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2:09 PM
hey @Reg did you hear about the new Cuusoo rules?
"What I like about your tongue is the word."
"What I like about your tongue is the term."
"What I like about your tongue is the credibility."
"What I like about your tongue is the verbal facility."
"What I like about your tongue is the verbal aptitude."
"What I like about your tongue is the word (32 bits)."
I could guess but my unfamiliarity with the language makes me doubt I'd guess right. Except of course the last possibility, which is ... tongue in cheek.
The trouble is that the quotation is poetic.
The author could have meant something literal, figurative, idiomatic ... and I don't know the language.
What language(s) do you know?
I can reason my way through a lot of texts if they are Romance or Teutonic. I speak a bit of halting German. I can ask for the bathroom in Spanish and Italian.
What do you speak most often?
2:25 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yes and I even edited my project somewhat so that it's crystal clear it's not against them.
@tchrist speaking of which, quiz time.
What does a German in a Friday meeting mean by "eatable isolation"?
a table alone?
Wow you're even farther away than I hoped.
Nono, that's a :)
@RegDwigнt Ah, I see. So question about the giraffe. how sturdy is the neck? I feel like it would fall apart.
2:34 PM
The neck is extremely sturdy. Like, as if it were a single 1x2x5 brick.
The real problem is the legs.
I put a bar inside, so they don't break in the middle, but they still tend to come off as wholes.
does the bar poke through the top and bind somewhere in the body?
Nope. The body base is a simple 2x4 plate.
the other day I found myself really wanting a plate that was 1.5 wide.
2:37 PM
Well you have to use a jumper and not allow anyone to see the other side.
I had a fat cylinder - like a minifig head - that I wanted to put on a 1-wide shelf, and of course it didn't fit
yeah, the other side of my 1-wide wall is the back-end of the train-car, so no luck.
I ended up just going with a thinner decorative piece
instead of the genie lamp
You could use a 1x1 brick with studs on sides.
It's not quite 1½ plate, but might be enough.
Maybe. The scenario is I have a 6-wide train-car with 1-wide walls and a 4-wide fireplace at the back.
The front of the fireplace is a 1x4 arch
the top of the arch is the mantle of the fireplace
The arch and the supporting bricks are inside the car, while the back wall of the fireplace forms the back wall of the car
I wanted to put a decoration on the top of the arch
I guess I could lower the arch and then attach a shelf to the wall, but that's complicated by the fact that the wall is made up of slopes at that point
You use that brick I just showed, but attach it to that new-style 2x2 bracket in the wall.
The brick height together with the 1/2 plate of the bracket will get you 1½ plate.
And in the wall that bracket would only need room for one plate.
Problem is, them brackets is only available in bley, black and white, and only bley is common.
Actually not even white. Only bley, dbley and black.
White was the counterpart, hanging down from above.
I have bley and dbley
my fireplace is already dark grey, I could maybe redo it in dbley
2:48 PM
Well I'm more worried about the other side, where you'd see the base plate of the bracket in the wall.
So the wall would have to be bley, too, or striped to cover it up or whatever.
that wall is dark grey
Oh. Well then.
I'd say we have a winner.
I'll send you a pick as soon as the damn phone finishes "sharing" the photo
I have just a couple of these in black, from Garmatron and the X-Wing, but it appears that I don't need to BL more, as there are 9 in the Winter Village Market and another 13 in Horizon Express, which it appears I'll be getting both after all.
I tend to BL way too many parts that I then end up getting in myriads from regular sets anyway.
Do you track your part inventory for stuff you've bought, or just sets? or neither?
2:55 PM
I add everything to Rebrickable right away. Every last part I get no matter how.
I screwed up a while back, though, and had to delete my spare parts and re-add from scratch.
I still had all the BL orders, but the eBay orders I had to add from memory.
Which didn't work all too well, so my list is a bit incomplete right now.
But for all intents and purposes I can ignore that.
yeah. I didn't add that big batch of random parts I bought 2nd hand. So now it's hopeless.
The worst thing that can happen is that it shows me for some set a missing part that I know for a fact I do have.
So your phone gave up? Or you gave up on your phone?
I dunno what it's doing. It says "sending" but I see nothing happening.
I'm trying to send with a different app.
Oh I see, you're from Generation App.
3:00 PM
It's not like there's too much room left.
Is that some sort of ensign over the fireplace?
It's just a decoration.
I see.
it's not necessary. But there's room underneath it for the genie lamp, except the lamp is > 1 stud wide.
I could lower the arch too. it's on a 1x1 cylinder but I could put it on 1x1 round plates.
