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7:00 PM
@RegDwight This is complicated by having a country that has a very bland and self-absorbed name.
@RegDwight Americans is different; this is more akin to asking about "North Americans"
@psmears it might become a good question, but it is not
if you note a discrepancy between sources, imprecision, whatever, that fine
I am not ready to dismiss it just yet. I am not expert enough on the subject matter. I'm taking a backseat on this one.
@Fx Can we make that change, though, or is that something that'll need the author's effort?
I threaten: if this is not closed, I will post a wave of other such questions
7:01 PM
@Fx Great. And thanks for the note.
@Fx I'm not saying it's a good question, just that it's not as simple as "Asian" = "anything in Asia, unqualified"
Hmm, not a dupe, but sort of the same issue was raised here:
@psmears you said "it's not general reference"
Q: Why did the descriptive, "Orientals", shift into a pejorative?

JustnBeaverIt seems as if a shift occurred and the descriptive "Oriental" was replaced by "Asian" as the accepted term in polite society — what caused this shift?

@psmears that is a much better question, IMHO
ok sorry, minor emergency at the house. (:
7:02 PM
Fire alarm!
Jun 16 at 13:55, by RegDwight
user image
@RebeccaChernoff Fire? Lightning? Poison? Bandersnatch?
@RebeccaChernoff Stop biting your brother!
Fighting fire with fire... <Grace, add the unicode note here>
@GraceNote Oooh. Not the frumuous kind, I hope.
anyway, I'm going
7:03 PM
@nohat did you notice the news stats on /admin and the color highlighting? emphasizing evening things out is what inspired this.
@Fx Have fun and see you.
@Grace Note (off topic) It was Alice's Day in Oxford last Sunday.
@Rebecca: to sumarize my point, before I go :)
@Fx Yes, and (to my mind) it's not... but that doesn't mean it's a good question :)
what are the reproaches made to EL&U as it currently is?
7:03 PM
@MattEllen I did not realize there was an Alice's Day.
@RebeccaChernoff yes I noticed that too. it successfully shamed me into doing more
@Kit heh. actually, he's the one breaking things, but there was no biting involved.
Nor did I , until Sunday!
@psmears Well, bad questions are what the downvotes are there for. Close-votes are not downvotes!
shame-based UIs are an amazing new innovation
7:04 PM
specific things can be addressed; as far as I see, nothing really specific (apart from need for one additional mod) has been raised
(Also, is my Real Name setup properly on English? I hope it is...)
Q: Can we remove the 'shame' coloring from the moderator activity tab?

Tim PostAs discussed in this question, moderators can now see where they 'rank' relative to the quantity of their peer's actions. This includes actions that only moderators can take, as well as actions that we hope any high reputation user would take. This is great, in theory because it should encourage ...

what I think we're learning is that we should be keeping an eye for the other end of the spectrum too.
@RebeccaChernoff Phew
7:04 PM
Q: Can moderator shame coloring be less sensitive?

Mark TrappIn response to waffles's request for feature enhancements to the moderator dashboard coloring system: The context We have a new moderator dashboard that displays a variety of statistics about moderator activity: number of closures, comments, votes, deletions, and so on. In an apparent effort to...

