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12:18 AM
Stealthy. Way stealthy.
12:36 AM
No picky.
Whatever that thingamabob is.
Her icon disappeared?
No graven image.
Or if there is one, it is indistinguishable from the background.
12:56 AM
for the record...
A: Is there any word for the upper inner part of a sock?

KrisCall it the inside rim. That's plain English. inside adjective [attributive] situated on or in, or derived from, the inside: an inside pocket rim noun the upper or outer edge of an object, typically something circular or approximately circular: a china egg cup with a gold rim

It's amazing how consistently off-key all her/his answers are. Obviously not an NNS but... how?
@tchrist: what is 'beat' in IPA then? (I think it is the same GenAmE vowel as in 'field')
1:13 AM
1:53 AM
In the faraway land they call Nothing-To-Do
Sat a marketing guru named Danny McCoo.
Poor Dan was unhappy, for all he could see
In the parks, in the malls (even up in a tree),
Was a bunch of young lovers who swore they'd be true
But as Danny himself said: "There's no one for *me!*"

So he took out his thinker. He thunk and he thunk.
Yet one after another, his ideas all stunk.
But he strained and he sweated, he bipped and he bopped.
He swore to himself that he would not be stopped.
And then, Lord-a-Mercy! His thinker went *clunk!*
2:20 AM
It's so stupid.
V-day, I mean.
I know.
Aka. the shopkeeper's holiday.
Do they already have Easter eggs in your supermarket?
They do here.
Not yet.
I wrote that one when I used to post in The Fray on Slate. I just found it kicking around in my miscellaneous poetry folder and it looked appropriate for the current season.
I think this is a reference to it, but it's not available there any longer. My screen name there was rob_said_that (obviously).
2:45 AM
Cool. Too bad they let it rot.
3 hours later…
5:35 AM
@Cerberus Hi!
2 hours later…
7:36 AM
I need help with proper "my" usage.
What can I say instead of:: "If your interested, you can view all of my accomplishments, milestones and work through my Twitter account."
2 hours later…
9:31 AM
"if your interested"? ughhhh... i'd rather see "if ur interested"
2 hours later…
11:28 AM
Hello, what is the name of the jar of money used to collect money for charity?
11:48 AM
@JohanLarsson they're usually called collection boxes
Ok simple as that, ty sir.
no probs
I have parked the language thing btw, did not find anything that looked like the least bit of fun.
Pushed on the procrastination stack :D
What was the language thing?
Multi-language gui in WPF, maybe I mix you up with someone else here.
11:51 AM
@W3Geek it's fine, just change your to you are
@JohanLarsson oh! right. yeah I remember you mentioned that
12:11 PM
has anyone else been playing with this event?
I don't have an ELU account.
I often question if my account is a good idea.
i did not mean it like that, I just never created one :D
@MattЭллен What color square would you like?
@tchrist I'd like a red square. What is the square for?
Or are you implying something about Jasper?
12:25 PM
Feb 1 at 18:18, by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇
@TRiG Cerb would say no, Jasper would say "change it to a solid color" followed by "I'm retiring and deleting all my accounts and cancelling my internet", and Reg would say "whatevs"
Well, have no fear. I'm unlikely to request deletion. Just walking away is more my style.
It is a fair question, Hamlet.
Now we know where @KitFox is moonlighting.
@W3Geek I don't see anything wrong with your usage of my in that sentence. Your usage of your, on the other hand .... (I think I agree with @Jez on that score.)
1:17 PM
A: To Break Bread -- the origin of the phrase

Jon HannaWe find it in the Wycliffe bible. I quote here from the 1395: and weren lastynge stabli in the teching of the apostlis, and in comynyng of the breking of breed, in preieris (Acts 2:42 Wycliffe) And ech dai thei dwelliden stabli with o wille in the temple, and braken breed aboute housis, ...

Do these sentences have appropriate grammar? "How a Garbage Collector works" and "How the Torrent downloading work"
What is wrong with it?
concordance error
And inappropriate article.
