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9:09 AM
This is blatantly off-topic as it stands:
Q: "Strength cannot beat MORE strength without ju jitsu"

IAdapter Strength cannot beat MORE strength without ju jitsu. Is that correct?

@RegDwight: well, I thought I was quite the quick gun, but I don't think so
the guy might actually have a problem getting the grammatical construct itself
and both answers are actually fine
the comments are terrible, though
I've edited it, and removed the tag
@FX_: sorry, but that doesn't help. "Are there any mistakes in this text?" questions are off-topic as per the FAQ.
A: Can I ask the community to help me find errors in a text/sentence?

RegDwightShort answer: it depends. Long answer: you have to be as specific as possible. Broad questions along the lines of "please proofread this" are likely to get closed. However, if you have a specific problem with word order, capitalization, spelling etc., go ahead and ask. In other words: "Can y...

I am still not sure what the question is. Is is about the more?
@RegDwight: won't argue, too tired
I think the question is about the more, so it's a specific element that is asked about, so it's rather OK
but the question was badly asked, sure
oh man, once you've crossed the 3k rep limit, the next interesting superpowers are at 10k!
that'll take like, forever!
9:26 AM
A: Why is this place becoming so mean (and how to fix it)?

Benjol@smithco, please see this question, and this one, and this one. Oh, and this one too. And this one. I think I'll stop there. (Just a thought: if you've really got time, just trawl your way through this list.) My point, exactly? What would you be rather spending your time on: questions/ans...

@FX_ Whaddaya mean, they added 5k powers just recently. Yousa not likes 'em?))
If the question is about the more, then it's okay. But I can't make head or tails of OP's comments, especially the "not really. please watch UFC1 and see what I mean. it was proven. your theory is not." on Stan Rogers' answer...
Feb 11 at 15:13, by Martha
Like Punic (as in the wars), but in Pennsylvania... hence, Pennsic.
9:46 AM
@RegDwight let's just say I'm not so psyched about those
1 hour later…
10:57 AM
Hahaha, you-know-whose answer to the non-straight route question is actually hilarious. Too bad only an elite club can have a laugh...
18 hours ago, by FX_
@Kosmonaut: receiving an advance preview of every vgv8 post by SMS, quite the VIP service
double oy
how can one write a community wiki question?
You can't.
You'll have to flag it for mod attention.
IIRC, there was a checkbox below the question
11:10 AM
Only mods can do that now.
A: Should the community wiki police be shut down?

Jeff AtwoodImportant change End users can not mark questions wiki anymore, so the only appropriate way to get action on a question you believe really should be wiki, is to flag it for moderator attention. A couple points.. Vote-to-wiki will not be implemented. When the answer to a problem is "let's ma...

@RegDwight: thanks for the info and the link
now, another (harder) question
what should we do with questions like that:
the “I can't be bothered to look it up in a dictionary” questions
Q: meaning of spouse

khanwhat you mean by the word SPOUSE

I'd be for closing (and deleting if it didn't get any answer)
but which of the reasons do I pick? too localized? not a real question?
@FX_ I flagged it as not a real question.
Sec. I was afk. Looking for post to answer your question.
A: Should we require some reasonable research being done? (aka Questions that can be answered by opening an online dictionary)

Jeff Atwoodsee http://meta.scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/197/should-trivially-easy-to-find-be-a-benchmark-for-moderating-the-site specifically some new close reason proposals: not sufficiently interesting: this question is too basic; it can be definitively and permanently answered by a single link...

So the powers that be are thinking about a new close reason.
On the other hand, do note my comments there))
@RegDwight I know, that question was mine!
OH *&%$"§&
11:19 AM
but in the meantime, what ought to be done?
I quit.)))
@RegDwight my boy in on my lap, and seeing the screen; if you ever write such offensive language again, I will thwack you
Hahaha. Now I just need to edit my comment to make it look like it was offensive.
and I'm not even talking about using the region-specific dollar sign in your language, when you should use the all-inclusive universal currency sign, ¤ (U+00A4)
Did you see this graphic from Borror0?
11:22 AM
@FX_ Hey cut me some slack, I'm the only person on this site, on Reddit, and on the entire Internet who uses the three-dot glyph for ellipsis. (…)
@Benjol Yes, been there, seen that.
@FX_ but back to that question, it's not like you're not free to downvote it.
@RegDwight ¡looɔ os sı ǝpoɔıun
@RegDwight +1!
Yeah, wanted to post that inline, Konqueror won't let me upload images. And Firefox won't let me log in. Something's fishy today. Those communist communists!
ok, so I posted what I think is my first close-to-off-topic question
please let me know if it can be improved wrt the scope of the site
Q: What did Old English writing (letters and formatting) typically look like?

