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6:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Svick's solution is even better than what I had in mind.
@Malachi - Follow-up to understatement of the day - my SQL is slow, look, I have no indexes!
There are no indexes to my knowledge. I will try the @customer and removing distinct and see how much of an improvement that gives me. — James Wilson 13 mins ago
@retailcoder I agree. His answer was excellent.
And post was marked as answered in ~2 hours :)
@Malachi Grudgematch on meta? You think? I think we've lost a user.
6:11 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg the chat room.... I don't think they really understood the purpose of this site, age and maturity will catch up with them one day and then they will understand the flow of information.
Q: A Simple Cache class

user1021726 “There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” -- Phil Karlton That being said, I created this SimpleCache class which I intend to use to cache database queries and results over a relatively short period of time. I'm just asking if there are a...

Thank you all for helping. As a friendly heads-up: please don't consider bad-mouthing him here. We need to keep things civil.
The guy has like 16K on SO, if we can get him to get what CR is about, it'd be a gain for everyone.
But, if he does end up rolling back again while I'm unaware (after the lock), please do flag.
I've tried to explain to him everything as politely as possible, but to no avail. My job isn't to change his mind, though. That he must decide on his own. I merely have to keep watch of this site and make sure things are running smoothly.
Well then maybe it's like the other guy on another meta post, who said maybe it's not for me then.
(mind you with 16K on SO one should know not to mootinize answers)
6:17 PM
@Jamal I hope he will come back some day. At least the answers to his meta-post will remain useful.
@retailcoder Do you happen to have a link to that other meta post?
Q: Fold Code Review back into Stack Overflow

wilxIt seems to me that this site should be folded back into Stack Overflow. This site is little known, and because of a lack of reviewers, it does not serve its purpose well. Instead, requests for code review should be marked with, say, a review tag on Stack Overflow. Anybody who does not want to se...

@SimonAndréForsberg: By the way, your Meta argument was spot on. Just what was needed to be said. If anything, that's a more "calming" argument than my "angry cop" post.
@Jamal Thanks. Did my best.
@SimonAndréForsberg: We all have to stick together. I'm merely the exception-handler, and us mods cannot run the site by ourselves (nor should we).
@Jamal I'd flag your comment How do you know this site more than us? And is there anyone else who agrees with your arguments? I've already discussed this with other moderators, and they agree as well as rude or offensive, but that would be a circular reference, huh?
@Jamal careful with those goggles :)
6:29 PM
@retailcoder: I can modify that comment, then. Thanks!
@Jamal I think you should, but the damage was done...
@retailcoder: He's upset with the policy moreso, though. That I cannot amend myself nor should I in this case. I was mostly getting at his assertion that he understands this site more than us, even considering this is SE-wide.
@Jamal just do what's right. You know what that is :) @all BTW why am I the only one that upvoted that question? I find it's a good question, well formulated (granted a bit angry) and likely to serve as a reference in the future.
@Jamal I'm starting to wonder what his view of Code Review was? What made him think that "mootinizing" answers was a good thing?
@retailcoder I upvoted too!!
@SimonAndréForsberg: I have no idea, but I could care less now. I'm just glad things are settled.
6:43 PM
@retailcoder, @Jamal, @SimonAndréForsberg I down voted that question because it was a feature request to undo that specific rule, and if it got too many upvotes it would have showed up in someone's queue I am sure
@Malachi and would earn a nice tag :)
@Malachi I understand. I'm not sure though why it is tagged "feature-request"? What's the feature he wants?
@retailcoder, I agree. but that is why I down voted it, that is the reason for the voting system on Meta as I see it. I disagreed with the request itself, not that it was a good question or not
he wanted a feature of the site changed @SimonAndréForsberg
Meh.... maxed my reputation for today.
@rolfl Nice
good review here.
A: Math formulas in Haskell

mhwombatYour code looks fine to me. If you wish, you could use Greek letters. This makes the formula easier to read, but if you expect to modify it often, it may be too much trouble to enter the Greek letters. You might find it helpful to split up long formulas, as I've done for pdf. If you can think of ...

