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12:00 AM
@StrixVaria yes. More specifically, it means that the same site always faces whatever we are locked to
@murgatroid99 Right. That's what I was trying to get at, but I couldn't come up with a non-horrible roundabout way to say it.
@kalina That's... kinda awesome
LessPop_MoreFizz found an... enthusiast, who made replicas in more ergonomic designs
Q: Most efficient Chapter One JP farming?

Oblivious SageI just picked up FF Tactics for my iPhone and haven't played it in years. I seem to recall that it's highly beneficial to farm a fair amount of JP and develop 2nd or even 3rd tier classes some before completing the first chapter. What is the most effective method of farming JP (and ideally XP as...

Q: D&D Mystara Arcade Games - What are they saying?

Southpaw HareIn light of the new re-release of Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara on Steam (and others) by Iron Galaxy, we have to ask ourselves one important question: What are the characters supposed to be saying in their voice clips? The voice samples in these games are very low quality and heavily di...

12:04 AM
I understand none of this but those who do got very excited.
> one-huuuun-dred-and-heeeeeeeeey-ghtyy.
I don't understand how people can cheer at darts like that
@badp I am sending one right now.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I really need to catch up on those.
@kalina People will get excited about anything.
@kalina if you're only midway in the video you've seen nothing yet
12:06 AM
@badp facedesk
@LessPop_MoreFizz Already done, actually. But there's no harm in hammering him with it, I guess. :P
@Yawus Excitement's contagious and all that.
@badp I can't believe I paused this: dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2345157/… in order to watch that
Given time, anyone can justify in-depth analysis and fandom for anything.
> one-huuuun-dred-and-heeeeeeeeey-ghtyy.
12:07 AM
@badp He says this so consistently.
I suppose it's as nuts as an NBA team winning a match early for hitting 150 points
many times in a row
@badp You need to throw at least 9 darts to win a game, and he did it in 9 both times.
@MBraedley yeah, but I don't get why he's credited to score 180 points every time and then the final three darts combinations are different or how they're determined and why in general he's not aiming for the dead center of the board
ding, €.32 more
@badp 3x triple twenty?
@badp So you have to finish exactly, and you have to finish on a double, triple, outer bullseye, or inner bullseye
12:10 AM
@badp What the hell are "goblin bins"?
@FAE I have no idea
@MBraedley what if you need to score (say) 40 and score 41?
do you then need to score 1?
@badp Your throws are void.
@badp double 5, double 5, triple 7
@FEichinger uh.
@MBraedley I was way older than I like to admit before I realized that darts is like... an actual game and not just trying to get bullseyes.
12:12 AM
@MBraedley what if it was 2×5, 3×7, 2×5
@badp That's fine.
uh, because the guy threw the darts in the order "predicted" by the BBC too
@badp there may be a rule that says you have to end on the triple, but I'm not sure.
@badp That's just ordered highest to lowest.
and the higher of the triples
also, it sometimes give you more options if you miss.
12:13 AM
it said T20 T17 D18 first and T20 T19 D12 later.
@badp T17 > D18. ;)
well okay but I was wondering if the order mattered.
or why they didn't update the score after every throw at this point
It might. But my guess is that it's just highest to lowest and that's the easiest way to remember what you gotta score.
or why they kept screaming "180" while they weren't scoring 180
@badp I didn't listen, but ... when did they scream 180 when it wasn't 180?
12:15 AM
Okay, I'm apparently wrong about that.
@badp He screamed 180 when the guy hit triple 20 three times.
oh, he did do a 174 first
20 * 3 * 3 = 180
@badp Three darts, triple 20 = 3x3x20 = 180
what's the center worth btw?
12:15 AM
25 and 50
@badp Bullseye is 25, double is 50.
@badp outer ring is 25, inner is 50. Or was it the other way around?
okay, 150 < 180
12:16 AM
@FEichinger This is correct.
Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters looks like it would be an Oscar-quality film.
@Sterno starred for the complete inaccuracy of that statement
I don't see any airplanes in that picture.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Half of them are wrong, but hey, A for effort.
12:20 AM
@FEichinger Yeah, a lot of them are intentionally making it overly complicated.
@StrixVaria Also: Stokrotka is a lot worse in that regard than Gänseblümchen, so ... missed the point a bit.
@FEichinger Yeah "stokrotka" is a pretty rough one.
Also Schmetterling is actually a pretty cool word.
The word for butterfly never disappoints, even in German.
I'm pretty sure the TV show Grimm just uses German for everything because it sounds scarier.
Russian sounds scarier than German. Whenever I hear someone talking Russian it sounds like there's about to be a mob hit, no matter what they're talking about.
I think you're just racist.
12:25 AM
@Sterno See, this is something I really don't get. We have hit the point where German mythology, culture and the such are used in American TV for the sake of it?
My point is that you're a bad person and should feel bad about yourself.
Right up until a Russian mob hit takes you out.
@StrixVaria Communism bad, capitalism good! FREEDOM EAGLES!
@Sterno That's a situation in which "Told you so!" is a legitimate response.
@Wipqozn Hush you.
Speaking of the Mob, I saw a large black stretch limousine pull into a strip mall in a bad neighborhood anchored by two large dollar stores on opposite ends. (Yeah, really bad neighborhood).
The Limo parked, and let his passengers out to go into a pizzeria/bar named "Corleone's".
I didn't know Cleveland had a significant Mafia presence.
12:28 AM
@StrixVaria Honestly, German sounds way more elegant than Dutch.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's clearly because they keep it so low-key
@LessPop_MoreFizz There's a cheesesteak place in Hoboken I'm pretty sure is just a mob front.
They were genuinely surprised when I ordered food.
@FAE Dutch is what I envision a half-assed merge of German and English would sound like. No offense intended.
And the whole time I was there, at least 6 people went into and out of the back.
@FEichinger Thanks to a recent xkcd archive binge, I re-read that as "half ass-merge".
12:29 AM
@FEichinger I'm not Dutch, I just live here, so no worries!
A: Ways to prevent overheating on XBOX 360?

