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12:01 AM
What did you just call me?
12:14 AM
I literally was not even aware of your existence as an individual until now, so nothing.
but since you responded that way, I'm going to call you self-important
or self-centered. or ugly. or whatever, take your pick.
goes back to watching Tim Dalton be monotonous and succinct
12:29 AM
are you "aware" that you're in a public chat room?
so smarten up pal
why is aware in quotes
is it supposed to be some kind of ironic awareness?
no I am not ironically aware of that. I'm just in my room at home
furthermore, I am not your pal, guy.
I wasn't aware of that.
12:56 AM
I'm trying to query downvoter's hall of shame for ELU but I can't get to a page where I can submit a "fork". Please, can someone tell me how to do that? Thanks
I think @tchrist could help you
1 hour later…
2:16 AM
@skullpatrol Are you logged in?
2:44 AM
@medica You do come out notably higher on the Critical Thinker’s Club query, if that’s any consolation. :)
@Trig Go vote for Hibernating-English.
I have fallen in love with Only Connect. It's an evil show.
@tchrist *blink* If you mean what I think you mean, I think I already have.
@TRiG It has become more popular.
@TRiG Yokay.
Which reminds me, QI should be up for tonight by now.
@tchrist I've slightly gone off QI. It's still fun, but I do have to remind myself that it's a comedy show, not a proper quiz.
Oh Jack Whitehall again tonight. Of course they keep having him back: he keeps flirting with Stephen. :)
Yes, that’s right. It’s there to make you laugh.
But it’s fun to be surprised.
@tchrist I saw one recently where the flirting was quite outrageous. He even remarked that his dad was getting curious about it.
2:51 AM
Yup, that was the one he was on previous to this, I believe.
Where do you watch these things? It has to be YouTube for me.
I could get the HQ from file downloading rings, but I don't much bother any longer. I used to.
I remember when he got in trouble for saying Mother as being somehow posh, and I thought that was odd.
@tchrist We discussed that.
It isn’t strange here to say that Mother told me to call her when I get back.
It was the lack of the article that did it. It was definitely posh. I don't think he got in trouble for it, though.
3:01 AM
It is normal in my family.
@tchrist - I'm glad to be a critical thinker. :-)
Jan 5 '13 at 20:31, by TRiG
Jack Whitehall was on Would I Lie to You? once, and referred to his mother as "Mother", not "my mother", and was immediately mocked for being extremely posh. (Whether he actually does talk like that, or was just having a slip of the tongue, I don't know.)
It’s something you would say within the family.
No article/determiner is needed.
You would use it when talking to your siblings, for example.
Well, I would.
@tchrist Not I.
It’s somewhat stern, I suppose.
3:04 AM
Mammy said .... when talking to siblings. My mother said ... when talking to outsiders.
“Mother, what are you doing!?”
As opposed to “Hi, Mom!”
It’s like being called by your full name.
It’s more serious, I guess.
A grown-up word.
3:32 AM
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1 hour later…
4:58 AM
You called sire @tchrist?
4 hours later…
9:05 AM
@skullpatrol Hi. Are you busy?
9:50 AM
Hello @Anastasiya-Romanova秀 what's up?
@skullpatrol Nothing, I've known the answer
I planned to ask about the meaning of word Anastasia-esque
That does sound interesting ...
I thought it's kinda fancy word
9:56 AM
It does indeed.
My friends tried to make fun of my username.
Now, I know the meaning.
You can put "-esque" on the end of many words to make them sound fancy.
I thought so at first, but it turns the term "Anastasia-esque" has a negative connotation.
Not if used in the context of your name.
@skullpatrol Have you seen the movie "Fifty Shades Of Grey"?
10:02 AM
Me either
But it's an adult movie
See Wiki
The main character has the name Anastasia "Ana" Steele
Skullpatrol-esque could have a negative connotation if you thought of me negatively
@skullpatrol But the name Anastasia sounds so
Sounds like amnesia
@skullpatrol Ahhh, forget it. I'll reconsider my username
10:09 AM
You could be skullpatrolette :D
I almost embarrass myself by trying to ask this on the main
It is a fun question to think about, thanks for asking.
@skullpatrol What else fancy suffix do we have in English?
That would be a good research question.
I think @Cerberus could help
OK, I hope so
10:15 AM
Names are fun to play with @Anastasiya-Romanova秀
@skullpatrol You maybe laugh out loud if you hear my Chinese name :D
Like the cowboy who rode into town on Friday and stayed for three days and left on Friday. Question: how is that possible.
Any ideas @Anastasiya-Romanova秀?
Maybe something about the name Friday, let me think first
Don't ask google please
Maybe the road or town named Friday
10:22 AM
Very close to the answer.
In fact, I would have to accept the name of the road was Friday.
Very good.
Ya, but the prep ON makes me confused
What is the correct answer?
"The" answer is the horse's name is Friday.
That makes sense with the prep ON
Anyway, cross to mind this thing. Why western people kiss under the mistletoe?
I dunno, I have never asked.
@skullpatrol Is there a myth or background why they kiss under the mistletoe?
@skullpatrol I thought you're American
10:29 AM
Check wiki
Google can mislead me too
Try "Christmas mistletoe "
10:38 AM
Nice work :D
@skullpatrol Thanks for your guidance. I am almost lost by reading JB's stuff :P
Thanks for asking.
@skullpatrol OK, I'm leaving this chat room now. Bye & cya in Math SE :)
See you later pal.
4 hours later…
2:32 PM
A: What is a word that describes a secret that passes on from a person to person?

