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3:00 PM
@Neeku Thanks. I'll take a look at it.
I suppose it's part of UK's sanctions against Putin. Offload all Russkies to Ireland.
But who knows. How can you even ask. You still expect any of this to make any sense?
Putin sounds like Pudding.
3:01 PM
I don't think any of you have the slightest idea how the name is pronounced.
That's like saying "Thatcher" is pronounced "Liverpool".
@RegDwigнt It could even sound like Button.
Q: Changes to discourage plagiarism

Infinite RecursionA large number of contributors have contributed high quality posts over the years on Stack Overflow, and the community collectively moderates to keep the standards of the site high. However, some users end up using other people's contributions and posts without attribution, which results in plagi...

@tchrist, you around?
Yes, sir.
3:04 PM
How may I have the pleasure of helping you?
His name is Cicero, can you believe it?
@tchrist I don't understand your flag on Ask Ubuntu. Can you recheck it?
@Cerberus you put on some weight. and hair.
@jokerdino It looks like I tagged the wrong answer, right?
3:05 PM
Hm yeah.
This is a man who lives in a very bad neighbourhood, from an article about crime (he is probably not involved in those crimes).
@Cerberus why would I need to believe it now that I know it?
Let me rerun the Deep Dive query on your site again.
@RegDwigнt It may seem to unlikely that you disbelieve me.
@tchrist Thank you kindly, good sir.
3:05 PM
When I’m doing this work, I keep a bunch of tabs open to all duplicates.
Much fun?
You're turning into...Reg.
And I think my mouse had the wrong ID in it.
You tag your mice?
3:06 PM
I have five tabs open ATM, and three of them because of yourself.
That guy over there.
I have about 20 open.
With three heads and a tail.
Hah tsk.
3:06 PM
@Cerberus for GPS tracking, in case they're lost or stolen
@tchrist I see.
@jokerdino Hm, kinda. I’d rather not talk much about it outside of mod-chat, but you are welcome to contemplated this new meta posting.
I'm prettier than that!
I’ll go run the query now for you.
Yes, yes, honey, you are.
3:07 PM
I would have rejected the flag but I knew your name from somewhere.
@MattЭллен Or if they run away?
@Cerberus yes
@jokerdino Round, round, get-a-round, I get a round.
@jokerdino he's a famous tomato farmer.
I'll check the query now.
3:08 PM
@RegDwigнt Is there any self-learning kit you would recommend me for learning German? I only know about the Teach Yourself series which is very good.
@MattЭллен Or if Lorin or Randy catches one and and hides it in the bushes...
@JasperLoy Duolingo?
@JasperLoy I really wouldn't know. Have you tried listening to Deutsche Welle?
@Cerberus ha! yes
@jokerdino I've tried Duolingo and others of its kind, I am disappoint.
3:09 PM
It's the best I have found.
4 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
@Robusto "better" does not mean "any good".
@RegDwigнt No, I am thinking of getting something from amazon, that kind of thing. With book and disc.
@jokerdino Run this SEDE query but from 2012-01 through the present day and three hits show up.
@JasperLoy oh then I'm really the wrong person to ask. I never used anything like that for any language.
Even more to the point, I never would.
3:10 PM
It is like asking someone who lives in Paris for a good hotel in Paris. How would he know?
Perhaps you can ask in ELL chat?
@tchrist Got it.
I don't know how active it is.
DLL chat.
3:11 PM
@jokerdino Those are the ones I had intended to flag, but I might have mispasted the ID.
Or the GLU chat, for that matter.
GLU chat
Anyway, the Teach Yourself series is in bookstores all over this island.
3:11 PM
You can ask on Skeptics, too.
Matt couldn't think of that one.
@tchrist You did.
@MattЭллен that is very confusing. It is made in the manner of those charts where specific areas mean something. And I wouldn't know why the upper left, of all things, causes obesity.
@jokerdino Apologies. I um um um get me a mod room for thee and me and I can continue talking about this if you want. This isn’t really the place for it. But there’s not much more to say than those 3 hits for your site, IIRC.