KlebHere's what I do. First what you want to do is get a refridgerator with a freezer and a power strip, you know like the thing with multiple outlets. Well get your refrigerator and put it in the power strip and plug in the power strip. The refrigerator will take time to power up and then you get yo...

@Yawus Mission accomplished.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Cleveland is so shitty.
@OrigamiRobot It is!
12:30 AM
@FAE I know, that was directed to anyone-who-might-take-offense-to-that.
So... I'm going on a trip to Europe next week.
@LessPop_MoreFizz How many out of business stores have you seen?
And I'll be stopping in Edinburgh.
@OrigamiRobot Many.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yep, that's Cleveland.
12:31 AM
I hear that I should try scotch.
@FEichinger @ArdaXi's the only Dutchie in here at the moment, and I'm pretty sure he agrees with me.
Did we really need just for this question?
@Yawus Scotch is always a good choice.
Q: What are the differences from Dead Island to Dead Island Riptide?

NiteCyperDead Island Riptide is not Dead Island 2, but Dead Island Riptide, a direct sequel to Dead Island. Much of Dead Island's game engine appears unchanged in Dead Island Riptide. What changes have been made to the game in the jump from Dead Island to Dead Island Riptide? I recommend that you answer...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I go to Ohio (Bolivar) every year to visit family for Thanksgiving. We sometimes go to the zoo in Cleveland.
12:32 AM
@Sterno I wouldn't call it a series yet, so there's that.
> Dead Island Riptide is not Dead Island 2, but Dead Island Riptide, a direct sequel to Dead Island.
@FEichinger I had some earlier this week, but I don't know any good... scotches?
@StrixVaria I don't think they know what the word "sequel" means.
I must say, I picked up Mario Brothers U today and the gamepad is really comfortable. I haven't used it much before now.
I'm not real clear on when a "series" tag makes sense
Although Riptide could be Dead Island 1.5
12:33 AM
This is a perfect answer, it should be accepted right away and awarded a 500 rep bounty! (This was total sarcasm if you didn't catch it yet) — FEichinger 1 min ago
@Wipqozn The 2d-platformer?
@StrixVaria Yes.
Is the game any good?
Could it be Dead Island 1.6?
@Sterno 1.75, obviously!
12:34 AM
@StrixVaria Yes. It's still Mario. If you like Mario, you'll like Mario U.
Why stop there? 1.99!
name that object
@kalina It's the moon.
no, it's not the USS enterprise
no, the thing in front of the moon
12:34 AM
@kalina The moon! Oh wait, you meant the thing in front? The ISS
@Wipqozn That's no moon ...
Yeh, I'll see myself out.
@Wipqozn I want to get the 3d one they showed at e3. I should get that one too.
@StrixVaria IT has the same type of overworld that Super Mario World did. One big world.
12:35 AM
@kalina Where's my cookie?
@Wipqozn Oh neat.
@MBraedley +cookie
@kalina ty
The ISS?
@Sterno Yep, I saw that photo on twitter about a week ago
12:36 AM
Oh, right. Not familiar with that abbreviation because my nerd powers don't go that direction.
at least I think it was twitter
@Sterno I dunno why but I found this statement quite amusing.
