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12:17 AM
Zombies, beware! I have ammo!
12:35 AM
The numbers are 945 / 1069 now. Keep it up. ( 97 for the Java tag :) )
what are those numbers?
Questions with no answers / Questions with no upvoted answers
I am trying to get my cousin to come in and work on ruby stuff
1:04 AM
@Malachi nice! the more the merrier!
@Malachi BTW what the heck happened, I thought I was like 5pts behind you and then I check out your score and... (rolls up sleeves) ok ready for operation unanswered
I think someone reloaded and splattered me with up votes at change over
@Malachi I hope they won't get reversed as serial upvotes! lol splattered with upvotes
I don't know if they were from the same person or not
@SimonAndréForsberg was it you?
@Malachi Yeah, I just gave you some upvotes. I had ammo. I had to use it somewhere.
@SimonAndréForsberg, gotta be careful doing them one right after another.
gotta play some PS3 with my litle man
1:19 AM
@Malachi later!
@Malachi True that. I don't think I ever caused serial upvoting before though. I went through some of your answers, saw a couple that had zero score - so I thought to myself, "Aha! A target!". Your answers looked good so it was upvote time.
@Malachi I hope you'll play Call of Duty with him, he's gotta learn how to target Zombies! (Or actually.... I don't hope that)
SE is (rightfully) cryptic about what the thresholds are for serial upvoting, but they involve time between votes, a number of votes, and I believe they have to be in sequence. Good read: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/126829/…
I can start ammo-unloading in the #java .... (just joining the fray)
@rolfl well hello!
Yeah, Hi! to all... (my first ever SE-type chat.
1:27 AM
@rolfl I can relate to that - my first ever SE chat post was right here too!
(Zombies beware)
Nice small group, relatively intimate, not too much egotism.... all good.
@rolfl seen this?
A: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

retailcoderSome "memes"... A few expressions have come up recently, thought I'd share them here (feel free to add, this is CW!) Running out of ammo: when you have exhausted all 40 votes for the day. Zombie looting: when you downvoted (upvoted?) a zombie question that ends up getting deleted, and then you...

Yeah, that's sort of why I am here.
So, question - a reveiw of some code is not a quick thing to do properly. I find a minimum of 30 minutes is required.... That's a lot of time commitment to work through some of the old posts.
So, something like codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/20806/… ... it's a good question, no answers, no comments, and a good answer is a lot of work... what would 'you all' recommend for a post like that?
@rolfl (RE: minimum 30 minutes is required) Indeed, although we should only write thorough reviews when we feel like it (like when a good zombie deserves a real beating)
Q: Safely accepting a known SSL certificate with a different host name Android

Drake ClarrisMy app communicates with a server over an internal network through https. The SSL certificate on this server is listed for the host as its external host name. I want to accept this certificate, but I don't want to accept ANY certificate as many workarounds I've seen seem to do. I would also like ...