FX_I am wondering if there is a specific kind of writing that people would typically associate with Old English language. Are there well-known manuscripts that typically represent the kind of writing (letters, formatting, etc.) that would be used at the time and in the regions where Old English spre...

11:33 AM
@RegDwight I love the alt text on that! :)
Heh. Yes, yes.
@RegDwight — I'm being literal-minded. I just finished reading The Ghosts of Cannae and Punic referred to the Roman wars against Carthage. Carthage = "New City" in Phoenician, from which Punic derived.
@FX_ I would agree that I have no idea how close to off-topic this is. But anyhow, aren't there a whole bunch of fonts called "Old English Blabla"? Must check.
... Hm. No handwriting fonts so far.
I just answered the question for the guy.
double oy
11:39 AM
I have an actual reproduction of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ...
@Robusto am I "the guy", or is it someone else?
@FX_: hahaha, yeah, you are. Didn't notice who asked.
@Robusto That spreads like a disease.
23 mins ago, by FX_
@RegDwight I know, that question was mine!
11:43 AM
You know, people who only use two letters to write their names ought to expect people not to notice them once in a while.
God, it's early. I had to edit my answer already. I started to write cursive and realized I meant calligraphic, then completely forgot to delete cursive. Duh.
the reason I use two letters if because my first name is just too long for practical use
So it came out cursive calligraphic, which is a new kind of writing, I guess.
@FX_ — To quote James Thurber, you may as well fall flat on your face as to lean over too far backwards.
At least there's not a single m in cursive calligraphic. Just imagine the frustration if it were murmive mammigramic.
Well, you wouldn't be typing it anyway so you're safe.
I would probably be commenting on your typing it.
And it would be taking me two decades and a half.
Though not on this machine.
11:47 AM
The whole "dot over the i thing" came about because all of the downstrokes looked the same. There was no way to detect the presence of the word "minimum* in a sentence, because it was made completely of the same strokes: left-serif to down-stroke to right-serif, one after another.
@Robusto vowels are overrated anyway
Take Sütterlin and try to write aluminium.
sorry, I meant to say: vwls r vrrtd nw
@FX_ — Well, I don't know how to respond to that. If I disagree, I may be branded as anti-Semitic.
@Robusto shouldn't someone thwack you, right now?
11:49 AM
Oh yeah, thanks.
Sütterlinschrift (Sütterlin script), or Sütterlin for short, is the last widely used form of the old German blackletter handwriting (Deutsche Kurrentschrift). In Germany, the old German cursive script developed in the 16th century replacing the Gothic handwriting at the same time that bookletters developed into the Fraktur typeface. Some people refer to all old German handwriting scripts as Sütterlin, although variants of the Kurrent script were in use centuries before graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin (1865–1917) was born. Sütterlin was commissioned to create a modern handwriting script ...
@FX_: No, they should poof me.
Poof being another way to say blow ...
But less onomatopoetic.
... at me.
Maybe in English.
For all I know, poof may be onomatopoeic in some trashy foreign tongue. But wait, I'm being redundant ...
19 hours ago, by RegDwight
Yeah, that represents the high-water mark of German music video.
It was all downhill after that.
11:56 AM
Well, it is better than any of DJ Bobo's stuff...
Or, considering the topic, down grade.
From the nation that gave us Kraftwerk.
And Rammstein ...
And even the latter admit, somewhat boisterously, that "we are all Americans."
Oh well, don't tell me that Rammstein videos somehow don't satisfy you.
They haven't replaced Sledgehammer in my MTV pantheon yet.
"The music video for "Pussy" (which is the first Rammstein song to be released in English with German) was released on September 16, 2009, at 20:30 GMT, released especially for the adult website Visit-x.[15] The video contains graphic scenes of male and female nudity as well as women engaging in sexual activity with the band members, although the actual sex scenes were performed by body doubles.[16] The women featured in the video are German porn stars."
So ... they're masters of the single-entendre.
12:00 PM
Hey, I have that macro copyrighted.
You owe me $0.25 per use.
Rubbish. You have Robusto copyrighted, and I'm ignoring that one already.
You'll get your money when I'm in your backyard establishing communism.