6:53 PM
@rolfl Unless you get more accepted answers, they don't count for that
True that.... @Malachi - check out the update on the SQL performance:
Adding that top level join really sped it up. A query that took 5 minutes before is now taking 40 seconds. Thank you! — James Wilson 20 mins ago
40 more rep today and I will also have maxed mine
A nice review here:
A: A Simple Cache class

ChrisWue You have a static dictionary as backing store which means that all cache instances share it. Not saying that this is wrong and it might be intended but you should be aware of it. Your cache apparently is not threadsafe. You need to protect access to the dictionary with locks or if you are using ...

Bunch of rep-machines!!
@retailcoder When is the next mission update coming?
@retailcoder If you would stop giving away your rep in bounties, you could also be a rep-machine.
@SimonAndréForsberg that post should be CW'd, I was thinking of updating it tonight around 12:00AM UTC.
7:06 PM
"Take the time you need, I am glad that there is someone out there who is willing to help me out and is spending his freetime to explain me what to do and where to look for more information Regards, Adam" best comment I've read today
@SimonAndréForsberg if only all users were like this one... re: rep-machine; no, I never had a [badge:mortarboard] except once on SO when I luckily earned a 350pts bounty!
Sweet comment, @retailcoder - humanity exists after all...
@retailcoder It feels very east to get reputation here, I've only posted 4 answers today and yet I have gained 160 rep.
@SimonAndréForsberg wasn't always like that!!!
I was just informed that I can't up vote any more messages in chat....l
7:11 PM
There, I upvoted your's for you!
I was trying to up vote the message about the Next mission update, @retailcoder, @SimonAndréForsberg, @rolfl
@Malachi I had no idea there was a limit on it. Should we count this as ammo too?
@Malachi lol - is there anything like a star-whore?
lol. I didn't know I had a limit either. lol
if you have messages that are favorited so many times you get a badge or something like that
(10 bucks says that @Malachi is trying to star that message with the FAQ link)
that is a big post I will have to read it later
Thank you, @Malachi. Please keep me posted if you notice anything else.
@Jamal, I just went through all his questions, there was one that needed a close vote, should show up soon
Q: C++: Correlation / LeastSquaresCoefs

user1131146 account abandoned// X.size() == Y.size() > 0. returns correlation between X and Y double Correlation(const vector<double>& X, const vector<double>& Y) { size_t N = X.size(); double EX(0), EY(0), EXY(0), EX2(0), EY2(0); for (size_t i = 0; i < N; i++) { EX += X[i]; EY += Y[i]; ...

I figured I would up vote some answers on his questions where he hasn't accepted an answer
@Jamal I could have rolledback too huh?
undo your rollback so I can get that badge @Jamal
@Malachi: Yes, you could have, but I'm afraid I can't undo it just so you can get a badge. You'll just have to find a future post. If you do find one, you may not need to flag it.
7:25 PM
that was dumb of me!....lol I will know next time!!!
7:37 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg 1-up you on the best comment today:
Timsort is definitely better than all the sorts I know. As for snapping my fingers .. It never worked since Bellatrix, the b**** threw that knife at my chest. — Dobby 2 mins ago
Out of interest, I wonder what would happen on SO if there was a Call to Duty there: Check out the unanswered Java: 42062 unanswered!
8:03 PM
@Malachi I beat you by 2pts :p
@rolfl If there should be any Call of Duty on SO, it should be for the close review queue
so true!
g'uh.. 3 more hours until I can vote...
what did you beat me on @retailcoder?
@Malachi well yeah, I mean I haven't upvoted any of your post since I ran out of votes like 21 hours ago!
@retailcoder, give me that bounty on the typesafe question and then try to catch up....LOL
8:12 PM
Just got a notification saying that my bounty expires in 3 days on this post:
Q: Revisited IsTypeSafe method implementation for "type-safe" List

retailcoderFollowing up on List<T> implementation for VB6/VBA, I'd like some thoughts about the revisited IsTypeSafe function, below. The previous version pretty much implemented VB.net's Option Strict setting, by only allowing widening numeric type conversions, and preventing implicit conversion between n...