That's what I'd call a good zombie
Hey there @rolfl . I noticed you are quite new to this site as well (just a couple of days before me I believe). Welcome to the "inner circle" (i.e. overly addicted reviewers perhaps)
1:34 AM
Perhaps, it's a good outlet for something, I am not sure what.... but sometimes it's nice to look at crap code and think 'I'm better' ;-)
Actually, somewhere in side of me I have this urge to mentor people.
This is a good place
@rolfl Remember that you don't have to write a complete review of the code. If you find one particular thing to address in your answer, I might stumble upon the question a couple of hours later, and then @retailcoder comes and comments about something else, and so on...
That's true. It can be a collective effort.
@rolfl If you want to look at crap code, you gotta visit codecrap.com
It has to be a collective effort.
@retailcoder Indeed it has to be. There's no way any one of us can address all things that are wrong in everyone's code.
1:37 AM
About that good zombie above, I wonder - don't the empty overloads/overrides just do nothing?
Naah, I dont really want to dig that deep in to crap code. In general the questions here are not too bad....
But yes, indeed it takes time.
That particular zombie requires a relatively unique combination of skills to review correctly ... which makes it hard to find the right person for it.
Like, there's 4 overloads for a method, and 2 do sweet f***all?
@retailcoder that's correct, but if X509HostnameVerifier is an interface, there must be an implementation for them - even if the implementation is empty.
1:39 AM
Does Java have something like a NotImplementedException?
I think the empty implementation may be as important for 'acepting' the alternate host name.
Well if the implementation of an interface does nothing in 2 out of 4 overloads, it smells
Nevermind... I think I am intrigued enough to have a kick at that zombie.... load shotgun!
@retailcoder Java is said to be overly verbose sometimes, I guess this is one of those times.
The OP states "input on security loopholes and its effectiveness at doing what I need", security loopholes is not something I can answer about SSL. But the code's overall effectiveness / cleaniness is something we here at CR are experts at commenting!
@rolfl BTW thanks for your contributions, you write very good reviews!
1:42 AM
The evolvibe object oriented programming language Java is only as succintly verbose as the ambitious and caffenated developers who indulge in it's delicasies.
@rolfl The Zombie is all yours, go for it!
@retailcoder thanks, appreciated.
@SimonAndréForsberg OK, going in.
Time to be less in-depth though.
@rolfl I have to agree with retailcoder there, I'm glad I'm not alone doing the Java questions!
@rolfl, @SimonAndréForsberg Yup. Swap that shotgun for an M-16.
I can't field too many of them in a day.... I have a very demanding 'real job'.
1:44 AM
I think I've upvoted several of your reviews recently, @rolfl
Why not 'all of them' !
@rolfl Why I don't upvote all your reviews? Because I don't want to cause serial voting, in which case my votes would be reversed.
(I was being tong-in-cheek !!! )
@rolfl I'm now seeing a couple of things myself in this question, looking forward to your answer on it. And I'm also standing by with my shotgun in case you don't cover the things I'm thinking about.
2:05 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg I got Army of two from my sister in law
Programmers = an organism that turns caffeine and (insert favorite junk food) into code. software, video games, etc
One down!
Q: Another way to implement weak event handlers in vb.net

Peter PopovicsSummary: Please let me know, what weaknesses do you see in the described workaround for event handlers preventing garbage collection of registered listener objects... I'm in the development of and API for a set of devices communicating with each other, and optionally with a PC trough a socket ba...

