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2:23 AM
@Cerberus But I'm not even 5' 6" (5' 5 3/4" at best). Now you have the whole pic. Yes, my arm span is amazing; it's superhero level, as indicated.
Quite impressive.
@JohanLarsson Not everyone has the diacritics your country has.
2:44 AM
I heard another fairly loud bang.
Also far away in another part of the city.
Against most probably explosives used to rob an ATM.
2 minutes ago.
It's about 3 to 5 km away (I don't know the exact location).
3:02 AM
If you're hearing it from that distance it's more than firecrackers.
3:13 AM
And this is not the flat surface of a lake, but a jungle of buildings.
@Conrado So it's the Greek's fault?
Which Greek?
@Cerberus But I don't know any Latin!
@FaheemMitha All the better!
@Cerberus Greeks. As in the people of Greece.
3:17 AM
You can just ask, I've heard sinister is from Latin: did it already have the same negative connotation that it has in English? How did this connotation originate?
@FaheemMitha Yeah, but you misplaced your apostrophe.
Which is quite out of character. Are you sick?
@Cerberus That's true, but it's early in the morning here.
OK OK mornings are awful.
@Cerberus No, just severely underslept. Waiting for the markets to open so I can do a stock purchase.
I'm not normally up at this time. A morning person I am not.
But seriously, ask on latin.stackexchange.com !
I feel your pain.
@Cerberus Ok, I will. But feel free to remind me. I might post the question here first.
3:19 AM
Why must you go shopping early?
OK I'll remind you!
Better post it on Latin; it's a friendly place.
@Cerberus This particular stock price is shooting up rapidly, unfortunately. It's annoying when it does that.
On English.SE, you will be punished because the question is about the etymology of a word beyond English.
I like it when the share prices stay where they are.
@Cerberus Good to know.
Ohh you meant the stock market, got it.
I though you were going to stock up on food at the physical market.
@Cerberus Right, the financial markets.
@Cerberus Sorry about the vague terminology.
3:20 AM
I suppose I should have understood immediately.
Though I mentioned a stock purchase.
I was wondering about that terminology.
I saw the title of the question and thought it meant "Boolean variable", but the year disabused me of that notion — CopperKettle 16 hours ago
Actual markets in India don't open at a given time.
A purchase to refill your stock of food at home? A purchase of broth?
3:21 AM
@Cerberus A bit of a stretch, but perhaps.
Yes, the way you worded it seemed weird if it was to mean either of those two things. So I should have thought of shares immediately.
3:55 AM
I would say something but it would be empty of meaning.
@Cerberus Shares purchased. More than I wanted to pay, but that's the way it tends to go.
@Cerberus a bouillon cube
I just heard of this company on Saturday night, while doing some browsing. It was instantly obvious it was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the market had come to the same conclusion. And I was just a couple of days too late.
@FaheemMitha no one really expects to share
@Mitch Well, that's unusual.
@Mitch Pardon?
One really wants to get in ahead of the market. But I'm very inexperience in these matters. Still in experimental mode, for the next two years or so.
3:58 AM
@FaheemMitha it's unusual only because things usually mean something
@Mitch What things? Also, are you folks just really early risers, or late-to-bed?
I guess in North America, it's actually not that late.
@FaheemMitha a share is a portion of a company which no one wants to share
@FaheemMitha what day is it there?
@Mitch Actually, the company does want to share it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be selling pieces of itself.
It's not -that- late
@Mitch Tuesday, as one would expect.
3:59 AM
@FaheemMitha once you get the share, you don't want to share it
I don't understand much of finance. It's very complicated. Of course, the main feature of capitalism is that it's insane. But everyone knows that already.
@FaheemMitha hmmm.. still Monday here. No expectations
@Mitch If you mean people don't normally give their shares away, that is correct.
@Mitch I think you can be fairly confident it will be become Tuesday eventually. Unless the sun turns supernova. In which case it will still technically be Tuesday, I suppose, but a rather warm Tuesday.
@FaheemMitha do I have to point at the sentence repeatedly and shout at the top of my lungs ....
@FaheemMitha have you heard about Betelgeuse lately?
@Mitch Yes, I'm aware.
@Mitch Nope.
4:03 AM
@FaheemMitha Congratulations.
