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4:00 PM
Ooh, my radio is playing 18th century Hungarian dance music.
But it's not appearing on their program guide, so I can't look up the particulars of the CD. Hate it when that happens.
@Martha Still looking for that comment of Kosmonaut's, "this is the first time that these words are being put together to form a sentence".
<-- confused
My point is that you're the first person ever to utter the sentence "Ooh, my radio is playing 18th century Hungarian dance music."
You should maybe adjust your radio. I never have that problem.
@RegDwight: You don't frequent the right circles, my friend.
4:06 PM
The only Hungarian dance music I've heard is the stuff orchestrated by Brahms.
@Martha Actually, I do. It's just that in those circles nobody would ever utter that sentence, because everybody takes it for granted that the radio is playing 18th century Hungarian dance music.
Ah, here it is: Dance from Pest
Conductor: István Kertész
Artist Name/Performers: Budapest Baroque Strings
Name of CD: Saltus Hungaricus - Dance Music from Hungary
Label: Hungaroton
Catalog Number: 12445-2
Q: Present, Present, and Present?

oshirowanen Please present your next idea. Did you buy her a present? No vacancies at present. Do all the bold words have the same spelling, yet all of them have different means based on the context?

I wanted to post as my answer: "Yes."
Uh, what is that?
@Kosmonaut Go ahead and do.
What is what?
4:08 PM
I mean, what else is there to be said?
I can't... it has to be 30 characters.
@Martha that present question.
Ah. Ok.
And now the notification thingy is notifying me about comments it has already notified me of, and that I've already seen. :/
I don't know if I ought to share this... but you can circumvent the requirement by adding some HTML that doesn't appear, like <!-- asdfasdfasdfasdf -->
@Kosmonaut See my answer.
Also, @Michael.
4:11 PM
That works too.
Tricky, tricky.
"This answer is not useful (click again to undo)" -- hmm, so tempted...
Now I feel bad because I stole Kosmonaut's answer. Then again, he's posted a much better answer and I'm maxed out for today.
So I'm not getting anything out of that.
AND you abused the system.
4:13 PM
You Europeans are so strung out on THC... the propaganda was right; it does lead to a life of crime.
I took the flak off you. You should be thankful. You Uncle Sam.
I upvoted you both. So fight it out between yourselves.
It would be hilarious if I got my Sportsmanship because of this.
I keep trying for Sportsmanship. No dice so far.
4:17 PM
Psst @FX_ you shouldn't be asking that question on the main site. But to answer your question, I works because I haven't actually written that answer, it was Kosmonaut. The 30-character rule only applies to original answers, there are no restrictions on plagiarism.
Um... FX_ isn't here, @RegDwight.
Home Sweet Home
Now you're hallucinating.
He is on the main site.
And I'm pinging him to come over.
What main site?
4:21 PM
Listen, I am going to get my money's worth out of this THC joke.
@Martha You get it only after you vote answers that are given to questions you also answered.
ELU = main site. Meta = meta. MSO = meta Meta. Chat = chat.
When one use the @Pseudo here in the chat, you get a notification if you are not in the chat
@Kosmonaut You paid for that? There's your problem right there.
4:22 PM
@kiamlaluno, I almost always vote up other answers after I answer a question, assuming of course that there are other answers.
I can't recall ever getting such a notification.
I did quite a few time
@Martha: The badge description speaks of 100 answers.
@Kosmonaut Whaddaya mean, I constantly ping you while you're still asleep and then three hours later you come to the chat and reply.
@kiamlaluno, I know.
4:24 PM
@RegDwight: I just come to the chat in the morning.
I've never had a message prompting me to go to chat.
@RegDwight, @Kosmonaut, I sometimes get notification of chat messages directed at (@) me.
It's in the top left dropdown, the one that says StackExchange with a down arrow next to it.
Do I need to change a setting somewhere?
Do you refresh any Stack Exchange pages before you hit chat?
You mean this thing I never look at, that says my inbox has "431" items?
Also called the multi-collider at times (or supercollider or supermulticollider)
4:26 PM
O. M. G.
@Kosmonaut no that would be outlook :p
I'll have to try to start noticing that.
The good thing about the dropdown is, once you've opened it, it resets the counter, even if you don't actually go read all 431 items.
Though of course you should go read all 431 items. Right now. Before your inbox, like, explodes.
Are you saying you sent me a letter bomb??
The true beauty of that answer is that as soon as I think we've had enough discussion about circumventing the system, it's puff! And gone.
4:31 PM
German puff or English puff?
Whichever whoever prefers.
Oh, have to hit the road. CUlaterz.
Hungarian puff of course.
Which translates to thwack, btw.
Tschö mit Ö! Tschüssikowski! Ciao-Kakao!
@Martha: Mmmm, is that some kind of pastry?
@RegDwight: löl
4:33 PM
What, thwack? No. At least not a very tasty one.
"Hungarian Puff"
That's even less tasty.
My great-grandpa's hazelnut torte, on the other hand...
Wait, you have a Hungarian Puff in one hand and hazelnut torte in the other hand?
Share one at least!
No, I'm just dreaming about the mogyorótorta. Haven't had any since Birthday Weekend in January.
Should've made some for Julianna-day last week, but there just wasn't time.
But I can share some Hungarian puff if you make a pun.
Why are we suddenly talking about pastries?
4:37 PM
Because Martha has a bunch that she is hoarding.
Will she give them out to people who vote for her? I'm open to offers of bribery.
@MichaelMyers, trust me, you don't want any Hungarian puff.
I'm told it's painful.
But then again, wasn't that my campaign promise? Vote for me and I'll THWACK every one of you?
That's not bribery. I object.
That's true.
So I take it back, you can indeed have some puff if you vote for me.
Hey, why'd everyone run away?
4:43 PM
Bunch of wimps.
Sorry, "work" wanted me to "do something useful" so I was "busy" doing "just that".
@Kosmonaut, I know what you mean.
In fact, I think I need to leave y'all to this chatting business and go do something resembling work.
5:13 PM
Okay so now we're a free help-me-insult-others-more-eloquently service.
Q: self assured prig a more eloquent word or phrase please