That one has been bothering me for days!
@retailcoder that is one that I have been looking at for a long time.
@Malachi Don't know that game, any Zombies in it?
(Although I gotta admit, I've never played Call of Duty either!)
@SimonAndréForsberg my wife would have a massive fit if I played zombies with him in the room. he is only 4. and she hates zombies.
@SimonAndréForsberg I wasn't into FPS games until someone lended me the first Modern Warfare - then I bought the 2nd and then played the 3rd
2:09 AM
anyway back at it
@SimonAndréForsberg I mean you have to play them in sequence! (the single-player campaign mode I mean)
@retailcoder, COD games kill/possess controllers
I've never liked FPS games, I feel nausea when playing them.
@SimonAndréForsberg Zombie fried!
@rolfl nice!
2:14 AM
/me takes a bow.
@rolfl Well done. You nailed it! I couldn't have made it better myself
Thanks all, now have > 750 reputation whoopee, can see scores! and, ooh, TWO Badges, one for 'talkative', and now a silver 'revival' !
Oh, revival is only bronze.
@rolfl If you keep this up you're going to be stacking revival badges - I got 5 just this week!
@rolfl and @SimonAndréForsberg even got 2 for the same question (the one he split in two answers)
@rolfl I still only have bronze badges as well, but I'm sure that if we keep this up, then it won't take long until we hit silver, or even gold :)
Well do that 30 days straight and you'll at least get [badge:enthusiast] :)
2:23 AM
I have a 'participation badge coming soon.... silver badge in 8 days, and I gt 100consecutive days coming on SE
Today is my 40th consecutive day on CR :)
that's for SE or for each individual site?
SE only I have 95-days consecutive at the moment, and get gold @100
@Malachi All badges are for each individual site
I have the 'rare' unsung hero gold badge on SE, only 6K awarded.
2:25 AM
@rolfl I have 89 consecutive on SO, also getting Fanatic soon :)
CR made me break my consecutive days on SO, I was getting close to 200!
meh, I am mixing acronyms, I mean SO when I say SE
@rolfl I figured :)
Will take a while until I get Fanatic on CR though, this is only my 16th consecutive, and I will be AFK during new year's so I won't get Fanatic on CR until April at the very earliest.
Just so long as I call my SO Lee and not she.
2:27 AM
what is the unsung hero one again, is that having so many answers accepted with zero votes? @rolfl?
I get onto CR on my phone now I am so addicted. which reminds me I need to check a game
Unsung Hero: Zero score accepted answers: more than 10 and 25% of total.
@SimonAndréForsberg @Malachi's got a point: since I bookmarked CR I never see the light of day before I bring up my CR profile on my cell phone. What's AFK?
AFK - away from keyboard
2:31 AM
@retailcoder AFK is a state of an avatar (a.k.a. human being) in which it goes into something called IRL.
@retailcoder, forgot your <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags
or <jk></jk>
@Malachi no, I am a noob at these acronyms - j'suis francophone moi!
@retailcoder Canada?
(if so, me too).
@rolfl yup. Qc
2:33 AM
I am what?
lol I'm natively French-speaking.
wasn't familiar with the word francophone
I only took one semester of french and that was almost 10 years ago
I don't remember much
The adjective francophone means "French-speaking", typically as primary language, whether referring to individuals, groups, or places. The word is also often used as a noun to describe a natively French-speaking person. Linguistic nuance In a narrower sense, the notion of "francophone" reaches beyond the dictionary definition of "French language speaker". The term specifically refers to people whose cultural background is primarily associated with French language, regardless of ethnic and geographical differences. The francophone culture beyond Europe is the legacy of the French and Be...
I hope my English isn't too broken :)
I'm surrounded by non-europeans
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)
Goodnight folks. Europe's gotta sleep.
2:43 AM
gute nacht
(nein, ich sprache keinen deutsch - ich habe "gute nacht" und "guten morgen". das ist es)
@SimonAndréForsberg that's as european as I could get :)
only had 1 semester, 10 years ago :s
Meh, I can sing 'silent night' in german, does that count? (Mind you, with the name 'Rolf' I should be able to....
Is it me or 40 daily votes isn't enough? Spent 27 already and the SE day's just starting...
@rolfl you mean "stille nacht" :)
Of course, but, well, singing it is much easier than spelling it.
(though my spelling is better than my singing)
lol - no, "lol" is an euphemism. I mean LOL!!
@Malachi weren't you playing PS3?
3:00 AM
Ooh, thanks @retailcoder, appreciate the +1 and badge (sorry, not paying attention, fighting 'ant').
@rolfl I can't help upvoting any answer I see with 9 upvotes. I like feeling like Santa :)
It boggles me when you see questions/answers like:
Like, WTF? That any people even read the question?
A: What is wrong with my code? The recruiter said it didn't meet their bar

Winston EwertI'm going to tell you the things in your code that made me wonder. # Script that verifies the correctness of a toolbar offers import urllib, bencode , hashlib Extra space after bencode, suggest lack of attention detail from hashlib import sha1 url = "http://update.utorrent.com/installoffer....

9 upvotes is trivial in comparison.
@rolfl I think that one made it to the weekly newsletter (you've subscribed that, right?) - but yeah every now and then there's this odd question/answer that gets lots of random attention.
Nah, not subscribed. In theory I don't have time for this sort of thing.... ;-)
I am supposed to be making money.
I try to avoid 'push' notifications, and chats like this are bad for that.
@rolfl you mean that?
3:08 AM
Yeah, ;-) I just get into some work, and I get a 'ding', damnit!
I'm a bad time-manager.
ADHD and all.
I am often accused of not answering e-mails, what people don't know is that I shut down my e-mail to avoid interruptions.
I have to work hard to be social and interactive.
You would think that having been on things like BBS's and IRC since the late 80's I would be better at it.
Milestone: 199 questions with no upvoted answers in my tags (that's [tag:best-pract‌​ice] and )
Dude, what's wrong with
@rolfl that's just typical of our kind I think :)
ding - yeah, best-practice changes over time ... ;-) That's what's wrong with it.
You are oversubscribed. I should probably have more than just
I realized I didn't have enough "favorite tags" when I took the screenshot for the CoD meta-post :)
Not to publicize an answer, but would this deserve an upvote, a downvote, a "not-an-answer" flag or a kick in the balls?
A: Is this the correct way to expose a setting for a vb.net class library?

