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5:00 PM
@badp even worse, 2 days =p
@fbueckert wat
Yeah, I saw the link.
Now the cat is watching something interesting, at least.
My reaction is:
Essentially a way to bounce your games to your TV box.
5:01 PM
Well, that doesn't say anything remotely useful at all about WTF SteamOS is
> SteamOS will continue to evolve, but will remain an environment designed to foster these kinds of innovation.
@PrivatePansy Guessing it's being sold to OEMs
Yes, but how?
@PrivatePansy As far as I can tell, all it really is, is a glorified receiver for your actual computer doing the heavy lifting.
Valve are making their own linux distro?
@kalina That what I assumed when I read the name, but I don't think so
5:02 PM
@kalina That's apparently geared for TVs and the like.
@kalina certainly
> Hundreds of great games are already running natively on SteamOS
Hundreds = Linux steam
Or whatever "living room machine" is supposed to be.
That's roughly what Linux steam supports. Windows is thousands
"In-home Streaming" is what I'm liking the sound of
is that like a local version of onlive, using your Windows PC to power the games?
Next announcement in two days features a square bracket around SteamOS, so presumably that will be the hardware
5:03 PM
@kalina If the price is right anyway
The next one after than is SteamOS + SteamOS, so maybe some sort of sharing feature?
@kalina Don't you mean "in-home Steaming"?
@Yuki I copied and pasted, I didn't get it wrong
Nah, that's for rice cookers.
5:05 PM
@kalina Pun?
> Family Sharing
already announced, unless there's more
@Yuki I got that, but you started the sentence with "don't you mean" :P
@BenBrocka Didn't they announced that already? Yeah
@kalina That's how I see/hear/read a lot of puns prefaced though.
But it's in beta, so maybe full release now?
5:06 PM
This site has a lot of pink in it
I wonder if Microsoft is regretting the actions that resulted in Valve concentrating on Linux yet
Two of the games I can make out are Europa Universalis and Football Manager. At least I think that's what the names are.
I think Valve is trying to compete with the PS4 and Xbone.
So. A Linux Distro that would come bundled with Steam and is build for living room media consumption. Sounds a lot like XBMC, except XBMC is just an application. Why would they need an entire distro to do this?
@Yuki I see a Total War game and Trine
The bottom right one looks like... Fallout 3?
No, definitely not. Maybe a Metro game
@kalina That's what I read
@PrivatePansy I might have mistaken Total War for Europa Universalis. I haven't actually played either game, just extrapolating from my knowledge of Crusader Kings 2.
5:10 PM
@badp that seems to be what the words are saying ye
@Yuki Top left is Total War. Extreme left is EU
@PrivatePansy maybe it's about dual boot.
You can see the ROME II logo on the Total War image
I suppose it's going to be a *buntu, maybe without Unity.
@badp Nah, they would announce that with SteamOS. Besides, SteamOS supposedly doesn't need dual boot because it can Steam from another Windows or OS X computer in the same household
Maybe its some sort of new social networking feature to connect players?
Steam sort of already does that though
Also, totally anti-climatic reveal. I go to sleep now, disappointed
5:13 PM
If O is an os and [O ] is a steam box, then O+O is likely dual booting.
maybe it's something about the "getting us involved in the design process" comment
Gabe did make it a point to underline that it's not going to be hard for people to get root access and do whatever they want with the box, including dual boot.
Uh oh.
@badp Likely without Unity. It'll likely need X, and Unity is moving away from X.
It's probably going to be a Ubuntu derivative that comes with graphics drivers preinstalled and when you boot it Steam comes up and when you close Steam the system goes down
so probably not too exciting for regular use
but just the kind of thing you want to stick into a Steam Box, or your own home-made version of it.
5:15 PM
I just found out that I've been missing a single class on Friday. For the past three weeks.
Q: Take down the helicopter in Just Cause

kanarifuglI'm playing Just Cause 2, but can't figure out how I should take down the helicopter in the mission where I need to protect the technichian. Any help?