@OrigamiRobot Well, at least it's not Detroit.
@Sterno ...international space station
12:37 AM
I guess being American you call it the American Space Station
@StrixVaria There seems to be quite a free new mini-games too. the ones where you can earn power-ups and extra lives.
@Sterno I live in abbreviations daily. MWCS, MCDV, MWAV, lots of things that start with M.
@MBraedley M...ISS?
...or ASS
@kalina There are two countries on this planet. 'Murica and shitsville.
12:38 AM
@FEichinger Well the MSS and MBS are both part of the ISS
@kalina That would be so awesome.
@StrixVaria that's not a nice thing to call Canada
@StrixVaria But ... but ... I'm a proud citizen of Shitstown!
Canada is part of 'Murica. Just the lame part that you don't invite to parties.
Italy was bought from America for cheap after ww2
12:39 AM
@FEichinger scheissestadt? no?
gets coat
@MBraedley I have no idea what that first one is supposed to be for you but that was my high school, lol
@FAE I can't actually tell you...
My high school had the easy-to-remember acronym of MCASMET.
@ori yessssss
@MBraedley Marine Well Containment System
@MBraedley Madrid-Waddington Central School
12:41 AM
@kalina It would actually be "Scheißstadt", which is an 'appropriate' way to call Cologne and Berlin..
@MBraedley Oh. Well that's no fun.
@MBraedley Marine Wing Communications Squadron
@FEichinger Is Cologne really that bad?
@MBraedley Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show
Massachusetts college of ants spiders mantises eels and tarantulas
12:41 AM
And Munich, during Oktoberfest.
@FEichinger I wanted to visit Berlin next time I'm in Germany. Last time I went to Hamburg.
@FEichinger I was taught in German that ß was being retired
@FAE It's for work, but @kalina is getting frighteningly close.
@kalina There was a spelling reform where it was removed from a lot of words, but it's still standard in others.
@kalina Partially. It's ... complicated.
12:42 AM
@MBraedley Shouldn't you not specify that if it's actually something you can't talk about? :P
No thing
@MBraedley Major Works Control System
@MBraedley Muddy Waters Computer Society
@FAE She'll never know if she hits it. Also, I don't think it's in the common abbreviation lists
@FAE Depends on where you're from. Southern and a lot of Eastern Germany dislikes Cologne, Southern Germany dislikes Berlin, Berlin dislikes Bielefeld, if I recall correctly ... Complicated as well.
12:43 AM
The best part of mario is stealing Lakitu's cloud.
Maybe We Could Stop
@MBraedley Mongkok Workers' Children School
Q: What are the differences from Dead Island to Dead Island Riptide?

NiteCyperMuch of Dead Island's game engine appears unchanged in Dead Island Riptide. What changes have been made to the game in the jump from Dead Island to Dead Island Riptide?

Q: Can you earn the "Everything we've been through" trophy on Survivor playthroughs?

TeryxOn Survivor playthroughs, you cannot upgrade your listening distance with supplements, as the listening mechanic is absent. Can you still earn the "Everything we've been through" trophy, which is for fully upgrading Joel's skills with the supplements, on a Survivor or Survivor+ playthrough?