retailcoderI think it's a fairly verbose way of exposing app settings. How about this? (taken from an answer on this SO question)

Are you soliciting? ;-)
I know nothing about VB (at least I try not to think I do.... ;-)
3:25 AM
It's just the all-honest best I could come up with on that one, and part of me feels like it's just wrong... or is it the question that doesn't quite fit CR?
Besides it's just as valid in C# :)
Hey, since it is just me here... sorry, can't help. I do 'backend' systems. Currently working on a cluster of Power boxes. I live in the world of anything-not-windows.
C# is just as foreign to me.
Think of it as Java by Microsoft :)
Mind you the question is a zombie
Microsoft tried that before, they got sued ;p
Was that J++?
The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM) is a discontinued proprietary Java virtual machine from Microsoft. It was first made available for Internet Explorer 3 so that users could run Java applets when browsing on the World Wide Web. It was the fastest Windows-based implementation of a Java virtual machine for the first two years after its release. Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java, sued Microsoft in October 1997 for incompletely implementing the Java 1.1 standard. It was also named in the United States v. Microsoft antitrust civil actions, as an implementation of Microsoft's Embrac...
Crap, that was 16 years ago.... huh.
3:33 AM
I feel old..
Yeah, no kidding, I was working in England then. Now I have teenagers.
has 2 questions with no upvoted answers - this one is unanswered:
Q: Using Delegates and BeginInvoke with .NET 2.0 WebServices

Ryan KinalI'm attempting to implement a simple long-polling/comet/reverse AJAX solution, and came across the concept of delegates, specifically with the BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods. I've built a Web Service that uses these concepts, but, having never used these, they make me a little nervous, and I h...

@rolfl I was 15 :)
Ooohhh, 2011 it was asked. Mummy, not Zombie
I was through 4 years of university, 3 years working in South Africa, and in my second year in England... been in .ca since 2000.... son.
@retailcoder - now I feel old.
3:39 AM
Are you a COBOL programmer?
I learned it a bit, but never got anything in production.
Honestly, I wrote cobol programs on pre-formatted cards, with columns and everything.
Mwahahahaha cards!
Fortran I did, but that was 'real' code, (actuarial).
I ported the fortan from an MVS systm (Wang) to this new thing called UNIX.
3:41 AM
Q: Code review: infix to postfix converter

user32413I am writing a infix to postfix converter, however, running this code lets say with infix "1 + 2 + 3" prints out as "1 2 3 +" rather than "1 2 + 3 +", causing it to evaluate it incorrectly, as 5, instead of 7. I have been unable to find the bug. If anyone sees something I missed please let me kno...

Q: Real time HTML tester

kyle kHere is a simple webpage that I wrote to test HTML code in real time as typed, The page is very simple and does not contain many features, I wan't to know if I should add extra features to it or if I should keep the page simple and easy to use? What will provide the best user experience? <!DOCTY...

I got lucky and discovered there was an emerging market called client-server. I was involved in one of the first Windows-3.11 for workgroup installations in South Africa
Wow, you've got quite a CV buddy! No wonder you write good reviews!
@rolfl (ding!) has 17 unanswered questions, 7 tagged or
@retailcoder: Thanks to that link, I've found... pseudocode!

