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9:48 AM
@Kosmonaut Could it mean a spelling that combines two different spellings?
Yes, but examples please @kiamlaluno. I can't think of any.
Ah! Following the link to that other chat room I see this, @Kosmonaut:
in The Bridge, 11 hours ago, by Arda Xi
It's either Eskimo or Esquimaux. Not a portmanteau of both. Anyway, I didn't, I can't listen to anything atm.
There are plenty of words I pronounce mixing the pronunciation I hear, and my own pronunciation. ;-)
And that, in turn, was in reply to this:
So what @GnomeSlice is asking, if I understand correctly, is: given Eskimo and Esquimaux, what do you call Eskimeau?
I'm not sure there's an answer to that. Heck, I'm not even sure if this question has been asked before.
Esquimaux is then not an English word.
Would be there a word to describe a word that mixes the pronunciation of words from different languages?
There are probably a lot of words that mix the French/Latin pronunciation with the Old English one. I don't think there is a specific word that would be applied to so many English words.
Are there any Mac users, here?
10:10 AM
There are many Mac users here, but not right now.
Even I am on Longhorn rather than Lucid right now.
10:24 AM
I guess you mean you are on Windows rather than Mac. :-)
Windows rather than Linux.
Have to go! CU!
See you!
5 hours later…
3:47 PM
How should I mark an example of ungrammatical question? I looked to meta.SE, but I didn't find any reference, and I am not allowed to use the asterisk.
3 hours later…
6:28 PM
@kiamlaluno, you can always use the html code for an asterisk so it doesn't get interpreted as italics. I think it's *
...yup, just tested it. Also, if you don't use an asterisk anywhere else in the same paragraph, a single asterisk at the beginning won't be interpreted as italics.
2 hours later…
8:11 PM
@kiamlaluno, @Martha, you can also use backslash as an escape character: * should produce an asterisk.
Er, I meant \* — I forgot to escape my escape character!
@kiamlaluno, @RegDwight: a portmanteau that combines versions of a word from two different languages would surely be a portcoat or a carrymanteau? :-P
3 hours later…
10:51 PM
Is this question is off-topic?
Q: What does "stackexchange" mean?

ManoochehrI checked out this link to read about the Stack Exchange Network. But still I don't know clearly what "Stack Exchange" means.

The question is not asking what "stack exchange" means in English, but what "Stack Exchange" (used as name for SE) means.
11:20 PM
Is this question a duplicate, or is it just a related question?
Q: Why are the present and the past participle of "submit" spelled with double t?

JuanaI was wondering, why are the present and the past participle of submit spelled with two t?

Q: Why do you write "occurred", and "listened"?

kiamlalunoThe past tense of to occur is occurred (not occured), but the past tense of to listen is listened (not listenned). Why? Which is the general rule that is applied to make the past tense of a verb?

11:34 PM
This is my last report of the day.
Q: Appropriateness of two spaces inbetween words

Nick CoeliusI understand the justification for reverting to a single-space system (computers aren't typewriters), but is it ACTUALLY inappropriate to use two spaces between a word? I always learned to write that way, and look at a single-space paper and feel kind of...claustrophobic.


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