@badp ...maybe
@badp that was also pretty quick of you
@StrixVaria I think Berlin feels more familiar to foreigners, because it has more of the metropolitan flair than the rest of Germany.
12:44 AM
@FAE Also, it's actually not classified, but revealing what it is to potential non-allies could be... damaging
That stupid 0118 999 song is in my head. Thanks a lot, @badp
@fei I'm glad to learn about that
@FEichinger Ah, I see. I've been to Cologne, but it was only for Gamescom, so I didn't see any of the rest of the city. I glanced at the cathedral in passing from a distance and that's about it.
12:45 AM
@kalina You should add &t=0m36s to that link
but the tumble is an integral part!
@FAE Cologne has a high presence of homosexuals and counter groups, which makes it a mess, really. Combine that with a rather unique festive culture and you easily understand why the city isn't exactly the favorite for a lot of people.
Does it smell good though?
@FEichinger blinks I'm... not quite sure I understand the correlation there.
@FAE I reiterate: It's a mess.
12:47 AM
maybe it's the part where a group celebrates and its counter group doesn't like it
Or maybe Germans had fun once and found it was awful
... you know I'm referencing grumpy cat, not the Holocaust <_<
@FEichinger What do you mean by "counter groups"?
@badp google.com/search?q=Köln+Karneval&tbm=isch As for the festive culture.
That looks like a lame Mardi Gras
@Wipqozn Anti-LGBT and far right groups, for instance.
@Sterno But with roots that go very deep in that region in particular.
I still need to figure out where I'll live in Munich
I'm kinda nervous about it too.
12:53 AM
@FEichinger So it occupies a comparable place in German society to a lot of large southern cities.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Germany is a lot smaller, so everything is a lot closer together. That might make it worse.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wouldn't say that, no. It's ... unique, really. It's a pile of everything in its weirdest combination.
@badp Munich is fine, really. It's expensive, but that's it.
Munich is also a really boring movie.
@Sterno I agree.
@fei it's more like it's my first time ever looking for a house and it being afar and abroad in a foreign language only makes me want to procrastinate the resolution
1:00 AM
@badp Meh. Even Germans feel foreign in Munich. No need to worry.
I can't unsee it.
@FAE Damn you!
@FAE lol
@FEichinger You're welcome!
1:02 AM
Hmmm ... it's one of the days I like Piers Morgan. I think I should get a drink to avoid that.
Dammit. Running out of whiskey.
Richard Matheson died. :o
Q: How to avoid polar bear in Antarctica?

KMCI would like to visit Antarctica, but worry polar bear may chase after me. How to avoid being attacked by polar bear?

@LessPop_MoreFizz This also seems like a good fit for SciFi
1:16 AM
@Sterno 0118999881999119725...3
@kalina Seriously, if I'm ever in the UK and need to dial emergency services, that will be the number that comes to mind, after I try and fail dialing 911
@Sterno 112
@Sterno sadly, 0118 is the area code for Reading
@kalina Does 911 in the UK also redirect to 112? I know it does here in the NL.
@FAE I've never dialled it, it's possible
apparently it does nothing
invalid number
Q: Does the color of wool dictate the type of painting yielded from crafting?

THE BLEEP IS THISI want to decorate my castle's gallery room with paintings of different types. Does the color of the wool affect the painting, or is it just random.

Q: How strong are the DLC commanders compared to vanilla commanders?

NoneOfYourBusinessCompany of Heroes 2 came out today and introduced multiple so called "Commanders" as day zero DLC. So I am curious how strong they are compared to the commanders from the vanilla content. Can this game considered to be pay to win or is it neglectable?