imineican anyone please furnish me with a word or short phrase that would eloquently describe a person who has never had to countenance failure one who is so self satisfied and self assured with himself he has no humility Im afraid, any ideas such as super smug prig (my own personal favourite) would ...

Wasn't there a question about eloquent insults a while back?
A: What is a less offensive synonym for "retarded"?

Edward TanguayPerhaps you could carry around with you this list of 125,000 Shakespearean insults, and just rattle one of those off, like: I'm such a bootless, beetle-headed boor-pig and call your friend a droning, doghearted bladder. http://www.ariel.com.au/jokes/Shakespearean_Insults.html

I am contemplating voting to close as a dupe.
Did he just call us "brain boxes"?
And now I have.
Haha yes.
5:36 PM
BTW @Kosmonaut if you're wondering why I have flagged one of vgv8's comments, that's because he's asking the presumably Russian OP in Russian if he may reply to the question in Russian.
@RegDwight seconded
@RegDwight Google Translate fell just short on that one.
"Ilya, Russian Mona speak"
That's because he spelled можно as мона
Oh, of course! How did I miss that?
That's spelling out a very colloquial pronunciation.
5:41 PM
@RegDwight you mean even writing clean Russian isn't his strong point?
Well, it's kind of intentional, I would say. At least I hope so. Like when I write whaddayamean in English.
Heh. Google Translate actually said "Did you mean Илья, на русском можно высказаться?" But I had no idea what I meant.
Interestingly, the phrase is kind of ambiguous. If you enter "Илья, на русском можно высказаться?", Google Translate goes with "Ilya, you can speak in Russian?" That's another possible reading, but I don't think that's the intended meaning here.
Though God knows, in this particular case I guess both could be true at the same time.
Kind of, can you explain the question to me in Russian and may I reply in Russian.
6:22 PM
@RegDwight: Okay, thanks for the explanation.
Although I probably would have deleted it in either case.
Just for being totally in Russian.
Oh well, I don't think that alone is always a bad thing.
But it is a first alarming sign.
Responding to something in Russian?
There should at least be some explanation so that others know what is going on.
In my opinion.
Yeah, context helps. I mean there have been a few comments (mostly) in Japanese as well, but the context made it clear that it wasn't Yakuza messing with one another.
I just think it should basically be clear to any English speaker what is going on.
And some of my comments are like 50% Russian. Or French. Or German. Sometimes even English!
6:27 PM
I considered a few of those Japanese ones to be just on the borderline.
@Kosmonaut Yeah, that should be the rule of thumb.
TIL that it's in and of itself and not in and on itself as I've been saying and writing my entire life.
Not funny, if you ask me. I'm an old man, it's hard to adapt.
If it makes you feel better, I bet a lot of native English speakers would write that wrong or have to think about it.
There are like twenty instances of in and on itself in my answers on this site alone.
6:34 PM
haha — now I see why you want to be a mod!
You can go back and fix this!
Purge history!
And it's not like I have invented it myself. I must've gotten it from somewhere. And Google returns like 94k hits or something.
You revisionist, you
I can fix my posts any time.
Oh yeah, that's true. I was only a non-mod for a short time.
I forget these things.
If I would be inventing it myself, I would go with on and for self, for obvious reasons.
6:36 PM
@RegDwight What are the obvious reasons?
It's an und für sich in German.
innanuvitself is really what my brain tells me it is.
And then I have to reconstruct it when I write it.
See, nobody talks to me. They only write to me. On Reddit. And you expect me to spell things correctly, or at all.
A: What is the origin of "kiwifruit"?

