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12:01 AM
I wouldn't know; most of my limited exposure to Russian is literary.
Boris Akunin, Victor Sheymov, and Dmitry Glukhovsky are the most contemporary. (I suspect Martin Cruz Smith doesn't count.)
12:33 AM
Hey folks. Everything on the site is collaborative, but consider this an extra invitation to come edit a bit into this answer:
A: What are the big differences between the D&D editions?

Alex PTrying for a "short and sweet" summary here. Wikipedia has a lot of detail on this topic. OD&D/BD&D (original "white box" D&D, BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia) Fairly simple rules, designed for the GM to fill in all kinds of situations via "rulings" in play. Small sets of classes with little mechanica...

Trying for a "short and sweet" / "bird's eye view" picture of the general trends in D&D.
(Mostly I want people to fix my bias. :P )
Not in a position to do any editing myself right now, but you might find good material here:
A: How to encourage a player's creativity without breaking the game?

BESWThis is a system transition issue, not a creativity issue. 4e is a very different system and that's okay, but it's not for everyone. There's a gap between the player and the system and your job as GM is to help facilitate bridging that gap. Your goal in this should not be to make the player conf...

3 hours later…
3:57 AM
I'll repost a couple of twits @BESW linked with my TtCB suggestions.
Tweets to Campaign By is in mood for a legacy supers game:
Marie Antoinette's harp has been found in an old curiosity shop in Berlin. NY1883
Tweets to Campaign By has grown fond of in media res beginnings:
Follow your heart. It’s in the styrofoam cooler in the back of that pickup up ahead. Step on it. You haven’t much time.
Tweets to Campaign By is unsure about astrology tie-ins, but would like to hear more about this Beatlemania+alien invasion game:
SCORPIO - All you need is love. & a military-grade gas mask. & bottled water. & several months of rations. That and love is all you need.
Wait, it's "twitter" but "tweets"?
Wow. Much tweets. So twitter.
...Very confuse.
4:40 AM
Has anyone read Worlds without Master? I am curious how it is.
I've kinda been waiting for someone to modernize/redeem sword-and-sorcery fiction, and I'm wonder if this is it.
I've been curious about that magazine, too.
: for questions about Mark, because nobody understands that guy
@Magician It seems cool, right? But subscribing to things is scary to me.
@Magician Well they aren't twits
@AlexP I just suspect I won't ever get around to reading it...
@JonathanHobbs Depends on the twitterer.
4:54 AM
I guess I should get around to reading the books I've bought recently first. But basically my main book-reading time is when traveling.
@Magician Twit, tweet, twut, twet.
Twut should be a past tense of tweet.
'twas a tweet twut by a twit.
I'm learning things from TV.
Enterprising souls can add another word to that sequence, of a more vulgar nature.
Apparently the early 20th century was a peak time for rampant, rampant poisoning.
4:58 AM
And I'm not making this up: keeping up with someone's Twitter account without actually subscribing to it is tweevesdropping.
@AlexP Medici could disagree.
> We wanted to capture that in the name -- we wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket. It’s like buzzing all over the world. So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word "twitch," because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But "twitch" is not a good product name because it doesn’t bring up the right imagery.

So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word "twitter," and it was just perfect. The definition was "a short burst of inconsequential information," and "chirps from bir
@BESW Tweediots. Tweediculous.
@Magician Easy access to potent isolated chemicals (thanks to industrial stuff and also just basic household products). Rather poor coroner-science until about 1920.
@JonathanHobbs -1 not a tweet.
5:01 AM
@BESW sorry i will attempt to communicate in sub-140char bursts only
Hmm. So my BW AnyDice question. Has two pretty-thoroughly-upvoted answers. Both of which are wrong. (One of those upvoted-but-wrong answers is my own.) What should I, like, do about that?
Delete my answer?
(I've left comments about stuff being busted.)
@AlexP Link?
Q: How can I model Burning Wheel probabilities in AnyDice?

Alex PI have a basic intuition about dice in Burning Wheel, but it's handy to be able to look at actual probability distributions to hone your intuition. Especially since important rolls can involve exploding dice or rerolls, which both complicate the mental math a bit. How can I represent Burning Whe...