Right. It's just that a 1-brick high shelf would look rather monstrous in this context.
But there isn't much room to go back or forward. That's why I basically gave up and just went with a thinner decoration.
unless it were incorporated into the mantle somehow.
3:04 PM
And the really stupid thing is that the arch has "LEGO" on its studs, so you get the famous 0.14 mm offset that prevents you from having the shelf right above it.
lol yeah
I think for my purposes that slight bit of illegality is acceptable
This ain't no cuusoo project
I'm just wondering if there's a better solution.
Like, that thing policemen hold to stop traffic, what's its name, and you stick it into the wall and put the lamp on top of it.
Except it's too long so would stick out on the other end.
This room has become the lego room and also the programming room.
But perhaps you could put some kind of train lantern on the other end or something.
like those paddles they use for signaling planes on the runway?
I have a couple of those, in white
3:08 PM
They also use these in Fire Brigade for ping pong.
So anyway, the bar goes into a Technic half pin that goes in a 1x2 Technic brick, and then it sticks out on the other side and looks stupid and you have to do stuff to it.
Q: Why isn’t “Please help” on our titular stoplist?

tchristWe just got in rapid success these two soi-disant “questions” over on main: Please help to interpret Please help me with this sentence Strictly speaking as questions go, those are imperatives not interrogatives, of which we seem to be getting more and more of the former type, basically too-lo...

But on this side, you can place a lamp on it or really anything.
@RegDwigнt or it goes into that brick-with-stud you already posted
use the dual-studded one and I can just cover it up at the back
3:10 PM
Ok, why the hell are there no Linked questions to that one? I cited ELU-metas , so they should be there.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 right. Add some 1x1 round plates with holes, which you still don't have, and it can even stick out a fair amount.
but I don't think the paddle will fit width-wise, unless I attach it to one of the two central bricks. There isn't enough room on the edges
@tchrist good question. Next question.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah which is why I was going with the Technic brick. The paddle would be perfectly centered.
@RegDwigнt yeah, good point.
But anyway, this was just an attempt to think out of the box. We could try to think of other parts with bars. Not necessarily the paddle.
3:15 PM
It didn't seem to be worth the trouble to make the shelf wider. What I'd rather spend time on is fixing the gap between the red and grey slopes.
Huh what. Image do change!
Ah, better.
Oh, this one is good.
And this one looks perfect, except I've never seen it before.
Even this one might work.
Yeah, I could always just suspend the shelf wherever I want it
And I see you have the Spider-Man Cycle Chase.
!!lego 76004
I like that car a lot. But I actually like the bike even more.
Something about it is just so vroom-vroom.
3:21 PM
yeah I haven't disassembled it yet.
It's such a great kit. Spiderman, Venom, sweet bike, sweet car
I don't care about Nick Fury, but I do like seeing more black people represented in figs.
I found the back of the car to be too flimsy until I realized I wasn't supposed to pull on the black bracket to lift it, but rather on the green sides.
I like how the windshield is attached
But I wasn't the only one. Everyone's first idea is to pull on the black part. Which immediately comes off every single time.
The windshield is ingenious.
Those clips are really designed such that everything lines up in every which direction.
A marvel of engineering.
The only problem I have with the windshield is that the sideways edge where the studs normally go hangs down in front of the driver. I can mentally edit that out using my imagination, until the time comes for Nick to drive with his gun in his hand, at which point the windshield is in the way.
I never play with minifigs.
I assemble and put them away immediately.
I only swoosh sets around.
Minifigs are stoopid.
Though I mainly bought this set so I could have Spider-Man.
3:25 PM
You know how people complain that Lego these days has too many special pieces? I want to punch those people. Even basic $20 kits are coming with advanced building techniques, just put out there like it's totally normal.
The simplest pigeonhole principle just says that if there are n holes and n+1 pigeons, at least 1 hole must contain at least 2 pigeons. @RegDwigнt
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yes, I keep wasting hundreds of Euros on stupid City cars and trucks because every single one is built completely differently.
@RegDwigнt Me too... but I was really pleased with the car.
@JasperLoy then why they no say so? Why give it a name, and a non-descript one at that.
So I lowered the fireplace arch by 2 plates. It looks better that way. But I still don't think there's room for a shelf. However, if I lowered it by one more plate, I could put a tile on the arch, then offset a shelf somehow.
@RegDwigнt You'd be surprised how many people fail to understand the pigeonhole principle.
3:27 PM
Can't you just put jumper plates onto it instead of a tile?
It would stick around a lot, but could be the easiest solution.
