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8:00 PM
@medica I think gypsum is easier to mine and process than metals
again in my imagination if I were to be mining, when I'm not.
@Mitch Yeah, it was a big boone to the Romans. Not so good in other ways.
@Mitch lol.
@Mitch I hope you are in a profession where you interact with a lot of people.
What do you do, if I may ask?
@Robusto - for patients with a penicillin allergy other antibiotic combinations such as clindamycin plus ciprofloxacin, or clindamycin plus trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, may be used. Prophylaxis is generally given for 5-7 days, although there are no clear guidelines. Treatment of an established infection is usually for 7-10 days.
@Robusto - me, I might be stupid enough just to go for with a single coverage, but not clindamycin.
@medica computer stuff
@Mitch french?
@Mitch I admire people who can do computer stuff. Oh, I'm so stupid. You have a PhD. I forgot. Yes, computer stuff inded.
yeah I think so...if determined what stuga is correctly.
@medica theoretical which even in computers is in the direction of not so useful.
8:07 PM
@Mitch I'll have to take your word for that. If there were no theoretical work, would we have solved the human genome?
@Mitch I'm gonna go with place then. I think the tchrist theorem applies to chalet.
Will sound really dumb to use such fancy if used wrong :)
What did you phd in?
looked it up stuga = cottage hut or cabin. a chalet is like those except in the Alps, and probably used to be as humble as those but like bouillabaisse, you probably have to pay a lot to eat poor people's food.
@Robusto - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2094772/
This is an up-to-date 2014) reference on bites: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/768875-medication
@medica atoms are theoretical really. (if by theory is meant somewhat hypothetical, you can't really take a picture of an atom that is like the illustrations in the physics texts).
Feel free to ping me if you have any questions
@Mitch absolutely they are.
8:10 PM
@JohanLarsson what's the tchrist theorem?
@JohanLarsson CS
They keep finding new stuff about them.
yesterday, by tchrist
It sounds a whole lot dumber saying whom when who is called for then saying who when whom is called for.
2 mins ago, by Johan Larsson
Will sound really dumb to use such fancy if used wrong :)
@medica but I fell if I focus really a lot, maybe I can see these little billiard balls knocking around.
@Mitch Atoms just won't stay put to be studies properly. That's why we need cement.
hey all
what are some good foods for when you have a cold?
8:12 PM
@JohanLarsson Right. But the picture you linked to is almost the picture definition of chalet so it would not sound weird in that very very particular context.
@Jez Chicken soup!
it's a shame that health stackexchange isn't up and running yet. I have a very bad cold. What are some good foods I can eat, both to help me recover and maybe to help deal with the symptoms too?
(and for what reasons are they good?)
tomato soup and grilled cheese!
@Mitch I once had this wonderful dream that I was a carbon-carbon double bond, and a molecule of HCl what coming towards me. It was one of the most vivid dreams I ever had.
8:13 PM
My suggestions are excellent because they are yummy and make you forget how bad you feel and your mom makes them.
my mum does?
Ask her. She'd be happy to do it.
@Jez That sounds lie a Health.se question.
what's sure is we are reincarnated in atoms
@medica yep, we need it up and running. are you committed?
8:14 PM
@crl indeed, we are millions of years old!
@medica Would that even do anything? Everything I ever knew about chemistry is gone...and even then some.
@Jez No. I looked at it. I'm still waiting.
@medica for what?
@Jez I think a health.SE' would be nice, but note (as you may well have already) that there are a ton of such sites out there already.
@Mitch crappy quality message boards don't really count
8:16 PM
@Mitch Oh, yes. I was really nerveous. I asked myself (in the dream) "Oh, no! Is this going to be a Markovnikov or an anti-Markovnikov reaction?
@Jez See, I didn't know that.
@Jez Sure, they all suck terribly (that's not entirely true, WebMD is a very good resource.
google for 'bad cold treatm...