3:13 PM
Tis okay we've all been ignoring the both of you.
@RegDwigнt lol
@tchrist I only really wanted to let you know that your flag was weird.
3:14 PM
So, I'm out now.
Now thrice.
3:14 PM
@jokerdino Yah ok, I’m a dingbat. And yes, there are code points for that.
I think I will take a nap now.
Hey hot stuff, whatcha got cookin in that there pipe of yers? Ganjer?
I think I will take a rap now.
My posse is on Broadway.
I just awoke from one.
3:16 PM
Wasn't my posse.
Today I got up when Andrew did for the love of all that’s holy!
O, dear.
How early is that?
Who did Andrew do for the love?
@Cerberus Midnight localtime. Pain-management issues.
Or is Holly her name?
3:17 PM
That sucks.
You're a baker now?
No, silly, he did her for.
She was done for.
Halle Maria Berry (born Maria Halle Berry; August 14, 1966) is an American actress and former fashion model. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her performance in Monster's Ball, becoming the first and, as of 2014, the only woman of African-American descent to win an Oscar for a leading role. She was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood during the 2000s and has been involved in the production side of several of the films in which she performed. Berry is also a Revlon spokesmodel. Before becoming an actress, Berry entered several beauty contests, finishing as the 1st...
3:18 PM
@tchrist By the way, the Dutch government is giving money to universities if they make it so that their students do not travel by train during rush hour (so they will have to make classes start at 10 rather than at 9, presumably).
I see she's a Maria. Jasper can have her.
I bet he would.
@Cerberus um, they do realize the students just stay at home, right.
@RegDwigнt I expect five Halle Berries and one Rosemarie out of you for that blasphemy.
3:19 PM
Not enough, apparently.
And most classes are probably compulsory...
@tchrist that would be too much, too soon.
@RegDwigнt s/h(?=a)/s/
Stop confusing Cerberus.
@RegDwigнt It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotsa dooze it.
Also when did anyone save any Maria. Porn stars to drives do not count.
3:21 PM
Anyway, he sprecks the language of kings: rex, reges.
I am really confused. People keep referring to @Jasper as either piggy or king. That is mighty confusing.
@RegDwigнt That’s HRH Prince Swine, soon to be the Seventh of His Name, upon taking up the crown, orb, and sceptre, and the regnal name of George.
@tchrist also, I expect 3000 dollars out of you for calling "Ugh" a blasphemy over "Catwoman".
@RegDwigнt Well, you’ll just have to hold your zebras, because I think Zimbabwe is a no-fly zone these days.
Not if I take Malaysia.
3:24 PM
Risky move.
You just want it for the Spice.
I actually haven't seen Old Spice anywhere for like two decades. What ever happened to it?
It’s still on our shelves. From back then. And then some.
They went straight from "a commercial every five minutes" to complete nonexistence except as tired references on third-grade shows.
And I am erring on the side of a compliment there.
That’s because it is lost in the Zeitgeist of yesteryear, having long ago acquired un certain eau de grampère. Axe me again tomorrow what’s hip now.
Hip teens don't wear blue jeans, that I know.
Off to the commutomobile!
3:35 PM
I have never seen Old Spice.
Is it stupid to get back in studies at 29 after having worked 4 years and being now unemployed? I like the most to play with data, machine learning or maybe image processing too
another factor is my disorders, but I feel like I can overpass that, just keeping breathe when necessary...
Paris, however, is a bit risky, but since here in the South I see many smokers, I prefer being intoxicated elsewhere
can't be worse.. and studies will be something to hold onto
overpass should be overcome
noted, thanks
my studies will be something to cling to
3:43 PM
Ha, someone just downvoted one of the very first answers I ever gave on ELU.
A: Where are phrases such as "my one friend" used?