That’s all.
what do you mean by inappropriate article?
How the Torrent downloading works
so is "Torrent downloading" the article?
1:21 PM
English articles are a, an, and the.
But you need the zero article.
Which is spelled:
Zero-marking in English is the indication of a particular grammatical function by the absence of any morpheme (word, prefix, or suffix). The most common types of zero-marking in English involve zero articles, zero relative pronouns, and zero subordinating conjunctions. Examples of these are I like cats (where the absence of the definite article the signals that cats is an indefinite reference whose specific identity is not known to the listener), that's the cat I saw, in which the relative clause (that) I saw omits the implied relative pronoun that that would be the object of the clause's v...
Yeah I don't get the zero article. That's just setting things up to be confusing. Just say 'no article':
It's an idiom; a holdover from older patterns. Our Neanderthal ancestors spoke Old English which did not have articles. A common saying was 'See dinosaur run' (they didn't have a rich vocabulary in the different species yet). Even though there were no velociraptors in England at the time, the pattern is kept for all dinosaurs. — Mitch 7 mins ago
1:26 PM
For that phrase, Neander’s children preferred “see bird fly”.
C bird
C bird fly
fly bird fly
sea bird float
with whipped cream
and a cherry
and some nuts
According to the wiki link, they have listed Zero-article rules as following:
generic mass noun: Happiness is contagious.
generic plural noun: Cars have accelerators.
indefinite mass noun: I drink coffee.
indefinite plural noun: I saw cars.
But which rule does "How a Garbage Collector works" related to?
1:29 PM
a is an indefinite article. Your sentence isn't using the zero article
so, none of the rules
How garbage collectors work.
How garbage collection works.
So Garabage Collector in the sentence is "definite article"
1:32 PM
no nononononnoonnoon
it's a noun phrase
10 mins ago, by tchrist
English articles are a, an, and the.
@Mitch I tend to agree. Rarely does "zero" add anything in linguistics over an ordinary negation.
@Cerberus am I the zero Cerberus?
1:34 PM
@TemporaryNickName Note that this is a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. Such fragments are often used as titles.
@MattЭллен I see one head, not zero.
So I am the definite Cerberus?
Are you I?
By the way, I hate smoking.
Me too!
1:35 PM
Can I do something about that?
You should quit
I have never smoked in my life.
And yet I suffer the consequences.
Then don't start
Smoking in pubs and clubs is illegal here.
doesn't sound like a bad consequence for you, only for smokers
1:37 PM
And yet, after washing the clothes I wore on Friday, and putting them in the dryer afterwards, my house began to stink of wet ashtrays.
It was horrible.
Everyone smokes in pubs and clubs.
but it's illegal. how do they get away with it?
Tell me about it!!
noöne smokes indoors here, except in private residences
1:38 PM
The proscription does not work here.
How is it enforced on your fair island?
it's even illegal for cabbies to smoke in their own cabs
I don't recall cabbies ever doing that—but then cabs are more expensive than anywhere else in the world here. Another failure.
@Cerberus AFAIK blind obedience, disparaging looks, and landlords who won't put up with it.
Really? But the landlords all want the smoking here.
I guess we understand about not hurting other people with passive smoking?
I don't know. non-smokers outnumber smokers
1:40 PM
But apparently it doesn't work here.
Doesn't the government enforce it?
how do you mean?
People don't smoke inside at birthday parties any more.
@MattЭллен I don't know, send inspectors?
there are no police in pubs making sure it doesn't happen
@Cerberus Execute them.
@Cerberus not that I know of
1:42 PM
@MattЭллен There are here.
@tchrist I wish. But, alas, many of my friends smoke...
@tchrist What's the penalty?
I think it's even illegal to smoke under bus shelters
The bar gets a (manageable) fine here.
which seems exessive
1:42 PM
Fine to the smoker and the establishment alike.
@MattЭллен That may be true here as well. You're only allowed to smoke at train platforms near the smoking "poles", at least.
And I agree that is a bit excessive.