@Mitch Luckily for me, it was an anti-marknikov reaction.
and you'll even see from the drop down suggestions that there'll be lots of possibilities
"Dinner: Spinach salad " - WebMD a good resource? ugh. :-)
@Mitch I think WebMD gives good advice usually.
But then, I'm a doc.
8:18 PM
what kind of doc
@Jez Me?
I'm an MD, Boarded in FP and ED
FP and ED?
@medica Oh old Marknikov? How's he doing? I hope he's held back on the spirits! He was drinking himself to an early retirement! That old dog! If he died his beautiful young wife would be available! That bastard!
8:19 PM
And have a PhD in Molecular Bio
@Jez yes, FP and ED
@medica what do you know about scar healing?
a bit
what would your recommendation be for healing scars on the forearm? or hiding them. or something.
if only we had Star Trek-style dermal regenerators
How old are theY?
yeah, i know.
@medica Thanks for the tip. The doc was going to prescribe Augmentin, but I'm allergic to penicillin, so she said Clindamycin covers it all OK anyway.
8:20 PM
hmm, probably 13 years now
@Jez Well... maybe that is a good suggestion. It's not -cooked- spinach but fresh spinach. Lots of iron. lots of free oxidants. (the ones you pay for are overpriced). good roughage.
@Mitch shame about the taste and the fact that it's a salad for dinner
@Robusto arrgh. Wrong choice. If oyu want to discuss it, we can go to a room, or here. If you don't, that's ok, too. How's the bite doing? Has it been 72° yet?
@Jez well they didn't promise 'good for your cold and you'll also like it'.
@Jez then there's nothing you can do for it. Tooo late.
8:22 PM
@medica We can do a room. You got one?
@medica "nothing"? what about skin grafts, or skin removal?
a cheese burger is mucus producing which will only exacerbate the stuffy nose.
@Mitch must be some middle ground. Chinese?
@Jez Well, if you want surgery, there is always scar revision, but you didn't tell me that.
rice and sweet/sour chicken balls perhaps
@medica i wanna hear all suggestions
8:23 PM
shots of adrenaline will clear up your sinuses temporarily but also your BP will skyrocket.
@Robusto um, I'm sure there's one around somewhere
@Jez you're not demanding, are you?
@Jez Hot and sour soup?
@medica i dont understand
i had soup yesterday. it's more of a lunch thing
still not filling enough
@Jez I think science wlll solve the scar thing to some extent, but like medica intimated, you probably will have to catch it early.
@Mitch how early is early?
8:25 PM
I need to know all about your scar first. ALL about it: how old you were, what caused it, where it is, how much area it covers, what was done, the kit and kaboodle. Then I'll give you your options.
like you could do the star trek flesh recombobulator very soon after the injury.
@medica hmm. yeah, that's where i need anonymity.
@medica I created one but I don't know how to do an invite.
@Jez early is early.
@Robusto I'll look for it!
@Jez - a doc can't guess. We have to know the entire history. :)
@Jez like suppose you have a not too terribly deep gash (a one that will minimally result in a scar). Then (says I as though I know anything hoping that medica will QA)...
8:26 PM
@medica you have google talk or something?
you probably use crazy glue as a biodegradable suture (to hold together the flesh on both sides, so the blood on both sides clots and mushes together so it can revascularize).
@Robusto I haven't been authorized to use your room :(
@Jez No, sorry, I don't
@Mitch the funny thing about scars is that functionally, they work fine. we curse them but they ge the job done
they just look freaking awful
@medica Try now.
and then I bet there's some goop you squeeze out on the cut that fills in seamlessly with the size and leaves no scar.
8:28 PM
@medica you never chat to someone in private online?
That exists now, right @medica?
@Jez ha ha, yeah. kids don't know how good they look. skin all uniform.
quite. i never quite got the craziness of tattoos.
give me natural skin over that anyday
@KitFox You might have to look at the HTTP header instead of the page itself.
@medica that sounds like a euphemism for something that's not very minimal.
> Dinner: Chili made with extra-lean red meat served on a baked potato with skin
now that's a much nicer sounding dinner, but i dont have the ingredients. or a potato.