RobustoActually, when someone says "my one friend" its meaning is contextual. Consider the following: "I'm 101 years old and my one friend just died." In this case, it's likely the speaker truly means he had but a single friend left. For clarification, he might have said "my one remaining friend," bu...

my very one friend
It was actually the second question I ever answered here, almost four years ago.
Seems especially unkind for someone to be so callous. No downvotes on that baby till today.
I need to check if there are centenaries in Paris
There are too many disabled centenaries in France, maintained in life
When you can't do anything, sometimes it's better to just accept the evolution theory
sorry to sound rude
seems like Paris isn't too bad
really, nosmoking?
@MickLH for what?
I'm serious, for everything
3:57 PM
Ok then I'll have to go smoke outside
damn, you're one of these zombies, at least you go outside good :)
lol; I was just playing with you, I actually am disgusted by cigarettes.
...because serious business
nice avatar
I'm not so great at giving compliments, or else I'd complement the eloquent balance of beautiful spatial continuity with such perplexing mobius-like warping in your avatar, @nosmoking
In knot theory, a figure-eight knot (also called Listing's knot) is the unique knot with a crossing number of four. This is the smallest possible crossing number except for the unknot and trefoil knot. The figure-eight knot is a prime knot. == Origin of name == The name is given because tying a normal figure-eight knot in a rope and then joining the ends together, in the most natural way, gives a model of the mathematical knot. == Description == A simple parametric representation of the figure-eight knot is as the set of all points (x,y,z) where for t varying over the real numbers (see 2D visual...
4:07 PM
I picked my avatar because it represents my taste in music.
Somehow I wonder whether that is realistic.
what is?
@MickLH yours and mine avatar shows same thing, our taste of music
@JohanLarsson The cogs.
4:17 PM
nonstandard with different sizes for mr {blue, pink, yellow} other than that it is a planetary gear.
also, in some industrial scenarios, they synthesize acoustic dubstep wobbles
(thus, fucking awesome, qed)
or more formally: GET Q'd BIZNATCH!
god I love clenching my jaw and raising my arm subtly and throwing it down suddenly as I snap my fingers, when I say that. I just won the argument get out of my house
oh god what have I done, I take it back, it's not me, I'm not like this
5:08 PM
@nosmoking Stay out of the northeast!
@tchrist The Zeitgeist of yesteryear is getting all mixed up with the Weltanschauung of yesterday and the Schadenfreude of today. Morgen this is all gonna give me a huge Kopfschmerz.
5:23 PM
@Mitch Morgen wird gebrochen.
Von Katz Stefans
This guy think i am fool!!
Q: Why I am getting following error when trying to start SDK manager?

rishiagI have a 64 bit- 20 GB Ubuntu partition which has very less usable space. So I have put Eclipse in my Ubuntu and downloaded sdks to a folder in my another partition. So when I try to start sdk manager, I am getting the following error in my console: Unexpected exception 'Cannot run program "/med...

@JohanLarsson LOL
6:12 PM
A: When did it become correct to add an “s” to a singular possessive already ending in “‑s”?

nohatSince, 1810, forms like James’s (which I will call type A) have generally been more commonly used than forms like James’ (type B), according to my research using the Corpus of Historical American English (COHA). I compared a number of names ending in -s looking for possessive forms with and with...

Damn it, nohat, how could you not include Chris in your research.
We now have to put up with this:
Q: Genitive form on words ending with "s"

Konrad VilterstenI've found this discussion, where a guy claims that in British English it's correct to write Chris's donkey when talking about a single person named Chris and his ass. Does it mean that American English treats that differently?! If so, since when?