@Malachi now THAT's timing!
@Malachi well right now your answer is sort of an incentive for me to post my own review! I hope 3 days will be enough for that answer to put some teeth on!
you can't award yourself the bounty I don't think
that was some YODA like stuff right there @retailcoder
@retailcoder, it is towards the bottom of this page.
you cannot award a bounty to yourself under any circumstances.
@Malachi I know, this I meant not ;)
8:32 PM
C# tag cleaned up. I believe that concludes my language tag cleanup.
@Jamal nice, ..what does cleaned up actually stand for exactly? (that's quite a tag by the way!)

* deleting obsolete questions (all code behind link and link is dead) (absolutely pointless question with no useful answers)
* closing off-topic (not seen by anyone thus not collecting votes)
* possible rollbacks
* necessary edits
* non-answers (deletion or conversion to comment)
: 94.08% answered
: 96.92% answered
: 96.51% answered
: 95.35% answered
: 92.05% answered
Q: Basic Querying on Python 2D arrays

ThrustmasterBackground (TL;DR: This part can be skipped) Today at work, I had to bring a component that used to load CSV data into MySQL, and perform calculations as result of SQL queries. I was tasked with replicating that in a programming language. The general example is like: There's a 2D array (a tabl...

: 92.58% answered
: 92.94% answered
: 93.63% answered
: 80.16% answered
: 88.89% answered
: 89.18% answered
8:47 PM
@retailcoder: I've already inspected Android. I'll look at Unit Testing.
: 87.25% answered
Anything below 90% is dragging our stats down!
: 90% answered
Done. Nothing to act on in Unit Testing.
9:01 PM
919 unanswered questions right now.
Huh, I made the front page of the top answerers for Java .....
Q: Critique my COBOL code? I am completely unaware of best practices

Ape-inagoMy first COBOL program. I'd like to get a critique. I am unfamiliar with best practices. Particularly, I'd like to know about how to get the input and output to be more elegant and less dependent on how the file fields are structured. Some type of analogy to C's scanf, getch, or any of the jav...

@rolfl that one's all yours!
@retailcoder technically I should ....
but my COBOL is from last century.
@retailcoder: I just wanted to categorize that one. :-P But sure, go ahead and answer it if you'd like.
(did you know there is now Object COBOL ... and has been for many years)
9:04 PM
I think there's even a COBOL.NET implementation...
Only 80% for Android? Have no fear, Simon's here!
Reloaded in 2 hours...
Q: Pausing and Manipulating Data in a Process using multiprocessing.Pipe with a GUI

chaseI need help with the design of my code, and I believe it is the reason why I cannot acheive what I am trying to do. I have been trying for quite some time to figure out why this script will not work. What I am Trying to do: I am trying to get a GUI to not lock while allocating processes to a b...

Q: vb.net select case sting comparison

J KingI have a select case that checks against a string variable. Its starting to get large and I am wondering if there is a better way of doing this? Here is a smaple of the select case: Select Case Param.ToLower Case "dashboard_home_vm" Return _Locat...

Q: Searching over more models rails

Gandalf StormCrowI'm trying to implement search over two models. In this example Book and Article. Here are the attributes from both of these : Article(id: integer, magazine: string, title: string, body: text, created_at: datetime, updated_at: datetime) Book(id: integer, publisher: string, author: string, title:...

9:21 PM
@retailcoder - COBOL REVIEWED .... Am I now the COBOL leader?
@rolfl you totally own it!
Save your +1's for later, I'm maxed out today .... ;-)
For the record, I believe that means COBOL is our leading tag, with 100% answered!
@rolfl as it turns out, once I get to vote again, it's a whole new day for everyone :)
...it's actually 100% unanswered: codereview.stackexchange.com/tags/cobol/topusers
But I think that page isn't not up-to-date. give it a few minutes
is also 100% answered.
Going to be afk for a couple hours, leaving work now; I'll come back at or around 12:00AM UTC full of ammunition, a review to complete, and a round 2 status to update.
9:35 PM
@rolfl: lol
9:57 PM
shamelessly trying to get more Attention for this Q&A
A: SQL query clustered with repeated function calls

MalachiI am pretty sure that you can lose the CAST that surrounds the DATEADD function. the DATEADD function should spit out a DATE datatype. it should look like this: SELECT EntryDate ,DATEADD(DAY, 1-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, EntryDate), EntryDate) AS 'SundayDate' ,DATEADD(DAY ,7-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, Entry...