@AlexP also: main reason I just tend to not upvote on questions where I don't know the system and thus uncommon systems suffer from less votes :( i might just upvote a bad answer thinking "well, it looks good"
Basically my "put the reroll into the die description" thing is busted because of how AnyDice treats lists. And SSD's "use count and explode" answer is busted because explode adds to the value of a single die, it doesn't add new dice to the "pool."
5:11 AM
Maybe you can't model Burning Wheel probabilities in AnyDice.
@JonathanHobbs Interesting thought. If you can write a semi-definitive answer to that, I will certainly give you all of the upvotes.
Also, I think this question needs a tag:
Q: How do have interesting events happen after a success?

ExtrakunI know how to make failures interesting. Though recently I have a hard time making the events following a successful roll interesting. For instance, the party is exploring a tomb, where a trap is rigged up so that poison gas will leak into the area if it is tripped, requiring the party to hurry ...

Either or , not sure which (the latter is my first impulse).
By the book, answers which do not work at all are not good answers and should be liberally downvoted/deleted. Practically speaking though, it's good to see prior works to learn from.
@AlexP Is the exploding die the only problem?
Bad/wrong answers should be downvoted into obscurity.
5:14 AM
@AlexP I can't. Frankly, my answer would be more like: "This is complicated as [heck] and I don't understand any of it. But here's a Python script."
@Magician Yes, basically. It's the only "hard" part of the probabilities in the first place, though.
But if they're just poor answers, and don't actually violate any policies, they probably shouldn't be deleted by the mob.
The original poster is free to delete his answer, though; that's a totally different thing.
@JonathanHobbs If you can make me one that has graphs of some sort -- and, ideally, one that is using math rather than just a big loop and the random generator -- I will gladly accept that. :)
@BESW Yeah, that's kinda my thinking here... whether I should delete it or mark it more clearly as "doesn't work" somehow.
If it were mine, I'd probably put a big "Downvote me, this don't work, but it's here as a warning to those who come after me" note at the top.
I'm more inclined to tear it up and describe what's busted.
5:20 AM
I guess now that it's fallen off the front page I don't feel so bad just leaving it alone for a bit so I can figure out the real true reason you can't do it (or whether you can).
@BESW lol, that is surprisingly accurate
I did really like that Starfire,
the other 4 regulars were great too, even if Robin was a bit steriotypical robin-like
Yeah, until she got that maggot pet. Then she went from "culturally impaired" to "dangerously oblivious."
I guess
they did use her too much to have a damsel in distress
which they could have used any non superpowered person off the street for :(
one of my favorite episodes is the one where they meet her and she is ripping stuff up
it isn't the starfire you see in most of the show, but it is still awesome
yeah, as the show went on she didn't just become the damsel in distress--she started causing problems because she was actually stupid, not because she was culturally ignorant.
5:24 AM
I agree
"This is a thing which is clearly endangering my friends but it is not a problem, tee-hee, and I will do nothing about it!"
but that is what I meant, damsel in distress usually also means the said victim just can't manage to tie her own shoes
or his, sometimes, but it is called damsel cause females are usually the target
I guess maybe there is a gender reversed name or something
Argh. I'm spending too much time in D&D questions. I need non-D&D questions to spend time on.
5:39 AM
@AlexP system-agnostic is implicit by not having a system-agnostic tag (we've had meta discussions to the effect of "why do we even have this tag seriously") but I really don't know why it doesn't have one
I've added the tag
I've added the [13th-age] tag. If there's any particular reason this shouldn't have your system's tag, bearing in mind stuff like this meta question, feel free to remove it again. — Jonathan Hobbs 18 secs ago
actually, deleted/replaced comment:
I've added the [13th-age] tag. If there's any particular reason this shouldn't have your system's tag, bearing in mind stuff like this meta question, feel free to remove it again. Given that you've provided your system for context, I presume you want answers that are helpful within that context. In addition, your system provides definitions and options highly relevant to success, rewarding it, and interesting events, so it should almost certainly be an integral part of answers. — Jonathan Hobbs 12 secs ago
6:10 AM
@Julix Hi!
@BESW Hi - How are you?
Doing okay! Hoping to get some answers to my "group PCs" question, but not holding my breath.
How're you?
I'm in a weird state right now - that moment when you're not sure why you spend hours researching obscure pathfinder rules and stuff when you're not currently running any games - but despite the insight you don't stop :D - it's kind of disturbing almost ;-)
As though I'm addicted to the riddle, figuring out how to make the rules work for that particular thing I have in mind.
6:17 AM
Q: Is publishing yet another RPG system a good or bad idea?

user3092062The situation is this: I recently designed an RPG system with a group of friends (a sort of mad-lib type system, an improv-type system where you can't say no but just take what the player and/or GM say and move forward and develop the setting from there). Now, I have done some basic research and...

