distinction of beta, live or otherwise.
@Frank Irrelevant.
Fucking irrelevant.
That's literally asking about the expansion that's not out yet.
8:29 PM
We never make that distinction.
No edit has made a change to that, except to rearrange it.
In fact, making that distinction would be nonsensical, because we would then suddenly have to have two questions - one about the beta, one about the live release.
As I've said, I'll be the first to cast a reopen vote if it gets defined to asking about the beta.
I'm not clear why the beta and the actual thing are two entirely separate entities that deserve distinction.
And if you weren't fucking ignoring me, maybe we could have an actual discussion about this.
8:31 PM
Until then, the question is specifically off-topic. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
@Unionhawk One was playable. Isn't anymore. The other isn't playable at this point in time whatsoever.
They're not good questions, but the beta was playable.
That's where I draw the line.
So (as I've stated in meta answers before), a beta question needs to be representative of the final release. Hence my hesitation of letting the question stand, since we can't know if current drops are representative of release.
Is it fundamentally different from the base game?
And why I think re-wording it would lead to a crappy question.
@Unionhawk We have no way of verifying one way or the other.
I'm not in any way saying it's a good question - or even one that needs to remain open.
8:33 PM
@MBraedley That's rarely going to be the case.
It's beta for a reason.
I'm saying the off-topic close reason picked is bullshit, plain and simple.
@MBraedley It's already a pretty crappy question, I think.
@Frank Except not quite (apparently; I never did get a straight answer).
@MBraedley Eh? What do you mean?
@Frank As to whether the drops were happening only in beta or on the public servers. We are talking about the Crusader gear question, right?
8:35 PM
@MBraedley I thought I had answered that.
I've found quite a bit of Crusader-only gear already.
I'm going to have to agree that closing this as off topic: unreleased makes this way more complicated than it needs to be.
Including a Legendary shield.
Oh, yeah, you did. My bad, beer has hit my head already.
Chroma Squad from GDC:
@MBraedley This is a good reason!
@Krazer That was on their Kickstarter.
So totally looking forward to it.
8:37 PM
Nice, I rep capped from that Squelch question yesterday! :D First time ever.
@MichaelFrank Morterboard, go!
@MichaelFrank Yay!
@Frank yep, got it.
@Frank I haven't found any legendary Crusader specific gear~
@Krazer I doubt I'll ever even use it.
Didn't stop me from hoarding it, though.
8:38 PM
@Frank You really should stop saying "end of story" and "no ifs, ands, or buts" when clearly there are "ifs, ands, and buts". ALSO, I REALLY SUCK AT LEAVING TO GO PICK UP MY DAUGHTER
I did find a 29% block Stormshield
@Sterno But he's ignoring the opposition that bothers to argue with him, so clearly he must be right.
@FEichinger I've got to say, the drama value of this went way up when I found out you're on ignore!
@Sterno Awesome, innit?
8:40 PM
Why you no like me, YouTube? I just want to be able to add videos to my watch later queue from my sub box. Is that so hard? You used to be able to do it!
In other news, I totally have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so hopefully Blizzard servers aren't all shit like usual at game launch
Otherwise I might actually have to play some Dark Souls 2.
@Sterno It does my blood pressure (and brain) so much good.
@Sterno Here's hoping. It would kinda suck if it was.
I wonder when @Sterno will go out....
I'm just giving my daughter a little extra time to bite all the other children before I pick her up.
Also, I still have just under $14 in my bnet balance I'm willing to use to subsidize someone's purchase of RoS, in the event they want it, but don't have it yet.
8:42 PM
when I have kids, I want to be like @Sterno
@BenBrocka I presume that's granted, no?
Half the Steam front page ads are early access games. :(
no, scratch that...
I have 75 minutes until daycare closes!
But I'm leaving right now for reals
8:46 PM
@MBraedley I feel like you are barking to the wrong tree, here, bark in Google-fu
@MBraedley NOPE
@Braiam It's screwed up because I can do it on my work machine, but not here at home. The little overlay doesn't show up for some reason. I'm being served a different page, and I don't know why.
@MBraedley if it's like that... just try in a safe session
Actually, I do have an idea: I'm getting an AJAX "enhanced" page at home that I'm not getting at work.
@Braiam tried that, and with a different browser, and it's the same thing on my Win7 HTPC (vs. Win 8.1 on my desktop)
8:52 PM
@MBraedley wow....
btw, where the heck you found that "enhanced" thingy?
Drove on hwy where Fred&I hit a deer. No deer this time.
this is our senator
@BenBrocka hahaha
his recent tweets are mostly sane, surprisingly
he used to be an unending fountain of needless textspk and irrelevant tweets
@Braiam it was forced upon me. I don't think I'm getting it at work because of the filter.
8:58 PM
Q: (MOD) I am trying to make a human creature at DF

Urits McModdingFistI have spend some plenty of time trying to make a mod for my own use that involves a crundle man but it crashes the game ?could you tell me what did i do wrong? [OBJECT:CREATURE] [CREATURE:CRUNDLE_MAN] [DESCRIPTION:A medium-sized underground creature with the crimson skin,black eyes and his...

@Lazers Nope, we can't tell you what you did wrong because we don't answer mod dev questions.
Q: How to ensure the right workers are in the right houses?

nuhcoleI play Banished quite frequently. Reading other people's tips and reviews and the consensus is to not build houses too far away from each citizen's workplace. My question: Say for example I have all farms on one side of my map and a forest with gatherers, hunters, ect on the other side. I build ...

Say, does anyone here play mighty quest for epic loot?
Q: How can I win an Emperor level BNW victory?

AJ.LOnce again I'm doing something wrong! I got excited after winning a democratic/domination vic on King level so went straight on to Emperor. I tried the same domination tactic with the Zulus (building an Impi army fast & wonders that supported an army) but the other civs' techs got the better of m...

9:11 PM
@Lazers Again. Not enough details to answer the question.
9:22 PM
Got a friend who makes cakes
Even after I retracted mine, because I think questions about the beta are fine.
So much for it not mattering whether it's about the beta or not.
@Frank The question wasn't about the beta until you edited it.
@Fluttershy There are deleted comments on it.
Where I pointed out that a question about the beta could probably be answered, but asking about the game not out yet wasn't.
And he responded that info about the beta was fine.
9:31 PM
@Frank Well that's silly. Anyone seeing your edit is just gonna think your edit was wrong. <_<
@Fluttershy Close votes came in after the edit, actually.
@Fluttershy I deleted my comment because it was obsolete. I guess he deleted his, too.
@GraceNote Welp, I'm all out of ideas!
9:34 PM
@fredley Wait, -15?
@Yuki That's Numberwang!
@GraceNote Man, I wish that data was exposed to us peons.
It would make for some interesting analyzing.
@fredley Okay, this makes no sense. I'm just going by colors now.
@fredley Which fork is that?
@FEichinger Numberwang!
9:38 PM
@fredley But I looked through that! I never saw a rotate ... Must've been an update.
@FEichinger It's a little different now
I think random merging has been nerfed
It looks like that's a 10% chance on score update if it hasn't happened already when score>5230, by the way.
Q: Number of passenger in a station

JánosNumber of passenger depends on the number of surrounding building or the roads too? If I remove roads around station and building will be built instead of roads, will it increase the number of passengers?


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