Doesn't have to be normal jumpers, could be two 2x2 ones.
@RegDwigнt I don't understand.
I hope Barrie England attains 100k, then he will be the first person to do so on ELU.
Two of these on top of the arch, instead of a simple 1x4 tile.
oh. that'd hang out by 1 full stud... too much
anyway, gotta run. ttyl
3:46 PM
Paying customers interfering with my chatting...
Bai MrShiny.
Hai rest.
4:02 PM
Yes. Giving us money so I can buy food and LEGO.
What money?
Tögrögs, mostly.
And what kind of weird Lego piece is that?
Ah there he goes again. Have to answer another email. Lators.
4:07 PM
!!afk cornbread ninja
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Nobody cares.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 There goes the neighbourhood.
4:25 PM
!!afk badass
@badass Stay safe.
@badass Were you bitten!? Strip! Prove you weren't bitten.
!!Youtube once bitten twice shy
4:28 PM
!!wiki once bitten twice shy
"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" is a 1975 song by Ian Hunter, from his debut solo album Ian Hunter, which reached No. 14 in the UK Singles Chart. It was covered in 1989 by the American hard rock group Great White on their fourth album ...Twice Shy. This version was also released as a single, which charted at No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100, at No.6 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and again in the UK. The song was also covered by the Australian rock group The Angels on their 1991 album Red Back Fever. Track listings #"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" - 3:52 #"3,000 Miles from Here" - 2:48 Great Whi...
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 nope
4:42 PM
shy shy
Too shy shy, hush hush, eye to eye?
@RegDwigнt A working-lunch meeting at some restaurant? Catered lunch in a conference room?
This is not a meta question:
Q: "For all Intents and Purposes"

badassThe phrase "for all intents and purposes" seems redundant and circular to me, because of the overlap of the meanings of the individual words: intend: have in mind as what one wishes to do or achieve. purpose: intended result of effort. The thing that one wishes to do or achieve is the intende...

I don’t understand why alpha dolphins matter on meta.
Leave the intensive porpoises to non-meta.
Oops :(
How do I get it moved?
I just flagged it to do so.
it's probably just to re-ask it on the main site and then close it
Yeah, he could self-delete.
4:51 PM
@RegDwigнt It now works upon reload. It didn’t for a while. FIIK.
You threw me off with your metannoyed >8(
Anything to dislodge a monkey from my back.
Are you calling me a monkey?
!!youtube monkey on your back
4:54 PM
No, you’re equine not simian.
badass please come to language learners
Sometimes I can't help but fee that SE should add a "this question was interesting, but the first few people to look at it didn't know the answer" close-reason.
Of course, it was on SO rather than here, so you know, present company excluded.
5:10 PM
@JonHanna eh?
’Tis a shame preposterity does not occur, and so one must resort to the unsightly preposterousness when such need arises.
Or maybe Martha meant the Irish Sea. I don’t know. I don’t consider the Mississippi a pond.
She is so odd-fashioned at times.
@tchrist: is this an across-the-pond thing? I would never in my life say something as preposterous-sounding as "nobody ever mails me" unless it was followed by, say, "cookies". — Marthaª 21 mins ago
@Marthaª Perhaps so, since unless it were destined for the most inveterate of muggles, I couldn’t imagine ever using was for were in an unless protasis whose apodosis contained would or should. But I don’t know what preposterous pond you’re referring to: mayhap the channelly one across from which they use courriel in lieu of mail? Me, I mail people all the time; if you would be so kind as to supply me with your RFC-5322—compliant address, I’d be more than delighted to demonstrate. Or perhaps you’re just using some form of youthful slang with which I am unacquainted. — tchrist 6 mins ago
Hm, that should have been an en dash not an em dash. Too late, alas.
Doesn’t matter; I’m sure my dashing punctuation will not interfere with her understanding.
Pond is most often the Atlantic in such context, being a dead cliché that strikes me as much worse than preposterousness.
Preosterousness has a certain apposite quality.
She apparently thinks me British.
Dang it, no word for British Islander.
Alas for all the Manx et alios!
@JonHanna Even better, preœstrus. Not that I would ever write that myself.
Even were it applicable, which it may just possibly be in her case.
The Manx aren't British, they aren't even in the UK. There is though still a lack of a good word for "subject of the Queen, by virtual of being from a British Crown Dependency".
Oh, actually, I was remembering wrong. They are considered British citizens.
They're in the curious position of being citizens of an EU country, without being EU citizens, too.
5:29 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Oh. I can see my house from here.
Where "head for the hills" is good advice.