I'm having trouble working out what exactly to do with this
gave it a bit of editing, it's worth checking the previous version of the question
And here arrives the person asking it! Hi!
@user3092062 hi
@Julix "Lonely play" is a major part of many peoples's enjoyment of more complex systems.
@user3092062 Hi!
@BESW I can't find that mysterious question of yours that needs answering. I even used user:BESW to find it! what do you mean "group PCs" ?
@user3092062 "what I am getting so far from this forum" - Just FYI this isn't a forum at all! This is a Q&A system. Being such comes with some requirements about our questions, but that's not so much because we're trying to push stuff on you, but because over the years this system's existed we've learned it tends to break down for certain kinds of questions.
6:19 AM
Q: Examples of Fate mechanics for telling team stories with one player

BESWI want to run a Stargate SG-1 game for a single player in the Fate Core system. Stargate stories are about teams of equally important people, rather than the single protagonist that our "twosie" structure (one GM, one player) encourages. I want to capture the intra-team dynamics of a party of pro...

So e.g. a question about "what's your favourite D&D edition?" would totally break down our Q&A system because it doesn't really deal with questions like that very well - forums and chat would handle it fine. So... we're trying to work out how this question could be made to work here, or else what part of it could work here
@JonathanHobbs I can't actually see where the quote is from but I remember confusing that a lot myself. It's hard to really get into this format but once you get it right, it's amazing how effectively you can get some of your questions answered.
I can tell you affirmatively that there would be people interested in your system. There are thousands out there, but new ones keep appearing and gaining traction, because they do something previous ones didn't quite do - or do a similar thing but better in a way those particular players like.
I understand it. And I have had to deal with enough opinion based question befor and I DO understand why but I kinda wished there was like a sister for these sorts of things where it was like post all the opinion based ones here
@user3092062 That's forums and chat rooms and stuff!
6:22 AM
@user3092062 There are dozens and dozens of more traditional forums dedicated to RPGs. I'm sure some of us could mention ones that might be of help in that area.
If we had a sister site for opinion-based Q&A, it would be a sister site where our Q&A system would be broken down to the point of the system itself being kind of meaningless and there'd be no point to it actually being a Q&A site in particular. So: forums!
I guess thats more of the question is what sort of forums chats etc.. do you recomend what ones have relavent information
@user3092062 Since interest is almost guaranteed to some degree, what's probably more important to ask about is how to get that interest. I commented saying "How do I get interest in my game?" and "How do I get help in writing an independent RPG?" would be good questions to ask - at least, I'm pretty sure they are. They're pretty big problems people in indie RPG making have!
You know, "What forum has good discussions about RPG publishing" might be the seed of a good question for this site.
@riteshsanap Hi! You'll need 20 rep on any Stack Exchange site to talk in chat, but you're welcome to hang out until then.
I guess where the question came from is that I have ended up in forums and chats where people didn't understand what the word fact and research meant and got completely turned off of them for information
6:28 AM
@JonathanHobbs Chat room is so temporary and difficult to look up... and forums, well... they're just not like this place. I totally agree with user#s - I would love for there to be a "subjective" tag, perhaps not showing up in normal searches, and while still having votes they don't give points? - if the system breaks down for that question, so what? :D
The Q&A style works well with factual information (where the best answer will end up at top, as long as people actually read all answers... otherwise the oldest good answer ends up on top. -- But it could work with subjective answers too, as long as the different answers aren't referencing one another (which could get messy if the order changes)
@Julix The order can be changed by you; there are buttons below the question to order them by "active," "oldest," or "votes."
Each viewer sorts them as they need.
I like the idea and I have web programming experience...
@BESW cool, never knew. - So yeah, if you had the subjective tag questions sorted by date by default, it would be like a forum in which no one loses track of what the original question was, and if they do want to have side conversations those are in comments, thus don't detrackt from the main question as much
@BESW Though, to be honest, I think 90% of the time people will use the default order. I never remember those buttons are there, and I trust the site to present me with the best answer out of the box.
@Julix All in all, that would be a pretty good idea - it just wouldn't be a StackExchange site.
I am the same
6:36 AM
Yeah, it sounds great, but it's nothing like the Stack Exchange group's primary goals. I'd probably frequent such a site if someone put it together.
@lisardggY it would use almost the exact mechanics though! it would be a different mode of a stackexchange. - but yeah the goals are different... - it would be like the off topic area in a forum with a specific purpose. --- We're so cool that our off-topic area is still on-topic just less formal :D
@lisardggy The question is does it have to be? I mean aside from the centralized accounts there really isn't anything that is not achievable by a programmer caugh, caugh me
@Julix There are several StackExchange clones out there, that let you install it on your own server. The problem isn't getting a site up, it's getting traffic for it.
The only one there I tried was OSQA, which took me all of 7 minutes to throw into a folder on my webspace and get working.
@lisardggY Since this less formal stack exchange would have the exact same kind of content (just the subjective part) I don't see why it couldn't be like a third thing between meta and not meta on rpg.stackexchange
It's about the atmosphere. The kind of questions you're talking about promote debate. Even with the strict guideline enforcement on RPG.SE, we have problems with arguments and personal agendas ruining threads, making them useless for actually providing answers. Such threads have to get torched.
6:41 AM
@Julix I also thought of this fourth-level site (Main, Meta, Discuss and Chat) for each SE site.