10:30 PM
Q: need to improve performance on this Table Function

MalachiI am working on re-writing a query to pull lots of fun information out of a database. please help me to increase speed. this is taking about 10-15 minutes right now. I need specific counts on cases and I am trying to replicate a legacy report. this is as much of a learning experience as anyt...

one of my own
Q: need to improve performance on this Table Function

MalachiI am working on re-writing a query to pull lots of fun information out of a database. please help me to increase speed. this is taking about 10-15 minutes right now. I need specific counts on cases and I am trying to replicate a legacy report. this is as much of a learning experience as anyt...

10:45 PM
@Malachi That looks trivial .... not!
10:57 PM
@rolfl you a SQL person? I bet about 80% of my work is SQL SERVER stuff, and there are still tons of stuff I don't know about SQL...but yeah I have to finish this report by tomorrow....
reached my vote limit
first time in a long time
11:13 PM
@Malachi If you ask a SQL question, who's gonna answer it??
@SimonAndréForsberg there are a couple of other SQL people here somewhere.
codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/25855/orginization-of-code was deleted, and I completely forgot which question it was... must - have - more - privileges
@Malachi Thank goodness.
I dont' remember that question, I don't think I looked at it.....@SimonAndréForsberg
@Malachi I just realized which question it was, I have it open here. I posted a comment to it, and also starting to answer it. Thank goodness that I only started the answer and don't have to finish that answer now. It would have taken me a long time to answer.
11:18 PM
@Malachi I had about 12 separate points I was going to bring up with the question.
@Malachi I'll just give you one piece of the code:
} else if (s == 9) {
shoesize = 10.31;
} else if (s == 9.5) {
shoesize = 10.5;
} else if (s == 10) {
shoesize = 10.69;
Q: Rearrange content string

Jeremy DFrom https://www.codeeval.com/browse/115/ I tried to do it using Haskell (learning Haskell). Can you give me some good practices/shortcuts/advice on how to make this code better? {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-} import qualified Data.Text as T import System.Environment (getArgs) main = do ...

@Jamal, I have one where the information in a Comment made the OP change the code in their question, personally I think it should have been an answer, but it wasn't (no answers on Question) Should I rollback and post the comment as an answer? it is only 2months old?
11:38 PM
@Malachi: Which question?
Q: Binding and iterating a database table to a List<T> in C#

Chris SchiffhauerI would like to iterate through the records of a database table using a C# List of my custom class. Is this the most performant way to handle this? (Simplified for readability) static void Main(string[] args) { int recordParentId = 1; var records = GetRecords(recordParentId); foreach (Rec...

@Jamal, if it were part of the answer I would have rolled it back right away, but it was in a comment and not an answer
@Malachi: Yes, so I don't think any action is needed here.
that is what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure
@Malachi in a past life I was a 'certified sybase professional'. Now I write DB2 code when I am bored
sorry what is DB2? wish I had something like google to look this stuff up....JK
something like AS400? @rolfl?
11:53 PM
Naah, AIX/Power, Linux/Power and Linux/Intel. (what DB2 calls LUW).
too many acronyms. LUW?
I am not part of the DB2 team, but I occasionally do some interesting things around the peripheries.
right. I like linux. I don't know enough to be dangerous yet though
In my spare time I do family, photography, and JDOM
Right now my priority is watson.
(that's work)
watson? you work on Watson? the Jeopardy Robot?
11:56 PM
Uh-huh. I'm working on the performance side of it.
Lucky you! I am truly Jealous.
It has it's moments .... ;-) but in reality it is just a lot of really, really hard work (its biggest up-side is that I can say "I work on Watson" ....)
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