Gonna close that right away.
@Jamal thanks to what link?
3:56 AM
@retailcoder: Sorry, I meant the .
BTW good to see you back around here!
@retailcoder: So... looks like I should search for "pseudocode" to find all the little buggers. Obviously I won't find them by searching through language tags.
@retailcoder: I should be doing stats homework now, but it's all going over my head. The Internet needs me more.
@Jamal don't hesitate to ask if you need help on anything
@retailcoder: Um, that would be the other way around. :P
Or did you mean the stats?
@Jamal no, stats are way above my head - I meant cleaning up the site, if there's something I can help with, I'll be glad to contribute
@Jamal mind you, your vacuum cleaner has more horsepower than mine :)
4:02 AM
@retailcoder: I think I'm okay on my own. As you know, flag as needed and I'll attend to it.
@retailcoder: codesparkle did that, actually. He received my flag regarding the request, and made the changes.
940 unanswered | 1,058 w/o upvoted answers @ 5:05 UTC
@retailcoder: Two pseudocode question were closed.
@SimonAndréForsberg Daily vote limit reached: vote again in 18 hours - beat this :)
Actually 940 unanswered | 1,055 w/o upvoted answers @ 5:10 UTC
I'll call it a day.
@retailcoder ding ... and good job
5:14 AM
@rolfl thanks! (ding!)
1 more upvote on the CoD meta-post and it's on par with the 1000 days on beta meta-post. Actually CoD got there in merely 4 days, so it's officially my best SE-wide post ever! :)
5:30 AM
@retailcoder Thats looking really good. The Area 51 stats are the best I've seen them. area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/11464/code-review
6:11 AM
@retailcoder +1 more (ding - now go to sleep)
6:47 AM
Q: Design battle - comparison between two approaches, which one is best?

vexeso I asked my question in SO - But then they told me it's more suited to be asked here - So here I am, and here's the link to my question. Thanks.

1 hour later…
7:53 AM
Q: Quadratic equation solver in Ruby

Alex PopovI've written a small function for solving simple quadratic equations: class EquationSolver def solve(x, *args) args.reverse.map.with_index { |coefficient, index| coefficient * x ** index }.reduce { |result, element| result + element } end end To calculate f(3) for f(x)=3x3−2x2−x+5, on...

8:06 AM
Q: Limited typecasting with regex

Phixlong time user/lurker at stackoverflow, first time here. I've seen a lot of questions like this have people point to this section of the StackExchange network so I hope this is the right place. I'm learning Python, and found a fun little video on YouTube called "Learn Python through public data ...

1 hour later…
9:12 AM
Q: filter table with filter parameters

eyalbthe all code is here jsbin link the code need to filter the table, and show in the parmeters list only the filters that remain in the table, and with the number aside the parameter. <div class="filterColumn"> <h2>size</h2> <span class="filter" data-filterby="size" data-count="0" data-val="1"

9:52 AM
Q: Producer-consumer program with multi-threading in Java

MinaIn my target program, a producer produces a Random number and saves it in a circular queue, and a consumer consumes the Random number from the circular queue. But the program does not work properly. Please advise if you find the problem.Perhaps the mistake is circular queue or the value of the va...

10:25 AM
Q: Select all after specific word javascript regex

ArkinghorI have problem with this string AlertID=234423. I want select only 234423 how i can do that? I try something like that : $(document).ready(function() { var $str = "AlertID=234423" alert($($str).match("(?<=D=).*")); alert($str); }); What i do wrong?

10:39 AM
Q: Symfony2: Refactor messy Controller action

user1777136I have a fairly ugly controller method I would like to refactor / extract. I can only test this in a integration type test which kind of signals a code smell. The method processes the form and needs to do one of 5 things, depending on which button was pressed if submitted and valid (button 1) ...

11:12 AM
Q: Jquery stop and resume animation

user2264246I've got puzzled with the following issue, I'm trying to stop and resume 7-second animation of the div, so that the whole period of animation was 7 seconds. I mean, if we just stop 7 second animation after 2 seconds and then resume it without stoping the whole animation time will be (2+7) = 9 sec...

1 hour later…
12:28 PM
Wow 1 visit short of 13,000 visits/day! 90% answered, 1.9 answers/question... guys we ROCK!
@retailcoder and good morning to you too
1:04 PM
Q: Dictionary of objects

MacinI hava a dictionary of Objects of a class Columns Dictionary<double, Columns> Columns is a class of columns, i.e. name, post code, etc, mobile phone. I would like to make Columns class as much open for extension as possible, so it will be no trouble to add more classes. I need to set few of th...

Q: Using Scrapy/Xpath to scrape ESPN for football (soccer) commentaries

user2073606I understand the premise of OOP when shown in basic examples but I cannot get my head around using it in actual programs/applications. I have tried here, but to me it seems to not achieve anything extra (so I must be doing it wrong). Anyway, onto the code: The class takes an input of a game-id f...