For some reason, most courses don't have Friday classes. Except for the math department, apparently.
@AshleyNunn Nice! How did you affect this mental shift?
@RedRiderX A lot of drinking from fountains and talking to people
@AshleyNunn Congratulations! bans @AshleyNunn for excess mental sanity
5:18 PM
@badp Hey now. I worked hard to get to where I am!
@AshleyNunn Sounds refreshing.
@AshleyNunn Is your hair at least still purple?
@badp faded pink, at the moment.
@AshleyNunn Be careful though. Large amounts of sanity can lead to insanity.
@Yuki That seems.....crazy.
5:19 PM
@AshleyNunn I... guess that'll do
@AshleyNunn That's the point.
Normality is just another kind of madness
@badp I know I am a disappointment
@Yuki A lot of Nova Scotian universities don't have Friday classes. They usually do two-day a week classes.
@RedRiderX Errm, I don't know which verb to use here.
@AshleyNunn I just said "Congratulations!"
How do you even say "Congratulations!" while disappointed
What kind of sick, mad, insane person... oh right.
@Wipqozn Yeah. That's how it is for pretty much every department I've been taking classes from. Except for math, who apparently didn't get the memo.
5:20 PM
@badp Precisely!
@badp Through clenched teeth.
@AshleyNunn Precisely*
@FEichinger I got there!
@RedRiderX that wouldn't match the spelling
it'd be like "... grats?"
Oh my, SteamOS? Fancy mancy.
5:21 PM
@badp Good point.
I'm so happy Valve decided to make SteamOS as a giant "fuck you" to microsoft for Windows 8.
I am watching a show and someone is supposed to be playing Pitfall on the Atari but all the noises are from Pacman.
It annoys me
@AshleyNunn Reminds of this one show (can't remember the name) when some guy yelled "Headshot!" and did a victory dance. He was playing Contra.
A Nintendo composer remixed two classic Nintendo songs: Super Mario Brothers and Super Metroid.
cc @MichaelDunfield, since I'm sure you'll enjoy them
5:29 PM
@OrigamiRobot The best kind.
I've only actually played it for a couple hours.
I'm not in a roguelike mood.
@Yuki sigh
one thing I don't find convincing about SteamOS is that as soon as you gOOOOOH HAT HAT HAT HAT I GOT AN HAT I GOT AN HAT
I keep thinking, "maybe if I do X I will be less terrible at it"
Still terrible and still want to play.
@badp HAT? WHERE
fourth engineer hat
5:31 PM
@Yuki 2 buds
you give gift wrap
@Wipqozn I diggity.
Also, back from lunch.
Lots of yoga pants on campus today.
Mac Pet Peeve #243: Pressing down a key does not spam it, it just brings up options for alternate characters.
you must be holding it wrong
5:33 PM
@Yuki hey, how else are you going to type command-µ
@MichaelDunfield Is this a good thing?
@badp @Yuki Don't you know you have to hold the mac upside down with your pinkie and index fingr? How else are you gonna get reception?
@AshleyNunn Yes, of course!
@badp Unfortunately, µ isn't one of the alternate characters I can access that way.
@Yuki It's probably on the 'm'
5:36 PM
@badp The m key doesn't have alternate characters.
It seems the alternate characters are just diacriticals.
And pronunciation guides.
The a key gives me à, á, â, ä, æ, ã, å, and ā.
@Yuki Try Option + M
@MichaelDunfield Yeah, that works. Still. Annoyed that I can't spam letters by holding them down.
I have to mash the a key to type "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATZ!!!!"
5:41 PM
The obvious solution is to not use a mac
Hmm... can I make my own laptop?
Of course you can.
@MichaelDunfield All aboard the @MichaelDunfield's dad's love train!
Hmm, my client wants to eradicate serifs from the site and slap a carousel on the site's homepage
5:43 PM
I just tried to play a piano, a rock was thrown at my head xp
@KevinvanderVelden That sounds like a bit of an overreaction.
@Yuki well I am level 1
Should I try to convince her this is not a good idea?
@PrivatePansy Is it worth the argument?
That is the question, isn't it? Doing either of those will be no trouble at all on my part. The only question is if it is a good idea
5:52 PM
Q: Yukawa in Shenmue?

unorThe former Senior Managing Director of Sega, Hidekazu Yukawa (aka "Mr. SEGA") appears in What‘s Shenmue?. I heard that he also appears in Shenmue I (apart from his face on the battery boxes in the Tomato Convenience Store). Is this true? How and where can you meet him?