8:32 PM
@Jez the technology has gotten so good lately, with all the really bright colors. still I don't care for them myself. I just don't get it. why not get body paint, if you want a picture so bad?
@Mitch why is the tech so good for fucking up one's skin, but not healing it?
easier to destroy than create i guess
@Jez That does sound really good. That's for a cold? I think it's just good food.
@Jez ha ha. there's a deli slicer but no deli unslicer.
8:35 PM
@Robusto It’s a MySQL stupidity. Who the bloody hell wants V and W to compare equal anyway? You have to upgrade all your tables to utf8 — don’t forget you’ll need the collation set to utf8_unicode_ci too. And wait till you find out that utf8 actually means fucking ucs-2, and that you need utf8mb4 to have actual UCS-4/ISO-10646/Unicode/UTF-32 equivalence.
still, fundamentally, just cutting the thing out seems like it should be an option
i mean you have healthy skin - scar - healthy skin
@tchrist I've got a good capital sharp S: Ss or SS
@Jez well, I'm glad there's scarring. the alternative is just gross.
sigh, time for me to take 2 more paracetemol
damn cold
that's another Star Trek thing, curing the common c.... oh, i'll go.
"In the same vein, don’t try to create an uppercase SS ligature as Capital Sharp S. The whole point of the Capital sharp S is, that ß and ss represent a different pronunciation nowadays"
how is their pronunciation different?
8:47 PM
capital sharp S looks like a β
also, "noadays" implies that it used to be the same pronunciation.
@Jez Changes the preceding vowel, apparently.
@crl Not really. That would be bad.
still looks like a B
@crl Disagree.
ah I see the S on the last one
8:49 PM
It'll always look like a B or Beta to me, a funny one.
I prefer bathos. I feel like people really putting some effort into it then
A good sharp s looks like the ſs or ſz it derives from.
I'd rather use uncial. It makes me feel like tap dancing without moving my arms.
see the English are logical.
we saw all these "fs" everywhere, and said "that's too confusing. just write ss"
8:54 PM
I like how Italian doesn't have some letters like J, K, W, X, and Y
scrabble is more fair, no crazy word with z etc..
@crl but when you get 'syzygy' on a triple word score, it's worth it.
@Mitch hehe, French scrabble has 1 Y, Z and W
@crl we're not too zealous with our zingers
in French there are words like DAW, WAD, EWE, LEK, NEY
fun, 'syzygie' exists in french, but it's not a combination of two metrical feet into a single unit
i've got an idea for good food i could buy - curry?
trouble is, i cant have a hot one
need a non-hot curry
yet im not in the mood for korma. too sweet.
8:59 PM
@Jez smoked paprika
or colombo
well this indian takeaway does stuffed pepper
chicken, meat, or vegetable
@crl it ain't that either in english.
@Jez what's wrong with spicy?
@crl those do not look French.
i've gone with a tandoori mixed grill for starters
"served with salad. all tandoori and tikka dishes are marinated in yoghurt with garlic, ginger, and spices and barbecued in a tandoori"
then a chicken saag curry
and a pilau rice
not my usual :-) trying summit different :-)
that saag has spinach in so if i can eat it without throwing up it may help with the cold
@Jez ha ha is spinach that bad to you?
well it turns things green
that alone makes it look a bit nasty. but we'll see
i doubt it'll taste as nice as my preferred madras though
9:56 PM
ok well, the tandoori mixed grill: lovely
the pilau rice: nice
the saag curry: tastes mediocre, looks worse
in fact you could pour large amounts of it in a ditch and it would pass for something a swamp monster could emerge from on a Hollywood set
the tandoori has a sheek kebab so nice dipped in mint sauce it should be illegal :-)
10:41 PM
What are you drinking with the meal?
10:54 PM
11:39 PM
I'm watching The Living Daylights because Tim Dalton is my favorite Bond.
would anyone like to fight about this?
come at me, fuckers.
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