The problem with that is that you'll have a lot of confusion between Main and Discuss.
@BESW so you mean to tell me it's really the system we have here that makes this place so different and not just that our people are simply better people than in those forums where I can't ever get a straight answer?
And also, of course, the wee problem that this isn't something that SE wants to be.
Even if you somehow managed to keep such a site from devolving into arguing factions, it shouldn't be associated with SE sites because it'd set bad precedent.
@Julix Exactly. SE's structure and guidelines are carefully and dynamically tailored to produce results.
@Julix Technology - such as the voting mechanism, the site's UI, written and unwritten codes of usage and conduct, and many other factors - subtly influence the sort of discussion and discourse you have in a site.
Many of our citizens are also the jabbering useless folk you meet on other forums.
6:42 AM
Screw what stack exchange wants to be. We waste way to much time closing and holding and what not with questions that are good questions for the (not yet existing) discussion SE -- and it throws many newbies off or site, because they don't understand why they get downvoted etc. it feels unwelcoming. if we instead could just move it there until they fix it (if they decide to fix it) that could work
What we should fix is the problems - people feeling unwelcome, the site not guiding newcomers towards the kind of questions and answers we want - not change the underlying premise of the site to acommodate that.
Without the structure and guidelines, the constant vigilance of citizens in maintaining the quality of all posts, and the constant re-evaluation of policies on the meta side of the site, SE would not have the environment and quality you value so highly.
Well but the premise of the main site wouldn't change...
SE's explicit goal is to not be Just Another Forum. There are plenty of forums for every topic imaginable.
But the forums don't work... and like I said there is a difference between forum and Q&A - even with subjective questions
6:45 AM
@Julix Thing is, it's been tried.
@Julix If I go to RPG.SE and don't know whether to ask my question in Main or Discuss, and then choose one, and have people start to question my choice of site, and have mods moving questions back and forth.... it's just a mess.
I trust experience
"Second generation" SE sites (of which this is one) covering all manner of topics have been proposed and tested.
The more subjective and opinion-based the topics, the more chaotic and bestial the environment became.
The SE structure doesn't have what it takes to make that sort of thing work.
6:46 AM
I sort of figured if you had the answers all be focused on the question rather than other answers there wouldn't be a way to get bestial...
Maybe you can use it for inspiration to create a site that does.
As a newbie, I understand the premise however just a link to a forum to which is consider OKAY by the community would be helpful though I think
@user3092062 This is exactly the sort of subjective answers that people get vicious over. :)
@user3092062 I think you could make that a suitable question if you can provide enough detail on what you need from the link.
@BESW what do you mean by that? - also you said something like my idea has been done before. any chance you could help me find any info on that?
6:48 AM
Describe the kind of advice and dialogue you want, on the specific topics you're interested in, like "I'm looking for an online community which supports new RPG designers through the hazards and pitfalls of publishing."
I've seen people here on SE apologize for their argumentative and antagonistic tone here, stating that that's what they're used to from other forums. I found that quite an endorsement of RPG.SE's mood.
Of course, some SE sites have their own form of snark and bad atmospheres.
@lisardggY Why, I'm being antagonistic and argumentative elsewhere right now!
@Julix "Let's have a site for purely subjective questions!" has come up an awful lot of times on Meta Stack Overflow, and the idea has been thoroughly burned in a viking funeral. The site for purely subjective questions is a non-Stack Exchange one.
@AlexP I'm being antagonistic in one place, and argumentative in another.
6:51 AM
I mean its like people said I think personally if a site full of "experts" say here is an okay forum for information on developing RPGs I would trust it and be on my way but its that I have to ask the question then get that put on hold causee its not phrased right then rewrite it then finally get the link. I think you get my poinnt its alot of work for a bloody link
We're rather unusual here on RPG.SE, in that we entertain subjective questions at all.
@BESW I dunno, based on the proliferation of SEs, I don't think we can say that anymore.
I mean, hell, Code Golf.
Many other SE sites have banned them utterly as not being worth it: for every useful subjective question they have to deal with a dozen that can't be dealt with constructively and have to be burned.
What does it even mean to vote something up or down on Code Golf?
@AlexP Since I don't know what that is, I can't help you.
6:52 AM
@AlexP "This is good and I like it"
It's a popularity contest kinda thing.
I do know that graphicdesign.se is having trouble because they want more design questions and fewer software how-to questions, but design is exceedingly subjective.
@AlexP Code Golf was made because a ton of people wanted a place for puzzles and complained they couldn't do 'em. Then once it was made, people complained it existed because it wasn't really constructive. :P
@user3092062 Yeah the way to do stuff on SE takes some getting used to.
Hmm, I see that the AlcoholicBeverages.SE proposal was closed.
Since last week.
@user3092062 The problem you want solved is a real one. And a good one. But it's not what SE is trying to solve.
or what it's good at solving, specifically
and we generally just keep it in that niche of questions it's actually good at solving, since we don't need to be a one-stop shop
@BESW Thanks for link! that's actually quite entertaining
6:56 AM
Why doesn't someone solve it then and post a reference page of "good" forums chats etc someone with experience with these communities?
@user3092062 Most of the "experts" here are players, not writers. Like, RPGnet has more actual game developers posting to it fairly regularly than we have avid long-time users in general.
@AlexP Yeah. Here we're mostly players and enthusiasts, and we squeal like fangirls whenever an actual game designer stops by to answer a question about their game.
I've recently started trying my hand at some amateur design, but it's very very amateur.
@user3092062 Oh hey, I just found this old question.
Q: How do I let the world know about my role-playing system?

