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10:03 AM
This question seems subjective. How do you qualify a substitute as good replacement?
Q: Is there a good substitute for the word "scarper" in American English?

ukayerI used quick, let's scarper before the boss comes back to inject some levity into a recent meeting, but got only blank stares for my trouble. When asked to explain scarper to my American chums, all I could think of was you know, as in "scarper lads, it's the filth", i.e. run away quickly before ...

OK; this is the last link to questions I will put today. Can anybody help resolving the mystery? :-)
Q: What is the difference between "in-between" and "between"?

kiamlalunoDo in-between and between have different meanings? What is the difference between in-between and between?

10:20 AM
I know, I promised no more links; this is really the last one.
Q: What are alternatives to the verb “study” (in the meaning of “research”)?

FX_When writing scientific discussions (articles, book chapters, reports, ...), I frequently feel short on synonyms of the verb study, which I use extensively in sentences such as “in the next section, we study the influence of ... on ...”. The alternatives I frequently use include investigate, rese...

Is this question acceptable? It seems to me that every answer would be equally acceptable (if who answers doesn't report "to cook" as alternative).
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12:50 PM
Sigh! There is another duplicate.
Q: How to use would or could in English?

newcomerI am not a native English speaker and this would/could thing always bothers me. Please give some example + explanation on this. Sorry if the question is too naive.

1:43 PM
I read the following in "The Observer" this morning, from an article about Paul Theroux and his years in 1970s England, and wondered if there is a place on the site where I might share it. It seems like something of general interest to Anglophiles, but is really not a question.
(sorry, still learning: it was revealed that Sarah's father frequented a certain massage parlour, the Wigmore Club, for a weekly wank.

Wank was a new word for me. I learned others in those years: pantechnicon, pastilles, salopettes, anorak, ginger wine, trifle, syllabub, riddling (the coal grate), gaiters, trug, secateurs, borstal, Boche, Gorbals, yobbos, scotia (a sort of household trim), valance, shandy, sent to Coventry, applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, chicane (as of a set of racing cars), gauntlets, whitebait, infra dig, subfusc, knackers, Christmas crackers, Dutch courage, Dutch ca
2:24 PM
@fortunate1: If it's not a question, then it should not be posted on EL&U.
OK, thanks for your answer, k.; I just wanted to waste the least amount of time of the fewest number of people -hence my appearance in the kitchen. Cheers.

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