How can anyone think that is anything less than horrifying?
@OrigamiRobot What if the notebook was also a sloth?
@OrigamiRobot Worst-ception.
@OrigamiRobot That is really creepy.
6:01 PM
What if all the letters were sloths making the letter shapes with their bodies?
And the sloth in the picture has little baby sloths clinging to its back, where you can't see them.
How is SteamOS not called GLaDOS?
@OrigamiRobot Did a parent, relative or close friend of yours suffer from slow-motion claw-related incidents?
6:03 PM
I'm ashamed of you valve.
@RonanForman This. This is a good point.
@RonanForman My computer is named GLaDOS
@OrigamiRobot That's neither here no there.
@RonanForman it ain't a genetic lifeform, yo.
@OrigamiRobot So, your computer could've been "GLaDOS running GLaDOS so you can listen to GLaDOS while fighting GLaDOS"?
6:04 PM
@OrigamiRobot It shows up on the hamachi network we made that one time.
@Yuki Blast! Foiled again!
6:05 PM
The Steam Corporation is required to remind you that the Steam Operative System cannot talk. In the event that it does talk The Steam Corporation asks you to shut up and give it your money.
@badp Doesn't OS stand for Operating System?
@Yuki Steam's Operative
(pardon the italianism)
@RonanForman The one I never used?
@OrigamiRobot That's the one.
contains a changelog.gz file
steam-desktop (0.2) precise; urgency=low

  * remove unity

 -- Valve Corporation <linux@steampowered.com>  Fri, 05 Apr 2013 16:14:30 -0700

steam-desktop (0.1) precise; urgency=low

  * Created

 -- Valve Corporation <linux@steampowered.com>  Fri, 05 Apr 2013 12:02:22 -0700
so yeah, probably unity-less 12.04
Surprised anyone would offer them that much really. Execs are probably already planning the escape
@BenBrocka Oh, blackberry is gone now?
Maybe they think they're buying $4.7 billion worth of actual blackberries.
@MichaelDunfield They'll exist as a subsidiary until the buy realizes they're completely useless and shuts them down
@OrigamiRobot That would make much more sense
I can only assume they think they're getting a killer deal after BB announced massive layoffs and that things can't possibly get worse (but they can)
They'll probably show one profitable quarter after culling their staff then tumble into their graves
6:21 PM
wonders what that means for her city
I mean we have more going on than just Blackberry, but it is kinda big here
@BenBrocka MexicanMan?
@AshleyNunn Eh?
@OrigamiRobot The city I call my home at the moment is where Blackberry is, for the most part.
6:31 PM
@BenBrocka Oh, yeah, today is Monday.
No. No, no. No no no no no. Why is this failing to render
@James Oh dear, what have you done now?
@AshleyNunn they'll probably stay there, the company that bought them is also canadian
@RonanForman Logged in here from my new job :D
6:32 PM
@James How is it?
@BenBrocka Yeah, but the end is in sight, it seems.
@AshleyNunn Of BB? We all knew it was coming. Honestly not sure what the acquisition is for, not sure what you can gut BB for
@BenBrocka Yeah, I have no idea.
6:39 PM
@RonanForman Enjoyable, which is saying a whole lot :)
You never realize how awful you feel until you feel ok again.
@James Deep.
IndieGameStand store is getting announced/launched tomorrow!
CC @AshleyNunn @RedRiderX
I am stoked.
@MichaelDunfield what does that mean
@AshleyNunn Now you can buy even more things, in even more ways!
@AshleyNunn They are launching a game store like the Humble store, or Gog.com. You will be able to buy games that aren't part of their current feature.
6:45 PM
@BenBrocka About the only thing I can think of is patent trolling.
Which isn't such a prevalent thing here in Canada.
@fbueckert hm true
Could they sue US companies over them? Not sure how patents work internationally, surely they must be registered in US too?
@BenBrocka Well, with the treaties in place, they might be able to. Canada isn't nearly as extortion friendly as the US court system, I don't think, but they might be able to make it work.
I know an American company has sued Canada for a half billion dollars for denying a patent they have at home.
Maybe they'll sell the patents? Hard to imagine they're worth that much though
@fbueckert They sued all of Canada?
Unless iOS/android devices are paying BB for patents? too much of a tangled mess for me to follow
6:50 PM
@OrigamiRobot Essentially the Canadian government, for "lost profits"
Ugh, is there really no way to work with 3D objects in after effects?
Using an obscure line in a treaty about patent validity or something.
Obsure laws are the best laws
So have you played any MH3U @BenBrocka?
@OrigamiRobot I can find the relevant article if you're interested.
@OrigamiRobot Like an hour maybe, just a couple starter quests
6:52 PM
And you will be continuing to play?
Also @LessPop_MoreFizz: vimeo.com/17450666
Video for the mcsweeny's monologue "I'm Comic Sans Asshole"
@GraceNote Any way to fix your weapons after a slime encounter?
Three ways. Blacksmiths can fix it at a rate of 1000GP per point under "Harden my weapon" or "Harden my armor", scrolls of enchant weapon/armor will also work, and if you've a hand in alchemy (or enough boosting equipment, like a robe) then a pot for fusion gives a recipe that clears all the minus at the cost of one lemon and one acidproof liquid.
@GraceNote I assume "weapon-X" means it will take X000 to fix?
@OrigamiRobot Yes, that's how it ends up.
7:00 PM
Well, these weapons are garbage.
I am not paying 7000 to fix my starting melee weapon
At this point most things off the ground are probably a better idea, yeah.
I'm guessing you went into the slime cave basement?
In the first town, yes.
I died a brillion times trying to do it too.
Recommend not going further than you've already gone as the acid damage is kinda problematic.
I mostly use my bow anyway, so it's not a huge deal.
7:02 PM
They give that quest a fair early and the initial putit walls are misleading. The end will destroy you if you're unprepared, likely.
@GraceNote Yea, I was just doing it to try for some corpses :/
Unless you're fancy enough to take advantage of the fact that slimes are not acid proof and so they will melt in the puddles of acid they make.
@GraceNote I took advantage of that, but not by being fancy.
Even, then, though, yer armor will be in tatters keeping that up at this early stage if the Puppy Cave is still kicking yer behind.
More like being able to dodge fairly well.
4 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
@GraceNote Usually me starving or being crushed from carrying too much.
7:04 PM
@RonanForman Do you have any experience with Cinema 4D?
I just need to stop forgetting to eat and not be super greedy
Notedly, early on, what's heavier tends to be worth far less than what isn't. Most of your early game (and, really, even later) income from dungeon runs and the like will be from scrolls and monster parts.
I've noticed.
I did get a godly chestplate though
@GraceNote I mostly just carry equipment around to exercise my Sense Quality skill.
7:06 PM
The armor is less than what I have but it's so much lighter and buffs my archery
Though, curious: breast plate or breastplate?
I never remember which is which between the two anyway, so it's not like that actually tells me much but I felt like being curious.
[5,2] 0.9s whereas the armor I had before was [1,15] 18.2s
...considering you want to run as Light Armor, you much want the .9s rather than the armor that automatically puts you at minimum Medium Armor.
7:11 PM
I don't know anything about light vs medium armor
Breastplate Protection from fear
Breast Plate Light Armor [##] (+6)
> If you don't yet own a full CINEMA 4D license: CINEMA 4D Lite is included in Adobe After Effects CC and offers all important basic functions, which let you create your own 3D content.
Q: "set a maneuver point on the surface"