Marv MillsI believe you may be referring to "open secret" i.e. a "secret" that isn't a secret at all because everyone knows about it?

Q: Why does this post require moderator advice on format?

Marv MillsIrritatingly I have taken some noise recently on my original answer (prior to editing) here - My original answer was "Are you referring to "open secret"...". This was jumped on almost immediately by a small number of people intent on pressuring me to conform to the "rule" that Answers are for a...

Holy crap. Just remove the '?' and none of this would have been a problem at all.
4 hours later…
6:05 PM
Look at this guy with just 64 upvotes and over 10,000 downvotes! Wow, and they call us harsh!
No way! :D
7:06 PM
I decided to return to this chat.
@JasperLoy Welcome back.
@Farooq Hello, I don't think I will ever email you though.
Is this a right sentence: "What did you used to do?" I don't think but it has been written in a novel. I would have used it in this way: "What did you use to do?"
7:22 PM
@Farooq Why was that starred? That was just a casual remark.
@JasperLoy I didn't star it.
Hello @MattЭллен, how is your weekend?
Hi Jasper. It's been OK. How s your weekend?
7:38 PM
@MattЭллен Terrible. Some friend told me that it is almost impossible for me to go to grad school and find a job in the US, so I am very sad.
@JasperLoy that's unfortunate.
what was their reason?
@MattЭллен Well, they were just making casual remarks without any proper statistics though. But despite the difficulties involved, I am still going to try, because that is my only reason for living on.
it's good to have a goal. if you break it down into smaller steps you can celebrate when you achieve each step, too
Have you done your Christmas shopping?
One reason I was able to return to SE this time was that I did not delete the email I used to log in.
7:54 PM
@JasperLoy yes. I've got presents for my family
8:12 PM
Welcome back Jasper!
@JohanLarsson That man is insane!
Look how fast he is going between the trees.
And apparently he didn't even know the terrain...
9:08 PM
I deleted 50 email contacts the last few days for some weird reason. Luckily I restored all of them with a single click in outlook.com, lol.
I will try not to delete things in future, lol.
@JasperLoy Welcome back!
@snailboat Thanks.
So going by percentage, I rank #166 in downvoting
posted on December 13, 2014 by sgdi

There once was a man with a sword Slicing away at a cord The cord was quite strong It took him so long To cut through the cord he got bored

@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I see you have a new avatar.
9:18 PM
Q: Why can't criminals use spellcheck?

Kieran CrossRecently, I recived a fake beats pill. On the packaging, there were so spelling and gramatical errors. One of the errors was something Microsoft Word could of easily fixed - "Computert". Also, the makers of these forged products make no sense, "Pair your phone and Pill by pressing the NFC butt...

@JasperLoy lol
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about humans who make poor life choices rather than about English — Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 11 secs ago
9:57 PM
That is indeed an interesting question. Perhaps it is because people who value precise language and culture are less attracted to petty crime (I don't know about serious crime...)? — Cerberus 38 secs ago
comment fight?
What fight?
Just a friendly exchange.
the coming one
Oh, dear.
Let's hope so.
@MattЭллен or @RegDwigнt - this person should have his account deleted, This is the only answer he ever posts.
"As with most things in life, the solution is extreme f* and uninhibited c* lust.
10:11 PM
And hello.
And there is no need to censor such things.
Yeah, we are not in my country.
Was I the only one who laughed?
Flags dealt with.
@JohanLarsson No.
@AndrewLeach Thanks!
One of the features of Stack Exchange is that accounts can be automatically barred from asking questions, or answering questions, or (very occasionally) both. Sometimes, it's best not to destroy users because the system has already effectively banned them.
Of course, I can't discuss specific users here.
10:21 PM
"Banned", as in how?
I am all for not destroying users if there are other ways.
Banned as in not accepting questions, or not accepting answers.
When enough low-quality contributions have been received, the system prevents any more.
The way to lift that ban is to improve your contributions, which is difficult if they've been deleted.
Hello @medica! Are you still in chat?
@JasperLoy It's nice to see you again. :D
@DamkerngT. You seldom talk in this chat.
(I'm glad that I was right, btw. :-)
@JasperLoy Lost in another room. :-)
10:31 PM
@DamkerngT. Nothing escapes my eye in SE chat, lol.
1 hour later…
11:33 PM
@AndrewLeach Ah, I see. I didn't know we had such a system, that's useful.

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