Not getting back to bed?
@Mitch Yes, why not?
@FaheemMitha there's a slight expectation that it might go supernova soon
@Cerberus That's the plan, yes. Just taking a few minutes to unwind. Dealing with the stock market can be quite stressful.
@Mitch Well, that's unfortunate.
@Mitch Soon, really?
It's been showing ... changes lately
As in hours, or days?
4:04 AM
How soon?
Or weeks, or months, or years?
@FaheemMitha it's only unfortunate if it is too close
@FaheemMitha (I'm sure it will be millions of years, but let's just say seconds.)
Otherwise it is just fireworks
Have heard the latest news about Betelgeuse?
@Mitch For the Betelgeusians, I mean.
4:06 AM
They realized that prior distance measuring techniques were ...um.... Not as accurate as thought...
Betelgeuse is %20 percent closer than formerly thought
Instead of 900 lt-years, something around 700 lt years
> On 24 February 2020, no significant change in the infrared over the last 50 years was detected; this seemed unrelated to the recent visual fading, and suggested that an impending core collapse may be unlikely.[71]
Also on 24 February 2020, further studies suggested that occluding "large-grain circumstellar dust" may be the most likely explanation for the dimming of the star.[72][73] A study that uses observations at submillimetre wavelengths rules out significant contributions from dust absorption. Instead, large starspots appear to be the cause for the dimming.[74]
Often such dimmings are attributed to Dyson sphere (or more likely ring) construction
> Their results imply that Betelgeuse is not at all close to exploding, and that it is too far from Earth for the eventual explosion to have significant impact here, even though it is still a really big deal when a supernova goes off. And as Betelgeuse is the closest candidate for such an explosion, it gives us a rare opportunity to study what happens to stars like this before they explode.
— Based on: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: New Mass and Distance Estimates for Betelgeuse through Combined Evolutionary, Asteroseismic, and Hydrodynamic Simulations with MESA” by Meridith Joyce, S
I'm pretty proud of my recent pattern of closing off my parentheses
I think I will start to work on my use 😃 of emojis 😅
By work on, you mean end?
4:11 AM
@Cerberus the reason why I haven't much of anything great is because midgets have been stepping on my toes
Who suggested that you might?
> The federal government is shipping 3.9 million doses of Johnson and Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine starting today, just days after the FDA granted the shot emergency use authorization.

Those doses are all that the company has on hand, White House COVID-19 Response coordinator Jeff Zients said on a call with reporters today. The shipment will be enough to cover 3.9 million Americans since the vaccine is just a single shot.
@Cerberus no. I will ❤️ use them much more 😉 often in order 😜 to learn how to use them correctly
I only use ones my typing lookahead suggest so I know they are correct
I can't understand what you're saying.
@Cerberus it's pretty 🦋 clear what people are thinking 🤔 without them having to say out right
@CowperKettle what're the russian vaccines called? I think one is soyuz?
@Cerberus you're not 🎧 listening 🔊 loudly enough
🐘 elephant
What kind of 🚨 crazy 😧 person 😂 sprinkles their text with emojis?
4:18 AM
@Mitch Sputnik-V 🚀🚀🚀 🛰🛰🛰
Nobody can 🙈 see what they are
@FaheemMitha what are the names of the vaccines they are getting in India?
@Cerberus and in NE, what vaccine name will you get there?
@CowperKettle +++
@Mitch You mean NL?
We currently have Biontech and Moderna.
Maybe also Oxford and Janssen.
Is biontech the AstraZeneca one?
4:22 AM
Not sure which ones of the latter two have been approved and delivered yet.
Biontech is owned by Pfizer I think.
Oxford invented the one Astra Zeneca is selling.
Janssen is owned by Johnson and Johnson.
Formerly Crucell.
I just caught a scene from the 🎥 movie Contagion the other day... Have there been cases of people extorting or otherwise illegally procuring vaccines?
Not here, that I know of, except people booking a vacation to buy a shot far away.
Oh 😳 yeah when I get my time machine fixed remind me to invest in pharma a year ago
Also tesla
OK as long as I get the bitcoins.
4:25 AM
@Cerberus oh yeah or to act like an old person to move to the head of a line
@Mitch I've not heard of that here.