Roger LipscombeIn the Luna 9 tutorial on the KSP wiki, it says: To keep track of how much time you have left, set a maneuver point on the surface. How do I go about setting a maneuver point on the surface? I can't set the Mun as a target, so presumably that's not what it's talking about.

Gah, I need to upgrade...
@OrigamiRobot You have three Armor skills which improve your PV if your equipment weight is in the right weight category. Less than 15.0s is Light, 15.0-35.0s is Medium, higher than 35.0s is Heavy. Light trains Dex, the other two Con.
I see
7:19 PM
@MichaelDunfield No, sorry.
Your equipment weight is the weight of all equipment, weapon and armor. You can see its value (and which weight class you're in) on both your character sheet and on the equipment screen.
@RonanForman All good. Just checking out some stuff.
Also apparently After Effects CC comes with Cineware and Cinema 4D lite
youtube commenters can ruin anything
@BenBrocka Can and will
7:24 PM
@GraceNote Wow, Fighters Guild member get half cost Blacksmith services?
except maybe being unable to figure out how to make winpdb run properly
My dropbox is full
@MichaelDunfield How did you manage that?
@3ventic I'm on a free plan and I joined a shared folder for this project and it has a bunch of video in it.
7:32 PM
@MichaelDunfield That wasn't a good idea
@3ventic Wasn't really a choice.
I needed access to all the stuff for it
How does this look/sound guys? jmp.sh/v/ZroJIAnzOlVgYDqImYWz
Q: Is it possible to load games in Civ V multiplayer

StudokuMy friends and I enjoy playing Civilization V multiplayer. Unfortunately, whenever we try to load a game, it becomes unplayable thanks to disconnects, lag and people unsyncing- we rarely get more than a few turns on the second attempt. Is it possible to get around how abysmal the multiplayer su...