NaurgulI have been working on a short narrativist system for quite some time now. I intend to offer it freely to anyone interested but I'm not sure about a couple of things: First, how do I package it? One option is to make a website with the rules. In that case, is making lots of small interconnected ...

Nice find!
7:01 AM
Okay, let's go make an "I want to design an RPG. How/where do I learn how?" question.
Ooh, shiny. I'd upvote the hay out of that.
@user3092062 Well I have had questions that I didn't phrase right, or that seemed to others too subjective (multiple possible answers) - where I just needed any good answer, and they got answered to my satisfaction before the system registered how bad my question was. I think that slightly slowed my learning process for writing good questions... - because writing them well as you said earlier can be a lot of work, especially if one writes a bad question first and then have to rework everything :-S
@Julix It does take a certain amount of dedication and perseverance.
That may be one reason you see a slightly higher quality of participation here; the people who stick around have put in the work.
yeah, but it's not like you don't get good answers in the process, and the result actually does make you a better question asker, I think
@Julix That is one of the original goals of SE, actually!
SE was designed to, among other things, help programmers learn how to communicate better.
7:04 AM
@AlexP I wrote you a BW dice roller. It's special.
@Magician I saw it. I am hammering it now. :D
@Magician Is there a way to combine exploding and rerolls?
What takes precedence?
[rant] But it's not just long it's also sometimes painful, before you understand how serious this system is. Downvotes feel like persecution, and are easy to take personally when you don't understand why something is wrong. - I really appreciate that SE as a system (with an elaborate tour etc) and the community here is trying hard to guide newbies :-) Thanks everyone [/end of rant]
@Magician Basically it's "reroll first, then explode." (You often do the opposite in play, but the rerolls only apply to the original dice, not any extras; and any rerolled dice also explode. So the actual logical order is roll, reroll, explode.)
okay I do my best development play testing but I am not entirely sure the best way to do that can anyone give me sto tips?
7:08 AM
@Julix I hear ya, and if you have ideas for how to make the experience less rough without changing what SE is about, or even if you can just identify specific problems that you'd like to canvass ideas about, the meta side of the site is always there.
Q: How would you play test an RPG before all of its rules are complete?