@Cerberus oh cripes .. that bubble too
Praesumably, you'd need to show your ID card anyway.
And your letter of invitation.
@Cerberus it might be apocryphal but it sounds funny
It might be true in other places!
I think I've heard about its happing in America.
4:26 AM
@Cerberus I'm 🚭 more concerned about proof of vaccination afterwards
But maybe it's not true.
@Cerberus everything happens in america
The EU is preparing vaccination passports.
Which should prove that you've been vaccinated.
And in america it all happens 😅 in Florida
And in Florida it all happens in jacksonville
Can't they cut off Florida?
Give it a push and attach it to Cuba?
4:29 AM
I hope all the people working in the pharma 😈 factories are getting paid more because they are certainly working overtime and double shifts 🐱
I'm not sure...
He was born and raised around Jacksonville
A nice young man, not the kind to kill
But a jealous fight and a flashing blade
Sent him on the run to the Everglades
Almost all of the money will probably go to the non-research, non-development, non-production people working in big pharma.
As usual.
@Cerberus a couple more years of greenland's ice slipping off and half of florida will be under 💦 water
Now, the posse went in and they came back out
They said he'll die and there ain't no doubt
It's an eye for an eye so the debt is paid
He won't last long in the Everglades
4:30 AM
Where a man can hide and never be found
And have no fear of the bayin' hound
But he better keep movin' and don't stand still
If the 'skeeters don't get then the 'gaters will
@Cerberus I've visited hansen (an office in NJ) and those guys make money hand over fist
Now, he never heard the news on the radio
He was deep in the 'glades so he'll never know
His runnin' and hidin' didn't make much sense
For the jury had ruled it was self-defense
They have money to throw away -and to burn.
4:33 AM
The last thing I have to say on the 🗺️ 🗾 matter is...
The parent system is terribly inefficient.
Cripes I forgot already
Emojis are stupid
That's it
That's what I was trying to remember
There you go.
@Cerberus I know. Parents are awful
The patent system!
4:35 AM
That too
That, too.
That too that too
Brushing teeth.
Putting pajamas on
Head 🗣️ on 💊 pillow
4:37 AM
And 👁️ eyes closed...
And out
5:35 AM
View of the sky 3.75 billion years from now.
Just before the collision with the Andromeda galaxy, which is approaching us at a speed of 110 kilometers per second.
What is meant by the line,"The Waters' Still fine"?
6:15 AM
@Mitch I read articles, but I forget. There was just an article yesterday about the Fascist Idiot in Chief getting a vaccine shot. They made a news article about it. I was just reading it.
The vaccine used was Bharat Biotech's Covaxin.
The other one is Covishield
Neither of these seem to be one of the big Western vaccines with 95% effectiveness, or so it says.
One of them has 65% effectiveness, so the article says. The other one hasn't had phrase 3 trials!
Hmm, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… has more information. This doesn't seem to be the best one available.
I expect rich Indians go get their shots from outside India. Or make "alternative" arrangements.
What are the best ones available like?
6:39 AM
An Indonesian woman in the States asked me if I knew anyone who could arrange a vaccine—someone there willing to pay “any price.”. It’s harder than it would otherwise be because of the temperature requirements—otherwise it could just be stolen.
6:50 AM
S.M., also sometimes referred to as SM-046, is an American woman with a peculiar type of brain damage that prevents her from experiencing fear. First described by scientists in 1994, she has had exclusive and complete bilateral amygdala destruction since late childhood as a consequence of Urbach–Wiethe disease. Dubbed by the media as the "woman with no fear", S.M. has been studied extensively in scientific research; she has helped researchers elucidate the function of the amygdala. == Characteristics == Experiments with S.M. revealed no fear in response to exposure and handling of snakes ...
If I do a search for "Fascist Idiot in Chief", the top hits are all of one person.
No prizes for guessing who, though he's not technically a fascist.
7:07 AM
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines seem to be reporting the best rates at around 95% each, though of course I'm not keeping up with progress.
But these rates may not be definitive/accurate, because I think it's based on small trials.
@Robusto which is the worst diacritic?
I don't think either of these are available in India. I suppose the companies concerned are selling them for as much as possible. Making hay while the sun shines.
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
@Robusto I don't consider myself a non-native, but I understand (quote unquote) the cartoon. Is it supposed to be funny?