"I'm embarassed when I see my name associated to this" is not actionable
@Fx I think a lot has been raised both in here and on the meta in the last day or so.
@GraceNote setup is a noun, d'oh. :P
it's insulting, but not actionable
in my own defense, the previous moderator flag-handling UI was complicated and confusing
7:05 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I don't think so
@RegDwight I could remove the adverb into an adjective.
2 days ago, by RegDwight
Sure. Right after betweening them.
I think the was consensus from the community 3 days ago that while adjustments could be made, the site is running rather well
@Fx Yeah, this is something I'd appreciate more input on
@nohat it was. feedback on that is part of why we changed it.
7:06 PM
@Fx That's right
and I have received exactly zero feedback from anyone, ever, about whether my moderation is good
@RegDwight Treat this as another response that'll make you quote yourself saying you won't quote yourself again.
even when i banned someone for 1000 days
and feedback/concerns/pain-points are always welcome on meta (if it isn't private info) or in the mod room is always welcome.
@Fx To be fair, we do have like four all-new questions on our meta right now trying to deal with all that.
7:07 PM
@nohat Most of us in the Lounge thought it was a hoot, actually.
@nohat we love you, but don't always say so!
@Fx, these things can take time. They're being raised on meta, perhaps not resolved, but it isn't that nothing is happening.
Feb 18 at 17:59, by RegDwight
Expect this to be quoted.
@Fx I think the only complaints seem to be "we allow questions about rude words", "we allow questions that relate to jokes", and something to do with flags (that I don't understand, not being a mod)
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not asking for stuff to happen!
I must be unclear yet again, sorry
7:08 PM
then I'm confused (:
@psmears I think that is a bit of a very narrowing analysis of it, but that's just my perspective.
I'm saying: things were running overall fine, and suddenly the community gets pressure to change things
but what, how, why ?
if specific points are raised (and some are in meta), they can be addressed
@GraceNote OK perhaps I should have phrased that as "the only concrete complaints that I've understood are..."
"things were running fine" was a bit of an illusion I think.
but Jeff's reproaches mostly weren't actionable
7:09 PM
@GraceNote I would be very appreciative of more explanation of what is perceived to be bad :)
@RebeccaChernoff if there are actual numbers about things being bad, we'd love to see them. if it's just perceptions, then I'm very dubious
@RebeccaChernoff then please, pretty please, give specifics! (not necessarily here and now, of course, but open meta threads, so on)
@RebeccaChernoff Maybe - but I think the "everything is terrible" is not 100% accurate either :)
@psmears I don't think anyone has said that.
there were discussions on the jokes issue, from which a consensus arised, for example; I hardly see how more can be done about it that finding a community-driven consensus
7:10 PM
@psmears Low quality jokes were the trigger point. Jokes-not-having-to-do-with-the-language, as it were. The stuff you addressed in your answer suggesting "Try it on a native English speaker"
it isn't just about making a consensus on meta.
@RebeccaChernoff OK, "litany of problems", "severe quality issues" then :)
it's about following through on the main site.
comment on posts that aren't up to snuff
vote to close if appropriate
flag things
Posted by Jeff Atwood on May 17th, 2009

We believe deeply in community moderation. That’s why we appoint Pro Tempore Moderators and, ideally, democratically elected community moderators for every site in our network. But what do community moderators do? The short answer is, as little as possible!

From the very first version of Stack Overflow faq way back in mid-2008, our goal has always been to give power back to the community:

Stack Overflow is run by you! If you want to help us run Stack Overflow, you’ll need reputation first. Reputation is a (very) rough measurement of how much the Stack Overflow community trusts you …

@RebeccaChernoff so, your point (well, this specific point) is, things that were deemed off-scope on meta (because of topic or quality) are present on the main site, is that it?
the community should be mostly self-policing
7:13 PM
@RebeccaChernoff you mean people don't flag/comment/vote to close enough?
@RebeccaChernoff Moderation is for the weak. Nothing leads to success like excess. —Oscar Wilde (or maybe not)
Wow, two answers saying exact opposite things:
Q: "Late to the party" vs. "late for the party"

FedorI've heard both versions, usually in similar contexts. Which one is correct or more correct — or more prevalent — in the USA? He: This deal ends at 7 p.m. She: Sucks, I am late to the party.

@psmears This, exactly. 'Cause knowing one of our moderators was handling more flags than the others doesn't really tell us what we peons can do, and knowing stupid questions are being asked doesn't tell me what to do either (it's the internet... it's Eternal September).
I think the site could use more guiding comments, sure.
@Kit There was an election nominee who stood on the "Harshor" party at Stack Overflow, actually.
7:14 PM
@GraceNote I'm trying, but I don't know what that means.
@aedia downvote, vote to close, flag. These are all things that speak out to the community that says "hey, nuh unh!"
@Kit Moderate → Moderator : Harsh → Harshor
@RebeccaChernoff so you mean, in closed questions like this, the person closing should leave a comment to help guide the newcomer, right?
Q: Is there a double-meaning to "picking my belly button" in this context?

vonjdI understand all the individual words in the following remark, but there doesn't seem to be any connection between the first half and the second. I am left wondering whether there is an English idiom that gives a double-meaning to part of it (perhaps "picking my belly button"?), but if so it does...