I don't know what would happen if a proprietor was found to have smokers indoors
Is it that the Dutch have a higher smoking rate, or the gay community there, or both? You aren’t hanging out in clubs again, are you? :)
@tchrist The smoker is fined, really?
How much?
@Cerberus Of course: he has committed the infraction, so gets the fine.
1:43 PM
Can I ask you a very stupid question that might require you to read my mind?
I don’t remember. Like $500 or $2,000 per ciggy.
@Cerberus oh train platforms are right out. completely. not even smoking Poles.
@TemporaryNickName you can try
You know in English, we always use these short combination of words to mean something like "Stand up", "Spot on"and etc
@tchrist What does that have to do with sexual orientation? I don't believe smoking is related to that. Smoking rates are probably about equal. They are probably about average in my country, like 25 % or so. 2. What is this "gay community"? There is no such thing. I was in both straight and gay bars on Friday, and people smoke everywhere. I rather think the Dutch are just very non-law-abiding.
What is the technical term for this?
I want to learn more
about it
1:46 PM
It’s $500.
@Cerberus Yes, I know I know. But I know more gay smokers than straight ones.
Here it is tied to education levels.
@tchrist Our laws are rarely if ever like that: it is never illegal for private citizens to do such things, although in this case I would want to make an exception.
@MattЭллен Oh, my.
@tchrist Wow. Just wow. Your justice system...
It is not illegal to smoke in a no-smoking area? Really?
How does that work?
@TemporaryNickName Start with "phrasal verbs" and "prepositional verbs".
oh yeah =D, now I can remember!
Good luck!
1:49 PM
If it is not illegal to smoke in a no-smoking area, then it is not a no-smoking area.
@tchrist Yes, absolutely. Income and education reduce smoking. Hence the high rates in poor countries.
How many phrasal verbs do you think a fluent speaker must know? 1 million?
@tchrist It is illegal to allow people to smoke in your establishment, but customers are not fined. Perhaps it is illegal for them too, but I believe there is no fine for them.
@TemporaryNickName Naaaah just 999,999.
Many bars, pubs, and clubs have an outdoor area specifically designated as the smoking area. For cafés, it varies, as there may be outdoor seating, in which case, smoking is also forbidden there.
@TemporaryNickName phrasal verb knowing is an ever growing area of knowledge.
but probably not quite 1000000
1:51 PM
@tchrist Smoking is forbidden in outdoor seating areas?
@Cerberus If food is being served, certainly!
Here smoking is allowed outside, and in special smoking-rooms, if bars have them.
It's over 9000!!!
It used to be that way here.
@tchrist I don't know, if it is outside...it doesn't bother me a great deal, at least not nearly as much as inside.
1:52 PM
They got rid of the indoor smoking some time ago, and the outdoor food area is new.
Hmm why did they get rid of smoking-rooms?
I mean, they got rid of indoor smoking even in special rooms.
@TemporaryNickName Yay!
I no longer recall why.
Smoking-rooms don't bother me that much, except when people keep the door open (grrrr).
1:53 PM
That was illegal.
No doubt.
I mean smokers were leaning against the door.
Those doors are always self-closing.
I never went out to anywhere that allowed smoking.
When I moved to Boulder 20 years ago, there was exactly one no-smoking pub, and it was the only one I would ever frequent for that very reason.
Now they all are, but I seldom venture out.
Perhaps you should try it.
Hm, 21 years ago, actually, and going on 22.
I seldom care for barlife.
I still remember when restaurants would ask if you'd like a "smoking or non" table
1:56 PM
Or aeroplanes.
Whatever those are. :)
seems so long ago
I remember sitting in the smoking compartments in trains, because at least there were always seats there.
Passive smoke has sent me into respiratory arrest before, and the emergency room. It is not worth it.
1:59 PM
Indeed not.
Luckily it does not affect me so.
> For a victim of "revenge porn" who didn't take the photo, ... it might be tougher to take legal action. Other laws [than copyright law] that could conceivably be broken, like defamation or invasion of privacy, don't have the large damage awards that make filing a copyright suit attractive to lawyers. In addition, these sites may have a defense in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which prevents sites from being held liable for user-posted content.