1:31 PM
What's this (ding) hysteria all of a sudden? Is that for every upvote you get or what?
1:50 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg @rolfl doesn't like the sound of being notified of a chat message :)
@rolfl 'morning!
@retailcoder I've heard plenty of worse sounds for that
@SimonAndréForsberg the ICQ "uh-oh" was particularly annoying..
@retailcoder I'd prefer to not beat your 18hrs-without-votes record
lol yeah that's going to be a long, long day!
@retailcoder MSN Messenger's sounds was worse. Especially when some people on my contact list didn't write one long message
but instead
they wrote
like this
very annoying
1:53 PM
@retailcoder I got an interesting e-mail today, "My name is Rebecca and I am currently recruiting for the Google Engineering team. I came across your profile on Stackoverflow and I was wondering if you are at all open to exploring roles with Google."
@SimonAndréForsberg you're shitting me
@retailcoder I actually think it's real (e-mail address makes sense + I googled her and found her linkedin profile)
@retailcoder The bad news is, she wants to see a resume, so I gotta write one. Haven't written one in years (and back then I wasn't interested in working with programming).
@SimonAndréForsberg businessinsider.com/…
@Malachi did you have a chance to look at that VBA code?
@retailcoder lol, good think it says that they don't do that anymore
In one way, this e-mail seems to good to be true, but yet at the same time it looks real. It seems genuine
2:05 PM
Does it link to some weird site asking for your personal information?
I think your boss is getting a resignation letter in the next couple weeks then :)
(walking kids to school).
@retailcoder (Unfortunately) I don't have a boss to give a resignation letter too :P
@rolfl Morning! (ding!)
Massacre a zombie day today !!!
2:13 PM
@rolfl Yay!
Ah, the feeling of looking back at code from 10 years ago, and the thought "What am I trying to do here?"
@retailcoder, no I didn't I was playing games with my little man and stuff last night
I'm starting to feel young here. All you guys have kids and stuff..
2:28 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg - call me gramps.... ;-)
Q: Assigning list index values to String

Mdhar9eI am just trying to convert each list of values to String by index one by one. My Code is running fine. But i thinking we can write good code than this. Need your good coding possibilities here to convert from list to String. Here i am using the below code to convert: CarComment[] list = form.g...

@SimonAndréForsberg - race ya!
@rolfl Lol, I was just about to ask: Me or you? :)
@rolfl It's all yours for now :)
Meh, all yours.... don;'t know JSON enough!
2:35 PM
Care to review my edit?
2:45 PM
@rolfl Answered the question. But perhaps you already noticed that, considering I got an upvote from somewhere
Nope, not me
@rolfl What!? Are there other people targeting zombies besides us? shocked
now you have my +1
Out of interest, I found a zombie with a heart-beat
@rolfl lol
@rolfl Thanks for the +1, I also just added some things to this question: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/2842/…
3:00 PM
Saw that.... yeah, it (the catch Exception) was in a comment to the OP, but not my answer....
Congrats, you've gained the privilege – edit questions and answers
@SimonAndréForsberg Congratulations - 1K!!
Whoot whoot!
@retailcoder I'm catching up with you and @Malachi :)
3:10 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg at this rate we're the ones that will have to catch up with you!
Unanswered now at 89!
@rolfl Last time I checked (5 minutes ago), it was at 90! If this speed keeps up, it will be at zero in 7 hours and 25 minutes!
On an unrelated note, anyone knows how to fix a svn server that refuses to authenticate an AD use? Folks at work changed the user's pwd and now my build process keeps building the same version over and over..
Get those close() votes ready then!
Just put my newly gained privileges to use on this question: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/35842/…
@retailcoder Sorry, I'm not a SVN-server type of guy.
3:17 PM
It's a c# app that runs off a scheduled task, the task runs fine but logs show svn auth failure..
@retailcoder - get the people who messed up the pwd to fix it ;-)
(SIP -> Someone Else's Problem)
@retailcoder. it probably has the password hard coded somewhere in the C# application
probably need to change the password in the application, @retailcoder
and tell them that they should consult people when they even start thinking about changing passwords
who are the SQL people in here again?
Q: Optimizing this seemingly slow Query

user160820 SELECT BR.IDObject AS IDObject, B.imgName AS imgName, BK.imgPath AS imgPath, BR.imgType AS imgType FROM ImageReferences BR INNER JOIN BDB_WebImages B ON BR.IDWebImage = B.ID INNER JOIN BDB_WebImageCategory BK ON BR.IDI...