I don't think that little car made it :(
I hope there were no traffic circles on the way away.
5:40 PM
How did they film it?
That close :/
!!youtube noodles on my back
how esoteric :)
That was a magnificent shart
He is both shit and fan, guy's a pro.
@RegDwigнt I may have solved my two problems at once. I took a technic 6x1 with hollow studs and put headlight bricks at each end, facing in. Sideways, on the headlight stud, I put a 1x1 with side-stud, with the side-stud facing back. On this, I attached the 2x1 plate with descending 2x4 sideways attachment. That piece is 1 half-plate thick and because it's sideways it gives a half-stud offset toward the back. It protrudes from the back of the train but that's okay, I can just hang smth there.
By raising the whole dk grey part of the chimney up 1/2 plate, it also closes the gap between the up and down slopes.
It will take some extra fiddling to close the new 1/2 plate gap at the top, and I will have to play around with my part selection to get the colours to all line up, and I don't have time today, but I think this solution will hold.
Hm, I changed my mind, I think I will replace the 1x6 old-technic beam. I can put a 2x1 under each side, or a bunch of 1x1-with-axle-hole turned sideways, but if I leave the middle of the construction open, it will allow me to attach a plate inside the wall and then more easily cover up the space with a sideways plate.
oh, I just noticed that there isn't room between the two sideways 1x1-with-side-stud top studs to fit a plate. oh well.
7:05 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I like the lady at the end wondering: "what was that?" Well, it sure wasn't Justin Bieber singing "Boyfriend" LOL
@badass yeah. It's pretty clear what that was.
Too funny :D
7:20 PM
@RegDwigнt or @KitSox: Maybe we could give Kosmonaut credit for the room explanation, huh? I think it was he who said it, ne?
7:32 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 that's a lot of painting over to be done on the rear. But other than that, yeah good thinking.
@Robusto what do you suggest? We already gave him like three stars or something.
I dunno. Maybe a "—Kosmonaut" at the end?
You know, to remember him by?
In this season of generosity and giving, etc.
Nah, and destroy all the mystery just like that?
It's for the children.
@Robusto I was more like hoping to bait him into this room again.
Though I can't be sure he even remembers.
@RegDwigнt currently it means a two-plate thick protrusion but I bet I can reduce it to 1, or else make most of it 1 plate and just part of it two.
7:34 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 well yes but then there's the five holes and all. I'm including those in my assessment.
@RegDwigнt I can reduce that to no holes if I replace the 1x6 beam with 1x1-with-hole, turned sideways
in fact I only need two of those, the rest can be regular bricks
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 how about two 1x6 plates, and on top of them two 1x1 plates on each side, and two jumper plates in the middle?
@RegDwigнt that'd work too
Or two 1x1 tiles and a regular 1x2 plate in the middle.
I'm still not quite sure how you build up from the middle there, if you need those studs to align or not.
or a 1x4 tile, really I don't need any studs in there
7:38 PM
Well then.
there isn't room to connect anything to them
that gap is going to be inside the fireplace, and the plates on the back wall will have to cover it.
there will also be a gap between the arch of the fireplace and the shelf, but you won't be able to see it
So how do you work around the offset of the red parts vs. the dbley parts later on at the top?
I don't know what your roof looks like.
@RegDwigнt haven't solved that yet. also it's dark-grey, not bley, but I may have to change that.
@RegDwigнt What do Kosmonauts eat? Why, seven-layer bean dip, of course. Try putting some of that up there if you really want some bait that has a chance.
7:42 PM
@kosmonaut free seven-layer dip NOW. Also, bagles.
Pronounced baggles.
Close your eyes, give me your hand darling.
@Kosmonaut: He's right. Free seven-layer bean dip NOW. This is a limited-time offer.
I don't have a hand darling. I like them both equally.
Hence the close your eyes, easier to pick one that way.
Happy Friday 13th. I am rid of that annoying job, and have almost three weeks before I have to do anything useful again.
7:46 PM
Excellent timing. I command your excellent-timing skillz.
I also conquer them.
I told the QA manager that I had offered to stay on another week to help sort things out but that the management team said it wasn't necessary. She looked at me dumbstruck and said, "What. The. Fuck."
The sad part is that as a QA manager she'll be used to this shit.
They just started testing my shit this week. I've been fixing stuff as it comes up, but there will be more. Another week would have been of great help to them, but management preferred to poke themselves in the eye. Again.
I actually prefer it this way. I like having a big chunk of down time. But I was offering to be a mensch.