> A finding of copyright infringement could lead to huge damages against Brittain—up to $150,000 per work for willful infringement.
A broken justice system.
Revenge porn is when your ex or somebody else posts nude pictures of you an website like the one in the article, operated by Mr Brittain above. To have them taken off, you need to pay the site $ 250. That would be extortion here.
2:32 PM
@Cerberus That sounds just like a Monty Python sketch.
@Hugo If only!
> "The Mexican telecommunications market is dominated by a single company with 80 percent of the fixed line market and 70 percent of the mobile phone market, " reads the report. The average market share of the largest telecom company in the 34 other countries that the OECD examined, including the U.S., Japan, and Chile, is roughly 40 percent.
> In total, Mexicans are being overcharged $13.4 billion a year, according to the report, and poor people are being charged disproportionately higher. This equals a $25 billion cost to the Mexican economy each year, which is equivalent to nearly 2 percent of the country's GDP, say the report's authors.
@Cerberus I mean it really does. This one: youtube.com/watch?v=wZgwNutwK0Y
@Hugo Haha, great.
Too bad the film was so unclear.
I couldn't tell whether it was you or not.
Luckily you called in in time.
Hi @MattЭллен
How are you?
How would you rate "Grammar in Use" book if you have read or worked with the book before?
3:15 PM
Good morning.
How's it going?
Feeling a little under the weather. Nothing serious. How are you?
I'm well, thanks.
Just working on an English commentary.
what are you commenting on?
3:24 PM
An excerpt from The Loom by R.L. Sasaki.
Yes, that's the one.
Thank you.
no probs. I've not heard of it, so Google was telling me things
Ah, that Google. A sly one, it is.
Sorry. I'm busy with w--k. so many bugs to fix, so few time
3:36 PM
I understand.
3:46 PM
I have a question
On this page, it explains "To win the approval of her mother" or "To survive Dr. Peterson's boring history lectures" are nouns.
But aren't "win the approval of her mother" and "survive Dr. Peterson's boring history lectures" nouns?
That's how my teacher taught me in Highschool as far as I can remember XD
4:03 PM
GOOD LORD what kind of nonsense are they teaching kids these days in school
those aren't nouns
they're prepositional phrases
headed by the preposition to, and followed by a non-finite verb phrase
seriously nouns?! wtf
@TemporaryNickName note that this is not what the page actually says. the page says that the infinitive phrase "functions as a noun", which is not the same thing as actually being a noun
and now i must correct myself: those aren't prepositional phrases but infinitive phrases
am i the only one in here right now? how disappointing.
i come back after a hiatus and this is what greets me
4:18 PM
Oh, it's all change here @JSBձոգչ we're trying out not saying so much. Or something. People are just unreliable.
i don't like it
but at least the terrifying orc head is back
what's been going on here?
I think the main thing is that the TPTB were somewhat...
They didn't treat Reg right
but that seems to have blown over, or I didn't get a memo
and ELL has gone into public beta
it seems the meta thread that caused the upset between TPTB and Reg is gone.
but basically a user said Reg abused his power, TPTB might have sided with the user. I don't know because I'm not party to such things. Shog was on Reg's side, though.
Oh, and Jasper really retired his EL&U account.
but he still comes by chat, so it's not all bad
it seems like we're always getting on the side of TPTB
i'm surprised it was Reg
if anyone, i would have guessed that Sim would be overbearing
anyway... off to meetings
Well, I wouldn't say Reg was overbearing. It's just one of those things.
a misunderstanding
4:33 PM
Enjoy your meetings, @JSB. Nice to see you around.
5:00 PM
Hey, I have a very short question if it's OK...
What's the difference between "in order to do so, I changed x to y", "in order to do so, I had changed x to y" and "in order to do so, I have changed x to y"?
5:20 PM
A: Verb Forms and Their Usage

Jimi OkeThe perfect tense indicates completion. Past Perfect Tense Used to express an action that was completed in the past. It is constructed with the past tense of have (had) and the past participle of the verb. Examples: had done, had seen, had gone, had taken. An example sentence: I was grief-str...