But closed anyway. If the OP is really interested in Chris and Chris alone, he should edit it accordingly.
So today I learned that the way to call something "awesome" in Mandarin is to say it's "most cow cunt". 最牛逼 -> zui niu bi
that's pronunciation, or the translation?
@MattЭллен That's the literal translation.
that's... rustic
In fact they bowdlerize it somewhat by replacing the actual symbol for "cunt" with a rhyming word.
It is also written 牛B
Or shortened to 最牛 which means "most cow"
And THAT gets used in ads:
So that ad, says, essentially, "4G is most cow cunt"
meaning 4G is awesome
And here you can see chinglish handbags with the chinese phrase written in full
6:22 PM
I built the Ecto-1 yesterday and it's most cow cunt.
奖给最牛逼的人 ("awarded to the most awesome person")
Well, technically I'm still building it. Done with the body and the minifigs, only the roof left.
I disassembled my restaurant/apartment yesterday.
I am nearly done disassembling everything that is to be disassembled.
It makes me a bit sad to do that. I put a lot of time into that.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 of course
6:23 PM
Disassembling takes more time than assembling.
@RegDwigнt nah
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 it does when you do it right.
it took me weeks to finish that model. It took me two hours to disassemble.
@RegDwigнt explain, please
I don't mean just the tearing down. I include the sorting. Also, why am I even defending my point, it is your point, I was seconding it.
I sort as I disassemble.
6:24 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 not talking MOCs, obviously.
Cunt is a pretty broad interpretation of that word.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 ah but that will only cost more time still.
Unless you mean the basic pre-sorting. Which is always happening anyway.
But if you go and put every individual part into its designated container before disconnecting the next individual part, that'll obviously take forevah.
@KitFox No, the actual character is 屄
But nobody writes it that way anymore
So anyway. I was just going to quickly say that the Ecto-1 build is so ridiculously simple, it's outright insulting. I really enjoyed it a lot.
6:27 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 @RegDwigнt You both should listen this used to be my favourite few years ago!!
I thought that was more like rump or ass-end. Not exactly polite, but not exactly rude.
Song is on lego house
that is, people are saying 牛屄 but writing 牛逼 because 屄 is vulgar.
It really makes you think all along, WTF, I could have come up with this. Yeah I could. But didn't. This guy did. And it probably took him months to make it so simple.
I like sets like that.
@RegDwigнt yeah, I guess building a large set from the box takes less time than sorting that set into the storage, but not much less. a huge set could easily take two hours or more to put together, and it can be disassembled in under an hour and sorted in under two.
This is how I pre-sort.
6:30 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 that really takes PC to a whole nother level. Latin-alphabet-based languages can only dream of that. The closest English ever came to it is probably n-word, which is to say not really close at all.
Must be like the dog's bollocks.
each of those tubs corresponds to one of my large storage boxes.
@RegDwigнt yeah, well, as I said, they can (and do) also write 牛B
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 picture twice that number of parts, a table half that size, and no boxes, and that's how I presort.
so not even using Chinese in the bowdlerization
@RegDwigнt so you're doing it wrong then.
No. I'm doing it fast.
I'm going to put it in a box anyway. So why put it in a different box first, that only has three parts in it and takes up a square foot.
6:32 PM
Those boxes represent my storage system v2. (v1 was ziplocks). I hadn't finished even filling those boxes when it became clear that that system was doomed. Now I use those for staging parts on the way to or from storage.
posted on August 20, 2014 by sgdi

I’ve done everything I can do To repay my old debt to you I still feel in debt Despite all this sweat I don’t know how I’ll pay what’s due