Q: How to avoid the repeat of the code?

user3016646Can someone help me please to change the code to an professional one. I try my best to find something similar, but I wasn't successful. I want to avoid the repeat of the code for every single value and also I can't find a solution to avoit select. I only get it run when I repeat the code and cou...

@Malachi I wrote that C# app. There's no hard-coded pwd in there!
@retailcoder, if it is an authorization issue and someone just changed a password, then it's gotta be a connection somewhere with missing or wrong credentials.
what is the actual Error message?
3:23 PM
Nah, found it - SVN is using basic windows auth - so the task is prompting for pwd
had to login as the user and enter pwd now works :)
there is an Easy VBA question for you @retailcoder
@Malachi where!? gimme gimme!
@Malachi what's the SQL deal? I may be able to help.... anything you looking for in particular?
(and yes, I saw looked at the question)
@Malachi found it, favorited it, busy at work right now... and I wonder at which point my colleague is going to say "hey are you done chatting now?"
Q: Listening for values changed by the memory

JohanI'm fetching some values from the memory. I would like to create some custom events that I can listen to for each value. Since there are no existing events regarding memory changes, I've decided to go with a polling solution. I'm restarting the timer below manually just to make safe the work is f...

3:33 PM
General note: if you find a question that's not tagged with a language, and you cannot tell what language, and the question is old (presumably with the OP long gone), go ahead and vote to close as "unclear what you're asking" or something similar. I've found such a question today.
@Malachi quick-answered
@Malachi : How about:
A: Optimizing this seemingly slow Query

rolflThis query is horribly over-working. I can only believe that the query has been 'simplified' to put here on CR. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, the query can be rewritten as: SELECT BR.IDObject AS IDObject, B.imgName AS imgName, BK.imgPath AS imgPath, BR.im...

There are also a lot of unanswered JavaScript questions, in case anyone is able to answer those.
@jamal, I have been trying to look at some of those and seeing what I can point out about the logic.
but like @retailcoder, I am busy at work, doing SQL so....lol
@Malachi I saw what you did in the - I mean, good job!!
3:53 PM
@Jamal I know some JavaScript, I'll take a look at some of them. Can't promise anything though. (I honestly really don't like that language)
Q: Multiple return statements smells like what?

retailcoderHere's some code of mine that I don't like (this was my very first attempt at DI/IoC!). It's a small C# application that runs scheduled on one of our servers and is responsible for fetching the latest version of a VB6 codebase, compiling it and packaging an installer for it. There's an Execute m...

@SimonAndréForsberg: No worries. Just making everyone aware.
Q: Multiple return statements smells like what?

retailcoderHere's some code of mine that I don't like (this was my very first attempt at DI/IoC!). It's a small C# application that runs scheduled on one of our servers and is responsible for fetching the latest version of a VB6 codebase, compiling it and packaging an installer for it. There's an Execute m...

@Jamal Just lost my newly gained editing privileges because of a question migration!
Whoot Whoot!
3:55 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg yeah, like you're not going to get them back within the next hour!
@retailcoder Lol, yeah. Or two hours. On the other hand, now I have 161 rep on programmers, without ever having written a single answer on that site.
@retailcoder, looking at more SQL code here helps give me ideas for my own code, and working on my code gives me ideas on some answers too...
@SimonAndréForsberg: It was flagged anyway. :-)
@rolfl, I commented on that answer
I saw ... how's your nose?
4:00 PM
sore and bloody
@retailcoder I will come back to that C#
@SimonAndréForsberg - heh, I may beat you to 1K .... ;-)
@retailcoder I was just about to answer your C# question, but then I realized that my proposed solution would not work the same way. I gotta think some more.
@SimonAndréForsberg @Malachi no problem, it's not zombified yet.
4:16 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I was thinking the same way you were probably. lol
@Malachi what happened to your nose?
@SimonAndréForsberg: If you'd like, you may review this user's various questions. There are a lot of them (and it's unfortunately that that user doesn't want to review any questions).
@Jamal wouldn't that be serial reviewal?
This guy needs to learn to use the vote buttons
@retailcoder: Possibly (although I've never heard the term). Those questions are pretty much all on-topic, so it's worth putting it out there. But yes, I do agree about the voting.
4:30 PM
@Jamal I'll take a look later. Gotta eat.
Q: convert code to be more OOP - RequireJS way