MikaveliI've been writing my own RPG, mainly to address some of the flaws / frustrations I've come across in other games. Luckily, I've found a few willing participants to help test the rules and mechanics in mini play tests, but this has lead to two problems: Some mechanics quickly appear broken - sho...

@Magician I am super impressed, btw. I've been trying to figure this out for days (not, like, straight-up working on it for days).
RPG.SE is actually a relatively newbie-friendly SE site, from my experience.
@BESW actually in hindsight I really don't know how to make it easier. I wish I had taken the tour earlier :D
So imagine how bad some of the others are. :)
@Julix Okay, so here's something you might be able to do.
7:13 AM
@lisardggY compared to other SE's
@AlexP Try this.
A while back I spent a couple months doing my best to catch every new citizen and post this as a comment to their first post:
@lisardggY haha, I actually can. Like math or something... shiver
> Welcome to rpg.se! Please take a look at the tour and the help; they're a useful introduction to the site. And once you have 20+ rep, feel free to join the chat!
Haven't tested it properly, but should work, I hope. Syntax is [bre X]
7:15 AM
English.SE has, for years, bore the brunt of barely-literate non-English-speakers asking questions ranging from the banal to the incomprehensible, and it has made many members there bitter.
I had some anecdotal evidence that it was appreciated, and a couple other citizens took up the habit too, but I slacked off after a while.
@Magician Let's see... 1/12 chance of getting two successes off one exploding die, correct. 2/3 chance of getting one success off one die with a reroll, correct...
@Magician 27.78% chance of 2 successes on [bre 1] seems high, but I can't figure out the "real" math yet...
Ah, hold on, I think I see a mistake
Chance to get a 6 on the first roll is 1/6 + 1/2*(1/6)... which is 1/4. So I think you only have about a 1/8 chance of 2 successes on [bre 1]
::tests all the use cases::
Yup, change <= T to < T for the functions that handle rerolls
7:21 AM
just out of the sake of research does anyone know anywhere that could help in my systems combat mechanics. That is to say can anyone give me some resources to go and see a bunch of different combat systems?
Also, change max depth to 7. These extra function calls have muddied things a bit.
@Magician I forget how to do this.
Here's the updated version.
Spot check: is 75% chance of at least 1 success correct for [br 1] and [bre 1]? It's 1/2 + (1/2)*(1/2), right?
Yup, sounds right. Put it another way, the chance of failure is 1/2*1/2
7:26 AM
@Magician I think this is right... [bre 10] being worth about three more successes than [be 10] feels correct.
@Magician Don't forget to update your link in the answer. :)
RPG SE, I rejoice in your ingenuity. :D
@AlexP Updated, along with code excerpts.
@user3092062 I don't know of any cross-system comparative analysis, no.
@Magician Thanks. I edited your quote blocks into pre blocks.
@AlexP Ah, the nuances of SE typesetting still elude me.
@Magician The trick is to work with the layout bugs and idiosyncrasies, not struggle against them.
7:41 AM
fair enough I suppose didn"t expect anything but as a good game developer doing my research
I probably will go now. bye and thanks for the posts and such everyone.
ttfn! Hope to see you around again soon.
If this were a tweet, Tweets to Campaign By would think that the masquerade is wearing awful thin.
@Magician Take another look at the question. Maybe that blue box between the question and the accepted answer. :)
@Ozala Hi!
You'll need 20+ rep on any SE site to talk in chat, but you're welcome to hang out until then.
@BESW I see the assassins sent to make you stop saying you hate coke to everyone you see has failed
@trogdor "Nice try, Pepsi, but not good enough".
7:51 AM
Failed assassination by Pepsi... or very successful framejob by Shasta?
BTW, @Magician, it's "in the mood for"
Good Morning!
Am pondering how rude it would be to greet someone good morning in a language - and a script - that most others in the room won't understand.
I'll settle for "inconsiderate" and leave it at that.
8:04 AM
@lisardggY I think it's actively annoying if you @ them with it. Otherwise, enh, not so bad.
@InbarRose It's a brilliant answer
@InbarRose I agree with everything in your answer apart from the opening sentence. :)
Q: Should we tag questions about established (indie) RPG systems with [indie-rpg]?