5:37 PM
Bill, Sorry I flagged your comment as a user of rude and offensive language. It is not in my level to reply this very inappropriate language here.I will not reply you again. I think some rules of FAQ give a chance to trolls like you to show your hate and try hate talk without any punishment. I think it needs some improvements. — SnowFlake 10 mins ago
SnowFlake is being difficult. I think he has good questions, but is coming across as both sensitive and though not belligerent, quick to take offense. But it seems that comments to him are not teaching him the culture here. How to deal with this?
The culture could change?
i want a culture where we get lots of religious holidays and brightly colored clothing
and good food
I was just typing "...and pancakes".
so basically mexico, i guess
but maybe with less corruption
Which I am eating right now.
5:41 PM
though i'm flexible on the corruption
And less than half of the country being terrorised by the Mafia killing innocents?
That would be nice.
do you mean drug lords?
the mafia is italian
maybe not mexico. we could compromise on peru or somewhere else in latin america
I call all organised crime like that mafia.
actually, india also fits the bill very well
Everyone who has visited India says the same:
5:43 PM
and i think i prefer indian food to mexican
I probably prefer Indian food too.
i visited india. the filth was manageable.
It's not my kind of country.
And the begging.
begging only happens to white people
They may bring their food here, plase.
5:44 PM
my wife could probably pass as a relatively fair indian
i definitely cannot
I am cursed with this whiteness.
Though I'm not such a milk bottle as you are.
i'm not actually saying that i want to move to india. just that i wouldn't mind trading this boring north european culture for something with more festivals and color and spicy food
I don't know. The stiffness fits me well.
unless you think that those are intrinsically linked to poverty and filth and begging
There is perhaps a link, but a weak one that is for all practical purposes inconsequential.
5:46 PM
Santorum Concern for Boy Scouts
i think the link is a historical accident
but i could be wrong
Weber would say there is a link.
Stiffness ~ conscientiousness ~ Protestantism ~ work ethic ~ capitalism.
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is a book written by Max Weber, a German sociologist, economist, and politician. Begun as a series of essays, the original German text was composed in 1904 and 1905, and was translated into English for the first time by Talcott Parsons in 1930. It is considered a founding text in economic sociology and sociology in general. In the book, Weber wrote that capitalism in northern Europe evolved when the Protestant (particularly Calvinist) ethic influenced large numbers of people to engage in work in the secular world, developing their own ...
It is of course a little bit too easy...
No strong link exists.
there is certainly a correlation
but i'm not convinced that it's actually causation
though i've heard it argued many times
If there is a causal relation, it is certainly indirect.
As in, a culture developed in which elements stand out that interact in various ways.
Social science is not science.
It can be great, but it's not science in the Anglo-Saxon way, it is not exact.
What do you think this is?
It is scientifically very interesting.
But you probably can't guess what the maps on the left side are about.
6:04 PM
Is it 15-min rainfall depth?
How is it measured?
in rainfall measuring devices
Such as...
The maps on the left are based on different devices than those on the right.
6:19 PM
Ohhh...measured in links
number of tweets? something like that?
supposed to show that such things are an accurate proxy for actual real world measurement?
Well, how would Tweets correlate to rain?
No, it is based on the signal strength of cell towers.
linking to google weather?
Why is there a big white space to the north of Amsterdan to Den Helder in the lower maps? Sabbath laws?
6:22 PM
like google flu, but with rain
@Mitch Yes.
But no. White probably means no rain. I know, it is unimaginable, but sometimes we don't have rain everywhere.
catholics to the south and east allow it but that part of the country enforces leisure during those hours?
It is true that the lower half of the green band corresponds to our Bible Belt!
Which is manned by orthodox Protestants.
6:24 PM
the upper half? pagan tree worshipers with no common decency
Something like that.
I think you should be addressing more important issues like why SnowFlake is so sensitive.
Just be nice to it.
because they melt at human touch
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