@GraceNote Got it. Funny.
@Fx the html added links to the faq specifically for off-topic.
7:17 PM
@RebeccaChernoff OK, so comments on questions that are not exact duplicates, not off-topic
@Fx, it's a gut feeling.
@RebeccaChernoff that's my point
You're welcome to add a comment there explaining more if you think it would benefit people coming across the question and being confused.
I have some experience running teams of all kinds and ages, etc. One thing that never worked for me is requesting change just because I feel like it, without being able to convince people at least that there is something wrong.
@RebeccaChernoff I add those all the time. Just google the site for "hello * and welcome to the site".
I don't think we have a lack of comments.
7:19 PM
you can never have enough guiding comments q:
If you can't pick some metrics, or show typical examples of a specific behaviour you wish to see changed, I don't see how anything can happen
I'd like us to always add a comment on a closed question.
"it's a gut feeling", "I feel embarrassed", don't help
@RebeccaChernoff The thing is, that user either doesn't return anyway, or if they do, they just ignore the comment and go on with whatever they wanted to go on with.
So if there are graver issues, I don't have the time.
AHA! That's the thing though.
7:21 PM
The site is constantly growing.
You're not leaving the comment for that specific, single user.
You're leaving the comment for everyone who stumbles upon the question at any time.
@RebeccaChernoff I am aware of that.
@RegDwight and this is why we're adding another moderator.
@RebeccaChernoff I am perfectly aware of that and have guided others with these exact words.
really going this time; but, @RebeccaChernoff, if there is something going wrong with EL&U from your perspective, please raise it and describe it
7:24 PM
@Fx, I agree with what's been raised on the meta already. I think there are posts working on things already.
I discovered this whole thing a few hours ago, spent time to read back the threads, and I can tell you I'm still quite proud of this community
but I can't say the same of the network that operates it :(
@Kit From having seen at least 60% of the questions on this site, and probably close to 95% of the closed ones, I think we already do that.
English is certainly a whole lot better than Gaming is when it comes to comments on closures...
@RegDwight I know we usually do that, but I think we've missed a few.
@Kit There is always the Super Ninja Search Option closed:1.
7:27 PM
@RegDwight So maybe after I'm done with JB, I can start on those.
It would be nice if we had some canned "You can ask on meta if you are confused about why your question was closed."
@Kit At your own leisure. You're a free bird canine.
@Kit As Rebecca said, some of the close reasons link directly to the FAQ.
@RegDwight Vulpes even.
@RegDwight Yeah. Maybe I'll write something stock and paste it in where it's missing.
@RebeccaChernoff There are posts asking questions... but what would be really helpful would be some input (from those who have criticised, and those who perceive there to be a big problem) on what has caused them to feel that way... so that, as we try to come to consensus on a policy, we can measure up that policy to see whether it will actually help address the issues at hand...
If I don't get fired from my job for being unproductive.
@Kit I can't be bothered to actually write it down and save it somewhere. I actually search the site for my boilerplates each time.
7:30 PM
@Kit For non-new users, "hello & welcome" doesn't work so well, but yeah. It would be nice to have some friendly phrases we could add beyond just suggesting related questions or that kind of thing. Though as Reg says... people kinda just go on doing things if they're determined. Not sure how well we can redirect them.
Q: Pro-forma comments

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments, which you can easily click to insert. Features 1. Read your comment before you post it! Note th...

^ allows you to create your own templates also
Now Kit, what have you accomplished lately? I've voted to close four questions, edited sixteen answers and defeated Typhon Vex fourteen times. Oh, and tested six of the fifty four web pages on my list.
@aedia Whaddaya mean, it doesn't work? It's actually much funnier!
Q: Is this grammatically correct? "You see a dirt block, above which a stone block"

ClaudiuIs this grammatically correct? You see in front of you a dirt block, above which a stone block. If not how should it be fixed?