1:20 AM
Ah okay.
another answer says it diverts to 999
I guess the only way would be to try it
@StrixVaria Is this a sloth?
Yeeeeah, probably not a good idea
1:21 AM
@OrigamiRobot Why would I post a sloth?
@StrixVaria You just almost cost me a keyboard
@FAE there is something in the newspapers a while back about an American woman who dialled 911 from an American cellphone in the UK and got through the American emergency services
it's in the daily mail though, so there is a 99% chance it's a lie
@kalina That's... huh
@FAE What?
1:22 AM
I hate you all.
@StrixVaria I was drinking water when he posted his response to your pic :P
I am still laughing.
Wait a minute. We can troll @OrigamiRobot with sloth pictures? I might finally have a replacement hobby for Rebecca Black trolling!
1:23 AM
@StrixVaria I just imagine it whispering, "Shh.... shhh..."
@StrixVaria I can't breeeeathe
Be careful when driving.
user image
1:27 AM
We should all dress up in Sloth costumes and go visit @OrigamiRob.
I wonder if I send @spugsley a sloth poster if she'd hang it up.
@kalina Wait a second, did you dial emergency to SEE IF IT WORKS? (sorry, was watching YouTube) That could have landed you a hefty fine if it went through.
@MBraedley no I googled it
@kalina Okay, in that case, carry on.
I'll go back to YouTube
1:39 AM
Damn it, now that song is in my head again.
@MBraedley 0118999881999119725...3
@kalina 867-5309
That doesn't get it out of my head. That just morphs it into 8675 309 88199 9119 725 ...3
1:58 AM
Q: How does party matchmaking work?

jmfsgIf I queue with 4 friends (making us a full 5 people team), do we get matchmade (?) with another 5 people team, or is it possible to fight 5 people that do not know each other?

2:38 AM
Q: Start a minecraft server from the web?

Ozairhow can I start a minecraft server on a server that has a web server. For example those control panels that start servers when the server is offline. I know the execute a shell script but how. If someone could provide me with some example code.

@GrumpyLazers give me teh codez
So, I'm running into hella bugs with The Last of Us.
Audio problems, ridiculously long loading times, and collision errors.
@Yawus That sounds like the opposite ;)
@AshleyNunn It's like a challenge run with all of the frustration and hair-tearing with none of the satisfaction at the end.
@Yawus Wow, that's kinda the opposite of what you want in something you are spending leisure time on...
2:51 AM
I figure that I'm probably not going to play the game again until the next patch.
@Yawus From what you are describing, that sounds like a not-bad idea
@AshleyNunn Yeah, but now I'm out of games to play for now.
@Yawus :(
I figure that The Last of Us would tide me over to my next couple of paychecks and then I'd be free to buy some more games.
I am playing like...4 different things on my 3DS right now. :P
2:54 AM
It's like getting a bad batch of cocaine, now that I think about it...
@Yawus ...I wouldn't know ;)
To be honest, I have more than enough disposable income right now to buy more games, but I've limited myself to one game every two/three paychecks max.
@Yawus Fair enough
That way, my library doesn't get ridiculously large and I spend a good amount of time enjoying the games that I have at the moment.
I just have a huge backlog, so I am like LETS JUST PLAY THEM ALL AT ONCE NOW
2:56 AM
Yeah, the problem with my purchasing policy is that I have way too many games that I want to buy.
@Yawus buy something now, credit The Last Of Us to the next batch of pay checks?
Think of it as creative accounting.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Shin Megami Tensei IV is coming out in July...
I.e. delay next purchase 10 weeks instead of 5 or w/e.
I like the way you think
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hmm... I'd have to figure out what games look good right now.
3:01 AM
@Yawus awesome cheapskate option: Tower Of Doom.
@spyder Evening.
3:12 AM
I feel special. My awesomeness has a tag
also, my hdd is officially deceased :/
Q: How is bonus money collected in The Last of US?

nbogardAfter finishing my first playthrough of The Last of Us (hard difficulty), I found that I had accrued $4500 in money that could be used for bonus content (i.e. skins, render modes, art). How did I get this? And I how do I get more? Are there specific challenges to complete? Is the money linked to ...

3:30 AM
@Ktash woh, that sucks
Anyone know of software I can use to copy data from a dying hard drive?
surprisingly relevant to my interests
@fbueckert dd :P
@fbueckert GetDataBack FAT and GetDataBack NTFS may be
3:56 AM
I'm trying to yank some data off of a netbook's hard drive that hasn't seen use for about a year.
It was working when last I gave it back, but I guess all the dust and whatnot wasn't very good for it.
Q: Online mods for minecraft servers help

ChelitopowerWhat happens to the other players if I run a minecraft server,have a mod (Team Fortress 2 dispenser mod) and use it? Can they use it or do they see anything? Thanks!

