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6:47 AM
My personal feeling is that since math.se is basically focused on helping students cheat on their homework, we should never send people there. So I always check the first box. But I recognize that this is a minority opinion. — Andy Putman yesterday
@AndyPutman, I think that it is probably well to distinguish between "MSE is often used by students to cheat on their homework, and the community explicitly does not try to present this" (which seems true) and "MSE is focussed on helping students cheat" (which I hope is not). — LSpice 22 hours ago
@LSpice It seems that we are veering of from the original question (so maybe the discussion about this could be taken elsewhere?) but did you meant to say present or prevent in your last comment? (I have quite hard time understanding your comment.) More to the point of this post: The reason I have added (vote-to-close) is that this is one of the choices presented to users who have privilege to cast close votes. Users with lower reputation see the same dialog if they flag for "should be closed". — Martin Sleziak 21 hours ago
@MartinSleziak, agreed. I will just respond in order hopefully to prevent (ha!) others' confusion by agreeing that I meant 'prevent', not 'present', in my previous comment. — LSpice 1 min ago
I have copied the comments touching Mathematics Stack Exchange in the MathOverflow chatroom, so if somebody is interested in the discussion about this, it can continue there. — Martin Sleziak 22 secs ago
Possible alternative to chat would be a separated question on meta. But it would probably take some tweaking to make this on-topic on Meta MathOverflow.
But if there are indeed people who see it as a moral problem if people are directed to Mathematics Stack Exchange, maybe some of them should open a new thread on meta about this.
BTW here is a link to an older discussion with Todd Trimble which is a bit related:

Discussion about differences between MO and Math.SE

Oct 1 '17 at 15:13, 2 days total – 23 messages, 2 users, 6 stars

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Todd Trimble linked to this discussion also in his answer here: What happened to the dear user “quid” (9072), they appear deleted?

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