@aedia It's not for them; it's for the other people that read them, so they don't think we're a bunch of assholes.
@Kit Groans I know, I'm supposed to be fixing formatting inconsistencies across four browsers, and explaining accessibility concerns for the umpteenth time...
7:32 PM
@MichaelMyers Thanks for that! makes notes
@MichaelMyers Thanks a bunch.
Don't thank me, thank Benjol.
I admit that while I am perfectly aware of Stack Apps, I am traditionally rather slow to catch up on all these script thingamajiggies. I try to use the site as is.
I'd rather thank Justice Fruit Pies.
@GraceNote Eat hot Justice! —The Tick
7:35 PM
I have some scripts installed right now in this particular browser (enabling me to link directly to comments and timelines), but I access the site through 4 different browsers at different times.
@Kit Wait. We're allowed to lie to them?
@aedia duh Yes.
@RegDwight Ah, so that's the clever way to link to comments. I was just using Firebug.
Q: SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

I think that's the one.
@RegDwight ta!
7:39 PM
At least I see my upvote on it.
are the grease monkey scripts?
Don't ask me technical stuff like that, I just clicked a few links and did what it told me to do... (This message has been brought to you by a Web developer since 1997)
@psmears And I've just been using plain ole' "View Source". Shows what I know.
I am searching the google to find and answer...
7:42 PM
So, do we have any idea who they've tapped to replace Kosmonaut? (Well, not that Kosmo can be replaced, but you know what I mean.)
I am answering "Yes this is a grease monkey script"
@Martha If it's not you, that narrows the field. Jeff said it was someone who ran for mod. meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/1549/is-elu-succeeding/…
@Martha Assuming your question here is an admission that you're not the one contacted, that leaves 3 options: Jen, drachenstern, and waiwai
@GraceNote Is he still drachenstern?
@MichaelMyers Is that comment on a deleted answer? Because it's not navigating to any comment.
@Kit He's jcole now
7:46 PM
@GraceNote Ok. That's what I thought.
But I don't know how frequently he's in here and so whether people know him better at his original name or his current name.
I'd guess him then.
@GraceNote It works for me. It's from here.
Since he was in here trying to charm me earlier.
May be he's just charming
7:47 PM
@GraceNote WFM.
@MattEllen Hmm. Unlikely.
@MichaelMyers I see. It was double buried.
@RegDwight I've already lost the link to that list of common abbreviations.
7:47 PM
@GraceNote works for me.
@GraceNote Works for me.
It's not a common abbreviation. This is the first time I see it.
@RegDwight Jinx!
Q: List of common abbreviations (NOAD, ESL, PIE...)

RegDwightAbbreviations are always a potential source of confusion. Some people might happen to know what OED stands for, and can figure out what NOAD must mean, but others may not be so lucky. Googling for PIE is rather useless even for native speakers, and completely perplexing to non-native ones. Thus,...

let me help you
Q: List of common abbreviations (NOAD, ESL, PIE...)

RegDwightAbbreviations are always a potential source of confusion. Some people might happen to know what OED stands for, and can figure out what NOAD must mean, but others may not be so lucky. Googling for PIE is rather useless even for native speakers, and completely perplexing to non-native ones. Thus,...

Q: List of common abbreviations (NOAD, ESL, PIE...)

RegDwightAbbreviations are always a potential source of confusion. Some people might happen to know what OED stands for, and can figure out what NOAD must mean, but others may not be so lucky. Googling for PIE is rather useless even for native speakers, and completely perplexing to non-native ones. Thus,...

Q: List of common abbreviations (NOAD, ESL, PIE...)

RegDwightAbbreviations are always a potential source of confusion. Some people might happen to know what OED stands for, and can figure out what NOAD must mean, but others may not be so lucky. Googling for PIE is rather useless even for native speakers, and completely perplexing to non-native ones. Thus,...