This word has a lot of cultural connotations as well, which would make it equivalent to 'have integrity' only when spoken by and to a person who shares in the same cultural baggage. From the mouths of others, it will sound out of place. — Raissa Apr 27 '12 at 5:13
I didn't know you shared my cultural baggage, but there goes.
Yeah. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say.
7:53 PM
Speaking of good deeds, I must blend my soup.
@RegDwigнt No, no, not blend. You're thinking of that synonym for not spicy.
Q: Looking for a word that describes mental retardation in computer programmers

Dean LunzSo I started writing a new blog post titled "My personal struggle with mental retardation" about how impossible it is for me to think in the most simplest terms and come up with the simplest solution to a given computer programming problem. No matter what I do I can't help but over complicate a...

You should totally drop mental retardation and use jQuery. — RegDwigнt 6 secs ago
8:00 PM
@RegDwigнt $('@RegDwigнt').snort('long');
"totally". When did that happen?
During the total war.
Oh, not Genghis Khan?
Yes, sorry, wrong video.
@RegDwigнt I had the volume up. Jeez.
8:05 PM
@RegDwigнt I didn't know there was a German equivalent of The Village People.
You still don't know many things. That's why I am here.
@Robusto First video?
@Transmissionfrom Ever? Of anything?
@Robusto Lumière?
8:16 PM
@RegDwigнt Pretty funny. She maintains her polite demeanor throughout, like a robot, telling him her purpose is to assist the passengers, serve food, etc., and he is absolutely coming unglued. The stuff he's asking doesn't really translate into Japanese (though his seatmate gives it a decent enough go), but she feels the hostility and it bothers her that she cannot be of service. What is this from, some film?
Survive Style 5+.
Which I recommended to you a couple years ago.
Jul 27 '12 at 21:54, by RegDwight АΑA
Well almost a couple years.
Don't forget to use a "queue" next time you play billiards, or when you prompt someone for a response. — Robusto 14 secs ago
@RegDwigнt I will have to look for it. Slipped my mind. I was probably watching something trivial at the time, like Breaking Bad.
Oh my. Talk about sinking low.
7 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
You have to break some bad to make an omelette.
It's a fun and funny movie. I'm still not quite sure it knows what to do with itself at the very end, but the journey is A+.
I have made a note this time.
And now I shall eat soup.
Don't tell me I hadn't warned you.
8:27 PM
Fart jokes?
No. Come-quick jokes.
Better than lame jokes.
驚くほどはやい。she titles her commercial, which is more like "surprisingly" than "amazingly" fast; understatement, you know.
@RegDwigнt So I solved the other half-plate offset by using the same trick again: the roof of this train-car is removable, so I hung another of those plate-with-sidways-half-plate pieces on it, which fills in the gap. It means the model only looks best when the roof is on though.
So the roof also holds it together, then.
8:33 PM
No, the roof rests on top, like the different stories of the Palace Cinema.
Actually PC is connected by a couple studs.
It's GE that is completely loose.
Which I of course immediately changed.
Previously I had a 1x6 red tile securing the grey chimney at the top. It didn't look great but it was strong. Now that there's a 1/2 plate offset, that doesn't work, so I just punted and stuck the tile on top of the 1/2 plate offset part.
But anyway, this means the back of the train is flimsy and not really to be played with.
@RegDwigнt a little, yeah.
I guess it's par for the course for all slope-inverted slope builds.
8:38 PM
@RegDwigнt it's actually not too bad
Oh, TLG are now asking for our addresses to send us "well-earned rewards for our remarkable translations".
BRB typing in address.
I'll share the completed pics on G+ with you, you're in my ELU circle I think.
Yeah I keep seeing you there.
I don't have that many people in total.
@RegDwigнt TLG?
The LEGO Group.
Sometimes also TLC for The LEGO Company, but no true Scotsman does that.
Cuz RIP Left Eye and all.
8:41 PM
I see.
"No Scrubs" is a Grammy Award-winning song recorded by American R&B girl group TLC for their album FanMail. Released in January 1999 as the album's first single, "No Scrubs" became TLC's third number-one single and eighth top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100. It also earned them their second Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. The single is generally considered to be one of the group's signature songs and was the 2nd biggest Hot 100 single of 1999, according to Billboard's Year End Charts. The single was certified platinum in the US, the UK, and New Zealand. Lead vocals were perfo...
@RegDwigнt Ah. From the Backstreet Boys & N'Sync era.
They're so judgmental, btw.
You'll probably know Waterfalls before you know No Scrubs.
This one goes out to @cornbreadninja麵包忍者 as well.
pauses The Time
8:56 PM

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