@RegDwigнt Nah, it's much easier this way. My main boxes are 15" sq, these little ones are like 5" sq
I pre-sort by color, then when there's enough of some color, or I'm done with the disassembling, or the table is bursting, then a color or two go into their dedicated boxes.
Aww, @Matt, you don't have to worry about it. All your debts are forgiven.
I can very quickly tear down a model into a handful of boxes, and then later get the big boxes out and fill them.
6:34 PM
@KitFox awww thanks :D
I would hate the idea of having to handle many different boxes. And by many I mean >1.
Types of boxes, that is.
I rather like handling boxes.
I have exactly one type, and I'm sticking with it.
@RegDwigнt when I'm not using the little boxes, they stack up very nicely. Honestly they make things so much easier. Also they are super-cheap should I ever decide I need more.
My large boxes, the actual storage ones, I have in 3 varieties, but they all have the same footprint and stack nicely.
which reminds me I need to buy more dividers.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I still do that to an extent even with my approach. Almost every color has an intermediate unsorted box where I just dump it, or presort by type only very roughly, and then one day it can go to the many other boxes for that color that are completely properly sorted.
6:36 PM
@RegDwigнt Ah, but I don't really sort by colour as much as by part type.
So, I have a box of hinges, a box of bars+claws, a box of SNOT bricks, etc.
Alternatively, I use that intermediate box for the actual building, as it is likely to contain a wide assortment of parts, and don't ever touch the other ones. Which are then basically long-term storage, I guess.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I started off like that. I think everyone always does.
These days I can't afford that with a few notable exceptions.
@RegDwigнt Well, I started off by sorting by colour. That was v1.
Technic is still stored like that, by type with colors intermixed.
And the cheese slopes or other smaller parts.
I further sort parts by colour. Really, it's kinda a hybrid. Example: all the tan plates and brown plates and dark-tan plates are in one box. But all the LARGE plates are in another box. So large tan plates are in that box, not the first one I mentioned.
@MattЭллен lol
6:39 PM
How can Lego movie get 7.9 imdb.com/title/tt1490017
But for the most part, the System bricks are sorted by color, then by type. And each box then comprises similar types. So I have a box of red angular bricks, and a box of green round things, and a box of blue plates, etc. etc.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 success!
@Freddy I've only just noticed I'm still listening to Ed Sheeran, and it's like the fourth song by now.
Stop messing with me.
Very liminal of you.
@RegDwigнt I have boxes of black, dk-grey/dk-bley, lt-grey bricks and small plates; I have a box of brown+tan bricks and a separate box of brown+tan plates; etc, but the unpopular colours get all mixed together, sorted by type.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 so all you're saying you'll eventually be where I am, you're just slow.
6:42 PM
@RegDwigнt well, it depends on the part type.
I am still waiting for the day when I will have a full box of just one part in just one color. And by waiting I mean hell no please no.
But it's likely to be a 2 by 2 dbley inverted slope.
@RegDwigнt I almost have that: train tracks.
@RutvikSutaria i never imdb 7.9 is nice or bad
If I really disassembled everything I got, I'm probably already there.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 ah, big ass-parts don't count.
@RegDwigнt well, I have lots of track. two trains-worth plus some extra packs
but it fills one box almost fully.
6:43 PM
Actually, that reminds me of other giant ass-parts. Wheels. I forgot I have four and a half boxes of those.
@RegDwigнt I had my wheels all sorted very nicely, but then I wanted that box for slopes, so I dumped them into one big box.
Actually I think one specific type of wheel, though those are actually small-ass, might win over the inverted dbley slopes. I almost have a full box of those as well.
You know, the typical City wheels that are literally in every set ever made.
@Freddy Average, but it can't. that's unfair.
I never use wheels anyway, so the kids can just rummage.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I'd really like to compare the collections side-by-side, or really any two collections, to see if eventually the same kinds of parts win over.
Theoretically yes, they should.
6:46 PM
@RutvikSutaria how many it should have?
Like the Technic pins, to go for the cheapest example.
@RegDwigнt I dunno what sets you buy, but dbley slopes are not even close to my most popular part/colour.
3 or less
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 inverted. And specifically two by two. These are in every gorram set. Absolutely every set.
6:47 PM
@RutvikSutaria puts @RutvikSutaria on ignore for rudeness
@RegDwigнt oh dbley 2x2. Still. I have way more black ones than dbley.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Why?
@RutvikSutaria I can't answer that, I put you on ignore.
for rude. ness. about the lego movie.
I enjoyed lego movie
In fact I have hardly any dbley 2x2 inverted slopes at all.
6:49 PM
Haha, funneh, BL sez red and black and even blue is much more common.
I sez, no way.
I have so many black ones I had to specially get them their own box.
Must be some 1950 sets or Creator buckets or something.
They are now in one of the deep boxes instead of the shallow boxes.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Just told that to see your reaction, lol
@RutvikSutaria how was his reaction?
6:51 PM
for inverted slopes, I have black > brown > blue > lt-bley > d-bley > white
I didn't thought he will put me in ignore
Hm. I wanted to search Rebrickable instead, but it distinguishes between like two dozen mold variations. And that's an actual number.
Though half of them seem to be used in exactly 0 sets.
@RutvikSutaria ssh! I'm ignoring you (ps not for real)
I wonder why they even have them, then. Or where from.
Ah, found the generic one. Sec.
I have a JS script that analyzes the parts list out put from RB and groups the results by colour or type.
6:53 PM
Hm. Even this doesn't look too impressive. And yet I have a metric ton of them.
Those two and a half sets must have a hundred of them each, and the other ones only one.
Oh wait, I'm stupid. That's light bley.
No wait, I'm stupider still. That's dbley alright.
The light bley is from the part above it.
I think I should give up on this and start drinking instead.

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