Jonathan HobbsCurrently the indie-rpg tag has two distinct purposes. As a tag alongside another system tag, where that system happens to be an independent RPG. For example: a portion of our dread and freemarket questions. It also happens to be used on its won in a couple of questions - on the Do and Engel sy...

@lisardggY haha :)
8:22 AM
@Magician Nice work on the AnyDice thing! Question though: At the end, you define functions b, ge, and wr, then say: output [b 4] + [w 1]. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but should it be [wr 1] instead..?
if not then I assume someone who understands what's going on won't be confused
@JonathanHobbs Read the bit above b, ge, wr. Where he says he defined them all but doesn't want to list them in the RPG SE answer.
Also I am super-sad because SE finally caught up and removed all that rep from that answer I deleted. :/
I read, but I understood that output as an example of using his own functions. So presumably someone doing this stuff would define their own w function?
@JonathanHobbs (See the link)
@AlexP (o-oh. right)
We can go back and change it because [b 4] + [w 1] is.... I'm not sure how that would occur in the wild.
8:27 AM
we don't need to
this is only one solitary person who doesn't understand either Burning Wheel or AnyDice being confused, i.e. not the target audience for this question
@JonathanHobbs I used to think I understand AnyDice. And then this question happened. :)
Since I'm still up. Gonna take a crack at "I want to design an RPG. How/where do I learn how?"
@AlexP yey!
What are the specific details implied in that question?
I think there's "I want a community to help me and guide me"
i want to make an RPG of my own but I don't know how to do it well
and also "I want stuff I can go read"
8:39 AM
and there's obviously a lot of lessons to learn and i don't know them all
Is there anything else that pops out?
subject areas to dive into
e.g. game design itself has an awful lot to offer
@JonathanHobbs This is a good one.
Ladies and gentlemen, blogging in thirteen words.
@BESW hahahaha.
8:44 AM
@BESW I will confess that is like 80% of the blogs I regularly read.
I mean, I tend to like media criticism blogs, so that's kind of a given.
> You see, I was doing parkour at the time. For those of you without the internet, parkour essentially boils down to skateboarding without a skateboard. You roam around the city, looking for things to jump over and climb up and infiltrate because it’s the closest you can get to being a ninja without being required to actually end lives.
I like this guy's writing.
Q: Where can I learn how to design my own RPG?

Alex PLet's say I have an idea for my own tabletop roleplaying game. Where can I go to learn more about how to design and publish my RPG? In particular: How can I find advice and resources to help me get started on the path to making my own game? What are the biggest or most successful established ...

That's my first attempt. It's like 4 am here, though, so maybe it is a bad attempt.
@AlexP if it's bad we shall all find out in due time
@Emracool [wave]
8:53 AM
@AlexP If it gets ripped down I'll post a version because I am poking my nose into the world of game dev.
@BESW Oh, for not being a problem I have? I doubt that'll happen.
I like game development. But unfortunately it's hard to objectively and helpfully describe intuition.
I doubt it as well, but I will be the safety.
Also I'm probably not that good at it.
I have my own ideas for an answer but they really aren't "Go here and people will help you!" More like "Lurk for years and play these five games." :)
8:55 AM
If anything, it might be closed because no answer could possibly be completely descriptive / it's partially a list question. But I don't think the community will mind it.
I tried to head off the listiness of it by framing it as "what are the best ones," with some half-way objective criteria. But, yeah, it's got that risk to it.
Asking to be pointed to off-site resources is a practice with a solid pedigree.
I think it is well-worded for its intent.
@Emracool YAY!
8:57 AM
everyone is cheering because I like something? XD
games don't exist if you don't develop them
Ah, you always have the best images, @BESW.
so I would guess that might have something to do with it XD
@BESW Makes me think of No More Heroes.
8:59 AM
@trogdor Well, they don't exist if you don't design them. They're not any good if you don't develop them. :)
same smell
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