7:48 PM
now that should help it sink in
@Fx thwack!
Jul 5 at 19:13, by RegDwight
user image
Not really. That just makes it 4 times as quick to swift out.
No wait. That ain't a soda.
7:49 PM
How do you link to a specific comment?
@Kit not when Martha's here!
@RegDwight LOL
For the love of God's sanity, don't search the transcript for "jpg" as I just did.
Q: SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

Does anyone else get the feeling that this room is starting to repeat itself?
12 mins ago, by RegDwight
Q: SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

7:51 PM
@MichaelMyers Oh. blush so not just copy link or something easy?
Jun 17 at 15:10, by RegDwight
Slow jinx.
whoever wrote ^^^ script is epic
@RegDwight So that necessitates a sloe gin fizz?
@Kit Nope
Jun 30 at 21:59, by Mr. Disappointment
It's almost like everything's already been said.
7:52 PM
@Kit You can copy the link once you have it. The trick is to obtain it.
45 secs ago, by Michael Myers
Does anyone else get the feeling that this room is starting to repeat itself?
whistles innocently
@Kit The script turns the datestamps into links which you can then copy.
And you've seen nothing yet.
Apr 13 at 13:19, by RegDwight
Lots of echo in here.
7:52 PM
8 secs ago, by Grace Note
@MichaelMyers I don't think so, but that's just me.
@RebeccaChernoff If only we knew who that was ;)
@MichaelMyers Mmmm, sexy.
@psmears yeah. wish we could find out. ):
@RebeccaChernoff Stop with the winking and nudging. How am I going to know who to love for it?
Mar 4 at 12:57, by RegDwight
user image
There you go.
7:54 PM
@Kit lol
@RebeccaChernoff Well, it's too late to name my firstborn or my secondborn after you, but if I get to the Rs, I'll name my 18th sample student after you.
How important do you all think it is to use birthdate, date of birth, or birthday across the website? I've sort of jumbled these terms on my pages. Do I need to fix that?
@MichaelMyers I saw that, which is why I'm asking, because obviously (well, obviously to me anyway), they haven't contacted the runner-up in the election, 'cause that was me.
@Kit I think if it's meant to be used all the one in the same, you should have it consistent.
For example, if you enter "Date of Birth" in a form, and you later see something else that has the value that was entered, it should also say "Date of Birth".
@GraceNote Again your wise and reasonable answer makes me sad.
@Kit Depends on (a) how anal you are, and (b) whether the different usages could lead to confusion (i.e. "this says birthday and that says birthdate, they must be referring to different things").
8:02 PM
Mostly because it will take fifteen minutes in the next meeting to decide which to use.
@Kit I aim to please.
@Kit Birthday is easily interpreted as a reoccurring event sans year. I don't think the others are.
@RegDwight Also, enticements are bad warnings. My eyes. Sheesh.
@aedia Okay then. Date of birth and they can all go hang.
@Kit That's the spirit!
On the one hand, I'm curious enough to see what all the suffering about. Fortunately, I'm not going to do the search anyway.
8:06 PM
Why did that get starred?
@GraceNote: I couldn't agree more. When I'm asked for a reference number and I've been given an account number, I get confused
Kit confoosed
(In other news, may I please just put my boss out of my misery? Pretty please? With whipped cream and a cherry on top?)
@Martha The word is given.
@Martha I guess they may have seen your comment in chat stating that you didn't want the job - but that notwithstanding, it would have been tactful of them to at least discuss it with you before offering the post to someone else...
8:07 PM
@psmears Yeah, something like that.
@psmears Or maybe they don't like to play with girls.
Y'know, logically, that construct works.
Or maybe someone threw themselves forward and begged.
@Kit They hired Rebecca Chernoff and Dori.
The misery one, that is.
8:08 PM
Both of whom were community moderators first.
@MichaelMyers That's work, not play.
@MichaelMyers Yeah. So?
@MichaelMyers Also, you forgot HedgeMage
If you pay them, I believe that makes them ahem professionals.
So I did. HedgeMage was also an appointed moderator.
8:10 PM
Twicely so, in fact.
@Kit Eh? Martha confoosed
@Kit are you suggesting RegDwight is amateur?
@Martha The word is "given". If you use it in the natural course of conversation, the duck will come down and give you a prize.
Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player is the sixth studio album by British singer/songwriter Elton John. This was Elton's second straight #1 album in America and yielded his first #1 single in both the U.S. and Canada – "Crocodile Rock". "Daniel" was also a major hit from the album, giving him his second Canadian #1 single on the RPM Top Singles Chart and just missing the top slot south of the border, stalling at #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and reaching #4 in the U.K., one place higher than achieved by Crocodile Rock. According to writer Philip Norman in his early 1990s authorize...
@MichaelMyers This must be some pop culture reference that's just whooshing right over my head. Sorry.
8:12 PM
@Martha Eh.. it's not very pop.
You Bet Your Life was an American quiz show that aired on both radio and television. The best-known version was hosted by Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers, with announcer and assistant George Fenneman. The show debuted on ABC Radio in October 1947, then moved to CBS Radio in September 1949 before making the transition to NBC-TV in October 1950. Because of its simple format, it was possible to broadcast the show simultaneously on the radio and on television. In 1960, the show was renamed The Groucho Show and ran a further year. Most episodes are in the public domain. The play of the gam...
@RegDwight: I physically burst out laughing :D
9 hours ago, by RegDwight
Happens to the best of us.
@Martha: I believe Kit was giving you the word that you could put your boss out of your miseries.
@MattEllen Nope.
@MattEllen Yep.
@Martha I would have responded sooner but my happy boss came to visit.
"I will put my boss out of my misery if you give the word." "Ma'am, the word is given."
@Kit Et tu?
8:28 PM
@Martha No, that's a genuine "happy boss." Not the project lead, but my supervisor. Awesome guy.
Crikeys! Look at the time! I've got to commutes, my precious peeps.
Oh that reminds me of this
Jun 9 at 16:52, by Kosmonaut
The semi-precious, we wants it! More or less...
I miss Kosmo so much.
Tchuß. TTFN.
8:51 PM
g'night y'all
I should be taking my leave as well. Later all ♪
Do you pronounce PIE P-I-E or simply pie?
@z7sg I say π.
Which doesn't mean jack.
9:07 PM
It looks wrong in this font. π ick
Balpha's answer to this question is awesome. I am jealous as I haven't even thought of that. See if you can, before clicking and reading it.
Q: "Seperation" is Evil