nohatBecause, you see, the fruit actually comes from the Kiwi bird from New Zealand:

aww, no picture
6:38 PM
You can't be serious...
I'm a vegetarian, for Kiwis' sake!
6:39 PM
I like that you use a razor to shave the kiwi
I think nohat's been spending too much time on Reddit, too.
You have put me into a mod-conundrum — this should be a comment and not an answer!
I know, but you can't put images in comments
Make it ASCII art.
Nohat has a very high reputation on EL&U. If this stays here, it could get voted up and end up chosen as best answer. And eventually, it could get cited in Wikipedia and change our wikiality.
And then.... those poor Kiwis will be hunted down by the hundreds!!!!
6:44 PM
I think the powers that be will come crushing down on us really hard really soon. First the Martha nomination, then Kosmonaut's, er, my "Yes" answer, and now this.
Madness? This is ELU!
ok, I need to run an errand. Bis later
See you dann.
6:58 PM
@Kosmonaut Oh and by the way, Yi Jiang must have changed the format indeed. Note how waiwai says in his nomination "Of the 7 badges that Yi Jiang has identified as important...", but there are actually 8 badges in that list now. So it appears that he has kicked out a badge I don't have and added two I do have.
7:11 PM
Oh, and btw, @RegDwight, I said "coffee" in English earlier this morning. I didn't mean to say it in German.
I know, I noticed just a few seconds later.
I was referencing an aria from the Coffee Cantata, in case you didn't recognize it.
I must have missed it.
Now here's an excellent proposal.
Spirituality and Scientology

Proposed Q&A site for people who have interest on spiritual concepts, change ideas and theories, and most important learn and be better. some Issues treated here are Karma, Soul, love, hate, basic ideas proposed by L. Ron Hubbard (1911–1986).

Currently in defintion.

Man, now the M works but the period doesn't. Damn you, cheap Russian keyboard.
Hey, don't knock Russian goods.
You may owe your life to a cheap Russian condom.
Sorry, just couldn't help myself. Go ahead and flag me. I need to work anyway.
@RegDwight "This proposal will not result in a useful, productive, or viable Q&A site." That's putting it mildly.
7:17 PM
@Robusto A condescending thwack.
7:45 PM
The word in the libretto, btw, is Coffee.
You know, I thought you could deal with my musical references.
This video is not available in my country.
But I must go back and watch all those other videos.
Damn. J. S. Bach is from your freakin' country.
Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße,
Lieblicher als tausend Küsse,
Milder als Muskatenwein.
Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben,
Und wenn jemand mich will laben,
Ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!
They use the English spelling of coffee is what I'm saying.
He probably did that so it would rank higher on Google.
Even when you disappoint, you still amuse.
The mark of true genius.
7:53 PM
Meh, thought I was talking to @RegDwight about a different issue.
Too much THC.
Or too little.
Right across the board. Eleven, eleven, eleven.
11 = 3
Thank God you noticed.
7:56 PM
@Robusto: last I checked, J.S. Bach was German, not Russian.
Yeah, he's been imagining things lately.
Who, Bach? He hasn't imagined anything since about 1750.
Bach was from Europe. RegDwight is from Europe. QED.
Europe is a country, right? Sarah Palin says it is.
But who was phone?
7:57 PM
Sarah Palin is always right.
My answer has been THWACKed by @Martha
Not only that, Sarah Palin is always far right.
what does that mean?
Hey, @nohat ... nice of you to drop by with all us hoi polloi.
@nohat The appropriate response is "Ow!".
8:00 PM
@nohat I believe the appropriate image is that of a 19th-century teacher with a ruler gently explaining the finer details of arithmetic to a student.
@nohat — Here ...
Feb 17 at 13:26, by Robusto
@Benjol — Well, if self-nomination involves throwing one's hat in the ring, I guess his name says it all ...
Stupid chat keeps logging me off.
Anyhow, is this a dupe?
Q: Must the "b" in "Boolean variable" be capitalized?

Scott MitchellI notice that many online articles geared toward programmers refer to boolean variables, which are variables that have only two states: true or false. Is this correct usage? I'd contend that the "b" in Boolean should be capitalized because the term Boolean is named after mathematician George Bool...