MisiuI'm building a very simple "under construction" page that will be visible when my main page is being updated. My page is generated by ASP.NET and below is my scripts section: var i = 0; var start = moment("<%=Start%>", "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"); var end = moment("<%=End%>", "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss");...

@Malachi comment upvoted (it's all I can upvote for the next couple hours) - I get what you are saying, I see it now. Forest, trees, running, look at grass, hit tree – Malachi
I have to try real hard to not put in my own answer to that C# question I just posted
Or even comments
I don't want to bias incoming answers just yet
if you can answer it you should because otherwise it brings our "time to answer" way up where it looks bad @retailcoder
4:54 PM
I thought it was an easy one... if it gets answered within the next 6-7 hours it won't affect our avg. time to answer - there are 928 questions with no answers pushing that metric up...
if they never get answered then they won't affect the time to answer, it is when they actually get answered that it adds the time it took to get the answer @retailcoder
gtgste (gone to get something to eat) - how's that for a n00b at acronyms?
@retailcoder it does look like an easy review, but I am working on checking data returned from a query at work. so I am very busy
@Malachi I guess it's true - but never getting answered isn't an option
@retailcoder PICNIC, that's the acronym to learn
5:02 PM
(what's that?)
Problem in chair, not in computer.
LOL! We call those "code-18" over here...
"problem is 18 inches away from the screen"
Yeah, we have a few, pebcak is one too - problem exists between chair and keyboard.
This whole acronym stuff reminds me of the OCD conversation with @Jamal and @Malachi
(Phone post can't link)
@retailcoder, comments to this answer
A: Down Voting Discussion

retailcoderAt first I was quite reluctant to downvoting. When you have < 500 rep and getting there took all your spare change (I hope that translates well), you think twice before giving away a single point just because someone wrote a bad post. This is the same on every SE site BTW - at one point or anoth...

5:19 PM
Q: Which sorting algorithm this code is implementing

DevCfor i in range(1,len(mylist)): for k in range(i,0,-1): if mylist[k] < mylist[k-1]: temp = mylist[k-1] mylist[k-1] = mylist[k] mylist[k] = temp else: break I am little confused, which sorting algorithm this code is implementing....

@SimonAndréForsberg - I think I should down-vote your answer... make 1K further away....
A: Which sorting algorithm this code is implementing

Simon André ForsbergThe algorithm used is bubble sort, which is known to be one of the slowest sorting algorithms (but one of the easiest ones to implement). A more efficient approach would be to rewrite the code and use a Merge sort algorithm.

Q: Can this be made to run faster?

James WilsonThis is a stored procedure that takes 5-30+ minutes to run depending on the parameter they select. It also has a nasty side effect of clogging down our SQL Server. SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @clients TABLE (customer varchar(200)) IF (NULLIF(@startdate, '') IS NULL) set @startdate...

@SimonAndréForsberg - there's your 1K back again - +1
@rolfl Lol, thanks :)
Understatement of the day: .. takes 5-30 minutes to run .... also has a nasty side effect of clogging down our SQL Server
5:33 PM
look at all those nested select statements
Q: Complaint about rollback policy / bug fixes

Andrew TomazosI posted some useful code on code review. One of the answers suggested an improvement to the code. I agreed and made the improvement to the code, and left the comment "Thanks, fixed". A moderator than rolled back the change. This is utterly stupid. For posterity the code should be kept in th...

@retailcoder Did you have another solution for your smelly if-statement code? Would love to see it in that case.
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