i'm so tempted to get GTAV
@Jin Do it!
@Jin I've never been a big fan of the GTA games.
7:35 PM
@Jin Hey, you're a design guy right? How does my video look to you?
But that's just me.
@MichaelDunfield i think the icons should be consistent styled
@Jin Which ones?
@Yuki And me.
Also I didn't even make those or have access to the illustrator any more unfortunately.
Also the client doesn't seem to care. But still, which ones?
7:38 PM
@MichaelDunfield the laptop, for example. you have flat, 2.5d, 3d icons
According to one of my friends, GTA V is "revolutionary", but I have doubts considering that he is both a GTA fan and hasn't played V yet.
@Jin Huh? There's nothing 3D in here.
@MichaelDunfield i meant visually, you have flat vs non-flat icons
@Jin Oh. Hm. Yeah, I noticed the newer ones she gave me were flat and the older ones weren't. I thought it was strange too, but the client hasn't asked me to change it. Good catch though.
@MichaelDunfield it's really minor really. i'm just anal when it comes to visual consistency.
7:40 PM
@Jin I can't draw anything to save my life, so I tend to just try to make the best of what I get, hah.
Q: What passives abilities does Doom disable?

WizLizIt is said in the description of Doom that "Unlike other silences, Doom prevents the target from using items and disables some passive abilities." I know it disables feast from lifestealer however I have no idea what else does Doom silence. What is the list (as exhaustive as possible) of passiv...

@Jin Lmfao
@Jin This is the best thing.
Honestly though I was really pleased with how my fido thing turned out.
Despite the bleh graphics.
@Jin I picked this up last week; I think it will give me a lot of stuff I can use in the future without having to illustrate much myself.
@MichaelDunfield looks nice.
7:44 PM
@Jin It has a ton of stuff in it.
@Jin Now that you pointed it out this looks really dumb
@MichaelDunfield Probably the font is the issue.
@JasonBerkan What font? The only text is the 'vKey' thing
I drew the red shit on just now
It's not normally there
@MichaelDunfield The red scrawly part. It's a joke.
@JasonBerkan Oh I get it
Yeah use Comic Sans for a more professional look
7:47 PM
@BenBrocka huehuehue
@MichaelDunfield -1 for no freehand circles.
Are my sound effects okay?
I had to make the energy shield and progress sounds myself
And I might take the thunder out
It sounds dumb
Anyway thanks @Jin
It's still too early to go to bed but I cba to play games
@MichaelDunfield yw. i really didn't do anything...
@Jin For the input etc
And you know, taking the time to respond.
7:51 PM
huh, I got pinned
@MichaelDunfield oh ok. well, that'd be $500 for my consulting fee.
I hate it when that happens :|
@Jin Oh, okay.
@kalina Me too. Although when I get pinned it's usually a lot worse than that.
Q: what is the best way to get iTunes gift cards for free?

Connor VanDerWerffI know that many apps such as FreeMyApps and AppTrailers give you iTunes gift cards. What is the best way to get them?

@Lazers Lol
I need to find some 3D software to get acquainted with.
7:53 PM
@Lazers tagged as
Or upgrade After Effects...
@MichaelDunfield Blender?
@MichaelDunfield mmmh, I guess it's because I have no control on when pinned stuff I said leaves the star list
@RedRiderX Yeah... but that's complicated.
lol creative cloud
7:54 PM
i love my new iphone 5s. /gulps koolaid
@BenBrocka Is there a way to get that version without a subscription? Can you do like a one-time payment still?
Don't think so
@Jin pfff Apple
@MichaelDunfield I find it relatively simple, I can link you to a good tutorial series if you like.
poisons @Jin's koolaid
7:54 PM
@MichaelDunfield Google sketchup?
They have it at school, and I was just reading apparently After FX CC comes with Cinema 4D lite and Cineware built into it.
Is that still even around?
@fbueckert after he drinks it? I don't see the point.
@RonanForman I think I just hate 3D in general
@RonanForman shhhh let him think he's helping.
7:56 PM
@MichaelDunfield This guy has some good serieses, covering the whole 3d process.
Actually he's released some more, I should do them to get back into modelling.
@RonanForman Whoa, this guy looks good
I'm pretty sure I never want to really do 3D modelling again though
That class was brutal
@MichaelDunfield Give it a go, he starts out really simple.
There's also CG Cookie, they have stuff on almost every 3D package.
@RonanForman I dunno, I had a lot of trouble with it. Also I mostly work in 2D, but occasionally I can see myself wanting to do some stuff like these:
What's the maximum amount of StreetPass tags you can have before you have to check your Plaza Gate?

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