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12:00 AM
@RobertHarvey - I have a strange question for you. I pulled up my MSO question at home, and I'm able to see several of the comments that were deleted (including my own). How should I report that to SE? I have a screeenshot that I can share.
ok, so I've extended a class Graph in python to MyGraph and I've also extended a class Vertex to MyVertex

Graph has methods that return Vertex results.

How can I make MyGraph return MyVertex results?
Make something that builds a MyVertex from a Vertex and override the Graph methods to call the parent then convert the return value.
can python handle generics like java?
@RobertHarvey - ignore what I asked. I misremembered what all I had deleted off.
@ReutSharabani Python is duck typed. Generics aren't needed. You could potentially just return a Vertex and no one would care. But you probably wrote MyVertex for some reason.
12:12 AM
yeah, I've added some private members, getters and setters.

I wonder if it's more of a hassle than just using java's generics and that's it...

python is more productive in many ways, but my design is always off with it
@ReutSharabani What would you be doing with generics that is causing you concern?
@ReutSharabani Ideally the "Graph" class would use dependency injection so that arbitrary Vertex implementations can be used. But that can't be changed if you don't want to rewriite everything
@psr, something along the lines of Graph<V extends Vertex, E extends Edge> ...

and then simply

return V getVertex
but I think I've realized a temporary solution for this problem... Hope I don't go further in and switch to java later on
@ReutSharabani You could pass graph a vertex factory when you create the graph (really amon already suggested this). But if someone else wrote Graph that might be problematic.
You can't resolve it statically like in Java though, because the language is dynamic. Otherwise it's the same effect.
yeah, I figured that'll be a problem, but asked anyway :)
12:22 AM
@ReutSharabani I don't see why you would better off in Java if someone else wrote Graph and made no provision for creating subclasses of Vertex though.
Maybe that's just likely to happen, since they would probably use generics.
I can write the graph code pretty easily... displaying it in java is the pain, but I guess I'll use graphviz to do it
we'll see..
thanks for the help
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3:44 AM
@MichaelT That's an interesting perspective. Perhaps it goes hand-in-hand with the idea that if large companies don't pay attention to the software component of their business, then they will soon be overwhelmed and erased due to swifter, more intelligent competitors.
@GlenH7 I hope this is an outlier.
2 hours later…
5:26 AM
@JimG. For example, my previous employer - a regional (but very large within that region) retail company. They were still trying to come to terms (and still failing) that they were a software company too. Having POS software that was 1M lines of java and another 250k lines of Progress. 40x internal web applications. 3d visualization of construction tools (foundations, steps, landscaping), home grown online web site, all the inventory control that goes with 300 large stores. Warehouse automation. Countertop design and fabrication automation.... the list goes on. Thats in a retail company.
8:11 AM
@GlenH7 I'm afraid you won't get 5/5. maple is taking a short break. He recently spawned a new process, and maple_shaft 2.0 requires all his focus right now.
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2:02 PM
@JimG. I still think that was a troll. It was crafted "just right" in order to stay under the radar of immediate deletion but still inflammatory enough to attract rebuke. Trolls feed off of the discord.
@YannisRizos Thanks for the head's up. I kind of figured that would be the case. Spawnings take up a lot of time. I also noticed he's not super-active on MSO either, so I figured that was a second strike against my quest.
@WorldEngineer still doesn't have an excuse though, and I fully expect him to weigh in with an answer that anchors the whole question. Sure, sure, he's job hunting. So that means he's got lots of time to come up with an ultra-crafty answer.
3:41 PM
@GlenH7 Or he could have been violently ill for the last few days
and is a Heretic partisan.
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4:46 PM
@GlenH7 Questions involving bash generally go to U&L or potentially Stack Overflow.
@YannisRizos maple_twig
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5:51 PM
@YannisRizos thinkgeek.com/product/6c68 thinkgeek.com/product/6c71 ? Maybe thinkgeek.com/product/1768 ? (Think geek has LOTS of kid and confused data things)
(I still get a chuckle out of my nephew (2.1 years old) with his rocket fork (from think geek) taking a LONG time to eat dinner because every item he puts on his fork he says "5 4 3 2 1 blastoff! woosh" Still, he ate it all.
6:22 PM
I've been admitted to MIT, hurray!!
1 hour later…
7:49 PM
@jozefg Congrats! You will summarily have no more time for our debauchery, seriously though congrats and have fun man!
I'm sure they didn't even have to think about anything other than how they would ensure you accepted the offer
2 hours later…
10:01 PM
@WorldEngineer Heretic, indeed! Thanks for the explanation on the migration target. I probably should have just said "somewhere else." And I'm still waiting on your MSO answer ….. ;-) Glad you're feeling better. Violence + illness == not good.
@jozefg - Congrats!
posted on December 14, 2013 by Stack Exchange

Is a game of musical chairs refreshing or distracting?

@GlenH7 I'm technically more of a Marathon partisan since I was on a Mac from 1995-2001 or so
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11:58 PM
@jozefg Make sure to stop by the Harvard Bookstore known as the Coop. It's a 3 story Barnes and Noble. Also see how many of the authors of Cormen's Algorithms you can get to autograph your copy by the time you graduate.

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