I'm still waiting for that. Does Communism cut the grass and rake the leaves?
12:02 PM
Wait and see.
As the Russian saying goes, "If you know much, you'll soon be old".
If "the capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them" is true, does that mean if I sell you rakes and lawnmowers you will do my landscaping?
1 min ago, by RegDwight
Wait and see.
Isn't that supposed to be accompanied by some kind of ominous laugh or something?
"That's how your hard-core Commie works, Mandrake."
Thank you.
12:04 PM
In related news, nohat did get me intrigued.
Well, we have to take the bitte with the schön, I guess.
I wonder if his whole department will nominate themselves in the very last second.
cf. "We have to take the bitter with the sweet."
Yes, yes. Very funny.
I think he wants to be the power behind the throne.
12:06 PM
@RegDwight in civilzed countries only
Hatless, he can go around incognito. Or is it incognoscenti.
Oh noes, not that again, poor kiamlaluno.
Speaking of incognoscenti, we should bastardize a bunch of Italian words and drive @kiamlaluno off the deep end.
Oh wait, we already have!
Spaghetti bologfreedom?
12:08 PM
Doesn't have quite the same ring. Work on it.
Getting warmer.
I was thinking along the lines of Freefale.
Combining farfale and freefall.
I wonder if the singular freeghetto would go down well.
Ghettos are cheap, but they ain't free.
Freefale reminds me of Free Willy. Don't mess with the movie industry.
12:11 PM
Free Willy got "standing" ovations in England, I hear.
Mainly from poofters, but let's not get off on that topic again.
By the way, I have a new Gravatar for you.
Photoshop has tools for removing the "Stock Photo" overlay, so you should be all set.
You are a lefty, right?
I'm still trying to upload something with this ***** Konqueror.
The "browse" button doesn't work.
Get a Mac, cheapskate.
I was considering 乱 for my new Gravatar.
I've been too much a dreamer here. Time for the gloves to come off and show my chaotic-evil side.
@RegDwight ...
In that still he looks like Zach Braff.
12:18 PM
Yeah, if Zach Braff was a man.
I mean, there's a reason John C. McGinley always calls him by a girl's name on Scrubs, right?
[Sound of @RegDwight furiously Googling and YouTubing ...]
Why should I?
It's one of my favorite series. How else would I know Zach Braff at all.
No, you misunderstand me.
I always do.
You mean I'm searching that musical scene?
Can't be bothered.
Long pauses from you indicate one of two things: Furious Googling to supply more fodder for your ersatz repartee, or yet another fetishistic data dump orgy.
Oh man. I quit. Guess what I'm doing right now...
12:25 PM
And I mean that in the nicest possible way. (^_^)
I'm going so fetishist on those numbers right now.
I knew it.
Well, fetishize away ... I am going to get coffee and some breakfast. Talk atcha latah.
@RegDwight cheers
1:00 PM
@RegDwight: Your clock is ticking ...
Oh man, that reminds me that I should check out GameKnot more often.
I used to be a paying member. Now I don't even log in anymore.
Still waiting to see how you respond.
That's "check, mate" ... you're paying for the drinks this time.
I'd figure you for a Slav Defense, or maybe a Grünfeld. But you might surprise me with C5.
Heh, the graph tells me I'm stuck at 1726, but I doubt I would beat a 1200-er these days.
1:16 PM
My high water mark was 1842, but I probably play at 1500 now. My son wiped the floor with me over Christmas. But he was over 2100 when he was still playing, so ...
Over the period of a single hear he went from where I could beat him handily to where I had to think about it to where I had to play my best just to have any hope at all and then, finally, to where I couldn't beat him to save my life.
I haven't played for three or four years. Well, I have played once during this time, against my grandpa, who's dead now. He hadn't played for like a zillion years, but I still had trouble. I lost one game and the second was remis. I still kick myself because I know he made a mistake and I could have won easily.
Last one to make a mistake loses, as they say.
And that was when I was already forgetting how to play. Nowadays, I don't even know how to respond to an e4.
My son can beat me with g4. :(
I guess I'll have to dust off that excellent chess book of which I don't even remember the title, ffs.
1:23 PM
Sometimes he will play f4 just to try to mock me, but he hasn't beaten me with that yet.
@RegDwight "Kasparov in 101 days"
More like "No longer a total idiot in 101 weeks".
This is what grandmasters use to kick our asses.
I think I'm a victim of reverse snobbery now that I have high rep.
Q: What word(s) describe a woman's voice as "sexy"?