I am not sure what "shmacts" means.
Seems people are more interested in shmacts rather than facts.
10:00 AM
And the couple standing there are under the illusion that they understand something that other people don't which is also not the case.
It is actually rather sad than funny!
Haha? No, at least not today
Come back tomorrow.
Or, don't come back.
@FaheemMitha Ugh, I hate how they name the vaccine, they probably think they are creative and smart coming up with something like Covishield
10:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body (56): What dose the letters eth mean on words in the KGV ..? by Eugene on english.SE
11:42 AM
> The Belly Button Biodiversity Project was aimed to explore the the microbes inhabiting the navels of volunteers. One individual who hadn't washed in several years hosted 2 species of extremophile bacteria that typically thrive in ice caps and thermal vents
12:15 PM
@FaheemMitha Nor technically "in Chief", at least with a capital C. :)
> And today the great Yertle, that Marvelous he,
Is King of the Mud. That is all he can see.
And the turtles, of course…all the turtles are free
As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.”
1:10 PM
Countries that do not use the metric system
@Robusto It's a common enough . . . metamorphosis? That as long as you get out there, you'll definitely hear it from someone, so yeah, I'd expect every regular in this chat to understand it
Spring is in the air
@CowperKettle Plot twist: lbs and ft aren't 'very American', they're 'very Myanmarese'
What do they use in Myanmar? Local units or imperial units?
@CowperKettle I'm feeling it in my bones
1:40 PM
@M.A.R. But do you understand that there is a half-Yiddish construction there? "Facts-shmacts" (or any word repeated with an /sh/ replacing the initial consonant). It is a way of ridiculing the first noun as inconsequential or ridiculous. "Did you get my letter?" "Letter, shmetter, I never got the check you were supposed to send."
@Robusto well yeah, that's the point, isn't it? I didn't know it was half-Yiddish, it's just too common not to come across in some show or book
@M.A.R. OK.
@Gigili ^^^
In Russian, such reduplications are common, because a lot of Jews used to live in Russia.
Now I'm afraid they are gone to Israel.
They are gone to Israel because they were afraid.
Dec 7 '16 at 3:51, by Færd
That schm.
1:43 PM
Yeah. The German sch has morphed (in American versions of Yiddish, at least) into the simpler "sh".
2:17 PM
@Robusto Not fair to refer me to your previous conversation, I mentioned a few facts about that cartoon that you could find in no books!
That said, I wasn't familiar with the term Yiddish.
@Gigili You are correct that it is more sad than funny.
Probably because I am too polite to watch shows/movies that someone's ridiculing the other with the so called Yiddish construction.
Apr 7 '12 at 6:17, by Gigili
I am awesome like that.
@Gigili I wasn't aware that politesse had anything to do with that.
Me neither.
@CowperKettle That matches no definition of spring.
I am going to ask for a missing feature in Meta! I ignored someone but I still see their messages in the transcript. Wha?
@Gigili They will respond with .
@JohanLarsson I suppose the Ø is the worst.
2:28 PM
norwegian, swedish uses Ö
Ö means island in swedish, å means small river, ä does not mean anything, i means inside
@JohanLarsson Is that pronounced like it would be in German?
örly, early
@Robusto That's hopeful thinking.
That is experience talking.
@Mitch Especially the ones contributing to the vaccine market 😈
2:45 PM
What do you call a race of motorbikes or cars where the vehicles drive on unpaved terrain?
@b_jonas Are you looking for "motocross"?
@Robusto Possibly. Does that apply only for when there's a pre-made looping race track, or also for a long distance one outside in mostly unprepared natural terrain?
@MattE.Эллен That might be the one.
"Offroad" doesn't imply a race.
Sure, "off-road race" then
3:00 PM
rally, perhaps?
Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. The sport evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom. == History == Motocross first evolved in Australia from motorcycle trials competitions, such as the Auto-Cycle Clubs's first quarterly trial in 1909 and the Scottish Six Days Trial that began in 1912. When organisers dispensed with delicate balancing and strict scoring of trials in favour of a race to become the fastest rider to the finish, the activity became known as "hare scrambles", said to have originated in the phrase, "a rare...
> Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing ...