Thankfully, chkdsk is making progress, so there's hope I can recover much of it.
@fbueckert GetDataBack will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due to a virus attack, the drive was formatted, fdisk has been run, a power failure has caused a system crash, files were lost due to a software failure. GetDataBack can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows.
Does the demo allow hard drive recovery?
Or is it one of those, "Here's what it can do, but it won't do it until you pay us." type of deals?
@fbueckert don't know, I use full version
4:52 AM
@spyder Those things sound great, but these kinds of "soft" failures were never a problem, at least for me. When my hard drives fail, they physically fail. Controllers burn out, magnetic heads scratch the surface, fun stuff like that.
You can recover some (scratched platters) or all (burnt out controllers) of it, but not with software.
@MartinSojka Address to professionals. In my city there are some companies that recover data from a physically "dead" drives. I think there are in your city too.
@spyder Never needed them so far. Either I could just use low-level file system tools to recover what data I needed, simply replaced the hard drive's controller (the small circuit which is on the underside of it) with one from the same model and it worked, or shrugged and used my back-ups. ;)
@MartinSojka Soldering iron is not my friend, I don't do such things :)
5:12 AM
Q: Minecraft mod throwing OpenGL Error

SolignisI am trying to get a set of mods running for a private server. When I go to test everything in single player creative mode I get this output in my console output (MultiMC's debug console). 2013-06-24 23:00:34 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] @ Post render 2013-06-24 23:00:34 [SEVERE] [Minecraft-Clien...

1 hour later…
6:30 AM
Q: Cannot play cscz,screen beeing blings,canot stat playing,error when loading new game

black There are a dialog box "Mod_NumForName: models/player/leet/leet.mdl not found" Why this thing happent??*

7:10 AM
Q: How can I change the resolution on Blizzard games running under WINE?

NilThis is a problem I encounter with two of blizzard's newer games, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. I can install them on my machine which runs Ubuntu 13.04 raring ringtail using wine 1.6-rc2. Both programs run on 1920 by 1080 resolution but at about 1 frame per second. I thought perhaps reduci...

7:46 AM
Q: How do you do zero's bore glitch to the bunker

DeathDealerHey I've recently been farming the bunker for drops and exp and I've done the glitch accidentally three times. I really want too know how to do it more often to shorten the time we are fighting to improve the chances of the rare drops and to level faster so I can complete the missions I'm on. I...

8:25 AM
@Blem \o
anyone got experience with streaming?
@Blem I tried it once?
that's as far as I went
I need some info on how to reduce my cpu usage
wondering if a media card would solve my problem
8:31 AM
I guess your streaming your apps/game?
yea, games
The easiest way to spare CPU time is to get less FPS and/or diminished resolution. Never used a "media card". I wonder if GPU can be used in such a case.
did a test yestoday, there was reports of a bit of lag, but when i watch the replay i dont see it twitch.tv/blemx/b/421386613
8:59 AM
I seem to have some lag but that might be the connection
your connection?
yeah cause rewinding and playing again is ok
problem with twitch, cant down scale unless you are partnered
i set it to stream at 720
not possible to scale from the streaming soft?
I do that, i play in 1080 and downscale to 720, but if you go to the stream you can then only see it in 720
9:27 AM
@Blem Use specialised hardware - a capture card or device.
AVerMedia Live Gamer HD, Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, Hauppauge HD PVR and so on.
@MartinSojka Yeah I was looking for that. But does it exists for desktop capture?
@M'vy I don't understand the question. :)
Does the hardware captures from the PC or just external sources?
The devices capture whatever video signal your PC (or console) sends out, and you can process/stream/save it on other computer.
The cards capture the video signal of the host computer (usually). They typically have software to only stream part of the screen and similar tricks.
Of course, there's nothing stopping you from feeding the output of a capture device back to the same computer it is capturing from, but that would add some CPU load (not nearly as much as a software-only solution though).

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