JenI am looking for a word (or two words) to describe a woman's voice that is "sexy" in a slightly deep, smooth, alluring way. The best I could come up with is mellifluous, but I'm looking for something simpler...

I answered before the other guy, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt.
1:32 PM
Or reverse discrimination. Whatever.
Sometimes it's better to answer after other users.
Yes, happened to me too on a whole number of occasions.
But I don't even go around remembering them. Why bother. I just wait for the next half-assed quip that gets me 80 upvotes.
I don't remember them, I keep getting upvotes that show up weeks later and then I go check them out.
Anyway, a plague on both their houses.
A: Will high reputation in Stack Overflow help to get a good job?

RobustoGaming the System? Someone should do a study of whether having high rep on SO begets higher rep on SO. That is, once someone reaches critical mass of, say, over 20K rep, do their answers tend to attract more upvotes than other equally valid answers? Anecdotally speaking, I have noticed that low-...

No matter how you twist and turn it, the world is freaking unfair.
It's that simple.
True dat.
The thing is, I need it to be unfair in my favor once in a while.
1:35 PM
But why? You are maxing out on rep anyway.
But I want moar!!!
This was my first gold badge on SO, seriously:
So you just post moar. I know you. Quantity over quality. You capitalist.
I'm not the most frequent poster on this site, not by a long chalk.
Well, that other user is about to get banned, leaving just you.
[Sound of @RegDwight's data crunching]
What, am I second?
1:38 PM
I would say with 380+ answers, or what have you, you're the absolute number one, no need to check.
OMG, it's 433.
Well then, show me any other user with 400+ posts.
And counting ...
Hi again! (:
I think you could say I'm the hardest-working poster on English.SE.
And leave it at that. =P
Hi Nyuszika. Sometimes I wonder whether your keyboard only has 6 keys, R, C, H, E, N, and /. (^_^)
@Robusto I think I did say just that.
5 mins ago, by RegDwight
So you just post moar. I know you. Quantity over quality. You capitalist.
@RegDwight I did that manually, not witth my /rchern command :P
1:42 PM
Well, when you're No. 2, you have to try harder.
Why is there a needle in the lower right corner?
That's a drug thing.
It's from an old Avis car rental advertisement.
Jan 29 at 19:51, by Kosmonaut
But it's die Bong!! :)
1:44 PM
"Avis. We're No. 2, so we have to try harder."
By using drugs?
@RegDwight: Not the kind of drugs I'm talking about.
You don't need a needle for bong hits.
Then again, drugs will help you imagine you're number one.
So will my posting Anschluss.
1:47 PM
Sorry, brain cramp. Meant Angriff.
1 min ago, by RegDwight
My brain stores Anschluss near onslaught for some strange reason.
A common misspelling.
I'd call it a brain cramp.
A common brampelling.
1:50 PM
Duck, it's snowing here again.
A common "incognoscenza".
You won't believe it, so it is here.
I'm looking outside, the grass is white.
Und wo ist hier ?
Hier ist hier.
In welcher Gegend?
1:52 PM
In dieser hier, wo ich gerade bin.
I'm not asking for your address, just curious about what area you're in. What, afraid I'll discover your Communist spy cell?
You probably live in a safe-house anyway, so don't worry about it.
When I'll be blowing my cover, it will be in your backyard.
That won't be all you'll be blowing.
1 hour ago, by RegDwight
Wait and see.
1 hour ago, by Robusto
I'm still waiting for that. Does Communism cut the grass and rake the leaves?
1:55 PM
You buy me a communism, I'll show ya.
I already have a rake and a lawnmower, so you're all set.
What is this leet speak that keeps popping up every 2 hours?
Is this the Hungarian atomic clock?
Looks like a macro.
Or, in this case, a micro.
OMG I clicked on that link. The fabric of the universe is c
1:59 PM
@Nyuszika7H — Aren't you a little young for the whole 1337 meme? That's, like, so 1990s.
But if you're going retro with it, I guess it's just adorable.
@Robusto (:

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