Apparently "rally" is the long distance one, and "motocross" is one on a prepared lap.
@Conrado I like turtles because they are green.
@JohanLarsson Funny. Dutch has oog for island, and also a for river, in addition to e and probably other vowels. Often times, an m is attached to the vowel. Am-stel-re-dam means "river-place-[suffix for "people of"]-dam" (the origin of modern Amsterdam).
There are many rivers Aa and Eem in the Netherlands.
> Aa :)
3:05 PM
Nobody remembers that those were once not proper names but simple words meaning "river".
> Rivieren en kanalen

Aa (waternaam), naam van vele wateren in Nederland, België en Frankrijk en Duitsland
Aa (Antwerpen), bij Grobbendonk
Aa (Poppel), bij Poppel en het landgoed Gorp en Roovert
Aa (Noord-Brabant), tussen Someren en 's-Hertogenbosch (met de Kleine Aa, Nieuwe Aa en Bakelse Aa)
Aa (Frankrijk), bij Grevelingen, Hauts-de-France
Aa (Utrecht)
Aa of Weerijs, bij Wuustwezel en Breda
Aa of Goorloop, van Luyksgestel (België), langs Bladel, wordt daar de Groote Beerze
Aa-strang, of Bocholter Aa, van Velen (Duitsland) langs Dinxperlo naar de Oude IJssel bij Ulft, Nederland
These are just the ones that Wiki has listed.
Do English and Swedish have similarly names rivers?
> Veel wateren (rivieren, beken, meren) hebben een naam die Aa, Ae, E, Ee, Ie, of IJ in zich hebben. Dit betekende oorspronkelijk gewoon ‘stromend water’ en heeft zijn oorsprong in het Oergermaanse *ahwō- ‘water, rivier’ ook verwant met Latijns aqua en tevens terug te vinden in dialectisch Opperduits Ach(e), Fries ie, Engels ea, eau en yeo, Deens, Zweeds en Noors å, Faeröers en IJslands á.
I can't think of any, but probably
Related to Latin aqua.
And English has ea, apparently.
> ea, eau en yeo
Do you know of any waters or towns with those words in their names?
The Ellen is a river in the English county of Cumbria, flowing from Skiddaw in the Northern Fells to the Solway Firth at Maryport. It was historically in the county of Cumberland. It is approximately 25 miles (40.2 km) miles in length. == Course == The river rises on the Skiddaw massif, and runs in a generally westerly direction, passing Uldale, Ireby, Boltongate, Baggrow and Blennerhasset parish boundary and Aspatria. From there, it continues southwest (instead of more northwesterly) past Oughterside, Gilcrux, Bullgill, Crosby and Dearham, and skirts the grounds of Netherhall School bef...
3:09 PM
There you go.
Although I wonder whether yeo- may also have other origins.
As in yeoman.
> yeoman (n.)
c. 1300, "attendant in a noble household," of unknown origin, perhaps a contraction of Old English iunge man "young man," or from an unrecorded Old English *geaman, equivalent of Old Frisian gaman "villager," from Old English -gea "district, region, village," cognate with Old Frisian ga, ge, German Gau, Gothic gawi, from Proto-Germanic *gaujan.
hmmm. I might be making Yeominster up. duck duck go doesn't find it
We've got a river Irt, which apparently comes from a word meaning mud
And "Esk" which is from a word meaning "fish"
Mud and fish are important.
Apparently yeominster is a company that make electric fires :( no idea how that got into my head
3:19 PM
Perhaps they decided to paradoxically include the Old English word for water in their name.
a dangerous combination! especially electric fires
Perhaps they have a sense of humour.
It's rare with large companies, but you never known.
all the other rivers in Cumbria have an etymology for their name in Wikipedia except Ellen. Harumph! I guess I'll never know
The e could be from water...
could be...
3:34 PM
Are rind and zest the same thing?
Rind of orange and grapefruit
I'd say rind is bigger bits.
Zest is fine.
@Cerberus Swedish rivers are often named after the city where they meet the ocean, luleälven, piteälven, skellefteälven, umeälven
Älv is a bigger river, or maybe the definition is that å does not go all the way to the ocean, not sure
The river here is now called Amstel, an (incorrect) backformation.