And what is being asked here?
Q: Why not concatenate two frequently used words into a new one?

ja72I will probably get a lot of flak about this, but why not combine the often used together words "with the" into "withe" which is pronounced the same, and it much shorter and easier to write? I am sure there are other candidates for such concatenations, which are bound to show up especially in th...

If we take that one seriously, it should be answered by an actual linguist.
I'm finding it hard to take that one seriously after "PS. English is my 2nd language." ... So, that makes one and a half languages for him? Oh, sorry, one andahalf.
Haha. BTW thanks @Martha, I've been waiting for the thwack, you didn't disappoint.
Possible duplicate??
8:11 PM
Well, there's kind of a more broad question tacked on as a P.S.
"possible duplicate of Should the word Boolean be capitalized?"
Maybe that should be a separate question.
Editing out the Boolean question part and making it into just an example would be over-editing, right?
I guess so.
Actually, that might be a dupe too.
Plus, we would lose the different wording.
The second question.
8:13 PM
Show me the original pls.
I remember writing something about narcissism and quixotic and so on
Wasn't that on the names of days of the week question?
A: Is the word "Americana" capitalized?

kiamlalunoAdjectives that derive from a proper noun are written in capital case; it is also true for nouns, even if in some cases nouns that derives from proper nouns are not written in capital case. American, from the noun America Americana, from the noun America Italian, from the noun Italy Martian, fr...

Q: Why are days of the week proper nouns?

Chris DwyerIs there any particular reason why days of the week are proper nouns?

The first one was actually only a comment by me though.
8:16 PM
Oops, I have to go now.
k, bye!
See y'all tomorrow.
8:36 PM
Q: What is the difference between "assess" and "evaluate"?

allenWhat is the difference between assess and evaluate?

Sometimes I think we should rename this site to GetAFreakinDictionary.SE
Sometimes those "difference between" questions do ask for nuances that can't be found in a dictionary.
@kiamlaluno, I just edited your answer to the "withe" question, hope you don't mind.
8:51 PM
@Martha: I do not mind. It's my fault if I try to give a faster answer, and I make such mistakes.
9:04 PM
@Martha — But the smart money is on "just look this up for me."
@Robusto -- Well, yeah. But a well-written answer can still rescue the question.
I'm going to post a question: "What is the difference between macabre and banana?"
Plenty of room for nuance in there ...
A chasm is not a nuance. :)
That sounds like something you'd see in the game Why did the chicken?
Didn't say it was. But there is room for a nuance inside a chasm.
9:09 PM
@Robusto - I'm not sure there is. Or rather, I don't think nuances work that way - put too many of them side-by-side and they cease to exist. Or something.
@MichaelMyers, dunno if I've heard of such a game.
Now you're equivocating.
@Martha It's like Mad Libs with jokes. There are cards like "What's the difference between ____ and ____?", and you draw two noun cards to put in the blanks. Then whoever makes the funniest joke out of that (as determined by voting) is the winner.
I did say "or something"...
What is the difference between "baroque" and "onomatopoeia"?
Q: Contextual Grammer Checking

Nicann1From a linguistic perspective, would it be possible to build a build a system for Contextual Grammar checking (ie. making sure the sentence is not only grammatically correct in order of noun/verb/etc, but also in the correct usage of words)?

Voted to close as off-topic.
@Martha: Hey, wake up!
9:31 PM
Never mind. @nohat is already on the job.
Sorry, was talking to my dad. What'd I miss?
Then why'd you wake me up?
Because while you were sleeping, there was a problem that has since been resolved.
@nohat appears to be the hardest-working wannabe moderator available atm. Maybe he wants it more than you do.
9:43 PM
Except that unlike me, he's an actual moderator atm.
Stupid work. Gotta go.
But you could have voted, Martha. Come on, I'm trying to give you a chance to be somebody.
I take the trash out all the time!
@Robusto no fomenting unrest and division in the chat room
[in case that was too far out there: the usual phrasing in our household is "somebody needs to take the trash out". Thus, whoever does so is availing him/herself of a chance to become somebody.]
Ok, I really have to go now. Have fun!
Q: "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"

Jaime Soto Possible Duplicate: “Is become” vs “has become” This is a famous quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer after the successful detonation of the first nuclear weapon. The quote comes from the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture. This quote has bothered me since I f...

My question is, this question was closed. But there is no reference to the question it was duplicating. Is that function-by-design, or did the original disappear somehow?
D'oh! Never mind!
It's right there at the top where I couldn't see it.
I was looking in the "Closed by" box for the information.

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