ErikEI propose adding a feature to always replace "seperate" with "separate" in all question titles, questions, answers, edit summaries, and comments. I'm asking just because I see it all over the place and, well, yes, it drives me a little nutty. Perhaps /\bsep(e)rat(ion|e|ly|ed)\b/ig.replace('$1',...

By which I mean, I would have thought of that answer here on ELU, but not for SO.
hmmm seems straightforward! click!
Somehow my brain ticks differently for different sites.
heh! My brain is stuffed up with rhinovirus or whatever you call it...
I'm going to hit the hay early tonight. Btw, keep up the good work Mr Dwight!
Keep well.
Rhinovirus is probably something @GraceNote would find cute, by the name alone.
9:16 PM
Q: "can't see neither A nor B" or "can see neither A nor B"

language hacker ...can't see neither A nor B. Is that grammatically correct? Or is this? ...can see neither A nor B. What if "can't" was used?

Gotta go, bye.
Bye @Kit!
Pplz always be goin' home just when I have a moment free.
What up?
@RegDwight: Any news? Possibility of JA mending fences with Kos probability = ...?
@Robusto Jeff said this morning that he'd sent something privately to Kosmonaut and said later that they were bringing in one of the election candidates to assist. That's the last I heard.
9:33 PM
@RegDwight — Hmm, his regular expression will fail: /\b(sep)(?:e)(rat(?:ion|e|ly|ed))\b/ig will not find "seperately" and change it into "separately" ...
Should be /\b(sep)(?:e)(rat(?:ion|e|ely|ed))\b/ig
Feb 16 at 15:11, by Kosmonaut
@RegDwight: You appear to have spilled some IPA symbols all over the ground. Shall I help you pick them up?
@Robusto No. Though wait, I've lost track: were you around when nohat showed up?
Naw, no IPA in there.
But now you're making me thirsty for some Dogfish Head.
@Robusto d, e, l, y are all perfectly IPA.
@RegDwight — I had to leave shortly after nohat showed up.
Ah okay.
9:37 PM
@RegDwight Not really.
But what if it had polygons?
Where has polygon?
Can't say that alone would do it
Man, some people are just picky.
I'll take my answer offline. Gotta motor. CYA.
9:39 PM
Have fun.
Hey, I don't think a rhinovirus is anything comparable to an M109, so I'm not sure how it can be considered cute like one.
I will be leaving shortly, too. Almost midnight here.
@GraceNote Everything is comparable to everything. The comparison just doesn't always make sense, but it is possible.
It is, but you've a long way to go it seems.
At any rate, I'll be actually jetting now. You should head home, too!
Besides, you're just providing me with free data on what will and what won't serve as Grace bait.
10:12 PM
@RegDwight So who will be replacing Kosmo?
@JasperLoy I don't know.
So far we only seem to have figured out that it won't be Martha.
@RegDwight Ok you better get some sleep.
Right! Good idea.
So, good night then!
And see y'all tomorrow.
10:27 PM
Good evening
I happened to stumble upon your situation here
and couldn't help but to form an opinion. But I preferred to hold back, because I don't consider myself to be especially involved in the EL&U community.
And then I noticed that you have created a question on Meta which asks exactly about the thing I noticed.
Q: Who is EL&U's audience?