(There used to be a village Am-stelle near the river; it was later abandoned, and people forgot whether Amstelle was the name of the river or the old village.)
@Cerberus Is it specific to orange and grapefruit or can it be used for lemon and lime? There's lemon zest, but rind of lemon?
Yes, it applies to all citrus fruits.
But I think people also use the terms interchangeably sometimes.
3:42 PM
@Cerberus the weird thing is the cities are named with å suffix, luleå, piteå, skellefteå, umeå makes no sense to me
Could it be a different suffix å, unrelated to water?
don't think så
> How to tell the difference between lemon rind and zest is a question that has long perplexed bakers, as it seems they are sometimes used interchangeably. Technically the zest of any citrus fruit is the thin, colored outer layer of the skin. The rind includes the zest and a bit of the bitter white underlayer, whereas the peel is the whole jacket — everything but the flesh. Zest contains the flavorful citrus oils and is the most widely useful of the three. Rind is specified when something more durable is needed, such as for simmering in stews and fruit compotes, for instance. The entire pee
I have a small lemon tree, wonder if it wakes up this spring, it suffered -16C this winter
Hope it wakes up, smelled really good when in blossom
I wish it good luck.
3:48 PM
do you do any botany?
I think they sometimes wrap trees in some cloth or plastic to protect them against the cold (especially the wind makes them lose warmth).
Not really, I only have a few plants.
No garden.
@Cerberus Very informative. Yeah, I was Googling it to make sure.
I think people usually use bigger pieces when they use rind, because they can be thicker.
2 hours later…
5:44 PM
A zester usually gets plenty of the rind underneath the skin
@JohanLarsson I'm surprised you get any citrus to grow that far north.
Not expecting any fruit, not even sure it will survive
Just giving it a chance to live if it wants
Has it produced any before?
No, it is small, first winter
The Elder Futhark Odal rune (ᛟ), also known as the Othala rune, represents the o sound. Its reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *ōþalan "heritage; inheritance, inherited estate". It was in use for epigraphy during the 3rd to the 8th centuries. It is not continued in the Younger Futhark, disappearing from the Scandinavian record around the 6th century, but it survived in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and expressed the Old English œ phoneme during the 7th and 8th centuries. Its name is attested as ēðel in the Anglo-Saxon manuscript tradition. The rune is encoded in Unicode at code point U+16DF: ᛟ....
This was the shape of the dais at this year's CPAC convention. The conservative one that idolizes Trump. It was a symbol employed by the SS in WWII. Coincidence? You be the judge.
What do trump do now?
5:48 PM
@JohanLarsson Runs his mouth and whines. The usual.
That sounds very unusual.
Have not seen anything with hi after he lost but have not looked
@Robusto In cooking context, the main difference is the white pith which is not desired.
Is he still banned on twitter?
:57216590 make me owner so I can read deleted messages
This morning's weather at Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.
My buddy posted that. He was not happy trying to do a mountain bike run.
too cold
We have -15C as limit for skiing
Dogs like -10C the best I think, when it is -5 they eat more snow and roll in the snow
Those temps are F, equivalent in C is -32.
yes, looked it up -32C, is youtube weather
Just a walk in the park
But the 100 mph wind is around 160 kph.
No effing way.
6:06 PM
Grade 3 hurricane
Light breeze, I see nothing wrong
What temperatures do you have in daytime now?
@JohanLarsson Here? We're in the teens in Celsius, 50s in Fahrenheit. Going to go up to 20s C, ~70F.
But it's warmer than that with the sun out, which it is almost always.
hmm, not too different from here then, we had +14C yesterday I think
snow gone, miss it, skiing was so nice
There's our 10-day forecast.
Is the blue line frost line?
6:17 PM
@JohanLarsson Freezing temp, 0 °C.
Lemon zest is used to make limoncello. The rind is too bitter.
@M.A.R. In a few days Mt Washington's winds will taper off to only around 65 kph, steady.
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
the list of all the current approved ones: does not include Bharat Biotech
can't find the source
but most important of all...
8:40 PM
@Mitch Good thing they had that on a log scale.
And nothing, absolutely nothing, in the 1.9T bill about feral hog attacks, probably because you need a firearm with a good wallop to stop a feral hog. But where is suicide? Inside ODs, some; but suicides are .ca 45,000 a year.
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