MrHenI previously asked if EL&U was succeeding. The responses there (mixed in with other answers, comments and chats on the subject) lead me to feel that one of the big questions our community has before them is, "Who is our audience?" Note that this is a slightly different question than, "Who ar...

I am not sure if an answer for me would be viewed as valuable, because I have a different viewing angle to the ones involved
Or if it will be seen as meddling where I don't belong.
Would you like to know my opinion? Because if yes, I would write this answer.
@rumtscho by all means, if you have something to say, please contribute your opinion!
But I can understand if you are afraid that it could further escalate the situation.
@RegDwight Until you can pass The Mushroom Test, you don't stand a chance. Just sayin'.
@nohat, thank you
It is awfully hard to try to navigate into a heated discussion, especially if one is practically an outsider.
@rumtscho To a degree, I think an outsider's perspective may be specifically helpful.
10:39 PM
@GraceNote Yes, any perspectives on how to improve things would be welcomed - especially if they go into more detail that just "stuff is bad" :)
@GraceNote I certainly hope that mine will help. Of course, I can't deliver you a solutiion, but maybe my point will help you think different. Even if it is unpopular. Because right now, I have no idea how popular or unpopular it will turn out to be with either side.
@rumtscho It's not a fast process, so analysis on the way is all the more appreciated
It is basically that the part about you being a site for linguists and etymologists is not true, no matter that it is written on the front page. I will explain my reasoning in a meta answer. I won't offer any conclusions from that point on, because I don't have any.
Just a thought: if we keep closing questions and chasing users away too aggressively, eventually there'll be nobody left.
@rumtscho Go ahead and post. People will comment/vote/write other answers as they see fit :)
Do remember the definition includes "...and (serious) English language enthusiasts"
10:47 PM
Oh, every community is for enthusiasts. My argument is against the other two.
@rumtscho Cool - just wanted to be sure you've got the full facts in front of you :)
@rumtscho Even linguist and etymologist are not well-defined.
@psmears Should I parse your name as p s mears or p smears
Jun 20 at 17:06, by psmears
@z7sg Online you can read it however you choose, but irl it's the first of those options :)
Except that he asked the question the other way round...
I'll just make it one psyllable.
10:55 PM
@psmears I'm learning more abbreviations in chat, like irl.
@GraceNote pcertainly!
@gigili I just saw you in the Ubuntu room. Hello!
Anyway... tis past my bedtime. Goodnight all!
@GraceNote I had to look up mushroom test just now when you mentioned it. He's probably gone to sleep.
11:00 PM
@JasperLoy "The Mushroom Test" is probably not something you'll find in a Google search.
At least, not the one I'm referring to.
He has gone to sleep (Good! He needs it!), but he'll catch the message in the morning.
@GraceNote Ya I see. I noticed you put a note sign on some of your posts. How do you do that?
Alt+13 on a proper computer input.
Requires a numpad, so it doesn't work on most laptops.
@GraceNote I wonder if Joe Blow is his real name or a reference to Joe Black the movie...
I would not know
@GraceNote @psmears thwacks all around.
11:04 PM
For the record, "Grace" isn't my first name either.
@GraceNote And note is not your last?
@JasperLoy The logical following from it, yes
@RegDwight I thought you had gone to sleep
@RegDwight Hey, doing that clears your inbox! Now you won't have any curiosity for me to sate!
@RegDwight Or did you just wake up?
11:56 PM
Hi lovely peoples:)

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